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Toon Wars: A Crossover Series

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"This is Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius, and leader of the Toon Force. This is a recorded message on my findings of the newer worlds." Jimmy addressed as his dog recorded. "They are evolving at an alarming rate, which puts a strain on the war we are in for "relevancy." Luckily, I made a solution to this. I put together a team of heroes from both dimensions, along with my old group of friends. I am putting in the coordinates for our meeting place if anyone wants to join. End Recording." -Jimmy Neutron

"With that boy, Project Toon force had a good start." He pets Goddard who smiles. "But I worry, some of the us might question our decision..."

Opening Dialogue by Ghostdog

You're awesome

Fairy World is under siege by two different armies. One of which is a familiar robot force named, the Toybots, who once captured beings from many different worlds to harvest them for power, and the other an alien menace who could absorb themselves onto people and corrupt them to take control. They have returned and are destroying all that they see and hear left and right. Floods of the Morphoids' ooze rain down from Fairy World's skies to the Earth, forming meteorites containing other Morphoids that corrupt and control the civilians, while the Toybots dismantle much of Dimsdale's monuments. Countless lives, both on Earth and Fairy World, have fallen, and in the mix, our wish making hero, Timmy Turner, runs in a state of panic with his fairies around the Rainbow Bridge, except one. As Timmy and his remaining fairies make their way to safety, multiple Morphoids transform and combine into a shield barrier that circles them. Suddenly, a Toyco airship hovers over them and 8 other Toybots hop out surrounding Timmy.

Timmy: Wanda, I wish for a cool space cannon!

Wanda raising her wand: Already on it, Timmy!

A space cannon poofs into Timmy's hands and he aims at one of the Dannybots, blasting its head completely off with pure plasma! The other Toybots engage and begin to charge at Timmy as his fairies hide behind him and Wanda. Timmy shoots the cannon with a large wave of energy, but just as he destroys his enemies, a Jimmybot behind the broken robots fires a mini laser at Timmy's barrel, blowing up the cannon in his face!

Timmy: This is why we can't have nice things. Wanda, com'on! Turn into a jet or something!

Wanda, as she tries to fly as fast as she can to reach Timmy with Sparky and Poof: I can't unless you say, "I wish" first!


Wanda immediately pulls her wand into the air, but a stray plasma bolt breaks it in half! In the distance, Kappa Mikey, a character from a show from the early 2000's, appears with a wand in his hand.

Timmy: What the?! Who're you?! You're not supposed to be here!

Mikey: I was cancelled, Timmy! Do you know what happened to me when my series was over? I was left with nothing! All my friends, my costume, my home…it's all gone because shows like yours keep taking the spotlight, leaving new ones like mine with no chance to shine! Hey, that rhymes… (puts hand over chin and grins)

Timmy: I uh...don't know who or what you're talking about. But, that's not the answer! You should be fighting crime, not me!

Mikey: Of course I'm fighting crime! I'm fighting YOU!

Mikey shoots the wand at Timmy and manages to get a shot in through his shoulder! Timmy is propelled back into a broken wall and holds his wound.

Wanda: TIMMY!

Mikey comes over with the wand in his hand pointing it at Wanda.

Wanda: You may have broken my wand, but I learned from the best!

Wanda hovers down and dashes at Mikey with the broken wand and hits his knees. He falls and Wanda turns around to look at his back. Wanda spins the wand around and leaps into the air and jets onto Mikey's back with a crippling kick!

Mikey: GAH!

Wanda grabs Mikey's wand and jumps off him again and turn the wand in the shape of Maddie Fenton's Ghost Cannon. The cannon is fired, and Mikey gets caught in the blast, seemingly obliterated but instead left on the ground scorched in ash and in a fetal position. Poof and Sparky hover over to Timmy to see if he's ok.

Mikey: Ooow…

Timmy: Quick! I wish we were in Retroville!

Wanda: I can't do that either! We can only warp to places in our world!

Timmy: Then take us to the Toyco area! There's still a portal there that can send us to Jimmy!

At the old remains of the Toyco. Factory, a large circular portal leading to Retroville is opened, but several numbers of old Toybots are coming in and out of it. Timmy and the rest of his fairies hide in one of the nearest closets and look at the incoming robots.

Sparky: What are we gonna do Timmy? There's too many of them.

Timmy: It'd be much easier if you go through since you guys can fly. I know these Toybots aren't as they used to and they could damage us even if I make a wish.

Wanda: Then think of something that could wipe them clean.

Timmy: How bout I just wish they all disappear.

Wanda: Because the last time we did, they came back in even greater numbers. They are going to and from Retroville after all.

Timmy: Jimmy's probably in danger! I've got to help him! I wish for a sword!

Wanda raises her wand and the star shines. A sword in the shape of a giant wand like Wanda's pops into existence in Jimmy's hand. He slices the closet door in two and rushes with his fairies, who have morphed into small planes. They attack the incoming Toybots and Timmy reaches the portal with his friends behind him.

Timmy: I wish the portal leads to Jimmy's lab!

Mysterious Voice: You're not gonna be making anymore wishes Timmy.

Timmy: GAGH! (Turns around fast)

A tall thin-slightly gothic woman appears in a combat outfit as though she were a spy of some sort. She leaps from a balcony and lands perfectly on her feet in front of Timmy.

Timmy: Tuesday! Boy am I glad to see someone cool for once! Not that Mikey wasn't cool, but-

Tuesday X: I'm not here to help you Timmy.

Timmy: Oh.

Tuesday X: You're in a place that's gone far when it's due. It's time someone put an end to it for the greater good of others.

Timmy: So, uh, you're gonna kill me?

Tuesday X: No. But I am gonna hurt you and your fairies so the Toybots can handle the rest. Nothing personal, but my family's series was short lived. I'm sorry.

Timmy: Me too.

Wanda shoots her wand at Tuesday and knocks her back, but she takes a plasma pistol and shoots it directly at Wanda's stomach, leaving her maimed and blasted into the portal.

Timmy and Sparky: WANDA!

Timmy and his fairies run through the portal and into Retroville while Tuesday X watches in disappointment of her actions. In Jimmy's town, Timmy and co. warp in front of Jimmy's clubhouse instead of his lab, however.

Timmy: Oh no! The wish didn't take us inside! I knew I should've been more specific!

Wanda: Uugh…

Timmy walks over to a damaged Wanda and lifts her.

Timmy: Hang on Wanda. I can wish you back to good health!

Wanda: Haha. Sorry Timmy, but…that was your last wish.

Suddenly, Timmy's fairies fall to the ground weakened and turning grey.

Timmy: Jorgan…

Timmy closes his eyes, expressionless, and shedding a small tear over the loss of his friends, and his world...

End of Chapter 1

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Special Thanks to Ghostdog for helping with the dialogue

"I'm going ghost! Hope this isn't the last time I say that phrase..."

A young adult superhero with the ability to turn from man to ghost, Danny Phantom, floats to his home in the dark town of Amity Park. As the sun sets, the Ghost boy reaches his friends, Tucker and Sam, who he had just recently married after an adventure 10 years ago involving an asteroid that was set to collide with Earth, which they had successfully averted.

Danny: Hey guys! I'm back from fighting Skulker again. And this time he gave us something. He wanted us to have these ghost guns he made in case someone much stronger than us comes by.

Tucker: Cool…

Sam: Yeah, that's uh, that's really something, isn't it?

In confusion, Danny looks at his somewhat unenthusiastic friends.

Danny: What's the matter? Do you already have things like these? I mean, I'm sure Dad or Mom could've built one at some point.

Sam: No Danny. It's just…fighting ghost nowadays, it's starting to get pretty boring again.

Danny: Boring?

Tucker: Yeah. I mean, we've been fighting Desiree, Skulker, Ember, Technus, Johnny, dare I say Box Ghost, and so many more of the same people besides Dan and Vlad. Heck, even they're getting tired of this!

Sam: Don't you think there's someone new out there for us to find other than some generic green slime?

Danny: Well, there were: the Toybots, whom we've shut down and smashed years ago, the Mawgu and his ooze, and the boogery Morphoids. We even took care of the Syndicate, but then Vlad disappeared in space once we got rid of the Disasteroid.

Tucker: We really didn't do much with our friends from those other dimensions, huh?

Danny remarks as they sit in his bedroom: It's been a while since we've seen the others. I mean when was the last time we chat with them without the end of the world coming?

Sam: Y'know, I can't remember. Like, ten years or so?

Tucker: Eh, I guess that's how most of our pals are. I mean remember when we were on Volcano Island like you said? That vortex could have destroyed everyone's worlds for all we know!

Danny: At least we don't have to worry about that ever again. Hopefully, the next time Jimmy or someone or other calls, it won't be about Calamitus, or that one time with Zim, or that once in a lifetime tournament where we fought other people in a slime match. eeeEEEUUugh….! I don't wanna go through that again!

Sam: Speak for yourself. I had to wash my hair for four hours trying to get it out!

Tucker: And my hat turned green. GREEN for God's sake!

An incoming message from Tucker's PDA sounds.


Tucker: What the?!

Sam: That sounds like Jimmy!

Danny: Speak of the devil…

Tucker pulls out his PDA from his pocket and holds it front of Danny and Sam on speaker.

Danny: Hey Jimmy! How's it going? We haven't heard from you in a while!

Jimmy: Not good guys. I need you all to get back to my lab as soon as possible, or else everyone's worlds wil-

Before Jimmy could finish his sentence, a large explosion goes off in his lab and cuts the transmission!

Danny: J-Jimmy?! Jimmy!

Sam: Huh. Not the first time Jimmy called when someone was in trouble.

Tucker hastily trying to get a hold of Jimmy: I-I can't get his signal! That explosion must've cut him off!

Danny: Well, looks like I jinxed us again. We'd better use the Ghost Portal to warp to Jimmy and see if he's safe.

Sam: I'd better get Jazz and the supplies!

Danny: Right! Tucker, prep your PDA and let's roll out!

Tucker: Danny, isn't that last line copyrighted?

Danny: Yeah. And I think we're gonna get sued for it.

Everyone give a thumbs up to the reader while smiling with a ding sound effect for advertising.

End of Chapter 2


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"Goddard's not the only robot with a few new tricks"

After Jimmy Neutron contacted Danny Phantom, he and Tak rush outside the lab to help an injured Wanda. Outside is a horde of Toybots terrorizing the city, while the house and clubhouse above the lab is war-torn but untouched by any of the nearby robots.

Jimmy: Timmy! Where are you?!

Tak: Timmy?!

Timmy, Poof, and Sparky come from behind some bushes on the side of Jimmy's house with Wanda still in Timmy's hands.

Timmy running over: Guys! I'm coming!

Timmy runs over to Jimmy and Tak while they look around for any enemies.

Jimmy checking for damages: Timmy, what happened? An explosion went off out here and a faint signal popped up with you on it!

Timmy: No time to explain! Wanda needs help, fast!

Jimmy and Tak look down at Jimmy's palms seeing Wanda severely damaged from her fight with Tuesday and the other fairies grey from the loss of the Big Wand.

Tak: Oh no…!

Jimmy: I'll see if I can help! Tak, cover us! My sensors are going off!

Tak: Right! There should be a pack of Juju potions in the repair bay!

Jimmy: On it!

Jimmy and the others run back into the lab while Tak slowly walks towards the clubhouse to defend it from any incoming threats. Eventually, they get to the repair bay and use the potions to heal Wanda by having her drink from the vial, instantly healing her. She smiles and gives everyone a thumbs up.

Jimmy: We'll give you some rest, Wanda. (Exits room)

Timmy steps out the door and gives a very concerned look on his face before leaving with Jimmy back to the main lab area to explain everything to him.

Jimmy: So, after all our adventures, Cosmo, Jorgan, and the rest of Fairy World are all gone…? Timmy…I don't know what I can do for you anymore. And all this time I thought they were a computer simulation.

Timmy: Well I told you that cause it's against Da Rules for me to say they're real! And really, you should've known they were real from the very beginning! Haven't you ever seen what Cosmo and Wanda could do?! Better, yet, where were you when those slimey boogers attacked Fairy World?! It took us days to stop that!

Jimmy: …!

Timmy looks pissed at Jimmy but calms down realizing what he said to him.

Timmy apologizing: I-I'm sorry bro. I didn't mean to-

Jimmy: It's ok. I know how you feel about this Timmy, and I'm sorry I wasn't there for you when you needed me. We all are...

Timmy: What happened to you anyway?

Jimmy: Zim and Tak.

Timmy: Who's Zim?

Jimmy: You'll see eventually. For now, we've got some work to do with the Toybots. I've already contacted Danny, but I know it's gonna take him a lot longer to get here than the rest of us.

Timmy: What about Spongebob?

Jimmy: Eh-uh…Normally I would. But, considering the odds are stacked against us by 99.5%, I find it best we don't put him in danger. Anyway, I have another person I want to get on the frontlines.

Timmy: Who? That weird red cat from Toyco?

Jimmy: No! (Looks Disgusted) No... I'm talking about Jenny. You know, that tall teenage android from before? She had blue hair and jets? The one you said had hardly a nose?

Timmy: OH! That lady! I remember her!

Jimmy: We need her helping Tak until Danny and his friends can arrive.

Timmy: Right! But, isn't there anyone else out there who can help?

Jimmy: Not now. But once I get a hold of Jenny, we should be able to call them. I have a hunch Zim may know where to start.


Jimmy: Also, what happened to your buck teeth?

Meanwhile, on Jenny's world, Dr. Noreen writes quickly on a notepad, examining the construction of Jenny's new body in the new automated repair bay at her house. Jenny's asleep, but soon comes back online once her new eyes are installed.

Jenny being reassembled: Mom…Don't you know when to knock first? I'm practically naked back here!

Noreen: XJ-9, you know I'm the one who built you. Of course, I'm fine seeing you stripped of your parts like this! Besides, I need to make sure nothing happens to you and my new repair bay.

Jenny: Why can't the other robots help?

Noreen: I told them to patrol the city in your absence. (Puts finger on chin) Eeexcept for XJ-8. She's too dangerous to be out there.

Jenny: I thought she was stronger than me.

Noreen: Exactly! Too strong and easy to influence! I was fortunate that when I built you I only gave you what was necessary to defend yourself and the people from the likes of the Cluster and other criminals from space and here on Earth. But thanks to these new enhancements, you can become even more powerful AND keep your personality in order! (Turns chair and gloats) I am such a genius!

Jenny: You sure sound like one right now. Kinda like…Jimmy. Remember him? The guy with the big head?

Noreen: There are plenty of men with big heads around here, dear.

Jenny: No, he had a whippy dip. He rescued me when I was shut down and captured during a robot invasion. He had a robot dog, a jetpack, and-

Noreen getting a message on her computer: Yes, yes. I remember now. And as a matter of fact, he just sent a message to my computer. Assuming it's for you to help him once again.

Jenny connecting to the communications feed through the repair bay: Last time he was in danger he went on without me. What could he be calling for this time?

Jimmy connects with Noreen's lab and receives audio of Jenny's transmission.

Jimmy: Jenny? Jenny are you there?

Jenny: I'm here Jimmy. But I'm kinda busy getting my new parts assembled.

Jimmy: Well you might wanna get what you can for the moment. There's been an onslaught on Timmy's world and here in Retroville. This time it has to do with the old Toybots and Morphoids combined!

Jenny: Wait, wait, wait. Didn't you just destroy them? Even I helped to take care of the Toybots when I was captured by them.

Timmy: We did! Or at least we thought we did! You need to hurry and get here quick, or else we don't know wha- (Cuts off transmission)

Jenny losing her transmission: Guys?! (Unhooks right arm from cables)

Noreen: Something's happened to the satellite outside! It better not be Brad's little friend again!

Jenny: I don't think a baseball can hit that hard Mom. But I do know that whatever brought back our old enemies probably isn't anyone we've fought before. Vexus isn't that bad now, and plenty of other villains don't even know what a Toybot is.

Noreen: Then perhaps it's someone else's doing from another world. If you wish to join your friends, then do what you must. It's about time they had you on board again anyway.

Jenny unhooking the rest of her body: Alright!

Noreen pointing at Jenny: But remember!

Jenny getting disgruntled: Oh no. Not the finger. I hate it when you do that.

Noreen: Your new frame is not yet completed. Any major damage and you will fall apart like your father's relationship!

Jenny opening her wingspan: I don't have a Dad!

Noreen: Oh, well, uh…Might as well tell you when you get back. (Presses start button on Jenny's back)

Jenny: No, wait! I wanna hear the rest of the (blasts off extremely fast) stORRRRYYYYYY! (Bashes through ceiling)

Noreen looking at the ceiling: Good heavens! I'm always the one who has to clean up this mess...

End of Chapter 3


Chapter Text

"I call upon the power of juju!"

The Toybots in Retroville converge near Jimmy's lab with even stronger versions of themselves. Meanwhile, Jenny arrives to help fight them with Tak and Timmy.

Jenny: Sorry if I'm late guys. And Timmy, where's your two fairies?

Timmy: Wanda's inside, but Cosmo...well, let's not talk about him.

Tak: What about the other fairies, like Poof and your dog?

Timmy: They're in the lab with Wanda. Plus, the Big Wand was destroyed and drained all their magic away. We couldn't stay there. Luckily, my pals, Chester and AJ, even Tutie are still with me and they're gonna try and help clean up the mess back home. But why are you here?

Tak: My world was still being attacked by Morphoids that needed to be cleaned up from the ol' goo invasion. I took em out, but the Jujus called me and told me you needed me, or else everyone's worlds would be doomed.

Timmy: Stiiiill not sure about all this Juju stuff, buuut, you are the mightiest shaman. I'll believe anything.

Jenny: Heads up! They're coming!

Jimmy on a communicator: Remember guys, we've gotta fend these bots off until reinforcements arrive!

Everyone: RIGHT!

The Toybots get closer towards the house and Goddard joins in with an auto turret equipped to him. He immediately starts shooting at the robots while Jenny flies in the air and shoots them from above. Timmy rushes towards some of them with his new combat wand and slashes at them, but more and more near their location. Tak uses his powers to turn some of the Toybots into chickens, but the chickens seem to carry their murderous programming.

Tak: What the?!

Jimmy on a communicator: It seems the Toybots have improved on keeping their programming even with juju transformations.

Tak: Well, that doesn't matter! I'm not gonna let up! (Charges) YAAAAAA!

Tak smashes a Timmy Bot's head and proceeds to sever a limb of one of the Danny clones, but the Danny clones seem to use intangibility powers as well, preventing Tak from hitting them. Timmy himself has a struggle with the similar Tak clones, as they keep spinning around hitting him against each other's fists. Jenny, on the other hand, keeps shooting from the sky but gets cornered by Toy UFO's. Goddard then tries to shoot them down with the auto turret and Jimmy activates his rocket on auto pilot to remotely control it to stop the ships.

Jimmy: Thank goodness I upgraded that auto piloting system. Now I can control it remotely! Hang on Jenny!

Jimmy shoots the UFOs and Jenny activates her anti aircraft cannons to blow holes in either of the ones coming towards them. Timmy gets a better hold of himself and uses his wand to stab a SpongeBot in the eye, causing it to shoot the other Toybots by accident! Tak uses an animal power to transform into a rhino and bash into multiple Toybots, but eventually the ability runs out of energy and turns him back to normal. Tak then proceeds to fire a barrage of small falling spirit grenades, exploding the robots but failing to secure himself from them. Timmy tries to intervene, only to be cornered again by the TakBots. Luckily, he ducks underneath them and the bots smash into one another and explode!

Timmy: Tak, are you ok?! You look pretty tired.

Tak: Yeah...It's my powers. They haven't been like they used to after the Toybots attacked my world and the Jujus. Same with those boogers years ago.

Timmy: Guess we're all on the same page, huh? (Crushes JimmyBot's head with wand and kicks it) Do you want to sit this one out?

Tak: Nono! I wanna help! I can do this, otherwise I'll have to use my special move!

Timmy: What's that?

Tak: Oh, something I've been working on after Jaboba taught it to me. He said to use it for emergencies only.

Timmy: Tak, look out!

Tak turns behind him and gets slammed to the ground by another cartoon character. It's Fanboy and Kyle Thomason, who used a spell to summon two massive hands to attack Tak.

Timmy: WHAT?! Fanboy?! Did it really have to be you?!

Fanboy: We were going to have a good run Timmy! Kids loved us, but critics kept us from coming back or being remembered, unlike you.

Kyle: Now we're here to keep you other worlds from stealing our chance to shine once more by destroying what's left of them!

Timmy: Not if I can help it!

Kyle summons another massive fist while Fanboy strikes a pose to get ready for combat. Meanwhile, Tak, on the ground tries to get up, but the Toybots surround him and proceed to beat him to death. Goddard helps Tak and Timmy by shooting missiles at Fanboy and Kyle, but Kyle has a force field surrounding them and Fanboyrushes to Goddard with a stick in his hand to try and hit him. Jimmy sees him and has his rocket shoot a missile as him, knocking him away from Goddard and pointing his sights to the rocket.

Jimmy: You stay away from my dog!

Timmy tries to combat Kyle and eventually breaks through his defenses and hits him with his wand, but another spell is summoned in the form of a machine gun. The gun shoots at Timmy, but he dodges it and ducks for cover behind a concrete wall of Jimmy's house. Jenny in the air gets tired and starts to get shot down by more approaching UFOs and Jimmy's rocket starts to take damage as well. Jenny's parts begin to rattle and her systems tell her that anymore hits like that will cause her new frame to come apart. The Toybots who were attacking Tak stop and turn their sights to the clubhouse to break into the lab, but Goddard continues to shoot at them while getting slightly worried about the situation.

Jimmy: No! They're gonna get killed out there! (An alarm goes off) What the?!

Jimmy is suddenly held at gunpoint by Tuesday, who had somehow broken into the lab.

Jimmy: T-Tuesday?! How-how did you get here?!

Tuesday: Shut up Boy Genius! I've got a job to do. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for another portal I found at the old Toyco factory.

Jimmy: Listen, you don't have to do this. We can help each other!

Tuesday: It's too late for me Jimmy! My family is gone because of worlds like yours. When worlds like ours didn't succeed, yours did, throwing us to the wayside! Now You're gonna pay for it.

Jimmy: Not on my watch…!

An auto turret in the lab deploys and shoots at Tuesday who dodges and leaps away!

Jimmy: I've heard enough of this cartoonish nonsense! I'm sorry Tuesday, but you've forced me to do this!

Tuesday: Then if I can't get rid of you, I can at least get rid of your pals.

Tuesday leaps out of the lab's entranceways and breaks through the clubhouse window near Goddard! Goddard shoots at her, but misses and gets shut down by one of her weapons' energy blasts! Fanboy attempts to strike at Timmy while he's still in the corner using his wiggly arms, but is blown up by a stray missile shot by Jimmy's rocket before it falls from the sky and crashes into the street from too much damage. Meanwhile, Tak regains his strength and gets up slowly seeing the chaos around him. Suddenly, he clenches his fists and holds his staff seriously.

Tak: All my friends are dead on my world and now they're gonna die on this one. I have to do something! If I can't save any of us here, the least I can do is stop the Toybots. Only one way for me to do that!

Tak puts both hands onto his staff and raises it into the air, making it float above him and draw power from around it. It begins to glow while Tak himself starts to turn into a starry being of energy. Tuesday and the other Nicktoons soon notice it and look worried over what is about to happen.

Timmy: Tak? What are you doing?

Jenny holding her rattling arm: I-is he?

Tuesday: Gonna blow himself and all of us up?


Jimmy: Yep.

Timmy: Tak, no! Don't do it! There's gotta be another way we can stop this!

Tak: I'm sorry Timmy! But unless someone shows up to help, I'm gotta do it!

Everyone: !

Tak and his staff start to glow brighter, when suddenly, a huge beam of energy smashes into the Toybots! Tak immediately stops his self-destruction and sees what happened. In the distance, Danny floats above the sky with his friends behind him in a Fenton shuttle.


The Fenton shuttle fires on the Toybots and UFOs, dealing massive casualties and saving the heroes from the attack. Tucker gets out of the shuttle when it lands and brings Goddard back online. Danny and Sam continue to fire at the robots while Jazz pilots the ship to fly and destroy the rest of the bots.

Jimmy: Phew! That was a close one.

Tak gets on his knees and looks at the Phantom Team in surprise and smiles. When Kyle tries to destroy them with one of his abilities, Danny quickly sees his attack and deflects it back at him, catching him off guard and blowing him up!

Timmy: Woah!

Tuesday tries to attack, but Sam comes over and kicks her in the back of the head! Tuesday gets knocked away, and leaps out of the area.

Tuesday: This isn't over Nicktoons! I'll be back next time! (Runs away)

Jenny: What'd she call us?

Timmy: I dunno. Something about Jimmy's friend Nick?

Danny checking over to Timmy: You alright Timmy?

Timmy: Yeah. I'm fine, thanks to you.

Sam: Where's Jimmy?

Jimmy: DANNY!

Jimmy runs out of the clubhouse to greet Danny and his pals. He hugs him and gets teary eyed.

Jimmy hugging Danny tightly: Danny! I'm so glad you came!

Danny: Woah! Take it easy Jimbo! You might even be stronger than me! (Hugs him back) Did I miss anything?

Timmy: Well, besides Fanboyand Kyle showing up for revenge, Tuesday trying to assassinate Jimmy, or Tak almost nuking the city so we could stop all this, I think you just made it.

Sam: Tak, what the heck?! Ya trying to kill everyone already?!

Tak shrugging: I dunno. It just felt right. Besides, I didn't know ya'll were comin'. Better late than never.

Jazz: I got rid of the rest of the Toybots Danny!

Danny: Great, that was close...For a minute there, we thought we lost you guys...

Tucker: Yeah, why were the Toybots back?

Tak: No clue. They tried to attack all our worlds again.

Jenny: And that alien slime from before is back too! The least we could do was gather up to take them on again.

Sam: Any theories Jim?

Jimmy: My best guess is that Professor Calamitus had a backup army ready to fight once we shut down the original line of Toybots. But the difference is, these Toybots are much more violent and larger in numbers than the old ones were. But I don't understand why they would be activated now after all these years.

Jazz: You think it's an upgrade?

Danny: To me, it sounds more like a curse. Every time we think we're done, something new always pops up more potent than the last. And this time, it isn't anything to do with ghosts, some old guys stealing energy, or something or other.

Timmy: Well, something DID steal all the magic from the Big Wand earlier and now we've lost all our magic! Plus, I don't get why those Morphoid dudes would be back here if you guys already took care of em!

Danny: Hm…So what could this mean? Does this mean someone took control of the last of em and reactivated the Toybots to attack our worlds?

Vlad: Indeed, Ghost Boy!

Everyone: !

The heroes look up in the sky and see Vlad, Crocker, and Calamitus floating in the sky in a pod.

Calamitus: It seems our new robots had proven to be a success. Now it's up to us to finish the job.

End of Chapter 4

Chapter Text

The Syndicate has arrived with a vengeance against the Nicktoons after their previous plans have failed.

Timmy: Aw, great! It's you again! Cheesehead, Ear-neck, and Short round!

Danny: I should've known you guys would be back!

Jimmy: You're the ones who activated the Toybots?!

Vlad: Yes, Boy Genius.

Crocker: Thanks to Vlad breaking us out of prison after our recent 1600th record...yes, I counted...we retook control of the Toyco Factories and upgraded each of our robots. As well as take care of some extra business with certain "friends" of ours.

Calamitus: And thanks to ChadBot, we also learned about the Morphoid incident and the Mawgu uprising. With this knowledge, we took what remained of the Morphoids and created a new army with them.

Vlad: It wasn't easy, however, young ones. We had to take care of a few obstacles before we could get a hold of the factory.

Danny: You…! Don't tell me you..!

Calamitus: Victory always comes with a price.

Timmy: A price?! Like how those freaks blasted my friends and destroyed Fairy World?!

Crocker: Oh please Turner. You and I both know they don't matter anymore. No one cares about your parents, Vicky, or even me thanks to the ever so perfect student, Chloe. But that's nothing to worry about anymore now that she and that FAIRY shortage are out of the way. ESPECIALLY NOW THAT THERE ISN'T ONE! HAHAHAHA!

Goddard growling: Grrr…! BARK! BARK!

Tucker: Yesterday you wanted to take over the world and prove fairies exist! Today you started a war?!

Jimmy: If you're the ones who did this, then why are all these people from other worlds coming every which way?

Timmy: Earlier, that Kappa dude and Tuesday came and tried to kill me!

Jenny: And Fanboy and Wiz Kid came here for something we don't even know about!

Crocker: Then that means we did it! We had a feeling these people would arrive eventually.

Sam: You mean to say you knew they were coming?

Calamitus: We've traveled to many different worlds from different dimensions to find a certain place Vlad told us about, now given a similar goal. To dethrone the old, or the new, and take back what is theirs to stay, um…

Crocker: Relevant?

Calamitus remembering: Yes! Relevant. (Gets electrocuted) Sorry. Still going through my shock therapy, even to this day.

Timmy: That...almost explains why those people hated us all of a sudden.

Jimmy: But that doesn't quite explain what we did to piss them off and how they knew any of this! Sure, they want to get back on the spotlight, but for what? Who're they trying to impress?!

Sam: And what about that thing you were talking about?

Vlad: Oh, it's a long story. But I'll try to make it easier for your simple minds to process and summarize it for you.

A flashback begins with Vlad damaged from the Disasteroid collision at the end of Phantom Planet.

Vlad Narrating: When the Disasteroid had crashed into me after you somehow saved the Earth, I was found by an ancient alien menace named Globulous Maximus. Who for some reason was renamed, Spongeglob.

Jimmy: We, uh, had a bone to pick with him. Go on.

Vlad: Globulous mentioned something about him visiting your worlds once and could lead me back to them for safety. So I managed to persuade him to send me back to my mansion at Amity Park. Thankfully, my secret lab was still intact despite my move when I became Mayor. But to prevent Globulous from discovering who I truly was, I destroyed him and used my Ghost Portal to meet with a few old friends.

The flashback shows Vlad using his ghost powers to blast Globulous in the eye, instantly killing him and spattering all his ooze all over the walls.

Vlad in the flashback: What? NOOOO! My lovely lab! Oh, butter nuts!

Vlad: And then I broke Calamitus and Crocker out of jail.

Crocker: Afterward, we've traveled around these two dimensions for a few considerable years, and I've gathered troops of the Toybot army to once again take control of Fairy World and Dimsdale, and drain the magic of the Big Wand to supply our armies with enough energy and reinforcements to conquer the entire multiverse!

Calamitus: Fortunately, after our first wave had failed on this end, we have also made friends with another villain from one of my experiences. I'm sure you know him quite well, Neutron.

Jimmy: ?

Calamitus: Anyway, we have to go now. There's an asteroid headed for this planet with your names on it.

Danny: An asteroid?

Jazz: You don't mean…?

Crocker: Consider this an opportunity to save yourselves, children! We'll be watching you.

Jenny and Danny: We're in our twenties!

Vlad: Well then, young adults, we can't wait to see you again. (Wiggles fingers) Tata!

The Syndicate warps away while everyone stands in surprise.

Jimmy: This does not bode well.

Suddenly, the planet begins to have an earthquake and the city starts collapsing! The ground breaks apart and Jenny catches Timmy while Danny uses a Ghost Shield to keep everyone safe!

Timmy: What's happening?!

Danny holding the shield: I don't know! But if it's what I think it is, we'd better hurry! Jazz, bring the ship closer and send us up above the planet!

Jazz: I'm on it Danny!

Jazz brings the Fenton Shuttle over to the heroes and everyone gets in and ascent above the Earth.

End of Chapter 5

Chapter Text

Special Thanks to Ghostdog for Clarification


The Nicktoons ascend above the Earth and Jimmy, Jenny, and Danny get out of the ship with space gear and Goddard to find the incoming threat.

Timmy: You see anything?

Jimmy holding onto Goddard in Flycycle Mode: Nope.

Danny: Look! Over there!

The others look to Danny's direction and see the incoming Disasteroid returning once again to destroy a planet, though much smaller than before.

Jimmy: Puking Pluto!

Sam: It's the Disasteroid!

Tucker: Gee, and you'd think it collide with a planet by now!

Jimmy: Disasteroid?

Danny: It's an asteroid made of pure Ectoranium that almost collided with my world the last time I fought Vlad. I knew I sensed it somewhere! But from the looks of it, it's a bit smaller than it was the last time we saw it.

Jimmy: Maybe it did run into some planets. Or perhaps it burned out overtime.

Jenny: Then we might have a chance at stopping it!

Danny holding boom sticks: Good thing we got these from Skulker.

Jimmy: Right! Let's get there and destroy it before-

Suddenly, a stray missile cuts Jimmy's neck and blows up behind him and the others. He looks forward and next to the Disasteroid is a massive Yokian Cruiser! In it, King Goobot V laughs maniacally with some of his army and toybots.

Goobot: Hello, Jimmy!

Jimmy: WHAT?! King Goobot?! You're here too?!

Danny: You know this guy?

Jimmy: Yes! He's one of my arch enemies from outer space! He once captured all of Retroville's parents and made them his slaves. And the last time I saw him, I left him on prehistoric Earth with Calamitus! I guess when Beautiful Gorgeous and the professor came back, he escaped too.

Goobot: Yes! And now I'm back with a chance to finally beat you! This asteroid is falling straight for your home planet at an alarming rate! Until it crashes, I will see to it that you and your friends are completely eradicated, once and for all! (Points) OPEN FIRE!

The ship starts using ghost machine guns to blast the heroes!

Danny spawns an ectowall try and shield the incoming missiles but gets knocked back by the blasts and almost injuredby a stray bullet. Multiple other bullets hit the ship and him at once despite his intangibility.

Danny: Shoot! These bullets are made of the same material as the Disasteroid!

Jimmy: Then we need to move fast! I'll distract them while you destroy our target!

Jazz: Then you can count on me to back you up! Everyone, prepare to eject!

Tucker: Wait, I'm not down with the whole eject with no space helmets thing!

The hatch to the back of the Fenton Shuttle opens and everyone gets sucked out with the helmets and the cannons flying with them.

Tucker: WAAAAAHH! (Catches and puts on helmet)

The heroes try to get to the Disasteroid while avoid laser blasts from Goobot's ship. Meanwhile, Jazz takes the Fenton Shuttle and uses it to keep Goobot distracted and damage his cruiser's defenses with Jimmy and Goddard. However, the cruiser opens its hatches and unleashes a squadron of flying Toybots and UFOs.

Danny: Are you kidding me?!

Jenny: Nevermind. We'll take care of them the same way you did last time!

Danny: R-right! Let's not lose focus! We've got a job to do!

The Nicktoons reach the Disasteroid and land on it without getting zapped like Vlad did when he tried to destroy it. Along with them are the Toybots and UFOs, coming to attack with additional firepower. A large battle ensues with the Nicktoons trying to find a weak spot on the asteroid while the others continue to defend them against the cruiser.

Danny: Thank goodness this rock's not zapping us like how Dad described it.

Sam: There has to be a weak point somewhere now that it's wearing down!

Tucker: I think I see one, but it's surrounded by more Toybots!


The heroes turn behind them and a large ship appears with Invader Zim and his partner, GIR, piloting it!

Tak: ZIM! (Smiles and does a fist pump)

Timmy: That's Zim?! This day just keeps getting weirder and weirder!


Zim: My world was attacked again by people from some place they call a "Channel!" Now, we've come back to return the favor!

Immediately, two other ships piloted by Dib and Gaz, plus The Massive arrive!

Red Tallest: Why must he always make an entrance?

Purple Tallest: I don't know. At least I know who he gets it from.

Red Tallest: Hey! I'm not the one who told him to shout, "FILTHY HUMANS" to the heavens a second ago!

Dib, who's nearly in his appearance from Dib's Wonderful Life of Doom: Either way, we've got a bone to pick with this egg guy! He did help me prove aliens were real by showing up to Earth, but he also tried to blow up the Earth! I'm sick of having to save it!

Gaz, gritting her teeth and frustrated: He also broke my Gamestation. THAT COST ME FIFTY!

The Zim crew charges at the enemy cruiser and the Disasteroid, blasting the army of Toybots and ships to pieces while the Nicktoons continue to fight and reach the weak point!

Jenny: The hole to the innards of the asteroid is close ahead!

Danny: Great!

Tucker: Let's get there before something else tries to shoot at us!

Tak: I call upon the power of juju!

A lightning bolt strikes Tak's staff and Tak fires it at the Toybots, electrocuting them and making them explode around the weak point!

Tak: Go guys! I'll cover you!

The other Nicktoons nod and get into the hole while Tak shoots at the robots and ships! Zim flies near Jimmy grins devilishly at him.

Jimmy: My man! (Smiles)

The cruiser begins to fall apart from too much damage from the Massive and the Fenton Shuttle.

Goobot: A valiant effort Neutron. But it's a good thing I have my backup plan. Activate the Sponge Genesis!

Jimmy: The Sponge what's it now?

One of the hangars of Goobot's ship opens and a giant, legless, karate gear, Spongebob looking robot hovers out. This is the final boss of Battle for Bikini Bottom, but with a Toyco upgrade and beading red eyes.

Tak: Ok. This fanfiction went from edgy to cringey real quick.

The giant Spongebot yells "KAH-RAH-TAE" and giant letters bigger than the ones from his game appearance emerge from his speakers. They home in on the Massive and explode into it's vital areas. The ship then tilts to its left.

Everyone in the Massive: WOAH! (Ship tilts to right) WOAH! (Ship tilts to left again) WOAH!

Tallest Purple: WHAT'S SHOOTING AT US?!



Tallests: I KNOW!

Both the Tallests hug the soldier and cry in a humorous manner. Dib tries to attack the joints of the Spongebot but the robot swipes his left arm and hits one of his thrusters!

Dib: Uh oh! I'm hit!

Jazz: Don't worry! I've got you!

Jazz brings the Fenton Shuttle over to Dib's and sets it underneath it to keep it afloat. Gaz then gets angry at the robot and shoots it with everything she's got and successfully blows off one of its limbs while smirking when she realizes she got it. Back at the interior of the Disateroid, the Nicktoons reach its core and find a massive glowing orb of pure Ghost Energy.

Sam: There's the core!

Danny: It's made up of some kind of ghost energy like Ectoranium. But it's a bit looser than it's harder outer shell.

Tucker: Then, maybe we can tear it down somehow.

Timmy: I think maybe my wand can take care of it without the ghost what's-it-called shocking me.

Jenny: Here. Use this Ecto-Bomb from the ship.

Timmy takes the Ecto-Bomb and walks carefully to the orb. Everyone begin to sweat in fear that he'll drop it and cause the entire space rock to blow with them in it, but Timmy does the opposite and successfully plants it onto the orb.

Everyone: PHEW!

Timmy sets the bomb to explode ten minutes so they can escape.

Timmy: There! I think I got it!

Danny: How much time do we have left?

Timmy: Ten minutes! That should be enough time to get us out of here!

Sam on her communicator: Jimmy, we've activated the bomb!

Jimmy: Good!

Jazz's ship gets hit with a missile!

Jimmy: Because I think we're gonna need it to fight whatever this thing is!

The Spongebot continues to wreak havoc during the battle. Eventually, though, Zim distracts it and blasts its eye out, exposing its circuitry. Soon, the Nicktoons get out of the hole and run towards Tak

Timmy: Tak, we've gotta move, now!

Tak: Alright! I'm gonna spawn a shield for us to use before we get off this dry rock!

Goobot panics but sees a fine opportunity to strike back one last time. When he sees Tak and the other Nicktoons, he smiles devilishly.

Goobot: Oh? So, the young Shaman boy thinks he can escape from me, eh? Ah! And he has his friends too! (Gets up from his seat) All guns, FIRE AT WILL! (Points to the Disasteroid)

The cruisers main guns point towards the Disasteroid at full power. The Nicktoons don't seem to notice them yet, and the heavy turrets fire at them.

Danny: You might wanna hurry Tak. That Spongebot isn't looking too friendly!

Timmy pointing upward: LOOK OUT!

The missiles come closer towards them and Jimmy soon witnesses them while riding Goddard!

Jimmy: No! NOOO!

Tak suddenly lights up just before the missiles collide with the surface and create a large and loud explosion! Everyone else in the battle gaze at the blast in shock, and as the smoke clears, the shield that Tak had summoned shatters and while the other Nicktoons are ok, Tak is on the ground nearly limp and damaged.

Danny lifting Tak: TAK!

Another series of missiles hit the Disasteroid!

Timmy: Let's get outta here!

Danny holds Tak in his arms and he and the other heroes leap off the Disasteroid and float towards the Fenton Shuttle. They get inside and the countdown for the asteroid's explosion reaches 1 minute.

Tallest Purple: Did they say something about a countdown?

Tallest Red: Sure sounds like it! Full thrusters, to the nearest planet!

Zim: My Tallests are landing! I have to follow them! For it is Zim who they will praise for this mission.

Zim, Dib, and Gaz follow the Massive down to Earth while the Fenton Shuttle does the same. Meanwhile, the countdown ends, and Goobot wonders what will happen next.

Goobot: Well men, it seems our plan has failed. But we were able to keep those other worlders busy so that the Syndicate could finish the start of the coming war. Now, back to our home planet!

A Toybot: Sir, we have lost our thrusters from the attack.

Goobot: Oh. Well, send the Spongebot to push us away from the blast!

A Yokian Soldier: The Spongebot has been deactivated by the alien man.

Goobot: …Oh poop…

The Disasteroid explodes and takes Goobot's cruiser and the Spongebot along with it! The explosion is so massive, it shines bright in the sky as the Nicktoons watch from Earth in Retroland. Jimmy comes over to Tak to try and tend to his wounds.

Jimmy: Hang on Tak. We'll try and help you out.

Tak: …(Smiles) We...had a good run...did we Jim? (Goes limp)

Tak has fallen. The Nicktoons are saddened and rain starts to fall from the clouds in the sky.

Danny: He really was the Mightiest Shaman...

End of Chapter 6

Chapter Text

After the Nicktoons bury Tak back at his homeland, some of them return to their worlds while the others stay behind and look around to think. Timmy stands near the edge of the cliff near Jaboba's hut and looks at the sunset and the beautiful forests. Danny then walks over to him to do the same.

Danny, out of his ghost form: Dang...Today was deep.

Timmy: I still don't get it. I thought we'd be fighting like old times, but I didn't think we'd have to kill anyone. I just...(Crouches down) I just don't know if we can handle something like that again.

Jimmy arrives into the picture with his head down, but slowly lifts himself up.

Jimmy: ...When the Syndicate said they'd be watching us and how they didn't know there were other worlds out there, I kind of assumed that the Disasteroid and the Yokians were just a ruse for something else. Something even my big head doesn't wanna think about.

Timmy: Is there anything we can do to stop it? I mean, we're pretty much screwed at this point! I can't make any wishes anymore since the Big Wand was destroyed, Tak was one of the strongest thanks to his magic and now he's gone, and apparently, all the other worlds we've visited during the whole Toybot invasion and a bunch of other things are all going nuts! We don't even know who to trust anymore with this stuff!

Danny: When we first united to fight crime, we didn't question trust, nor our identities. We just did what we had to, made friends, and finished the job.

Jimmy: I guess at this point, trust won't be an issue. You're either with us, or against us. Gentlemen, I have a proposal! (Puts both arms on Danny and Timmy) We never really had a team name before, so let's just call ourselves…the Nicktoons.

Timmy: Nicktoons?! Where'd you get that name from?

Jimmy: Eh. I was thinking of Nick and all that trivia earlier.

Danny: Hmm…Doesn't quite sound right. How'bout, the Toon Raiders!

Timmy: The Freedom Force?

Suddenly, Jimmy, Danny, and Timmy hatch a brilliant name for the team. A name that stands for all cartoons and unites them against evil. One that will live on, even in times of hopelessness.

Everyone: … THE TOON FORCE!

And so, on this day, the legendary Toon Force was born to end the Toon Wars and restore all dimensions back to peace. But who will join them? What other worlds lie beyond the Nicktoons? What will the Toon Force learn on their adventures? And what will they do to help?

End of Chapter 7


A character of some sort walks forward into an empty park at night. She is a tall, barefoot, and blue cat, but she takes on a humanoid appearance. We don't see her face, but we do see the rainbow button on her shirt, glowing in the moonlight. Who is this character? Will she join the Toon Force?

Chapter Text




"The Artificial Intelligence Program, KAREN, has detected a new world in grave danger. The mighty Toon Force prepare for their first mission to a place outside the borders of their dimension. With their weapons ready for combat, the Nicktoons head off through the Neutron Portal."

Jimmy Neutron: We're in hyperspace now! Only a few more minutes before our first objective!

Danny Phantom: I don't know about this Jimmy. This "Amazing World" is much newer than the ones we've seen, and you said they come from another dimension. Don't you think they may go against us?

Jimmy: Not necessarily. Even some of the newer worlds we've met can be pretty faithful to the older ones. I mean, remember when we met Lincoln Loud? He and his siblings weren't that bad.

Timmy Turner: Yeah, because he was one of us.

Kitty Katswell: Hey, lighten up boys! We shouldn't be doubting them on the spot like that. I remember when I first met you guys and you didn't even say hi!

Timmy: That was because we thought we already met you! Besides, you look like someone from my world! We couldn't help it!

Jenny: At least you didn't have to work with us a few times. I only met the Toon Force cause the Toybots tried to attack my world one day. But just in case you didn't say it already, how did you learn of a Toon War?

Kitty: The HQ was blown up.

Danny: Oh man. What happened?

Kitty: It was an assault. Multiple different people from several other worlds came and attacked the place. There was even an explosion that took out the building, and left small traces of honey along the way. But at least I still have Dudley. He's a good boy.

Jimmy: Hopefully today won't be like that again. Right now, I'm reading multiple signals going off. I'm not sure if we're too late or we're just making it.

