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The Crow and The Sparrow

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The music was thumping, booze was flowing and the women were plentiful and mostly naked. Tig sat with an icepack against his eye and a smile on his face. He and Happy had just gone a round in the ring and he had come out the winner. He had enjoyed the back slaps and congratulations from his brothers as well as the celebratory blow job from one of the crow eaters. “You alright there Tiggy?” Chibs flopped down beside him on the sofa. “The Killer got some good blows in tonight”
Tig barked out a laugh “He sure did but it turns out there is life in this old dog yet - just ask Miss Big Tits over there”

Chibs raised an eyebrow and glanced over at the Crow eater in question “Oh aye. did she sooth your wounds there brother”

“Yeah she just sucked the stress right out man” Chibs laughed and took a drink

“Best get it while we can brother, If things go tits up with this Darby shite who knows how it will end “

“Nah man, it’s gonna be good. As much as I don’t like waiting about we’re doing the right thing - getting the lay of the land. These assholes need to know that shit don’t belong here in Charming. I know that Darby did the club a solid when Opie was in Chino but he had to know that bringing drugs in here wouldn’t end well. I mean fuck it’s bad enough that they peddle their Aryan race shit let alone that filth”

“Can’t say I disagree brother, I’m just worried, someone has to be …..Now who the fuck is that?” Both men looked to see a sloppily dressed woman stumble across to the clubhouse bar obviously looking for someone

“Fucked if I know man, she sure as shit isn’t looking for me” TIg squinted a little as he tried to work out whether he knew the woman in question. There was something about her that looked a little familiar. Tig was sure he hadn’t been with her, she wasn’t his type., she seemed way too needy and way too off her face for his tastes.

“You sure about that? You look like you might recognize her. I mean come on, you’re into all kinds of weird shit, things that involve coconut milk” Chibs joked

“Gimmie some credit brother. I’ve got ladies queuing up for a round with Tigger, I don’t need to dumpster dive. Oh hell now there is gonna be a show!” Tig gestured to Gemma who had locked onto the strange woman, and based on the look she was giving her she wasn’t a happy lady.

Gemma had been trying to enjoy a couple fo drinks with Clay when some drug addled skank had stumbled into the club. A quick look around showed that non of her boys seemed to recognise or even be interested in her. Gemma didn’t like strange women around the club, they caused problems and strangers sure as hell shouldn’t be walking around her clubhouse. Placing a kiss on Clay’s cheek she stood “Back in a minute baby” Getting a nod in reply she strode towards the new comer. She watched her as she stumbled across the floor, her movements jerky, This woman was clearly on something and that was shit the club didn’t need. Gemma planted herself in the strange woman path, hands on her hips and scowled. When the woman attempted to move around her she just moved to block her again and waited for the woman to make eye contact A pair of watery blue eyes, with blow pupils moved up to meet her gaze and she just raised an eyebrow at the loopy smile that came her way. “Can I help you ?” The woman just stared for a moment before blinking

“Hmm, Oh no, I’m looking looking looking for……” the sentence drifted off and Gemma huffed in annoyance

“Look Lady I don’t know why the fuck you are here but you need to turn your bony ass around and wonder back out to what ever crack den you came from. Come on off you fuck!” She put a hand to the woman shoulder to forcibly turn her around.

“There he is!” the woman flailing arm banged into Gemma as she gestured wildly before waving “Hey!”. Jesus had one of these dumbasses actually invited a crack whore to the club house. Gemma turned her head scowl firmly in place to see Kozik, arm still thrown around a crow eater, coming out of the dorm area. “Kozik!” her sharp tone had the blond biker jerking his attention to her

“You responsible for this skank?” she could hear the laughter of some of the others as she called him out, There were days it was like dealing with a class full of 10 year olds. Kozik pushed the crow eater away and headed over a scowl forming as he recognised the woman who had been in the Dog the past coupe of nights.

“Hey handsome I came to see if you would buy me that drink” Kozik was well aware of the looks he was receiving from Gemma and the rest of the guys. He didn’t even know how the woman had found her way here

“Nah Gem. She’s just some bitch who was hanging out at the Dog. She tried to get me to buy her drinks but other than telling her to fuck off I’ve had nothing to do with her. “ He turned to look at the woman again grabbing her firmly by the arm and shaking her “Who the fuck sent you! How did you find me?”

