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The Crow and The Sparrow

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Jax put his phone down on the bar top and took a drag from his cigarette. “They’re heading back from Oakland, they should be back in 20 minutes or so”

“Aye how did Tiggy take it?”

“Didn’t tell him man. I gave them the info and told them that we needed them back to plan. We don’t need Tiggy running off half cocked. We can use this to get Darby once and for all and put an end to this shit”

“Jeysus Jackie. Tig is gonna loose it when he finds out. He’s not gonna want to hang about. Yeh know what he’s like”

“I get it … that’s why Im not gonna tell him until after we have a plan” Jax held his hand up stopping Chibs who was already cussing him out “ We need a plan, once we tell Tig, he’s not gonna be a lot of help, so we plan and then we tell him - and then we make him her body guard”

Chibs ribbed at his eyes tiredly. Why was it that they couldn’t just take the simple route for once. He wanted to see to see an end to this drug BS and for Darby to be out of Charming, at least as much as the next man, but he didn’t want to be playing his brothers to do it.

He sat at the bar and went back to staring into his drink. He didn’t want to socialise with the others, he wanted to head back to the dorms and check on Belle and then sleep. The slamming open of the clubhouse doors pulled this attention back to the room and he watched as Clay, Tig and the others jostled their way inside waving for drinks.

“Hey man”

“So tell us about this info that you got”

Jax gestured to the chapel doors and they filed in. He looked around the table making sure he had everyones attention

“I know we’re all tired but we got a break tonight on this shit with Darby. We know that they’re working out of the cook house. Turns out they’ve made a deal with someone in Oakland for a lot of their merch. They’ve been leaving the gas station alone but because we stayed away they’re gonna be back using it in the next couple of days”

Clay puffed on his cigar and stared at his step son thinking over this new information “What have we seen out at the cookhouse and the bar?”

“Last check in the routine was the same, things have been pretty quiet at the Dog. Darby went in earlier today and hasn’t been out since. We’re not expecting to hear back from the guys for another few hours, unless we call ‘em back”

Clay nodded and blew out smoke “How sure are we of this information?”

“One hundred percent. Getting this cost a friend of the club a lot, We don’t have specifics, but Juice still has cameras set up at the gas station, we should put a prospect on one of them. We know where the cook house is, we go in and take it out. Blow it sky high. Leroy is either the buyer of their merch, or he’ll want to know so we should reach out to him. We destroy their business, make sure that they don’t have a leg left to stand on”

“Laroy is the big runner out of Oakland, things went well out there the last couple of times. I’ll give him a call tomorrow see what we can figure out. We need to be ready to move if it’s Laroy then we might set them off. Perhaps we leave him to last”

“Its risky to do that. If we leave the Oakland arm available, they still have a way to pull in income” Tig cut in

“And if we let them know too soon and they get back to Darby then we could loose the chance to shut down the cook house and get rid of some of their dealers” Opie pushed back. Tig couldn’t help but incline his head in agreement.

Clay stroked at his beard and took a drink before leaning forward, his forearms resting on the table He looked around at the members that were there, Happy, Juice and the prospects were missing but he didn’t want to hang about on this decision “Ok so this is how we do it. We monitor the gas station, have a couple of us hanging near by and others ready to go. We take them out. We know that there will be increased security around the cook house, thats ok, were gonna blow the house sky high, then we will contact Laroy, Opie is right - we let Laroy know and he could blow everything. All in favour”

The call of Aye was unanimous “Ok lets call it good. Ope you ok to sort out the explosives ?” Opie nodded and Clay brought down the gavel. “Good now get the fuck outa here”

Chibs followed his brothers out of chapel and waited by the door for Jax “Good plan there VP. I’m gonna speak to Tig, it would good if you and Ope were about “ Jax nodded and patted Chibs on the shoulder while gesturing for Opie to come over. Grabbing a table that Tig would have to go past to get out the clubhouse they took a seat.

“Tigger” Chibs rested a hand on his brothers shoulder

“Chibby! How you doing brother? You manage to keep yourself busy while the rest of us were out and about ?” The grin on Tig’s face was contagious and Chibs found himself giving a wry grin in return

“Aye well it was busy enough”

“Yeah you and crow eaters had a good time?”

“Not quite brotha. Look you know that club friend that Jackie was talking about in church? Well they came back here, someone had worked them over real good. It’s a miracle that they got back here at all”

“Shit man, that’s crazy. Hey have you let Clay know?”