Danny: Well, we're definitely gonna find out! (Goes Ghost)

Timmy: Here we go again!

Hyperspace ends and the Toon Force lands safely on the ground near an empty street that was under attack by the Toybots and Syndicate Morphoids. The buildings appear to be more modern than usual, and the houses are blocked off by police cars.

Jimmy: My scanners aren't picking up anything anymore.

Danny: Look at this place. We may be too late.

Timmy: Or maybe the people are in their houses.

Jimmy: Could be. There are police cars barricading the place…and giant doughnuts, with just tasers. (Examines a dead doughnut person) Huh.

Jenny: Hehe. They're perfectly modeled too. Reminds me of how I somehow keep losing depth when I visit Timmy's world. Speaking of which, how come none of us ever get bulgy when we visit your world now, Jimmy?

Jimmy: I'm not sure. And I'd really hate to say it since it defies all science, but based on what's been happening recently, it's safe to assume we've upset the balance of design, what with all these worlds trying to kill us. I think.

Kitty comes towards a nearby house and knocks on the door.

Kitty knocking: Hello?!

Timmy: Anybody home?!

Danny looks around the street and goes intangible into the houses, yet finds no one.

Danny: I don't see anybody. The entire neighborhood is deserted, except for those doughnuts and cars.

Timmy takes a bite out of one.

Timmy: They taste good too!

Jimmy: It's possible these doughnuts were sentient at some point.

Kitty: A sentient doughnut?

Jimmy: Yes! The number of sweets in this area are the same as the number of signals on my scanners.

Jenny: Maybe they were turned into doughnuts. Or worse…

Danny: They were always doughnuts.

Jimmy: Well, at least it's not a living lima bean. (Scans Doughnut Head)

Suddenly, the doughnut opens its eyes and screams



Doughnut: F-find…N…N…

Jimmy holding the man: What is it? Speak to me!

Doughnut: Wa-Watterson… (Dies)

Jenny: I might have leaked some oil.

Kitty: So...that thing really was sentient.

Danny: He said something about a Watterson and that we had to find them.

Jimmy: Well, seeing that there's nobody here, and he's just talking about one guy, whoever this person is sounds important.

Timmy: Does this mean we get to go on another hunt?

Jimmy: Pretty much. But knowing the circumstances we're in, it might not take long to find them.

Kitty: Guess there's no use getting Dudley then. He's likely gonna sniff out another doughnut in a corner somewhere.

Danny: And Zim said the Tallests were aiming for a tour before Goobot showed up, and he decided to bail and give it to them.

Jenny: Well, we'd better make sure we do the best we can. Let's go! (Deploys jets and flies in the air)

Two Hours Later…

Danny opens a closet in a house with bags underneath his eyes.

Danny: We've checked every house, basement, closet, bathroom, restroom, office, backyard, and sewer on this entire block. And there's no sign of Water Guy anywhere!

Timmy: I need to eat!

Kitty scratching her head and licking her arm: I need milk…

Jimmy: Yeah. And I need to go back and feed Goddard.

Meanwhile, Goddard is in Jimmy's lab eating a fire extinguisher foam and some wiring.

Jenny in the air: Still no luck finding the missing person guys. I get the feeling he isn't- (Gets life signals) Jimmy…I think I found the Watterson. I'm sending you the coordinates!

Jimmy: Guys, Jenny's got something!

Timmy jumps in the air: Wohoo!

Danny: Alright! Where is it?

Jimmy: Over to that school! Quick, let's hurry in case something comes up!

The Toon Force rushes over the modern-looking school with colored doors that seem to have been damaged from combat. The name of the school is Elmore Junior High. The heroes keep running through the halls to the second floor where the meet Jenny near the lockers on the side near a classroom.

Jimmy: Good job Jenny! We thought we would never find this guy!

Danny: Is he in this classroom?

Jenny: No. I already checked in there. He's either underneath the floors, or maybe…

Jenny takes the nearest locker and opens it. Everyone looks inside and are instantly shocked at who it is.

Timmy: Um, Mrs. Katswell, is this one of your relatives?

Kitty: Shut up! He looks nothing like me! But he is cute. (Smiles)

A small blue cat emerges from the locker, startled by everyone.

Gumball shyly waving his hand around: Uh...hey..?

Everyone: Daaw…

Gumball: Ok, now I'm terrified!

Jimmy: It's ok little fella. We won't hurt you.

Gumball: That's what everyone else told me and look what happened.

Jimmy: No, really. We're just here to help. Someone told us to come find you when we thought you were in danger.

Gumball: Well I was until I squeezed in this locker. (Takes his head and mushes it back in place from the small locker)

Danny: What happened?

Gumball: I don't know. Something to do with toys and boogers?

Timmy: Yep. That's the Syndicate.

Jimmy: It's a good thing you're alright. The Syndicate is a powerful trio of super villains out to fuel the flames of war!

Gumball: Eh. It's to be expected. My world is already weird as it is and I've crossed over a few times before. I can never grow old for one thing!

Danny: Well, you'd definitely like to meet Spongebob. Heck, he's practically immortal. And it's not out of the ordinary for us to go to another dimension and expect something like this.

Jimmy: Still, if you're a kid, and you're the only one out here who the doughnut police even mentioned, does that mean you've fought the Syndicate's forces too?

Gumball pointing to the locker: I hid in a locker, whippy dip!

Timmy: Maybe someone else did it. The officer never said anything about Watterdude being a kid.

Gumball: Wait, did you say either Watterson, Watterdude, or Thiccboi?

Jimmy: Um...the first one..?

Gumball winking: You've hit the lottery! That's my last name!

Timmy: Oh, well that was easy! Still don't know why that officer mentioned your last name out of every missing person in the neighborhood though.

Gumball: My street's empty..?!

Kitty: Yes. But don't worry kid. We'll find them and stop whoever or whatever took them! And we'll take good care of your adorableness...

Jimmy: For now, welcome to the Toon Force!

Gumball: I don't wanna burst your bubbles, but I'm probably not the one your-

Suddenly a loud bang goes off in the school's gymnasium!

Timmy: What was that?!

Jimmy: That sounded like an explosion!

Suddenly, the floor collapses and the heroes land near the gymnasium where a massive hole is broken into the bleachers and the walls. Vlad has arrived!

Vlad hovering towards everyone: Hello Watterson. You've been a really bad kitty today.

Gumball: What?!

Danny: Vlad! So you're the one behind this!

Vlad: Indeed, my boy. The Syndicate had used their Morphoids and Toybots to capture all the inhabitants of this twisted abomination of a city. Though there are still a few others left to catch. And out of all the resistance we've faced, we've had yet to defeat the so-called "Watterson."

Jimmy and Timmy: This kid?!

Gumball: Me?!

Vlad: Yes! Although I must admit I thought he'd be taller like Crocker had described him. But it can't be helped. You may have defeated the rest of the Syndicate, but you have yet to prove yourself to me! (Spawns Ghost Energy Spheres)

End of Chapter 8

Chapter Text

"After exploring the empty streets of Elmore, the Toon Force eventually come across Gumball Watterson, who was hiding in a locker in his school from the invading Toybots and Morphoids. However, Vlad Plasmius arrives to attack after the other two Syndicate leaders were nearly killed by someone who they believe to be Gumball. As Vlad prepares to fight, the Nicktoons ready themselves for combat."

Vlad: Now that you're all here, I welcome you to your doom!

Vlad tosses his two energy spheres at the Toon Force forcing them to split up. Danny starts blasting ghost beams at the evil half-ghost but Vlad turns intangible and lets them phase through him.

Vlad: GAHAHAHAHA! (Spawns two clones of himself)

The two Vlad clones split up and hunt for the Nicktoons and Gumball. One of them reaches Kitty and Gumball behind the bleachers but Kitty takes her ray gun and shoots him in the stomach, knocking him back! The second clone gets into close combat with Jimmy and Danny throwing punches left and right at a fast pace! Jimmy gets hit in the jaw and Danny catches him before he falls to the ground! Jenny, on the other hand, tries to take on the real Vlad and flies around the gym shooting anti-ghost missiles at him. Vlad gets hit by one of them and falls into a basketball hoop, with the scoreboard giving a point.

Jenny: Sweet!

The Vlad clone against Jimmy and Danny electrocutes them and punches them with ghost fists!

Jimmy: Vlad's really upped his game against us!

Danny: You're right. But not for long! (Takes a deep breath)

Danny uses his ghostly wail against Vlad's clone, and the clone does the same but Danny's power is much stronger than his and knocks the clone into a water fountain on a wall! Water spills out of the pipes and sprinkles on Copy Vlad and the two Nicktoons giving Danny an idea. Danny uses his ice breath to try to freeze the clone, but Vlad uses his ice breath to try to freeze him. Luckily, Jimmy has a freeze ray in handy and shoots him with it, ending the struggle and freezing the copy. Danny then kicks it, causing it to shatter to pieces. Meanwhile, the other clone gets back up and tries to fight Kitty, but Timmy smashes it's face in with his wand. The real Vlad then disintegrates the basketball hoop with his powers still intact.

Vlad: Arrgh…!

Jimmy: You've had your fun Vlad. Now leave!

Vlad: Not yet, Neutron. I can see that you all are much stronger than I had imagined. Especially you, Daniel, after all these years away.

Danny: Thanks. You as well, cheesehead.

Vlad: Although I still don't quite understand why our little friend has not bothered to fight me. Is it because you're weak, boy? Or is it because you're afraid to lose your status? As soon as your friends are eliminated, they'll be nothing left for you to show.

Gumball: Hey! I have some skills too!

Jenny: You do?

Gumball: Yeah! Buuuuut, I think you guys got this considering how you slaughtered all those clones a second ago.

Vlad: I have learned that certain actions you make are in response to a premade script. A puppet. But since you're talking to people outside of your world, I believe it is safe to say that you have nothing.

Vlad suddenly electrifies with ghost energy and raises his hands in a pose similar to a cross, firing a massive wave of energy at everyone and spreading it across the town. The heroes are sent flying outside the gym and onto the school playground where Danny crashes into a slide, Jimmy and Kitty fall on a swing, Timmy lands face first on the ground, and Jenny catches Gumball from his fall. Vlad floats over to them, still in his T-Pose, and triggers another attack with lasers coming from his eyes, zapping Danny and causing an explosion near him.

Vlad: Fortunately, I have plenty of reason to use my abilities thanks to you all being here today. Now that you have seen my power, you have seen your doom!

A distant voice: ROAR!

Vlad: What the?

Vlad is quickly attacked by a glowing orange dragon and swatted into the ground! The dragon lands and uses fire breath against him, but Vlad escapes the flames with his intangibility and tries to shoot at her. The dragon then transforms into a purple wolf and charges at Vlad before turning into a bat to bite him in the neck!

Vlad: AGH!

Vlad tries to swat the bat off but the bat transforms again into the dragon and hits him with her tail, sending him into a fence!

Vlad: Eerr…(Tries to get up)

Vlad falls to his knees and looks at the beast but can't seem to recover fast enough to stop it.

Vlad: I maybe defeated, (smiles) but you'll never be able to find your missing citizens, and the Syndicate. I bid you farewell. HAHAHAHAHA!

Vlad teleports away.

Danny balling his fist: Darn it! Why does he always get the last laugh?!

Kitty: At least we've got some help before it was too late.

Gumball: Penny!

Kitty: Huh?

The shapeshifting dragon shrinks back down to Gumball's height into a humanoid-deer looking being with wings.

Penny: Gumball!

Gumball and Penny run over to each other and hug tightly in relief.

Penny: I thought you were captured along with everyone else!

Gumball: Oh no. I hid in a locker next to Ms. Simian's room. Not a problem.

Jimmy: Gumball, who is this?

Gumball: This is my girlfriend, Penny.

Penny waving shyly: Hi. I saw you guys getting hurt so I came as soon as I could.

Danny: You're a shapeshifter? And I thought the ghosts in my world were pretty strong. You just bodied one of the toughest enemies you'll ever meet!

Timmy: How did you keep from getting captured?

Penny: I turned into a squirrel and hid in a tree when I got here this morning for school. I even tried to stop some of the robots from taking Gumball's siblings away, but I was too late to help them.

Gumball: Are you kidding?! They took Anais and Darwin too?! What about Mom and Dad?

Penny: Your Dad was taken away with my Dad, but I don't know what happened to your Mom. All I know is that she disappeared once the invasion started.

Jimmy: It's possible she may have been taken along with the rest of your family. I'll have to locate them back at the lab with the Dimensional Monitor.

Timmy: But how? We don't have any clue as to where they are.

Danny: Vlad didn't even drop a hint this time, aside from that vague "Scripted Action" line.

Jimmy's communicator gets a message from Plankton.

Plankton: Hey genius! More of those robots are back at the base!

Jimmy: Thanks Plankton! We'll be right there!

Jimmy turns his communicator off.

Jimmy: Agh… Jenny, Danny, can you two stay here and look for anymore survivors? (Opens portal with shrink ray) No reason for all of us to get fighting fatigue already.

Danny: Sure Jim. Be safe, I guess.

As the rest of the group enter through the warp tunnel, Gumball looks back briefly at the grey of his home town from the invasion then turns to where he and the rest are going not knowing where he'll end up. Internally, he doesn't fully trust any of the team just yet but keeps their mission in mind.

Jenny: Well, we'd better get started. Wherever…

Danny: (Sighs) This is gonna be a long day.

End of Chapter 9

Chapter Text



 "The Toon Force split up and return to Retroville to defend the lab again from another wave of Toybots. However, some of the Nicktoons don't seem to trust someone from another channel being with them, especially a newer cartoon. To find the missing citizens of Elmore, our heroes must do all they can to get clues on their whereabouts."


Tucker analyzing the wave of Toybots from Jimmy's computer: You made it! I was beginning to think you wouldn't come back!

Jimmy: Me too. Vlad almost had us killed back there had it not been for this girl. It's a good thing you guys notified us too. We might've just stayed there to scout around.

Plankton: Just doin' my job. But next time, let me in on the action. I didn't come all the way from Bikini Bottom just to get away from Spongebob and not do anything. You're the one who invited me!

Sam with her arms crossed: Who are they?

Jimmy: Everyone, meet Gumball and Penny! They come from an amazing world and they're gonna stay with us for now.

Jazz scratching Gumball's head: Daaw. They're so adorable!

Gumball stepping back and purring: Hehehey now... Leeet's not get too excited. Ok? There's plenty of cuteness to go around.

Manny: Meh. Doesn't look like much to me. I'm supposed to be the cute one.

Timmy: Yeah, but Penny just took out Vlad for us when he was put off guard. And Gumball's probably got something up his sleeve for nextime. You do have cool powers or something, right GB?

Gumball shrugging: Uh... Yeah? I guess.

Maddie Fenton working on a Ghost Cannon: Well, you two are welcomed anytime. And, Jimmy, where's our son?

Jimmy: He and Jenny are still on the planet we came from trying to find any more survivors. We wanted to come here to stop the next wave of Toybots while these two stay here.

Jack Fenton: Oooh! That gives me enough time to test the new Fenton Ray! (Holds up a small ray gun with green ecto energy)

Kitty: Wait, I thought you already had one.

Jack: I did, but Danny borrowed it to fight in that space battle from last time. Luckily, this baby is even better than the one before it! Anyway babe, let's see what she's got!

Maddie: Don't forget the cannon! (Lifts her huge Ghost Cannon)

Jack: YOLO!

Both Jack and Maddie run to the elevator and get outside the clubhouse to fight the Toybots.

Penny: Hehe. They remind me of your parents.

Gumball: Just a bit, but my Dad's a lot fatter. Now all we're missing is a sister, or a talking fish.

Jazz: Oh, Danny's my brother.

Gumball: And there it is! (Smiles) Now all we need is a school with a teacher who hates his/her student who's really the main character of the whole show.

Tucker: He, kinda has that too.

Gumball: What is this? A mirror universe?

Jimmy winking: A neighboring universe. We'd better make sure the Toybots don't get in while I try and find the location of Elmore's civilians.

Jazz: What happened to them?

Jimmy: The Syndicate sent their army of Toybots and Morphoids to hold them hostage somewhere.

Kitty: And the Syndicate want to kill Gumball because they think he fought them earlier.

Tucker: Well you're in luck! There aren't that many Toybots out there like last time, and we've got more people like Danny's parents, Karen, Plankton, even Manny El Tigre!

Manny speaking to Gumball with pride: That's my name!

Karen: Um, I'd hate to cut this short, but there's an army on our front door there waiting for you.

Kitty: Don't worry, Karen! We're on the job! See ya soon, Billy!

Gumball: My name's not-

Everyone: BYE BYE! (Leaves)

Jimmy: ...Well ok then. I guess I'll just find the Syndicate myself.

The other Nicktoons leave and Jimmy gets on his computer and meets Karen while trying to access the map of the dimensions.

Jimmy: Hi Karen. Are you enjoying your time with Vox?

Karen: Yeah. It's good to speak to someone other than Plankton every now and then. Especially to another computer.

Jimmy: Great. Let's see what we've got.

Jimmy clicks the link to the map of three neighboring universes; though the third one is then omitted for not having any threats.

Jimmy: This map should be able to detect any threats in any world in either of these universes thus far. Thankfully, the third one doesn't have the same problems we do, and I think we're better off with one less universe to worry about.

Gumball, Goddard, and Penny walk towards Jimmy and look at his monitor.

Jimmy: So far, nothing except your world and ours have been attacked or otherwise attacking another place. So I should have a much easier time finding our arch enemies. Knowing them, they maybe in our dimension somewhere. Vox, pull up our's and search for any strange activities.

Vox: Right away, Jimmy.

Gumball: You sure talk out loud a lot, huh?

Jimmy: It's true. I like the sound of my own scientific genius. It's my talent!

Goddard rubs against Jimmy's leg.

Jimmy: Hey there Goddard. How's my best friend doing?

Goddard: BARK! (Wags tail)

Jimmy: Good boy! Now, I'd like you to make sure everyone's safe out there until I find the captives.

Goddard: BARK, BARK! (Jets away)

Gumball: That's your dog?!

Jimmy: Uh huh! I made him myself! He's got gadgets like me, brains, and A.I capabilities. Seemed to like you too. The only problem is that sometimes, maaaaybe my brain is too much for my own good. It's practically the reason I ever met all these people because of something I built that one of my enemies, Calamitus, had stolen years ago.

Gumball: So... This whole war you're in is your fault?

Penny: Gumball, don't immediately assume things. You've just met this man.

Gumball: Ok. But you're starting to sound like my Mom...

Jimmy: No no no. Apparently, it would've happened either way, judging by the other villains' goals, as well as the other adventures we've been in before.

Penny: What about everyone else? You said they were going to fight an army.

Jimmy: They'll be fine. Believe me. We've been through a lot together. This is just child's play compared to the threats we've faced. If something does come up that we can't handle, we'll find a way.

Gumball: Then, if this "Toon War" isn't your fault, who's is it? That tall vampire dude we fought before?

Jimmy: You're right! He's one of the members of a Syndicate. Though, how they did it is still baffling. I don't know the motives behind the people they've manipulated, and I don't know what they were told to suddenly go rogue. Almost all these worlds we've visited had great people, even friends. And now we're in a war against them. I just wish I could fix this. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, or next week...or next month-

Vox: I have detected a strange anomaly in Volcano Island.

Jimmy: Oh? W-what is it? Is it the ooze again?

Karen: It looks like something to do with it and the Morphoids.

Jimmy: Morphoids?

Gumball: You mean those orange, slimey thingies with cyclops eyes like Rob or Bobert?

Jimmy: Uh…yeah. Whoever they are. Except, the ones we've been seeing are much more aggressive than the first time we fought. I don't know what they could be doing on Volcano Island. Unless…Vox, can you detect where the Morphoids are coming from?

Vox: The Morphoids are being spawned at the heart of the Volcano near the Mawgu Lair.

Jimmy: The Mawgu… Oh no.

Penny: What is it?

Jimmy: They're coming from the volcano. And enough ooze like that on the island could bring back an entire army of those things! It's no wonder the Syndicate have control over them!

Vox: Multiple Heat Signatures Detected! Three Familiar Signals Discovered Near Mawgu Lair!

Jimmy: The Syndicate…!

Penny fluttering her wings: You've found them!

Jimmy: We gotta get back out there. None of us have been to Volcano Island in years. The last time we were there, the original creator of the Morphoids attacked our worlds in this universe. But now that the Syndicate have control over the lab, there's no telling what they could do to the people.

Jimmy presses the communications button on his keyboard

Jimmy: Everyone, return to base! We have found the Syndicate and we're gonna need everyone we can get! Manny, I want you to stay behind in case someone else tries to attack the base while we're gone! You're the best man we've got for the job! Everyone else, move out!

Penny: What about us? We can help you! Right Gumball?

Gumball with his ears down gulping: ...Yeeeeah. I reeeally don't wanna get beaten to a pulp, so...

Jimmy: Penny, I'm afraid you two will have to stay here. Volcano Island is a very dangerous place. And if what we're hearing is true, we're going to be in serious trouble. But if we need help with anything that you can do, we'll call.

Penny with a pouty face: Ok…

Gumball: Phew..! ...Wait a minute, Penny's a shapeshifter, and she knocked the snot outta Vladimir Plasma earlier!

Jimmy: Yes, but trust me. Even with that, you don't wanna be a part of this. Every time we go there, there's something that goes horribly wrong that even we can't stop at first! Save for the numerous times I tried experimenting with their technology and causing the volcano to erupt…

Gumball: You like to live dangerously, do you?

Jimmy smiling back at Gumball: Yes.

Minutes after Jimmy finds the Syndicate's location, they warp to the teleporter room of the Mawgu Lair filled with tubes at the side of the walls where no one's around to greet them. Below the floor grating is the usual purple ooze flowing into a stream to another area of the volcano quietly setting the mood.

Tucker scanning the area with his glasses: Huh. Nothing.

Jack aiming his cannon every which way: Keep your eyes peeled, kid. Anything could be in a place like this. Just like the ghost and their ol' phasing tricks.

Sam: I just hope the bugs and crab folk are alright. They were a big help to us in the past. (Holds arm) I can't imagine what someone like Vlad would do to them.

Timmy: Well, they should be a lot tougher since the whole Mawgu thing. And we're just in the teleporter room. Maybe they're just fine.

Distant Voice: I beg to differ, Timmothy!

A short black humanoid shaped feline walks over with his arms behind his back while wearing a smug grin.

Timmy lowering his wand: Mr. Blik? What're you doing here?

Mr. Blik: You already know, beaver-kid. (Snaps fingers)

Suddenly, behind the teleporters, multiple other characters circle the Toon Force from every angle. Though few, they include: Omi, Chum Chum, Buhdeuce, Bessie Higgenbottom, Rikochet, The Flea, Truman X, and Tuesday X; all with devious expressions and intent.

Jimmy: Ok. Devious grins, intensive glares, 360 circling motions.

Tucker: Yep. You guys wanna kill us, don't ya?

Truman X: You got that right, bro.

Timmy: Wait, what'd we ever do to you?!

Chum Chum: You don't remember what you did to Fanboy?!

Jimmy and Timmy quickly remember when Fanboy was killed by a missile shot by Jimmy's rocket to save Timmy from him at the start of the Toon Wars in the battle for Retroville.

Timmy and Jimmy gritting their teeth regretfully: ...Oops.

Kitty: Hey, you're that kid who blew up TUFF HQ with that honeybomb, weren't you?! Answer me! I see those badges and bee colors!

Bessie with her arms behind her back while smiling away: Mmmaybe. I hope you liked it. It's homemade from the Honeybees.

Kitty's face quickly turns red and her claws sharpen in rage. Sam puts her hand on Kitty's shoulder to calm her down before the fight.

Sam: Is this some kind of revenge plot?!

Tuesday X: Well I told you I'd be back eventually! Now you're really in for it!

Mr. Blik: That's right. I've got plenty of missiles aimed straight for this room in case you all decide to escape too. Wasn't easy though. I literally had to buy the U.S Military just to get a hold of all this.

Wanda getting concerned: Why?

Omi: Because we're at war. We can't have people like you around anymore when some of us never even had a chance to prove ourselves as much as you did.

Timmy: Well, some of us aren't that famous either, and you don't see us complaining about it! We get to go to SPACE for crying out loud!

Jimmy: And what's with all this "proving" nonsense anyway? What did the Syndicate tell you?

Truman X in a threatening tone: You can take a wild guess! (Takes button and presses it)

Tucker's attack drone in his backpack slices through it and floats into the air, aiming directly at the Nicktoons in Truman's control.

Tucker modifying his PDA controls: Hey! What're you doing?! That's mine! (Dodges Drone Shot)

Truman X: Not anymore. Eat this 90's kid! (Controls Drone)

The drone shoots a missile at Jazz and Tucker, but Jack jumps in front of them and catches it, letting it burn through its fuel.

Jack holding the missile: You kids better go somewhere safe! Or this baby will cook us both! (Tosses missile at Truman)

Tuesday shoots a heat beam from her wrist cannon at the missile before it hits her brother. Sam, Maddie, and Jazz take out their Peeler Suits and start shooting at the rogue group with spinning ecto beams, striking Tuesday away from Truman and Omi. Omi uses a waterbending technique to summon the ooze coming from the tubes below the floor and gush them from the pipelines, showering over everyone! The bursts miss Jimmy and Timmy, but they nearly take The Flea and Rikochet. They are quickly corrupted by the substance and start glowing beading red eyes and jump at some of the heroes. Jimmy blasts The Flea out of the way from one of his heavy blows.

Jimmy against the Flea: Oh. You're a wrestler, right? I know exactly the kind of guy to take you down. Vox, send Manny in through a direct warp!

Manny quickly warps into the room and pulls out his claws, slashing at the Flea and rolling him into Rikochet! Behind him, Gumball and Penny step out the warp gate to heed Jimmy's call.

Penny: Hey! Did you need anything? We heard your call!

Gumball: Yeah! Albeit reluctantly!

Kitty with her sights on Bessie: No. But you can enjoy the show!

Bessie gets a little nervous and tries to throw a smaller honeybomb at someone, but Kitty immediately comes over and kicks her into a control panel, smashing it and causing the lights to flicker and emit sparks of light. Penny hides behind Gumball in a bit of fear while GB keeps watching the brutal fight play out.

Gumball slowly getting out popcorn from his pocket: Aaallrrighty…(Starts eating)

Penny: M-may I have some? (Gets popcorn)

Plankton takes out his mallet and runs over to Chum Chum, who tries throwing random objects from his pockets like an icecream bar and a Mega Tech action figure, yet he keeps missing. Plankton takes his mallet and slams it into Chum's face, blacking him out! His face becomes the size of a pancake with a silly smile on it and falls down.

Plankton looking at his mallet: Tenderized! Hehehe!

Tucker's attack drone keeps shooting rapidly at the heroes, but Tucker finally gets his PDA to follow his commands.

Tucker: Alright! (Aims drone at Truman)

The drone aims at Truman instead of Tucker and overrides his controls, deploying the machine gun barrels.

Truman: Uh oh.

The drone shoots at Truman, but he hides behind several pipelines coming from the floor to the ceiling and gets a shot in on the robot with his stun gun. The drone gets electrocuted and shuts down. It falls in Tucker's hands as he uses it as a turret. He aims it at Omi, who's busy shooting multiple fireballs at everyone. Tucker shoots only one pulse missile at him and successfully hits him while he's distracted, knocking him out and sending him into the corner of the ceiling and land on a generator! On Manny's end, Rikochet tries to body slam Manny, but he misses and Manny extends his arm and grabs him. He throws him at the Flea, but he dodges and Rikochet crashes into a metal door! The Flea rushes in for an attack on Manny, but Tucker fires another missile at him, blowing him away and knocking him out cold!

Manny giving a thumbs up: Thanks!

Tucker: No problem bro!

Mr. Blik: I'd better finish this while the timing's right. (Pushes button) I know this is cheatin a little, but whuddya gonna do?

The person-sized rockets outside the room in a turret aim directly at it and shoot one by one in a set time limit. The first one nearly hits Sam, but her Peeler suit protects her from the explosion. She takes off the damaged armor and blasts Mr. Blik, scooting him into the floor! The missiles still keep shooting, catching Gumball's attention.

Penny: Gumball, those rockets are still shooting at them. We've gotta help!

Gumball: Yeah, but, (In a cute voice) do we have to?

Penny in a cute voice: Yes. Or they'll get themselves killed.

Gumball still being cute: But we might lose an arm and a leg if we step out there.

Penny and GB staring intensely: ...

Gumball snapping out of it: Alright! Ok! I'll do it! Stay here, love. I'll take care of it. (Runs off)

While GB runs towards the rocket launcher to shut it down, Penny transforms to a large bat and helps Jimmy take on Tuesday and Truman, who deploys his jetpack and engages in a mid-air battle with them.

Tuesday shooting in the air at Jimmy: You're going down Jimmy!

Truman flying and pulling out an energy sword: Courtesy of the X's! (Lunges forward)

Jimmy blocks Truman's sword with an saber of his own and clash intensely at each other.

Jimmy: Eer..! Penny! Watch out!

Penny turns around and finds Tuesday about to kick her out of the air, but she turns into a dragon again and smacks her into the ground with her tail! Tuesday tried to get herself up, but Penny turns into a bull and lands on her, crushing her between the surface, seemingly knocking her out! Jimmy and Truman back off from their clash and keep charging into their swipes and lunges, until Truman smashes into Jimmy's left arm and pushes him far back! He turns off jetpack and falls to deploy the Bubblegum Mobile. Jimmy uses his bubble to bounce off the floor and bash into Truman and land on Tuesday, leaving Truman spiraling out of control. He regains his balance and returns to fighting Neutron with a ray gun that pops his bubble. Jimmy came prepared, however, as he still has his jetpack on and jets toward him with his swiss army laser to cut the wiring on Truman's rockets as he passes by.

Truman pushing Jimmy away: Get off my case, Nerdtron! I don't have my sister, but I can still beat you, even without her booty!

Jimmy: Well, I...Huh. (Pauses and speaks quietly) Y'know, that is very fine. (Gets back on topic) But that's besides the point! You've gotta stop all this before you get seriously hurt! Just look what happened to everyone else!

Gumball shuts off the rocket launcher and walks back, but before all the missiles shut down, one of them fires at Jimmy, who's still busy fighting Truman and knocks over GB from the wind blast.

Truman: You don't get it, Jimmy. We'll keep fighting until you and those other worlds are finally put off the spotlight and the better shows that deserve it can stay, st-st-st-st-ssss, s̵̢͇͕̘̬̫͈͊͊̇̍͐̕͜ţ̷̧̰̲̩̓̈́͗͐͊̆̏̐̓̃̈̎̿̕͝ā̶͓̲̮͚̞͇̠̪͚̀̾̈́͜͝y̷̘̟͂̂̐̾̆̃̄ ̴̨̖̻̜̫̗̳̮̅͊͒̅͌͜͝ö̸̡̘̱͕̞̼̭̣̟́̊͂̐̌ͅͅn̴͓̎̿̋̅̎̃͑̕͝ ̴̯͔̬͈̞͈̂̐̍̐͘å̵͖̱̱͙̆̅̊͋ị̴̻͂ͅr̷̝̻͓̣̫̞̥͇̻̣͖͎̩̆̚͝!

Jimmy tilting his head and squinting one eye: Hm..?

The stray rocket comes from behind Jimmy. He hears it and dodges to his side, but as the rocket got closer, it hits Truman and blows him to pieces in a thick cloud of smoke while much of the parts of his gadgets fall to the floor, much to Jimmy's horror! Jimmy lands in disappointment and looks back at Tuesday, but notices she had warped away from her injuries, upset over her brother's death. After all things is said and done, the only one left is Buhdeuce, and he takes out a loaf of bread which he tosses at Kitty only for it to bounce off her breasts and back at him, smacking him in the face and putting him to sleep.

Kitty: I'm tired of this. Where's that Syndicate?!

Jazz: Yeah! We'll show em!

Jimmy: I'm wondering the same thing. We're near the lair. I figured someone would come over by now.

Manny: Well, you deal with that. I'm gonna go back like you wanted with that Vox teleporter.

Jimmy: Thanks for the help Manny. I couldn't have done it any better myself.

Manny: Yeah. Just let me know again if anything comes up. (Warps back to the lab from opened warp tunnel)

Jimmy: Will do!

Timmy coming over to Gumball and patting his back: Hey, nice work with that take down, Penny! And good job with the missile launcher, GB!

Jack: That wasn't too bad at all! It makes the Fenton family proud.

Penny getting shy and flattered: Aaw. Thank you.

Gumball: It was nothin'. I'm sure any of you could've done it without me. Besides, I don't have any flashy moves or anything my Mom has... (Thinks to himself) But, what the heck? You know you love me!

Kitty: Even if you don't have any powers or gadgets, you'd still make a pretty valuable teammate any day!

Jimmy: Absolutely! Anyway, any ideas about the Syndicate and all? My head's not in the right state of being right now.

Timmy: We can split up and check and see if they're in the Summit's peak.

Sam: And some of us can check the Mawgu Lair. At least then we'd have an advantage.

Jimmy: Anything's better when we're in a place like this. We haven't even left the chamber, and already we've had a struggle. (Turns to Gumball and Penny) You two should go while there's still time.

Gumball: After we just saved your butt? No way, whippi dip! I was nervous at first, but that whole thing was nothing like what you said earlier.

Tucker: But all you did was mess with the turret and body slam Tuesday.

Jimmy: Tucker's right, GB. You may have been able to take on our former friends, but out there is a totally different ballgame! Whatever the Syndicate have planned for us could be-

Suddenly, Jimmy gets shot by an explosive ectobeam from behind and falls to the floor down and out in front of everyone!

Gumball: Woah! Take cover! It's a snip- (Gets blasted) AGH! (Falls down and falls asleep)

The heroes get blasted from every angle and fall unconscious, unable to see where the shots keep coming from. Sam and Maddie try their best to shoot the sniper, but they too get knocked out. Penny tries to back off a little from the shots, but she too gets hit by a stray blast! After all the people in the chamber are beaten, Vlad reveals himself with Crocker and take the heroes out of the room, with the exception of Omi, Chum Chum, Buhdeuce, Mr. Blik, Bessie, Rikochet, and the Flea. They are all turned into small fancy statues by Crocker's Fairy Cannon and blown up along with the warp tunnel to Jimmy's lab by Vlad and the multiple clones of himself.

Vlad and his clones: Be careful with that thing, Crocker. We need that for our device in the coming future if the Mawgu fails. And besides, it's already used much of its energy spawning our Toybot clones.

Crocker: Yes, but I always wanted to do that. I haven't used this baby in ages! Thanks to the Big Wand before I destroyed it, I have all the magic in the world in my hands!

Vlad looking at Penny: Come. Let's leave this girl here and take everyone else to the Prison Bay. There's enough ooze here to merit for our next move.

Crocker: Then let's bring Jimmy to the Lair and keep him trapped. That way he can see the destruction of his worlds and friends.


Jenny and Danny continue to search Elmore for any survivors of the Syndicate attack.

Danny flying over to Jenny with a bag of food: Hey, Jenny. Do you have a stomach?

Jenny: That's, an odd question to ask. Yes.

Danny: Oh. Here. I got hungry looking for anyone else. I figured you'd want something.

Jenny getting a slice of pizza: Where'd you get this from?

Danny: A pizza shop down the street. (Eats a slice) Since when did you get a stomach?

Jenny eating: Sometime when I was still in High School. (Swallows) I just really wanted to try human food. But the food in the cafeteria. Oh, no. That's like the shoe soup from Jimmy's school.

Danny: You think that's bad? Try having shrimp puffs!

Suddenly, their communicators start to transmit Jimmy's message, but it's pre recorded.

Jimmy: E-one…We…onna…e..a….! (Transmission ends)

Danny: What was that?

Jenny: I think it was Jimmy. He sounded like he needs our help, but that was just an hour ago.

Danny: He might still need us. (Closes bag) Let's just get out of here and…wait. Do you hear that?

Jenny: What?

Danny: That sound. Listen. (Spawns small burning ecto-balls in palms)

A distant person walks towards the two Nicktoons as the fog clears in the night. It is a tall character who they believe is Gumball again.

Danny closing his ecto-blasts: Oh! H-hey Gumball! I thought you and Penny went back to-

The fog clears and the Gumball looking person turns out to be female, but still resembles the character with the same face. She's in a white suit with a rainbow button on it and wears a stern look on her face.

Danny: Um… Hi ma'am. Sorry for the confusion. We, uh, we thought you were someone else. But it's a good thing you came here!

Jenny: Are you ok? We're trying to find any survivors from the invasion from earlier.

Gumball-looking person: Did you call me Gumball?

Danny: Yes ma'am. We actually have him and one of his friends at our base where it's safe. You know him?

Gumball-looking person: …I'm his mother.

End of Chapter 10

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"Vox and Jimmy Neutron have pinpointed the location of the Syndicate and their captives. However, they are held at the Mawgu Lair, and are using the island's ooze to create more Morphoids. Elsewhere, Danny and Jenny discover the real fighter behind the attack on the Syndicate, the mother of Gumball. The Toon Force warp to Volcano Island after years away since Globs of Doom, but rather than meeting with Shelly, they are met with their old foes once again."

Jimmy awakens in a dark small cell by Mawgu Lair after warping to the island with the other members of the Toon Force. But somehow, the rest of the team are missing and he's all alone in the chamber. Jimmy examines the area and tries to assess the situation.

Jimmy using his communicator: Hey everyone, where are you? I'm in a cell block by the Mawgu Lair and the central ooze vault!

Calamitus: You cannot contact your friends Neutron. At least not in here.

Jimmy looks up and sees the three Syndicate members walking down the steps of the second floor of the chamber. He tries to step forward, but an invisible barrier pushes him back, keeping him standing in one place.

Crocker: So, Jimmy, it seems you're alone this time. And Timmy no longer has his FAIRIES with him!

Jimmy: Yeah, well you already made short work of Fairy World with your Morphoids and Toybots! You used the island's ooze to make more once you killed our friend Spongeglob, did you?

Vlad: Of course. After all, it was the next logical step. All thanks to a vial I used to sample his substance.

Jimmy: He's a giant booger.

Calamitus: Thankfully, neither of us have to live with that thought now that we've used the ooze to make Morphoids from scratch here on the island. And thanks to the Toybots borrowing the same energy, we can send more and more to any world of our choosing!

Jimmy: Why? So you can hurt more people? So you can hurt our own kind?! We're all no different from one another, including the other dimensions!

Vlad puts his hand on Jimmy's head: We KNOW, James. It's the reason we started this war in the first place. We're here because we want to give these worlds a reason to fight. Let them come and destroy you while you're still dealing with us.

Crocker: The more we attack you, the more likely these off-worlders will succeed at killing you and your little friends.

Jimmy: Well you've already got us, creeps! Now what do you want with Gumball and his city's civilians?

Calamitus: Is it not obvious? He and his people are that of the…

Jimmy: Planets? Soap operas?

Crocker: The Massive? Cartoons?

Vlad: The missing link?

Calamitus: Yes! The missing link, which holds the truth of our being. We simply sought for them just as these other worlds are seeking to destroy you.

Crocker: And had we not have done it, they would've eventually tried to do the same!

Jimmy: That's not true. Gumball wouldn't hurt a fly, nor did he even know we existed. I spoke to him and he doesn't even know what link you're talking about. Sure, he's sort of new here, but that doesn't mean he's a bad person. Besides, we'll never know how good he is if we don't give him a chance. (Thinks and looks down) Although, maybe keeping him with us was a mistake in itself...

Vlad: Perhaps boy. But even you forget that someone like him could become what became of the square one.

Jimmy: Huh?

Crocker: Even a character like him can grow up to become an abomination! Soon, he and every other world will learn and finally succeed where others have failed!

Calamitus: A better tomorrow. All thanks to the elimination of the...the…

Jimmy: Old?

Vlad: New?

Crocker: Mediocre?

Calamitus: That one! Yes! That one! I should really get back to my shock therapy...

Jimmy: I'm not sure what you're talking about, but we won't let that happen!

Crocker: We've already made short work of your comrades after stunning them and leaving them in our cells, far from yours. And thanks to a new friend of ours, we've learned who this Gumball character is, and what his people are like. Perfect for a sacrifice if you will.

Jimmy: Sacrifice? For what?!

Vlad: Well, ever since we learned of your adventures and the existence of this island, we knew it was only necessary to bring back one of its own.

Jimmy: Well you can forget it! The Mawgu's still in the Rip Zipper! And you can't just use a sacrifice to bring him back!

Calamitus: Exactly why we've decided to bring these people here today. The sacrifice will provide a demonstration of the Mawgu's newfound might once we release him from the Rip Zipper using Vlad's new portal techniques.

Jimmy: But doing that can rip holes through this dimension itself like the Mawgu once did.

Vlad: Which provides us with a chance to eliminate this wretched world while we escape safely to yours. Since Plankton had officially left the Syndicate, our doors are open to a new acquaintance of ours; particularly from Watterson's world.

Jimmy: Huh. I didn't know he had enemies.

Calamitus: Oh, how I loathe that place! Especially the catboy for attacking us earlier. But when Vlad returned to us, we did learn that there's apparently two of him.

Jimmy: ...That, sorta makes sense.

Calamitus: But now, Jimmy, you will bear witness to your friends' impending doom once we ready the prisoners for the Mawgu's return!

Crocker: With none of your gadgets and FAIRIES in your possession, we are unstoppable! And later, we will make sure you are left to rot on the remains of FAIRY WORLD!

Vlad: Please, stop that.

Crocker: Sorry. I'm still on taking medications for it.

Jimmy: Actually, I'm not quite out of gadgets. In fact, he's my greatest creation yet! Goddard!

Goddard suddenly smashes right through the walls behind the Syndicate and plays dead via self destruct, destroying the cell doors and knocking the villains down! When Goddard regenerates magnetically, he converts himself into a flycycle and let's Jimmy before immediately jetting past the Syndicate to the end of the hall where Morphoid troops remain on guard. They start shooting the island's ooze from the vaults at the two, but Jimmy Goddard ejects Jimmy's backpack from his head and activates an Exo Shield, deflecting all the bolts and shooting them back at the soldiers!

Jimmy: Faster boy! The Syndicate are planning on bringing back the Mawgu and using Elmore's citizens as a sacrifice!

Goddard: ! (Boosts faster)

Jimmy: First thing's first, if we can get to the Mawgu Lair, we may be able to rewire the warp drive so we can send the people back to their dimension. Then we'll have to stop the Syndicate from opening the Rip Zipper.

Goddard: BARK!

Jimmy: Don't worry! I'm looking behind me! Just keep flying!

Jimmy and Goddard continue their journey while the Syndicate recover and simply brush themselves off.

Vlad: You know, maybe we shouldn't be gloating our plans to the Boy Genius like always…

Crocker: Yes, but he's already too late anyway. Do you want to do the thing?

Vlad: Why I would be delighted. Prepare the Toybots for combat.

Meanwhile at Jimmy's Lab

Danny and Jenny converse with Nicole and her friend Yuki to learn what happened back at Elmore.

Danny: Ok, so let me get this straight. You are the mother of Gumball and the person Vlad thought was him, because, honestly, you two look pretty similar.

Nicole: Yes. Yuki and I had tried to fight these toys and monsters to protect our kids, but we were too late to keep them from getting captured. When we found the Syndicate, I attacked them to get answers, but they escaped before I could get any from them.

Jenny: Yeah, they're apparently very afraid of you and Vlad's the only one who doesn't know you're the real fighter.

Yuki: Her son does have her genes though.

Nicole: Hey, I know he looks like me but don't rub it in!

Yuki: No. I meant he has potential but doesn't know it quite yet. When we fought with each other before, I could see the power in your son's eyes, just as I've seen it in yours. Perhaps, maybe this Vlad had underestimated him and your family.

Danny: I just feel bad for him and Penny now. These villains are our problem, and we ended up dragging those kids into this mess..! We're sorry Ms. Watterson.

Nicole: It's ok. I'm just glad you kept them safe. But do you know where the rest of Elmore is?

Karen: They just left to visit the Mawgu Lair, but they haven't come back yet, besides Manny. I get the feeling they need you guys again.

Danny: Hm…I would say to go through the portal normally, but it just doesn't seem right.

Jenny: It maybe a trap to send us elsewhere instead of the lair.

Danny: Good point. If they haven't replied this long, they may be in trouble. Hey, Vox, can you scan the island and make sure nothing's wrong with the teleporter there?

Vox: Several signs detect numerous hacking attempts to redirect users to specific destinations.

Nicole: Like what?

Vox: The prison sector.

Danny: Prison sector? I didn't even know there was one before. Guess the villagers really upgraded this time.

Jenny: If our friends are caught in prison, we should probably get back to the Mawgu Lair and see if we can help them.

Danny: Hey, yeah! Then we can catch the Syndicate by surprise and set the prisoners free!

Nicole: Then what are we waiting for?

Nicole suddenly transforms into an anime style form of herself with an aura shining around her. The desk near everyone flips over and Danny's hair gets blown back.

Nicole: Let's do this!

Danny scratching his hair back: Woah... Ma'am, I don't think flashiness always equals better.

End of Chapter 11




"The Nicktoons have been captured by the Syndicate, but Jenny, Danny, and the recently recruited Nicole and Yuki are on their way to save them. Rumor has it that Gumball himself has a hidden potential within him thanks to the genes of his mother. With the Toon Force divided at Volcano Island, the Syndicate prepares to free the Mawgu from the Rip Zipper and sacrifice the citizens of Elmore to him."

Gumball sits in his cell alone, unable to talk to anyone, giving him enough time to think to himself.

Gumball: This sucks! I should be on a crazy subtle moral adventure, not a pointless crossover!

Rob: You can say that again Gumball.

Gumball: What the?!

Rob walks towards Gumball's cell with a new outfit like Vlad's.

Rob: I see you're not so tough anymore without your brother, are ya?

