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The Crow and The Sparrow

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Tig Trager, man of action, Sargent at Arms, Brother and all around slightly psychotic bad ass could not believe that he had found himself reduced to this - sneaking around grocery store. to find out what he could about some random chick that he had seen around town. He knew almost nothing about her, but from the moment he had seen her going into one of the local Coffee houses two weeks ago. She was a little bird of a woman who never seemed to raise her head to look around her. From what he could make out she seemed to have a figure, but it was mostly hidden under a sweater. She had long brown wavy hair that she tucked behind her ears when she wasn’t using it as a shield to hide herself away.


After he had seen her the first time he had found himself noticing her more and more, until he eventually realised that he had started to go out of his way to find her. He had managed to set up a ‘chance’ contact when he realised that the coffee shop was her go to destination every couple of days at 10am he made sure that he would be there at the same time and ‘accidentally’ bumped into her as she was heading out. He had been surprised at how petite she was next to his larger frame, Her eyes had been a deep rich brown and her mouth had been full and had turned up into a small but sweet smile as she had apologised to him for her clumsiness,. Her voice had been quiet and tinged with obvious nervousness but still warm. Her hand on his arm had been gentle but warm although all he had been able to see of it had been her finger nails which were painted a deep red that had surprised him, He had returned her smile with as soft of a smile as he could manage and had reassured her that it wasn’t a problem. He had held the door open and watched her a she walked away, her head back down and her hands sunk into her pockets. That night her face and those deep eyes had shown up in his dreams, staring at him as she sucked on his cock.

He had been worried when she had missed her regular stop at the coffee shop earlier this week, he had waited for over an hour for her to come in and she had failed to show. He had written it off as nothing but his concern wouldn’t ebb, so when he had seen her as he had ridden through town he decided that it was time for him to see what was going on. He had parked up his bike and followed her on foot, trying his best to remain inconspicuous, which in retrospect he probably hadn’t managed based on the fact that he was still wearing his kutte and k-bar but sometimes you just have to seize the moment.

He had been watching her now for 20 minutes as she seemed to check and weigh up every purchase that she went to make - he wasn’t sure why she was being so picky but maybe she was just a fussy shopper. he didn’t really understand women and the way that they shopped, maybe this was how they all did it? Christ he hoped she was done soon as it was boring as hell. Noticing that some of the employees were staring at him suspiciously he picked up some random boxes off the shelf and dropped what ever it was into the basket he was carrying,


Another 15 minutes later and she seemed, at long last to be done and heading to the register, He was surprised at how little that she had in her cart but there are consequences for fussy choices he supposed. Noticing that there was another customer who was about to get behind the mystery woman in the register line he rushed ahead and barged in from of the older lady who huffed at him. Mystery woman didn’t seem to be aware of the small commotion which made him frown, she needed to be more careful. Charming was a peaceful town, but like anywhere there was danger, Some people would say he was the danger, but really he was a pussy cat. He found himself fidgeting and huffing as he tried to get her attention. She seemed to be oblivious to him, or was ignoring him, either option was unacceptable to him but just as he was about to tap her on the shoulder, the crazy old woman he had cut in front of managed to ram her shopping cart into the back of his ankle. “Fucking hell! Seriously!” He whipped around and glared at the crazy old bat who glared right back. “Crazy old broad” he muttered under his breath turning back around to his mystery woman only to see that she had moved forward in the line and her groceries were being rung up. God Damn it! that stupid old bat had distracted him and now he had missed the best chance he had to initiate some contact with the little bird in front. Turning to glare at the old woman again, he started to load his random selections onto the conveyer belt - noticing he had bought crackers, soy sauce, coconut milk, tissues and lube, well at least one of the items he picked would be useful.
“That’ll be Thirty five dollars and sixty nine cents” The board cashier mumbled to the mystery woman and then he heard her soft voice again “Oh um… wow ok…um let me just take a few items back, um..” He noticed that she seemed to be flustered and trying to make decisions about what would she would take, She seemed to be deciding between the meat and vegetables and had already put the toilet tissue to one side.
“Miss I either need you to pay or move to one side” The cashier tried to move her on and was obviously making her uncomfortable “Oh of course um, just give me a second” The Cashier met her response with a huff of annoyance and an eye roll and Tig could see that mystery ladies hands were shaking and she tried to move the items out the way and he realised that this was the chance he had been looking for. With a cough to catch the cashiers attention he realised that mystery woman had also turned around and that she was blushing with embarrassment. Her eyes met his briefly before she looked down and in that moment he noticed tears that were about to overflow. Shoving his had into his pocket he pulled out his wallet and pushed his items forward. “Hey man look just give the lady a break, How about you just ring these through too and i’ll pay for both the groceries” The cashier sighed and rolled his eyes in annoyance but began to pull Tig’s random items up.

Mystery woman looked up in surprise, her cheeks still bright red “Oh no Sir, please I cant let you do that, I’m just going to leave” Tig smiled as gently as he could at her “Nah doll it’s nothing just a few bucks, its like my good deed for the month”

“But you don’t even know me!”

“Sure I do, we met in the coffee shop, remember, that makes us old friends’ She gave him gentle smile but seemed reticent to make eye contact with him. Before she could object any further the cashier interrupted them to ask for $52 and some change. Tig growled under his breath at the interruption before turning back to the bored little shit who dared interrupt him. “Bag the goods dip shit” he growled as he pulled out his wallet to pay for everything. The douche bag cashier had nervously thrown all the groceries into a couple of bags mixing them up but Tig didn’t care, he grabbed his chance and the bags and gestured to the mystery woman to head out of the store while thinking that if he came across the guy outside of the store he may well give the him a bit of a fright.

Pausing just outside the store he turned to face his mystery woman and put the bags on the ground as she in turn looked up at him through her eye lashes, her cheeks still stained pink. She smiled slightly “Thank you, I really am grateful for your help,. you need to let me pay you back, I mean it might take me a few days to come up with the money but I promise that I will get you what I owe”

Tig couldn’t help but tease her a little “Well you know if you lay off the coffees for a couple of days you might find it easier to afford the groceries” He tried to soften his words with a smile but it was clear almost immediately that she didn’t see the humour in his words

“What! Oh no no, really I don’t spend all my money on coffee, honest. I wouldn’t do that and then expect someone to get my groceries, I swear! Please you have to know that !” tears started to flow from her eyes as her breath seemed to catch in her chest and she attempted to not just full out cry. Tig felt like an ass, damn it that is not what he wanted ! He sucked at dealing with emotional women, What the fuck was he supposed to do now? “Hey doll. come on it’s ok I was only teasing” He crouched slightly to try and make eye contact and reassure her that he was serious. She wouldn’t make eye contact but she did nod her head in acknowledgement. “Tell you what doll how about I take you for a coffee and you can tell me whats got you so down?” Maybe if they went somewhere she was comfortable he could get her to talk some more.

”Umm” She was unsure of going with him, he could tell maybe she wasn’t as oblivious at it had seemed in the store but he could also see that she felt that she owed him for helping her out. One of the things that made him a good SAA was being able to capitalise on weaknesses when he saw them so he pushed just a little harder. “Come on doll - I promise I’m harmless, mostly” That got a smile so he continued “We’re already like friends - so now we’re gonna be friends having coffee. I’m Tig” he held out his hand. Her brown eyes finally met his for longer than a second and he saw her take a deep breath before holding out her small hand “Belle, it’s nice to meet you Tig”