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The Sexual Adventures of Marius Pontmercy

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Marius drummed his fingers on the table, his stomach in knots and he seemed almost ready to bolt out the door. It had all been on impulse, he had heard that Madame’s had a sex class. Marius had never known that because he had never been inside Madame’s. And why would he? Marius wouldn’t even know where to start with the shelves of dildos, flavored lube, leather, well, everything.

Still. He had come here because he didn’t want a repeat of the previous Friday night.

Courfeyrac had told Marius that he was going to and quote, “pop his cherry” that night. Despite the seventh-grade statement, Marius had been pretty much hard for the rest of the day. That night, Marius took one look at the completely naked and completely erect Courfeyrac and tensed up and excused himself to the bathroom where he ended up pretending his was sick and should probably head home. Which also didn’t make sense because Marius lived with Courfeyrac. So he ended up on Joly and Bossuet’s couch, recounting the story over a couple of glasses of wine.

Courfeyrac had of course been super fine with it. That had just frustrated Marius, of course Courfeyrac had been fine with it. Courfeyrac was the kindest person Marius knew. Two years earlier, he had invited Marius to live with him after learning that Marius had been sleeping in car for the past two and a half months.

Marius had been welcomed into Courfeyrac’s friend group and now Marius and Courfeyrac were crossing the bridge of, ‘Oh-this-is-more-than-friendship-not-sure-what-to-call-it-but-it’s-something.’ And frankly, it scared Marius a little. His life with his grandfather hadn’t exactly been the warmest person (Marius had the scars to prove it) and Marius only got a very antiquated sex talk and the rest was up to Marius.

For most of his teenage life he figured that he was straight. He had had crushes on girls mostly and it wasn’t until he met Courfeyrac that he realized that he’s probably bi. Marius had only kissed a girl and his hand accidentally brushes against a girl’s butt one time when he was nineteen at a Black Friday sale at Barnes and Noble.

So, to go from living like a nun to suddenly being around Courfeyrac who was very affectionate and also being around Courfeyrac’s friends, especially Jehan who Marius had accidentally seen naked more than once, it was a whole new world and Marius had plunged weathered Converse first into it.

He had spent most of the week avoided Courf’s gaze mostly because he didn’t want to have to admit that he was a virgin. “Marius.” Eponine had said two days prior after she finally asked him why he was so skittish. “One, virginity is a social construct. Two, I hardly doubt Courfeyrac would judge you. I’m sure you’re not the first cherry he’s popped.” She said cutting her blueberry muffin in half.

“I know that, ‘Ponine. It’s just…I’m coming into everything way too late.” Marius said.

Eponine shrugged, “I mean, I didn’t realize I was a lesbian till about two years ago. Trauma does shit to you, man.”

Marius nodded, Eponine had been through enough in her life. Possibly more than she would ever tell Marius. He smiled at her and took a sip from his coffee. “I think I want to learn.” Marius said.


“How to…you know.” Marius said feeling heat rise in his neck.

Eponine’s brown eyes widened and she barked out a laugh, “I’m sorry. I’m not laughing at you. I just—“ She burst into a fit of giggles and fanned her face.

“I appreciate your support.” Marius said taking another sip from his coffee.

Eponine’s giggles died down, “Sorry. I…it’s just you’re so by the book, Marius. You can’t just read a textbook or something like that, you kinda just have to dive in.” She said.

“Dive in.” Marius repeated.

He figured Eponine was right but then on his walk home, he passed by Madame’s and saw the flier for the class and he was decided.

Marius checked his phone again, the class was supposed to have started five minutes ago. Maybe this is a sign. He thought. Maybe I should just go home and just dive in. He thought. He stood up just as the door opened and Marius sank back down as Grantaire came into the room holding a box in one hand and a stack of papers in the other hand.