Gumball: Wait a minute, you're still Dr. Wrecker? Even after all that's happened back home?

Rob: Dr. Wrecker was my slave name. I am Plasmius 2! Heir to Vlad Plasmius, and destroyer of worlds!

Gumball in disappointment: Aaw. I liked Dr. Wrecker better. (Sniffles) But you're still my baby...

Rob: Silence! I have a few things to say to you before I leave. You needn't worry about your family, because soon you'll go down with them too! The only problem is, we still cannot find your mother, but I'm sure once we do she'll be just the same as everyone else. Distorted and fearful like the rest of them!

Gumball: Well, you're a glitchy version of yourself from school. I still can't look at you without feeling for you. Why else do you think Darwin and I helped you a while back?

Rob: You…caring about me still? Hmp! Don't make me laugh! I know I saved your life once, but that was only so I could keep our rivalry going until tonight. I knew eventually I'd meet my purpose, and that is to destroy you once and for all!

Gumball: Gosh, I miss hearing you say that.

Rob: Oh yeah. I liked it. But it doesn't matter anymore! Had the Syndicate never visited our world, I would likely let you off the hook like every other episode, but THIS is where it all ends!

Gumball: And what's stopping the Syndicate from betraying you? I mean, you're working with a dead man, a bald man, (removes and places ears on neck) and a guy with his ears attached to his neck!

Rob: Why would they? They know I was the one who told them about Elmore before they attacked. And they know I was the one who told them about you, and how much the world would be nothing without its star. It's the ultimate plan! And besides, unlike your family, everyone else is a complete mess of a society! You have 3d, 2d, paper, robots….and then there's me. A shallow, broken shell of a man. But you have something I don't. You have a life and people who recognize you, even beyond the reaches of our dimension! It's part of the reason this Toon War had started in the first place, because these cartoons want their chance to be heard again! And that is why I intend to-

Gumball sleeping: Zzzzzzz…..

Rob: Fine! Be that way! But you'll surely be sorry once I take Penny as my queen and watch your world burn! (Smiles) Hahaha…

Rob walks out of the hall while Gumball still sleeps from him talking too much. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Goddard make their way to the Mawgu Lair and blast through security with their speed and Goddard's laser cannons! The turret probes in the chamber activate and aim at them with Jimmy already by the control switch trying to deactivate them.

Jimmy: Darn! Calamitous must've overwritten the lair's security measures! (Pulls out Flash Drive from Pocket) Good thing I have my trusty backup disk for Vox!

Jimmy inserts the flash drive in the Lair's Main Computer and automatically overwrites the controls, deactivating the turrets before they could fully charge and shoot the two.

Jimmy: Phew..! That's one sigh of relief I'll gladly take any day! (Pets Goddard's head) Thanks for saving me back there, boy! Glad I set the teleporter to warp you only minutes after the fight we experienced. Now, how do we send everyone back to safety? Even with Vox installed, I can't connect to all the portals at once! And the Ooze Vault's already supplying enough power for the Syndicate!

Suddenly, the warp gate connecting to Jimmy's world opens beside him and Goddard, and Danny, Jenny, and two others arrive.

Jimmy: Guys! You came, and you brought Gumball…complete with a change of depth and art style...

Nicole: My son looks identical to me. I am his mother, Nicole.

Yuki: And I am her friend/rival/coworker/butt buddy, Yuki.

Jimmy: Oh. Well, that explains a lot.

Danny: We found them…or, rather they found us back at Elmore when we were scouting around.

Jenny: It's a good thing you told us to stay there Jim. These guys were the ones who fought the Syndicate and their army before the civilians were captured.

Jimmy: You two can fight?

Yuki: Trust me, you would not want to mess with us both.

Danny: Gums may too have the potential to fight like Nicole and Penny did. But then again, he doesn't seem like he's had any enemies before, or at least none that we've heard of.

Jimmy: The Syndicate recruited a new member from GB's world now. (Turns to Vox and types) And from what Vox could gather from the computer here, it says that this, Dr. Wrecker, was an arch enemy of Gumball himself who knows more about the world than we could comprehend!

Nicole: Now why didn't he tell me about him? (Palms fists) I could've sorted this out years ago!

Jimmy: Well, it also says he did help him once to become a supervillain. Didn't really think he'd be a competent one I guess. I know cause I did the same thing once with Timmy when we made Shirley.

Danny: It may be like that rivalry you and Yuki once…Wait. Who the heck is Shirley?

Jimmy: No time for that now. The Syndicate has everyone hostage and they're planning on using Elmore's people as sacrifice for when they open the Rip Zipper and bring back the Mawgu! (Opens computer hatch) But first, I'm going to try and send everyone back to Elmore by rewiring the warp drive so those from your world in the other cell block can teleport back safely! (Starts changing the circuitry with Goddard)

Jenny: What about the rest of the team?

Jimmy: We'll have to go back down there and set them free. The warp drive barely has enough power for a couple extra people, so I'm going to send the citizens away first so we can deal with the rest later.

Nicole: Wait, who's this Mawgu guy?

Danny: Oh him? He's this interdimensional being who threatened to conquer the universe by stealing energy from all our worlds. And by that, I mean break everything down to pieces.

Jimmy: Vox can only teleport a few people people at a time like with us. While the program's running, we'd better get to the cell block with all our pals!

Jenny: Oh! Finally! Some action. Lead the way!

Meanwhile, back at the Summit's peak, Rob meets the other Syndicate members and looks at the morphoid pit below while looking a bit curious and concerned. Next to him, Vlad appears with his usual evil grin and his arms crossed.

Vlad: Why did you do it?

Rob: I'm sorry?

Vlad: I can only imagine why you would recommend us capturing a majority of Elmore's citizens to use as bait for our enemies, but why do you insist on destroying Gumball?

Rob: He forgot me. He along with all of Elmore constantly forget my name, HE is the one who made me this way by leaving me in the Void.

Crocker walking over: You got off easy, child. I have to live with the fact that FAIRIES exist. And the only one who once stood in my way was TIMMY TURNER!

Calamitus: Crocker...

Crocker: Sorry. I still can't help it.

Vlad: You were not the only one made into a villain, dear boy. Take me for example. I still loathe the Fenton name with a burning passion. But thanks to our recent efforts, I now have the chance to be rid of them. But first, we're going to make them suffer.

Rob: What about Gumball?

Calamitus: That is up to you, Rob. Whether you are willing to eliminate him and end your rivalry, or keep him alive to make him suffer further is your decision.


Vlad: But, either one works. Perhaps you want to continue your feud. Or prove just how much of a threat you really are. (Steps away)

Vlad steps near the edge of the Summit Peak and raises his hands.

Vlad: Either way, this is where it all ends.

Vlad shoots a beam at a large distance away from him above the pit to open the Rip Zipper again. However, Rod finds himself both impressed, yet unsettled. He wonders whether he truly wants to kill Gumball or not, and if he does, what will he be left with.

End of Chapter 12


Chapter Text

Jimmy, Danny, Nicole, Jenny, and Yuki run through the halls of the Mawgu Lair to reach the Prison Sector where the Toon Force is held. Before they enter the next hall, they hide behind its doors before the Toybots and Morphoids could see them.

Danny: Shoot! It's those Toybots again! And the Morphoids look even stronger than before! Any ideas Jimmy?

Jimmy: I could try to use my freeze ray, but I don't have enough power to get all of them. Not since our battle with Vlad.

Nicole: These monsters look pretty tough, but not nearly as tough as us. Something tells me they'll break more easily than we realize.

Nicole and Yuki step forward and do a sprint down the hall, getting noticed by the Toybots and Morphoids who then try to shoot at them with ooze bolts. But the amazing duo seems resistant from the blasts and deflects them back at the soldiers before leaping in the air and smashing their faces in! Jimmy and Danny watch in awe as two characters from another channel have totaled some of their enemies.

Jenny: Wow! That's amazing!

Nicole: Don't just sit there and watch! Get your pals!

Jimmy: R-right! (Aims freeze ray at cells)

Jimmy freezes the cell doors and Jenny and Danny bust them down with a swift kick! Quickly, Sam springs out of her cell in a crane pose and starts attacking some of the Morphoids with Nicole and Yuki using the cannon of her peeler suit and a series of kicks!

Sam: You new here? (Shoots Morphoid through the eye)

Yuki: Of course. (Kicks Morphoid into another)

Danny rolls over to Sam and blasts a soldier out of the way from her blind spot!

Danny: Sorry we're late, but it's a good thing we stayed back at Elmore, or else we wouldn't have found these guys. (Trips Morphoid)

Jimmy: Yeah, I…I think you two would be perfect for the Toon Force.

Yuki: Don't say that yet kid. We've still got work to do.

Nicole: Yes. And I'm not sure if we'd really want to since these are your enemies.

Jenny: I can understand that, but I've fought someone from another dimension like you did too. It became my problem when they tried to kill me and destroy my home town. What's to say they won't come back?

Nicole: ….?

Timmy locked in a cell with electric bars: Uh, guys. Aren't you gonna rescue me?

Danny: O-oh, sorry Timmy.

Danny fires a beam at the nearest control switch, freeing all the prisoners in the hall.

Jimmy: Good! Everyone's here! Are you guys alright?

Plankton: Yeah…I'm still not used to the whole Mawgu thing though. (Stretches)

Shelly suddenly appears from another cell with Tucker and Jazz.

Shelly: Neither am I son. It's been years since we've seen him.

Jimmy and Danny: Shelly! (Speed walks over to him)

Jimmy hugging Shelly: Shelly, we're so happy to see you! We thought you died when the Syndicate returned!

Shelly: Nah. They probably got me confused with somebody else. Besides, there's a lot of old crabs out here these days. I just happen to be the oldest. Got a few good years left in me anyway.

Danny: Well, it's a good thing you didn't end up the way some of our friends did. The Syndicate's using the island's ooze to create a new army of Morphoids and send them to war.

Shelly: Hm…Sounds like something we can't handle by ourselves like always.

Jimmy: That's not even the worst part. Right now, Vlad is going to open a gate to the Rip Zipper to bring the Mawgu back and sacrifice the citizens of this other world to him to test his new power once they upgrade him with the Morphoids' power.

Shelly: ...That ain't good.

Kitty: Not one bit. We need to stop them somehow. But the Syndicate's army is still out there with them.

Nicole: …..(Looks concerned) I don't know too much about this Syndicate…but I think I can distract their men while you handle the big guns.

Jimmy: Nicole, I understand you're powerful and all, but are you sure you want to do this?

Nicole: If it means stopping this Mawgu thing and saving our planets, then yes!

Yuki: Then I'm going with you. It wouldn't be a battle without a good friend by your side.

Nicole: (Smiles)

Jimmy: Then you know what to do. You guys can do this. I know you can!

Timmy: And you can count on us to get your son back!

Danny immediately realizes something important about that.

Danny: Oh shoot! Gumball! I'm not sure if he's escaped or not!

Jimmy: And Vox is still sending people away! Goddard, Plankton, Tucker, you guys get to the control panel in the Mawgu Lair and make sure everyone's been beamed away! We'll take care of the rest!

Tucker: But, we've never used the lair's computer before.

Plankton: Relax. I had to use that doohickey once. I can do it again! After all, I WENT TO COLLEGE!

Danny: …Oh, ok. Well, the rest of us will just go and try and stop the Syndicate. Which reminds me, why did you leave them Plankton?

Plankton: I didn't want to have to clean their mess after we already did that the last time those alien boogers showed up. Plus, I…I kind of enjoyed bein'...good for a while.

Sam: Aw. So you do have a soft spot like Spongebob once said.

Plankton: Shut up! (Crosses arms while blushing and trying to make a grumpy face)

End of Chapter 13

Chapter Text

The remainder of the Toon Force make their way to the center of the volcano where they step foot on the deck that once led to the old Mawgu Vortex. They look around and see a new opening through the walls where the Syndicate stand side by side in front of a large Morphoid/Ooze pit below at the surface of the island.

Jimmy: This'll be pretty easy. But I want to make sure the prisoners get out safely before we start.

Back at the Mawgu Lair, Plankton and Tucker try their best to get the central computer to warp the prisoners back to Elmore.

Plankton: Egad this thing is tough! The rest of the Syndicate really stepped it up since back in the day.

Tucker: You're telling me! I can't figure out what any of these symbols mean! This looks like stuff Tak would read every day!

Goddard looks around the chamber for any intruders and comes to a stop when the room starts to shake.

Goddard: Arf?

Plankton: That ain't good.

The Morphoid pit begins to grow somewhat unsettling. A loud roaring effect comes from it as if the ooze mixed with the alien substance had become sentient.

Calamitus: That's odd. I didn't know the morphoid substance itself was sentient.

Vlad still charging the Rip Zipper: It seems it's growing impatient, then. So, let us finish what we started.


Vlad pauses and sees the Toon Force well-armed and ready to fight.

Crocker: Ah, it's you all again. You've finally made it! And Timmy, you've even brought your FAIRY with you!

Sam: Crocker, you and your friends' plans end here! Many people have died because of you!

Timmy: You're gonna pay for what you did to everyone, Tak, and Fairy World!

Vlad: Dear child, please. You should be thankful we've rid your world of those midgets. They've only stood in your way once your new friends arrived.

Jimmy: You guys have already caused enough trouble as it is, so why start with this?!

Danny: Why would you want to bring back someone as dangerous as the Mawgu?!

Calamitus: The Mawgu has power even we cannot match. His ooze, combined with the Morphoids and the hidden link of Gumball's planet can increase his strength to conquer new worlds and make a new society under our command!

Maddie: I've heard about enough of this garbage, cheesehead! (Pulls out cannon and shoots at the Syndicate)

Maddie's cannonfire creates an explosion around the Syndicate but fails to kill them thanks to Vlad's shield bubble.

Crocker: Nice try, but even you have no chance of defeating us.

Calamitus: Sadly, the two of us don't have any weapons against you. Which is especially unfortunate, considering how much I wanted to try out my old robot suit again. But no matter! We have a powerful new hybrid, a rift through realities, and the might of an entire army of alien and machine!

Jimmy: Right! And we have mothers on our side!

Near the pit, Nicole and Yuki fight off some of the Toybots around the area to distract them from the Toon Force and the prisoners.

Crocker: Yes. But you've just thrown away your only chance of defeating us.

The Toon Force are caught in confusion. Meanwhile, Plankton and Tucker manage to get the Mawgu computer to warp the rest of the prisoners off the island.

Tucker: Yes!

Plankton: We did it! Now we need to-

Plankton is interrupted by a gunshot from the other side of the lair near the silo. Goddard barks at the figure coming towards them ready to fight.

Rob holding everyone at gunpoint: Get your hands off the controls you one eyed freak!

Plankton: Look who's talkin', son.

Rob: The Syndicate told me someone was gonna be here eventually! Now I've got you right where I want you!

Tucker: You're too late cyclops! We're already sending the prisoners back home where they belong!

Rob: Not all of them.

Rob aims his ectoray and shoots the control panel to the Mawgu Lair! Tucker and Plankton dodge the shot and gaze at the wreckage the villain had created. Back at the cell block Gumball is in, the doors open and Gumball wakes up from the shaking halls caused by the volcano's pit.

Gumball waking up: Huh? What? Who…what?!

Some of the civilians in the hall warp away, but Gumball is left alone.

Gumball: What just happened?

Darwin: BRO!

Gumball: Darwin?

Gumball looks outside his cell and sees Darwin and Anais running towards him. He gets out and runs and hugs them both as suddenly the room becomes space and rainbows emanating from them before it reverts back to normal.

Anais: We thought you were with the new guys.

Gumball: I was, but we warped to the wrong place. I guess you could say they're REAL professionals, wink wink.

Darwin: Wasn't Penny with you?

Gumball: Yeah, but she's not here. I think she warped out with the rest of the people, but I don't get why we didn't.

Darwin: I get that distinct feeling something bad's gonna happen.

Gumball: Ah, don't say that. Besides, we've got Mom and her friend/rival/anime waifu.

Anais: Waifu?

Gumball: Anyway, we've gotta find the Toon Force. They've gotta be around here somewhere.

Darwin: What's a Toon Force?

Gumball: Oh, some group of people from another dimension who have to fight their own who have a half dead superhero, a buck toothed, pink shirted man, and a guy with a big head.


Anais: …Yikes.

Meanwhile, the Mawgu Lair begins to shake even more.

Plankton: You fool! You've broken the controls to the lair! All the ooze in this place could leak if we don't fix it!

Rob: That's what the Syndicate wants, Plankton! It's enough to power both the Mawgu and indeed my queen!

Tucker: Your queen? What sort of braindead fossil would wanna marry a guy like you?!

Rob: Same person who would marry that Watterson boy. Now you're all going to pay like the rest of your friends and his mother!

Plankton: Weeeell, see kid, we've got a dog in the room who's been pretty patient trying to get a shot at you without breaking anything like you did.

Rob: And where is your hero?!

Goddard walks behind Rob and holds a stun gun at his head.

Tucker: So we're gonna give you two options. We could either stun you and turn you in, or you can take us to your leaders so we can fix this mess!

Rob turning intangible: No. I beg to differ. (Disappears)

Plankton frantically looking around: W-what happened? Where'd he go?!

Goddard, Plankton, and Tucker back towards the busted control panel and suddenly get caught in an ecto loop! They try their best to escape but struggle to break free.

Plankton: Ge-hey! How are you doing this?!

Rob turning tangible: Vlad has given me the technology to match his abilities. And I even got a little something special from a certain someone of your's. (Takes out remote control)

Gumball in the distance: Not so fast diamond head!

Rob quickly turning around: Huh? Gumball?! You came back here?!

Gumball, Darwin, and Anais arrive in time to help.

Gumball: Rob, you've gone too far this time! I mean, technically, you've always gone too far, like trying to erase me from existence, kill me and Darwin with a microwave and a tree, and flood the city before we could stop you... But this is much worse!

Darwin: And I thought you were trying to make GB's life miserable, not everyone else's!

Rob: It doesn't matter anymore. These people will die once the Mawgu arrives, and everyone's worlds will be doomed!

Gumball: Yeah, but this is a bit too much, even for you. Why don't we just quit? Maybe we can go home and get something to eat, play some games, or see the new monster truck rally?

Rob lowering his guard in a normal voice: Oh cool! Monster trucks!

Gumball running towards Rob: SIKE! (Slaps Rob's cheek as he passes by)

Rob stumbles from the slap and feels his cheek.

Rob: ...OW! (Looks at hand and sees red on it) Who the heck do you think you are?!

Gumball: I thought you were joking! I mean, you're a villain, right?

Rob: But you said monster trucks!

Gumball: That was part of the plan!

Rob switching back to his evil voice: It... You jerk...! So you still think this is a game, huh? (Blasts ectobeam at Anais and Darwin)

Darwin and Anais: GAH! (Get trapped in a bubble)

Gumball: Hey! Leave them alone! They didn't do anything! (Walks to Rob)

Anais: Yeah, what he said!

Rob charging ecto beams and stepping towards Gumball: Fool. You're the reason I turned into this mess in the first place! It's because of YOU that I have the motivation to end the world YOU have influenced!

As Rob gets closer and closer, Gumball backs off with his hands raised slightly in front of him.

Rob: It's your fault that I'm still forgotten in the depths of the Void, despite all my efforts to be rid of you and your allies! And now that you're recognized by these people of these other worlds from an entirely different universe, I now see the desire to kill you for real and end the chaos you've unleashed. (Stares down at Gumball against a wall)

Gumball nearly slouching against the wall: Uh... Can I say one thing?

Rob: What?!

Gumball: Can I still call you Dr. Wrecker?

Rob: RRRAAAAAGH! (Shoots ectobeam at Gumball)

Gumball ducks underneath the beams as they pierce through the walls and cause the ceiling to collapse! The lasers shoot outside the Summit where the Toon Force try to get answers on why the villainous trio don't seem worried about them.

Jack grasping tightly on his ecto launcher: Why don't any of you seem worried? Is there something out here other than this Mawler fella?!

Vlad: Indeed, old friend. I'm sure you'll recognize her once she arrives.

Jimmy: What?!

All of a sudden, a large dragon flies out of the volcano from behind the Nicktoons. She soars into the air and morphs into a large beam in the sky, falling down to the surface where Nicole and Yuki are still fighting. When Nicole looks up to see the incoming enemy, she immediately gets into shock before it crashes down and makes a large explosion around the area, seemingly taking the fighters with it! The Toon Force look at the destruction below and are put in a state of horror seeing what happened to their friends.

Crocker: And just for good measure so you don't interfere again…(Snaps fingers)

Toybots and Morphoids randomly appear in all directions surrounding the Toon Force with even stronger armor and weaponry preparing to fight.

Toybots and Morphoids: PREPARE TO MEET YOUR END!

The Toon Force readies their gear for combat. Back below the volcano, when the smoke clears from the explosion, Nicole and Yuki stand tall able to block the shot that ensued. They look forward and notice the same figure from before staring at them in an oily black form like Penny's.

Yuki: She's very formidable. So let's see what else she's got!

Nicole: N-no, wait! That form looks like Penny's. My son's girlfriend. She must be under the ooze's influence!


Yuki: Then we'll need to find a way to break her out of it.

Penny turns into a spider-like form and charges at the two as they dodge. Nicole's shirt gets torn when one of the appendages cuts her waist and Yuki gets slammed into the ground by the spider's head! She charges a shot at the beast and knocks her back, but Penny transforms into a dragon and breaths ooze fire at them! Nicole blocks the fire and shoots a beam at Penny's mouth, engaging in a brief beam struggle before it explodes and damages the three of them! Penny morphs into her default form and flies at the heroes with sword-like limbs, slashing at them and cutting more of their weak areas. However, Nicole's start taking more damages after she punches Penny away and gets stabbed by her shooting the blade at her shoulder! Yuki gets up and runs with full force at the controlled shapeshifter and both clash at each other, with Nicole joining in and kicking Penny to the ground!

Nicole holding Penny's face to the ground: You can do this Penny! You can break free from the Syndicate's ooze! I know you can!

Penny: M-Ms. Watterson…GET LOST! (Powers up)

Nicole in fear: ...I should really stop talking sometimes.

Despite slight resistance from Penny, her mind controlled-self powers up and makes a large wave of energy surrounding everyone and electrocuting them! Nicole backs into the entrance to the volcano's interior and gets punched square in the face by Penny into the metal door, making a huge "BONG" sound!

Nicole seeing stars: Hehehehe...You look purdy… (Gets punched)

Yuki makes her way to Penny and kicks several times at her, but her leg is grabbed and slammed into the ground, nearly breaking it!

Yuki beginning to scream: NeeeaaaAAAAA-

Penny puts her hand on Yuki's face and prepares to blast her head off, but Nicole returns with a metal pipe from the door and smacks her off her friend, sending her into a nearby large pipeline that leads to the island's water reservoir. The top generator falls down and lands near the fighters, almost crushing them and starting a fire! Back at the top of the volcano, the Toon Force is met with heavy fire, and many of them cannot handle the integrity of the battle! Jimmy is punched in the cheek by a Jimmy Bot and Timmy's wand gets broken by a Jellyfish-looking Morphoid and gets smacked upward in the groin!

Timmy holding his crotch: Oooh….!

Timmy is shot into a wall and Kitty tries to attack one of the Morphoid, but a nearby Sam Bot uses a spinning punch to knock her down and hit her stomach many times! Jenny tries to help, though she is quickly blown out of the sky by a missile shooting Morphoid and falls onto Maddie's cannon, accidentally breaking it. Maddie is then backhanded by a Sam Bot.

Jack: MADDIE! I'll save you! (Charges Fenton Cannon)

A Timmybot shoots a missile into Jack's cannon mid charge and causes it to blow up and injure Jack! While the chaos continues, Vlad takes his time making a warp gate large enough to open the Rip Zipper again while Calamitus tries to locate it. Back in the lair, Gumball runs around the room narrowly avoiding the shots from Rob down to resorting to running on all fours.

Rob shooting rapidly: Grrr! Stop running from me already!

Gumball sprinting: Then stop shooting at me and I'll consider it! (Gets hit by beam) GAK! (Falls down)

Rob: GEHAHAHAHA! (Pulls out remote and aims at Gumball)

Plankton: A remote controller? What, are ya tryin' to watch TV?

Gumball: That's no regular remote. That's a universal remote! I thought you got rid of that thing!

Rob: I did. This isn't the same one. This is the gadget the so-called boy genius had before I confiscated it while he was unconscious. Now what shall I do with this? (Flips through settings in regular voice whispering) Ant size, table size, oversize, Bolbi si- OH! Here's one!

Rob uses the shrink ray on himself to make himself larger than Gumball. He slowly grows to towering proportions while laughing maniacally at him.

Rob: HAHAHAHAHA! HAHA- (Bumps head into the ceiling) OW!

Anais pointing: Gumball, the fire extinguisher! Quick!

Gumball gets the nearest fire extinguisher and slams it on the floor to get it to pop and fly towards Rob's stomach. He gets hit by it like a missile and falls onto the floor while knocking several walls down in the Mawgu Lair!

Gumball fistpumping: Alright! I did something that wasn't stupid and irresponsible for once! (Gets to the Shrink Ray) Now to reverse this. (Steps on Shrink Ray's off switch)

Rob and the shrink ray shrink back down to size, but Rob ends up shrinking even more, becoming the size of an ant.

Rob: Uh oh.

Gumball prepares to stomp on him with the bottom of his sole, but Rob opens a Ghost Portal with his Plasmius gloves and jumps through. He exits into the Ghost Zone, but he accidentally stumbles into the prison where Walker is watching the inmates in the cafeteria.

Walker grinning: Get em' boys!

Rob running: OH NO!

The inmates rush towards Rob and Rob quickly runs away! Skulker arrives near the front entrance of the prison with his ecto-launchers ready along with Technus by his side.

Skulker: Oooh! It's even better when he's shorter like this!

Johnny 13 with his motorcycle: Time to teach this bozo who's the real boss around here!

Technus palming his fists: See what happens when he pretends to be Vlad's errand kid!

Rob: The exit! I need to find an exit! Then I'll- (Gets kicked away)

Rob flies far into the Ghost Zone and goes through a door that exits through another door, that exits through another door, that exits through a portal back to the Mawgu Lair. He falls out of it back in normal size in front of Gumball's feet with his face planted to the ground.

Gumball with his hands behind his head: Can we stop now? I'm bored.

Rob getting back on his knees: ...(Looks down at the floor and lowers ectobeams) This isn't fair. I want to be your villain. Your rival! But why can't I defeat you?

Gumball: You mean kill me? Like you've said about a thousand times by now?

Rob: 2,000.

Gumball looking sorry: ...(Sighs and kneels down to Rob) ...Sometimes I wonder the same thing too, Rob. In all seriousness, I really do.

Rob: You remember when you and Darwin helped to give me my deep voice? The one that goes (changes pitch and bass) "I WILL DESTROY YOU AND EVERYONE YOU LOVE!"

Gumball with bleeding ears: HAHAHAA! Or that one time you messed up Darwin's cookies to make him upset?

Darwin: Hey, those were good, ok?! I had every right to be angry!

Rob: HAHA! And remember when I got your parents to break up with each other?!

Gumball laughing hard: I heard every swear, even the ones I never knew existed!

Both Gumball and Rob laugh together, seemingly bonding after all that has happened recently. Meanwhile, the captives are watching and listening silently.

Tucker: Aw man... I can't argue with that.

Anais: They seem so happy.

Plankton: Yes, and I would especially be happy myself if SOMEONE CAME AND UNTIED US!

Gumball and Rob silently look at each other, slowly fading away their smiles. Rob starts shaking his ectobeams with his finger in trigger motion as though he were hesitating to shoot Gumball here and now.

Rob: ...I wish I could make things right.

Gumball sounding more serious: So do I. But I enjoyed being your rival Rob. I'll never forget that!

Rob: Me too. (Runs upstairs)

Gumball: Rob? Rob?! (Runs after Rob)

Darwin squinting: Oh boy. I don't like where this is going.

Rob stops near the Summit's peak where he can see Nicole and Yuki still battling Penny. Nicole is choked by Penny but Yuki fires a blast of energy at her, knocking her down again!

Yuki: Nicole, I still have energy left but I can't get up right now! Find a weakness to the ooze!

Nicole: Hm…

Nicole looks at the broken pipeline and finds water leaking out of it and onto some of ooze droplets from the fight. It burns the ooze to the point where it evaporates.

Nicole: ….

Nicole is blasted in the cheek and sent crashing into a boulder! Penny flies over to her and grabs her by the neck and tosses her near the pipeline again! She takes Nicole and slams her forehead into the metal several times mercilessly! Luckily, however, Penny stops and starts to scream in pain.

Penny: Agh! AAAGH! (Holds head)

Nicole seizes the opportunity to get Penny back to normal by taking the broken tube with water and spraying it onto her! The ooze starts to burn out and Penny is slowly turning back to normal, but the amount of the water was insufficient.

Nicole: Uh oh.

The scene is cut short with Penny throwing Nicole to the side of the volcano, trying to grind her against it, but finds herself knocking her back to the surface near the water! Nicole is struggling to get back up, nearly outmatched by the force of a mind controlled Penny, who turns back into a dragon and shoots fireballs at her! Though she occasionally hits her, she misses Nicole, who runs towards the ocean to get Penny's attention.

Nicole: If you want to fight head-on, then come and get me! I'm all yours!

Penny morphs into a rhino with a dark look on her face. She charges towards Nicole, but she leaps out of the way and Penny falls straight into the water, burning the ooze from her body!


The ooze evaporates and sets Penny free from the spell but puts her to sleep. Nicole falls on her knees and succumbs to her injuries from the fight. But before she can get back up, the last of Penny's evil half tries to attack again, but Nicole grabs her in a lock and tries to shoot her with an energy bolt to rid of the rest of the ooze in her. Rob sees this and shoots a beam at Nicole from a distance, prompting her to shoot back with a lethal blast of energy for larger opponents. She uses a smaller blast on Penny and sets her truly back to normal. But while they recover, the blast makes its way towards Rob and Gumball reaches him.

Gumball nearing Rob: No ya don't Rob! (Jumps onto Rob)

Rob takes Gumball and tosses him in front of the large energy ball, shocking Gumball and trapping him inside!

Gumball getting blown up: GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Rob: ...Hehe...Hahahahaha...HAHAHAHAHAAAA! I admit it! I can't kill you! I never wanted to! I wanted to make you and the ones you love suffer! And now they shall!  Not because of me, but because they're the ones who pulled the trigger! You see now?! You see where it ends little boy?! YOU, JUST, GOT WRECKED! HAHAHAHA! Hehehe...He...Oh shoot. I just killed a person.

Anais and Darwin look up at the top of the Summit and only see Rob but not Gumball. As the energy ball consumes Gumball, he gets lighter and lighter. As Gumball gets warped, his body disintegrates and reanimates itself multiple times before the energy sphere violently explodes, taking him along with it! Nicole even notices and gives a grieving expression, failing to know what happened but feeling a huge pain in her gut.

Yuki limping over to Nicole: Do you feel that?

Nicole: I do. (Holds stomach) And I don't want to know who it is…

The captives at the Mawgu Lair stare longingly at the opening upstairs where they can see the smoke from the explosion and Rob coming downstairs without Gumball. Anais especially feels uneasy and her hands start shaking as though she were about to clench her fists. Rob eventually comes down but continues to look at the impact of the blast.

Tucker: W..What'd you do with Gumball?!

Rob: ….

Plankton: Then how's it feel to have gotten rid of your enemy, killer?

Rob pretending: ...I feel great! Sort of. Hm... But It doesn't feel quite right without him anymore. I know! (Prepares ecto blast) I'll take out the people he cared most about. If he hadn't died from that, tell you the truth, I hope he didn't...I can certainly make him angry by taking care of you!

Anais and Darwin look worried and Rob ends up changing his menacing expression to a more calm and upset one. He lowers his weapons and instead aims toward the Nicktoon captives.

Rob: On second thought, perhaps I've done enough damage to you already. (Aims at the Nicktoons) But this doesn't change anything about you guys! I will destroy you and lead the Syndicate to victory!

The ground suddenly starts shaking and smoke comes from outside where Gumball's explosion was.

Rob: What?!

The smoke circles around Rob and darkens with dark hues and fiery auras. Rob starts hesitating a little from the sight.

Rob: Th-this is some kind of trick, is it? You're all trying to escape, aren't you? Well, too bad! (Aims ecto beam where he thinks the captives are)

Rob tries his best to locate the captives, but he is immediately punched square in the face by none other than Gumball himself! He is sent crashing into a wall in utter shock and terror, as a newly anime Gumball steps in front of Rob and stares down at him.

Gumball grinning: You done screwed up now, big boy.

Anais in relief: I did not see that coming...

Darwin: GET EM, BRO!

Rob looks up at Gumball breathing heavily and prepares an ecto blast. But before he can do anything else, Gumball takes his fist and wails on Rob's face! Temporarily, despite the struggles the Toon Force had to endure, they keep their strength and hold their own.

Shelly: Uh, boys, I think we might be in trouble.

Danny in a clash with a Dannybot: You could say that again! (Loses clash)

Timmy holding his broken wand: We can barely hold our own! And worse, Nicole and Yuki were still down there when that explosion went off!

On the right of the Nicktoons, Nicole and Yuki hop near them with an unconscious Penny in Nicole's arms.

Jimmy: You're ok!

Timmy: Stay back you guys! We're still in deep trouble!

Nicole: I'll handle this! But Penny was corrupted by the Mawgu's ooze. Yuki and I took care of it, but she's hurt real bad.

Maddie quickly walking over: I'll come help you. Trust me. I'm a mom too. (Looks at Nicole)

Nicole smiles and acknowledges Maddie with respect. And out of nowhere, a loud metal crash sounds off near the Summit entrance. Rob crashes through while flying with Vlad's jets. He is caught in a severe air brawl with a silent but furious Gumball. Gumball strikes at maximum speeds, blinding Rob and damaging him with every blow!

Sam shooting a Timmybot: WOAH! Is that...Gumball?!

Jack: Ya mean that cat kid? He looks two inches taller to be him.

Nicole cheering loudly: AAAAAH! MY SON! (Bounces up and down) HE DID IT! HE DID IT! WAAAAAAOOOOH!

Gumball continues to hit Rob in the air at mach speed. He slams Rob onto the Summit floor where the Toon Force can see them.

Rob struggling to move: G... Gumball...I didn't...I didn't know you were that powerful! L-let's make a truce. You and me can still be friends like old times, and- (Gets kicked further towards the Syndicate)

Gumball: Not this time, Robby! Your flat aft is mine!

Nearby Toybots and Morphoids converge onto Gumball to ambush him, but he raises his hands and unleashes a wide energy wave across the floor, smashing all the robots.

Gumball: I am freaking amazing.

The remaining ones avoiding the blast get punched into their vitals by a light speed Gumball before pausing and exploding from the impact!

Gumball: I barely even touched you guys, and you're exploding like dynamite!

The Morphoids fuse to become one massive spider trying to shoot Gumball, but every shot misses him as he walks forward with the ground shaking with every step he makes.

Gumball walking forward: I'm so strong, I make the Earth move!

The Morphoids back up in hesitation, but Gumball grabs one of their appendages and tosses them off the peak into the pit below! The Toon Force watch as Gumball mercilessly slaughters their enemies with no sign of emotion other than pure rage and contentment.

Jimmy: Nicole, what happened to him?

Nicole: He's unlocked his true potential! Just like me when I was little! (Cries a little) He...he grew up so fast...!

Calamitus next to a concentrating Vlad: That's absurd! He has no power! Does he?

Vlad: He didn't before, but, he is the star of the show.

Gumball continues to fight the remaining Morphoids and Toybots, flying in the air and shooting them from above, tearing them limb from limb, and clawing much of the robots' electronics.

Gumball attacking like a beast: I don't even feel any hits from you guys! Look at you! You're all flat like carpets!

Rob gazes at him and his eyes widen in horror.

Rob thinking to himself: My rival, has reached a level beyond my comprehension. All because of me. I made him this way by throwing him in front of his mother's attack. And now, his rage combined with his mother's immeasurable power has made him into a monster… (looks down at his arms and hands) just like me...

Gumball unleashes a massive wave of energy at the rest of the enemies, leaving nothing left of them!

Danny cheering: Alright, Gumball!

Timmy: Way to go GB!

Nicole: I always knew you had it in you baby! Now please, come back down and let's put an end to this battle and the war these guys started!

Gumball: You got it mom! (Aims beam at Syndicate while descending to the ground) Hey, V-Man! You called my city an abomination! Well, I hope you like death! Because it's Gumball ti- (Quickly powers down and falls on his face, fainting)

Jazz: …What just happened?

Yuki with a very unamused look: He fainted...

Nicole: That also happened to me when my power first spiked like that... We call it Warrior Overload. He'll get used to it.

Rob crawls over to the Syndicate in fear and disgust.

Rob: (Breaths heavily) Masters...! Masters, tell me the Mawgu is freed! That's not Gumball anymore. That's a monster!

Crocker: Watch closely Plasmius 2, and you'll find out!

The Toon Force walk over to the Syndicate, with Vlad still opening the Rip Zipper. However, he stops and attends to the intruders.

Jimmy: You've had your fun Syndicate… Now stop the Rip Zipper!

Vlad: I'm afraid it's already too late for that.

Calamitus: You've always pretended to be leader Neutron. Now you and your team shall finally meet your end!

Tucker: What's happening, guys?!

Tucker, Plankton, and Goddard arrive.

Plankton: Good thing I got my arms outta that rope in time. We almost missed the action!

Tucker: Don't worry about Anais and Darwin. We freed them and have them safe in the lair.

Gumball awakening again: Good...I… (Kneels down)

Nicole: Gumball?

Gumball: I'm fine. I just don't know what happened.

Danny: You don't know?! You just brutalized your arch nemesis at mach speed, and you were being cocky!

Gumball feeling his head: Oh...Sweet.

Rob: (Gets back up) You think you've won, Watterson? The Rip Zipper has been successfully opened! No one escapes now!

Jimmy: Hey, you're that guy the Syndicate used to get information about Elmore!

Sam: You betrayed your own people! Why?!

Rob: I wanted to control all worlds beyond just my own! Gumball made me who I am today, and the people of Elmore are nothing more than constructs made by a higher power. I...I-I…

Gumball and Rob glare at each other with very concerned looks. Rob pauses his speech and continues to look at Gumball as Vlad steps near Rob's side.

Vlad stepping near Rob and clapping: Bravo! Bravo! You've spoken like a true leader, young Rob.

Suddenly, in a shocking turn of events, Vlad aims his hand at Rob's face and fires a lethal ecto-blast, completely disintegrating him, much to everyone's, especially Gumball's horror! As Rob is blown away by the beam and turns to ashes, he keeps his sight on Gumball with a subtle smile on his face.

Vlad lowering his hand and grinning like always: But I'm afraid your services are no longer required.

End of Chapter 14

Chapter Text

"Despite meeting heavy fire from the Syndicate, the Toon Force had succeeded in freeing the prisoners of Volcano Island and sending them back to Elmore. However, thanks to Vlad's warping abilities, he and Calamitus were able to locate and reopen the Rip Zipper to bring back the Mawgu and take over the worlds of the Toon Force and beyond."

After Rob is betrayed by the Syndicate and destroyed, the massive menacing Mawgu made from the ooze and Earth below emerges from the Rip Zipper still healthy and normal despite his defeat at the hands of Spongebob and Danny prior to his imprisonment.



Calamitus: Come forward so we can show you the ropes.

Timmy: Oh great. They just played god and now they're worshipping someone. Can this day get any worse?!

Danny: Shhhsh! Don't say that, or your wish might come true!

The Mawgu looks around in content and finds the Nicktoons with greater numbers than before.

Mawgu: Ah…It is you again. The chosen ones. And you've brought even more of you this time. You don't seem to have your fellow Rip Zipper device anymore, do you? And just which one of you had created it again?

Jimmy slowly raising his hand: …I did.

Mawgu: Don't be upset young man. If it had not been for your invention, I might not have found the will to return to this world, not to take over any of yours, but to ERASE them from EXISTENCE like the bugs they are!

Danny: Yeah? Well there's plenty of us, and only one of you, plus the three old guys! They don't even have their army this time! You have nothing to look forward to!

Vlad: You forget, Daniel. We have something just as powerful, if not more powerful than our wills combined! Behold, the Morphoids!

The Mawgu looks below him at the morphoid pit combined with the ooze. He takes a moment and ponders what a morphoid is, not knowing what they really are.

Mawgu: Who are you, and what are these?

Crocker: We are the Syndicate! Enemies over the foolish Toon Force who have once sealed you away long before now! In the pit is the energy that created the Morphoids! Soldiers made from a powerful alien being named Globulous Maximus. Thanks to his defeat at our hands, his substance used to make his men is now under our control, and the ooze of this island have been able to merge its power with their own!

Calamitus: It is all in your hands now, Mawgu! With your interdimensional abilities, combined with that of the powerful Morphoids and the ooze you have once created, you will be unstoppable and finally purge your target worlds and the remainder of the universe!

Mawgu politely bowing to the Syndicate: I accept your kindness, my followers. But know this! Once I retake control of this power, I will not hesitate to destroy even that of your realms!

Vlad shrugging: Consider us moving out, then.

Danny gritting his teeth: You traitor…!

Mawgu: Very well.

The Mawgu hovers down to the pit below and dives into the Morphoid combined ooze. As he does so, the world starts to have an earthquake and lightning bolts spark from the sky onto the island! The island starts breaking apart from the Mawgu's transformation and the volcano begins to erupt with ooze coming from its sides!

Jimmy: The island's collapsing!

Plankton: Yeah, nice guess Einstein! We've got to get out of here!

Crocker: There is no way out, Toon Force! We're bringing forth the end of the modern era and the rise of a new age! An age where neither of you exists, even if it means we have to go too!

Calamitus: And if this really is the end of us all, then we'll at least have the joy of watching you go down with us from the comfort of Vlad's throne! (Starts warping away) Goodbye, Toon Force.

The Syndicate: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (Warps away)

In the pit, the Mawgu emerges with a new morphoid-like body fused with his own and the ooze he created. Sparks fly from beneath him and the skies turn dark purple in a storm around the island! The storm becomes more and more unstable as the Mawgu gets higher in the air, with lightning bolts raining down around him. With a swipe of his hand, the old volcano vortex reappears and several portals to the Nicktoon's home worlds open in clear view! In Retroville, Hugh and Judy Neutron look up at the sky in the busy city, witnessing the Mawgu.

Mawgu: All living things, lend me your ears! I have returned with no interest in claiming your worlds!

Hugh: Oh hey! (Points up) There's an interdimensional supervillain who's not trying to kill us this time!

Mawgu: Instead, I will purge the land, and from there ashes, I shall create a world in my very own image! (Puts hands together and charges energy) The reign of the Mawgu has begun! (Fires energy beams at two of the worlds)

Hugh: Uh oh.

Judy crossing her arms: You had to bring that up...

The Mawgu's blasts make a direct hit at Danny and Timmy's world! It barely misses Amity Park while Dimsdale is completely decimated and covered in a red flare!

Timmy: NO!

Danny: Our worlds are getting trashed! There's gotta be something we can do to stop the Mawgu again, right Jimmy?!

Jimmy: I don't know Danny! The Mawgu's WAY too powerful for us to take on! So much even I can feel it!

Shelly: What're ya'll kids panickin' about?! Don't ya know there's always somethin' on this island in case something this big were to happen again?!

Jimmy and Danny turning to Shelly: There is..?

Shelly looking very disappointed: Yeah, but…I really hoped I wouldn't say this, but we're gonna have to fight fire with fire using the core of the volcano where all the ooze originated from since the dawn of time.

Tucker: That doesn't sound too hard.

Shelly: That's not the part I'm afraid of. When we get to the volcano's core, we'll be trekking into the very center of this planet, and sacrifice every ounce of its power to destroy the Mawgu.

Timmy: You mean…we do this, the whole planet's going to blow?

Shelly: I'm afraid so. But I've got a good feeling you've got something to get us out of here once we activate that ol' doohickey.

Jimmy: You're right Old Hermit Crab! My scanners say the Mawgu Lair still has its warp drive online! If we can get the weapon started, we can make a jump back to Retroville!

Tucker: I can reverse engineer the warp gate to bring us all back home like the prisoners without us having to get back to the lair!

Danny: Then get outta here and stop all this!

Meanwhile in the Mawgu Lair…

Darwin, and Anais reach the portal in the chamber and try to figure out how to use it.

Darwin: Isn't there an instruction manual or something around here?!

Anais: By the looks of it, it seems that our best way of turning this on, is by wiring this power supply with the generator, and-

Darwin: Gosh, sis! You're only 4 and already you sound like the big-headed genius!

Anais: Let me see that!

Anais plugs one of the loose wires into the power supply and activates the portal already set back to Elmore.

Darwin: It worked!

Anais: Good! And the warp drive is still working! Now we can get outta here!

The Toon Force arrives and meet with Anais and Darwin

Nicole: Thank goodness! You're still here!

Darwin: Woah, GB! You look sweet! Like something from one of our animes! ...Where's Rob?

Gumball: I-I'll tell you about it later. Right now, we need to stay behind and use the planet's cannon to blow up the Mawgu!

Darwin pepping up for battle: ALRIGHT! LET'S DO IT!

Nicole interrupting: Not so fast young man! (Pushes Anais and Darwin in front of the warp gate) He meant us, not you two.

Anais: But why? We'll be fine. With my genius and Darwin's...well...we'll be ok!

Nicole: Trust me, you'll be safer back home. (Checks the destination settings) I know it sounds crazy, but this is something we have to deal with right now. Y'know. We're like MVP's in this sort of hero alliance.

Darwin: Ah, come on! What's it take to do that? Some quick superpower that's only used for one chapter?