The woman was clearly confused “Get off me, what are you doing! I wanted a drink and to have one fun! I saw you come in here when my Johnny took me out today so I came - but now you can fuck off” Kozik’s brain was working overtime, had she been sent here to get intel? or was she really just after a good time,

“Everything ok here brother?” Clay asked as he approached, Gemma was more than able to deal with strangers coming in but when Kozik seemed to be involved and didn’t seem happy about it he couldn’t help but get involved

“Bitch says she wanted him to by her drinks, apparently she’s some hanger on from the Dog”

Clay gave a muttered curse. “Darby send you ?” He barked. The woman just burst into tears.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Get off me” she pulled at her arm which Kozik still held “I want my Johnny! Call him” Unfortunately her balance and drug addled brain didn’t hold up to all the movement and somehow she managed to totter and fall twisting an ankle underneath herself. Her cry of pain was enough to get Kozik to let go of her resulting in a pile of crying woman sitting on the clip house floor.

“For fucks sake, someone get her the fuck out of here - You” Clay pointed at Kozik “Call who ever this Johnny asshole is and get this bitch out my club house. We’ll have a discussion about this later on” Clay turned looking around “Bobby - call the prospect and Juice, make sure that everything ok with them. Jesus I need a drink” He flung an arm around Gemma’s shoulders and pulled her with him

“Wait! how the hell am I supposed to know who to call?” Kozik called after Clay

“Use your brain asshole, work it out”

Crouching down in front of the woman Kozik ran his hand through his hair. This was a shit show. The woman was still crying and any buzz he had going was gone.

“Hey lady, you got a number for this Johnny?” The woman just sobbed harder. Kozik stood to his feet and sighed looking up at the ceiling working out what the fuck he should do before crouching back down and looking around, there on the floor was a handbag, looking through it he found a phone and among the contacts a listing for Johnny, with a relieved sigh he stood calling the number.

Belle stared out of the cab window as it drove through Charming, She hadn’t recognised the address she had been given, but now that she was in the area she knew roughly where they were headed. The call had woken her and a gruff man had demanded to speak to her brother, She had explained he wasn’t in but asked if she could help, which is how she found herself heading to an unknown location after midnight. The cab pulled up and she paid the driver before she stepped out surprised to find herself outside of Teller- Morrow, the garage that Tig worked at. Why on earth would her mother be here of all places? With a sigh she headed in. The place seemed totally different at night. The garage bays were shut and the office was dark. The area outside was lit by floodlights and fire barrels and the place seemed to be full of men wearing leather vests and women who weren’t wearing a hell of a lot., She had no idea what was happening here but she figured she should just get her mother and then get the hell out, if only she could find her.

Pulling her bag onto her shoulder she headed towards where most of the action seemed to be. As she got closer she could clearly see the sign of the reaper and the Son’s insignia. No one was paying any real attention to her but she could feel her face heat with a blush as she saw just what some of those half dressed women were doing with the men. She resisted the urge to look down at the floor and hide behind her hair. This felt like the kind of place where if they thought she was weak then it may not work out all that well for her. She took a moment to look around outside and check that her mother wasn’t there before squaring her shoulders and moving to pull open the club door.

The door was harder to open than she had thought it would be, especially with her still aching body but, she slipped in and stood there stunned for a moment. The smell of smoke, and other things was almost overwhelming. She looked over to where she expected to see the bar and then looked away again after seeing a very naked woman grinding on a still dressed biker. Focusing instead on looking more closely for her mother she moved further into the room, stepping carefully over bottle and what ever else was on the floor.

Deciding that perhaps the woman tending the bar would be able to help she headed over that way “Excuse me” the woman didn’t seem to hear her over the noise so Belle stood on tip toe and tried again speaking a little louder “Excuse me !”

