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The Crow and The Sparrow

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Kozik had said he’d been more than happy to come and hang out, and find out what he could at the Dog, but sitting here, without his kutte actually had him on edge. There had been a few locals that he had seen around town, a couple of what looked like high school kids and plenty of assholes with swastika tattoos and poor taste in haircuts. It seemed like he was flying under the radar, he had been sure to not sit and stare, but with just him there it wasn’t possible to keep an eye on everything that was going on. It looked like the drugs weren’t being exchanged here but there seemed to be some cash changing hands.

He gestured for another beer and put some cash on the bar, the door opening drew his attention and he recognized two of the men Tasker and Wheelan,. He couldn’t hear much of the conversation that was going on over the music but they seemed to be in good spirits. No matter what the Sons had done to impact their drug business it didn’t look like it was having all that much of an affect on the ground troops. Glancing up at the clock behind the bar, he had been sat here for nearly and hour and didn’t have anything for Clay and it probably wasn’t going to do down well, but he also didn’t have a clue as to how to get more information. He was about to call it a night when a man, Tasker a quick glance confirmed, sat next to him.

“Alright Man” Kozik nodded “I’ve not seen you round her before, you new in town?” Koz bought some time by taking a pull from his beer. “Nah, I’m good. Yah know a friend recommended the Dog to me, so I figured I’d stop in now I’m in town”
“Cool. You ah, you interested in something in particular,? I mean from the specials list here. That why your friend recommended us?
“Look man I don’t want any trouble. special or not. I just wanted somewhere that I could get a cold beer and understand what was being said You know what I mean? I just wanted some peace. If it’s an issue then I’m happy to head”
“Easy there friend” Tasker rested his hand on Kozik’s shoulder stopping him from standing “Just wanted to check you know” He gestured to the bartender for another couple of beers and slid over to Kozik ‘We don’t want any unhappy customers you know. Hard working guys like you , who want to be with their own kind, they’re always welcome here”

The door to the bar flew open and Kozik watched an older woman who was obviously intoxicated or high stumbled through the door her movements sloppy as she looked around the bar, squinting in the low light. A broad grin split her face as she headed in his direction and his companion gave a muttered curse.

“That your old lady?”
“Fuck no, she’s some crazy broad that the big boss has been screwing”
“She sure seems happy to see you man” Kozik added as the woman crashed into Tasker.
“Jase, there you are. I called and called an nooo one answered. I need to see my Johnny or Earnie, go get them for me, there’s a good boy”
“Get the fuck off me you crazy bitch. If J or Mr D wanted to speak to you then they would have taken your fucking call” As Trasker pushed her away Kozik found himself with a lap full of an obviously high woman
“Heey” blown pupils, a sloppy smile greeted Kozik and he found his lip curling in disgust. In his own mind he knew that this was how he had looked once upon a time and it was not a nice mirror for him to be looking in. Somewhat more gently than Tasker he pushed her up onto her own feet and away from him. By the time he looked round Tasker was walking across the room.
“So handsome” a hand on his arm pulled Kosik back to his new companion “I’ve not seen you before. Are you one of Earnie’s boys?”
Kozik shrugged her arm off of him, he had no interest in some used up addict “Get the fuck off of me lady”
The smile was replaced with a scowl “No need to be an ass hole. You’re not all that you know!, Bring me a vodka and coke and put it on the tab. Don’t look at me like that! Earnie said I could, and if you’ve got an issue feel free to call your boss and see whether you’ve still got a job in the morning”
“Give her the drink Mark, the boss says its fine” Tasker came back over. Looking at her “A couple of drinks is it tonight Norma, and thats straight from Mr D” The woman, Norma grumbled but seemed content with the fact she was getting a drink.
“Dude are all the women in that come here like this crazy broad” Kozik gestured to the woman while looking at Tasker
“Nah she’s just some whore who hangs out here sometimes. The boss has been banging her on the DL. She’s mostly harmless but doesn’t get that she’s old and used up. Every bar has them. I gotta say that she gives a great blowjob though” Koz matched Taskers grin “I hear you man” he swallowed down the last of his beer before standing to head to the door“ Take it easy”.