Gumball: …Uh, yeah! But forget that! You guys go ahead. We'll catch up to you in a sec.

Darwin: You're gonna go with them?

Gumball: Someone has to stay with Penny. Jimmy has the gizmos needed to repair her. Plus, he and the rest of the team are the ones who saved me in the first place. I owe them one!

Anais: Are you sure?

Gumball: Does this look unsure to you? (Makes Morbid Squidward look)

Anais and Darwin: Fair enough.

End of Chapter 15

Chapter Text

The Toon Force make their way down to the planetary cannon through the volcano's inner workings but are assaulted by falling debris collapsing from the ceiling, and ooze pouring out of the walls! Danny uses an ecto shield to cover everyone though struggling to maintain his power.

Danny: I can't hold this much longer! There's too many things falling down this path!

Jimmy: Sounds like the Mawgu's making his big push!

Shelly: We're almost there! Only a few more steps, and-

Suddenly, the entirety of the hall explodes with ooze and circles around everyone as the floor descends into the core at a rapid pace! The heroes crash land near the planetary gun at the very center of a massive and open chamber with a bridge extending towards it.

Shelly calmly landed on top of Danny: Here. (Walks off Danny's back)

Jimmy: So, this is it! We've reached the core of the world!

Sam: Look at all this ooze. There's so much of it, even the Mawgu couldn't handle it!

Tucker: Good thing we left Penny with Maddie and Jack upstairs. And I've got my PDA remotely connected to the portal to send us home.

Gumball sounding very heroic: (Clenches his fist in the air) Then there's no time to waste! (Grins) Man, I always wanted to say that. That felt good...

Nicole purring: He's sounding like such a hero…

Danny: Yeah. Almost puts me to shame. That one time I split myself into two different people. (Walks on the bridge with everyone)

Jimmy: Careful everyone. This bridge maybe a bit unstable.

Shelly: Yeah...Haven't been down here for over a hundred years. Kinda makes you forget every now and then.

Tucker: And how old are you, exactly?

Shelly: 900.

Yuki: So, what exactly is so special about this island to you all?

Jimmy: This is one of the places we had an adventure on before the war began. That's also how we met the Mawgu, Shelly, and learned about the Morphoids.

Timmy: Too bad we have to let it go. There won't be anything like this place anymore.

Gumball: Maybe you just have to start from scratch. Make something new out of it.

Jimmy: Hmm...Ya know, maybe you're right. Gumball, I feel that- (listens for something)

The chamber starts shaking and debris starts falling! The Mawgu emerges from the ooze below and glares at the heroes on the bridge, only now, he has no shell and is solely just ooze in his default shape, glowing immensely.

Shelly: I-I-Impossible! He came all the way down here?!

Plankton: That's crazy talk! He can't be in two places at once. ...Can he?

Danny: Apparently he can now.

Mawgu: So you thought it would be that easy, did you?

Tucker with his hands up: it safe to say, yes?

Mawgu: Welcome to the core of this magnificent planet, as well as my birthplace! I was born from the amalgamation of the corruptive ooze and it's people here in this lair. And in my lair, my order is law!

Sam: Yeah? Well you can forget about it! We're already where we need to be to stop you!

Mawgu: I don't think so, chosen ones! Or should I say, legends! (Zaps the Nicktoons)

The heroes are trapped in a large ooze bubble while Gumball, Goddard, Jenny, Sam, Kitty, and Shelly remain outside of it.

Everyone in the bubble: AAAAH!

Sam activates her Fenton Peeler Suit and shoots Ectoblasts at the Mawgu, but every shot merely pushes him back a few spaces. He takes his hands and tosses back the blasts he absorbed and knocks Sam into the bubble. Goddard and Kitty both charge at the Mawgu with full force, knocking him off balance and allowing for Goddard to lay down fire from his machine guns. But the Mawgu again tanks the shots and swipes he and Kitty away into the bubble. Jenny also attempts to punch through him from behind, and even though she does it successfully, he blows her back into the bubble!

Mawgu: They should never have given you that title. No prophecy dictates destiny! I shape it the way I intend it to be!

Danny: You think you're the only one? We didn't believe in prophecy when we first came here either! You said yourself you'd come back to finish what you've started!

Jimmy: There was nothing in the story that said anything about that! Now we're gonna make our own path!

Mawgu: HAHAHAHAAA! You're all such children! I confess, you are truly unique. But what if I took what made you special away? (Zaps Jimmy) What if YOU were not a genius?!

Jimmy losing his genius: Oh no! No no no! I don't wanna experience another poweeer hourrrrrr…..

Mawgu zapping Danny: What if you were not half ghost?!

Danny: Hey! Don't- (Turns human again) that…

Timmy shaking Jimmy: Jimmy? Are you alright? Jimmy?!

Wanda: Oh no! The Mawgu sucked more than just Jimmy's genius! He's sucked his everything!

Tucker: Thaaaat sounded less appropriate than you thought it would be.

Mawgu pointing at Nicole: And you!

Nicole: Me?

Mawgu: I already know what makes you special. That fire in your eyes is worthy of being an instrument of my will! (Zaps Nicole)

Nicole slowly loses some of her powers and tries to break free from her paralyzed state in the bubble but can't resist.

Nicole losing her powers: Mm...Geeaauhhh…..

Sam: He's absorbing her powers!

Plankton: Not just her powers! He's taking her soul!

Yuki trying to break free: Fight it Nicole! You're much stronger than that!

Nicole's eyes turn completely white and her fur color turns grey. She goes limp and falls out of the bubble landing face first on the ground.

Mawgu: HAHAHAHAHAAA! Even if you escape from me now, you will be powerless without your strongest ally! In time, all worlds shall be mine, and you will be but a myth! An urban legend passed down from ancients like you! (Spots Gumball at the cannon) OH! And what do we have here? (Hovers toward Gumball)

Gumball messing with the controls: Oh brother. It's you! Can ya give me a sec? I'm still trying to kill you with this McGuffin right after I beat this mini-game!

Gumball is playing Pac Man on the controls of the cannon to get the machine to work.

Mawgu: You. A child of the strongest being in two dimensions, live your life as a regular being in an otherwise unique location.

Gumball: I prefer it that way. Besides, I don't want everyone to know who I am. Imagine the fan art I'd get. (Suffers from traumatizing flashback) Guugh..!

Mawgu: Even though you are of a more recent generation of worlds, you will still be left forgotten. Simply a bug in a grander universe!

Gumball finally beating the game: Maybe you're right. But you just said something about an urban legend, and they never die! Don't you think that's a tad contradictory?

The Mawgu suddenly starts cracking and lighting up from the inside.

Mawgu getting destroyed: WHAT?!

Gumball standing proudly in front of the Mawgu: I didn't know any of these other worlds existed beyond my dimension. They didn't even know I did. But one thing we did do for real...we inspired people. To continue to do things we could've done, fix what what made us flawed, and make something new out of it. So yeah, we are ancient. Even though I'm still 12 despite it being a few years since my birthday. But when we give birth to those who carry our legacy, and help others to better themselves...WE influence people! THAT'S what makes us remembered! THAT'S what makes us special!

Mawgu exploding: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! (Blows up completely)

Jimmy quickly gets his mind back and Danny regains his ghost form.

Danny going ghost: What just happened?

Jimmy: The Mawgu must've detonated after absorbing Nicole's power! Apparently it was too much for him to handle!

Nicole turns back to normal and regains her consciousness: Nuugh… (Feels forehead) Thank goodness, it's just as I had hoped. Good thing I wasn't the only soul he absorbed.

Sam: Only soul? I'm gonna have to learn a thing or two from you.

Gumball: Heads up!

The weapon immediately fires a huge blast to the top of the silo, but in a massive flash of light, everyone is rendered blinded and Gumball gets covered by the intense light! In a loud rumble, the beam of the planet's energy shoots up from the volcano like a missile and rips straight through the Mawgu, starting to slice him in two!

Mawgu: GAAAAGH! (Holds chest)

The Mawgu looks up to the rifts he created and sees how much damage he caused onto the Nicktoon's worlds before making a disturbingly confident smile.

Mawgu: Hehe...Hahahaha!

With his final breath, the Mawgu explodes in a bright inferno, expanding towards the surface of the world as it starts to destroy itself from the cannon's initial launch, with the erupting volcano, spewing lava and blowing up the rest of the island and the world! The planet of Volcano Island ends in a fireball that can be seen throughout space, with sparks flying from it and becoming space dust. The battle has been won.

Back in Retroville…

El Tigre walks around the neighborhood in the calm rain waiting for more Toybots to show up.

Manny: I can't believe that big-headed dweeb would keep me here to protect something that doesn't need protecting! This, sucks!

In a flash, everyone from Volcano Island warp down to Retroville in front of Manny!

Manny shaking his head: AYE AYE AYE! That was quick!

Timmy getting his head straight from the warp: Mmm….Sorry Manny. We really couldn't risk anyone else coming here. We'll make it up to you.

Jimmy getting himself back together: Ugh…Wha…What happened?

Tucker: I warped everyone off the island with my PDA. Good thing I still had it in my hands. Or else we would've been cooked like my mama' turkey last Thanksgiving!

Shelly: Good timing there son. I didn't wanna bear stayin on that ol island any more than I needed to.

Jimmy placing his hand on Shelly's shell: Sorry you had to lose your planet, Shelly.

Shelly: Ah, it's nothin. I've always wanted to see what your worlds were like anyway.

Timmy: Then you're gonna love it here.

Jenny: Allow me to give you a grand tour of the place!

Shelly walking off with Janny: I don't have to pay for it, do I?

Jenny: No, but we're not cheap either.

Sam: You alright Danny? (Holds Danny)

Danny: I'm fine sweetie. Where's Mom and Dad?

Jack running toward Danny: Danny!

Maddie and Jack give Danny a big hug.

Jack: Now where's that cat kid?

Nicole and Gumball step over in the rain hugging each other.

Nicole: Gumball, I'm so proud of you!

Gumball: Thanks Mom.

Penny flying over to Gumball: Gumball! Gumball! (Hugs Gumball)

Gumball: You're alright! What happened to you?

Penny: Vlad left me in a room with leaking ooze to corrupt me. But Ms. Watterson and Ms. Yoshida saved me, and…(blushes over Gumball's bare chest) You look even cuter than before...

Maddie While you and the rest of us went below the surface, Jack and I patched her up.

Jack: Took a real beating too! What're you ladies? Ninjas?!

Yuki: Oh, we're definitely more than meets the eye.

Danny in the back whispering: Robots in disguise...DANG IT! You can't go without saying that!

Jimmy smiling with relief: (Sighs) Well, that sure was a close one. Let's get outta here guys. This heavy rain's killing my hairdo. And Gumball, Nicole, you and your two friends have sacrificed your lives for us like one of our own, and touched us in a way like we've never seen before. With your courage, we now see that there's hope for the multiverse after all! Thanks for your help!

Nicole: Glad to be here!

Yuki: Same.

Gumball: I kinda like the action. But what about that giant purple guy from earlier? Did he kick the bucket?

Tucker: Yeah. He did, but the entire planet we were on is gone. Worse, the Syndicate got away and the warp drive's busted from the blast and our last-minute space travel!

Jimmy: That and the coordinates for your world were lost once we exited the Mawgu Lair. Even Vox and Goddard here weren't able to save them.

Penny: Oh. So I guess we're stuck here, aren't we?

Nicole: And we can't even change back our styles. Guess Darwin and Anais are gonna have to raise Richard for me this time.

Yuki: I would have to agree too. My daughter and husband will have to learn to take care of themselves without me.

Jimmy kneeling down to Goddard and rubbing his head: We've got plenty of time to find your destination again without any threats coming in this time around. We can send you all back to your homes once we do. But in the meantime, how do you guys feel fighting with us out there? With the Syndicate gone for now and the war still going on, we could use a bit more help from people like you.

Nicole: Well, we really don't have a choice. But I guess it wouldn't hurt to stay for a while and get down to business. Besides, I think it's time I got my hands dirty after being at work for so long back home. (Puts fists together)

Gumball: I don't have anything important back home either. So, yeah. I wouldn't mind learning from you guys on how to fight. Maybe I can do like you mentioned when I was in a daze. Now, if only Rob could see this…

Penny: Then I'm with you too! I don't want to lose you again like last time. And we'll fight to protect the peace for Rob and everyone back home!

Gumball smiling nervously: I know. (Blushes)

Danny: Ok. I guess that takes care of that. Welcome aboard Wattersons! (Shakes Gumball and Nicole's hands)

Jimmy: You and your friends are now official members of the Toon Force! (Salutes with Danny and Gumball) And you know what, it just occurred to me. Earlier, Calamitus said something about a missing link in Elmore. I assumed it was GB or Nicole, but they said it was for the Mawgu, not them.

Timmy: Huh. That's a little strange. Buuut, he's gone now, so...I-I'm sure it's fine.

Sam: And I just remembered. Anyone up for some cake back downstairs?

Nicole: What kind?

Sam: Chocolate and Vanilla swirl.

Timmy: OH YEAH!

Gumball: You'd better hide it from me. Cause I might go feral and eat the whole thing.

Nicole: And I'll be the first one to take a bite out of it.

Gumball: Not if I do it first!

Danny going ghost: Ladies, gentlemen, please. We're all gonna get a piece of it. Just not as big as the one I'm getting. (Dashes away in intangibility)

Timmy: Na-ah! I may not have my buck teeth, but I'm definitely gonna bite the crap outta ya before you even touch it! (Runs off)

Gumball: Oookay. First day on the job: Beat the crap outta everyone and get the cake first. Got it! (Speeds away)

The rest of the people in the room run off to get their slices of cake while Penny remains outside watching them with a nice relieving smile. The Toon Force welcomes a cartoon from another channel among their team. The two Wattersons, plus two of their own allies are viewed as heroes who went above and beyond the call of duty and saved the universe from the Mawgu and the Syndicate. Now, who else will join the Toon Force? And how much will the war escalate until only one world is left standing? Perhaps the truth lies with a certain boy genius and his mechanical canine…

End of Chapter 16


In the ruins of Dimsdale after the Mawgu had nuked the city, a small purple aura emits from a tiny crack in the ground at the center of the crater. Slowly, small monster-like tentacles protrude from the rubble and spread around the area, and for a second, two red eyes shine through.

Chapter Text

Spoilers for Samurai Jack Season 5

"Long ago in a distant land, I, Aku, the shape shifting master of darkness, unleashed an unspeakable evil. But a foolish samurai warrior wielding a magic sword stepped forth to oppose me. Before the final blow was struck, I tore open a portal in time, and flung him into the future where my evil is law. Yet, he returned with help from a daughter of my very existence, and destroyed the future that was Aku. Now, a Syndicate of another dimension, each with their own mortal enemies, have come to warn me of my demise, and undo the story of the great Samurai Jack!"

TOON WARS Chapter 17: Back to the Past, Samurai Jack

By Frozarburst

Samurai Jack in TOON WARS

Original Series by Genndy Tartakovsky

In the Neutron Lab, home of the heroic Toon Force, Danny Phantom the Ghost Boy, Tucker the technogeek, and alien invader Zim arrive at the scene with bags under their eyes and slow movement, seemingly unenthusiastic about waking up at this hour.

Danny: What's the problem Jimmy? It's early in the morning.

Jimmy at the monitor: Sorry gentlemen, but there's another world in danger that needs our help. And this time, the Syndicate's responsible for it!

Danny: Them again? I thought we already destroyed their army!

Tucker: We took out the whole planet Volcano Island was on just to get rid of them and the Mawgu!

Jimmy: Yes. But thankfully, that would mean that the Syndicate's been weakened. The Dimensional Monitor had detected but 100 enemies around our target location; some already being mowed down by a legendary samurai warrior named Jack. But the rest of his information is still unfinished because, he did something to his timeline to stop an ancient powerful enemy.

Tucker: That doesn't sound like fun.

Jimmy: Since it's not really that much of a problem anymore, I figured each of us would be enough to handle it and we could just get it over with now that it's detected.

Danny: Just us four?

Tucker: Shouldn't we call for help?

Jimmy: Well, normally I would, but the odds of us getting into serious trouble after destroying the rest of those Morphoids and Toybots are very slim. Of course, if something really bad happens to us, I have Vox on the line to open a warp tunnel back here.

Tucker: Alright. But I swear, if they still got any morphoids or any other sort of gooey thingy around, I'm outta there!

Danny: Ah, don't worry Tuck. Like Jim said, I'm sure the last of them were back on the island.

The Portal in Jimmy's Lab opens.

Danny: Besides, what could they possibly be worse than what they've already done?

Zim: He's right, humans. With MY brains and gadgets, and your "skills," we can do anything (strokes hands and grins evilly).

The four Nicktoons jump through the portal and into the world of Samurai Jack, where they find their hero fighting with his father, The Emperor, against a small army of old Syndicate robots.

Jack: I've fought many machines like you before, but never have they looked like this!

Danny: There's our samurai!

Jimmy: We'd better go help them. Good thing these robots are that of the older Syndicate models before the Toybots were built. Tucker, you've got the drone, right?

Tucker: Ready for launch!

Jimmy: Great! Send it over to them and lay down fire on those droids!

Tucker deploys his four fanned Fenton Drone out towards Jack and the Emperor. It hovers over them and scans the robots and begins shooting them with machine guns, shutting them off before returning to Tucker.

Tucker: YEAH! (Fist Pump)

Zim: HA! I've seen more superior technology on Foodcourtia! Check this out! (Opens PAK limbs and shoots electric waves at incoming droids)

Tucker: Huh. Not bad!

Danny: Heads up! Vlad's back!

Vlad flies over to Danny and Jimmy with ecto-blasts and a clone ready for combat.

Vlad: So, Daniel, you've brought lesser resistance than usual. Equally as strong, but not strong enough to defeat us! (Shoots beam at Danny and Jimmy)

Danny and Jimmy dodge the attack and Jimmy gets knocked down by Vlad's clone!

Jimmy: Gagh! Quick! Protect those guys and keep the robots at bay! (Points to the Emperor and Jack)

More robots rush to the Nicktoons, and Jack dashes through them, decapitating all the bots and causing them to explode!

Jimmy: Or, maybe they can help themselves.

Vlad punches Danny and freezes his leg, and Danny uses a small wale at Vlad, sending him into the ground! Danny makes a huge fall to Vlad's chest and stomps on it!

Vlad: GAH! (Disappears)

Danny: What the?

Vlad in the distance behind Danny: That was very brutal the way you destroyed my clone, Daniel. But let us see what you're made of when you take on all of me!

Danny: Bring it on, Dr. Wisconsin!

Jack and his father look up at the sky and witness Danny and Vlad duking it out while the other Nicktoons are battling the robots.

Emperor: These are not people nor creatures I have seen during Aku's reign!

Jack: Me neither…Although their skills, and the grey one's powers fondly remind me of…well… (Looks slightly upset and glares at his sword) I pray this is the last time I use this weapon of righteousness. (Prepares for more action)

Jimmy shoots more of the robots with his freeze Ray and equips his mind band on. The remaining robots circle around him and he closes his eyes and lifts his hands slowly. The robots levitate in the air in confusion before they are slammed onto the ground by Jimmy when his hands fall back down.

Jimmy: Could anyone from Foodcourtia do that Zim?

Zim: No, but being an irken like myself, I CAAAAN (Puts on singing voice)!

Zim pulls out a glove gadget and lifts some of the robots in the air with gravity. Tucker fires a ghost beam at them using his Fenton Watch. Danny gets blasted out of the sky by Vlad's clones and they fuse back to the real Vlad to finish him off.

Vlad: Say your prayers ghost boy! (Prepares a shot)

Out of nowhere, Vlad is cut in the back by Jack! His sharp sword leaves a massive wound on Vlad that sliced his cape in half and tore through his skin!

Vlad: You!

Danny takes the opportunity and shoots Vlad away. Vlad crashes into a tree damaged by Danny's blast! He floats over to Vlad with two shots ready in case and Jimmy and Jack behind him. But Vlad seems perfectly fine, still wearing a disturbingly confident grin.

Danny: Alright Vlad. Leave now, or suffer our wrath!

Vlad: Sure! I'm just a distraction after all! (Opens portal and runs through it)

The portal Vlad went through stays open and appears to be much different than the usual Ghost Portals he spawns. Instead of a multi shaded green swirl, this portal has a black and white swirl in similar fashion to Jimmy Neutron's hypnobeam.

Jimmy: The portal's still open…but it looks different from the ones we're used to seeing.

Jack: You. I owe you all my life for saving us. (Bows) This is not the first time someone has tried to destroy our-(Looks at portal) ...Oh no.

Danny: I-is there something wrong?

Jack: We need to follow him. Quickly! Come with me! (Runs through portal)

Jimmy: ?

Danny: Tuck, Zim, this way!

Tucker and Zim run over to the portal and get in with everyone else. They all fall through the long spiral tunnel making their way to a scorched desert with a large and tall tower at the very center of it and thick layers of fog everywhere. The skies are red and there is fire among the land. Spikes pierce the ground and black ooze circles the area with visions of demons soaring through the midsts. The Toon Force follows Jack and the Emperor towards the tower in a hurry, passing through the ruined ground, hopping over large pits, which the Nicktoons easily avoid thanks to their gadgets and powers, and through large skeletons of ancient monsters.

Tucker using his drone for flight and landing to run so not to waste any fuel: Dang! You're runnin faster than a motorcycle! Actually, I should be impressed with myself! I'm catchin up to you!

Jimmy flying with his jetpack: You two know this place?!

Emperor: Yes. Here is where a dangerous foe resides. The cause of an unspeakable evil!

Jack: This man is a demonic shapeshifter named, Aku. He is a powerful being of magic, and his weakness is this sword, forged from the power of righteousness.

Danny: Aku? Huh. Sounds like some sort of exotic food.

Jimmy: And that's the guy that the database doesn't have info on! Is this all that he's done?!

Jack: Yes! This is our past before I had returned from the future to slay him! (Pauses) How did you know who I was?

Danny: It's a long story, but to keep it short, we've heard of you and we're here to save you!

Emperor: Then you are welcomed to fight. (Stops at tower) If we do not stop this threat, he will undo all we have fought so hard to save!

Tucker: Then how else do we get up there fast enough to get to him? We have jetpacks an all, but our fuel's not enough to make the journey!

Danny: And I can't carry everyone.

Zim: Like this! (Slams gravity glove onto the ground)

The ground rises below the heroes and lifts to the top of the tower at a rapid pace making everyone fall flat on their backs!

Everyone holding on: WOOAAAAAAAA!

In the tower, in the demonic Aku's dark fiery lair, Professor Calamitus discusses something face to face with the monster that caused the destruction of the land.

Calamitus: And that's what will happen if you don't act now, Aku. Even as we speak, another version of Jack is on his way to eliminate you!

Aku sounding much more confident and relieved: Sounds like quite the problem. I mean. I already got rid of the samurai from this point in time. (Zooms closer to Calamitus) But you say he'll come back in a moment with someone I created?!

Calamitus: Precisely. (Puts hand on forehead) It's a terrible way to go down with such dramatic irony! Believe me. I know. (Points to Aku) And she will have the power to send Jack back here, should you send him to the future again.

Aku: The future?

Calamitus: Yes. The future.

Aku looking smug: ...Yes…

Both Aku and Calamitus: Yeeessss….

Suddenly, the heroes arrive and some land face first on the platform to Aku's throne room.

Jimmy getting his head straight: Zim, when you give us a warning, please give us a moment to prepare ourselves too.

Tucker snapping his head back and talking with scrambled sentences: Yeah, (snaps neck) but a ride fun was that.

Jack: AKU!

Jack takes his sword out with his father and charge to Aku, prompting Calamitus to jump out of the way!

Calamitus leaping to the side: Woah!

Aku: Hold it Jack! (Transforms into bat and flies backwards)

Jack and his father fall off the edge of the platform and land on another floor against the wall!

Jimmy and Danny: !

Aku transforming back to default form: I already know what's gonna happen. You come here with your girlfriend and cut my life into pieces. And then this tower will explode like a castle after defeating the final boss of a video game.

Zim shoots a beam at Aku with a cannon from his pak, but Aku already knew he would and shields himself while shooting black webs at the Nicktoons and taping them down. Danny tries turning intangible, but Aku's magic prevents him. A time portal opens next to the Nicktoons and the past shirtless Jack and Aku-empowered Ashi land out of it.

Aku laughing: Hehehee, it's hilarious how things turned out for me. (Faces Past Jack and Ashi) But nothing compares to you losing your, say, would-be wife.

Ashi in surprise: !

Past Jack lowering his guard looking at Ashi: Ashi?

Aku: All those adventures with people like the Scotsman, the monks, spartans, and myself had all been for nothing once you defeated me. Didn't think that over before you struck first, did you?

Jack quickly realizes his mistake and gets upset but continues to wear a very stunned expression as though he doesn't know what to think. He's debating right now on whether he chooses to kill Aku and lose his allies from the future, including Ashi, or keep him alive and risk everything he's been fighting for to be for nothing.

Tucker and Danny: Uh oh...

Past Jack still stunned: Ashi, I…I didn't...I didn't know that-

Ashi: No, Jack. Please. You MUST kill him! It's the only way you can save the future!

Aku takes his finger and swipes it toward Ashi. Suddenly, the webs on the Nicktoons electrocutes them and breaks much of Jimmy's gadgets within his hypercube, and the blood from Aku in Ashi's body ejects from her body and transfers back onto him, exposing her ruined clothes before her brief corruption from Aku!

Ashi and the Nicktoons: AAAGH!

Jack and Past Jack: Ashi!

Ashi faints and falls in Past Jack's arms. He checks her pulse for a moment and notices she's still breathing despite all of Aku's blood having been taken away!

Aku enlarging: So, you've made friends in the future. (Shrugs) So what? It doesn't matter knowing they'll disappear eventually. Or at least the human side of the equation! (Points finger at ceiling and quickly rises from the tower and forms a large circle around the planet's atmosphere, darkening the skies and blocking all sunlight)

The slaves around the world look up and notice multiple images of Aku's smiling face covering the skies like clouds.

Aku: Hello everyone! May I have your attention please?

Jack's father from the past looks up from his work platform. And Jack's mother from the past in a forest in a much different location does the same with fear in her eyes.

Past Emperor with a serious expression: Hmm…?

Aku: After a bit of thinking and a little bit of help from some guests, I have decided to let you all go home.

The slaves cheer heavily and stop working on the Aku structures.

Past Emperor:

Past Empress: …(Bows head)

Aku: Yes. You are finally going where you belong...TO HEAVEN! (Eyes Glow while smiling)

Aku's faces shoot lasers at the surface and start nuking all the people and continents! Oceans get covered in red, cities explode from the ground, and another beam shoots near the tower and makes it fall apart.

Tucker struggling to move: Damn!

Calamitus: Well then, that was dramatic, but it takes care of everything. (pulls up communicator on watch) Crocker, now! (Warps away)

Jimmy: You fool! Vox, open a portal!

A warp gate opens near the Nicktoons. Past Jack takes his sword and releases the Nicktoons from the webs and future Jack and the Emperor try to follow them, but a blast from Aku takes them down!

Past Jack: No!

Tucker: Let's get outta here!

Zim: Don't just stand there you pathetic humans! Go! Go! (Jumps into warp gate)

Everyone jumps into the warp gate, and as they fall into the tunnel, the normal green of the portal distorts into a multitude of colors before forming back into black and white like a time portal. The group make their way back to Jimmy's lab, which seems to have dimmer lighting than usual.

Jimmy breathing heavily: Is...Is, everyone ok?

Tucker: Yeah. And we've still got the Jack and Ashi from the past with us. (Checks drone for damages)

Past Jack: Thank goodness, she's still alright.

Jimmy: Whatever Aku took out of her must've been real potent for him to do what he did. (Unlocks hypercube) He even destroyed some of my gadgets in my hypercube!

Past Jack: Yes. You are not of my world, are you?

Danny: No. We're the Toon Force, sent from our dimension to save you from the Syndicate. They're a trio of evil who just contacted Aku to prevent his death somehow. Just don't understand how they could've got there if you already took him down.

Tucker: Wait, if this Jack was supposed to have fought him and he came from the future Aku sent him to, does that mean he and Ashi should be gone by now?

Jimmy: Not necessarily. Even though the future of Jack's timeline is literally "jacked," the fact that you guys are still here is because we took you out of it. You're now a part of our timeline safe from whatever happens to your dimension.

Past Jack: You mean Ashi won't disappear?

Jimmy giving a thumbs up: She won't. And neither will you. But if we want to keep your world the way it should be, we need to know what you guys did originally to get back to the past.

Zim: Are there any more of you mortal humans in the future, for example?

Past Jack: Not many. (Shuts eyes) My world was mostly populated by strange, mythical creatures and machines who had helped me return to my time, even when there were no more time portals. But without my people, I may no longer be able to. I-I mean, my past self. I mean, the future...Agh! I apologize, my friends. This is new for me. I never thought about the consequences of time travel to this extent.

Danny: How could you get back if you had no portals?

Past Jack: Ashi was a daughter of Aku who had his powers. This was how I was sent to and from the future. But since he took his blood away from her, she cannot move through time again.

Jimmy: Well, you're in luck! The Syndicate must've used some sort of time machine to reach your dimension and interfere with the course of history. Like some sort of modified ghost portal like Clockwork's. I've got a Time Machine in here already that's blocked off, but the thing is, if we mess up at any point in history, we could also break the timeline of the many worlds in both our dimensions!

Past Jack nodding: Very well.

Danny: In the meantime, Ashi can rest back at the repair bay. (Pushes door button)

The door to the repair bay opens revealing a storage closet with a mop and broom.

Danny: …Uh, Jimmy, where is it?

Jimmy: The repair bay? It's right there.

Danny: ..I-it's not.

Jimmy looking into the closet: …? That's odd. I was just in there before we left!

Tucker: You think that's strange? Take a look at this thing! (Opens blast door window with Rainbow Button logo on it, similar to Nicole Watterson's)

On the other side of the glass are rows of conveyor belts carrying jewels and other valuables. Jimmy turns on some of the lights and turns to the round table where he keeps some of his tools and the Girl Eating Plant, but there's only jackhammers, tool boxes, and water pouches.

Jimmy getting hesitant and confused: There…there must be some kind of mistake. M-maybe we're just stuck in the past of Retroville. After all, this place used to be an empty cave before I came in. Maybe it used to be a jewel mine as well!

Zim upstairs: Then explain this!

The scene cuts to everyone going upstairs where they find the clubhouse is completely gone, as well as the neighborhood. Instead of coming out of the lab, they exit a dank cave where they gaze outside to a large dystopian city not too far in the distance with architecture similar to that of Aku's mixed in with Retroville's.

Jack: Jimmy…I do not think we left my world yet…

End of Chapter 17

Chapter Text

"After the Syndicate interfered with the timeline of Samurai Jack, warning Aku that Jack would eventually return to the past with Ashi, Aku uses his power to destroy humanity and send the Nicktoons and the samurai duo to another timeline in the future where all of Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon are ruled by Aku and the Syndicate."

In the cavern where Jimmy's lab should be, Jimmy tries accessing a route back to their timeline and dimension with a portal in the room while the other Nicktoons tend to Ashi.

Jimmy in worry and frustration: Aaagh! I can't get this thing to send us back to the past! Chances are it doesn't have that capability!

Tucker: Well, at least this is like travelling to a different planet. If we get outta here, we'd be back like it was nothing! I think...

Danny: Hopefully we can. Without us, the rest of our pals could be in some serious trouble out there! Then again…they do have Nicole and my mom, so, hehe. Go figure.

Ashi wakes up from her sleep, though still sore from the loss of her powers.

Ashi: Aagh… (Puts hand on forehead)

Jack holding Ashi's arm: Ashi! Are you alright?

Danny bending his legs down to Ashi: How do you feel?

Ashi: I'm…I'm fine. What happened? Who're you guys?

Zim with pride: We are the mighty Toon Force! (Scans Ashi with X-RAY) And that tall piece of Earth wood took your powers away!

Jimmy: We tried to stop him from doing any more damage to Jack from the corrected timeline, but he already knew what we were going to do and purged the Earth of-

Ashi in total shock: WHAT?! (Tosses Zim and Jack away)

Jack falling off screen: WOAH!

Zim crashing into glass off screen: HEY!

Ashi: But that's impossible..! And after all we've been through. I shouldn't be here if he did that. Not even Jack!

Jimmy: We thought so too. But when we warped back to our dimension, Aku somehow changed the course of history in our worlds as well. In fact, we never left Jack's world to begin with!

Tucker: In other words, we're in another timeline.

Ashi: Then where's Aku? We're still in his tower, right? I'll kill him myself if I have to, with or without his powers!

Jack: He is not with us, Ashi. This is what should have been Jimmy's laboratory.

Danny: Apparently, this dimension is fused with ours. As if the Syndicate wanted Aku to do this.

Jimmy: Maybe it was part of the plan. From what I can see, the city has posters with the Syndicate on them. It's likely that they're working together.

Ashi sounding more confused and pissed: You...You have villains of your own who started all this?!

Danny sounding equally irritated with his arms crossed: Yeah. None of this would've happened if they hadn't shown up.

Jimmy: We didn't know our arch enemies would come here and do this much damage. They started a war where we come from, and just when we thought we had them beat for a while, they came to your world! Since we're all on the same page, we're gonna put an end to it so this sort of thing doesn't happen ever again!

Tucker: But how do we stop them in this timeline and restore the original and get back to ours?

Jack: We find a time portal.

Ashi: But that would mean he's already destroyed them knowing we'd come back. And I don't even have his blood anymore.

Jack: No, no. Not those portals.

Jimmy: Since our dimension is fused to yours, there's a good chance we still have the technology to make another time machine. Or if anything, we could find one already constructed in one of our worlds!

Ashi shocked and humored: You can build a time machine too?! Forget time portals! Where were YOU when Jack ran out of them?!

Jack calmly grinning: That would've been nice…

Jimmy: So, Zim, you know the codes to get back to Earth, right?

Zim: Of course I do!

Jimmy: Then take us back there! We're going scavenging!

Zim: Fool. You're not the one to order me. I order YOU! (Activates portal and sets coordinates) Get out there, earthworms! (Jumps in)

Ashi unsure about this: I have a bad feeling about this.

Jack, sounding much more confident: Do not worry Ashi. Unlike the future we've come from, we are more than halfway to achieving our goal. And we have help from friends who know more than we do about time travel. (Kisses Ashi's forehead and gets in front of portal) Somehow, we will get there. (Walks through warp gate)

Ashi leaves through the portal with a smile on her face as a sign of hope, also internally surprised that Jack has still not given up hope despite being sent into another future ruled by Aku for more than 50 years. To her and Jack, it's because he still has her around, even though she wanted him to kill Aku and save the past. And thanks to the brief interference of the Toon Force, neither of them will ever separate from each other again. But the thought of it still lingers in their mind. For this reason, Ashi vows not to let the same consequences of time happen to the Toon Force just as they vow not to let their enemies repeat what Aku has done.

Meanwhile, in an unknown location…

A short blue alien with ripped dirty clothes and two antennas runs across a long long golden bridge from an open mine of some sort, leading to an incredibly tall tower in the middle of a busy yet depressing city. She is stopped by two tall guards of Aku, who are much more aggressive looking than in Aku's original future.

Guard: Halt! You are not allowed in this part of the tower without identification.

The innocent girl, at first, backs up a little in hesitation, but she holds up a large purple jewel as big as her head with both hands. The guards see this and step to the side to let the girl across the bridge, bringing her to two clear windowed elevator tubes against the exterior of the building. She steps in one of them with a small armored robot with one eye, and an Irken slave who works in the tower.

Slave, noticing the jewel: ! (Tires to snatch the jewel)

Girl still holding onto it: !?

Slave trying to take the jewel from the girl: Give me that you little twig! I need this more than you! They're gonna remove one of my eyes if I don't-

The android behind the two immediately shoots a thick eye beam at the slave and completely blows his head off, leaving nothing but ashes on what's left of his neck. The girl backs into a corner of the elevator in shock and fear, looking at the slave's lifeless body still standing, and the calm and quiet robot glaring at her. When the elevator reaches the top floor, it opens its doors and let's the girl leave, also letting the corpse of the slave fall flat on to the floor in front of the robot, reporting it to it's database. Despite this, the girl is scared but not so traumatized, as though she's used to seeing this kind of stuff happen. She runs down the clean hallway toward a large golden door with jewels attached to its gold edges. The girl knocks and the door to a small throne room automatically opens. She enters the room nervously looking for the person inside.

Mysterious Person: You there...

Girl: !

The person comes over to the girl from the balcony of the room and comes face to face with her. This woman is an attractive, tall pink, cartoonish rabbit with a white fur coat and dark boots with golden streaks on it's belt and soles. She wears purple eyeliner and has nice blue pearl earrings.

Mysterious Person looking menacingly calm at the girl: Who invited you to my room?

The girl's antennas start glowing and show a series of words that form a sentence.

Girl: I. Have. A. Gift. For. You.

Mysterious Person: A gift? What is it? And do hurry. I have something to attend to in just a moment.

The girl takes out the large jewel for the lady, which she quickly grabs hold of with both hands.

Mysterious Person with her ears shooting up in excitement: Oh! Another gem for the collection! Excellent job my friend. Reminds me of those pathetic "Gem" people we shattered earlier. Not to mention those crazed "Ghost Hunters" I had sent to an asylum.

Girl: ?

Mysterious Person: You've earned yourself a reward.

The lady gives the girl a dog biscuit and pats her head like a puppy.

Girl: ? (Tilted Confused Emoji Icon)

Mysterious Person: Go ahead now. Run along.

The girl leaves the room disappointed and very insulted as if she knew the lady would do that.

Girl peeved: (Unamused Emoji)

The lady in the room sits at a desk with a window that transforms and turns into a tall computer screen with four windows opened for Aku, Calamitus, Crocker, and Vlad. She relaxes herself and places her legs on the desk whilst sitting back.

Vlad: There's my lovely bunny biscuit!

Crocker: So Watterson, how is business going for these jewel mines?

Anais: It is doing wonderfully as always. I hate to boast, but I believe MY work has definitely paid off.

Aku: Now you see why we need you, Anais. Your brainpower is even better than the likes of that nerdy redhead, and that big-headed fudge-boy!

Calamitus: You have even exceeded my intellect!

Anais: Well, what can I say? It's me! (Puts arms behind head)

Crocker: With this many jewels in the world, we can use them to finally build our ultimate weapon for total domination!

Aku: Thanks to these time machines and time portals we've found and destroyed, we have discovered the means of taking over not one, but ALL periods in history!

Calamitus: Just think what we can do! If someone does succeed at overthrowing us, we'll just strike back from another point in the future! Endless possibilities for many years of tyranny! Mwahaha!

Anais: Yeah…yeah…(Looks slightly concerned)

Vlad: Anywho, I don't see your new gem. Did your workers retrieve one?

Anais: They sure did! (Puts jewel on desk in front of the screen)

Calamitus genuinely surprised: This one…is most precious..!

Aku: YES! Your work shall be rewarded with an entire planet all to yourself!

Anais: I'm not the one who found it. Really the credit goes to that dog or deer girl who gave it to me. But if you insist… (Smiles devilishly) What planet are we talkin' about? (Strokes hands)

Vlad: Only the finest planet in this known dimension. One from that alien boy. Yes, one end has plenty of leftover trash from the war, but hey. One man's trash, is another man's treasure.

Anais: Trash, ay? Allow me to make it into something that will clean up the trash! You want this machine to travel to other times, huh? I'll make it do that.

On Zim's Earth…

The heroes warp to a large landfill of broken machines from Retroville, Amity Park, and many more. Tucker slips down a slope and lands on his face near a large robot crab.

Tucker getting up: Hey, Isn't that that old robot Plankton tried to fight you with?

Danny: It is. But what's it doing here on Zim's world?

Zim: All this Earth junk. Have I really completed my mission to conquer all who oppose meeee?

Jimmy: If you did, you must've left a lot of trash behind. Otherwise, you might have lost and this is all that's left.

Zim pointing at Jimmy: You..! An irken warrior never loses! My future palace must be around here somewhere. I'll show you! (Walks off)

Tucker speaking to Jack: Don't worry about him. He's like that a lot. He was supposed to take over the world here years ago. But then he kind of, well, forgot.

Jack nods his head to acknowledge it.

Ashi holding herself: I still don't get it. Jack was supposed to stop Aku but this Syndicate came and warned him ahead of time?

Danny: Yeah. But when we warp back, we should be able to stop him again and return to our timeline. If anything, we should be grateful we didn't stay in the past, or else we could've- (pauses and realizes something)...Wait, you knew you wouldn't exist in Jack's time period, did you?

Ashi: I did, but I didn't want to tell him. He had to kill Aku whether he wanted me around or not. He's the only one who can stop Aku. At least with the sword. I don't know anyone else who's worthy enough to wield it besides me.

Danny: It's really that special to him, huh?

Ashi: Damn right. I just wish things could've turned out differently. He made so many friends in the future, including me. He wouldn't have gone back to the past if we hadn't helped him. I'll never forget that. Neither will he.

Jack further away: (Places hand on damaged XJ-Unit arm) Some of this technology…I've seen these before!

Jimmy: You have?

Jack: There was once a time where I have met off-worlders like you and helped to fight against greater threats.

Ashi What's more dangerous than Aku?

Jack: (Looks Unimpressed) A TV remote…

Ashi and Tucker: (Snickers)

Ashi Ok. Now I feel a bit better.

Danny: Much of this stuff look like objects from our worlds. It's like they were thrown here or something.

Jimmy: Looks like a war took place, really. Look at these bullet holes on this tank. (Puts hand on broken tank) And judging by the patches of rust and bacteria from the mud, I can conclude that this had taken place many years ago.

Tucker: That looks like one of those tanks Plankton built for the Syndicate to catch the jellyfish and civilians.

Danny: Lets just hope whatever it was doesn't happen to us back home. Looks to me like whoever was in it wasn't having a good day.

Zim away from the Nicktoons: NOOOOOOOO!

Everyone faces Zim who is on a hill screaming at something.

Zim: Not my beautiful base…MY BAAAASSE! (Deploys PAK arms and gets on knees and cries)

Jimmy and Danny come over to Zim wondering why he's crying. His base on the other side of the hill and the city it was in is covered in war remains and reduced to a large crater.

Zim: Not my precious home… Besides GIR, it's all I've got!

Jimmy feeling for Zim: Ah, Zim. (Puts hand on PAK) I'm so sor-

Zim: DON'T touch my PAK! It's what's keeping me alive. Plus, it's got smoked bacon in it. (Smiles)

Danny: I guess the Syndicate weren't taking any chances with anyone, huh? All the more reason for me to keep this thermos in my pocket for when I see them and suck them all in before they get away again!

Ashi: You have a gadget that can trap them?

Danny: Yep! (Shows Ashi the thermos) Fenton Thermos! Interdimensional prison! Never leave the lab without it! I didn't have it before since I wasn't catching any ghosts, but here I'm gonna make an exception.

Jimmy: We'd better get down there and see what we can find. There's gotta some indigenous technology left that we can use to modify the interdimensional gate back at the mines.

Everyone else looking confused at Jimmy: ?

Jimmy in layman's terms: We need to find the Irken tech to fix the warp gate.

Everyone slide down the hill toward what's left of Zim's Earth base.

Back at the Toon Force base…

Timmy looking in a closet: Jimmy! Tucker?!

Jenny in Jimmy's backyard: Danny?!


El Tigre: I don't see them anywhere.

Jazz on her phone: Danny's not answering my calls.

In the background, Nicole, Gumball, and Jack Fenton bust through a wall.

Gumball and Jack: THEY'RE NOT HERE!

Timmy: Well this stinks! What're we supposed to do if neither of them are around?!

Nicole: What's the problem? Can't you all defend yourselves without them?

Timmy: We can, but Jimmy and Danny always have a plan in case something goes wrong. What do we do?!

Arnold from Hey Arnold comes over.

Arnold: You think maybe you can do like how you rescued me earlier from those booger men?

Jenny: Yes, we could. But that was an easy mission.

Timmy: No offence, but I don't think anyone of the bad guys would want anything to do with you.

Arnold crossing his arms: Actually, with what's been going on lately, none taken.

Sam: I've got a feeling they're gonna come back eventually. But I just hate it when they don't let us know they're leaving ahead of time. Plus, I barely get to go on missions like you guys do!

Karen: They said they were going to some world of Samurai what's-his-face. They tried to warp back here, but something went wrong on their end.

Plankton: So what next? They appear out of thin air?

Penny: I can see that happening.

Timmy: Well, we can't just sit around and wait for them to come back. We have to find them if something's wrong!

Yuki: And what if we can't return ourselves?

Timmy: Oh shoot. You're right.

Karen: I can't open a portal back to Jack's world, but there's something going on back at his dimension with another.

Jenny: What's that one like?

Suddenly in front of a couch somewhere…

Robin: TITANS!

Cyborg: Dang, man! Why you always tryin' to interrupt my flow?!

Beastboy: Seriously, you do that almost every episode!

Robin: There is no time for that! Gizmo's got a giant mech and he's attacking the city!

Raven: Again? Didn't we just stop him yesterday?

Starfire: Has the Gizmo tired out from the destruction already?

Robin: No one tires out of crime! We all knew that from the very beginning! Now come on! We have to-


Robin: Oh, that's right! (Zooms towards Timmy and Jenny) I've invited these guys over to help us!

Jenny getting nervous: Um, please, let go of my arm.

Beastboy: Aren't they from another channel?

Robin: Yes, but they're stronger, faster, and smarter than any of us combined! They offered to help us fight to keep us safe from some kind of cartoon war.

Cyborg: More cartoons?! What next, an action movie?!

Gumball: Cartoons? You've already fought someone from another show or whatnot?

Beastboy: Yeah. Some crazy guy who wants to prove he's stronger than everyone.

Cyborg: Looked like he came from Arkham Asylum.