“Tigger, the friend of the club - it was Belle”. Chibs watched as Tig’s bottle of beer paused half way up to his mouth and he eyes lost any warmth, the blue becoming hard


“It was Belle. She’s here brotha”

Tig slammed the bottle onto the bar and stood up quickly enough to topple the stool “Where the fuck is she!”

“Easy brotha, she’s in the dorms. Tig - she’s not a pretty sight right now, but she’s alive. I’ve got her on some good pain killers. There is chance we’re gonna need to take her to the hospital”
He could see the fury passing over his friends face. This is what he had been worried about



Tigs hand grabbed hold of Chibs vest and pulled him forward until their noses nearly touched. Chibs could see the fury in his eyes “I asked you Who, The, Fuck, Touched, Her”

“From what she could tell us it seems it was her brother and Darby. Listen brotha” Tig pushed him away and started to head back out of the club house. Chibs was about to follow, nodding to Jax to try and intercept the now pissed off biker, when another voice rang out

“She’s scared Tig”

He watched Tig stop and his head drop “She’s scared and she took a beating just because she came here. She’s was scared and beaten and she still found a way to make it here. To be safe here. To tell us what we needed to know”

Chibs glanced over at Gemma. She was stood in the doorway, hip canted and arms crossed, she was pissed and Chibs was glad that her ire wasn’t directed at him

“She’s all those things Tigger and you’re just going to storm out of here all pissed off and fuck it all up and it will have been for nothing”

Tig slowly turned and strode back across the club house pausing as he reached Gemma.

“Where is she” Gemma pointed down the corridor and Tig stomped off. Chibs was about to go back to his beer when her cough drew his attention. She raised her eyebrow and tilted her head in the direction Tig had gone. Chibs sighed and followed in his friends steps as Gemma headed over to Clay.

Tig stood in the doorway of the dorm room and just stared. The broken looking body in the bed seemed a mile away from the shy smiling woman that he had held in this same room. He moved forwards slowly his eyes taking in the bruised and discoloured face and battered hands one of which was heavily strapped.

“Oh Doll, what did they do to you. Baby you must have been so scared” His voice was rough and caught in his throat as he swallowed the ball of grief he could feel rising.

“They worked her over good Tig. She’s got broken bones, stitches, bruises and probably a pretty bad concussion. Jackie called Tara, she’s gonna stop in at the end of her shift”

“Jesus Chibs! I don’t even know where to touch her without hurting her.” He couldn’t look away from her. No matter how much he wanted this to not be true he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

Chibs pushed the chair Gemma had been using over “ She seemed to find Gemma stroking her head comforting and holding this hand was ok too. We’re gonna need to wake her again in a couple of hours, get her to drink. She’s gonna be scared brotha. Her eyes are so swollen she cant open them, so speak to her, let her know she’s ok”

“I’m going to kill them” There was no debate in Tig’s tone he kept his voice low the sorrow he felt running alongside his anger

“I know brotha, but not now. Don’t make this be for nothing”

“She’s a good girl Chibs. I told you she didn’t need to be involved in this. She got involved and this is what happened!”

“I hear you, but thanks to her brother, she was involved anyway. Least this way she had somewhere to come. Somewhere to be safe. Keep her safe Tig” Chibs rested his hand on Tig’s shoulder and squeezed before leaving for his own bunk.

When the door shut Tig leaned forward and pressed his lips gently to Belle’s head “I got you baby. Tig’s not going to let anyone do any more damage”

Tig paced outside the room. He had managed to wake Belle every couple of hours over the night and she seemed to take some peace from hearing his voice when he spoke. He had woken Chibs up to get some more pain killers the first time he got her awake only to be told that she couldn’t have any until Tara had been through and done her checks. It had pissed him off, which ended up with him pissing off Happy after he work him up with his ranting.

“She’s in fucking pain man! There are hours until the Doc gets here and what? I’m just supposed to be ok with her hurting!”

“Yeah well she’s also alone and scared so why don’t you shut the fuck up, go back in there and keep her company and let the rest of us actually get some sleep asshole” Happy slammed his door shut before Tig had a chance to tell him to go fuck himself

“He’s right. Go sit with the girl. If you need to work something out go use the heavy bag or have a drink and i’ll sit with her”

Tig looked back at Chibs “Nah it’s fine i’ll stay with her, but soon as the Doc gets here she comes on back. No dicking about with Jax or having a coffee right!” He shoved his finger in Chib’s face to emphasis just how serious he was

“Aye Tiggy no bother”

Tig had gone back with icepacks to help ease the swelling and had sat and told Belle stories to distract her. Nothing heavy, just funny things that had happened in the club. She had eventually fallen asleep and Tig had nodded off himself sitting in the chair.