When she still didn’t get a response show unsure what the hell to do next. She thought back to when she had come here to return Tig his groceries and tried to remember what the other men had looked like, perhaps she could spot one of them and ask if they knew where she would fid her mother. There had been the man with the kid eyes - Chibs and the scary one Jax. She wasn’t sure that she would be able to speak with Jax if she saw him, there was something about his manner that just set her on edge, but Tig and Chibs both seemed kind. She was about to head off in search one of them when she heard a muttered curse and came face to face with one person she hadn’t expected to see here Gemma Teller-Morrow

“Jesus christ, what is it with uninvited guests here tonight! Look I don’t know why your here but this isn’t a place for a little girl like you. You should run along home before something large and scary comes to get you”

Gemma could hardly believe her eyes when she had seen the young woman who had brought Tig groceries and then turned up in the coffee shop in the club house. She had no idea why the hell she would be here, The girl looked surprised to see her, perhaps she had thought that she could wheedle her way into the club if Gemma wasn’t there. Well that wasn’t going to happen on her watch! Placing her hand on the girls shoulder she began to push her back towards the door.

“I’m sorry to intrude Ma’am I really am but I got a call”

Gemma rolled her eyes “Really, you got a call from here and you just had to come running down here to help. Take a look around, the boys have enough entertainment, they wouldn’t be calling you for anything. She watched as the girls face turned a remarkable shade of red at her comments. She didn’t know of many conmen that could blush on queue but there was a first time for everything she supposed.

“Yes Ma’am I mean Gemma. I got a call from a man here, he wanted to speak to my brother, but he’s out. He said that my mother had turned up and was causing all sorts of issues and that I needed to come and get her asap”

Gemma froze and turned the girl back to face her “Your mother” The girl nodded

“Yes. I don’t know how or why she got here but she has problems sometimes getting home and …” The girls voice petered out.

Gemma raised a well groomed eyebrow “Ok let me guess, she’s about 5’10” blond hair blue eyes. That sound about right” Again a nod “ You know she turned up here tonight and caused all kinds of issues before shouting about needing to see Johnny. Should I assume that Johnny is your brother” another nod. “OK come with me, you need to take your mother home and make sure she understands that she can’t just turn up places. Maybe get her some help. You do know she needs help right” The girl nodded again eyes downcast. “What was your name again” The girl looked up at her briefly


“You either need to get her some help Belle or you need to keep away from her, drugs have a way of poisoning not only the people that take them, but those who are around them too. Right come with me”

Belle followed behind Gemma as she strode through the clubhouse, She couldn’t help but admire the self confident way that the older woman moved through the throng, people literally parted before her, and, even though she was wearing what Belle considered to be dangerously high heeled boots she didn’t wobble or falter, Belle was sure that she had never seen or met anyone like Gemma Teller-Morrow. Gemma didn’t look back to make sure Belle followed, she just expected her to keep up and Belle found that as long as she stayed close behind she could take advantage of the space people gave Gemma.

Sadly Belle heard her mother before she saw her, and she knew immediately that things were not good as she heard the familiar wail of “Where’s Johnny. I want Johnny” letting out a sigh she knew what she would see even before Gemma gestured to a table at the back of the room, Sure enough there sat her mother, eyes red from crying, makeup running down her face, hands clenched around a beer bottle, This was the worst she had seen her mother in a long time.

Belle moved froward from behind Gemma “Hey Mom, It’s time to come home” she took note of the blond well muscled man who she briefly remembered from her trip here before Kojak or something. She nodded to him taking in his surprised look. Her mother on the other hand seemed to be completely unaware, lost in her demands to see her son. Belle moved up to the table and placed her hand over her mothers. Up close, even in the dim light she could see how blown out her mothers pupils were, and a she touched her mothers hand she was aware of the tremors setting in which meant that her mother was coming down from what ever she had taken and that things could get really messy really quickly

“Mum come on it’s time to go” The gentle shake she gave her mothers hands as she tried to remove the beer bottle seemed to focus her mothers attention and those blue eyes, so like her brothers locked onto her

“Belle “

“Hey Mum come on, Mrs Teller- Morrow called and said you were ready to come home, lets get going” It was a lie but right now she just wanted to get out of this club. Her mother pulled her hands away from Belle, taking the beer with her

“Why are you here I don’t want you I want Johnny, Go get your brother”

“Mum Johnny is at work or he’s busy elsewhere, Im here to take you home come on now.” Belle moved to the side attempting to take her mothers elbow to help her stand and she was totally unprepared for the screech her mother let out or the slap that whipped her head around to the right

“Get off me, Don’t touch me, I don’t want you. I never want you! I want Johnny or Earnie. Get me Earnie !”