Grantaire’s green eyes took in the room and when they met Marius’s a smile came onto his face that Marius wasn’t sure he liked the look of. Marius wasn’t sure what to really think of Grantaire, though they inhabited the same circle of friends, he and Grantaire had never really interacted that much. Mostly because for the past year and a half, Marius watched Grantaire and Enjolras go from people who couldn’t stand each other to people who couldn’t live without the other.

Courfeyrac told Marius one night that Enjolras and Grantaire were always bound to be together. “Always at each other’s throat. I figured they’d finally just fucked.” Courfeyrac had added as he cleared away the dishes.

“So,” Grantaire’s voice brought Marius back into the room. “thank you all for coming out. I want everyone to relax, this is a place of no judgment. We are all here to learn and to have a more open relationship with sex. So, I thought today we could start…” He opened the box and pulled out a tan dildo much to the giggles of some of the people in the class. “With oral sex.”

Marius cheeks flushed pink as Grantaire began passing out dildos to every student. He stopped at Marius and handed him a thick peach colored dildo and set it down on his desk. Marius gaped at the silicon toy as Grantaire walked away.

Other students were giggling and miming sucking the dildo as Granraire made his way back to the front. Grantaire picked up his dildo and began pointing out the more sensitive areas of the penis. Everytime he touched an area on the dildo, his eyes seemed to flutter over to Marius. God is it that obvious that I’m a virgin? Marius thought as Grantaire began to pass out the small packets that he had prepared. Grantaire came to Marius’s table and placed his paper down. “Well, crazy running into you here.” Grantaire said.

Marius cleared his throat, “Yeah, just…you know, taking the class.”

There was that smile again, Marius swallowed nervously, Grantaire looked like he wanted to eat him for breakfast. Marius’s cock twitched in his jeans, he had to admit Grantaire was very handsome. After he had started drinking less and working out more, he looked healthier and overall just seemed happier.

To say Marius had a little bit of a crush on Grantaire would be an understatement. Marius had once drunkenly confessed to Courfeyrac that, ‘Grantaire could split me in half’. They had been browsing Enjolras’s Instagram feed after he and Grantaire had taken a weekend trip and Marius had gotten hard at the candid photos of Grantaire on the beach in a pair of green swimsuits that came to mid-thigh.

Even Courfeyrac wolf-whistled, “He looks great.” He had said then swiping to a photo of Enjolras is his standard red swimswuit.

“Damn.” Marius and Courfeyrac chorused.

Courfeyrac refilled their whiskey and cokes, “I’d pay for that sex tape.” He said handing Marius his glass.

“Pay-per-view.” Marius giggled, spilling some of his drink.

That picture of Grantaire flashed into Marius’s head as he looked up at Grantaire. As if reading Marius’s mind, Grantaire brushed his fingers against Marius’s, “Stay after class, let’s talk.” He said. Marius nodded and Grantaire made his way back to the front of the class.

Marius watched Grantaire walk away, at the way his jeans hugged his ass and his cock began to harden. Marius picked up the dildo and rubbed his finger across the underside of the head and he got a sudden mental image of Grantaire, naked, cock flush and erect, gasping softly as Marius’s thumb brushed against that area.

Marius dropped the dildo onto the desk, his cheeks flushing. Marius’s heart thumped in his chest, Enjolras will kill me if I tried anything. I’m not going to homewreck their relationship. Marius thought as Grantaire’s voice faded into the background. Please tell me it’s about something else. Yes, Grantaire is hot but he’s taken and I shouldn’t read into anything he says. Grantaire doesn’t seem like the cheating sort. Should I text Courfeyrac and tell him? What about Enjolras? Wait. Why should I have to break the news? What’re you talking about? They have to find out eventually. Marius turned down to the packet, he flipped over and in bold letters was ‘RIMMING’

Marius looked up and his eyes met Grantaire’s and his cock twitched again and Marius was glad he was sitting at a desk.

The class ended and Marius was warring with the idea of staying. He watched Grantaire chat with some of the students. Marius pulled out his cellphone and pulled up Enjolras’s number.