“Christ how does she sleep through that - he snores like a bear” Jax’s voice had woken Tig with a start and he jerked up glaring at the VP

“You got a little something there Tig” Jax gestured to the corner of his mouth and Tig grumbled as he wiped at the drool. “The fuck you want Jax?”

“Hey Tig, I’m here to look at your friend” Tara stepped further into the room “I hear she had a ….oh” The men knew that Doc would be shocked. The bruising had come out more over the course of the night and while the ice helped minimise the swelling Belle’s face was a real mess.

“Yeah she’s been in a lot of pain. She hasn’t had meds overnight We used ice and stuff to help”

“Ok, well ice was a good plan” Tara smiled softly as she took in the concerned way that Tig hovered, standing closely enough to the woman in the bed that no one could get to her without going through him.

“Did ahh, Did Chibs tell you what happened, her injuries and all that?”

“He gave me a rough idea, but it would be good to speak to him first” She looked at Jax “Could you?” Jax smiled and nodded before heading off

“Hey Doc, I’ll wake her up ok. She’s scared. Last night she couldn’t open her eyes, and when the drugs wore off she was restless”

Tara put her kit down on the dresser looking over at Tig “Ok that’s good to know. And she’s ok with you?”

“Yeah me and I guess Chibs and Gemma last night”

“Aye she’s a good lass. Hey Doc” Chibs was still rumpled looking when he came into the room. “Let me give you the run down Doc while Tiggy here wakes Belle”

Tig nodded his thanks to the Scott before he moved over to sit on the edge of the bed, careful to not jostle Belle. “Hey Doll, it’s time to wake up. Come on baby.” He ran his hand carefully over her forehead and squeezed her hand gently. He watched her face closely as he spoke, giving her a chance to come around slowly. He felt her hand tense first and the hiss of her breath as she tried to move and the pain flared

“It’s ok Belle. Take it easy. You’re at the club house remember. The Doc’s here to check you out and see if she can make you feel better” She calmed a little as he spoke and her eye lashes fluttered until eventually one of her eyes managed to open

“Tig” Her voice was rough and speaking made her wince

“Yeah baby. I’m here. The Doc - Tara, she’s come to check you over, when she’s done we can get you some more pain killers and then you can rest some more” He watched as she tried to smile. He couldn’t hide the relief that seeing her able to open an eye gave him. Things seemed so much better when she could respond to him like this

“Morning Lassie, we’re gonna leave you here with the Doc ok. She’s good people, you just answer her questions and we’ll have you right as rain in no time”

Tig tilted his head in Chibs direction at this words and scowled “I’m not going anywhere” . The room seemed to fall silent at is declaration and no one seemed to know how to respond.

“Tiggy go shower” All eyes turned to Gemma who was stood in the doorway looking much fresher than anyone had the right to first thing in the morning. “I’ll help Tara. You need to clean up, Jax - the boys are through with Clay you should rescue him.” When no one moved she let out an exasperated sigh “ Well go on Belle can't get meds til the Doc clears it and she doesn’t want a load of smelly dirty men watching”

Tig turned to Belle and squeezed her hand “I’ll be back ok”. He waited for her to make what eye contact she could and return his squeeze before he made any move to go.


Tara pulled off her gloves and smiled gently at the young woman who lay stiffly on the bed. “OK Belle, Chibs did what he could last night but I need to take you into St Thomas. You have a pretty severe concussion and I need to look over x-rays of your head, arm and ribs. Your ankle is sprained so I’ve wrapped it. Your going to need antibiotics and when I know what were dealing with we can get you some pain killers”

“No. Not the hospital”

“Belle you need these x-rays. You show significant signs of head trauma. There is a chance that you will need surgery on your arm. I can’t do any of this here”

“I…. I can’t go there. It’s not …..not safe”

“Oh baby. Look I’m sure the Doc can find a way to get you in under the radar and we’ll make sure that the boys come and keep you safe”

Tara rolled her eyes as Gemma made promises that she would have to keep.

“Sure we can do that. Belle you can’t stay here, if you get worse then its going to bring heat down on the club and that’s not going to be good for anyone. If the boys are dealing with the fallout from that then they can’t keep anyone safe”

“I brought some sweat pants and a hoodie for you and we’ll get you some other things while you’re getting checked out” Gemma cut in

Tara watched as Belle closed her eyes, it was clear that the woman was overwhelmed, exhausted and in pain.

