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The Crow and The Sparrow

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Tig had looked over the information that Juice had given him, what little there was of it. Belle Cunningham had graduated high school, worked number of lower paying jobs, didn’t have a criminal record and by all accounts was just a quiet young woman who seemed to look after her family. Her brother had, just as she had told him, been discharged from the military after his platoon had been attacked, they had said he had PTSD as well as his other injuries. Tig remembered when he had come home from the military, it was hard adjustment and if he had not found the Sons then maybe he would have taken the same route as John seemed to be. Her mother Norma had been married to one James Cunningham who had died in the state pen, by all accounts he didn’t have a lot to do with his kids. Norma worked occasionally as a waitress and a cleaner but wasn’t on record as having a regular job for the past few years, and there had been almost no sign of her being her sin Charming from what he could make out. All 3 had drivers licences, only John had a car registered in his name. Rubbing his hand roughly over his face Tig sat back and took a draw from his cigarette. There was no denying that John was connected to Darby. It looked like he may have fronted some of the cash to pay the rental deposit of the apartment that the Cunningham’s lived in, but they paid the rent. Fuck knows what the mother was doing and Belle was it seemed was working at the daycare and the coffee house.

The gentle kiss of thanks that she had given him when she left the lot a few weeks had been on his mind, It had been sweet and innocent and a whole pile of things that he didn’t want to look at too closely and it has been unexpected but equally wonderful. He have a sport at that wonderful? what the fuck was he on. It had featured pretty heavily in his dreams too - but it wasn’t his cheek that she kissed, not it was something much lower. Palming himself he couldn’t help but groan. God even the thought of her managed to get him hard these days. They had been on a gun run and then digging for dirt on Darby and the guys so he hadn’t had the opportunity to even see her about town. It was, he thought, probably for the best what with the Darby connection and all and even if she wasn’t involved a nice young girl like Belle had no business hanging around with someone like him.

Later in the day after Belle had left the lot Jax had been running his mouth about her. He had been about three seconds from laying the VP out when Chibs had intervened “Well Jackie boy she didn’t think much of you did she Prince Charming. Couldn’t wait to get away from you from what I saw. Perhaps she wants a real man, one who has seen a bit of the world eh” He had scowled at Chibs then - was the Scot about to put moves on Belle. “Besides don’t you have that wee boy of yours to look after, there’s no time for you to be chasing young laddies. What do you say Tiggy, you think Miss Belle likes an older man?”

Tig had grinned and agreed before gesturing to the prospect for another shot. When Half Sack handed the the drink over he lent a little closer and whispered “She got home fine, and there was no one hanging around” Tig had grunted but felt a little lighter knowing that Belle was safe. Of course Gemma had cornered him a few days later with questions about the ‘little gash’ and why the hell he was giving strange women money, He had played it off, made sure that Gemma thought that he was just helping out and that the girl had reminded him of one of his daughters. She had laughed and commented that at least this one paid him back. He wasn’t sure that he had completely convinced Gemma but she would do what she would do, and not even Clay would stop her. The rest had all been business as usual, runs, guns, parties, crow eaters and club business.

A hard bag on his dorm room door was accompanied by Happy’s gruff call of “Church” Gathering up the paperwork he hid it one of the desk draws, inside some old playboys so that if anyone came looking they wouldn’t see anything and then he headed to Church.

Sitting around the reaper the club listened as Juice filled them in on what he had managed to find out. Both Wheelan and Tasker had been spotted at the Hairy Dog which now seemed to be he main base for the Nords. From what he had been able gather, they didn’t deal directly out of there, but there was a good chance that they would be able to follow them back to the cook house.

“Fuck - I thought the Nords cleared out of the Dog after that shit with Wendy. Now it looks need to go and make it clear to them again that they aren’t wanted or needed here in Charming”

“Easy there son” Clay waved Jax back to his seat. “Juice made a good point, if we trail these douchebags, then we get where they are making the filth and we can get rid of them. Causing problems at the Dog ain’t gonna help the the end goal” Jax glared but it was obvious even to Tig that what Clay and Juice were saying made sense.

“Thing is,” Opie cut in “as much as it’s a good good idea, none of us can just wonder in there and bend in. They know our face. Hell i’d be surprised if Jax could even make it as far as the door. So how is it that we’re supposed to get close enough to tail them?”

“Me” The table turned to look at Kosik “What? Im new here. I wast there when you got into it at the lumberyard so they don’t know my face. I’m white enough that you know that wont be an issue and maybe I can get us some info, ya know, and I don’t see any better ideas “

“You’d be in there, alone” Happy added “If something went down we wouldn’t be there to back you up brotha. That don’t seem right to me”

“I can’t see another way if we need to follow them Hap. Maybe you guys could be somewhere near by but anyone they recognise will have them shutting up and hiding out double quick”

“Does anyone have a better plan?” Clay asked “No?, Ok all in favour Aye” The cake went round the table - it was unanimous. “OK Kosik you will head to the Dog tonight, Bobby you will drive the van and the rest of you boys ride in back. Follow them, find out where the fuck they are making this shit and then head back here, We need to make sure we get these guys once and for all, they move the house and we are back to the beginning” The gavel dropped and church was dismissed.

Tig had planned to go crash out in his dorm for a couple of hours but the small nagging voice in the back of his head, had him turning and stoping his way back over to the bar. Slamming his shoulder into Kosik he pulled up a stool and glanced over at his one time best friend. “You gonna be ok with this asshole. ‘Cause you know it isn’t gonna help the club if you head in there and give into temptation. Sure as shit won’t get you a permanent seat at that table” Rather than looking at Kosik he gestured to the crow eater behind the bar to bring him a beer
“You know what fuck you Trager. I haven’t touched drugs in years. I’m clean and I will stat clean. You think I’ve not had the opportunity to touch that shit in the past 10 years? you can go fuck yourself man. I know what I need to do and how to do it. Just make sure you keep up your end!”

Tig could see that he had obviously pissed Kosik off but there was a good chance that if he was angry then he wouldn’t be focused on the drugs and other BS that was going on at the dog. He had seen Kosik at his worst and, as much as he was pissed at the asshole he wouldn’t want him to go through that shit again. Taking his beer with him he wandered back to his dorm room.

Chibs had sat and watched Tig piss off Kosik - he could guess what Tig was poking at. Their Tacoma brothers past was known to a few members of the Mother Charter and Chibs knew that Tig would poke at that sore if given the chance. “Ya know brotha’ he has hard time showing it, but Tigger, he’s worried about you” He laid his hand on Kozik’s shoulder to offer what comfort he could “Yeah? Well he had a hell of a way of showing it. He’s fucked up too and I don’t see anyone here bringing it up all the time”

Taking a seat Chibs nodded “Haven’t we all brother. There isn’t one of us here who hasn’t made their own share of mistakes. Tigger, well he doesn’t do well with apologies and the like, but in his own way, he’s looking out for you. I also figure that you do a good job here and not even old Tigger will be able to stop you from getting that seat you want. Hey lass” he gestured to the Crow eater “Whisky and 2 glasses” Kozik seemed to be thinking so Chibs waited patiently watching the amber liquid being poured. He waved the eater away and pushed one glass over to Kozik and waited for him to pick it up “Tae an end to this bull shite” Both men raised their glasses and downed the contents before sitting pondering their own thoughts