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Little Angels

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The blue eyes angel landed in the alleyway hands held tight around the angel blade. Dean and Sam had entrusted him to capture the witch and that was what he intended to do. Walking up to the back door of a bakery the angel pushed it open as quietly as possible. He felt as though something was off , but he could not detect what it was.

Once the door was opened he stalked in. The bakery was empty and not a presence was felt. Sighing the angel took out his phone and called one of the few contacts he had. Deans name was shown on the screen and soon the hunter himself answered. From the sounds of it the Hunter was in amidst of something dangerous.

"This better be good Cas." The hunter said, sounds of bullets rang through the background.

The angel looked around," There's no one here." He walked around looking at the display cases and in the shelves, anything that could relate to the witch. "I don't believe that she even went here. I can not find any hex bags or anything of the sort." The angel concluded placing the folder of orders back on the counter.

"Son of a bitch! Why would Balthazar lead us to a dead end." Dean said more to himself than to anyone else. The slamming of a car door and Sams grunts could be heard in the back leading Castiel to believe that they were now in the Impala. "Just bring your feathery ass over here. I'll call Balz later." Castiel nodded despite not appreciating the term "feathery ass".

"I'm on my way." Hanging up Castiel walked out the bakery making his way to his 1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V. Exiting the alleyway he became face to face with a woman. Her hair was dark and her face was painted with scars. The angel blade slid down to his hands as he got ready to fight. The woman smiled," It's all over now." Not giving her threat much thought Castiel jumped to action but was tackled back a force from the side. Collapsing he looked up to see a second woman walk out from the shadows. Castiel's eyebrows knitted together as he gripped the angel blade hard. "There are two of you?" He asked bright blue eyes darting back and forth.

"No." One said walking towards him," There's as many as there needs to be." A quirked eyebrow was met with a force as he was pushed back into a wall. Castiel looked around as at least 5 more women seemed to come out of nowhere.


"Which is the real one?" The Castiel rasped out as his airflow became restricted.

"Shes not here, but lets not worry about her. We came here for you." He knew he couldn't fight all 7 of them, however he found it difficult to teleport. Each women's eyes began to glow as an incantation was said. Castiel felt his powers reduce significantly, his whole body felt like it was compressing. It was a very unpleasant experience. A pain filled scream ripped out his throat as the grace started to deplete he felt his vessel start to change.


"Well, this is awkward." A voice said stopping the chanting as everyone turned to face a new face. Balz was standing with a smirk. "Came at a wrong time huh Castiel?" Castiel was dropped to the floor barely having enough energy to back away from the group. Balz took his stance ready to fight," Don't worry I predicted this, sorry I came in later. Gabriel is on his way. We'll get her." Balz turned to his friend on the floor," Don't worry."

Another dead phone call.

Dean was pacing around in a Motel cursing to himself as Sam sat on the stiff mattress tending to his wounds.

"Where the hell is Cas?" Dean questioned, ending a call as aggressively has he could. Sam winced bandaging up his cut.


"I don't know Dean have you called him?" Dean glared at the younger hunter a scowl ever present.

"Aren't you a smart ass; what do you think I was doing?" Dean said holding up this phone. Sam forced a smile as he stared at the wall," You know what Dean, I'm tired. No-we're tired. Balz led us into a trap and Castiel is no where to be found. Let not forget that Balz goes missing as well." Dean growled throwing his phone on his bed and sitting down angrily.


"I know! I know. The hunter ran a hand down his freckled filled face. "I swear when I see that alcoholic of an angel I'll-" Before he could finish there was a knock on the door.

"Uh, guys?" Hazel eyes matched green ones as the brothers looked at each other. Getting up slowly Dean took a pistol from under his pillow and stalked towards the door. "Dean-o? Samsquatch~" Opening the door there stood a man.


Gabriel had his signature smirk on his face, arms wide open, and a lollipop in his mouth."About time. I swear you Winchesters are the slowest of the slow both physically and mentally." He gave a curt laugh, shaking his head slowly and wiping away a false tear. A wave of relief came over the hunters as they finally calmed down. Dean side stepped to let the angel in however Gabriel remained rooted to his spot.