Timmy: Arc Ham Elysium?

Cyborg: No. Arkham Asylum! You know. That place from Gotham. Got crazy folk up in there?!

Jenny: Never heard of it.

Robin: Anyway, we gotta get to the streets, ninja style! TITANS-

Gumball: Wait! I think you left something in the oven.

In the kitchen, smoke billows out of the oven as fire spreads about.

Cyborg: Gasp! Mah brats!

Jenny: You put brats in an oven?

Beastboy walking into the back elevator: We do it all the time. Plus, we put the pizza in the microwave for 2 hours everyday!

Raven getting in the elevator: Don't question them. They're just weird like that.

Timmy: Is that a pegasus in your pocket?

Raven getting nervous: U-uh, no! (Shows Timmy the horse) It's, uh, my pet demon shaped to look like a pegasus! (Presses horse against Timmy's face) Just look into his eyes and see the many hundred souls he devoured.

Timmy: This is gonna be a long day…

In the distance from the Titan Tower, a monster of some sort watches and ponders what will happen next.

End of Chapter 18


Chapter Text

"With the Toon Force separated from each other in different timelines, both groups must fight their own battles against the Syndicate. Jimmy Neutron, Danny Phantom, Tucker, and Zim travel an alternate future with Jack and Ashi. And Timmy, Jenny,and Gumball fight with the Teen Titans (GO) against Gizmo. Little do they know that an even greater threat is looming over the horizon."

The four Nicktoons, Jack, and Ashi shift through the broken remains of Zim's base.

Tucker: Dang! You've got plenty of stuff here!

Danny: Did you ever make a time machine yourself?

Zim: I once built one to make a stand against my mortal enemy Dib. Of course he's not my nemesis anymore after "certain" events, but for the time, we tried everything to be rid of each other once and for all!

Jimmy: Did you ever get rid of the thing?

Zim yelling: I did not! It should be right here where my counterpart of this timeline left it! (Points to ruined hallway)

Ashi walks inside and sees a broken piece of the time portal.

Ashi: It looks like part of the warp gate we came from.

Danny: Maybe the Syndicate knew the Zim of this time had the tech to build more.

Tucker looking in a control panel: Figures. Much of his stuff is gone. Wires, power cables, switches, generators. None of it is here!

Zim: They wouldn't take all my technology if they don't know how to use them!

Zim uncovers an orb of some sort from a familiar container.

Jack: What is this?

Zim: This is how my base was formed. A needle transformed into an orb of creation!

Danny: Then, you can use it to make the time machine again! Or better yet, modify the warp gate!

Jimmy: Zim, you're a genius!

Zim: I know. After all, I am superior to your lesser humankind!

Jimmy: We'd better install this onto the warp gate back at my lab. I mean…the mine.

Danny: Don't we have to take care of the Syndicate first?

Jimmy: Oh yeah! Uh, Tucker, you and Zim can make the thing work, right? You two go to the mine and see what you can do to start it up.

Tucker: Aight.

Danny: Anyway, Jack, your world's probably still out there. I guess when we warp there, you and Ashi can take us back to Aku's tower an- (Gets hit by falling debris) Ow!


The ruins of the base fall apart and almost bury the heroes! Danny goes intangible to save everyone and take them to an empty part of the base.

Jimmy: Nice job Danny! That was a close one!

Ashi: What kind of ability was that?

Danny: Intangibility. Thanks to my ghost half, I can phase through anything! (Phases Hands) Gotta love it!

Jimmy: This part of the base looks like the mine we were in earlier.

Jack: Then perhaps it has the portal we need to return to it.

Tucker near a control switch: What's this do? (Pushes button)

Small doors in the walls open with windows showing scraps from the area being recycled into a machine and converted to iron and steel.

Jimmy: This place is a smelting facility.

Danny: Maybe the portal from the mine's supposed to bring us here. But it sent us outside in the landfill.

Jimmy: That must mean it's been shut off. We'd better start looking for it!

Back at Anais' tower…

Anais walks around the clean building looking for someone while admiring the scenery outside the tower's highest floor. She peeps into another room where she sees a long shaft leading to catwalks and balconies of slave workers, both adults and children unearthing hundreds of precious gems from the rubble supplied by mining carts. She, at first, feels sympathetic for them, wearing a rather sorrowful expression, but she quickly reverts back and traverses the white and shiny halls and finds the girl who gave her the jewel earlier looking out the window with a broom. The girl is surprised to see her again, this time out of her throne room.

Anais: Hey, it's you again. Listen, I was just walking to the warp gate to visit some place and I figured," Hey, why don't I bring someone with me for once?" I mean, not that you'd be any help, but-

The girl gets up and hugs her. Anais is confused, but she acknowledges and lets her follow her to the portal room. She activates the nearest warp gate and the two of them get in to visit Zim's world. When they get there, they fall in the same pile as the Toon Force, and Anais ends up falling down the slope of the hill, messing up her coat and boots.

Anais: No…! (Looks at sleeves) I just washed these…They didn't tell me they'd send me on this end of the planet!

The girl climbs down the hill towards Anais.

Anais: Those four cheeseheads will owe me an arm and a leg for sending me here like this! Where is the warp gate to this place?! (Looks around) Who's in charge here?! Hello?!

Girl: (Sweat drop emoji) .

Anais: Oh come now! At least you don't have to worry about your raggedy clothes! They're the same pair I found you in! Although, from the looks of things, no one seems to be here. A perfect time to start my new gem empire. (Walks along path) I could have some of my scavengers work here and set my tower above where the warp gate should be. That should estimate a building time of- (Walks into damaged Irken tech)

Anais and the girl have wandered into the ruins of the Irken base, curious to see what's inside.

Anais: Oh! Perfect! The warp gate's probably in here somewhere. Wait here and make sure nothing comes in. I don't want my coat to get ruined again. (Enters the ruins)

Girl: ?

Danny feels through the walls and finds a switch that opens a door to the deactivated warp gate.

Tucker: I had a feeling it wasn't working. (Wires drone to gate) This should give it enough power to turn on again. Then the rest of the place can take over.

Jack: Wonderful work you two.

Jimmy: All that's left is for us to get Zim's tech back to the mine and stop the Syndicate.

Anais in the back of the room: What do you think you're doing?!

Everyone turns around. Anais is stunned that there are people still in the facility.

Anais: Aren't you the one's in charge of these parts?

Danny: Wait...Is that Gumball's sister? She's looks just like how he described her one day, but she's much older here. Her name's, uh...Ana...Anais!

Jimmy: Anais, hi! We, uh...we don't work here. We're just trying to get this portal on again. I-It's nice to-

Anais: You mean it wasn't online to begin with? Curses! I should've known those boys were trying to send me to a dead planet! They can't stand having someone of great success compared to their shoddy work! Still, you've found the portal for me. I commend you all for that. But since this is my world now, (Waves hand in leaving motion) I see no reason for you to be here.

Danny: Wait, you know the Syndicate? You've worked for them?!

Anais: Not anymore! But until I get my hands on them, I'm going to show you what it's like invading my territory!

Anais suddenly emits a pinkish aura and leaps into the air, transforming into a form similar to Nicole and Yuki's anime look. She falls back down and slams into the floor making a large shockwave of energy that takes everyone with it! Outside, Anais' assistant hears the boom from inside and hesitates to get in to check. The Nicktoons are pushed away from Jack and Ashi and try to reason with Anais.

Jimmy: Anais, wait! We don't want to fight you! The Syndicate is who we want!

Anais: They're who I want too, boy. But there can be only one who takes their heads! (Shoots beam at Jimmy)

Danny blocks the blast with his ghost shield, but gets knocked into a computer!

Danny: AAAGH! (Crashes)

Zim: So, Earth creature, you come to face the wrath of Zim?! Bring it on! (Pulls out Plunger of Doom)

Anais shoots a small beam at Zim. Zim blocks the attack with his weapon, but it gets cut in half. Anais shoots again at Zim, this time hitting him and making him fall over. Jack takes his sword out and he and Ashi leap toward Anais. She dodges their attacks and kicks Jack away from her while Ashi continues to fight back! Jimmy joins in with his freeze ray and shoots Anais in the leg, putting weight on her and allowing Ashi to hit her in the face! Anais' closed eyes light up and she opens with a laser shooting at the heroes!

Jimmy: Gosh! You're almost like your mother, only not as scary!

Anais: What are you talking about? You wouldn't know her unless you had my permission! (Throws energy balls at everyone, avoiding the portal)

Tucker unhooks his attack drone and fires its machine guns at Anais. Though the bullets don't hurt her, they put holes in her clothes and distract her. She slowly walks over to Tucker ready to hurt him, but thankfully, Danny comes around and pushes her out of the facility with his intangibility! He drops her and she lands into a hill filled with broken XJ robots; the sound or her crashing catching the attention of the girl from outside. The crash makes the metal in hill collapse and smash into nearby structures, almost crushing the girl, but she narrowly avoids them and hides behind one of the fallen cranes for cover, observing the fight as it plays out. Anais explodes the hill enraged and shoots even larger energy bullets at Danny; this time hitting him when he turns intangible! Danny falls out of the sky and lands near Zim leaving the ruins.

Zim: FOOL! You will PAY for ruining the dreaded plunger of DOOM! (Fires energy blast at Anais)

Anais shrugging off the shots: I'm very sorry for your loss. (Fires beam at Zim)

Zim is left burnt and falling back near the portal room with severe damages!

Anais: And I've lost many things before too. Home, friends, family, I'm edgy, I'm evil, etc. However you wanna put it, you don't understand because YOU don't know suffering..!

Jack and Ashi return to the fight and Jack deflects the shots, bouncing them back at Anais and hurting her. Jack cuts her arm with his sword and Ashi punches her in the stomach multiple times rapidly then delivering an uppercut! Anais falls down, but she shoots both Jack and Ashi with her heat vision! While the time is right, Jimmy runs over and freezes her with his ray gun against the ground!

Jimmy breathing heavily: That's enough damage for one day...

Danny flies over to Jimmy while holding his arm.

Danny: Nice shot Jimmy! She didn't even know what hit her! (Pats Jimmy's back)

Jimmy: I know she's gonna break outta that eventually though. Anyone got any ideas?

Jack: I could tie her up with any chains nearby.

Ashi: No, that only worked with me, and I didn't have any powers. She could break out of there if she wanted to.

Danny: Hehe. Kinky.

Ashi: Sounds like it. Yes. Yes it was…(Smiles almost like Aku)

Everyone: Ooooh….(Smiles)

The scene transitions to Anais chained up, but her boots are gone and she's chained against an old broken Neutron Rocket. Only Jimmy, Danny, Jack, and Ashi are around.

Anais: What do you think your doing with me? I'll have you know I'm the leader of the Collectors, and I could have parts of YOU collected if I wanted to!

Jimmy: We just wanna know a little more about the Syndicate and we can let you off the hook.

Anais: I won't tell you anything. My lips are sealed shut. (Makes grumpy face)

Ashi: Oh really? Because it looks like they're wide open! (Tickles Anais)

Anais trying not to laugh or smile: Pfft…! Gmft..!

Danny grinning and giving Jimmy a hi-five: You act like you're so high and mighty, so go ahead and talk. You know you want to.


Jack: Will you tell us about the Syndicate?

Anais: I-I WON'T! (Tickled again) AAAHAHA! OK, OK! YES! Enough!

Ashi: Great! (Sits down crisscrossed and grins)

Jimmy: So what happened around here? What are they about?

Anais: The Syndicate was formed after some samurai and his new buddies tried to kill Aku. Since then, they worked together to take over the world and many others in both their dimensions, making a whole new empire.

Jack: That sounds like the timeline I fought Aku in.

Anais: Oh! So YOU'RE the guy he hates most, huh? Well you're not gonna stay here much longer, cause he and the Syndicate want to use my jewels to power a new time machine that has the power to travel to other timelines and take over every last one of them!

Ashi: But how could they? There are no time portals left! Are there?

Anais: None but one. But that one is with the Syndicate and serves as the source of their machine's power. Using that portal will send you to any point in history at random, all thanks to some extra stuff, including that cannon Crocker has that carries fairy dust or whatever. With that, they can go just about any time, any place.

Jack sounding aggressive: Aku…

Anais: Yeah, yeah! Aku this, Aku that! He's got the power the other three don't. That's why he's so important to them as much as they are to him! Whatever they did to you in the past, we have it worse out here in these parts!

Jimmy: Then we definitely do need to stop them! If we don't, chances are they'll get to our timeline and destroy it like they did your's!

Ashi: You say they sent you here without a working portal? So let's make them pay! (Clenches Fists)

Anais: Haha! No.

Danny: Aw come on! Why not?

Ashi: ...Because we can't. What can you do to stop a demon and a time drive? It's over already. You just haven't seen it yet. Anyway, I must find my assistant. (Breaks loose from chains and stands up) She was supposed to be waiting outside the door for me. (Walks off)

Jimmy: You brought someone else with you?

Anais: Yeah. Some little alien girl with antennas. A.K.A, my employee. She didn't get this opportunity to come with me for free. (Walks away)

Ashi: Guess I may as well find pink eyes and drag him back downstairs. (Walks away)

Jimmy: At least now we know how serious the situation is and who's with us. I just wonder how the others back at my lab are doing. (Looks at Jack and notices his somber expression) You ok Jack? You look kinda sad.

Jack standing watching Ashi leave: ... Seeing your world and mine, and hearing what that woman said makes me think about my decision to return to the past. You claim to have friends in your timeline, while I have made many in the future he created. Without him, Ashi would never be by my side again. (Kneels in front of Jimmy and Danny) Jimmy, Danny, I understand I cannot change the course of history. Perhaps I truly was meant to return to the past. But if this is where it leads, losing yours and my allies, including Ashi..! I vow never to let any of these consequences ever happen again, to both you, and the ones you've loved.

Danny spawning a blade-like ecto beam: Then, Samurai Jack, (taps blade onto Jack's shoulders) welcome to the Toon Force. (Fades beam away)

Jack rises back up and shakes both Jimmy and Danny's hands, letting them know that they will work together to prevent the Time Drive from ever being used for evil.

At Jump City...

The Titans battle Gizmo in a gigantic mech that towers over the tallest buildings! The Toon Force members, on the other hand, watch them do their stuff and make sure no one else comes over to stop them.

Gumball standing around with his arms crossed: Anyone notice the city's always empty?

Robin stabs the robot with his staff but gets whacked off! Starfire shoots energy blasts, but the armor of the machine deflects them back at her!

Starfire getting blasted out of the air: Agh! (Falls)

Cyborg: I got you girl! (Stretches neck and wraps around Starfire)

Jenny: I am mildly disturbed.

Timmy: This is getting pretty boring. Let's show them what we can do!

Suddenly, Control Freak arrives in his hovering chair over the Nicktoons getting close to the Titans. Robin and Beastboy notice and prepare for him.

Beastboy: Look out! (Points) It's Control Freak!

Robin: He's not gonna make us go through that island adventure again! Starfire, you've got this right? Take over!

Starfire hovering upward: Um...I might need a little more-

Robin: TITANS. GO!

Raven, Cyborg, and Beastboy assemble around Robin to stop Control Freak from trapping everyone like last time.

Starfire: (Sighs and shoots heat vision at Gizmo's cockpit)

Gizmo: HAHA! My mech suit is indestructible! I can do anything with this thing!

Jenny: Starfire's in trouble!

Timmy: Those jerks! They can't just leave her like that! Let's go help her before she gets hurt.

The Toon Force run over to Gizmo and Starfire while the rest of the titans prepare for Control Freak.

Robin: What is it this time Control Freak? We're very busy!

Control Freak: Oh, nothing. I'm just here to watch, that's all. You've got some new friends and I wanted to meet them.

Cyborg: Why would you want to do that? They're not even from the same show?

Control Freak: Exactly! I'm the one who got all this started in the first place and I could have rebooted you all! But you still refuse to quit! (Slams fists on chair)

Raven: We already told you, we won't leave!

Beastboy: No one's rebooting us yo!

Control Freak: Oh, trust me, I know that already. (Thinks about the tooting and cringes) But your audience still HATES you!

Robin: They don't have to watch if they don't want to. Now leave us alone!

Cyborg: We've already broken the Fourth Wall plenty of times before and made our point to the Heavens that we ain't gonna change!

Control Freak: Pfft! Hhahaha, oh Titans! If you had broke the Fourth Wall like you said you did, you wouldn't be standing here! The only people who did that were these two beavers who realized their show was ending. You claim you've met your creators, but it didn't matter. You haven't changed.

Raven: Wait...why would you care for that and any of our new friends?!

Control Freak: Nothing. Just a thought.

Robin: Just a thought?

Control Freak: Just a thought. (Grins)

Titans and Control Freak: ….


Control Freak: Alright, fine. You know why these guys are here, right?

Titans: Yes..?

Back with Gizmo, Jenny helps Starfire shoot a hole through his mech's joint areas while Timmy uses his wand to stab its leg and tear its electronics out! Gizmo's mech starts to lose balance, and Gumball steps next to its leg and trips it.

Gizmo falling: WOAH!

The mech crashes to the street and Starfire blows up its energy chest compartment, blowing the robot to pieces as Gizmo shoots out of it!

Gizmo bumping into mailboxes: Ow! Ow! Ow! (Lands on his butt)

Jenny: Huh. That was easier than I thought.

Starfire feeling upset: The easy was not for me. (Scratches arm)

Gumball: Well, hey, at least you tried. You did great by yourself!

Timmy: But how come we could break stuff from this world so easily if we couldn't with everyone else's?

Jenny: Well, everyone's shorter than us, so...that's something. (Shrugs)

Starfire: Thank you for saving me. Sometimes I just wish the other Titans weren't always so...quick.

Jenny kneeling down to Starfire: Hey, it's ok. Maybe when we're done here, we can let you visit our base for a while.

Starfire lightening up: That would be wonderful!

Gumball: And speaking of other Titans, isn't that them over there? (Points towards Control Freak in the distance)

The other titans with Control Freak become intrigued by his knowledge.

Robin: You know about the Toon War?

Control Freak: Yeah I do! What do you think I do on my spare time? Watch you loud-mouths?! Besides, I can't stand by while there's other shows I like getting killed!

Raven: Then why are you here to tell us something we already know?

Control Freak: I'm here to give you a warning. Leave, be rebooted, or get killed by those other cartoons out there!

Cyborg: Who? Those guys? (Looks at the Nicktoons and Gumball coming over) They're not bad.

Control Freak: Oh, but they are! It's funny, really. How you guys are constantly hated by so many no matter what you do. But when there's criticism that's due for people like these, they tend to be ignored in favor of raining on your parade!

The three Titans start to think in silence. Meanwhile, another cartoon character watches in the outskirts of Jump City.

Control Freak: If you had cared for your audience at all, you would've been more like these guys! Ever see this kid right here? (Points to Gumball)

Gumball: What?

Control Freak: Now, this dude is awesome! He's silly like you, but he's got story on occasion, and he's funny, unlike you guys with your lame fart jokes!

Gumball: Uh…

Control Freak: And you! (Looks at Jenny) You're a robot, but you're relatable, unlike these people right here! They're always the same every episode!

Jenny: Llllet's not make any comparisons, ok?

Control Freak: And you, I- (Pauses at Timmy) Huh. I guess you're alright. I mean, you kinda sucked with those new characters and all, and the best ones like AJ were gone at one point, but-

Timmy: Shut up!

Control Freak: Just saying! But we all have our flaws, you know. (Turns attention back to Titans) There's nothing wrong with that, except no one really cares about them, unlike with you. It's great to be positive, but not when mistakes are left unrecognized for worlds like these! Doesn't that make you jealous?

Robin: I-i…(Drops staff)

Starfire: Robin?

Raven descends to the ground and Cyborg slowly puts down his weapon while Beastboy looks upset. Suddenly, Jenny hears a noise coming from somewhere.

Jenny: Hit the dirt!

Starfire: ?! (Gets blasted)

A stray energy bullet pierces through Starfire's stomach and sends her flying into a building! The Titans and the Toon Force are shocked, and Control Freak backs off from them.

Control Freak: Woah! That was a huge shift in tone! Might as well call it a quits! (Starts floating away) Good luck with your inevitable existential crisis boys and girls! HAHAHAHAHA-(Gets blasted through head) AUEH!

Control Freak falls out of his chair and onto the ground dead from the quiet shot.

Timmy and Gumball: OH SH-

Robin jumping in front of Timmy and Gumball: Control Freak! STARFIRE!

Jenny shoots toward the direction of the shot and misses the target sniper. The person leaps forward with a jetpack and kicks Robin into a building!

Timmy: No! It's Tuesday again!

Timmy looks down and sees a circle of chalk on the road around him and Jenny. The chalk suddenly morphs into a real object and ties itself around the two characters!

Gumball: Guys! (Runs)

Gumball is quickly interrupted by a short chihuahua with a knife smiling devilishly at him, and a massive monster of some sort with a green lady on top of it! Jenny and Timmy struggle to break free, and a man with a piece of chalk shows up.

Timmy: It can't be!

Jenny: Not you too!

End of Chapter 19

Chapter Text

"Anais of the alternate timeline agrees to help the Toon Force return to their timeline and destroy the Syndicate's time drive before they can use it to take over other versions of history. Meanwhile, the Toon Force back at Jump City are under attack by other Nicktoons who each have a vendetta against Teen Titans GO and the Toon Force."

Starfire struggles to get back up from the rubble she's in and Robin tries to move, but is nearly stomped on by Vendetta's fiend.

Robin: GAH!

Vendetta: Stay there, like a good boy!

Timmy tied up: Rudy! Wha...What are you doing here?! (Tries to break the chalk)

Rudy: The Syndicate told us before they left for another world earlier that you would eventually come here.

Tuesday holding an energy pistol at Jenny's face: I hate those old men, but they said that this would be a perfect way of getting rid of you and those wannabe titans. Heck! If anything, we hate them more than you guys!

Beastboy morphing into a dinosaur: Let go of them, yo! (Gets hit in the face by Vendetta's monster and slammed into the road) Agh!

Raven uses her powers to blast Vendetta off the fiend, but a chalk minion whips her and tie her and Cyborg up! Cyborg tries to shoot with his cannon, but another chalk minion arrives and clogs it, blowing up Cyborg's arm!

Cyborg: OW! (Looks at damages) Dang it! Now how am I supposed to replace it?! My Grandma gave it to me!

Raven: Agh…! (Tries using powers) Why can't I break free? It's just chalk.

Timmy: Yeah, what is this stuff? You couldn't do this when we last met when Zim warped us all off our worlds years ago!

Rudy: It's an enhanced version of it that Penny made for me to use in the real world before the show had ended. No one gets in or out of it!

Robin trying to get from under the fiend's foot: P-please! We don't even know you guys! Just let us leave already!

Vendetta: NO! Neither of you are leaving here today! You people are hated yet stay on air while we're forgotten yet loved! (Vendetta's fiend steps off of Robin)

Tuesday comes over towards Robin aiming at him instead.

Tuesday: People liked us, but we never had the chance to show anyone what we were truly made of.

Rudy: Times have changed for the worst for all of us! And now, your series is long overdue, Timmy!

Gumball: What're you talking about?! We haven't even done anything!

Rudy: Nothing, GB. I'm just a guy who wants his chance to return everyone back to the way they should've been. Back when worlds like us didn't use cheap humor, thrive off of hate, or shove morals down everyone's throats in every episode!

Cyborg: Isn't that what you used to do?

Rudy takes his hand and backhands Cyborg's face with an echoing metal sound coming from the impact!

Jenny: Ok, yes. Maybe they do suck. But who cares?! Why should we fight one another if we hadn't done anything to anyone? What does it matter?!

Rudy yelling: Ȅ̶̫̝̘̞̫̔̈ͅV̶͙̣̑͂̈́Ê̵̡̤̠͔͆̏̍̚R̸̺̝͗̃͋̊̋̇̃̕Y̷͔̖̊͊̾̎̋̊́Ṭ̸͍̊̅̍͌̋͑̌̌H̸̩̻̱̖́̔̊͊̍͝I̷̧̘̋̔̅̂͘N̷̨͓͚͔̳̜̣͆͛͗̃ͅG̴̙͇̮̜͒̊ͅ ̶̺͕͚̫̼̭̯̎M̷̳̝̦̲͑͊̈̌̽̋͑͝A̵̳͉͎̘̣̿̍T̶̳̑͐̾͑T̸̳͚̞̹̄E̶͍͓̟̽͒R̵͎̀S̴͈͓̘̪̩̍̾͜!̵͈̰̄!̵̧͎̬̞͕́!̸̧̧̨͙̞͉̘͔͒͌̈́̓̓̉̌͝Ȇ̴̞͍͍͊͒͑̂̋̾͐̅̉͛Ȓ̶̢͕͕S̸̟̜̏!̶̡̡̛͔̞̭̝͉̣̞̞̤̦̓̃͊̒̍̍!̵̢͍̫͓̮̟̫̘̻̘̞̈́͛̅͜͠ͅ!̸͉̇̐̀̐ͅ

Jenny stunned: …Oh, ok.

Timmy: Look, I'm sorry about-

Tuesday interrupting Timmy: What? Sorry about killing some of our own? Sorry about killing my brother? Sorry about keeping these bobbleheads safe when you know they don't deserve your kindness?!

Timmy shouting: About everything, alright?! We didn't mean it! Just, please, let everyone else leave and take me instead! I'm the one who's been here longer than anyone of us!

Vendetta: Yes, but there's someone else out there who's been here even longer than you!

Gumball at knifepoint: Who's that? (Hesitates)

Tuesday: You don't know him, but the rest of the Toon Force does. Friends of him are no friend of ours!

Jenny: I don't know who you're talking about.

Timmy: Me neither. Can't we still be friends and talk this over?!

Rudy: I'm sorry. We were friends once. But your time is over, just like mine was. (Aims chalk at Timmy)

Timmy is stunned at Rudy's response. Rudy, Vendetta, Ren, and Tuesday prepare to kill everyone, when suddenly, a massive ecto beam shoots into the ground and stops everyone! Tuesday looks at the sky and Sam, Maddie, Jazz, Jack, Plankton, El Tigre, and Nicole arrive in the Fenton rocket and land! Jack shoots a cannon at the fiend and it falls over with Vendetta trying to hold on. Maddie leaps in the air and throws landmines at the chalk minions and blow them up, freeing the tied Titans and Nicktoons. Tuesday runs over and shoots at them, but Nicole charges and kicks her away! She turns around and shoots Ren away from Gumball, sending him into a pole!

Nicole: You stay away from my son! (Grabs pole and whacks Tuesday with it)

Rudy makes more chalk minions and a chalk sword to combat Timmy. He grabs his wand and he and Rudy clash! Plankton uses his mallet to erase some of the chalk minions and Sam and Jazz use their Fenton suits to shoot holes through them. Beastboy returns to his senses and morphs into his regular form to help Robin back up.

Robin searching for Starfire: Beastboy, where's Starfire?

Beastboy: I don't know bro. She was just in that building over there. (Points to warehouse)

Robin: …We need to find her.

Cyborg: Yeah, but these chalk thingies are still walkin'! (Shoots rapidly at minions)

Raven lifts a truck and slams it on the minions!

Robin: This is worse than I thought…! Beastboy, I'll go look for Starfire! You and the others, GO!

Beastboy morphing into lion: On it, bro! (Rushes at minions and bites them) Ew! They taste like wood!

El Tigre takes a chalk minion and slashes it into pieces and scrapes one against the pavement while roaring like an actual tiger! Nicole's attacks become more potent against Tuesday X, landing serious blows to her joints!

Tuesday getting hit in the gut: T-this is no place for a Saleswoman! (Punched in the face)

Nicole: And this is no place for a whiny teenager! (Roundhouse)

Tuesday is knocked down and Maddie comes over with her ecto cannon armed and ready.

Maddie: You really need some discipline.

Tuesday: I don't need this! My mother would mop the floor with you guys if she were here! (Uses Jetpack)

Tuesday jets away from Nicole and Maddie and snipes them from afar!

Maddie: Not this time young lady!

Maddie takes her cannon and shoots it at Tuesday! She misses but cuts a hole through the jetpack, causing Tuesday to fall onto a roof!

Tuesday falling: Agh! (Crashes)

Gumball is battling a chalk minion and kicks it away, while Vendetta creates another fiend that resembles a spider.

Vendetta pointing at Gumball: Crush him!

Gumball sees the fiend and runs from it. The fiend tries to stab him, but he keeps dodging and hits one of its limbs with a plank next to him. The fiend is tripped and eventually Jenny helps by smacking it's face, causing it to fall near Vendetta.

Vendetta running away: Nononononnonono-

Vendetta is nearly crushed by the fiend next to her other one. But she accidentally drops the jar containing what she uses to make the fiends, causing the ooze in it to spread across the sidewalk. Timmy and Rudy are slashing each other's outfits and landing heavy punches and headbutts!

Rudy: Er..! Tuesday! Tuesday, where are you?! Ẁ̷̨̧̰̺͈̘͊͝é̸̢̻̞̗̦͐̍̀̆̀̓͗̚͠ ̶̣̲̲̮̣̫̺̤̘͚̪̔̎͌̈́͋̂͆̇̋̈̄͆͜ņ̷̡̖͕̦̮͖̩͇͍̝̻͂͋e̶̜̯͉̰̻͎͙̜͕̲͐̔̈̀̑̾́̔͘ẻ̶̛̳͗̎̈́͗̎͊d̸͚̤̏̆́̐ ̶͔̗͓͈͉͔̞̯̪̰̓̊̋͛̓̕h̴̢̻̟̩̖̹̯̾̌̍͗̆̽͐̿̾ẹ̵̡̛̮͖̲̺͇̫͔͎̱͙͒l̵̨̪̓̒̒̋̀̀p̶̙̟͑͒̌͌̆͛̐͒!̸̛̪̹̺́͆̐̒͌

Timmy: I'm sorry. What was that last part?

Rudy: (Emits loud electronic screeching noises)

Timmy covering his ears: Agh..! What the?!

In the distance, even more cartoon characters arrive, one by one atop many buildings and alleyways, including the experimental Johnny Test, his dog Dukey, and his two twin sisters, Stimpy, Commander ApeTrully, Lin Chung, Waffle, Gordon Quid, Bloom, Stella, hundreds of Winx fairies, and 3 tall 3-dimensional Chipmunks that look like parodies of themselves.

Gumball: Thiiis is gonna be a problem.

El Tigre: Hey guys, Penny just called! She says the lab's under attack!

Timmy: What?!

Nicole: I'm on my way!

Yuki: I'll be right there!

Gumball: Not my girlfriend! Beam us up, Scotty!

Vox warps GB, Yuki, Nicole, and El Tigre back to base while the rest remain at Jump City. But half the Winx fairies and the chipmunks, Johnny and Dukey follow them through their warp tunnels! The rest stay behind and immediately have everyone cornered.

Beastboy: What'cha'll gonna do bros?!

Cyborg with his cannons armed: Yeah! We got this all under control, baby!

Jenny mumbling to herself: More like "we" did.

Suddenly, in the building next to where Vendetta is, a massive, 7-story humanoid fiend crashes through the front windows and stomps its way towards the heroes. Though with every step, parts of its body phases in and out of existence like a computer program pixelating an image.

Timmy and Gumball surprised: WHAAAAAT?!

Robin: Quick, Titans, the limbs! Attack the limbs!

Jenny: Gee. Keep yelling, and you might end up bursting an eardrum!

Beast Boy turns into a bird then a shark and bites onto the creature, only to phase right through it's digital shoulder. The monster slams Robin and Cyborg to the ground and prepares to stab them in their faces, but Timmy runs over and shoots an energy beam at it from his wand! The monster wacks everyone away with his arm and bodyslams Cyborg's arm to the ground, crushing it! Raven comes over and uses her powers to try and separate the creature from it's components, but she gets blasted into a building by heat vision! All of a sudden, however, the fiend stops in place and looks around it.

Timmy getting up from a broken trash can: What's he doing?

The monster grabs one of its arms and tears it straight off, much to everyone's shock! It tosses it in the air, splitting it into multiple smaller fiends that all land on the ground and make their way towards a portal the main monster spawns out of nowhere! Some jump in while the rest stay behind to take care of those in Jump City.

Wanda: Oh no! Somehow they warped themselves away!

Jenny: And I'll bet they're headed straight for Jimmy's lab! We'd better hurry and stop these guys before-

The giant fiend takes its arm and stretches it to Jenny, grabbing her tossing her into a water tower that quickly comes crashing down to where there's civilians! The spewing water short circuits her systems temporarily, as part of her main electronics had been exposed in a chip in the attack. Jack and Maddie take their Ecto-Launchers and shoot at the monster's joints, which causes it to fall on one knee and breath fire from its mouth, which sets the block of the city on fire and spreads to the populace!

Sam: Oh, now there's people in trouble!

Sam ducks from a punch and moves from a kick from Ling Chung, and grabs her leg and tosses her into a fire hydrant, smashing it and causing the water to shoot out! She takes her wrist beam and blasts ApeTrully away, but she gets hit in the back by Bloom and and some of the small fairies! She smacks some of them away with her hands, but she gets toppled to the ground and beaten to death by the small ladies!

Sam squirming: Ah! D-Ah! Get off me!

Robin coming over with his staff: I'm coming! (Prepares to smack the fairies on Sam's stomach) YAAAA-

Sam freaking out: No you nut! Don't use that on me!

Raven uses her powers to lift all the fairies and group them into a ball, which Beastboy as a dinosaur, eats! He then spits them at the incoming fiends and blows some of them away!

Beastboy: Eugh! That was disgusting!

Back at the base in the hangar where Jimmy keeps his Hovercar, Yuki takes on some of the larger fiends with Nicole. She fires a pulse beam that shoots them back, but they all reshape and combine, shooting heat beams at the duo who both jump away on either side. The circle the monsters blasting small ki blasts that damage them a little but not much. They jump at one to them and start kicking them in their heads from above, but none of the attacks knock them down! One of the fiends grabs Yuki's leg and slams her into Nicole before smacking her to the floor face-first!

Yuki: Agh! (Flips back up and kicks into one of the creatures)

Yuki's kick stabs right through the fiend, but she can't get her leg out anymore. The monster attempts to absorb her, and Nicole shoots the fiend in the face, causing it to let go of her friend.

Yuki backing up towards Nicole: Thanks, friend.

Nicole stumbling: Aah…(Lands on knee and feels her stomach)

Nicole realizes her stomach was cut when Yuki crashed into her, and she's bleeding from the wound. This doesn't bother her too much, as she gets right back up and starts firing ki beams at the fiends again. Meanwhile, Gumball helps Penny take on some of the other cartoons, easily managing to take out the fairies using extra weapons from Jimmy's lab! Goddard morphs his back into a turret and lets Gumball get on, shooting at the rest of the fairies swarming the lab's interior!

Gumball shooting: I've definitely gotta get me one of these when I get home! Ok everyone! Prepare your hinnies!

While using the machine guns, GB accidentally blasts away some of the monitors in Jimmy's lab and the extra equipment, including the generators, lights, and combustible tanks! They explode and cause a fire in the lab, blowing up some of the walls and setting the swarming fairies on fire!

Gumball: Oopsie daisy.

The swarm starts getting larger as the blazing fires build up, shooting fire balls at the heroes! Penny morphs into a dragon, but this time uses ice breath to freeze the swarm in place, letting them all fall to the ground and shatter into a million pieces!

Vox: Fire Detected! Activating Emergency Protocols!

The lab's interior activates the sprinklers like its a storm in a building, getting everyone wet and losing their sights on one another from the thick shower! Penny looks for Gumball, breathing small bits of fire for clearer vision.

Penny: Gumball..? (Looks to her right)

Penny suddenly gets kicked in the jaw by Trudy X, and her neck gets grabbed from behind by Sasha Y, attempting to choke her! Tucker X comes over with a lazer pen and shoots a small light on Penny's face, causing her to fall unconscious from the effects and morph back into her default look.

Steven Y getting out his knife-pen: Ok! Let's do this!

Tucker X: Wait, hold up a second there, Y. I think this requires some finess. After all, she's a very delicate creature. (Pulls out space cannon) Just use this thing!

Gumball immediately comes from behind everyone and punches Tucker X into a wall! Steven uses his knife to try and slash at the blue cat, cutting his wrist!

Gumball holding his hand: Ouch! (Spin kicks Steven into the round table in the lab)

GB blocks a drop kick from Trudy X and uses a pulse beam he learned from Nicole to push everyone but he and Penny away!

Gumball lifting Penny his his arms: Penny! You ok! (Gets electrocuted in the back of the leg) Agh! (Falls down on his arms) Err…

Behind Gumball, Scout Y aims with a super tazer in her hands and a devilish grin on her face.

Scout Y: Muawahahahahaha! Only Truman wishes he had something like this!

Sasha Y walking over to Scout with a fiend: Now Scout, you know I told you no tasers, even when we're trying to kill someone.

Scout Y: Aw, but Mom, it's so much better! Don't you wanna see him squirm like a lady on Maury? (Shocks Gumball)

Gumball being tortured: Aagh! Stop! You're just like that time I gave Bobert an upgrade!

Without warning, Nicole bashes through the wall with the fiends falling out from it! She and Yuki have the hovercar in their hands and they use it to smack the enemies around Gumball away, smashing the vehicle in two! Nicole tosses the other half away and Yuki jump kicks Sasha Y in the cheek bone into a pipe! Scout Y shoots a pile of gum at Yuki's foot trapping her and giving another fiend a chance to charge at her and knock her down! It beats her a little, but she blows it's face off with a beam and breaks loose from the floor! More and more fiends arrive taking the form of monstrous hawks and spiders, making their way through the lab's interior! El Tigre takes his grapple arms and shoots them at the flying monsters, punching right through them and blowing them up before grabbing one and slamming it into the ground troops! Johnny suddenly shows up from behind Manny and tries to hit him with a magnetic sword, but he hears him coming and turns around, blocking the attack with his gauntlets! He moves a little, but his arms are stuck to the blade!

Johnny: Ha! I gotcha this time, furry! Com'on Dukey! Get the lazer while I still got em!

El Tigre: Oohohoho! So you think you're so smart, huh?

Before Dukey can run to Johnny with a mini lazer, Manny slings Johnny with his grapple arms into him and fires them into the main computer and through some fiends, smashing it to pieces and blowing up the main screen!

El Tigre: Uh oh. Jimmy's definitely gonna be pissed at me!

Johnny getting back up: That hurt, but it's gonna be even worse for you! (Poofs into Johnny X) I'm Johnny X, here to save the day!

El Tigre: Seems to me like you're ruining it!

Johnny: Take this! Hurricane Hands! (Starts spinning hands around, spawning a twister at Manny)

Manny gets blown backwards and lunges his claws into the floor to keep himself from flying away! He takes it and pulls up a chunk of the metallic ground to block the winds, using his back as support!

Johnny pushing Manny down: Dukey, hurry! Get into your Super Pooch powers and let's blow this furry away!

Dukey: Aw, com'on Johnny! Y'know I don't like doin this!

Johnny baiting Dukey: I'll give you a nice steak…

Dukey: ...Oh ok! (Shifts into Super Pooch) Super Pooch, comin at ya! (Bends down)

El Tigre: Guys, I think this pooch's about to break wind!

Dukey breaks wind mixed with a beam of fire! Gumball steps in just in time and fires a blue ki beam at the flames and hurricane force winds from Johnny! Johnny mixes the fires in with his winds to form an even bigger laser, but Gumball still hangs in there!

Gumball sniffing: ...EEeew..! Fart jokes are so cliche!

El Tigre losing ground!: Ah...Aah..!

Gumball: Don't worry, Tiger Dude! My Mom's the one who trained me for things like this! We're gonna make it! (Increases size of the beam)

Johnny: Keep going all you want! We're still gonna beat you with the power of wind and fire!

Gumball: Really?! Then let's see how long you can keep it up!

Dukey starting to lose his fire: ... Johnny, I think he's right..! I don't think I can keep going on long enough…

Johnny: Keep going! You can do it! I've got you!

Johnny and Dukey increase the size of the blast, but Gumball still holds onto his own. He doesn't push it further, nor does he get tired. All he does is hold the beam there with a smug look on his face while Johnny and Dukey lose stamina. Yuki stops taking on some of the other fiends for a moment and looks at Gumball being a hero from a distance, admiring his strength like Nicole's. Eventually, the Test duo lose too much energy, and Gumball blows them both away, shooting right through the lab and through the sewers of the neighborhood, causing the toilets and sewer openings to explode and leaving a long gaping tunnel from the lab to the streets of downtown Retroville!

Gumball: That'll do it! (Gets blasted by fiend) Gah!

El Tigre: GB! (Gets knocked in the back of the head and falls to the floor)

Manny falls down from an attack from a boulder-shaped fiend and shoots his gauntlets at it, but the attack bounces off of it! The fiend grabs his gauntlets and tears them in two, leaving Manny with nothing! He gets grabbed whole and slammed to the ground, punched by another monster! Meanwhile in Jump City, Jenny reactivates from her fall and short circuiting and gets back from the water tower where the people are scrambling for help! Suddenly, she gets smacked in the back of the head by Stimpy's fly swatter, and she turns and glares at him. He puts his tool down and puts his arms behind his back with an incredibly nervous grin. Jenny simply shoots an eye beam at him and knocks him unconscious before flying back to battle! Plankton takes on several fiends with Sam, crushing most of them with his mallet! The large one attempts to crush them underfoot, but Plankton pushes Sam out of the way and gets stomped on!

Plankton getting smushed: Doof!

The monster keeps stomping on Plankton when Robin and Cyborg jump in from atop a building with their weapons. The fiend shoots a beam of red energy at the bottom of it and blows it up completely! When Cyborg and Robin make it near the monster's face, it grabs them and slams then on the ground with its palm, destroying one of Cybrog's arms!

Cyborg: AAH! No! (Lifts broken arm cannon) My baby!

Robin smacking the fiend's hand with his staff: Take this! And that! And this!

Robin and Cyborg are liften and crushed again and again until the fiend has enough and morphs its fist into a sword, preparing to lunge right at the two as they yell for it to stop! Quickly, Jenny bashes right into the monster's stomach and rockets it and herself through several tall buildings, knocking much of them down before she could lift the beast into the air to avoid more collateral damage! As the towers topple down, the citizens panic and Maddie and JAck use Ecto-Shields to protect them!

Jack: Stay here, kids!

Maddie: They're not children. Most of them are adults, like us!

Jack: Really? Then how come they look so tiny and bulbus?

Jenny on her communicator: Guys, I can't find any other place to damage this thing! It's not gonna let up!

Timmy still clashing against Rudy: Head to the T-Tower! It's still got the gas on from earlier!

Jenny: But that's the Titan's home!

Timmy: There's no time! It's only way to stop it!

Jenny sends the monster all the way into the sky, dropping it toward the Titan tower.

Jenny: Sorry guys...

Jenny dives down like a rocket and crashes the giant fiend right into the building! She holds her punch and keeps her rockets at full throttle as they crash through the tower levels and cause some of the supports and rooms to come apart! One side of the tower falls off and lands in the water around it while the middle of it explodes and collapses from the intense attack, leading to an explosion from Jenny and the monster crashing right into the gas line! The explosion connects all the way to the city, blowing up the streets around the Toon Force, blazing the environment while those like Sam, Timmy, and Rudy duke it out! Timmy and Rudy butt heads and grab each other's hair trying to throw each other around in rage as the fire burns on either side! Back at the lab, Gumball continues to fight the fiends, but he gets cornered and nearly absorbed into the pitch black monsters, leaving only half his body visible!

Gumball getting pushed to the ground: Gugh! Mom! Mom, help! I'm cornered!

Nicole with Jimmy's other rocket in her palms: I'm coming! (Gets shot in the side by Trudy X's ring gun)

Nicole and Yuki are attacked by multiple fiends, the X's and Y's, with Yuki attempting to battle the X's only to get pushed back by the other fiends and distracted by other cartoons! Sanjay, Craig, and the Chipmunks get to Yuki and start teasing her a little with their annoying singing voices but not really damaging her while she's held down by multiple monsters!

Yuki: Agh! Shut up! You're so annoying! (Powers up but gets absorbed by fiends) Aghk! Aagh!

Nicole: Yuki! (Shoots Trudy away but gets shoved by Steven)

Nicole is cornered on all sides and tries to attack each person, but everyone comes in on her and punches, kicks and shoots her away several times! Nicole gets shoved by each one, and even when she manages to grab one of the fiends' arms and tear it off to beat Tucker X and Sasha Y with it, she gets bashed in the side by Scout's bubble ball! Suddenly, just as Nicole tries to turn around and get back up, Trudy X jumps to her face and kicks her right in the cheek, loudly stunning her like she's hitting metal and causing her to bleed out the mouth! Gumball sees what happened and yells!

Gumball being held back by a fiend: MAMMA!

Nicole, while in a daze, gets uppercutted in the gut by Sasha and beaten to death by another fiend and Tucker X takes his pen cannon and charges it before releasing a massive ball of power at her, blowing her through a wall and several of the lab's electronics!

Nicole pausing: …(Nods) Ok.

Nicole immediately unleashes a massive energy aura that shoots up to the sky, smashing through the roof and gravitates her back on her feet with no pupils, and an intense menacing-looking expression. Everyone around her step backward in terror, but Tucker X gets his lazer cannon out again.

Tucker X: Don't worry you guys. (Aims cannon) I've got this.

