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The Crow and The Sparrow

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Tig took a drink from his beer and turned the page on the magazine he had sitting in his lap. He had stopped in just to check on Belle when Church was out, and had found her asleep. He had sat for a moment, taking in her pale, bruised face before he pulled up the chair and sat next to her. He had wanted to apologize, to tell her that he should have stuck up for her, but he couldn’t bring himself to wake her.

When Clay had questioned her in chapel he had gone to speak up, but the look that Clay gave him had him biting his tongue. Thinking as the SAA he could see Clay’s concerns Hell he and Clay had even talked about it, but as Alexander he saw the small delicate bird of a woman who had a spine of iron but that needed shelter and protection. When she collapsed and Opie made a mad dash to catch her, he had been horrified to see her grey sweat soaked face, and he figured that they would be taking her back to St Thomas. Looking at her now he wasn’t convinced that still wasn’t the best plan of action.

They had come up with a plan. Juice was going to keep an eye on things at the gas station, they had already picked out a couple of lookouts, but the needed to see how many more there could be, then tonight they were going to blow up the cook house, and deal with the assholes at the Gas Station and then it was fair game on Darby and Belle’s brother. He had been rostered to be on at the garage but Gemma took pity on him and had told him to stay and keep an eye upon Belle. He had sat and watched her for the longest time. Thinking over their conversations, remembering hugging her when she stayed over a couple of nights before. She seemed to accept him so easily, and that scared him. He knew that there was more than a small chance that she would wake up one morning and see the man that he was, see the things he had done and then he would see the disappointment and sadness in her eyes that was sure to be followed by disgust. He knew that the best thing to do would be to deal with the Darby issue and then walk away from her, but every time he thought about the actually doing it he would remember her eyes, her sweet smile and the blush on her cheeks and he would stay. At heart he supposed he was a selfish man and he didn’t want to loose what time he had with her.

Gemma had come in over the course of the morning and early afternoon, shooing him off to get some food or coffee, giving her time to get Belle up and to the rest room, and to give her the meds she was due. He had been happy to stay to help but Gemma was having non of it. It could have been a punishment because she was pissed at him from earlier, or it could be that she wanted time with Belle. On his last trip out Happy had come past and handed him the magazine that was now in his lap and then walked off. Always a man of few words the Tacoma Killa always found new ways to surprise him. Gemma had popped in with the beer for him, her hand on his shoulder giving a firm squeeze. He had looked up at her and Gemma had just given him a tight smile and a nod towards Belle

“She’s a good girl Tig. If you want her then she’s yours and you know it, she trusts you. She’s tough and would make a good Old Lady, given time, but if thats what you want you need to be honest with her - one hundred percent. It’s all or nothing Tiggy, you tell her it all, or you keep it to yourself. She’s not going to settle for half truths, so you need to decide now. You need a clear head for tonight. Any mistakes and the club will be going away for a long time”

Tig nodded his head, his fingers picking at the label of the bottle. He knew that she was right on all counts. He hadn’t really thought about having an Old Lady in a long time Colleen had been a mistake, and he was always kind of nervous that that was what having an Old Lady would be like, but Belle didn’t seem anything like Colleen. Could he see them together down the road? He looked at the small woman in the bed. How would it feel to wake up next to her every morning? Would it be like today ? He didn’t know what the future would hold but he knew that right now he didn’t want to walk away from her.

“What happens if she cant take it Gem. There’s been plenty of women that cant take the truth”

“If she can’t take it them she will leave. There isn’t any way to know what the future will bring”

Taking a pull from his beer Tig hummed in response. He wasn’t really one for planning things out for the long term. He had always just been a take it as it comes kind of guy, and roll with what ever came his way.

“You should enjoy that beer and get your head straight before tonight”

He nodded in response, “Sure thing Gem”

Staring at the magazine in his lap he went over the steps again for tonight. He was itching to get straight to dealing with Darby and Belle’s asshole brother but they had to work things through, brains before bullets and all that jazz. He put the magazine and beer on the floor and scooted his chair closer to the bed. Leaning forward he gently took Belle’s hand and rested his head on his hands. As soon as he touched her body he felt the stress seep out of his body. He was ready for tonight what ever happened and what came tomorrow could be dealt with then.

