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My Brilliant Wife

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“So… what do we do now?”

Jake’s voice makes Amy turn away from the window and back at him when he pulls over in an empty street near their precinct. She catches his hands nervously tapping on the steering wheel as he watches her.

“I can walk from here. You wait until I’m inside to come in next – I’ll text you. Otherwise it’ll look too suspicious if you’re at work before I am,” she says matter-of-factly.

She’s had the whole ride from his apartment to the Nine-Nine (with a stop at hers so that she could change from her dress) to think about a plan to avoid being caught after the night they spent together.

“Smort.” Jake agrees with a smile, which makes her smile at him in return.

She keeps staring at him for a moment and, despite her words, she doesn’t move from her seat just yet. Her mind is taking her back to what brought them here and there, in this car.

It’s not like having sex with Jake on the first date came as a true surprise, even with the rule she came up with in the first place. The option definitely came into Amy’s mind as she was going over all the eventual turns their evening could take while getting dressed. And, as they already discussed right after, she doesn’t regret it.

What she didn’t imagine, though, was for him to manage to make her stay in bed longer than she should have the morning after.

He let out an annoyed and sleepy grunt when her first alarm went off and wake them up. He kept her close to his chest as she extended her arm to turn it off, making himself comfortable against her and invading her personal space even more than he already had during the night to prevent her from leaving his side.

She meant to escape his grip on her – she truly did. But his body was warm and his hair was messy and his face was soft and so adorable with his eyes shut and his mouth curled into a smile when he felt she wasn’t moving. Plus her head was slightly hurting from the few drinks they had and she still had two more alarms she could wait for… So she ended up cuddling next to him again with a contented sigh.

She didn’t take into account the fact that she’d have to head back to her apartment before work to change – it was too late when the thought occurred to her mind and she opened her eyes in wild horror.

“I can drive you,” Jake said when she voiced her concerns out loud, his tone hoarse from sleep against the skin of her neck. He then lightly kissed her there; it sent shivers running down her spine and she instantly relaxed at the touch. She turned to look at him, studied this new version of him she was witnessing for the first time – the sight of her colleague (‘boyfriend’) (whatever this was) first thing in the day with his face framed in the morning light coming from the window. A fond smile formed on her features while she brought a hand to his hair and smoothed the undisciplined curls at the top.

“Okay.” She nodded her approval. She could really get used to this new dynamic between the two of them already.

She still left the covers despite his protests this time, put on one of his clean NYPD hoodies and headed to the kitchen to make some coffee under Jake’s staring eyes, who didn’t seem like moving yet until he eventually joined her for breakfast and she disgustingly pouted at his horrible eating habits.

“Well, I’m gonna go now.” Amy eventually clears her throat to force herself back to reality. She unfastens her belt and opens the door, taking a step outside. But before she closes the door behind her and makes her way towards their precinct, she peeks her head inside the car again. She sees as Jake frowns at her with interest; she only hesitates for a moment then starts talking.

“I had a great time last night. You wanna have dinner again tonight? We could go to my place and order takeout.”

Jake’s smile broadens in front of her as he nods at her. “Sure, sounds good.” She can tell he’s trying to remain casual and not let his excitement show too much – just like she does, though can’t retain a smile back at him nor the urge to re-enter the vehicle after one quick look around to make sure they’re alone in the street. She leans over and steals him a quick peck on the lips, already missing the taste of them against hers.

“Perfect. I’ll see you in a minute, Detective,” she playfully says when they part, her gaze stuck on him for another second before she makes her way out for good this time.

(As she walks away from him, Jake watches Amy with a dreamy beam on his face – he still can’t quite believe this is his life right now. That the previous night they shared was real and that he’s going to experience going out with her again in just a few hours because she had a great time (her words) by his side.)