When he reached the outside, Kozik couldn’t help but pull in a deep breath as he worked out what he could take back to the club. Pulling out a smoke he used lighting up as an excuse to check the surrounding area. No one appeared to be paying the slightest bit of attention to him so he headed back to where the van would be waiting with Bobby and some of the other sons

“Hey man, so there are deals going down but no drugs on the premises. I didn’t see Darby but they referred to him. There is some whore in there that seems to be banging him. Two of the guys Juice had photos are i there, but it’s not enough to do anything with”

Bobby nodded “The woman is in there?” at Kozik’s nod he continued “Ok so we wait and see whether Darby shows up, If his whore is here then he might. If not we follow those assholes Juice had intel on. I don’t think we’re going to get results tonight but lets take the Pres something that’ll keep him happy. We’re in for a long night boys” A groan came from the back of the van and Kozik settled into the seat.

A couple of hours later Kozik was wondering if he would ever get the feeling back into his ass. Stakeouts it turned out, where a lot less fun than the movies made them look. He was thinking of getting some sleep when an older car pulled in. Slapping Bobby on the arm he gestured to the men getting out of the car “Its Darby man, and the other guy from the photos” Bobby nodded and they watched both men disappear into the dog only to come out a few minutes later, pulling the woman who had propositioned him with them. Darby opened the car door, and stepped back watching as the woman was pushed in before heading back towards to Dog. “Johnny I need you back here when you’ve dropped her off. Oh and Johnny remind your sister she still hasn’t come visiting”

When they were sure that Darby was back in the Dog, Bobby started up the van and they followed the car. Bobby noted the apartment they stopped at before he carried on back to the club house, and calling Clay to get the agreement that they would stakeout the Dog again the next night.

Kozik found himself in much the same position as he had the night before, sitting in the Dog surrounded by assholes drinking shit beer. They had agreed that he needed to make a little more contact with Tasker to see if the could get any more information out of him. Clay had even suggested that ask for drugs. While he had said sure he wasn’t all that comfortable with what his Pres wanted. Bobby had stopped him before he had left the van, hand on his arm and had made it clear that he didn’t need to go anywhere near the drugs.

He had just agreed a game of pool with Tasker when the Norah woman made her way in again and on seeing him she had smiled and made her way over. “Hey there handsome” Kozik rolled his eyes at Tasker as he shrugged off her hand. “Why don’t you buy a lady a drink?”
“You show me a lady and i’ll think about it” Tasker laughed but the woman was obviously pissed, she raised her hand to slap him but he caught it and pushed her away “You don’t know who you’re messing with asshole. My Earnie owns this place and you won’t be welcome here when I tell him”
Kozik noticed that people were now paying more attention to him than he was comfortable with and he knew that he needed to get out of here. “Hey man, I’m not up for this shit. I’ll see you around” He said to Tasker as he out the pool queue down and headed out.

“Fuck!” he stomped over to the van paying a lot less attention than he had the night before, slamming the door as he got in. At Bobby’s look he sighed and ran a hand over his face ”The crazy whore from last night was back and she made a scene. I figured it was best to leave before someone recognised me”
“Fucking hell. This is a shit show. Let’s wait for a bit and see what happens”
Thirty minutes later Kozik was contemplating what he would tell Clay when the car from the night before turned up and the younger guy got out again and disappeared into the Dog before reappearing two minutes later while shouting down the phone with Tasker in toe and then leaving in the car. Maybe tonight wouldn’t be a total bust.

Bobby and Kozik followed at a safe distances. The guys in the car didn’t seem to be paying all the much attention to what was going on around them, based on the way that they were driving. As they headed to less populated areas Bobby turned off the van lights and they let a bit more distance build.

“Fuck it looks like they’re heading out of town” Kozik noted. Bobby just grunted. They were only five or so miles out of Charming when the car pulled off into a small side road. Bobby killed the engine and looked at Kozik “What?” “I’m too old and too fat to be running about the wilderness, Get your ass out and see where they’re going”


Kozik followed the path that the car must have taken and noticed that there was single story family style house sitting at the end of the drive. From his hiding place behind some bushes he watched and noted the guards they had patrolling and the fact that there seemed to only be one entrance to get to the door. Heading back to the van he filled Bobby in on what he’d seen. Bobby didn’t even need to think it over “Ok lets head back to the club house and we can get the prospect to come out here and keep an eye on things. We need to let Clay know what’s going on and see what the Club thinks we should do. We’ve got tope smart about this. We can’t just roll up guns blazing, but one way or another we need to put an end to this”