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The Crow and The Sparrow

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Clay had called the club in for Church as soon as Tig made it through the club house doors. It didn’t take a genius to see that Clay was pretty pissed at him for not being at T-M but Tig couldn’t find it in himself to care. Everyone else got their time away from the club house and its not as if he made a habit of it.

Looking around the table Clay made sure that each member was paying attention to him. Sitting to his right Tig had a quick glance around wondering what they were waiting for. Focusing back on Clay Tig allowed himself to relax, most of this was just for show - the King looking out over his empire and he knew that until Clay felt that he had everyones attention nothing would happen. He respected his president and friend but there were some days where he found that he was kinda over the BS and posturing.

Eventually, with a final draw on his cigar Clay deigned to fill them all in “There aint no great secret that there has been some trouble going on in town. Turns out that there are drugs circulating . Now I know,” he raised his hand as members expressed their displeasure “that we’ve all been working real hard to ensure that filth doesn’t make it onto our street but it seems like Darby and his crew have set up shop. I’d like to think that it’s a one off but Oswald called today. Turns out that a son of a friend of his was caught carrying by the lovely Deputy Chief Hale and his daddy isn’t happy”

“Are we sure it’s the Nords?” Bobby questioned his president “Darby isn’t long out of Chino and he knows that the Son’s run Charming. For all that he’s a racist asshole, he’s never been a stupid racist asshole”

Tig watched as others nodded around the table at Bobby’s words. A glance back at Clay showed just how annoyed he was that Bobby chose to question him. Fuck this was going to end up turning into another one of ‘those’ meetings and to be honest, he really couldn’t be bothered with the whole thing. If Darby was the problem then they should just take him out the equation.

“Look, I’m pretty sure that if Oswald is pissed enough to call Clay then he’s pretty sure of his information. Did the little rich kid roll over like a little bitch waiting for a belly rub?” he asked Clay trying to bring things back in line

Clay nodded before carrying on “ Oswald said it was Nords. Unser did a bit of digging around and Juice has managed to make some thing useful out of what we got”

Juice jerked up at the mention of his name making Tig snort a little. The kid was a fucking waste of space, unless it was something computer related. Were it up to him he was pretty sure that the little Puerto Rican would not be a this, or any other charter.

“Yeah man look the kid gave up a locations of where he ordered and received his drugs. They are playing it smart. Over at the lumber yard there are a couple of Nords who see tope taking orders and part payment. The second part of the payment is given at a closed up gas station just outside of the city limits. I managed to get into the security footage and get a couple of images,” Juice pushed a couple of grainy back and white print outs onto the table “but there isn’t much I can do to make them more clear. The gas station though is somewhere we could probably ambush them without drawing too much attention”

When the images made their way to Tig he glanced at them but the only thing you could tell was there were 3 guys standing around who could be passing something. “No offend Juicy but you cant tell shit from these. Do we have any idea where they are cooking up with shit. If we take out the bake house then they aint got nothing to sell” He could see that some of the others agreed with him. Happy and Kozik were nodding and he figured that between the three of them they could get things wrapped up pretty quickly and be back in time for a drink and a game of pool

“Easy there Tigger” Clay grinned at his SAA he could always guarantee that he would distract the others and try and get things sorted. He was a useful tool to have around, and a loyal man. “This shit with Darby isn’t all we’ve got to deal with. Laroy is waiting in O’town for his gun shipment and those boys wont be happy if their shit doesn’t come through on time. If we all run off guns blazing were going to be leaving a pile of shit on our own doorstep”

“I get what Oswald is saying but if we’re about to start a warmth the Nord’s id like it to be based on more than some shit-head teen looking to save his own ass and some fucked up pictures where we cant see shit.” Jax put in

Clay rolled his eyes at his stepson before asking “Well what do you suggest son?” Jax shrugged and took a draw on his cigarette before continuing “We split up, you need what 4 guys to make the delivery to Laroy ? So we send Happy, Tig, you and a couple of other folks he knows to make the drop and secure the next order. The rest of us should see what we can find out about these drug selling bastards. Opie has contacts at the lumber yards and a couple of us can keep an eye out by the gas station. If we know where Darby is we could also pay him a call too”


Clay took a moment to think about what Jax had proposed, it was actually a pretty sound plan. “Sure that would work,. but I want you on the gun deal with Laroy. He hates you less than the rest of us and I don’t want you getting all fired up in this drug business until we know whats happening. That shit is just too close to home right now. what with Wendy and all” He could see that Jax wanted to argue but he couldn’t back down. Gemma would have his balls if Jax got hurt doing crazy shit and if it was going to go down with Darby then he wanted to be there, not of making a gun drop on Oakland.” Jax, Happy, Tig and Juice you make the gun drop, make sure you get another order and the cash. Kozik, Ope, Chibs you guys head out to the lumber yards and see what you can turn up, if you get the chance make sure that those guys know selling in our town is a no go. The rest of you head out to the drop zone” Before anyone could object he banged the gavel down, “Well get on with it assholes we’ve got a party tonight!”. The rest of the club cheered and shoved at eat other as they stood to leave. Tig smiled and laughed along with his brothers but is mind had flicked back to the bruises he saw on Belle before she left. Her excuse was BS but he wasn’t sure why she would lie, perhaps she had an old man? The idea didn’t sit well with him.

“Tigger” Clays call pulled him back to he hear and now “Pres:?”

“I was expecting you to be around when I go here today, I wanted to talk business before this meeting” “Yeah man, I needed break from listening to these assholes and their BS so I went for a ride and stopped off downtown to get supplies, you know” Clay grinned inferring just what Tig had wanted him to “Gotta make sure there are no surprise little Tiggers running about the place right!” Tig gave laugh “You know it”. Clay frowned and dropped his voice “I need you to keep an eye on Jax on this drop. The boys head is all over the place we need things to go smooth. We’ve got enough issues with the Mayans and now the Darby shit, we don’t need beef with the one - niners too” Tig nodded it made sense “Sure thing Prez. We will head out soon as I have caught up with Juice. Maybe he can out a camera out at the gas station or some shit. Save the club from just sitting out there”

Clay clapped him on the back hard as they headed out of chapel “Good thinking brother” Tig nodded and headed over to Juice who was at the bar, looking at something on that damned computer of his.

“Yo Juicy, come’ere” Clapping is hand around the young mans shoulder he pulled him off to one side “Now Juicy you know I trusting you right, to keep your mouth shut about anything I would ask you to do for me, things that the club doesn’t need to know about yet” He made and kept eye contact despite the fact that it made the smaller man uncomfortable, “I need you to look into someone for me a woman, just moved into town with her brother and mother. Her names Belle .” Juice nodded quickly while glancing about to make sure no one was paying too much attention. Tig slapped him round the back of the head “Be subtle moron, Jesus! Look I don’t like my business spread about the club but if that happens, well I would know who to look at” Juice sucked in a deep breath “Tig man come on I wouldn’t tell anyone man, I’m happy, you know, to help out you know, get you what you need” Juice stumbled over his words as he tried to reassure Tig “I know Juice that’s why I asked and its why I got it cleared that you could work your computer shit and find some way to get some cameras or something put up at that drop zone, save you all sitting out there waiting to see what happens.”

A smile broke out over Juice’s face “Seriously, you’re the best Tig, I know just the model you see there are these cameras and you access them remotely and…” Tig had no intentions of listening to what ever dull geeky nonsense his younger brother spouted so he gave him a quick pat on the back before heading back out “Sure thing Juice, I gotta head, you should get right on it” . As he walked away “Fuck sake, that boy needs to get a good shag, would do him the world of good”