“Look why don’t we get you dressed and get this over and done with. No one will be looking for me, I’ve just finished a shift so we can probably get everything done as quickly as possible”.

When she opened the door, Tig and Chibs were stood outside and Tara gestured them to move back before she pulled the door over.

Rubbing her eyes she ordered her thoughts before dealing with the concerned bikers in front of her “OK look the short version is we need to take her into St Thomas, she needs x-rays, she might need surgery and we need to get her on the right meds. Gemma got her into some clothes, but I’m going to need one of you to get her into my car, or the van. She’s scared that who ever did this is going to find her at the hospital, so she’ll need some of you to wait. Gemma is going to need someone to go with her too”

It was quickly agreed on that Tig, Happy and Jax would go to St Thomas while Chibs and Half Sack would go with Gemma. Tig carried Belle out to Tara’s car. He had wanted to take the van but the car would be more comfortable. Even though she was battered and bruised he couldn’t deny that having Belle in his arms was wonderful. As he settled her in and latched the seatbelt, he lent forward and kissed her on the forehead “We’ll be right behind you doll ok and i’ll be with you the second Tara pulls over” He shut the door gently and headed to his bike signalling to Tara when they were ready to follow.

Gemma drove her Caddy following the prospect as he drove out to the apartments he had followed Belle back to weeks before. She had to admit that it was a nice enough area, not what she was expecting from a drug dealer. Slamming her door closed, she waited impatiently for the prospect and Chibs to catch up.

“You know which apartment she was in ?”

“No Ma’am but Juice, he looked it up for me” Half Sack handed her a crumpled up piece of paper.

“Well let’s go then” She gestured for the men to go ahead of her and let them knock on the door. When they didn’t get an answer she nodded at Chibs who used his foot to help with opening it. Gemma was impressed with the cleanliness and the order of the apartment and she took a moment to look around. She didn’t think that Belle meant any harm to the Sons but you didn’t get to be Queen by assuming anything.

“Gemma” She followed the sound of Chibs voice to the kitchen were he gestured to a body lying slumped on the floor food lying spoiling next to her.

“She dead?”

“Nah just out cold. That’s her mother aye?”

“Bitch doesn’t deserve to be called that. Keep an eye on her while I find Belle’s stuff then she and I are going to have a chat”

Finding Belle’s room wasn’t hard, and working out what to grab clothing wise didn’t take long. The girl had a fairly limited set of clothing, almost all of which was practical. She found a couple of duffle bags in the wardrobe and used them to pack what was there. She also found a small jewellery box and a couple of books sitting on the bedside table and threw them in too.

“Prospect, grab the bags in the room and put them in my car. Chibs come and give me a hand here for a minute” With Chibs by her side she checked out the other bedrooms. Norma’s room was a shit hole. There was the lingering smell of vomit and sweat neither of which were appealing and both of which reminded her of finding Wendy bleeding out in her sons house. She curled her lip in distaste

“Fucking junkie whore. I guess we know who kept house”

The brothers room was clean and bare. Clothes were put away folded and his bed was made There was nothing out of place other than a couple of beer bottles sitting on the bedside table.

“Juicy said he had been in the military” Chibs had given by way of explanation and Gemma just nodded. They headed back to the kitchen where Norma lay there. Gemma reached over and grabbed a pot from the side filling it with water before throwing it over the prone woman. There was a lot of spluttering and cursing but it seemed to wake her up

“Who the fuck are you? Why are you in my house?” As much as she blustered Gemma could see the trace of fear in the woman eyes as she caught sight of Chibs as he rested against the counter, scowl firmly in place.

“You don’t want to be doing this, you don’t know who i am, what will happen to you when my man finds out”

Gemma couldn’t help but smirk, “Oh honey we know exactly who you are, and who your man is and we are not even a little bit bothered. That should tell you all you need to know” Gemma crouched down so she could look the woman right in the eye “ You are a stupid junkie whore who would say anything to get her next hit”

“My Earnie…”

Gemma cut her off “Your Earnie made a really bad decision and from what I understand a lot of it is down to you making shit up. We’ve met before, you came to my home, and tried to mess with my boys remember” At the blank look Gemma stood again “That’s why they say you should say no to drugs. Look at you - you're not even embarrassed about the mess you’re lying in”

“Sometimes i need a little something to take the edge off. You don’t know anything about me, what I’ve gone through!”