‘Hey Enjolras, I’m at Grantaire’s sex class and he just propositioned me. I think he did but I just needed you to know that I would never.’

His finger hovered over the ‘Send’ button. He sighed and deleted the message. He was just going to tell Grantaire that any idea he has need to be put down, he is with Enjolras and that’s that.

The door to the room shut and Marius jumped slightly. “Skittish?” Grantaire asked.

“I…I won’t homewreck your relationship with Enjolras.” Marius said standing up and collecting the packet.

Grantaire’s green eyes widened and his eyebrows arched. Suddenly, his curly hair shook as Grantaire doubled over with laughter. Relief washed over Marius and he went over to Grantaire. “I won’t.”

Grantaire’s laughter subsided, “Marius, you’re not homewrecking our relationship. What’re you talking about?”

“I…you kept looking at me during the class and you wanted to see me after.” Marius explained.

“Yeah, you looked nervous and I wanted to make sure you were okay.” Grantaire put his hand on Marius’s shoulder, “Are you?”

Their eyes met, “I’m fine. It’s just…”


“I didn’t think I’d end up here.” Marius said.

“It’s a sex shop not a drug den.”

Marius held up his hands, “I know. I know. It’s just…I feel stupid for even coming.” He said.

Grantaire lowered the hand that had been on Marius’s shoulder and sat down on the desk, patting the empty space next to him. Marius climbed onto the desk. “Why?”

Marius sighed and shook his head, “It’s stupid.” He said.

“Marius. Remember? Judgment free zone.” Grantaire said.

“Okay.” And he explained everything. From the drunken browsing of his and Enjolras’s Instagram, “It’s connected, I promise.” Marius interjected as Grantaire chuckled softly. He continued about how he had had little to no introduction to sex, his discovery of his bisexuality, his nervous encounter with Courfeyrac and just his desire to be more sexually active.

Grantaire nodded as Marius rambled, “Sorry for talking your ear off.” He said.

“You’re fine, Marius. So, you’re a virgin, like one-hundred percent?”

Marius nodded, “Pathetic, right?”

Grantaire shook his head, “Not at all. So was Enjolras when he and I started getting together. Marius, not everyone needs to have sex the second they’re dick gets hard for the first time.”

“I know but it just feels like there’s so much I want to catch up on.”

“Yeah?” Grantaire’s voice had dropped slightly, Marius looked at him and there was a different look in his eyes. “Like what?”

Marius swallowed nervously, “Um…”

Grantaire hand went onto his knee, “Tell me.”

Marius stood up, “Grantaire. You love Enjolras.” He said.

The curly-haired boy shrugged, “Fuck yeah, I do. And he loves me.”


Grantaire’s smile was soft, “Marius, you know Enjolras and I have an open relationship, right?”

“Y-you do?”

Grantaire nodded, “Yeah. Enjolras and Combeferre and Courfeyrac are hooking up almost constantly.” He said. Marius’s eyes widened and Grantaire barked out a laugh, “I guess you didn’t know that. Yeah, me and Prouvaire and Bahorel as well.”

“Wait. And-and you two are okay with that?”

Grantaire ushered Marius down onto the desk, “I love Enjolras with my entire heart. He is someone I could never live without and I want to spend the rest of my life with him and I know he feels the same way. He is a part of my heart as I am his. At the end of the day, we’re coming home to each other and our relationship isn’t ending anytime soon. If Enjolras wants to close up our relationship, I can do that without a second of hesitation. So don’t worry.” He said.

Marius smiled at Grantaire, “That’s really sweet.” He said.

Grantaire chuckled softly, “He’s great.” He stood up, “So, how about you come with me back to my place and we can continue our conversation.” Grantaire said.

Marius nodded, “Sure.”

Marius went to grab his bag and met Grantaire back at the front of the classroom. Grantaire threw an arm around Marius’s shoulder and they made their way out of the classroom.