Belle felt tears rise as she tasted blood. God damn it why did she have to deal with this! Trying to pull herself together she wiped the blood away with the back of her hand before trying again

“Mum these people have been good enough to look out for you for a bit but they have things to be getting on with. We need to go home and you need to get some rest. Please, Please come on!” She knew that tears were falling now but she just wanted to get out of here, It had suddenly dawned on her that there was good chance Tig would be here and for what ever reason she didn’ want him to see the mess that was her family.

In a surprising show of strength and agility her mother twisted away from Belle’s grip and backed up keeping her balance and not banging into anything “NO! Get away from me, stay away, You want my things. Thats all you do is take. You cant have Johnny, You cant have Earnie!”

Belle couldn’t keep up with what was going on, this was crazy even for her mother

“Mum I don’t want anything other than to get you ..” she didn’t get a chance to finish her sentence before the half full bottle her mother had been holding flew past her face, smashing on the wall next to her showing her with tepid beer and glass. She stood frozen barely aware of the Gemma calling for help or of Kozik grabbing hold of her mother.

Tig had been enjoying a game of pool when he heard the commotion coming from the back of the clubhouse Gemma’s call for help had him dropping the cue and heading her way, with Chibs hot on his heals. He had expected to see the woman from earlier causing issues but what he hadn’t expected to find was Gemma with her arm wrapped around Belle, who looked stunned, Kozik and Opie holding a ranting woman by the arms while she screamed and broken glass everywhere.

He and Chibs shared a glance of surprise

“You ok Gem?”. He couldn’t take his eyes off of Belle but knew that he had to check on the Queen first, She spared him a glance of irritation

“Oh yeah just great Tigger. Get that fucking piece of white trash out of my clubhouse and off the lot, I don’t care if you put her in a cab or dump her on the street but I want her gone” Opie nodded and stated to haul the still screaming woman away, Tig noticed that Belle didn’t see to be able to focus on what ever was happening she just stared at the spot the woman had been .

“Tig you should take Belle through to a dorm room, a clean one, and stay while the Scotsman patches her up. She’s going to stay here tonight, I am not sending her home to deal with more of that shit. I need to speak to Clay so I am trusting you two to not fuck this up!”

Tig nodded and moved closer to Belle. He could see that she had cuts on the side of her face probably from glass, as well as a split lip and a bruised cheekbone. He didn’t have a lot of experience in dealing with battered women but he figured that slow and gentle could be the key.

Crouching slightly he gently rested his hand on Belle’s arm. Her beautiful brown eyes seemed to be staring at nothing so he rubbed at her hand gently “Belle, hey doll fancy seeing you here” Something in his touch seemed to bring her a little more back to herself and he watched as she blinked and then focused on him before blushing and dropping her gaze to the floor. “You know doll it looks like you’ve had a rough night of it, why don’t you come with me and lets get you cleaned up” He stood and started to guide her towards the door area signalling to Chibs to go ahead and get his med kit.

“I, I cant stay I need to go home and help my mum, at least until I can get hold of Johnny”

Her voice seemed even quieter to Tig than it had that day at the store and he could tell she was embarrassed. He filed away the fact that the crazy broad had been her mother “I’m pretty sure that we need to focus on you and let Johnny or someone else deal with your Mom doll. Come on Chibs is going to help get you cleaned up and sorted - You remember Chibs right? Well he’ll sort you right up and Gemma has said you should stay here and you don’t want to mess with her “

Belle let him guide her towards the dorm without any complaint and Tig was growing more concerned by just how quiet she was. ‘Hang on a second doll” he turned and caught the eye of one of the crow eaters “Get some whisky and bring it on back”. Turning back to Belle he realised not only had she not moved but she hadn’t even looked up, resting his hand against her back he moved her forward “Lets go doll” .