"Gabe? What are you doing here, you'll think that you'll be on some island with some porn stars or whatnot."Sam said crossing his arms.

"And wheres Cas?" Dean said looking into Gabriel brown eyes. The angel chuckled and scratched the back of his neck," Well about that, I owed a favor to good ole Balz. It's some lame thing a while back when I believed that alcohol was the source of happiness so I got him to get me the most expensive and rarest one, but never mind that!" Gabriel said shaking his head his mop of brown hair shifting with him. Taking a side step Gabe then pointed down. At that moment Sam was at the door, looking at Gabriel and following his finger to the floor.

"What? Is this one of your tricks?" Sam asked. When Gabriel checked the floor he found nothing.

"Shit." He cursed. "Cassie, Balz, come out." This made the Hunters peek interest.

Soon there was the sound of feet, small feet. Before Dean could scream "hurry up" there stood two children. It was odd. One had black hair and blue eyes that stared up to meet Deans glaze. He sported a over-sized button down shirt and in his right hand clutched a old tan tench coat. The other child was blonde and arms crossed. He looked pissed. He was wearing an over-sized gray shirt. They would have been regular children if they didn't have wings. The boy with black hair sported black wings and the other tan. Both Hunters eyes widened.


" that you?" Sam said stepping closer. The little boy adverted his attention to the man. "Hello Sam." Castiel said, his voice higher and neck strained to meet Sams eyes.

"Excuse me." Balz said standing next to Castiel," But I would really appreciate it if you guys get on the case as to way me and Cas are BOTH TODDLERS." The tiny angel stomped his foot, face red. He was having a temper tantrum. Gabriel groaned.


"Balz calm down. You're lucky I have even got you guys here. What if I left you. Two kids with wings-oh how the news would get a crack outta that." Balz glared. Pushing passed the two hunters the blonde child ungraciously climbed on Deans bed. Castiel looked back at his brother," Gabriel despite all we are still angels, not children. And this curse were in, we can't really control our emotions."

"Why haven't you tired anything Gabe?" Sam said finally allowing the angels inside completely. The angel froze midway a nervous smile on his face," I haven't thought of that. Honestly when I arrived and saw them baby-fied I couldn't help myself but to laugh. I teleported them here right after that." Dean eyed Castiel, it was weird for his serious stoic friend to be young. His mature aura was still there but faintly. "How about we try something?" Sam asked pulling a shirt over his head. Gabriel pondered over it then walked over to his brothers.
"Okay boys, my wittle boys~" he grabbed each of their cheeks laughing. "Let's get you out of that body."
It was 5 hours later and Castiel and Balz were on the verge of crying due to frustration.
"Come on!" Dean yelled, not making the situation better, "Try leaving your vessels." Castiel's lip quivered as he shut his eyes shut. He clenched his fist and shook a faint glow of his remaining grace was shown then it died out leaving a breathless Cas.
"It's not working Dean." Sam cut in pushing from the wall and placing a hand on Deans shoulder. Dean groaned.
"We have to think of something or he'll literally be a baby in a trench coat. We can't take him into fights! He can't even fit one hand around an angel blade." Feelings hurt Castiel slid down from the bed and ran away.
Sam lifted a brow as he stared at his brother," I think you hurt his feelings." Gabriel laughed as Balz continued attempting to exit is vessel.
"They're kids you have to treat 'em nicer."


"Why don't you use some tricks or something. Make them grow up with a snap of your fingers." Dean snapped turning is head around to look for the small angel he just yelled at. Despite his snarky remarks he felt bad. He knew that Cas was going through a lot and with little to no control over his emotions...Dean sighed.

"You know, you can be smart Winchester." The archangel said turning to Balz and smiling.


"We'll get you fixed."

It was a snap of his fingers and a bright light enveloped the room it eventually died down to reveal a small Balz.


"Huh I guess it didn't work." Came a gentler and smaller voice. Both Sam and Dean turned to see another child. His wings were bigger and brown and his chubby face sported a frown on his lips. No one said anything but a simple ," Uh oh."