“I really don’t care what you think you need, What I want to know is what you told your Earnie about the Sons and your daughter”


“Oh good you do remember her then.”

“I…What have you done with her, Where is she!”

“Like you give a shit. I’ll ask one more time and then Chibs here is going to ask you and he’s going to be a lot less nice about it. Yesterday you told Earnest Darby your daughter was involved with the Sons and I want to know why!”

“Fuck you”

Gemma stepped back and gestured to Chibs who moved forward and pulled Belle’s mother to her feet using her arm before dragging her over to a dining chair and pushing her into it

“Stop! Get off me… leave me alone”

“Now you listen to me you wee whore. You went off and said shite to that cunt of a man of yours all about Belle. Now you can tell me what you said or I can treat you the same way your precious man treated your daughter”

“Fuck you” She spat at Chibs “What ever I told Earnie was obviously true. I may have been a little bit merry the other night but I saw that you knew Belle. I told him how you knew her, how she had obviously been hanging around with the Sons. I saw the way you looked at her. The stupid little bitch doesn’t realize you're using her. She takes everything from me and now just as I find someone she's going to use you all to take Earnest from me. I won’t have it! I know how to earn my keep and if she fucking knows whats good for her then Belle will learn how to do the same with the right people, not a bunch of filthy bikers and their whores”

“You stupid Bitch!” Gemma strode forward and slapped the other woman hard enough that her head whipped to the side “You don’t know anything. You sold your daughter out for a quick hit and a fuck, you tell me who the whore is, ‘cause from were I’m standing it isn’t your daughter. I'll let you into a little secret, up until yesterday your daughter wasn’t involved with the Sons, as of today we’re her family and you mess with one of ours and you’ll find out just how the Sons look out for each other”

Turning on her heal she strode away pausing at the door to look back at the wide eyed woman who remained sitting in her chair. “When you're all alone and washed up craving that next hit you should remember that you had someone who wanted to look out for you and you pushed them away, When you push that needle into your arm, you should remember that’s why you're all alone, and you should make sure you do the right thing. Poison is the kindest way to take care of a rat”

As she walked towards the front door she heard the bang of a fist on a table and the muttered brogue of a very angry Scot. She couldn’t work out what he was saying but she was sure that what ever it was it wouldn’t be pleasant. She waited by the Caddy until Chibs came out and raised an eyebrow

“Everything ok in there ?”

“Aye Mum, I was just making sure that she understood that while we don’t usually condone violence to women, exceptions can be made. I also suggested that should Darby hear about our visit then we would be coming visiting and not for a chat. We can't have her running off and telling tales before we put things in motion”

Gemma nodded “Ok i’ll see you at back at the clubhouse. I need to stop and pick up some other supplies at the store, the prospect can follow, you have work to do”

Chibs leant in and gave her a kiss on the cheek before heading to his bike “Prospect, you’re with Gemma and if anything happens you’ll wish you lost the other bollock too”

Tig paced the waiting room waiting for Tara to come back. He had wanted to stay with Belle but the idea that she could get out of here quicker if he was out of the way had left him out here and he was beginning to regret his decision. Jax and Happy had given up telling him to sit down and just let him get on with it.

“What the hell is taking so long?” Tig continued pacing looking up at the clock in the waiting area

“Well I wanted to make sure that I knew everything before I came out to see you. Belle is in my office if you want to come and get her” Tara rested her hip against the wall watching the agitated biker.

Tig didn’t even wait for the others he just took off down the corridor. The others would catch up but he didn’t want Belle being alone for too long. He more or less threw open the door to the office not thinking about how Belle would react until it was too late. He saw her flinch and try and curl up on the couch but the movement made her cry out in pain

“Ah hell doll I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you” He hurried to her side hand held out in a placating manner.

Tara and the others followed him in at a more sedate pace and she waited for them all to sit down before she brought them up to speed

“Belle and I have had a chat and she’s fine with the club knowing whats happening which is why you are here. OK so we’ve done all the testing and luckily there are no skull fractures, you do have a concussion Belle and it’s going to make you feel pretty lousy for a few days yet. You might feel nauseous and dizzy and not a lot is going to get rid of the headache. You have 3 broken ribs and we’ve taped them up but no heavy lifting or moving until they’re mostly mended. Your wrist has a fracture but we can get away with a brace for now, as long as you look after it. I’ve checked all of the other cuts, Chibs did a good job getting them taken care of. Your nose was broken, but it was a clean break and it’s been well set, there are no orbital fractures, the bruising will get worse but the swelling will get better over the next couple of days. Your voice and the pain in your throat will get better over the next day or so. While it doesn’t seem like it, you’ve been pretty lucky, I was expecting to see a lot worse. I’m going put you on antibiotics for the next 2 weeks, and I’ve written you a prescription for pain killers. I would recommend that you take them 4 times a day for the next few days to keep things under control and then take as needed” Tara smiled at the wide eyed woman who seemed to be struggling to take in everything that she was saying.