Nicole quickly turns towards Tucker X and shoots an eye beam right through his cannon to his face before he could pull the trigger! This knocks him unconscious and darkens his face from the burns! Trudy X charges like a jaguar straight back to Nicole, but she simply backhands her and sends her faster than a rocket into the sky through the clouds and out the atmosphere! Steven Y runs in for another attack with his pen blade but Nicole shoots him away with her eye beams. Sasha Y comes up from behind, only to get kicked into a generator that electrocutes her and blows it up, causing the lights in the room to flicker on reserve power! Scout Y runs in with a bubble gun to try and trap Nicole, but the pissed off mother turns to her and shoots the gun in two, causing it to release a bubble around Scout. Nicole pushes the bubble-trapped Scout Y away with a soft kick and hears Gumball having a struggle against the monsters holding him down! She tosses an energy disk at the monsters, slicing them in two! Sanjay and Craig charge towards Gumball, only for Nicole to warp in front of them. She punches Sanjay in the forehead, seemingly twisting his neck, and when Craig bites her leg, she takes him with both hands and holds him up to the air!

Craig till trying to bite: Oh shoot! Oh shoot! Not cool, lady! Not co-

Nicole tears Craig in two in a rather horrific display as Sanjay helplessly watches, unable to move! When Steven Y returns with his blade again for a chop, she grabs the very tip of it and disintegrates the weapon. She uses Craig's halves to beat Steven in the face a few times before she tosses his remains away and uses a light push with the air to blow a hole in Steven's organs, causing him to collapse in shock! The last of the remaining fiends converge on Nicole, and she jumps in the air and throws a ground punch that sends a shockwave out on everyone, disintegrating them! While she's slaughtering everyone, and seemingly enjoying it with a rather sadistic grin on her face, Gumball walks over with a recovering Penny in his arms to try and calm her down.

Gumball: Ok Mom...Ok Mom..OK MOM!

Nicole stops fighting and looks right at Gumball with a blank lifeless and demonic glare for a second, but she quickly recovers and calms herself.

Alvin the Chipmunk: Uh, I think now's the perfect time for us to run!

Simon the Chipmunk: A very logical conclusion.

Alvin and Simon bail while Theodore hesitates and falls on his butt in confusion. The other two get cornered by El Tigre and Yuki, who swiftly knock them out cold with a grappling punch and high kick into the last remaining fiends! The fiends fall into a conveyor belt where multiple lasers burn at them as though they were melding parts together, slicing them all into several pieces!

Yuki and Manny: Oops.

Penny getting up: You really didn't have to go that far for me. The way you rescued me back there...

Gumball: They were just about to kill you, so. You know. Boyfriend stuff.

Penny giggles quietly and blushes with her arms behind her back. But her joy quickly turns to horror when she sees the damages around the place. Tucker X and the Y's are all beaten to near death by Nicole and Craig, Dukey, Johnny, and all the other Winx fairies are all killed. Nicole looks at what she did, also seeing that her anger almost led to her going mad falls on her knees, realizing that her own strength may be too much for anybody, even herself. Gumball and Penny calmly walk over to Nicole, comforting her while everyone else look around Jimmy's broken lab.

Gumball: Aw dang. Wait till Jimmy sees what happened to his lab...

In the recent ruins of Jump City, Timmy and Rudy are stalemated and prepare for one last attack! They rush in on each other and block each other's weapons, with Timmy getting on one knee holding him back!

Timmy in a clash: Don't make me do this, Rudy!

Rudy in a clash: You have no choice Timmy! (Ends clash and tries stabbing Timmy)

Timmy dodges the attack and lunges his wand into Rudy! Rudy is stabbed through the leg!

Rudy: AAH! (Falls on left leg)

Timmy releasing Rudy: ...

Rudy sits on the road thinking to himself as Timmy leaves him alone.

Rudy: ...Timmy...what happened? What are we doing here?

Timmy: ?! You...You don't remember? You just tried to kill me and these people..!

Rudy: I, I didn't...I didn't know what I…(Looks at fires and ruined buildings and streets) Oh God, no. What did I do?! (Grabs Timmy's shirt in desperation) What did I do to you, Timmy?!

Timmy looks at Rudy's expression, now seeing that his response is genuine, as though he completely forgot what he was doing. As if someone was manipulating him the whole time.

Timmy holding Rudy's shoulders: Maaaybe we should bring you with us, Rudy. There's so much going on, even I don't know. But you've gotta promise me you'll tell us every detail from what you last saw when we get back home. And if your friends are in trouble, we'll help you get em back!

Rudy: ...I-I promise.

Timmy: I can tell you didn't mean to do what you did, Rudy. But something tells me it's much more than that. And we're gonna get to the bottom of it!

Jazz smashes some of the minions with Cyborg, Beastboy, and Raven as the battle dies down. She kicks the last of the fiends away and shoots them in half!

Jazz getting on her communicator: Jenny! Jenny, are you ok?!

Jenny on her communicator while flying: Kssh (Breaths hard) ...Jazz. Please get the shuttle...

Jazz: Everyone, come to me! We're finished here! (Presses button on Fenton watch)

The Fenton shuttle warps from a Ghost Portal to the ground where Jazz is.

Jack: Get in! We're gonna blow this joint!

The Fentons get the civilians and the rest of the Toon Force in the small shuttle and get to the air. As the last of the fiends return and attempt to merge into multiple giant monsters and tentacles trying to slash at the now weighted ship!

Jazz piloting the shuttle: Oh no! With this amount of people, the ship's gonna get bombshelled with the rest of those monsters! (Hears thump underneath the ship) What the..?

A tired and damaged Jenny returns and lifts the Fenton Shuttle with her whole body using jets to support it and herself!

Jenny lifting the ship higher and higher: Hurry! We don't have much time!

Jazz activates the rockets in the ship and opens the lower hatch next to Jenny on either side! The ship goes forward and bombshells the streets of the rest of the monsters and ends up destroying Ren, Stimpy, Vendetta, and her army of fiends while they're knocked out from the fight! Jenny lands and sets down the ship, temporarily shutting herself off in exhaustion.

Sam holding Jenny's shoulder: You done good, Jen. You done good.

Timmy breathing heavily: We...we did it.! We won!

Cyborg: BOOYAH!

Beastboy morphing into dancing monkey: Oh YEAAH!

The celebrating is interrupted when Robin comes over with an injured Starfire in his arms with Raven accompanying them to cover her wounds with her powers. This time, however, she is nearly killed by the blast she took from Tuesday. While it's to be expected that they would get over it like a regular episode, the cast of TTG do not say a word. Not one.

Timmy: Oh no. (Gets on communicator) Vox, prep up the medical kits! Vox?!

Gumball on the other end: She's shut down from the attack, Tim! We'll take it from here!

Robin looking at Starfire: ...

Back at Zim's Earth in the alternate future...

The four Nicktoons, Jack, and Ashi prepare to enter the warp gate to the mines and the Syndicate's base.

Danny: You think we can trust this world's Anais, Jimmy?

Tucker: Yeah, she was pretty scary, even for Nicole's standards. Actually, now that I think about it, everyone from Gumball's world is scary!

Jimmy: I think we can. Something tells me she honestly wants to get back at the Syndicate.

Jack: I have learned that even the most villainous of people can bring out the most good. Ashi was no different.

Danny: Wait, that's right. You were born from Aku?! That guy?!

Ashi: Oh, yeah. It's weird the way it sounds. All he did was donate some of his blood to a cult and the priestess drank it. No hanky panky required.

Tucker: Then, how did you two meet if Aku didn't try to kill Jack until he came to the future?

Jack: 50 years in a forest one day.

Ashi shaking her hands: Don't worry though! He's not an old man. He doesn't age when he jumps to the future. (Looks at Jack)

Jimmy: Oh. All of us but Zim have done that once, but they're almost always bad timelines all because of one (makes pinching gesture) tiiiiny miscalculation. Like that one time my friend Libby turned into a dictator.

Danny: Yep. In my version, I turned into a genocidal, fiery haired, pale, snake tongued, deep voiced freak destroying everything I came into contact with. Then I had to stop him and put him in a thermos outside of time so he couldn't come back.

Jack: Outside of time?

Danny: Yeah. Sounds complicated, but there's a place in the Ghost Zone where you can go outside the flow of time and space. Chances are, Clockwork knows who Aku is by now because of this timeline.

Anais comes back to the Toon Force with the girl from earlier beside her just as they are about to leave.

Anais holding the girl's shoulder and smiling: Ok. Let's go and make this quick. Today's taco Sunday and I'm missing my favorite soap opera. Bunsen and the Burners. I've got 500 episodes to catch up to.

Jack looks closely at the girl and recognizes her, remembering a time before he met Ashi where he rescued her and her family from a swarm of beetle drones.

Jack: Wait...I've seen you before.

Girl's antennas shine: Me?

Jack: Yes. Oh, that's right. You were from another time period. But you also had a family with you when we last met.(Kneels down) Do you know where they are, young one?

Girl with a depressed look on her face: (Sad and Death Emoji)

Jimmy, Danny, Ashi, and Tucker: ...!

Jack remembers that when he met the girl and her family, he destroyed the Beetle Drones. But since he wasn't there for them in this timeline, it's likely that this was the outcome.

Jack regretting not being there: I am... sorry.

Anais looks at the girl and begins to feel for her, looking upset as well. Zim even starts to get concerned.

Zim actually expressing respect for the girl: Even though these worlds shall be mine one day, I will see to it that those fools will pay from this moment on!

Jimmy: You're right. We can't let this happen again. Let's move out and liberate this time from the Syndicate and destroy their time drive once and for all!

Danny: You got it!

Tucker and Ashi: Yeah!

Jack raises his sword and nods with pride.

Zim: Yes! Let us make it happen for this primitive, and avenge what this timeline's me had started!

Anais: ... (Sighs and smiles) What the heck? Yeah, yeah. Let's save the world an all. But just one more thing. You're stepping on my $1000 boots!

Jack hopping backwards with his arms up: Oops! S-sorry. My apologies.

The heroes set out on their quest to stop the Syndicate from using their time drive. Unknown to them, however, Aku is watching their progress from his tower.

Aku on the phone: Yes. I would like a large pizza with pepperoni and sausa- What? Aaah, you know how I like it!

Vlad: It seems our pink bunny has joined the resistance.

Aku: See? I told you she'd eventually work with them!

Vlad: Put a sock in it, Aku! How else were we supposed to know that?! She was a valuable asset to our plans!

Crocker: Not really, Vlad. Aku has a point. We could've done just fine without her. After all, it doesn't matter now that we have enough gems for our time portal.

Vlad: Hm... Perhaps you're right! My apologies, your highness.

Aku: Then it is time we finally break out the big guns! (Pulls up monitor) Calamitus, are you ready to unleash the beast?

Calamitus is in a large cell block in front of a cage.

Calamitus: Yes, but what if he attacks me?

Aku: Don't worry my friend. He's got an electric collar on from the Ghost Zone.

Calamitus: I see…(Grins)

Calamitus unlocks the gate to the cell and a large figure glares at him.

Calamitus: You can smell ghost boys and rabbits, right? Then get to it!

The figure nods and rushes past Calamitus outside the tower!

End of Chapter 20

Chapter Text

"The heroes trapped in the alternate timeline make their move to the mines, then warp to the Syndicate's base. However, a mysterious hunter makes his way toward them at blinding speeds."

Zim and Tucker are dropped off at the mines to work on the warp gate to the main timeline.

Danny: Ok Tuck. You and Zim can handle the portal when we need to escape, right?

Tucker: Yep! Got it!

Jimmy: Ok then! I guess we can get a move on.

Zim's antennas twitch: Wait. What's that sound?

Everyone stays quiet to listen.

Jimmy: I don't hear anything.

Zim: Outside, fool.

Jimmy: ?

Jimmy, Zim, and Danny step out of the mines and listen to the sound. In the distance of the mine toward the city, a trail of smoke comes over to them.

Danny: What the…(Ghost senses go off) Oh no.

Jimmy: What?

Danny: It's a ghost. And it's coming in hot!

The mysterious ghost reaches the Nicktoons and charges straight through them! They fall on their butts and Danny tries to stop him, but the ghost quickly turns around and deflects his beams as explosions go off from their impacts in the ground behind him! Danny looks closer at the ghost, who seems to have a wolf-like appearance.

Danny: I've seen this guy before! He's one of my friends back at Amity Park!

Ghost: Grrrr….! (Beats chest) AAWOOOOOO!

Danny cheering happily: YEEEEES!

Jimmy and Zim look confused at each other. Danny gets up and runs toward Wulf.

Danny running for a hug: Oh my God, Wulf! It's been so long! (Gets headbutted by Wulf) GUH! (Falls on back unconscious)

Zim uses rapid fire energy pellets on him, but none of his attacks work. Wulf grabs a nearby mining cart and tosses it at Zim, smacking him away!

Zim getting hit in the forehead: Agh! (Deploys jetpack)

Zim flies in the air and rushes Wulf. Wulf's collar is cut by Zim's PAK claws, causing him to get electrocuted by it!


Danny wakes back up and kicks Wulf in the stomach away from him! Wulf, however, doesn't let up.

Danny: He's not gonna stop! He's got that shock collar on!

Jimmy: Hold on! (Aims ray gun at collar)

Jimmy shoots a heat beam at the collar, but it doesn't work. It keeps zapping Wulf, making him more furious at the Nicktoons. He takes another mining cart and kicks it at Jimmy, knocking him on the ground! Danny flies to Wulf and punches him rapidly in the chest pushing him backwards!

Danny: Wulf! You've gotta stop! We're not here to kill you!

Wulf: Jen kio diris al mi Walker antaŭ ol li donis al mi ĉi tion!

Zim hovering next to Danny: What was that strange and unearthly language?!

Danny: I don't know. Something about Walker.

Wulf takes his claws and slices a portal through reality! He jumps in and the portal closes!

Jimmy: W-Where'd he go?

Danny: I don't know. I forgot he could teleport, but I'm not sure if it's just to the Ghost Zone or not. (gets poked on shoulder) Huh?

Wulf wails on Danny and punches him dead in the face, sending him into a mining rail control box! Zim takes his PAK claws and tries swiping at Wulf, but each of the limbs are grabbed and Wulf swings Zim around before throwing him into Danny!

Jimmy: Leave them alone! (Shoots ice beam at Wulf)

Wulf's left hand gets frozen, but he uses it to smack Jimmy's freeze ray off and beat him in the head with it!

Jimmy as he gets hit in the head: OUCH! EIT! GUH! ACK! CLU! UH!

Danny: Hey, stop making him speak in another language! Wait a minute…That's it!

Jimmy getting hit: He's! Really! Fast! Please! Hurry! UP!

Danny: Hey Tuck! You understand Esperanto, right?!

Tucker coming over to Danny: Yeah!

Danny: Can you tell him to stop?

Tucker witnesses Jimmy getting slaughtered by Wulf!

Tucker: E-uh...uh...Hey wulf, atendu (wait)!

Before he could hit Jimmy's nose, Wulf's fist comes to a complete stop and he faces Tucker surprised at what he said.

Tucker getting his PDA out: (Sorts through translator texts) Let's see. English, Spanish, Latin American...Here we go. Netrankviliĝu. Vi ne konas nin, sed ni estas viaj amikoj en alia timeline (Don't worry. You don't know us, but we're your friends in another timeline).

Wulf: Amikoj?

Tucker: Yeah! Yeah, that's us!

Danny: Ask him about Walker. See if he's the one who put the collar on him.

Tucker: Ĉu vi ricevis tiun kolieron en la Fantoma Prizono fare de Walker (Did you get that collar on in the Ghost Prison by Walker)?

Wulf: (Nods)

Danny: Do you remember any crazy ghost hunters with jumpsuits named Fentons running around? About your size, holding cannons larger than me?

Wulf: ?

Danny: So you really don't know who we are, huh?

Jimmy slowly getting up: We'd better get that collar off him. (Grabs freeze ray)

Jimmy takes his ray gun and freezes the shock collar. Danny takes it and breaks it in two so Wulf can go freely.

Wulf: Finfine! Mi liberas!

Tucker: He says he's free!

Danny: Yes! Thank goodness! (Holds Stomach) Grr…. (Kneels down) Hehe. You've banged me up pretty bad, bro. What happened to you and the other ghosts?

Wulf: …(Looks down silently)

Danny: They didn't make it, did they?

Wulf: La Sindikato ekregis la malliberejon kaj faris al mi sian peton.

Tucker: The Syndicate used you as a slave? That's...actually kinda creepy.

Danny: Yeah, the Syndicate's one thing, but working for a shapeshifting demon with the power to wipe out an entire planet doesn't sound pretty.

Jimmy: Well, at least now we- (Hears beeping noises)

The remains of the collar start beeping.

Zim: What is that infernal beeping?!

Tucker: It's a bomb!

Danny: Get close to me!

The Nicktoons get near Danny and turn intangible before a large explosion goes off! It shakes the interior of the mine and the ceiling falls apart! The other heroes avoid the debris and the teleporter starts activating from the falling rocks. The girl also takes Zim's base sphere and holds it. Anais looks at the girl and catches her from falling debris.

Anais holding the Girl: Geez kid! Use your ears, not your antennas!

Ashi: The warp gate is opened!

Anais examining its computer: But it's not set to the right place!

Jack: We have no choice! Hurry! We must escape! (Jumps through warp gate)

The heroes in the mine warp away as it collapses in on itself, taking the portal with it! When they get to the other side, they land in a large partially burned forest with no clear direction. Meanwhile, the Toon Force back outside the mine recover from the explosion.

Danny turning off his intangibility: Augh…They really set us up there, didn't they? (Holds knees)

Jimmy: Oh no! (Walks over to the mine ruins) The lab! It's gone!

Tucker: And so is everyone else in there!

Zim: Darn it! I left my sphere in there! Now we'll never get to the past unless we use that inferior Syndicate's time drive!

Danny: Hold on. (Turns intangible and flies in and out of the ruins) There's no one there. Not even the sphere is in it.

Jimmy: Then, that means they escaped and took it with them! The teleporter must've been on when the place was collapsing!

Tucker: Well, we were gonna go to the Syndicate's base, right? Isn't there a way for us to travel to it from here?

Danny: Eeerrrr….I was hoping you wouldn't say that. There might be, but we'll have to check back at the city to find out.

Wulf: Ooh booy….

Everyone turns around and look at Wulf surprised at what he just said.

Wulf: What? I can speak some english.

The guys fall over anime style in front of Wulf. Meanwhile, the heroes in the forest follow Samurai Jack along a predetermined path.

Anais: This is ridiculous. I knew we should've gone straight to the base instead. I just didn't think THAT would happen.

Jack: Do not worry my friend. I'm sure we will find a way. We always do.

Anais: What sort of way is there? There's nothing here but trees...and bushes.

Ashi: Never been outside or something?

Anais: Of course I have! All I know is that the next time I get my clothes dirty from being out here, I'm going to buy the rest of this planet just so I can lay down a foundation!

Jack: Perhaps maybe you should take a moment to admire it then. Stretch a little, and enjoy the scenery. Yes, it is not gold, or silver. But there is beauty in all thi-

Anais: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I think I got it. Go on now.

Anais pauses while everyone walks and tries stretching. As she bends a few times, her body cracks and snaps into place similar to Aku when he does the same thing, except here it's because of her cramps from the fight. Jack and Ashi stop as well and start stretching too, and the girl sits down against a tree next to Zim's sphere. Suddenly, her stomach growls and Anais hears it.

Anais: What's wrong, squirt? You sick from the warp tunnel?

Girl: I. Am. Hungry.

Anais: Already? Oh, wait. I didn't eat this morning with you, did I? But you should've been fed by the watchers Aku sent me earlier, like always!

Ashi: Not with him in charge.

Anais: What, are his men just as bad as him in your timeline too?

Jack: Not all of them, but a vast majority are simply drones to him. They live only to serve Aku. And his methods are most, cruel…

Anais momentarily surprised: ..! (Looks at girl) Mm...Alright, young lady. Sit tight while I find you something. That way I won't have to carry you around the desert from exhaustion. (Leaves to a nearby peach tree)

Anais walks up to the tall tree and looks up at it. She prepares to chop it with a swift attack, but she pauses when she hears a family of birds chirping in a nest above for food. The mother bird arrives and drops some worms for them, and a squirrel joins in with twigs and nuts for the nest. Anais smiles briefly at the sight and instead shoots a disk-sized ki blast at one of the branches with the fruit on them, dropping them from their stems. Ashi runs over and catches some of them before they hit the ground.

Anais: ?

Ashi: Didn't wanna have you do all the work.

Anais: Yeah, thanks or whatever. (Turns around and blushes reluctantly)

The girl noticed the small energy disk and imitates it, tossing a small rock next to her for an example.

Jack coming up next to the girl: Ah. So I see you're an observer, are you?

Girl: ?

Jack: I used to take inspiration from my father and my village's great warriors when I was your age. Eventually, through time and plenty of training, I had earned my father's sword, but I had never truly been worthy of wielding it until now. Even at my age, we still learn from each other. So it is not too late for you to do the same. (Grins)

Anais and Ashi give the food to her and Anais gets bored and rest as well, taking a moment to see the clouds in the sky, and for once smiles in relief. She then looks back at the girl who's also looking at the scenery and enjoying the fruit. But for a few short moments, Anais looks a bit sorry for her, realizing just how much she lost.

Back with the Nicktoons...

Later in the city, the 5 nicktoons pass through the large puzzling cityscape with Aku-styled architecture and massive towers. Animated posters of the Syndicate and Aku are plastered everywhere, and the town smells a bit. On the some of the walls, posters of familiar faces, such as Gumball, Spongebob, Danny, Jenny, and Tak have bloodstains covering texts that read, "Never Forget." The city folk glare at the nicktoons like they don't belong but are more than curious about. These civilians consist of mostly Irkens, ghosts from the Ghost Zone, albeit with shock bracelets on them, and robots like those from Jack's world and Jenny's.

Danny: These people look like those from our worlds.

Zim: Some of them are Irken like me.

Random Irken Citizen: Hey, you!

Zim turning around: What? Wait...Spleen?!

Spleen with a shock bracelet on: Where's your shock collar? Do you work for Mrs. Watterson too?

Zim: Who's Watterson?! (Clenches fists scaring Spleen) Tell meee...!

Jimmy: He's talking about Anais. (Kneels to Spleen) What's with the shock collar?

Spleen: Everyone wears either this or a bracelet that lets the Syndicate and lord Aku keep track of everyone better. If you don't already have one, it means you work in Watterson's tower or some other place out here.

Tucker: Why don't you wear one in there?

Spleen getting intense: Because, you can never leave…

Zim: Wha-...?! A mighty Irken invader does not serve anyone but the almighty Tallests!

Spleen: Well they certainly weren't as mighty as we hoped when the Syndicate showed up with that monster and their ooze.

Zim: !

Tucker: Wow. That was dark…

Danny: Where is that tower you mentioned?

Spleen points to an even larger shiny tower at the center of the city, with diamonds covering some of its walls. It stretches above the clouds and has a logo that resembles Nicole's Rainbow Factory Button on her shirt.

Jimmy: Anyone wanna pay a visit while we're still looking around? Maybe we'll find a transport or something.

Danny: I'm in.

Tucker: Me too.

Wulf: Woof.

Zim still thinking about what Spleen said: …

Spleen: Just go down this street and you'll get there.

The Nicktoons walk to the tower and Zim still thinks over what he learned about what happened to this timeline's Tallests.

Zim thinking to himself: But no one can defeat our Irken leaders. I'll make them pay...!

The Nicktoons enter through a hall of fountains being built and repaired by Irken and Ghost slaves; some being familiar to Danny, like Ember, Box Ghost, Johnny 13, and Skulker.

Danny talking to Wulf: You said the ghosts in the Ghost Zone were killed, right?

Wulf: I meant most, not all.

Jimmy: Wait a sec. Aren't ghosts already supposed to be dead? Even as a scientist, I know that it's the most basic rule of ghost catching!

Danny: Oh no. Some of them were, but not most of the ones I've fought. They come from another dimension or something. Probably from the same place Gumball and Jack come from.

Tucker: Don't you think they'd still try to fight back?

Wulf: Kolektanto de animoj nomata Demongo prenis tiujn, kiuj jam pereis kaj Aku mortigis tiujn, kiuj estis seres de aliaj dimensioj. (A soul collector named Demongo took the ones who had already perished and Aku killed the ones who were beings of other dimensions.)

Tucker: Oh. So, they still died regardless and were captured, huh? That clears everything up.

When they go through the main door, they are greeted by a more-robotic version of Karen.

Jimmy at the front desk: Karen?!

Karen in a robotically monotone voice: Welcome to the Diamond Tower. How may I serve you today?

Tucker: Dang, she's even blander than Vox!

Jimmy: Don't you remember us Karen? Or have we not met yet in this timeline?

Karen: Welcome to the-

Jimmy: Scratch that. Um, may we visit the transporter room, if you have one?

Karen: Ok. Scan your security pass. If you are a guest, please contact our superior.

Danny: Well Anais doesn't know we're here, so…

Danny quickly goes intangible and overshadows Karen. He modifies the controls and grants access to the transporter room. He then exits Karen and lifts Zim, Tucker, and Jimmy to the next floor. Wulf looks at the deactivated Karen bot and punches it's monitor off before turning intangible and flying with Danny and the others.

Tucker seeing all the rooms in the facility: P.U...This place looked and smelled a lot cleaner outside.

Danny: Yeah. It did…

As the heroes go upward, they see multiple levels of rooms where alien and robot slaves are working on carving out diamonds and performing maintenance on nearby machinery, even if they don't have any sort of protection.

Jimmy: There's no humans around…

Danny: I'll bet when Aku nuked the past it also meant all of humanity in our worlds were extinguished. And so were Jack's friends when he came here last time. I just wish there was something we could do for these guys…

Jimmy: There is. Once we restore everything and return back to the main timeline, everyone here will be reset to a better one.

The Nicktoons land at the top floor where the transporter room should be. They look around in the clean hallway leading to it and notice the gem-filled door to Anais' room.

Tucker feeling the gems: Whoever works here must really have an obsession. This is just sad.

Danny: This must be Anais' room.

Tucker: Like I said. She has an obsession.

Jimmy: Probably. She did mention she was a geometric homogeneous solid collector. Maybe this is where she works or lives in.

Tucker glaring at Jimmy:

Jimmy: What? I'm using simple terms.

Danny phases through the door while still holding Jimmy and Tucker with Wulf and Zim behind them and turns off his intangibility.

Danny: There we go. That way we don't get caught by any security cameras.

Tucker: This place sure is fancy.

Jimmy: I can see why Anais acted like a spoiled brat earlier. She must be livin the life up here! I mean, look at this bed! It's so soft and new!

Danny examining the wardrobe and mirror: Might've bought it after sleeping in the other for a week. (Picks up perfume bottle) Wait a minute, isn't this one of your bottles from your lab?

Jimmy in surprise: It is! That's the Megalomanium spray I'm trying to reinvent! I was gonna give something else to Libby for her birthday, but like I said earlier, I accidentally gave her that and it made her into a power-hungry dictator who's obsessed with modern dance crazes.

Danny and Tucker: ...?

Jimmy: You can see why I'm very hesitant about time travel.

Tucker: What's it doing here if you scrapped it a long time ago?

Jimmy: I don't know. I might have started to make it in the past, and if it's back here and Anais isn't like Libby was, this could mean I hadn't finished it yet. Or, maybe I did finish it and Anais just happens to have more sense than Libby did!

Danny: Well it's a good thing if you hadn't! Any progress and you could've made our job a lot harder than it already is!

Jimmy: Still, I did notice Anais started to change a little when I saw her with that girl we just met.

Danny: What do you mean?

Tucker: Yeah, if she has all this stuff around and people working for her, don't you think she can't be trusted? I mean, we asked this when me met her and all, but what's keeping her from betraying anyone?

Jimmy: Well, it's like Jack said earlier: there are those who start off bad who turn out to bring the most good. One thing Sheen taught me once was that some can be redeemed like us when we messed up. Anais is no different from what I can tell. (Accidentally knocks over book from shelf) Oops. (Picks up book and looks at cover)

Danny: A diary?

Jimmy: Call it a hint. (Opens book and drops Rainbow Button out of it)

Danny picks up the rainbow button that closely resembles Nicole's, only this time the side of it is scorched, and the other half has a crack in it.

Danny: Huh. Guess there's much more to it than meets the eye. (Puts rainbow button in pocket) But first, let's get outta here and find a transport before someone-

Guards outside the door: Hey! Are you in there?! We knew we saw something suspicious on the cameras!

Danny: Notices us…

Jimmy: Don't worry. I've got it covered. (Takes out X-Ray glasses from hypercube)

Jimmy steps to the balcony and uses his X-Rays to see through the wall on the side where the electronics connecting to the teleporter room are.

Jimmy pointing: Through here.

Zim deploys his laser cannons and blasts open the wall down, just missing the cables to the portal!

Jimmy: I meant for Danny and Wulf to phase through it, but that works too.

Danny stepping across the cables while phasing a little: Let's just hope Anais doesn't come back here any time soon. Then again, considering the work here, her guards would have it all patched before she even gets here!

Tucker: The less she knows, the better.

Wulf goes completely intangible and carries Tucker, Zim, and Jimmy across the wires. But when the guards bust through the bedroom door, it startles him and causes him to drop them on some of the electronics!

Jimmy and Tucker falling: Gah!

Tucker lifting his arm off a detached cable: Oops…

The portal starts steaming a little from the severed cable connecting to it's cooling system!

Wulf: Uh-oh…

Jimmy: Quick, Danny! Pinpoint the Syndicate's headquarters and commence an immediate warp tunnel!

Danny searching on the teleporter: I'm trying, captain! But the base's coordinates are blocked off!

Zim: Curse those infernal security measures! (Hears guards coming) Activate the nearest warp tunnel to them!

Danny turns on the portal's warp sequence and pinpoints the dunes district. When the Aku-styled guards arrive, they shoot lasers at the group, but Wulf takes a piece of the broken wall and tosses it at them, crushing them in the chest against the floor! Everyone gets in the warp tunnel as the portal malfunctions, eventually sending them away while exploding spontaneously, causing the balcony to fall apart!


End of Chapter 21

Chapter Text

"After the heroes in the alternate timeline are separated from each other, they set out to meet at the Syndicate's base and continue their mission."

In the nice beautiful forests near the waterfalls, a tall white wolf trots atop the rocks and tall grass with a stern look on its face like it just came from a brief fight, or it's hungry. It keeps going in search for food, and at one point, stumbles across Samurai Jack, Ashi, Anais, and the lone little girl still travelling on foot in the distance. The wolf seems to somehow recognize Jack, but it growls over everyone else. He hops on top of boulders, branches, and hills, quickly landing right in front of the group of 4 with a huge growl!

Ashi and Anais: !

Girl: ?!

Jack: You...I have seen you before. You and I brought each other back to health when the Daughters of Aku were after me!

Wolf, listening but still giving an angry expression: …(Snatches at Jack)

Jack pulls out his sword, realizing that the wolf had also been reset after he and Ashi went back to the past. However, the girl behind Jack steps in front of him.

Jack: Hm?

Anais: Little girl, are you crazy? (Puts fists up) He's viscous!

The girl ignores Anais' response and takes the peach she still has in her hand from earlier and holds it in front of the now confused and calm wolf, who extends himself toward her and takes the fruit. He eats it while everyone else sit in shock that the girl would be so kind to it, and the wolf quickly had a change of heart.

Ashi: Huh. Looks like little girl's got some mojo too.

Anais: Guess so. Lucky little thing...You actually had me worried for you for a second.

The girl gets closer to the wolf and rubs him on the neck as he licks her cheek and wags his tail with a smile on its face.

Jack: It seems that even the most vicious of creatures still inherit a form of kindness.

Wolf look at the girl: Woof. (Points head over to another path)

Girl: ?

Wolf: (Keeps pointing head over to the new path)

Jack: I think he wants us to go that way.

Anais: No kidding.

Everyone follows the path the Wolf is pointing to, likely the direction where the Syndicate's base is, and Anais gives him a good look before she leaves, though reluctant at first.

Anais: Meh...Thanks for not mauling my girl.

Wolf still darting at the new direction: …(Turns eyes to Anais and winks)

Anais just shrugs in confusion and walks down the path with everyone else. But when she turns around, the wolf is already gone. Meanwhile, Aku continues to monitor their progress in the shadows of his tower with the Syndicate.

Crocker: Curse them and their powers! They survived the explosion back at the mines. And the guards at the tower couldn't even stop them!

Calamitus: They even recruited that monster to their team to defeat us!

Aku: Yes. I should have known they would use their intangibility powers...Vlad Plasmius! (Glares at Vlad)

Vlad: Don't blame me! You already knew they were ghosts to begin with!

Calamitus: At least they don't have that Samurai with them. Without him, you cannot be defeated! Not even us!

Aku: And thankfully I already have someone who can handle him perfectly well! (Grins) And if that doesn't work, weeell, you already know. The foolish samurai warrior and those so called "Nicktoons" will be so occupied with them, they won't have time to worry about me!

In the base connected to Aku's tower, a small pod launches and makes its way toward Jack in the forest. Jack and Ashi are hearing it coming, but before they react, it crashes in front of them! The impact causes the pod to break apart and the person inside it getting angry.

Pilot: DARN IT! (Throws steering stick on ground) I knew that crazy slow mouthed totem pole would set me up puttin' me in a pod made by that unfinishin', short, bald, stubby, googly-eyed lunatic!

Jack with his sword out: That voice!

Pilot: Where the hell did they send me to?!

Jack: Scotsman?!

Scotsman emerges from the pod with his sword equipped and a shock collar like Wulf's on.

Scotsman: So you're the samurai Aku keeps yellin' about!

Jack with much joy: Yes! Yes, I am the samurai! You and I met on a bridge with a bounty on the both of us!

Scotsman: I remember travelin' across a bridge many times, but never had I seen a guy wearin pajamas like you.

Jack: It's probably because I'm from another timeline. But Aku eradicated all of humanity! Does this mean that-

Scotsman: I don't care about no time space crap or humanity junk! (Points sword at Jack) I need ta kill you before ya get to Aku, or they'll blow me to smithereens like your buddies from earlier.

Ashi: You're being controlled by Aku too?

Scotsman: Yeah! And those three ugly ducklings! (Points to collar) They put this collar on me that has a shock if I don't do my job! Or worse!

Anais: I know we heard someone like you being controlled by the Syndicate back at the mine. Maybe we can find a way to remove it. That is, if you don't want to get fried to ashes or anything.

Scotsman: Eyy...You're that business bunny lady who gave the Syndicate those crystals! Well way to make things worse! Their portal thingy is almost completed! What's even crazier is that some of those crystals turned into people, and- (Shocks) DAH!

Jack: Scotsman!

Scotsman kneels down for a moment.

Scotsman: Aye...Ya see what I have to go through? How will ya help me if I've got nothin' left to lose?! (Swings sword at Jack)

Jack backs off from the Scotsman's swipe and prepares for combat.

Jack in a fighting stance: Don't worry! We will set you free from their control!

Scotsman: Then do me a favor and get ta fightin' before they zap me again! (Charges)

Jack charging forward: NAAAAAGGGHH!

Both Jack and the Scotsman clash and their swords collide! The Scotsman tries lunging his sword into Jack many times and Jack dodges each one before jumping backward.

Jack: I will try to break the collar with my sword.

Ashi: What if that doesn't work?

Jack: Watch and find a weakness. (Leaps)

Jack tries smacking the sword onto the collar, but it doesn't work and shocks both him and the Scotsman.

Jack and Scotsman: AAAAGH!

Scotsman smacks Jack into a tree and runs over for a lunge! Jack ducks and kicks Scotsman's groin by accident to his surprise!

Scotsman holding himself and changing to a high pitch: Eep…! That'll do it...! (Falls over and shoots machine gun leg)

Jack deflects the bullets with his sword and gets up from the ground, getting shot once through the shoulder by a stray bullet. He pauses to look at it but gets back into action and walks over to Scotsman and stabs his machine gun, jamming it! Scotsman grabs his sword and manages to slash part of Jack's lower gi off!

Scotsman: HAHA! Not too shabby, eh, Jackie?!

Jack smiling: Magic runes as always.

Scotsman: Wha..?! How'd ya know...?! (Swipes at Jack)

Jack and Scotsman proceed to clash their swords several times. As they do, the girl watches them, closely observing every action they make, almost like a computer processing every bit of information without blinking, even once. With her, Anais and Ashi look at the Scotsman collar and try to find a weakness to it.

Ashi: I'm surprised he can stand up to Jack!

Anais: Me too! I'm having a hard time finding a weak spot on that collar of his, what with their speed! Guess that's one thing I hadn't learned from my ol mama.

Scotsman as he hits Jack's sword: The Syndicate took me wife, all but one of my daughters, and me village! (Slams sword near Jack) It'd be a miracle to take them on! (Slashes Jack's leg)

Jack: Ngh! Scotsman, I know you have been through a lot, but you can defeat them! Let us help you!

Scotsman: I already told you! Even if I stop, there's still a chance they'll kill us both! (Lunges at Jack)

Jack narrowly dodges the attack and looks closely at the collar for a split second. He immediately sees a weakness to the collar in the form of a small exposed wire in between the creases of the device.

Jack: I see it!

Scotsman spastically shaking: WHERE?! GET IT OFF ME!

Jack jumps toward the Scotsman's back and cuts the wire on the collar! The collar breaks in two and starts beeping when it falls to the ground! Anais comes over and tosses the collar into the air, and it quickly explodes from detonation!

Scotsman breathing heavily: Thanks, laddie...Ya really saved me skin for a moment there. But how will you defeat those loons?

Ashi: Time drive. (Walks over to Scotsman) Get rid of their time drive and use Jack's sword to destroy Aku.

Jack: We will defeat them, old friend.

Scotsman: Oh. I'm not really sure about it, but I guess I should come with you to help me daughter and even the playin' field. (Looks at Anais) And you...why are you suddenly so nice? You're supposed to be one of the scum of the Earth!

Anais: Honestly...I don't know. Just be glad I'm not right now. (Walks away)

Ashi looks back at the girl and sees her frozen in time. She bumps her shoulder to make sure she's alright.

Girl: ?

Ashi: You ok? You look like you zoned out for a second.

Girl: Yes. Ma'am. (Looks at Anais walking away and back at Jack's sword)

The girl beams at Jack's sword, seeming more interested in it as though she is drawn to it.

Somewhere in a desert...

Jimmy piloting a mobile transport: We are nearing the Syndicate's location as we speak!

Danny holding onto a panel on the side: Thank God! It's a good thing we found this motorbike when we warped here. Didn't you make something like this once?

Jimmy: I did! Guess my alternate counterpart built this before he died and manufactured it! And I also guess that the Syndicate don't appreciate people warping directly to their base all the time! I knew I should've looked in Anais' room for a security code to get there...I'm supposed to be a genius, and not once have I had a brain blast recently!

Tucker: Too bad it's windy out here! I'm getting sand in my eyes! And I'm wearing glasses!

Danny: How much longer exactly till we get there?

Jimmy: I don't really know, considering it's getting towards night time in what feels like 4 hours since we've been here, in the morning! At least this time we're moving much quicker thanks to the extra fuel rods from my personal rocket in the hypercube!

Tucker: Why can't ya use that?!

Jimmy: Like I said. Personal rocket! It's only made for me and Goddard in the back!

Danny: Oh, Tuck, you still have that drone?

Tucker: Yep! Got it in my pocket!

Danny: Maybe you can use it to signal the rest of us when we get near the base!

Tucker: It's worth a shot! I'll have to get it in the sky and send a flare to do that!

The transport suddenly shakes and comes to a complete stop while landing on the ground.

Jimmy: Shoot! The transport's run outta gas!

Danny: Guess that's what happens when you burn rocket fuel?

Jimmy: You're right. We'd better continue on foot. (Puts motorbike into Hypercube and looks around the area as the wind clears up) Shouldn't be too much longer until we reach our destination.

Zim These skies remind of the fiery pits of Fiery World!

Tucker: Fiery World?

Danny: Sounds like the underworld to me.

Jimmy: Hopefully we can make it to the base before it gets totally dark out when all the monsters show up. I can see Aku's tower from here, and we know how it looked last time where were there.

Wulf: Grrr…!

Danny: I know. It's creepy lookin' for sure. Once we get there, we'd better have a plan after what happened last time we fought that totem pole.

Tucker: Meh. I've seen worse. I thought Dan was scarier than him.

The Nicktoons run forward to get close to the Syndicate Base while the sunsets in the red desert!

Back at the forest…

Jack's team rest again for the coming battle against the Syndicate now that they're close to the base. Jack and the Scotsman show off their gear to the girl while Ashi visits a waterfall to wash off her clothes, remembering she still has a black outline of Aku's blood on her outfit from earlier. She walks to the water and removes her clothes behind the shrubs to wash them off. Anais notices and goes to see what she's up to even though she's naked.

Anais: …?

Ashi: …?

Anais: Um...This is awkward. What's that stuff comin off your jacket?

Ashi: Some remnants of Aku's blood when he tried to use me to kill Jack.

Anais in curiosity: Used you?

Ashi: I was his daughter. A cult worshiping Aku were given a vial of his blood that the High Priestess drank to give birth to me and 6 other girls. We were tortured for years to understand that Jack was our natural enemy. But when I met him and bonded with him, I began to see we were wrong. I saw a side of life that no one ever showed me before. So I teamed up with him to get back to the past and destroy Aku to undo the damage he had done.

Anais: Smart move, I guess. But, you know if you did that, you wouldn't be standing here, right? Jack may not even remember you.

Ashi: Not if those guys from before hadn't appeared. Though we all know that's not the way things are supposed to be. The Jack that already killed Aku needed to do it again to keep the timeline in check...without me.

Anais: At least you two get the happy ending. Me though…

Ashi: ..? Well, what's your ending?

Anais: ...You know what, why don't I just let this flashback tell you?

Years Earlier…

Large bits of space debris collide with the surface of Elmore! Buildings are trashed, many are injured or otherwise killed, and fire blazes around the world. Richard, Gumball, and Darwin take cover in their car at the shopping mall where other cars and trucks, even the building are smashed against each other around them. However, as they're trying to protect themselves, one of them wasn't. A fearful and shaking Anais looks out the other side of the car and sees her proud mother standing outside with a very stern look on her face, glaring to the sky at the fast approaching threat. A green asteroid is making its way to towards the Earth. Multiple rockets launch at it, but neither of them do any damage. Before the final act is done, Nicole looks back at Anais with a calm smile on her face and powers up much stronger than usual. Horrified, Anais stretches her hand out to her mother, but it's too late. Nicole blasts off to space alone, and in a sudden flash of light, there was silence. Days later, Anais is sitting at the ruins of her family's house at the front porches' steps, fiddling her thumbs and looking at the ground ashes on the sidewalks. Suddenly, a green portal opens, and Vlad Plasmius hovers out of it, turning off his ghost form and straightening his tie. He walks up to Anais and bows to her.

Anais: ..?

Vlad: Greetings, Ms. Watterson. I had just visited the city hall with some of my own, and I asked for the smartest in all the town. And the only one besides the android is you. So I ask you, will you join us to repair what has been done to your world?

Anais: ..?!

Years later, about when Anais is a 12 year old, she and a bunch of news reporters are overseeing reconstruction of Elmore and watches as the now damaged Irken Massive is being stripped of its parts and used to rebuild some of the old buildings.

Ice Cream News Reporter: Mrs. Watterson, is it true that you're using alien technology to rebuild the damages done to Elmore on that fateful day?

Anais: Yes it is, sir. I've collaborated with Mr. Plasmius of Amity Park to gather the resources and send them all the way from one Earth to the next...AKA here.

Reporter made of cardboard: What about that Earth? Is it in danger like our's?

Anais: Well, it technically was, but we already shot that junk down once we took out it's "Invaders" leaders.

Reporter made of cardboard: How bout your brothers?

Anais: They're doing just fine, thank you very much. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go help stop another invasion on another Earth at some place called, Beach City, I think? I can't remember. (Waves and leaves the stage) Best of luck!

The reporters and spectators try and chase after Anais, but a massive ecto force field blocks them from her! She calmly walks away with a slight devilish grin on her face. 6 years afterward, she's at a science fair with a bunch of trophies behind her on stage in Retroville's Polk Elementary, now turned into a university.

Anais, now much taller and deeper sounding: And for one last hurrah in honor of James Issac Neutron, and Dexter (Forgets name)...Dexter...Um...Well anyway, here's their latest invention, retrofitted with, most upgrades of my own!

Next to Anais, a massive device known as the Quantum Jumper shoots a portal in the ceiling that sucks some people in the room into it before it closes! When Anais checks the monitor in the room, it shows that they've all been sent to another timeline. One that resembles their own, except here, Nicole's still alive but married someone else other than Richard. This, at first, upsets Anais since she doesn't have her mother anymore, and Richard was always her lovable father despite his stupidity. But she quickly straightens up when some of the people land on the guy Nicole's dating!

Anais giggling with her hand over her mouth and her eyes widened like a lunatic: Hehehe…

The audience cheers for Anais' achievement and Ms. Fowl, now some age even I don't know, walks towards the young rabbit lady with an award.

Ms. Fowl: Very good, Watterson. Braak! Now what do plan on doing next in your line of achievements?

Anais: Well, I'm glad you asked. I'm very happy to announce that I'll be building a new skyscraper right here in the city of Retroville. And my collaborator, Mr. Plasmius and his partners, want to bring their resources here too. I want to be the first to make it happen. But little ol me doesn't have all the work power needed to pull this off. So I ask you, audience, for some assassi- I mean, assistance in building this for me.

Audience: YEAAAAAAH!

Anais with yet another evil grin, this time more similar to her mother's: Excellent.

Several more years later, Anais is grown up like she is now, watching over the construction of the new cityscape in her personal tower balcony. She holds a purple gem in her hand and examines it.

Anais holding the gem: ..? (Smashes it) No. Too fragile. (Turns around towards group of people) It's not enough to fuel construction.

Hotdog Guy: Ooh...

Larry: Mrs. Watterson, you're an even worse menace than your brother and your mother!

Banana Joe: Shhsh! Don't say that to her..! You know how sensitive she is abou-

Anais turning around: This sounds like a complaint of some sort. Tell me more.