Tig crouched down behind a rock, waiting for the signal. Over the course of the day Juice had kept an eye on the garage and just like Belle had said the garage was up and running. The boys had a routine, they called in every 40 minutes, their best guess was they were giving the all clear or ordering more product. They had two sets of guards as well as the dealer and handler. It wasn’t a big operation but they had managed to get themselves organised and covered.

He tightened his hand around the handle of his gun, he was ready and just wanted to get this shit done. He took one steadying breath, then another. There was his target, a white boy in loose jeans and a wife beater. Thanks to the lights that they had strung up he could make out the bulge that let him know that the guy was carrying. A sharp whistle broke the silence and then Tig was up and moving. He heard the muffled cry as some of his brothers took care of the other look outs and dealers. His guy saw him coming but Tig was ready for him and with a steady hand he pulled the trigger once, twice and then a third time, He absorbed the recoil without problem and he saw the bloom of the blood over his marks chest as as least two of the shots hit home. He stopped for just a minute to make sure that the guy was dead before heading further in, alert and aware.

He passed another couple of bodies as he headed around the building. both had been silenced with a knife letting him know that Happy obviously had taken care of these two. Muffled gun shots and shout came from what would have been the back of the store. He spend up and came across a skirmish between Jax, Juice and that dumb ass prospect and the guys that were left. Jax was struggling to pull some tattooed nazi off of the prospect while Juice was dealing with two other asshats who seemed to have the upper hand. He holstered his gun and ran into the melee, grabbing a hold of one of the topmost Nords and hauling him off Juice. With the element of surprise the guy stumbled back and Tig charged in, fists flying he caught the guy in the jaw and then slammed his knee into his stomach. He let his brain switch off and his body take over. The guy got a couple of good blows in and Tig found himself spitting out some blood. The guy was tough but Tig was through with messing about with this. His hand went to his belt and he pulled free his knife. The guy looked like he was going to make a run for it and Tig sighed “Don’t make me chase you ass hole” . The guy just turned and ran and before Tig could give chase there was a muffled cry followed by a thud, then Happy appeared out of the dark. The two Sons turned to see that Juice had finally managed to get on top of his guy and had knocked him out while Jax was pulling his blade out the chest of another Nazi prick. Happy walked over to Juice and put a bullet in the head of the unconscious man.

“These fuckers don’t get to walk away” he growled at Juice. Tig noticed that the younger Son seemed to be unable to watch the death of the man he had knocked out and he shook his head, The damn kid was too soft to be a Son and he was going to get the Charter into all kinds of trouble.

Jax wiped off his blade and looked around “ We all whole?” at the chorus of confirmations, he pulled out his burner “Yeah it’s done” then he hung up. “Ok lets get back to the Clubhouse. We need to make a show of it going through town and all. make sure that the Deputy sees us. Hap - Did you set the bodies up

Happy nodded “Yeah, I’ve made it look like it was the Mayan’s but if we hang about then we’re gonna get caught by the next lot of these fuckers coming in”

“Sure man, lets head”

Tig didn’t wait for the others, before turning on his heel and heading back to where they had left the bikes. Getting rid of a couple of these guys felt good and he was ready for more revenge. He flexed his hand, the knuckles aching as he stretched and flexed the abused joints.

He was the first to mount up and kick his bike to life, before strapping on his helmet. He waited for the others suppressing the urge to just ride off. Jax as VP had the right to lead their party back.

They rode back in formation TIg to the right of Jax. Just as they had planned they made a show of going back through town. They took the time to stop off and grab coffee and make sure that plenty of people saw them. They had just mounted back up when an explosion lit the sky on what they knew to be outskirts of town. Tig couldn’t help but stop and smile. Shit was coming home to roost for Darby, and as far as he was concerned this was just the start.

At the Clubhouse things were quiet. There were a few Croweaters hanging around as there were most nights, but the atmosphere was low key. It would be at least thirty minutes before the others would come back, and even then they would not come back from the direction of the cookhouse. They had planned it so that the group had headed out towards Oakland. Partway there they would park the bikes and head back in cars that would make their way to the local scrap yard. Phil would stay with the bikes, the others would go to the cookhouse. The guards would be taken care of first, then Opie would lay the explosive outside and then they would clear the inside. There would be an unfortunate explosion, expedited by the drug making equipment and by the time that the fire department made it out there there wouldn’t be much left for them to find, just some charred remains as a result of an unfortunate accident. Tig had really wanted to be involved dealing with the cook house. There was a greater chance that Darby would be there, nothing on the cameras had suggested that he would be at the gas station, but Clay had vetoed it with Jax a close second. He had been pissed but was slightly mollified when Chibs had insisted that he would go along and had promised that if Darby or the brother were there, then he would keep them alive for Tig.

