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So maybe they're “stuck in a daydream,

Been this way since eighteen,”

Where Scott can't say

What he feels, and Mitch knows,

But they want to keep themselves safe

From each other.


Scott wants more than he can say with Mitch,

So much that it hurts.

And sometimes,

He'll let it slip.

And he hates the way that it sounds on his tongue.

Because it's been so many years that by now he's begging.

And Mitch comes so close to just giving


But then

He laughs again,

And the moment's over.

And Scott forgets to remember

How Mitch kisses

Like he’s rain on a spring day

And Scott is the thunder,

And he can't help but smile between them


Their lips meld together.

And Scott wants so badly to say you're mine

And don't you ever leave,

But he knows that isn't right,

And he can't.

Sometimes, lying awake at night,

He remembers how Mitch's lips taste,

And how Mitch's scent

Destroys him,

And how when their lips touch, he practically forgets his own name.


He'd like to forget, possibly,

But these memories

Are etched into his brain like writing

On the stone pavement:

"Scott + Mitch = Scömìche".


And maybe they've made it a brand.

Maybe they've told the fans

Too much,


There's more to it than they've let on, more than even they can handle sometimes.
“But why?”


Will we always have to hide?