Chibs had already gotten a clean dorm room open and his supplies set out when they got there. Tig was away to sit Belle on the bed when Chibs stopped him. “She’s covered in glass brother. We need to get her top off and brush her hair out otherwise she’s gonna be sitting in it” Tig nodded and turned to Belle

“Hey Belle, we need to get the glass off you, you need to take off your sweater and brush out your hair” He watched as she tried to just pull her sweater of taking no care about any glass that could be in it. “Easy there, you can’t just pull it off like that. Let me see” Looking at the sweater he couldn’t actually see a way to get the top off without Belle getting hurt more. “Look doll I need you to hold still. Chibs and I are gonna help you get this off. Chibs we’re going to need to cut this off. Its too tight to get it off any other way”

The Scot nodded and pulled his knife from the sheath, “Looks like the best plan is to split the neck and the top of the arms and then we can slip it down the way”

Tig nodded and between the two men they began to split the sweater. Chibs gave Tig a concerned look when, as they slipped the sweater down more and more bruises became evident. Belle still hadn’t moved and just let them do what ever they wanted. A knock at the door made Belle jump and Chibs blade nicked her skin

“Shite, sorry love” Tig scowled and then opened the door to find the crow eater and a bottle of whisky.

“Well hello boys, I wasn’t expecting the two of you, but the more the merrier” As she went to step into the room Tig lifted his arm to bar the door, reaching forward he took he whisky and glared at the woman

“Thanks, now Fuck off” shutting the door with a quick shove he headed back over to Belle who now had her sweater off and her hair down and shaken out. What was quite apparent was someone had been beating Belle for some time, The bruises that he had seen on her wrist were nothing compared to the bruises he could see on her ams and shoulder and midsection. Chibs pointed to her back and he knew that there were bruises there too.

“Oh doll!” Tig approached Belle slowing and gently moved her face up so she was looking at him “Doll who did this to you?”

Belle blinked at him seemingly coming out of her daze when he touched her. She looked confused her hand moving up to her face “Norma, she’s my mum. She finds it hard to deal with things”

Tig scowled, had her mother done all of this? “Your mum hit you and bruised your body up like that?”

Belle looked a little lost for a moment before noticing that she didn’t have her sweater on. A blush stained her cheeks and she dropped eye contact with him

“Um no, that wasn’t my mum”

“Well lass who ever it was they’ve made a right mess of ye. Let me have a look see and clean up those cuts, Tig give the girl a drink and we can talk about whats been happening after. Now young lady I’m not sure how much you took in earlier but you're to be staying here for the night, and you can head home later on. There is no point in arguing Mama Gemma said so. Now you should sit down here and we will get you cleaned up”

As soon as Belle sat Chibs got to cleaning up the cuts and checking over the bruises that he could see. Tig just watched, his jaw clenched as he wondered just who he would get to beat the shit out of for this. He felt in his gut that there was no way Belle was involved with Darby and the drugs, but there was a family connection there. Her mother, if not involved in selling was definitely using. If the damned woman was still in the club house he would have shown her just how little he thought of her, but as it was he didn’t have anyone he could take it out on. He took a swig directly from the whisky bottle, relishing the slight burn that came with it. When they were out the other side of this shit show, he was going to make sure that who ever put the bruises on Belle had the same returned to them.

“There you are lass, good as new. While I’m sure its all sore as hell, you don’t have any breaks, just a lot of bruises, of course you’ll have a shiner tomorrow. Now if Tigger has managed to leave us some, why don’t we grab a drink of that whisky”

Tig brought a glass from the bathroom for Belle and poured a generous couple of fingers before passing the bottle off, but before any of them could get a drink there was a sharp knock on the door and Gemma walked in. Tig watched as her eyes quickly catalogued the damage on the young woman who sat on the bed before holding out a hoodie. She didn’t even look at the men

“Here I figured you would be more comfortable in this” Belle reached out slowly taking the hoodie before shrugging it on and covering her upper body. “Now I’ve had a word with my husband and you will stay here tonight and rest. I’m not sure that anyone is going to want you at work with the shiner you will have but we can deal with that then. Did these boys get you sorted?”

Belle nodded “Yes Ma’am. I just want to say thank you - to all of you for helping and I’m so sorry that you had to see my mother like that. She has a hard time coping with … well life I guess and she’s found the move hard and ….”