“I know that this is a lot to take in but I’ve written down what you need to do. Do you have somewhere safe to stay? Do you have any questions for me?” She smiled in what she hoped as a reassuring manner

“Um…I …I”

“She’s going to stay with the club” Tig crouched down in front of Belle “You’re gonna be safe with us Doll just like I said”

Tara watched as the usually gruff man treated Belle like a bird with a broken wing, His tone was firm but more gentle than she had ever heard and he made sure that while he kept in contact with her but still gave her room to breath. She glanced at Jax who seemed equally entranced by what was playing out.

“I need to get things, all of my things are at the house”

“My Mom and Chibs have that taken care of” Jax let her know

“Ok so you have somewhere safe then” Tara have her a smile “ Ok so any questions?”

Belle glanced at Tig before answering “ Um yeah you said no lifting, um will it cause damage because I need to go to work and I have to be able to walk around - I was thinking that the pain killers would work right?”

“What kind of work is it you do Belle?”

“It’s nothing important, I’m not a doctor or anything. I work at a cafe downtown and at a Childcare centre.”

“I’m sorry Belle but really that isn’t going to work If you worked in an office and you could sit all day, then I might be able to see a way to getting you back to work next week, but those jobs will put too much strain on your body and impede your healing. Best case scenario I can see you being able to get back to work in maybe three weeks to a month. I can write some letters for your employers, explain that you’ve been in an accident” As she spoke Tara watched the other woman seemingly fold into herself and look like she was about to cry. Tara moved forward sit next to her on the sofa and Tig moved out of her way to sit on the arm resting his hand on Belle’s shoulder

“Belle, I understand that your job is important to you, but my first concern has to be for your health. The pain killers will make you feel sleepy at best, you need to let things heel up. Apart from anything else the bruises and marks on your body, they’re going mean that an employer will want you out working with the public. I will speak to them myself if you want. We can tell them that you were in an accident, they don’t need to know the specifics of what happened” She rested her hand on Belle’s knee but she could see that the other woman wasn’t much comforted

“Thank you, I appreciate your help doctor.

“Ok so I am guessing that you’re more than ready for some pain killers. I called your script down to the Pharmacy, We can go pick it up and get you back to the clubhouse for some rest yeah:”

“I’ll go and get the meds” Happy stood from the wall he had leant against. You guys head to the car. Better that you don’t have to walk to far with the ankle and all”

The gruff voice caused Belle to look up and offer a weak smile to the usually quiet Biker “Thank you sir”

“Happy” was all that was offered as he left. Tara smiled at the confused look on Belle’s face

“That’s his name, Happy. He must like you, he doesn’t help anyone”

Belle looked up at Tig as he muttered under his breath “ Happy? Well that was very nice of him”

“Yeah Doll he’s a real charmer”

Tara stood “Ok well lets get you down to the car. I need to tidy up a couple of things here, Tig can you help Belle down, while Jax helps me?”

“Sure Doll”

Tara waited until Tig and Belle had left before turning Jax “So you need me to help you out huh? You got a problem only I can handle” Jax strutted over to Tara pinning her again the edge of her desk “ So tell me Doc, what can the big bad biker help you with”

Tara gave a small laugh, her hand wrapping around Jax’s neck, her fingers tangling at the hairs at the back of his neck. She ran her nose up his jaw to breath in his scent just under his ear “Mmmmm well there are a few things I can think of “


“Yeah: but right now what I really need you to do….”

“Hmmmm” Jax groaned

“I need you to call your mother and see whether she can help us with Belle’s employers “

Jax pulled back surprised “You want me to call my mother for help with Belle. You have me all to yourself and this is what you want?”

“Well yeah, I mean sure there are other things too, but I don’t really want Happy of TIg walking in on us I mean Happy would probably leave but Tig - I don’t think so”

Jax let out a laugh before he bent down and gave her a hard, breath stealing kiss

“Yeah let’s call that plan B, but later ?”

“I’m sure your mom will be more than happy to look after the boys, and then I’m all yours”