He was enjoying the burn of his Whisky when Gemma decided to encroach on his time “Jesus Tig! If Hale or the deputies come in here they’ll take one look at you and you’ll be in lockup. Get cleaned up for Christ sake”

“Fuck off Gem, You know as well as I do that Hale is off creaming his pants over the explosion and won’t be here until he has something to bring him”

“Yeah and if they bring people in here and you’ve left blood what then?”

Tig huffed, he was pissed off and her nagging wasn’t helping. He knew that Gemma was right but he was dammed if he would admit it. As he stomped off he muttered “Fuckin’ bitch”

“That’s Queen bitch to you!”

The shower felt good on his body, the adrenalin from the earlier fight had worn off and his body ached and not in a good way. It was times like this that he had to acknowledge that he wasn’t getting any younger. He closed his eyes, bent his head and just let his thoughts wonder. After tonight they were going to be up to their ears in shit and there was a good chance that they would still need to deal with Darby. Without even meaning too thoughts of Darby lead to thoughts of Belle, and he could just see the warmth of her eyes, and the soft smile that she had given him when they had coffee, he could remember the peaceful smile on her face as she slept. His hands went to his cock, moving rhythmically as he recalled the sense of peace along with just how horny he had been waking up with her body next to his. He could imagine the feel of her ass pushing back into him, the sounds she would make as he pulled and kneaded her body. His strokes became firmer and faster, his other hand dropped to tug on his balls just a little. He imagined her falling to her knees and taking his cock into her mouth, the sight of her eyes watering a little as he thrust in, choking her just a bit, enjoying the constriction of her throat as she gagged. He thought of pulling his cock out and coming on her tits. Before he knew it he was stood panting as his cum went down the drain. For a moment he felt guilty, Belle was lying a mess in the other room and he was here jacking off, but then he shrugged it off. She was hot, when she wasn’t beaten up and he wouldn’t feel sorry about being turned on by her.

He finished getting cleaned up, dressed and then took the bin bag with his bloody clothes out to one of the barrels where he doused them with lighter fluid and set them ablaze. The cleaning of his gloves kept him distracted. His kutte had been stored with the bike so he didn’t need to worry about taking the time to clean it off.

Chibs came to find him as he was cleaning his knife and gun.

“Hey brotha’ everything go to plan on your end?”

“Yeah, fuckers didn’t know what hit them. All good with you guys?”

“Aye - cars been scrapped and the cook house is doing a grand impression of a bonfire. Darby and the brother were a no show though. Clay says we need ta wait a couple of days - he wants to talk to Darby”

“Fuck that! Darby needs to pay for what he did!” Tig jumped to his feet ready to go have it out with his friend

“Easy there brotha’ Darby’s gonna get whats coming to him. Even if the club doesn’t want to as a whole, you can count on me, Ope and Happy to have your back. He doesn’t get to walk away from this shite”

Tig looked closely at Scott. “Not that I don’t appreciate it but how come you’re willing to go against Clay on this if it comes to it?”

Chibs rubbed his face before answering “She’s a good girl Tig, she didn’t ask for this shit to happen, but it has and there isn’t any scenario where it’s ok for Darby to pull the shite he did. I know that Happy and Ope think the same. Both have said they want to get their own licks in, and I’m not gonna stop them”

Tig nodded in appreciation. “I appreciate it man. Is Clay calling church ?”

“Nah he said he was taking Gem home and he would see us tomorrow. A few of us are gonna grab a couple of drinks and have a smoke, maybe hit the ring. You coming?”

“Nah man - I’m gonna go check in with Belle, make sure she’s ok”

“Sure thing brotha”

Tig locked up his dorm and headed back to Belle’s room, it was lit by the bedside lamp that he guessed Gemma had left on. Belle had her hair tied back and she seemed peaceful at the moment, probably because of the pain killers. He was glad that she could get some rest, her body needed it to heal. Sitting back in his chair he glanced at the magazine that still sat there and decided that he couldn’t be bothered, instead he rested his head on the mattress next Belle’s arm and closed his eyes.

