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Bumbleby x Night Raid

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“Yang! Blake!”

Ruby’s cries were quickly snatched away by the wind and a maniacally evil laugh.

Yang lay on her stomach, hands clawing at the ground in an attempt to keep herself rooted. Her hair was whipped into a frenzy by the wind, blinding her view as she struggled against it. Blake lay several feet behind her in a similar situation. Her partner’s ears were flat against her head.

Cinder stood over them, a cocky grin on her face. The eye not hidden by her fringe was glowing as the vortex behind them grew and grew. And as it did, so did the pull.

“Yang!” Weiss’ was holding onto their team leader, the only thing rooting them both to the ground was a shining glyph stuttering beneath her feet. It was holding fast but by the way sweat rolled down her forehead, it probably wasn’t going to last too long.

Cinder’s voice was a faded whisper but she heard her as clear as day. “Good luck, you two,” she sneered. “Because you'll be needing it where you're going.”

She snapped a finger and suddenly Yang was in the air. The hold the portal had on her sucked her back. Yang let out a screech against her will, invisible hands tearing her from her world into the swirl of shadow and colour.

Blake’s scream was cut off as she vanished. Yang had only a second to hear both Weiss and Ruby cry her name and then light exploded across her vision and she blacked out.


Blake’s body felt weightless. She felt like there was nothing around her, just her and the whistling in her ears. She couldn't tell which way was up or which way was down. It was so peaceful really…

Blake opened her eyes and felt herself freeze. Everything was a swirling mess of red and black, white streaks mingling with Cinder’s dominant colours. It changed shape, never staying the same and she felt her head spin.

This was bad. This was very bad. She had no idea what Cinder could do or where she was sending them. For all she knew they could end up at the bottom of the ocean. Or hanging over a volcano. Right to their certain doom.  

Gambit Shroud was still in her iron grasp, her fingers seeming locked in place from the shock. Blake thanked Oum. Without it, she didn't know what she'd have done.

The portal was endless and she kept moving through it. Onwards and onwards to her destination. Falling, floating, whatever.

Oh Oum, Ruby and Weiss. They were left alone to face Cinder. Both were powerful in their own right, Ruby with her silver eyes and Weiss with her summoning, but Cinder was a whole new level. Whatever Salem gave her was stronger than anything they'd ever encountered.

Blake prayed for her friends and their safety. She couldn't lose another loved one. The world couldn't be that cruel… could it?


Yang’s voice was the reminder that the universe didn't fully hate her. Blake swivelled her head and caught sight of her friend floating roughly two feet below her. She felt a rush of relief.

“...what's happening?” Yang seemed out of it, the red in her eyes fading to purple as she became more and more confused. “What's this stuff? How are we flying?”

Yang extended a hand and Blake couldn't fight back the clench in her heart when she saw the black and yellow metal beneath her weapon. It had been several years and she still felt the guilt. But she reached out and took it.

Blake pulled her into her, bodies colliding. Lost in this strange vortex, she was reassured to have someone with her. Especially Yang.

Yang, her partner, who was strong, passionate, intelligent and kind. Yang who had believed in her from the start and refused to give up. Yang who had been hurt when she left her and wasn’t afraid to tell it to her. Yang who didn't want to leave her side.

She wouldn't have asked for anyone else to be with her.

Yang gazed at her, eyebrows furrowing as she remembered what happened.

“Look out-!”

Suddenly the light ended and Blake was falling backward through the air. Yang slipped from her grasp and she cried out as she landed on something soft.

“Och! What in the-"

A new voice hit her ears, raspy and indignant at being landed on. And Blake might have felt sorry if she wasn’t so disoriented. The world around her was spinning and being upside down was not helping.


Blake finally managed to right herself but it was so dark that she could barely see, even with her faunus vision. Giant trees grew around them, blocking out any light that could have shone above and the ground was covered in shadows. She tensed.

“Blake! We need to move! There's people here!” Yang's voice reached from somewhere low down.

Blake shoved Gambit Shroud into its place on her back and reached down. Her hand closed around someone's wrist and she pulled them to their feet. Blonde hair, check. Big boobs, check. Muscular, check.

An unfamiliar voice shouted in the darkness. “Run!”

Rapid footsteps echoed across the forest floor as the people fled and Blake took that chance to grab Yang again and drag her away. Yang stumbled but quickly righted her footing and they ran through the forest.

Blake drew Gambit Shroud and slashed branch after branch out of their way. She could hardly see in front of her and was forced to duck and jump several more times than she wanted to.

Whoever they'd crashed into was long gone and using her faunus hearing, were quickly moving in the other direction. Good. Who knows, they may have been nice but she was taking no chances. Not with Cinder still out there and Oum knows how many others.

Their first order of business was to find out where Cinder had spat them out. Knowing her it was probably somewhere on the other side of the planet. Far away from civilisation. And probably deep in Grimm territory.

But they'd run into people. They couldn't be too far from a town or something. Even a village. They just needed to find it and ask them.

Blake swung her head from side to side and realised that the foliage above was lessening. She was able to see better and better with each passing second. She slid Gambit Shroud back into her belt.

“Hey Yang, we should probably-" she turned to look at Yang but stopped dead when she saw her follower. “You're not Yang.”

She was tall and blonde with big boobs but she was not Yang. Her hair was shorter and her clothes much different. Well, if you could call what she was wearing clothes. A strong belt ran around her waist, holding her… very short shorts tight against her luscious thighs.

The woman stopped when she saw her looking and her eyes narrowed. “You're not Akame,” she frowned. Her gaze ran to up to her ears and down to the sword on her back. “But you've got a Teigu… who are you?”

Blake took a step back. “Just passing through. We got… lost.”

The woman’s smile was vicious. “Pretty far out to be just “lost”, sweetie.” And then something happened that made Blake gape.

She transformed. Her hair grew longer, almost exactly how Yang’s was and two yellow cat ears grew from the top of her head. Her hands grew claws, long sharp ones and she took a step forward. Her smile was wide and full of danger.

Blake took one back, her sword in hand now. “Hey… I don't want any trouble.”

The woman grinned, cracking her knuckles as she flicked her ears. “Come on, it's just a little cat fight. Don't you want to play kitty?” And she lunged.


Yang yanked her arm out of the woman’s grasp. “You're not Blake! Get off me!”

The woman spun her heel, face twisting when she saw her. She reached behind her back and suddenly a long glowing sword appeared in her hands. Yang didn’t know what it was but something about it just screamed danger. She readied Ember Celica, slipping back into a fighting stance.

“You aren't Leone,” she said coldly, long hair blowing in the light breeze. “Why are you here?”

“We… I… we're a little turned around.”

The woman’s eyes glowed. They were red. Red like her own when she was angry. “Likely story.” And then quicker than lightning, she jumped and slashed.