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Sugimoto’s moans are muffled by Shiraishi’s cock, leaking out around the girth of his length after every thrust from his boyfriend. One of Shiraishi’s hands is tangled in Sugimoto’s hair, a clump wrapped tightly around his fingers as he uses it to hold the veteran close to his groin, keeping him from pulling away and catching his breath properly. He’s been forced to huff air through his nose, nostrils flaring with every breath. Shiraishi’s dick isn’t long enough to hit the back of his throat, not even close to choking him—he knows Shiraishi loves that. Knows that he loves being able to work his pleasure out with his partners mouth with abandon, fuck their faces without having to worry, and fuck, Sugimoto’s more than happy to let him. There’s a fair amount of drool plastered around the corners of Sugimoto’s mouth, and some drips down his chin to the mattress below, the rest making every push Shiraishi’s dick makes past his lips sound sinfully wet. 

They weren’t the only wet noises filling the room though, and nor were Sugimoto and Shiraishi the only two men moaning, another distinct voice mixing with their own. On the other end of Sugimoto, Tanigaki’s pounding away at his cunt, the thick, long cock he’d picked for his strap parting Sugimoto’s lips with tremendous ease, skin slapping against Sugimoto’s loudly. They’d been careful to get the smaller man nice and stretched for it, his pussy not used to a dick with the endowment they’d decided to pursue for that night, both of his partners unwilling to accidentally hurt Sugimoto. Shiraishi’s cock wasn’t even half the size of the dildo, the thickness incomparable, and certainly, the length was an almost shocking contrast. It was what Sugimoto had wanted, what he’d been fantasizing about ever since the three of them had sat down and talked about what kinks they were interested in. He’d been half afraid they’d shoot it down, but instead, both men had practically gone rabid at the thought, agreeing so fast and so hard that it’d left Sugimoto a little taken aback.

Both of his partners had started off taking turns fingering Sugimoto at first, before quickly devolving into both pressing their respective digits at the same time, unable to stop themselves from touching him, his cunt too irresistible to stay away. They’d gone wild with it, both managing to squeeze in two fingers each near the end of the preparation, the thickness of Tanigaki’s digits contrasted by the slim, slender ones Shiraishi sported. It’d been difficult for Shiraishi and Tanigaki to stop, especially after they’d worked an orgasm out of Sugimoto, entranced by how his body arched off of the bed as it’d wreaked havoc on his body. He’d probably cried out so loudly that the neighbors heard. It’d only been when Sugimoto had started begging them to fuck him that they’d listened, fingers sliding from his depths and both men feel into position. But even then, after all that preparation, when Tanigaki had started to press the head of his strap against Sugimoto’s pussy, he’d still managed to felt the stretch, gasping loudly and pressing his forehead into the bed.

But, it’d been what he’d wanted. That stretch, that feeling of being deliciously full that he’d been fantasizing about for ages, and finally having that satisfied was… well, orgasmic in its own right.

It’d been a little later that Shiraishi had grabbed his hair tightly, lifting Sugimoto’s head up and presenting his dick for him to suck. Sugimoto had never been happier to open his mouth for the man, just as Tanigaki had started to thrust slowly into him, the larger man’s hands sliding to his hips and then to his ass. They’d been spit roasting him ever since, fucking into Sugimoto from either side, the bed squeaking with every push forward of their hips.

“God, your mouth feels so soft,” Shiraishi groans, giving another strong tug to Sugimoto’s hair to yank him back down on his cock again, the veteran’s scalp complaining from the treatment but his mind practically singing in excitement, “like the most expensive silk.”

“Wish I could feel him around me,” Tanigaki pants from behind Sugimoto, giving his ass a firm squeeze with both hands. His voice is shaky, unsteady in Sugimoto's ears, unhinged by the pleasure, “probably feels so tight right now. So good." 

“At least you can hear how wet he is—it sounds like you’re making the best kind of Mac and Cheese back there.” 

God, if Sugimoto didn’t need his arms to keep himself from falling right now, he’d hit Shiraishi for making a comment like that. 

“He’s gotten so loose, Shiraishi. It’s so hot,” The man groans, giving a hard thrust forward into Sugimoto and grinding the base of the dildo hard against his clit, “I don’t even know how well you’d feel him if you fucked him after me.”

“You think it’d be like that saying, uh… like throwing a hotdog down an elevator shaft?”

“That’s a little much but—” another hard thrust, forcing another moan out from Sugimoto, “—definitely close I think. We’ve opened him up so much.”

“It’s what he wanted.”

Shiraishi looks back down at Sugimoto, grinning as he pants, a sheen of sweat coating his chest. By the way his face pinches at the sides, the veteran knows he’s close—it’s enough to reinvigorate Sugimoto to work his mouth even harder, despite the heavy ache that’s settled in his jaw. He wants to make Shiraishi come, wants to feel his cock in his mouth as at happens. 

“It is, isn't it? Isn’t that right, baby? You wanted to be split open like this, hm? Wanted to feel that stretch, your body loosening up for Tanigaki’s strap with every thrust? Wanted to feel nice and used by us?”

Sugimoto makes a muffled noise as affirmation, gurgling a little around Shiraishi’s cock. He gets a hum of approval from Shiraishi, the grip on his hair relaxing some as his other hand goes to Sugimoto’s cheek, stroking it softly. It stays there for a moment, so soft, so loving—before both of his hands are pulling away to grab the sides of the veteran’s head, grabbing his ears like they’re handles and forcing Sugimoto down on his cock hard. He can feel it pulsing in his mouth before he tastes the semen, and Shiraishi’s hips twitch, head falling back with a low groan as he spills into his boyfriend. 

“Fuck, yeah, that’s the stuff,” he grunts, letting go of one side of Sugimoto’s head and sliding his dick from his mouth, letting the last little spurts of jizz coat Sugimoto’s lips and chin, “you look so good with come on your face. Wish I could have it be like that all the time... though I guess that'd get a bit crusty, huh?”

The veteran’s panting hard, unable to respond as he tries to catch his breath after having to breathe through his nose for the past half hour. His arms finally give out and let his torso slump against the bed, but his ass stays up, Tanigaki still thrusting away behind him. Sugimoto’s second orgasm of the night is rising like a tide in his gut, the rubbing of the toy inside of him driving him wild, and with how hard Tanigaki’s going, he’s just as close. Shiraishi simply flops back to sit on the bed, propping his head up on a hand as his dick softens between his parted thighs, grinning as he watches the other two work towards their peaks. Since Sugimoto’s not being thrust between two men anymore, he can actually actively press back against Tanigaki, meeting him halfway. It has their pace going twice as face, going twice as hard, Sugimoto feeling his senses going absolutely haywire as his edge hastily approaches. It isn't very long until both men are crying out and orgasming, Tanigaki gripping Sugimoto hard enough to leave bruises as his hips shudder and twitch. Sugimoto clenches around the dildo relentlessly, moaning into the mattress with abandon, toes curling and uncurling.

They fall to the bed together seconds later, Tanigaki flopping down next to Sugimoto and wrapping his arms around his middle, both their skin sticky with sweat. Shiraishi’s quick to wiggle down to plaster himself to Sugimoto’s front, pressing a kiss to his neck, jaw, and then his lips, smiling from ear to ear still. Tanigaki’s lips brush the back of his neck, letting them rest there as he squeezes Sugimoto.

The only thing Sugimoto could think of as he started to fade off into unconsciousness was just... god, big dicks were awesome.