Tig didn’t know what it was that had woken him at first, he was just aware of the fact his back hurt. He sat up groaning and figured he could at least go for a piss seeing he was awake. He was washing up when he picked up a whimper coming from the other room. Wiping his hands on his pants he quickly headed back through to see Belle trying to twist in the bed, another whimper following the movement. She was either in pain or having a bad dream but either way she was in distress. He took her hand gently “Belle, hey doll come on it’s ok” She didn’t respond to him but her movements became more jerky and her distress increased. Tig put a hand on both sides of her face holding her head still and raised his voice slightly “Belle, open your eyes for me doll”. He didn’t get a response for another few seconds and he was about to speak again when he saw her eyelashes start to flutter. “That’s it doll, come on”. He watched as her eyes opened slightly closed and then opened slowly again

“Tig?” her voice was rough and cracked as she spoke

“Yeah Doll, it’s me. You ok?” He smiled gently at her

“I…I had a dream about Darby and what else he was going to do. I’m sorry if I disturbed you”

“Nah don’t worry about it. I was already in here I wanted to keep an eye on you”

“What time is it?”

Tig glanced at his watch “ Its 3.30 We can get you some pain meds and then you can get some more sleep” He turned to go get the medicine off the dresser

“No..I mean no thank you. When I have them and I have the dreams I can’t wake up easily and I hate it. I’d rather not take them”

“Jeeze Belle, I don't know” he came back over and sat on the bed next to her “If you let the pain get too much then you’re not going to get any rest and you wont heal” He watched as her eyes dropped from his and he felt his heart tug a little “No one is gonna make you do anything but I want you to get better, you know?”

When she looked back up at him, he could see unshed tears in her eyes. “I do get it TIg, I do. I” she paused looking embarrassed “I need to use the rest room, would you be able to …”

“Oh yeah sure thing come on up we go” Tig stood and pulled the bed covers back. He noticed that she had been dressed in some sweatpants and a tank top. He scooped her out of the bed into his arms. He liked the fact that she automatically put an arm around his neck and the way that her warm weight rested against his chest. In the rest room he set her on her feet by the toilet. “Do you need a hand with..” he gestured to her pants and, as he had hoped he got a smile and that blush was back rising up her cheeks

“Oh no, thank you, i’ll be fine. I will need a hand back though”

Tig grinned, the blush made him happy in a way he hadn’t anticipated and he leant forward putting his mouth next to her ear “Ok but if you think you need me to help then you just call and i’ll be happy to help you…disrobe” As he pulled back he drew in a deep breath just below her ear, She smelt clean and a little of Belle and a little of the generic soap they kept here at the club house. He was close enough to hear her breath catch in her throat and when he looked at her face she was more flushed and her pupils were dilated in a way that made him want to see what happened if he started to undo her pants. Instead he stepped back and gave her a roguish smile. “I’ll be just outside” he walked backwards to the door, his eyes not leaving hers until he pulled the door closed behind him.

When Belle had called him back in to help she had been leaning against the sink looking a little more pale than she had when he had brought her in. He didn’t mention it, not wanting to make her feel uncomfortable. Instead he smiled and picked her up before bringing her back to the bed. When she was settled he offered her the pain killers again.

“I’d really rather not tonight, I promise I’ll take them tomorrow but I hate not being able to wake up.”

“Like I said no one will make you, but you need to rest to heal.”

“I know I was wondering um. Well the thing is. um”

“If there is something I can do Belle just tell me”

“Well would you be able to lie on the bed with me, hold me. It’s just…I …I feel safe when you are touching me. I mean I get why you might not want to but….”

Tig could see her face was scarlet by the time she stumbled her way through her request and he found it beyond sexy. She had no idea what it did to him, to see her needing him and asking but feeling embarrassed at the same time. He toed off his boots and pulled off the hoodie that he was wearing before putting his knee on the bed

“Easy doll, like I said you just need to ask. Move over” He waited for her to shift slowly across the bed closer to the wall. He carefully pulled back the covers “You ok with this?” She nodded her eyes still on him. He lay down pulling the covers over them both. He slid one arm under the pillow and Belle’s head before holding the other up so she could cuddle into him, He had expected her to put her back to him but instead she rested her head on his chest and he draped his arm over her. He could feel the soft puff’s of her breath across his chest and he closed his eyes in contentment, this was something he could get used to was his last thought before he left sleep claim him.