“Stop and listen to me. Last I checked she was a grown ass woman who made her own choices, Don’t go running about apologising for her shit! If you need anything then Tigger has a room across the way and he will be able to help you out” Gemma turned to leave but was stopped in the door way by Clay.

“Everything good baby?” Gemma rested her hand on his chest

“Of course, the boys have her cleaned up and anything else we will deal with in the morning”

Belle watched as this new intimidating man filled the doorway. He seemed a good match for Gemma, who looked like a woman who would need a strong man. She watched as his blue eyes hardened when he looked from Gemma to herself and she felt herself shudder. As much as she wanted to keep eye contact she found she just had to look away. This mans gaze was cold and calculating and not in the least bit friendly. She rotated the glass in her hands unsure of what to do. Her guts said say thank you and just leave, but Gemma expected her top stay. The decision was taken out of her hand though as the next words left his mouth

“Tell you what baby, why don’t you head on home and get sorted. I’ll see you back there. Chibs can walk you out”

With her eyes still downcast she watched as Chibs moved over picking up the last of his medical gear. The boots she was watching paused in front of her and she felt a hand on her shoulder “You take care now lass, you hear” She glanced up making eye contact and gave the man a tight smile and nod which he returned before leaving “Come on lets get you on the road home mother”

When the door clicked shut Belle felt her whole body tense, She was now stuck in this room with Tig and the hard faced man. Her heart was pounding. Tig was a good man, he wouldn’t let the other man hurt her, hopefully.

“So you want to tell me why Darby sent you to my club house?”

The question was so unexpected that her head whipped up “Pardon?”

“You heard me. That was quite a little show that you and your mother put on out there. I’m guessing your mother took it further than you expected. But the question remains why did Darby send you”

“No one sent me! I got a call from someone here Kozik I think, “ she glanced at Tig for confirmation “and he told me about my mom and her creating scene and asking for my brother so I came to get her and, well she didn’t want me here”

“That’s a pretty story but from what I heard your mother was creating quite a stir Are you really going to sit here, in MY clubhouse and tell me you know nothing about Darby!” Clay towered over her and she felt yet more tears fall as she stared up at him

“I’ve met him and I know my brother works for him, but that’s it. I swear, I don’t know who you are or what is happening. I just wanted to get my mother home. I even asked if it could wait for my brother and was told to come. Please I didn’t mean to cause what ever the problem is. I don’t know anything about Mr Darby or why my mother wanted him.” Her tears turned to sobs What the hell was happening, what had her brother gotten them into?

“My wife tells me you’ve been here before, snooping, getting a lay of the land. and then what ? Did Darby tell you to come in after hours and see what else you could tell him?”

“Clay man come on, she obviously has nothing to do with Darby and his assholes. She was here before to see me. I approached her man and she just returned stuff to me. I'm telling you she isn’t involved” Tig rarely spoke out against his president but watching Clay destroy what little peace Belle had gained made his heart hurt. There was no way she was spying on them and he couldn’t let her take the rap for having been at TM before when she only came to hand back groceries.

“You started it? Well lets hope you didn’t bring an enemy into our home brother” Clay turned back to Belle “ So my SAA is vouching for you little girl, If I find out that you are involved in this then you and I will be having a much less pleasant conversation. Tig I need you for a minute”

Following Clay out of the dorm and pulling to the door over Tig had to swallow down the urge to just hit him. That final threat had just been a step too far “Look man I get that her family is tied to Darby but she isn’t. Kozik didn’t see her at the Dog and i guarantee no one has seen her at the cookhouse. She’s been beaten pretty badly and didn’t need that shit on top of what went down!”

“Look Tig I get it, she’s a sweet little thing and all, but Darby is causing us a problem and we need to end it. If she’s involved then it’s a way in and I get you don’t think she is. Hell even Gemma doesn’t think she is then she needs to be dealt with. I will use any and all means to end this BS with Darby. We need folks like Oswald in our pockets and right now he’s pissed that it looks like we’ve done nothing. She spends the night then she’s out of here - you got me ?”

Tig nodded “Sure Pres” before turning back to the room and the sobbing woman inside.