Banana Joe: Oooh no.

Larry: We did all these favors for you and you treated us like dirt!

Anais: Uh-huh.

Larry: We even helped build this tower years ago and made you billions from vendors in it! Vendors!

Anais: Yes.

Larry: But you didn't give us anything in return like you said before! And the only reason we never quit was cause you gave us all these bracelets that ELECTROCUTE us if we try to leave! Can't you at least spare us a dime or a dollar or something? You have all the money in the world right now! You could even buy the planet if you want, which you pretty much already have by this point!

Anais nodding and stroking her chin: Yeah...I see. Well, let's put it this way. (Snaps fingers and crosses her legs while leaning against the rails)

Bobert rises from behind Anais in the air with jets, appearing with slight changes in design, including two turret cannons on his back and red eyes.

Banana Joe: Heeey, it's Bobert!

Anais: Bobert, Larry here says he has a problem with the service around here. Can you help him with that?

Bobert: Affirmative. Engaging penalty. (Lowers cannons and aims at Rob's face)

Larry backing up with his hands up: He-hey...I-I didn't mean to say it like...Bobert, we're still friends right? I mean, I don't remember ever talking to you, but-

Bobert: Directive unconfirmed. Continuing penalty.

Larry covering his face: No, wait!

Bobert shoots right at Placeholder's head and blows it completely off in front of everyone in utter horror! Anais, however, continues to sit and grin like nothing happened as Bobert puts his cannons back.

Bobert: Directive followed. Have a nice day. (Descends back below the balcony)

Anais: Thanks, bud. Anyway, does anyone else need help with anything while we're still here?

Joe: Nope!

Hotdog Guy: Naughta!

Rob: N-never!

Lesslie: We're good!

Anais: Ok then. Just make sure to clean up the mess on the way out. But don't put it in any trash can back here. It'll stink up the place. (Turns back to the view off the balcony) Well, that is if he even has flesh, since, you know...he's made from cardboard, and...Yeah, nevermind. Forget what I just said.

Back to present day...

Anais telling the story: And that's what happened. Blah blah blah, I used my skills to rebuild Elmore, blah blah blah, I was being a dick, blah blah blah. (Steps closer to Ashi with a crazed expression) But how could I not be when I became the richest woman in the whole galaxy?! (Leans back from Ashi with a calmer look) And soon, I was the most powerful woman across two dimensions... (Smiles at the sky)


Anais: But then the news came that my brothers...they...Well, to give you an idea. (Pulls out rainbow button from pocket)

This kind of button is more recent than the one back at her tower that reads on the back of it,"Never Forget, Soldiers of the Syndicate."

Anais sitting down on a boulder: (Lowers head to the ground) So, yeah. ...I guess we were wrong.

Ashi finishing her clothes: I used to think people could never change. But I was wrong too. You've still got good in you to make a difference just as everyone sees it in you.

Anais smirking: I've got a lot to do, Ashi. (Looks up to her) These people who've worked for me...I've never really respected them. Never realized what I had done until that girl...I had no idea she had no family, just like me. I found her stranded one day in the middle of those dunes near Aku's tower, and, I made her my personal worker ever since. It still amazes me that she would stay with me and respect me after all those things I've said and did even before we even met.

Ashi: Maybe you weren't so harsh to her as you were to others. ...Maybe you're like family to her.

Anais subtly nodding: ...Maybe…

Ashi: Anyway, your clothes and all. They need some work girl.

Anais: Hey, I'm not the one who got bullet holes in them in the first place!

Ashi: HAHA!

Anais: You think that's funny huh? I'll have you know these literally costs me an arm and a leg! Don't ask me who I got them from.

Ashi: Neat! But I think you could go a little more "natural." (Grabs giant leaf and breaks it off)

Jack speaks with the little girl and seems to have a nice conversation with her, while telling the story of Momotaro, the Peach Boy.

Jack: And that is how Momotaro returned the treasure to his people.

Girl: (Claps with clapping emoji)

Scotsman: I've never heard a story like that in my day! Now Zeus is one thing, but no Momotango, whatever his name is!

Jack: That reminds me. I really should've asked this a lot sooner. What was your name, little one?

Girl: I. Have. No. Name.

Jack: No name? Hmm...Why don't we call you...Momo.

Momo: (Thumbs up emoji)

Scotsman: You tell me that story in your timeline?

Jack: I don't believe I had. I wish I did, however. Before I traveled back in time with Ashi, you were slain by Aku, and returned in spirit to help defend us just before we escaped.

Scotsman: Haha! No wonder I feel like a new man around ya! Celtic magic'll do it for ya! Never leave home without it!

Jack: I'm just happy to have seen you again after 50 years in the future.

Scotsman: And you killed Aku, right?

Jack: I did in one time, but not here. The Syndicate are the ones responsible for making our worlds their own. That is why we must face them and put an end to this. Still, for my alternate counterpart, even though Aku's wrath was no more…the way it was meant to end…could've been better.

Both Anais and Ashi walk from the waterfall. Anais now has a modified version of her fur coat, now with large durable leaves, patches on the holes of the coat, and her undershirt exposed. Ashi also wears an outfit very close to her original one.

Jack: look pretty. Even more, actually. Both of you. (Blushes)

Anais and Ashi smile. Momo comes over to Anais and looks at her outfit.

Momo: What. Now?

Anais: My dear, we find and defeat the Syndicate. (Stands confidently)

Later at night…

The heroes reach the Syndicate Base next to the main tower. Tucker sends his drone out with a flare to signal the others as they get toward the base. Jack, Scotsman, Ashi, Momo, and Anais reach Danny, Wulf, Jimmy, Tucker, and Zim at the exhaust ports of the facility.

Jimmy catching his breath: Guys, you've made it!

Danny: Yeah, and...(looks at Anais and Ashi) you look different.

Anais with her hands on her hips: Too much for you boys, huh?

Scotsman: Who are these tinies?

Jack: These are our comrades from earlier.

Scotsman: Oh? I can't wait to see what ya'll can do. Ya look like you could use some exercise, what with your puny and skinny arms! (Looks at Wulf) Except you big boy! You're already prepared!

Danny: Oh trust me. We've got more than they can chew up there. But first, can we go in slowly? I'm drained and our legs are killin us from walking here!

Tucker: Yup! But we're still ready to throw down. Those geezers have another thing coming!

Ashi ready to fight: Then that means we don't have to play nice this time.

Zim No one will ever suspect the wrath of ZIIIIM!

Jimmy: Right then! Let's get in there and stop this madness once and for all!

The heroes enter the base through the exhaust chamber as hundreds of the Syndicates new and improved Toybots stand in attack formation in the main halls. This time, Toybots of Jack, Gumball, Robin, Kitty, Steven, and Zim are added for good measure.

Jack: I can hear heavy resistance just inside these doors.

Jimmy: You know how to reach the time drive, Anais?

Anais: I do. But it's at the very heart of Aku's tower. When it's ready, it will deploy to the sky and shoot a portal that if contained can create other gates to different time periods.

Ashi: Is there another gate somewhere where we can make our escape when we're done?

Anais: There is. If you get to the warp chamber in the facility nearby, you can use the sphere to make a time machine to your dimension.

Danny: This is it then. We're going in! (Slowly opens doors)

The heroes immediately rush out guns blazing at the Toybots! Jack and Scotsman cut down the bots and Danny and Wulf use their ghost powers against some of them! Jimmy shoots with the heat beam, Tucker attacks using his drone, and Zim rushes with his PAK! The battle begins and Ashi, Momo, and Anais escort the sphere to the warp chamber. Toybots resembling Jack appear guarding the entrance with swords similar to the real ones.

Ashi: Oh no. They're even more menacing when they look like Jack!

Anais: Not a problem! Let's go ladies! Into the chamber! (Charges)

The girls sprint forward and dodge the slashes from the Jackbots, making their way inside the chamber! Anais takes an emergency extinguisher from the walls and sprays it at the robots, causing them to slip and fall! Ashi grabs a metal bar in the room, breaks it off the panel, and uses it to smash into the robots' internal systems. Meanwhile, the Syndicate continues to watch and the heroes' progress with a serious look on their faces.

Aku: So these, eh, "Toybots" were your idea?

Calamitus: Yes! They're brilliant, aren't they?!

On the monitor, Zim is seen clawing a Robinbot's eyes out.

Zim VICTORY! Victory for Zim!

Calamitus: Oh fine! Release the guards!

In the halls, the Toybots are getting mowed down by everyone. Wulf and Danny use intangibility to avoid blasts from them and shoot them down. However, some of the Dannybots go intangible too and shoot at them. Jimmy finds a way to stop them and freeze them when they return to normal. Jack throws his sword through a Jimmybots head and Zim catches it severing multiple robots' torsos and tossing it back at Jack.

Scotsman breaking several robots: Ya'll are doin' well for puny laddies!

Tucker controlling his drone: Thanks! Want an autograph? (Pauses)

Tucker stops using his controller after a familiar character grabs his drone. Scotsman turns to his side and recognizes the person.

Scotsman: Flora!

A controlled Flora, Bobert, and Scaramouche walk over to Jack and Scotsman. Flora takes Tucker's drone and breaks one of its wings off before throwing it to the floor.

End of Chapter 19

Chapter Text

"The heroes of the alternate timeline infiltrate the Syndicate Base to undo the damages they've done to the future. However, they unleash an army of Toybots on them and have people of Jack and Gumball's worlds under their control."

Jack and the Scotsman look at the people they recognize and are stunned that they're with them.

Flora grabbing onto the shock collar: Dad! H-help me! This collar's going to make me kill you!

Scotsman: Hey dress wearer, what'd ya do to get the collar off me earlier?

Jack: I cut a wire exposed in the creases of the device, but this one's much...different.

Scaramouche smiling at Jack: If you boys's thinkin' about breakin that collar the same way you did ol' Scotty over here, well, you've got anotha thing comin'. It's a mind control device!

Flora getting shocked: AAAAGH!

Scotsman: Me flower! (Takes sword out and tries to break the collar)

The Scotsman's sword is blocked by Flora's and she kicks him out of the way.

Flora trying to resist: Hurry Dad! I-I can't help it! (Rushes forward)

The Scotsman and Flora engage in a heavy brawl slashing and clashing their swords and Flora's shield.

Jack in a stare down with Scaramouche: So, it is you again.

Scaramouche: Oh yeah, babe. (Points to Jack with sass) Aku told me all about you. He told me you killed me in anotha timeline of some sort. (Takes flute out) And everyone knows ya don't break the musical spirit that is me babe. (Starts playing music with flute)

Random remains of the broken Toybots float in the air and rush toward Jack. He slices the pieces with his sword and gets hit with a few heavy parts. Bobert, meanwhile, stares menacingly at Jimmy and Tucker as he tries to get his drone working again.

Tucker: Crap! Crap! Crap! I can't get this thing working again!

Jimmy: Head to the control room! (Gets hit in the cheek by Sambot and shoots it with laser beam) The portal's gotta be prepared once we're ready!

Tucker leaves the hallway and Jimmy is standing face to face with the medium sized and heavily armed robot. He hesitates at first, but Bobert then glitches up for a moment with a look of desperation before reverting to a harmful state. He attempts to stab Jimmy with his sharp pincers and shoots heat beams at him.

Jimmy dodging the shots: Danny, do you know this guy?!

Danny fighting the Toybots with Wulf: I don't! He looks like somebody from Gumball's world! (Gets shot against a wall) Dagh!

Jimmy: Anais might know who this is…

Jimmy runs toward the control room with Bobert chasing him.

Jimmy running from Bobert: Anais! Come out here! I need you!

Bobert floats in the air and shoots missiles at Jimmy while he's running. Anais steps out of the chamber and recognizes the robot.

Anais: I know him! He's one of the residents back at my home town! But he's supposed to be under my commands!

Bobert stops shooting and looks at Anais and recognizes her, glitching again but quickly going back to his attack mode, overriding her control over him.

Bobert in a deep voice: By order of the Great Syndicate, you are hereby terminated under section 12-701 under sentence adjuafuebgfvegrjbgurggnmduweafilvsadvavg…..

Jimmy and Anais: …?

Jimmy: I think he's glitching.

Anais: You think?! He needs help!

Bobert: ENGAGING ADVANCED BATTLE MODE (Transforms into larger robot)

Anais: HA! My Mama fought much larger bots than you!

Bobert deploys more weapons and shoots Anais at point blank range!

Anais in ashes next to Jimmy: I stand corrected…

Bobert: Prepare for immediate extermination! (Fires pulse grenades at the duo)

Jack and Scaramouche circle each other in preparation for another round.

Scaramouche: So, babe, what's it gonna be? Anything flashy? Some hackin' n slashin' or shootin' n flutin'?

Jack: I don't know. You weren't really that "flashy" the last time I encountered you. Instead, I can tell you about your future, and you're making a terrible mistake.

Scaramouche: Samurai, the only mistake I'd ever make is loosin' my head again. (Plays Flute and leaps away from Jack)

Jack throws his sword at Scaramouche's flute and severs it.

Scaramouche throwing his flute pieces away: Now that's rude. (Sings a jazzy tune and gets daggers out)

Jack and Scaramouche clash their weapons and try to slash each other. Meanwhile, Scotsman is having trouble with his daughter and is about to have his neck severed while trying to hold the sword back.

Scotsman: Nnnagh! I don't know if this is your strength or the collar's, but you pack a punch..! (Pushes Flora back and slams his sword onto her collar)

The sword bounces off the collar and Scotsman falls down, accidentally shooting his gatling leg and hitting Flora's collar, which deflects the bullets a lot nearby toybots. They get mowed down from the bullets and one of them fires an eye beam at Scotsman that misses and shoots off Flora's collar. A countdown goes off in the collar, and Flora grabs it and tosses it away before it detonates in the middle of the incoming toybots!

Scotsman: Aye. Thank goodness I don't have to take anotha life for my own.

Flora: Thanks Dad. Now, let's show those machines how it's done! (Aims sword at Toybots)

The toybots retreat and Scotsman and Flora chase after them. Danny comes over and notices the robots escaping and puts a shield around them, so they can't leave. Zim and Wulf rush at the machines and tear them apart one by one! Back at the control room, Anais, Ashi, and Jimmy take on Bobert while the time portal is being formed by Zim's orb. It activates, and several destinations are being pinpointed via communications with signals from other worlds in the same timeline. Ashi runs past Bobert and kicks his leg joint, causing him to fall and land on his arm cannon, crushing it! Anais shoots energy blasts at the android, damaging his back supply and igniting the gas in his jetpack. Bobert's back explodes and he starts to fly toward the time machine, catching Jimmy's leg in the process and having him fall through the portal.

Anais: The warp gate's not set properly!

Ashi: I'll handle that. You get Jimmy!

Anais nods and enters the portal, bringing her to Jimmy in the ruins of the Gem Homeworld, where Bobert comes crashing through a fallen statue of Yellow Diamond. He charges at Anais, though his punch is blocked and she uppercuts him. Jimmy uses his freeze ray to plant his leg to the ground, and Bobert tries to break free. Anais continues to hit Bobert's chest area, exposing some of his electronics, though he constantly seals himself up with his wiring.

Anais: Bobert, you were once a friend of my brothers back at Elmore 30 years ago! You have to remember them! Fight the Syndicate's corruption!

Bobert breaking through the ice: Cannot process request! Activating energy boost! (Knocks Anais over)

Anais falls into a spawning portal. Bobert and Jimmy follow her and reach the remains of Petropolis. They fall down a rooftop that slopes down to another portal where Anais gets in that takes them to the damaged Pickles' Household, where they land in the basement around old toys made by Stu. Bobert kicks Jimmy away from him and transforms into a tank-like mode. He shoots high energy missiles at the duo as the room they're in collapses with the house. Suddenly, another portal spawns when Bobert backs out to transform back to his Combat Mode.

Anais: How many of these do we have to go through?!

Jimmy lifting Anais: I don't know. But I get the feeling he's not gonna back down just yet.

Anais: There's gotta be a way to beat him. We already know he's not gonna stop fighting if we try to persuade him, so what can we do?!

Both of them jump in the portal and enter the dry ocean of Bikini Bottom with destroyed Irken cruisers scattered everywhere.

Jimmy: I must know. I've just gotta think about it. Think...think…(Jimmy processes in his mind the toys, and Anais mentioning Gumball and Darwin).

Anais looks at Jimmy confused as he crouches down with his brain pulsing hard. Suddenly, Bobert shoots a beam at the two and Jimmy's thought process is disrupted!

Jimmy getting his ray gun off the ground: Darn it! I forgot! (Shoots beams at Bobert)

Bobert walks through the beams toward Jimmy and tries to throw a heavy punch at him, but Anais comes over and takes the hit, creating a shockwave that shatters nearby glass! She falls to Jimmy's lap and faints with a silly smile on her face.

Jimmy: Oh no!

Bobert prepares another punch at Jimmy, but a portal spawns behind them and they fall in. They land in Elmore, where the ruins of the Watterson's house is seen next to them.

Anais with stars above her head: Oh look. It's my old home again. Isn't that lovely…

Jimmy: Old home? Wait! (Thinks again and finishes the process) BRAIN BLAST! Bobert, wait! Before you kill us, look at the house to your right!

Bobert turns around and sees the house. He immediately flashbacks to a time where he tried to replace Gumball and a time where he followed directives and integrated Gumball and Darwin's commands in a humorous way.

Bobert: Directive...compromised.…

Anais recovered from the punch: H-he's remembering! (Gets up and walks to the house)

Anais picks up her old doll and a shattered picture of her family.

Anais: Do you remember the people in this picture?

Bobert looking at the image: ….Gumball...upgrade. Real boy. (Glitches and twitches) De..iny...child ...(Shuts down)

Jimmy: …?

Bobert's Combat Mode reverts back to his default and he turns back on with his old self rebooted.

Jimmy: Bobert, are you alright?

Bobert: Define alright. (Picks up Jimmy)

Anais: WE DID IT! (Hugs Bobert) You broke your programming and you're back to your old self again!

Jimmy: Good thing too. This finally gave me a reason to have a brain blast!

Bobert: What happened to me? What happened to you?

Anais: See for yourself. (Points to the streets of Elmore)

Bobert looks around and sees nothing back ruin and fog everywhere. He also takes a look at the doll Anais is holding in her hand.

Bobert: How long has it been since my previous save?

Anais bending down to Bobert: It's been 30 years since then. Plus an additional 2 for me "borrowing" your enforcement programming.

Bobert: Oh. No wonder I still carry files of your current design.

Jimmy: Gumball and Darwin are gone and the Syndicate plans to take over all of space and time.

Bobert: Where are they now?

Jimmy: Through another one of those spawning portals.

Bobert takes flight and takes the duo through the portal. He drops them off at the control room and looks at the Syndicate Base with everyone taking on the Toybots. Zim and Wulf destroy the remaining robots in the room and Jack starts getting tired in his fight with Scaramouche.

Scaramouche: I told ya babe, you can't beat me! I'm not gonna let you do what you did to me in your timeline.

Jack tired out: Then I won't do it! (Puts sword away) I won't kill you if you just listen to me.

Scaramouche: Why should I listen to you?

Jack: I did not kill you in my time, Scaramouche. I tried, but you survived, and Aku destroyed you when you failed your mission!

Scaramouche: Mission? You know the boss and I. (Smirks) I don't fail anything.

Jack: You were supposed to tell Aku that I lost my sword, but I still have it.

Scaramouche: ! W..What?

Jack: If you had succeeded, I wouldn't be standing here. I saw you die. Aku betrayed you just as he betrayed this world.

Scaramouche: And what's to say he doesn't kill me again like he did where you came from? I don't wanna die man. There's no tellin whetha there's a heaven or hell for me!

Jack: We won't let him. None of us will! Help us, and we can get you out of this world to a better place!

Scaramouche smiling: Well why didn't you just say so?! (Picks up flute pieces) Let's get it poppin babe!

Danny coming over to Jimmy: You ok, Jimmy?

Jimmy: I'm great! We just got this little gy back on our side, and he can help us with destroying the Time Drive!

Bobert: My scanners indicate that But Time Drive is currently 87% operational.

Ashi: Ok. Let's get to the bottom of this!

Tucker: Right, but what about the orb?

Zim: That device is the only thing powering that time portal. If it is destroyed, we'll- (Gets knocked into the floor by unknown force) Ack!

Danny: Zim..? (Gets knocked into the ceiling from the back) GAH!

Tucker: Who keeps doing that?! (Gets knocked on the forehead) Ow! (Gets blown into a control panel)

Jack and Ashi keep their guard up in front of a defenseless Momo, but before they can detect what's happening, the orb connected to the time portal is smashed open, causing the warp gate's destination settings to glitch up and pinpoint other timelines!

Everyone: !

Zim quickly runs for the orb and cradles the pieces in his arms while sparks pop out of its circuits, when behind him and everyone else, someone tall resembling Aku steps forward, much to Ashi's surprise…

End of Chapter 23

Chapter Text

"Just when the Time Portal was pinpointing the coordinates back to the main timeline, the High Priestess and the Daughters of Aku arrive and smash open the Irken Engine, destroying their only chance of escaping!"

As the heroes stand before the now improved and Aku-empowered Daughters, the tall and menacing High Priestess steps forward with her mask still on, yet seemingly wearing a huge glare. Ashi steps back a little in a bit of hesitation along with Momo, remembering that in the timeline she and Jack came from, she had killed her mother to save him.

High Priestess: It was foretold that one such as you would betray us, Ashi. That you would betray our cause for the foolish samurai…

Ashi getting furious: Grr..!

Danny clenching his fist next to a furious Tucker: You...Y-you…!

High Priestess: Neither of you were supposed to be alive, no matter how hard our master had tried, both in the past and future that was Aku. Now we must finish it for what you have done to cause the destruction of our lord and master (squints)...Samurai Jack.

Tucker: That was our only way outta this Hell, you moron! (Charges at High Priestess) YAAAAAA! (Lands a heavy punch at her face)

The High Priestess takes the punch but doesn't budge. For a moment, Tucker's arm starts falling apart and slumps down with the sounds of broken bones. He steps back a little with his right arm completely immobilized, and in shock.

Tucker: ...Arms, like, NOODLES!

Zim: I might be able to repair it somehow! But you so-called fighters must defend me against those filthy beasts!

Jimmy: And I'm assuming you know these guys?

Ashi: I know all of them…

Jack: They are the Daughters of Aku. Assassins sent to kill me back at the future we came from. I killed them, but Ashi survived… I just wish I could bring them all back and give them a second chance.

Ashi: Well, looks like we're back to square one again. These guys are much stronger now more than ever with more of Aku's blood in them. I was resistant against it when I met you guys and warped me and Jack back to the past. But with my other siblings, they're extremely loyal to Aku no matter what. Even when Jack offered to help, we refused, and I was the only one left; which now that I think about it, Jack, you just murdered my sisters. That's...That's not cool, honey.

Jack nervous: I-I had no choice! What would have happened if I didn't?

Ashi: Well, knowing me, I probably would've spared you and instead got Aku to finish you off instead like he always wanted, but you didn't kill me when I was down!

Jack: But that's because you were defenseless! It's not honorable to kill someone who's already defeated!

Danny: This got awkward real quick.

Momo: Yep.

Jimmy: That's why Cindy and I are still planning out our marriage.

High Priestess: Enough, Samurai! You will die for the glory of Lord Aku, even if we have to sacrifice our lives! Now, my children (points), go! Kill them all!

The corrupted Daughters of Aku jump forward and merge into one giant oozey wall, covering the teleporter room and the halls with nothing but blackness, only having the light from the ceiling be visible as the barriers close in on everyone to crush them!

Danny: Ok. Last time we fought people like this, Aku could still take me down with just his magic to keep me from transforming! (Goes intangible) Better use this wisely! (Jets upward and phases through ceiling across the flowing barriers)

Danny lands behind the barriers surrounding everyone in the room, shooting rapid fire ecto balls from his palms, but the barrier keeps regenerating! Danny instead constructs an eco-sword and slashes his way through the walls, only to get himself trapped from within when they regenerate!

Danny: Agh, it's not working! (Pushes back absorbing ooze) We need something with more firepower!

Scaramouche: I've got ya, fam. (Takes out two daggers from pockets) You'd betta be careful with these. They pack a punch. (Gives them to Jack)

Jack: I remember. When I escaped the Daughters of Aku. Stand back! (Smacks daggers on the ground three times and tosses it into the barrier)

The daggers explode the ooze barrier, and the Daughters of Aku reform into their separate bodies, now with the fire in their eyes blazing even more in rage!

Tucker wrapping his broken arm in his jacket: We've stepped in it now…

Anais stepping up to the High Priestess: Alright, alright! Enough games! You call yourself a mother? Let me show you how you raise kids in my day! (Powers up)

High Priestess: You really are as foolish as they say you are... (Removes coat and sharpens claws) And you are standing in my way.

Anais clenches her fist tightly while Momo in the background near Zim watches in anticipation.

Anais briefly turning to Momo while the mother jumps in the air: Let what you're about to see sink in, squirt. (Jumps upward and blocks punch from High Priestess)

Anais and the High Priestess get into a rapid clash, with the corrupted mother slashing at Anais, who blocks each attack by pushing her arms out of the way, and kicking her away! The mother, however, has a chained dagger, and slings it right through the side of Anais' clothing near her waist area, just barely missing her skin! She jets forward, and she and the mother slam each other into the ground as the Daughters of Aku charge forward to the heroes! Zim uses his PAK to connect to the teleporter and generate a force field around everyone. Danny rockets himself straight through one of the minions, who immediately reforms the hole in her body and shoots a tentacle at Danny's leg, grabbing him and tossing him through a wall! Scaramouch gets on Wulf's back and rides him toward the other sisters!

Scaramouche with his arm up: Yeah, baby! Here it comes! (Deploys dagger)

As Wulf runs in a line in front of the daughters, Scaramouche takes his dagger and slashes each of them in half clean! Before they can regenerate, Jimmy takes a small Sonic Field Disruptor disk from out his Hypercube and lobs it at them, releasing a loud wave of sounds that temporarily disrupts the monsters ability to morph into different shapes and sizes! They still reshape into humanoid bodies and start attacking everyone while Jack, Ashi, and Jimmy make their next move.

Jimmy: There! That should buy us enough time to find a way to defeat them!

Jack: Only my sword can cut through Aku's magic. But...I do not know if it will be enough.

Ashi: Maybe not. But that's where you guys come in. Jimmy, you have gadgets that can disrupt magic! And Danny can construct weapons! We can't just rely on the sword to beat Aku. We need all the help we can get to make it happen!

Jimmy: Agreed! I'll see if I can get more Sonic Field Disruptors from my Hypercube! I don't remember how many I've brought with me, but there should be enough to keep these "magic users" from winning!

Mysterious Voice: I wouldn't count on it!

Jack turning around: Hm..?!

Off in the distance near the entrance of the hallway where everyone came from, a man very much resembling Jack stands menacingly, with black and red colors instead of light and grey, and a wicked hairstyle.

Jack: You…

Ashi: You know him? He looks just like you! Only, creepy looking.

Jack: He's my inner demon. My rage...The one who kept me away from my destiny for far too long!

Jimmy: But how can emotion manifest physically? And if it were possible, how could Aku make him without you around in the future?

Mad Jack: Fool. I am him! From the past!

Jack in shock: !

In a flashback, Jack realizes this is him just after Aku sent him to the future. But because this is an even worse one than what he was supposed to go to, Jack was somehow apprehended.

Jack: He is...right.

Jimmy: Then, if this "Mad Jack" was you from the past, that means his inner demon must've taken control over your very consciousness! The old Jack is gone!

Mad Jack: That's right, boy genius. And I hope you appreciate the company. Wouldn't you agree, my dear Ashi?

Next to Mad Jack, Ashi, similar to the corrupted form she took after Aku found her and Jack in the other future, emerges from the black floor, intimidating the real Ashi and the rest.

Ashi sounding much more worried: Woah…

Mad Ashi: ...For the glory of Aku.

Mad Jack: When we're done with you, we will spread our very essence with Aku and the Syndicate once the Time Drive has been completed. And everyone will feel the pain you have felt getting back to the past!

Jack: Never! You may have taken my body, evil one. But my spirit, and the spirits of the fallen from the past shall always remain within us, no matter how much you've done!

Mad Jack getting irritated: I've heard enough of this stereotypical heroic talk. (Pulls out sword and takes a stance) Shall we?

Jack and Ashi take a stance while Jimmy flies backwards with his jetpack to distract an incoming daughter of Aku. Together, the two rush into a sword and fist fight, with Jack and Mad Jack engaging in a series of chops and slashes while Jack pushes his counterpart back. Corrupted Ashi (or Mad Ashi in this case) morphs into a spider-looking creature, lunging her arms into the ground to try and hit Ashi! She dodges the arms and jump kicks one of the joints, knocking the monster to her side! It fires lasers from its eyes, which Ashi gets knocked back by! She lands against a broken piece of large rubble from the ceiling on her back, with some visible scratches from the blasts. Back with everyone else, they take on other shapeshifting Daughters of Aku. One of them morphs into a bird-like beast darting at Wulf, Scotsman, and Flora. Scotsman gets in front of the two and blocks the attacks with his sword, pushing back one of the darts and lifting his gatling leg to shoot at the morpher! This blows holes in the daughter's wings, falling on her feet and turning into a fire breathing dragon! Flora runs through the blazes to the head of the creature, taking her sword and chopping the beast's head clean off! This causes the daughter to shapeshift uncontrollably, and another one of the seven minions fighting Danny and the injured Tucker extends its arm to the severed sibling! She absorbs one of the pieces while Wulf pounds the other half to the ground! Only 6 Daughters of Aku Remain… Zim defends himself against another attempting to attack him while he's initiating repairs to the Irken Orb. But his PAK's lasers had run out of some energy from the previous fight, and the shield he has set up around him.

Zim clenching his fist in irritation: Curses..! I always have to find an alternative..! (Looks to Momo, hiding behind a well-armed Bobert)

Momo turning towards Zim: ?

Zim: You. Those antennae of yours will do the job. (Comes next to Momo) Come, little lifeform. Use your electricity to generate enough juice for me!

Momo nods and bows her head while generating static from her antennas like she does to speak. Zim takes a wire from the broken Irken Device and holds it near Momo's static to draw power from it while Zim's PAK absorbs some from the shield he deployed. This causes the shield to decrease in size, forcing Bobert to stand guard in front of it. He deploys his twin cannons and charges them from a double beam at one of the 6 monsters, missing one that morphs a hole through itself! She attempts to fire a heat beam at the android, only for Danny to come over and fly right into her face, crashing her into a more dangerous part of the facility where the Toybots were being made! The assembly line is shut off, but the mechanisms inside are still running. Danny shoots a small energy blast that spins a crane towards the face of the fallen monster, though she shrinks in size and grabs hold of it and rips it off the assembly line! She tosses it at Danny, who uses intangibility to shift through it and use a ghostly wail at the daughter. This destroys the line she's on, but she jets upward to the ghost boy, using a whip to smash the platform underneath him! Danny phases through the heavy pipelines in the Syndicate's stronghold, only to be discovered by the Daughter of Aku bursting through the vents even though he's intangible!

Danny bouncing back: Nani?! (Gets smacked in the cheek into a balcony) Doh! (Crashes into railing and barely gets back up) Dugh…! (Jumps from long whip)

Danny flips over and shoots large fireballs from his boots, but the monster simply wacks them all away! She stretches her arm to Danny and chokeholds him, slamming him into a lower part of the assembly shafts into several of the nearby machines!

Danny getting choked: Uh..Aghk..! This is harder than I thought..! No wonder if Jack had a hard time with these guys! (Shoots ice beam from palm and freezes daughter's face)

The monster's face gets covered by ice and she lets go of Danny trying to get it off! Danny kicks her back a few steps and he looks around the assembly line for anyway of beating her.

Danny: Scaramouche had a dagger that goes boom when clicked enough times, and it had enough power to splatter a guy! There's gotta be something with equal firepower here! (Looks towards assembly lasers) Those lasers! They must have the same kind of juice to burn this lady into a crisp! ...Wow. That would mean I'd be killing someone. This can't be fun. (Flies to a conveyor belt with Daughter of Aku) Ok, ooze girl, come at me!

The monster stretches her entire body towards Danny, only for him to turn on one of the assembly wielders, burning her body in half! She lands, trying to regenerate, but barely from the flames on the stump of her torso's half! The other half completely disintegrates, while she manages to morph into a smaller version of a crab monster. She uses one of her claws to attempt to grab Danny, but he dodges and accidentally breaks the wielder. She uses the other claw to smack away Danny and he falls onto another conveyor belt with the same technology. Although, this one leads to a pipeline and piston. The daughter absorbs herself onto the piston and makes it move much faster to crush Danny, but he holds it up above his head while crouching down!

Danny struggling to keep himself from getting crushed: Grr...Uugh..! (Powers up and explodes out of piston) DAAAAAAGH! (Jets away while the shapeshifter follows him)

Danny phases through more pipelines while the demon seeps through them like the ooze back in Volcano Island, finding her way through several areas Danny passes into!

Danny: She's even able to see right through my intangibility! (Narrowly avoids protruding spike from floor)

The monster spawns several spikes from around the areas Danny goes through, just barely missing him. He stops in place in one of the lower decks of Aku's tower in the fiery pits, where he encounters an ooze vault of some sort containing the leftover blood of Aku that was used to make his assassins.

Danny: An ooze vault! Wonder if I can somehow ignite it! (SPawns fireball in palm)

Danny looks around the room and sees pressure tanks against the walls. He waits for the monster chasing him to burst through the pipes, giving Danny the chance to take his ecto ball and toss it into the tanks, causing a large explosion that splatters the Daughter of Aku across the walls and reacts with the ooze! Danny creates a shield barrier around himself before the ooe shoots upward from the flames like an erupting volcano! It blows Danny out of the facility from the side of Aku's tower!

Danny shooting out: YEEEEEEAH! (Falls out the sky while still shielded) OH SHIIOOOOOOOO-

Danny crashes right into the facility through multiple levels of it's inner workings while still using his ghost shield! Back with Jack and Mad Jack, they both manage to cut each other's chest and legs, with both falling on the floor on one knee!

Jack breathing hard: ...Does this help...or does this reflect the nature...of who you are?

Mad Jack: Shut up! (Swipes at Jack with sword)

Jack bends backwards from the swipe and puts his sword near his face, not to attack, but to keep his mad counterpart from chopping him lengthwise!

Jack locked in a clash: You've let your rage consume you. Your anger. Your frustration…

Mad Jack: DIE! (Pushes Jack back and attemtps a lunge to his stomach)

Mad Jack misses and gets hit by a stray blast from Anais battling the High Priestess! He looks up and sees them still duking it out, with the High Priestess getting the upper hand using her new powers and chained daggers! She takes her chain and wraps it around Anais, slinging her up to the ceiling and knocking her on the back of the head with it! She slams her face to the floor, yet despite this, she still gets back up with a somewhat calm look on her face. She shoots an energy beam through the High Priestess' stomach, but she simply re-energizes and seals the wound.

Anais: I see those new upgrades really come in handy, don't they?

High Priestess: These are not upgrades, Watterson. They are merely a gift from my maker. (Stretches arm to Anais, but misses)

Anais takes the stretched limb and uses it to pull the evil mother towards her, headbutting her to the floor!

Anais: Maker? (Chuckles while speaking) I was afraid you'd be like that. You and everyone else always think too highly of Aku.

High Priestess looking up to anais with her arms behind her back on the floor: Aku is our lord and master! (Smashes arms through the floor tiles)

The High Priestess takes her extended arms and grabs Anais from underneath the floor! She shoots her hands off her ankles and jumps backwards for a supercharged beam, which nearly misses the mad assassin! She narrowly avoids the shot, losing an arm in the process, but regenerates it into a large hammer that she slams down onto the tall bunny! Anais blocks it with both arms above her, though struggling to keep it upward!

Anais: Gugh...Hey Bobert, would you kindly assist me in holding this one down?!

Bobert: Affirmative. (Jets towards Anais in distress)

Bobert leaves Zim and Momo to take on the High Priestess while they keep repairing the Irken Device. Tucker, uses his one arm to shoot any incoming daughters away from him and the shield barrier, while Flora comes over to him and slashes one of the daughters in three halves! Tucker blasts the parts away, but they reform into one whole frog-looking monster, who shoots its tongue at Flora's sword and takes it from her!

Flora: My sword!

Jimmy flying over: Guys, I've got only 4 Sonic Field Disruptors in handy! About 5 of the seven Daughters of Aku remain, plus the High Priestess and Mad Jack!

Tucker: How're we supposed to take them all out?

Jimmy: These devices have a frequency that when activated can weaken several of the minions at once. Using them can keep them from regenerating and transforming into those strange creatures again.

Scotsman walking over with his sword in hand: Alright, alright. But what about you?! I don't see you runnin with no sword or no powers, whippy dip!

Jimmy: Believe me, those are for someone else, not me. I'll keep one of these "daughters" back while you defend Zim and Momo from the rest of them!

Everyone else standing guard: Right!

One of the remaining minions chases Jimmy away into a farther part of the facility while the rest stay behind and deal with themselves. All 4 of the assassins merge into one unidentifiable mess, shooting explosive darts at the group, blowing them away while Zim's shield takes damage and powers down completely!

Zim raising his fist: WHAT are you humans doiiiIIIING?!

Scotsman getting pushed around by more tendons: What does it look like ya big headed, green skinned, pink eyed boy?!

One of the Daughters comes over from the amalgamation behind Momo, who's still in focus on the orb. Before she could be attacked, Bobert skids over to her and Zim and deploys his turrets into Machine-Gun Mode, shooting rapidly at the minion! The monster doesn't back down, so Bobert resets his turrets to Cannon-Mode and fires a massive beam that causes an explosion in the room! It kills the monster, but another one pops up behind the blast and charges at Bobert and Momo! Bobert shoots her out of the way and slams her head onto the heated floor! The monster attempts a lunge with one of its tentacles, and Bobert boosts away and shoots his cannons at her! Back with Anais, she has the High Priestess backed against a corner missing another arm, trying to regenerate it after what appears to be a direct hit from Bobert. She morphs her other arm into a dart gun, shooting at the bunny woman who runs across the room to the right behind cover. The corrupted mother finishes repairs to her arm and steps toward Anais slowly while getting out her chained dagger.

High Priestess: To think, I could have never existed, had Aku not have been so intelligent to leave but a few of humanity alive. Only the strong survive. (Prepares to strike Anais from behind) And the weak perish.

Before the High Priestess could strike at Anais, Danny comes bursting through the roof into the mad mother with his shield barrier! He lowers it and simply walks off her back.

Danny: Wow. Now that's what I call a dramatic entrance!

Anais getting back up: Ah, Danny! Right on schedule.

Jimmy jets by the two and drops two Sonic Disruptors in their palms.

Jimmy being chased by a Daughter of Aku: Quick! Give one of those to Jack and Ashi! (Turns down the hall to his left)

Danny: You can count on me!

Jimmy flies into an empty dark hall hall where he loses the corrupted human, getting behind a corner to adjust his own Disruptor.

Jimmy adjusting the disruptor: If I can rewire the frequency cables, and connect them with the amplifiers…

Before Jimmy could say anything else, the daughter chasing him bashes through the wall and grabs onto Jimmy's throat. He holds onto her arm, only for her to retract it into her stomach and sock Jimmy in the nose! Jimmy gets punched on his sides, in his back, and one of his knees, almost breaking it! He gets kicked away and sent into a wall, breaking it on impact and falling on his left side, unable to move. The daughter of Aku steps toward him and grabs her mace on the way.

Daughter of Aku: You're no fighter. You're a weakling like the samurai. (Hears beeping noises)

On the villain's back, a Neutron Plasma Bomb goes off and completely blows her to smithereens, leaving only her mask in front of the injured Jimmy.

Jimmy: Yeah? Well I'm a genius…Guh...(Falls unconscious)

Only 4 of the Daughters of Aku remain. Everyone else protecting Zim and Momo spring out of the corrupted barriers using two of Jimmy's disruptors. With the daughters morphing into a less powerful form individually, Scotsman and Flora split two of them lengthways with their swords, while Wulf returns for a huge bite to the other one's neck, which he immediately spits himself off of after tasting it!

Wulf wiping his tongue: Eeaack!

While the daughter is damaged and stunned, Bobert and Tucker come in for the kill and shoot her down! The three corrupted beings disintegrate, leaving only one of them plus the High Priestess left alive. The mad mother is left beaten and broken face first on the floor from Danny's attack, while everyone else come by and look down at her, much to her humiliation.

Tucker: Is she dead?

Anais: No, but I have a feeling she's not gonna be happy if she can get back up again. (Activates disruptor) Better safe than sorry. (Bends down to place on High Priestess' head)

High Priestess still face first on the floor: …(Quickly raises head and glows red eyes)

Suddenly, the High Priestess causes the ground below everyone to explode upward, sending them all into the ceiling and back down to the rubble, also smashing the Disruptor. She slowly rises back up, now without her mask or horns, but rather her exposed and scarred face very similar to Ashi's, but much older and sinister looking.

High Priestess: You seriously underestimate me, Watterson. Unlike you, I have learned from my past mistakes. (Looks towards Ashi and back at Momo and Zim) I think you know. (Zooms towards Ashi and Mad Ashi)

Mad Ashi continues to beat the snot out of her good self, getting more and more agressive while Ashi keeps her guard up in front of her. She uses a long metal pipe to block much of her evil counterpart's attacks, but she soon breaks it in two and punches her away! Before she could make a final blow with her morphed mallet hand, several large pieces of debris from the ceiling collapse onto her!

Ashi smiling in surprise: …(Looks up)

Scaramouche joins with Ashi far in the back of the chamber she's in with his fixed flute in his hand.

Scaramouche: Didn't turn tail and forget me, did ya babe?

Ashi: Boy, I'm just glad you're on our side! (Sees Mad Ashi trying to escape, and her mother coming for her) Quick, keep my bad self down while I deal with my Mom! (Sprints toward High Priestess)

Scaramouche: You got it, sexy! (Sings jazzy tune and drops more debris from around the room)

Ashi makes a long leap for a punch to her mother's exposed face just barely missing her sharp sword arm! The mother falls to the floor on her back, quickly drop kicking Ashi back a few steps and morphing her leg into a long whip that snags Ashi into a wall!

High Priestess: I should have known you were the weak one, Ashi. It's because of you that from the very start, I improved my form and gave you more than enough power to surpass even Lord Aku to destroy the Samurai. (Flings Ashi across the ground) There was no need for training anymore. You were made this way. A natural killer, all in the name of our Lord and master! (Pulls Ashi to herself and headbutts her to the ground)

Ashi slowly getting up, holding her arm: keep praising Aku. Worshipping him. You don't even know what he's like! You see him almost like how everyone sees Jack. I see him as someone who wants nothing more than to have everything for himself like a spoiled brat, never once caring for anybody but him and his outside voice!

High Priestess smacking Ashi in the cheek away: You think I don't already know that?! Ever since I was but a little one like you and that girl, I had heard nothing but Aku, been raised to believe his own existence, and his origin. He's been in my life since I was ever concieved, and has opened me and my loved ones to knowledge far past our understanding or control! You see the samurai as a bringer of peace. I see peace as but a fantasy. (Pulls out and swings around chained dagger, fueling it with her own energy) One that Aku will show to all existence to prove them wrong!

As soon as the High Priestess throws the chained dagger right at Ashi with much of her power exerted onto it to kill, the former Daughter of Aku flips to her left using one leg and lands on the other, grabbing her chain and lunging it right through the side of the gut of her evil mother!

High Priestess falling on her knee trying to regenerate: Agh! (Falls on arms) Aagh..! …(Looks at wound and holds onto bloody chain, unable to regenerate after her last attack) …!

Ashi: Really? Looks like existence doesn't care.

Ashi quickly turns her attention back to Jack battling her evil counterpart and Mad Jack! She charges towards Mad Jack when he kicks Jack in the gut backwards, kicking Mad Jack's spine!

Mad Jack falling on one knee: Agh!

Jack charging for a chop: Yaagh!

Suddenly, Mad Ashi breaks out the fallen rubble, smacks Scaramouche away and stretches her sword arm to shield Mad Jack! She pulls herself over to him and pushes Ashi away while Mad Jack overwhelms Jack with a heavy backhand! He falls on his butt and Mad Jack clashes his sword with his!

Mad Jack holding Jack down: Do you believe YOU can be forgiven for what you've done? You've completely ignored the lives of your friends! Tried to return to the past and risk losing all that you've cared for?! All the lives that have cared for you and helped you make it this far in favor of just two people?!

Jack still blocking with his sword: ...Yes, I know. I know what I've done and what my future self had accomplished. And the consequences of my actions. It was always my mission to get back to the past and save the future from the evil that is Aku. And yet...every attempt I've made...I gave it all away for the ones who've brought me here. Inspired me. (Pushes Mad Jack back and stands with his sword in front of his face) Perhaps returning was a mistake. Maybe I should have stayed in the future to destroy Aku where he stood! I cannot change what I have done. But I will live on to ensure that for whatever happens, no one interferes with the course of history any longer! (Puts sword in front of face) For the people of the past, for my Father, for the future...

Mad Jack charging forward for a lunge: YAAAAAAAAGH!

Samurai Jack opening his eyes: FOR EVERYONE! (Charges forward) YAAAAAAAAAGH!

Jack and Mad Jack running toward each other: AAAAAAAAAAAGH! (Clashes)

As both Jacks clash into each other's attacks, their swords emit a fiery shockwave that causes flames to sprout from the electronics in the room, making small explosions around them! They release themselves and start slashing, chopping, lunging, and punching at each other like in a high speed anime, getting angrier and angrier, with both attacks becoming more potent than the last! Behind Mad Jack, the Corrupted Ashi takes shape again, rocketing herself towards the heroic samurai! Ashi quickly gets next to Anais, who's just finished with another Aku Daughter. She uses a small beam attack underneath Ashi after she jumps, landing on it and sending her like a jet to her evil self, punching right into her face before she could make contact with Jack! Ashi knocks her right through three walls in separate chambers, crashing into a large open hangar! They land, and the Corrupted Ashi extends her knife-like arms to stab her opponent, only to miss each time! Ashi jumps next to every blow to the surface and makes her way to the monster's face, performing a massive drop kick to it! This knocks Mad Ashi down and morphs her leg into a sharp blade to sever Ashi's legs, but she jumps over them backwards and takes a piece of the broken floor tiles from the crash and slings it at the monster like a frisbee! This severs one of Mad Ashi's horns, enraging her further to the point where a light monstrous mouth is exposed, roaring at her!

Corrupted Ashi: RAAAAAAAWR! (Takes Ashi by the hair and slams her onto the floor)

Corrupted Ashi drags Ashi along the ground at top speed, trying to grind her across the surface, only to get kicked away by Ashi's two feet! Mad Jack and Jack's fight comes to a brief halt, when Mad Jack manages to get a hold of Jack's face and slams him against the wall, preparing to lunge, only to get interrupted when Mad Ashi crashes into him from the fall!

Mad Jack falling on the ground next to Mad Ashi: Gugh..!

Anais in the back with her fists pumped up: Now! Use the disruptors with the final blow!

Danny flies towards the samurai duo and drops a Sonic Disruptor in Ashi's palm. Jack and Ashi leap next to each other; both with a confident expression while prepping for their last attack. Mad Jack and Ashi also get up and suddenly merge into one tall combined version of themselves! They charge up their red, burning auras while Jack and Ashi take the katana and disruptor and jet forward after their evil versions!

Anais charging her palms: Let's do this! (Releases large energy beam)

Bobert charging his turret cannons: Maximum Firepower! (Shoots right at Jashi)

Jack and Ashi with a cry: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!

Mad Jashi charging forward with a large blazing aura: RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

As soon as the warriors sprint and pause opposite of each other, with both Jack and Ashi falling down together looking back at their evil selves, Mad Jashi slowly splits in two and lights up from inside, exploding like a volcanic eruption! Nothing is left of them, and Jack looks back at where they stood with a somber look on his face knowing that Mad Jack had taken the best of him and Ashi in this timeline was undoubtedly loyal to Aku.

Danny floating down to Jack and Ashi: Man...That was intense.

Ashi: And a little dramatic.

Jack looking at the downed High Priestess nearby: You there…

High Priestess looking up with a slight uplifted expression: ..?

Ashi steps forward to the corrupted mother and instead of striking her down while she's hurt, she reaches his hand out to her.

Ashi: I know what you said about yourself. I'm sorry. You never told me how much of an effect Aku had on you when I was little like you were. Maybe we can fix this and take him out of your life.

Danny: Yeah, and at least you weren't born from him. You still have plenty of humanity left in you. You can live for once!

High Priestess: Hmhm...Born? Hehehe...I was never born for Aku. I was made. ...Every night, I sleep with the constant screeching sound of my own existence, painful, ear piercing like scraping your head against a brick wall; always wanting more, yet somehow obligated to do something else. (Glares at injured and tired group)

Near Zim and Momo, Anais, Scotsman, Scaramouche, Flora, Wulf, and Tucker are all temporarily incapacitated from the fight and are on the floor trying to recuperate.

High Priestess while charging her eyes looking down: Caring and love... Joys and sorrows? This is not living. We're just part of the program! (Raises head and shoots eye beam right at them)

Ashi and Jack quickly gasp and turn around near the team, who are now defenseless and unable to move fast enough to avoid the attack! They all freeze in fear with Momo in the back holding her hand out in front of her while her pupils get smaller and smaller with a slight gasp coming from her throat in horror! But just before the beam could hit them, Bobert immediately hops in front of them and smacks it back at the High Priestess, killing her instantly in a loud and large explosion!

Jack and Ashi getting blown by the blast: Gah!

Danny falling over: Woah!

Bobert landing next to Momo: Target eliminated. (Turns to Zim) Are you alright?

Zim: Yes my faithful mechanical companion! You're even more useful than GIR, or even the standard SIR unit! Also, the device has been reconstructed and hooked into the warp gate!

Danny: Ok. We oughta go on ahead and get to the Syndicate and Aku before they try and pull anymore tricks! Also, where'd Jimmy go?

Jack in the distance running: Jimmy!

Danny turning to Jack: Hm?

Jack running to Jimmy in another hallway: Jimmy! Jimmy, are you alright?! (Lifts Jimmy by his back)

Jimmy slowly waking up: ...Uh...O-oh, Jack. I was just resting. That Daughter of Aku gave me plenty of trouble.

Danny: You're not the only one. Zim fixed the sphere, but we're all practically broken from that last fight.

Ashi: My mother even refused to join our side despite our recent lineup. But, hey, you still have an invention or something that can help with that, right?

Jimmy: I might have a serum with me from Timmy that can heal us just a little for the next fight.

Tucker getting up again: Whatever it is, I sure hope it's enough to fix my arm. That tall chick had a mask that felt like cold metal!

Scotsman: That's nothin! I've punched and broke metal of all kinds, and she had the weakest ones of them all! You sure you're up for this?

Jack: I am prepared to handle anything that comes our way.

Jimmy: I'll prep everyone up as we get up to the top. (Faces Momo) Young girl, the area should be clear. Stay here with the time machine and jump in to get to our base in case something goes wrong.

Momo: …(Anais sets her hand on top Momo's shoulder from behind) ?

Anais: Don't worry. We'll be ok. We've made it this far anyway. (Gives a very sincere expression) safe.

Momo: Yes. Ms. Watterson.

The Syndicate on the top floor make preparations for the Time Drive launch. Aku and Vlad standby as the Toon Force make their way upstairs.

Calamitus at the Time Drive controls: The Time Drive is finished. All systems are fully operational. Begin the launch process.

Crocker adjusts the cannon's internal systems and the crystal compartment starts to glow. Inside, faint screaming can be heard.

Crocker: Vlad, I hear screaming! Are these the same sounds Anais told us about when she collected the gems?

Vlad: They are. But it's nothing important. Continue the operation.

Jack coming upstairs: AKU!

Aku and Vlad: Wha..?!

The heroes make their way to the top of the stairway.

Danny stepping up to the bad guys: Syndicate, you're going down for your crimes against this timeline and its people.

Aku: I disagree. (Spawns smaller clones of himself and Vlad)

Ashi: Uh oh.

Jack sighing: Not again…

Vlad: Now I think we understand each other. No one touches the Time Drive!

Anais: We'll see about it, Plashead. But first, I'm gonna tear your hair off and replace the fur on my coat with it as payback!

Crocker still pressing buttons on the controls: And you think you can be forgiven after what you've done to provide us with these resources?! Don't make me laugh!

Anais: This was never my intent. I wouldn't have given you anything if this was what you'd use them for!

Tucker: Yeah! Although technically you didn't have a choice…

Jimmy: How 'd you guys meet Aku anyway? Time travel?!

Calamitus: Before we attacked Elmore, we discovered another world that had already ended its run. With Aku as powerful of a force as he is, it was apparent from the beginning that he would be a fine addition to the Syndicate!

Vlad: I used my lab's Ghost Portal to create a Time Portal in order to return to a period in history where Aku still lived.

Crocker: I also brought my FAIRY Cannon to use for the Time Drive's targeting systems and help Aku travel to multiple dimensions at once!

Aku: Yes. (Points to the Nicktoons) And these three gentlemen told me all about you. You, Jack, and Ashi! I knew that the Jack from the future who already killed me would return once again to make sure I never rule over this land. And though you two are no longer affected by history, I have succeeded in destroying both your true past AND FUTURE! Very soon, we will control not just this timeline, but all timelines!

Danny: And I'm guessing that whole thing was your idea?

Aku wearing an sinister expression: Yes! And it was I who brought the dreaded Disasteroid to return to destroy your worlds, and the course of time itself!

Vlad: But alas, there was always that one lady who somehow proved to be more than a match for either of us, destroying the meteor and leaving her planet safe and sound. Fortunately, she went out with a bang and left behind a legacy of our own. (Glares at Anais) If it wasn't for her, we wouldn't have made it this far in our rule! And it was fun while it lasted...

Anais clenching her fists: And your legacy ends here! You've made me into a monster, and now this monster's gonna make you her lunch!

Ashi: We know what Jack's sword can do to you Aku, but let's see what we can together!

Jack: Your journey ends here, for the last time!

End of Chapter 24

Chapter Text

The Nicktoons and Jack's team stand together about to fight Vlad and Aku's clones. On the other side of the top floor, the Time Drive is activating, and it shoots a number of holes through time. As the portals open, the surface of the world collapses and all of space distorts around the tower, and the portal themselves reveal areas of different timelines, including one where the Toon Wars continues past the boundaries of the current two dimensions to an intense battle in a land of dragons, one where Nicole Watterson married a powerful rich feline instead of Richard the bunny, one where Ashi turned out to be secretly evil and plotted to kill both Jack and Aku to rule the universe, or another where an android heavily resembling Jenny reactivates the massive Toybot army without the Syndicate.

Aku: To think, we were only but a spec of an infinite number of timelines, each with their own different outcomes. However, once we access the very fabric of space and time, the only face you'll see for the rest of your lives is mine!

Aku and Vlad's clones rush in to attack. The heroes are put against them. Jimmy tries to get to the Time Drive, but Calamitus activates the machine's defenses. Turrets spawn from the floors and shoot at everyone, injuring Jimmy's leg and damaging Zim's shoulder.

Zim taking a shot to the shoulder: Ngh! You dare attack a mighty Irken warrior?! (Grabs cannon from PAK and shoots at the turrets)

Scaramouche and Jack battle the Aku clones and Ashi and Anais fight the Vlad clones with Scotsman and Flora. They suffer minor damage, tanking cuts and ghost blasts. The left portion of Jack's gi is cut by a Vlad clone revealing his bare legs.

Scaramouche slashing at Aku's clones: Ya know, I never mentioned before, but I'm really groovin' on the ol guns n legs you've got there man.

Jack: This place is falling apart! What's happening?!

Jimmy: All of time and space is unravelling! If the machine keeps this up, there won't ever be a past or a future! Just Aku and...Ew...Pale Cheeselog and the two nutty professors.

Vlad Clone: HEY! (Blasts Wulf) I prefer butter biscuit, thank you very much! (Blasts Scotsman)

Scotsman making a superhero landing: I've heard betta nicknames from me dead parents than that ya pale, vampire lookin, apple bitin, pink shootin, robe wearin hypocrite!

Vlad Clone offended by the roasts: Why you..! (Charges energy but gets punched in the cheek by Danny)

Danny: That's enough outta you! (Spin kicks Vlad's clone to the ground and blows him up with an energy beam)

Bobert shoots the missile away with his back cannons.

Bobert: Disengage! (Deploys missile launchers)

Flora and Ashi grab Boberts missile cannons.

Ashi aiming at Aku and Vlad clones: Sweet. (Shoots missile)

Much of the clones are blown away and fall off the tower and get erased from existence when they land in a time distortion.

Clones falling: AAAAAHHH! (Disappears)

Danny hovering fighting Vlad copies: Those clones just disappeared from existence!

Jimmy: Since we're in the center of a time storm, if we fall from here, we'll never come back! (Freezes an Aku minion and pushes him off the tower)

Wulf takes two clones and smashes their heads in by jumping on them! He jumps off and grabs a group of 4 and tosses them off the tower and charges at a crowd full, knocking them all off! Zim uses pulse beams to blast the clones into more distortions around the area. Suddenly, though, Zim is kicked off the tower by an Aku clone and hangs on to the side of it with his PAK appendages. The same minion jumps in the air and tries to punch Zim off, but, Zim avoids him and the Aku minion gets himself erased in the time distortions! Zim hops back up next to Tucker, who gets his ghost watch ready and blasts the incoming clones away from him. They all converge onto each other and form a larger version of Aku and Vlad, each firing heat vision at the heroes. Bobert flies in the air with Danny and fires more bullets at the enemies, aiming their attention onto the giant clones and blowing their heads off!

Crocker witnessing the fight: They can't fight forever. And, we'll make sure of it! (Aims Time Drive at Jimmy and Anais)

Calamitus: FIRE!

The Time Drive shoots at Anais and Jimmy. Thankfully, Wulf uses his intangibility and saves them just in time as the beam passes through them and turns an incoming Vlad clone into butterflies!

Anais held in Wulf's arms: Huh. Cozy.

Jimmy: Thanks Wulf! And it seems that machine is using Fairy magic! Which means…

Crocker aiming at a stone column: I wish for stronger weapons!

Crocker shoots the column and it turns into a heavy turret gun that shoots at Zim, Tucker, Ashi, Jack, and Scaramouche, who are wasting the clones! Scaramouche gets in front of the bullets and twirls two of his daggers to shield the group. The individual missiles explode with every impact, forcing Zim to deploy his heavy cannon from his PAK and blast the turret into ashes!

Zim using his PAK arms: These inferiors are taking their toll on us! Regrettably, I'm not sure if even I can stop them!

Danny landing a huge punch onto the Aku clone: The only way to get rid of clones like these is to destroy them from the source!

Jimmy: You're right! Aku and Vlad are still where they've been standing! Jack! If you can cut him to size, we can destroy his clones!

Jack decapitating a few Aku clones circling him: Wonderful thinking!

Danny: (Charges plasma in palms) And I'll keep Vlad busy! (Gets Jack and flies toward the bad guys)

Aku: Ah! You're a slow learner Jack! Both from my future and this one! That sort of stupidity will be your downfall!

Jack: And your overconfidence will be yours.

Vlad: Let us see what you're made of! (Fires twin bolts at Danny and Jack)

Jack and Danny separate from each other and attack their arch enemies! Danny flies up with Vlad and kicks him in the jaw and knocks him on his side. He shoots heat beams at him and Danny uses ghost shields to defend himself until Vlad throws a heavy punch that breaks through to Danny's face and sends him through one of the time portals in the sky. Vlad follows Danny through the same portal and tries to strangle him, but Danny kicks his stomach and into a nearby mountain just above a large-scale assault with cyborgs, vikings, and dragons. Danny attempts to fly back through the portal, but Vlad grabs hold of his leg and shoots him in the face with an ectobeam, but Danny manages to shield himself with his arms, and throws Vlad away by transforming his legs into a ghost tail. Before he can escape, a dragon with a long snout, red scales, and big yellow eyes comes over and breaths fire at him, almost burning him had it not been for his intangibility. Danny seizes the opportunity to overshadow the beast and take control of its body, overriding its cybernetic systems.

Danny looking at a slowly floating Vlad: HA! Bet ya can't beat me now, Vladdy!

Vlad turns to his left and reaches his hand out towards a dragon with no arms and legs but a huge gaping mouth with several sharp teeth that he overshadows and floats towards Danny with.

Danny as a dragon: ...Oh no.

Jack slashes at Aku, who is turning into a smaller form of himself. He forms a version of Jack's sword in his hand and swipes at him. Jack dodges, but his chest gets cut!


Aku: HAHAHA! Time is catching up with you, eh Jack?

Jack: Not yet! I've still got plenty of years left in me (lifts sword) unlike you. (Smiles with confidence)

Aku and Jack throw everything they've got at each other. Aku transforms into a bat to fly up and morph into a dragon, breathing fire down at the samurai warrior. Jack jumps backwards and tosses his sword at Aku, slicing right through him and causing him to morph into a giant spider! Jack jumps over him and grabs his sword, back flipping before Aku could crush him into the ground with his many arms! Aku transforms into nothing but ooze, like an ocean, attempting to slip Jack and drown him. Jack chokes, only for Ashi to come over and shoot a hole through Aku with Bobert's turret, breaking him free!

Aku morphing into a spiked version of himself: AAAH!

Jack standing next to Ashi: Thank you, girlfriend.

Ashi: No proble-...Wait. Did you just...speak, informally?

Danny and Vlad battle together as their own dragons and soar through the skies breathing fireballs around the roaring battlefield. While flying, Danny sees that the time portal is closing and has to think fast before it's too late. He flies back to its course with Vlad hot on his tail, attempting to grind it with his teeth.

Vlad chasing Danny: Hahahahaha! How fun it is to see you flee! (Shoots fireballs)

Danny dodges the blasts and both he and Vlad enter back to the other side of the portal back to the tower, catching everyone's attention at their striking appearances.

Jack in a sword clash with Aku: Dragons!

Ashi headbutting an Aku clone: Ok. You don't see THAT every day!

Danny and Vlad briefly roar in front of each other and soar around the tower. Zim sees them and recognizes Danny's green eyes overshadowing his dragon.

Zim deploying one of his lasers: Pathetic little beasts...! (Shoots at Vlad's dragon)

The blast gets a shot in on Vlad's tail, distracting him and giving Danny the chance to shoot him in the mouth, blowing up the cyborg's insides and setting it on fire. Vlad exits his possession phase and lets the damaged cyborg fall to the bottom of the time storm and disintegrate while Danny starts to get tired from overshadowing the dragon and using its abilities too much, so he sets himself down and exits the dragon out of his ghost form looking as though he is ready to give up to Vlad.

Vlad floating down to Danny: So, Daniel, you've finally decided to give up?

Danny with his head down: …

Vlad preparing a charge shot: I expected more from you, boy.

Vlad jets towards Danny, but he is immediately put in shock as he is lunged through the stomach by a ghost sword from the ghost boy!

Vlad looking hurt and confused at Danny: ..!?

Danny: I know this is brutal, but even I've got some tricks up my sleeve, V-Man. (Takes out Fenton Thermos)

Vlad: W-What the?! What are you doing?!

Danny opening the thermos: The usual. (Sucks Vlad into the Fenton Thermos)

Vlad: N-NO! GAH! (Gets sucked in)

Danny: One down, three to go!

The Vlad clones start disappearing, leaving only the Aku clones to deal with. Ashi and Flora shoot more missiles at the remaining clones, blowing their limbs apart and leaving holes in them!

Aku clone: You've been a naughty girl, haven't you my daughter? You're not even supposed to exist!

Ashi: I was never your daughter, Aku. And I exist now, so get used to it! (Punches Aku clone's face)

Flora blasts the clone away until there's almost none of them left, turning the tide of battle! She shoots another clone and sends him flying towards Tucker, who shoots him with his wrist launcher! He turns around and sees another clone about to stab him and shoots him away! Zim comes over and blows up the clones remains while Bobert flies over to one of the incoming ones and tosses it to Wulf and Anais, who slash and chop them into multiple pieces! Jimmy deploys his jetpack and assists Jack in fighting Aku, but a bat clone of Aku gets in the way and pushes him. The Aku clone morphs into an imperfect copy of Jimmy with a saber like his, which Jimmy takes out of his hypercube. He and the clone engage in a fast paced sword fight, getting faster and more dangerous as both get pushed to either side. Jimmy headbutts him and kicks him out of the sky into the distortions below. Two more Aku minions merge into a jet and attempt to smash into Jimmy! He dodges, but barely missing the wingspan! He jets downward towards the time distortions while the jet chases him, flying back up before he touches the boundary! The Aku jet crashes into the distortion and gets destroyed, but one of the clones disengages and morphs into a flying squid! Jimmy avoids the claw-like tentacles and backflips above the clone as it passes underneath him. When the minion turns around, Jimmy takes out his hypercube and deploys his rocket, shooting at the creature's mouth with meteor cannons! He flies around it and the tower, shooting at the other clones and the one chasing him, but the clone shoots a massive energy beam at his rocket and explodes it! Jimmy falls out and gets his jetpack again and shoots himself right through the monster at sonic speed, blowing it up! Just then, however, Calamitus notices and aims the Time Drive at Jimmy, shooting at him. Jimmy blocks the laser with his saber, turning it into a lolipop, much to his dismay. Aku stares at Jimmy and shoots an eye beam at him, blowing up his jetpack and nearly singeing his arm with the lolipop, dropping it! Scaramouche quickly takes a broken part of the floor with his singing abilities and sends it underneath Jimmy to hold him and set him back down to the surface. Aku continues to fight Jack to a standstill! Jack lunges at Aku, but he morphs a hole into himself and grabs the sword from him!

Jack: !

Aku holding the sword about to break it: HAHAA! Once again samurai, I now have the sword! Now, time to take out the tra- (The sword is blown out of Aku's hands by Danny) WHAT?!

Danny tries to grab the falling sword before it lands into a distortion in time!

Danny: I got it! I got it! (Grabs sword and gets hit by an energy bullet from Aku)

Danny's top half of his outfit gets burned from the blast, exposing his injured chest while he drops the sword again towards the tower.

Bobert: Hold on! I'll catch it!

Bobert quickly flies at the sword and Aku stretches his arm to form a large spike wall. It gets in front of Bobert and he backs up just in time before he gets stabbed! He extends his arm out to grab the sword and rockets himself around Aku's extending spider arms. Jimmy takes out his Mini Laser to try and snipe Aku to distract him, but Crocker and Calamitus use the Time Drive to turn his gadget into a jellyfish net!

Jimmy not realizing he's holding a net: TAKE THIS, AKU! Wait. (Looks at jellyfish net) Did I ever go jellyfishing with Spongebob? (Gets blown away by Aku) GAAH! (Falls on face)

Jimmy is left damaged with ripped clothing on the floor, exposing his white red striped undershirt. Jack runs over underneath the flying Bobert to try and catch the sword.

Jack running: Bobert, quick! Throw me the sword!

Bobert: Unable to comply! Too much interference! (Dodges another beam that is just inches away from his face)

Jack gets knocked into a wall by one of Aku's lower tentacles against the floor. Ashi runs forward to try and stop him, throwing a heavy air punch and uppercut to his gut, but Aku spreads his bottom half across the sky, forming a flood of his own ooze. Ashi makes a quick sprint away, but the flood travels toward the rest of the team as well.

Zim screaming: RUUUUUUUN!

The heroes fall back from the falling ooze, though eventually, Aku stops aiming his attention from them and focuses back on Bobert, who's very close to reaching Jack from above.

Aku charging the beam one last time: You're done! (Fires massive energy blast)

Aku fires directly at the sword to try and confuse Bobert and have him think he missed, causing Bobert to miscalculate the blast radius and lose his arm and part of his face! He drops the sword and plummets to the tower, much to everyone's surprise! Both the smoking Bobert and the sword fall down a shaft in the top of the tower and crash into multiple levels, eventually landing near the control room where Momo is. She steps out in fear looking at the damages of the android. Momo drags Bobert into the room toward the orb used to make the time machine. Meanwhile, Aku increases in size, laughing maniacally.


Tucker covering his ears: Good God, you're so loud!

Flora: What's so funny?!

Aku pointed: You've just lost the one thing needed to defeat me! Without that sword, I will return again and again no matter how much damage I take!

Calamitus: And now that you've lost your weapon, it's time once again we used ours!


The Time Drive sounds an alarm and activates a pulse wave that electrocutes everyone!

Scaramouche covering his ears: GAH! That sound is killin these eardrums!

Jack: AAAAAGHH! Augh…! (Falls onto the floor)

While the heroes are being tortured, Momo takes an extension cord from Zim's orb and plugs it into Bobert's USB drive. Confused, Momo plugs in more cords and the orb starts repairing Bobert as though he were of Irken technology, but he doesn't turn back on. Desperate, Momo uses the electricity in her antennas to reactivate Bobert, and in the background, Jack's sword glows.

Bobert turning back on: Who are you?

Momo: I. Am. Momo.

Bobert: May I make a suggestion? Sometimes, sounds speak louder than just words.

Momo: ?

Bobert getting back up from the ground: I must find the sword and give it to the samurai.

Momo: To. Your. Left.

Bobert lifting the sword: If we are to defeat Aku, we will need all the strength we can muster. I recommend a more direct approach. (Hands Momo the sword)

Momo holding the sword: ?

Momo continues to look into the blade and is left in a stunned state of being, still drawn to it somehow but doesn't know why. Back upstairs, the heroes are on the floor steaming as the Syndicate prepares to distort the rest of space and time. Everything around them collapses into a portal and colors resembling the Mawgu vortex rain down on everyone.

Jimmy still being electrocuted while squirming: AAAH! AAAAAGH!

Calamitus enjoying Jimmy's torture: Mwahahahaha! To think, the genius who's smart enough to predict the unexpected wasn't able to predict the inevitable!

Ashi, Jack, Zim, Anais, and Wulf burning: AAAAAAAAAH!

Scaramouche as one of his eyes blow out: (In autotune) MY EYES!

Crocker, Aku, and Calamitus: MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Suddenly, Scotsman throws his longsword across the battlefield, stabbing it into the Time Drive's Fairy Cannon controlling the purge mode! The cannon explodes and spreads what remains of Fairy World's magic across the area as space dust. The electrocution ends and the heroes lay on the floor nearly fried from their torture while Scotsman stands with his arm still in throwing position, burned and maimed.

Scotsman breathing hard: ...That'll (takes breath) teach ya not ta mess with me... (breaths) again…

Crocker picking up parts from the cannon: My Fairy Cannon..!

Aku turns his attention over to Scotsman and gives a very unamused expression at him. All Scotsman does is wear a smug face back at him, and Aku prepares a very intense blast of energy that he shoots at his foe. Scotsman runs and leaps away once the laser makes impact with the surface, but in the explosion, singes his leg and mangles his machine gun! He falls on his face and examines the damages, unable to move his other leg.

Scotsman struggling to move: Argh...Ack! Me legs. I can't feel me legs..!

Jack struggling to get up: Aku...please. Leave them alone! I am your enemy!

Aku: You were my enemy once, old friend. But without your sword, you are NOTHING!

Calamitus: We could have done so much more together, Neutron. You and your team of misfits. Since day one we could have, but you refused.

Jimmy: I'm guessing you're gonna say something like, "Join me and we can rule all of time and space together." Look, if you're gonna kill us, could you just do it already?!

Crocker: Of course, Neutron! We will, one by one…

Aku: Allow me to do the honors and take you all out of the plane of existence. Starting with the one who tried so desperately all these years to overthrow me. (Morphs hand into giant sword and points it behind Jack)

Scaramouche: No fair! Ya cheated with that Time Drive thing! (Points to Aku) We could've beat you fair n squa- (Explodes)

Aku blasts Scaramouche and blows him to pieces in front of everyone, much to their horror! Scaramouche's head falls to the floor next to Jimmy with a distraught look on his face.

Aku: There we go! Now I may work in piece. (Prepares his sword again)

Jack bowing his head in disappointment: Forgive me, father…

Aku: And finally Samurai, I shall destroy you the same way your future self had destroyed me! HAHA-

Suddenly, a faint blast of energy hits Aku's arm!

Aku: Huh?!

Coming near Aku, Momo atop Bobert's back where his cannons are! He gets close to Aku and Momo slashes him in half with Jack's blade!

Aku trying to regenerate: AAAAAGH!

Everyone: !

Crocker and Calamitus: !

Aku: Wha...What is this?! Did I miss something?! Are there more swords?!

Bobert hovers in front of Aku's field of view. Momo hesitates a little trying to get her bearings in front of Aku.

Aku shrugging: Oh. I guess I missed a few bugs to squash. Meh. It's all the same. This time I'll kill you for good! (Shoots heat beam at Bobert)

Bobert gets blasted out of the air from a graze in his rockets, and Momo falls down to the surface with the sword still in her hand. Aku continues to shoot more beams at them as they run away from them. Anais recovers and sees the fearful child trying her best to get away, but to no avail.

Aku: I thought I'd finally have my chance to rid of the samurai fool. Yet this time a furry comes over to kill me?! HAAHA- *Cough* *Cough*(Shoots large beam at Momo)

Momo trips onto the floor from the blast and Aku gets closer for another attack.

Ashi: For God's sake, Aku! Leave her alone! She's just a little girl!

Anais: She didn't do anything to you! You haven't even met her!

Aku: Oh, but I have! I've seen your species before. (Points to Momo while smiling) Yes. I'm going to exterminate you, just like how my beetle drones exterminated your own.

Jack realizes how much the future had been affected without him and remembers how he rescued Momo's family from the beetle drones before. Only now, Momo's the only one left of her village and loved ones. And even still, if Jack had been there, it would've been for nothing once he returned to the past like he was supposed to.

Jack: (Lowers head and sighs with regret)

Anais slowly getting back up and thinking to herself: ...Damn. She deserves much better than that…(Rises on both feet) Only one thing to do while I still have a chance.

Jimmy next to Anais: Wha...Anais...What're you doing..?!

Momo starts to grit her teeth and get teary eyed while holding tightly onto the floor.

Aku: Alright! With all that taken care of, this time I'll start with you! (Points finger at Momo and shoots) THANK YOU FOR VOLUNTEERING!

Momo: !

Jack and Ashi: NOO!

Anais sprints and leaps over to Momo.

Anais pushing Momo: MOMO, LOOK OUT!

Anais gets an explosive blast through the shoulder and upper breasts and makes a hard fall to the ground next to Momo! Every one of the heroes gaze in utter horror at the attack and are seemingly frozen in time, watching and praying that Anais is somehow still alive from the devastating attack. But she doesn't move, not even once. Fire bellows from her wounds as Momo crawls over to Anais and holds her as she lies limp from her wounds with her eyes still dilated, and her pupils have undergone a white color. She starts to cry silently while feeling Anais' cold face, and notices a cracked rainbow button that fell out of her pocket, much like the original copy Jimmy has, staring longingly at it. Bobert tries to shoot at Aku even though he's still damaged from the last attack, but Aku shields his bullets and keeps he and the others down with his webs.

Aku: Ok. NOW I can take care of the samurai! (Gets blinded temporarily by shining light) Huh?!

Crocker and Calamitus: What?!

Jack's sword shines in Momo's hands as she lifts herself up with running tears in her eyes and electricity blasting around her from her antennas. She lifts the sword and suddenly glares at Aku with a look very similar to Jack's signature scowl with Aku's name in texts distorting from her unhinged rage.

Aku in a whining tone: Aaooh! WHAT IS IT NOW?!

Jack realizing something: Momotaro…

Aku charges a heat beam and blasts it at Momo, but she clashes it with the sword and slowly steps forward with an intense red aura blazing around her from the impact. The remaining Syndicate leaders adjust the Time Drive's defense systems and aim at Momo, shooting another beam at her, but they too get caught in a struggle.

Calamitus aiming at Momo: Impossible!

Aku still shooting the beam: What on Earth is this? Another Powerpuff Girl?! (Loses power and gets deflected) Ack!

Aku is reduced to half his size and tries his hardest to regain his energy, but finds himself weakened from his own attack. He uses what he has left to try and attack Momo head on with sword like arms, but Momo blocks all but two that cut her back and arm, only for her to ignore it and push Aku back! He attempts to shapeshift into a giant crab, lunging at her and grabbing her whole, only to have his arm chopped off by the sword! He loses his grip and shifts into a fire breathing dragon, prompting Momo to run to her side around the demon in desperation. When he runs out of breath, she makes a sprint for it and stabs him right through the gut as he morphs back into his regular form!

Aku: AAGH! (Pulls himself away and stumbles and crawls against the edge of the roof) Gugh..! Ugh..!

The beam from the Time Drive also loses its charge and jams the machine.

Crocker trying to regain control: No...! NO! What's happening?!

Calamitus freaking out: Sh-she's just a mere child!

Jimmy webbed down: Yeah?! Well so was I when I first beat you, Professor!

Zim webbed down and cheering: Get them puny warrior!

Momo rushes in at Aku and leaps forward at his face!

Momo with her own voice: (Leaps forward) YAAAAAAAAGH!

Aku covering his face: No, wait..!

Momo slashes Aku's face and lands perfectly on the ground, but Aku still seems unphased.

Aku: (Opens his eyes) !? (Feels face and stomach) HAHAHAHAHAAAAA! Nice try child! But I knew that attack was no- (Explodes)

Aku explodes from existence and Momo stands on the ledge where Aku was and lets out a loud cry.

Momo yelling proudly: MOMOTARO!

The webs holding everyone down disappear from Aku's death and Bobert rockets himself to the Time Drive as Crocker and Calamitus try shooting at him. Bobert shoots himself right through the crystal compartment and lets out all the gems. All but one are turned to ash, and the one remaining crystal transforms into a large pink haired woman with a shield and sword.

Crocker blushing: Oooh. I could get into that.

Rose gives a stern look at the last of the Syndicate. She steps forward and the two old men immediately run away! They get cornered by a wall and Jimmy, Danny, and Rose meet with them.

Calamitus: Drat! I don't think we're going anywhere this time!

Crocker: This doesn't mean anything you fools! Even if you imprison us, we'll always come back!

Jimmy: In the past, maybe. But not the future.

Danny: Uh, yeah. What he said! (Opens thermos and sucks the Syndicate in)

Calamitus accepting his fate: Ngh! You may have won this battle, but the war still rages on! You don't have a... uh...oh, nevermind. (Gets sucked in the thermos)

The last of the Syndicate get sucked into the Fenton thermos.

Jimmy: And just in case they do get outta that…(Takes out Hypercube from pocket)

Danny puts the thermos in Jimmy's Hypercube.

Danny: There we go. (Hears Momo crying and turns around)

Momo running to Anais: Mrs. Watterson!

Momo runs over to Anais still lying on the ground with severe damages. Everyone else walks over to them and worries for her.

Flora: Wait...She's not…

Scotsman being carried by Jack and Ashi feeling very sincere: Aye. She's the one in charge of that Gem kingdom or whatever. But...she really wasn't that bad after all.

Jimmy, Ashi, Tucker, and Jack:

Momo embracing Anais while crying: ..I'll never forget you, sir.

Danny with his eyes closed: ...Wait. The Fairy Cannon! Scotsman destroyed the Fairy Cannon! When it exploded, it dispersed all of Fairy World's magic!

Jimmy: Then, that means, there may still be some of it left for one last wish!

Ashi: What's wishing going to do to help Anais?

Jimmy: Trust me Ashi. It'll work! But wait. Wanda kept saying before that a specific set of rules for Fairy World prevents magic like this from being tampered by people out of their world. And neither of us are children deserving of fairies. Unless… (Looks at Momo)

Momo looking back at Jimmy with tears still running: …?

Jimmy: Momo, our friend Timmy only needed his fairies to keep from living a miserable life. I can't imagine what yours was like after losing your loved ones.

Momo still crying, but with a determined expression: …(Wipes her face off and nods)

Momo still holds onto Anais' limp body and closes her eyes with her antennas shining.

Momo: I wish...No...I pray to whoever is listening who grants these wishes… (Looks at the other heroes)

Jimmy, Danny, and Jack all nod at the same time, each with a grim expression on their faces. For a moment, Momo glares at Anais' Rainbow Button and cradles it, resting her head on Anais' cheek.

Momo quietly crying: We want Anais back.

After Momo prays and makes Fairy World's final wish, there is nothing but silence. Everyone turn their heads every which way trying to find a hint that the wish might have worked, but there's no answer. Momo still keeps her head rested against Anais, when all of a sudden, Anais gets up and hugs Momo!

Momo: Guhuh?!

Anais hugging Momo: YES! I knew it would work! The good ol classic heroic-sacrifice-and-die trick never fails, and oh my God. (Lowers herself) This hurts like Hell...

Danny: You...You thought you faked your own death?!

Anais holding her blast wound: Yeah! Or at least that's what I was hoping and I don't accidentally kill myself. Right?

Jimmy failing to understand: How did you miscalculate that?

Flora: We all had to resurrect you!

Anais: Just now? (Looks at herself) Oh...Huh. Guess I'm not as bright as I used to be, aren't I? I take it Aku's gone?

Ashi near Bobert and Momo: Yep! And it's all thanks to these two!

Bobert: I only assisted. The real credit goes solely to Momo.

Momo blushing and getting bashful: Aaw. Gee guys. This is too much.

Anais: Seems like you had it in you all along. You've done well protecting Zim's Irken Sphere. And here you are beating Jack's mortal enemy and bringing me back to life! We couldn't have done it any better ourselves! (Pats Momo on the back)

Momo cries tears of joy and continues to embrace Anais tighter with her tail wagging rapidly and her ears going straight up. Her antennas emit a bright red heart emoji.

Momo hugging Anais: I love you.

Anais: I love you too, little girl.

Ashi stretching: Finally! (Hugs Jack) We did it!

Bobert: Indeed. There is no trace of the Syndicate nor Aku left in this timeline.

Jack with his arms around Ashi: Aku has faded from existence. Which means time itself has finally been restored.

Scaramouche: Nice work with that sword there, kid!

Momo: Thanks! I- (Looks down) WOAH!

Danny, Jack, and Jimmy freaking out: GEEAGH!

Scaramouche's severed head is still lying on the ground upward alive and well.

Scaramouche: What? (Looks at the floor) Oh.

Jimmy: I got ya. (Picks up Scaramouche and wears his hat)

Tucker: What about this place? It's still a broken mess, let alone a place in time itself!

Danny: Well, considering the Time Drive pretty much destroyed everything, it's likely that there is no time here. All we've gotta do is leave.

Jimmy: Couldn't have said it any better myself buddy.

Flora walks over to the damaged Anais and gives her some assistance.

Flora: Need a lift? (Carries Anais)

Anais being carried by Flora to Rose: Thanks. And who are you?

Rose: My name is Rose. Rose Quartz of Homeworld. And you, young lady, have a lot of explaining to do.

Anais nervous: Um...Well...You see..I..

Rose: I'm just kidding! I was fused when I came to Earth. One of my friends could tell the future and told me all about you before our home planet was destroyed and we were captured. I forgive you. You didn't know anything about us after all. And frankly, I'm proud that you would risk your life for this little girl.

Anais: I-I still want to apologize anyway. The Syndicate really had a grip on me and turned me into one of them. But now we won't have to worry about those clowns ever again!

Jimmy: Well, we're not quite done yet. There's still one more stop we need to make before we go just to be safe.

Danny with his hand on Jimmy's shoulder and pointing his thumb at the dragon: Wait, wait. What about the dragon?

The dragon Danny overshadowed remains calm sitting on its butt in front of the group listening to them with innocence.

Jimmy: I think you made a new friend, Danny.

In the past after Aku sends Jack to the future…

Aku: Do not worry, samurai. You will see me again. But next time, you will not be so fortunate.

Suddenly, the heroes warp from the alternate timeline to Aku in the past.

Aku freaking out: What? You're back already?!

Danny near the entrance: Quick Jimmy! The thermos!

Jimmy: GO LONG! (Shoots thermos from Hypercube)

Danny sprints and skids on his knees towards the Syndicate and catches the thermos again, aiming it as they arrive!

Vlad stunned: Wha-...! NO!

Vlad, Crocker and Calamitus getting sucked in the thermos: NAAAAaaaaoooo….!

They get sucked in and Danny closes it again and puts it in the Hypercube. Afterward, Jack, Ashi, Scotsman, Momo, Rose, and Flora look at Aku with a somewhat devious grin on their faces.

Aku: No.

The sword wielders: (Nods yes)

Aku nodding no: No no..!

Jack: (Nods yes)

Out of nowhere, the future Jack and the Emperor from the main timeline arrive with the four Nicktoons and Jack and Ashi from Aku's future appear. They all aim their weapons at Aku with the heroes by their side.

Aku facing the audience: Oh crud…

Though not shown, sounds of shooting, slicing, and explosions go off. The scene cuts to the outside of the exploding tower from Aku's death and the people in it evacuate, though the Toon Force avoid making contact with the Jack and Ashi from the past. When they get outside, and the tower is destroyed, the past Jack and Ashi look for their counterparts.

Jack: Where did they go?

Ashi looking at the rubble: I don't know. They're not there. (Falls to her knees) Agh..!

Jack holding Ashi: Ashi?!

Ashi: I'm okay. I felt him leave me.

Jack: He will never hurt anyone ever again.

Jack and Ashi embrace while the heroes from the other side of the tower's ruins watch in relief.

Jimmy: (Sighs in relief) That was close, but we made it.

Danny: You're telling me. I thought we'd get trapped in another timestream if we made another mistake. (Sees past Jack and Ashi walking away from the wreckage)

Tucker: What a relief! Let's get outta here before we end up disappearing!

Past Tucker: Disappearing?

Tucker: Yeah, we just came from the future to save you guys and keep the Syndicate from sending you to a place even worse than the one Jack went to.

Future Jack: Then, that explains why I'm still here. And…(Looks longingly at Ashi as she looks back at him) Ashi…?

Ashi smiling: Jack...I will always be there for you.

Jack shaking Future Jack's hand: So will I. You have our word.

Future Jack smiles back now knowing that Ashi is still alive with him outside his world.

Future Emperor in gratefulness: Thank you for helping us save this world again.

Jimmy: Anytime sir.

Anais turning intangible: You might wanna hurry up with that teleporter fam. I'm starting to fade away.

Zim adjusting the control to the portal while starting to fade: I've got it, I've got it! Stand close to me Earth germs! (Opens warp gate)

Jimmy coming towards Past Jimmy: Oh, old me, before you go, just wanted to let you know you don't have to worry about the Syndicate again. We put them in a Fenton thermos in this hypercube.

Past Jimmy: Now that's something I never thought I'd ever hear myself say! Thanks so much, future me!

The Toon Force and those from the alternate future step through the portal and Ashi gives the future Jack one last look before it closes. As they return, the Toon Force back in the ruined lab are still recovering from the fight at Jump City. They don't seem happy in the slightest, but then the warp gate suddenly turns on. Jimmy steps out of the gate with Scaramouche's hat on and his head in his arm to his side.

Timmy getting up surprised: Jimmy!

Jimmy walks out and Danny, Jack, Ashi, Anais still held by Flora, Wulf, Scotsman being held by Flora and Jack, Tucker, the dragon, Bobert, Flora, Rose, Momo, and Zim step out of the portal after him. They stand proudly in front of the rest of the team.

Scaramouche: Hey boys! What's crackin'?

Everyone else: ….

Danny: We've got a lot to get through.

Chapter Text

A few minutes later...

Gumball: Gak! Bobert?!

Bobert hugging Gumball: Gumball! I had missed you! I have not seen you in 30 years!

Gumball: Th-thirty what?! (Crunches) Ack! C-could you give me room to breath?!

Bobert: Command integrated. (Loosens grip)

The adult Anais is given by Goddard a metal half of an exo-suit to protect her wounds. She pats Goddard on the head for gratitude and walks over to her mother, slowly building up tears. She hugs her and Nicole stands silently confused.

Anais crying: (Sobs) Mommy! I never thought I'd see you again!

Nicole hugging Anais: Shhh...It's ok. Mommy's got you. Did you, go through some sort of growth spurt while I was gone?!

Anais: In an alternate future, you sacrificed yourself to save everyone from a meteor. Only Bobert and myself were left.

Nicole's ears flop down: Ouch...Didn't think I was THAT strong. (Sounds saddened) I really have underestimated my own strength. (Feels Anais' face) But my, have you grown!

Anais wiping her tears away: Well, I've got your genes after all.

Scotsman in a chair: Are ya kiddin' me?! There's more skinny dips with you?!

Jimmy: Yep! And we're all part of the team!

Scotsman with his arms crossed: ...I'm impressed!

Timmy: What happened to you guys?! We were kinda busy saving some other world without you!

Tucker: You think you were busy?! We just came from three timelines trying to stop a shapeshifting demon and the Syndicate before they could take over all of reality!

Timmy: Huh?

Tucker: We had to save the future.

Sam walking to Danny: There you are! What took you so long?!

Danny: Sorry babe. We thought we'd be back early and-

Sam kisses Danny for what feels like a minute but only lasted for 5 seconds. Danny still remains surprised from it though.

Sam: Don't do that without telling us first, ok? You made us think you weren't coming back!

Danny: Hey, you know me! I wouldn't abandon you or anyone else! Speaking of which, I've gotta make a trip to Clockwork. We've got the Syndicate trapped in this hypercube and I want to make sure they can't mess with anyone again. (Activates portal) This shouldn't take long. (Steps inside)

Scaramouche speaking to Rose and Flora: So, have you two ladies known each other long?

Rose giggling: We just met.

Jack speaking to Ashi and Momo: You and Bobert were true warriors Momo. I have slain Aku once before, but never have I been so efficient!

Ashi: And on the first try!

Momo: Thanks! (Hands Sword to Jack and bows) But I think this belongs to you, Master Jack.

Jack: Master?

Momo: I wanna be your student, so I can learn how to be like you, sir.

Jack: Not like me, Momo. Be better than me. (Winks)

Ashi: Oh and, I had no idea you could talk.

Momo: I didn't know I could either. My species never speak verbally! We only use our antennas for it, not our voices. But I'll admit, it feels good to hear myself for once!

Anais walking over to Momo: Hey, thanks for saving my life back there. There's something I forgot to mention earlier. I, uh...I wanted to apologize for treating you like dirt back at my tower an all. You know. For the whole three years of you working for me. The more I say it, the more I realize how much of a dick I was...

Momo grinning: It's ok. I forgive you. Besides, it's the Syndicate's fault anyway. And it wasn't all that bad. If you hadn't made me your personal worker, I might not be standing here!

Anais: Yeah, but I can't let myself off the hook after all I did to you and those other slaves. So I've been thinking about this for a while. You're still a child and I want to take care of you the way you should be. Why not let me be your mama, for your real mama?

Momo: …!

Ashi and Jack: …! (Smiles)

Momo: ...Sounds good to me! (Hugs Anais)

Anais hugging Momo: YAAAAY! Hey Mom, I'm gonna be a mother!

Nicole tearing up: They...they grow up so fast…

Gumball: Guess this means I can't call her "little sister anymore." Hehe…(Stares at Anais' breasts and blushes)

Rose seeing Anais: Wow! Wish I had a daughter like that.

Jimmy: Hey, that's right. You're Rose Quartz, aren't you?

Rose: That's me.

Jimmy: I remember seeing you in the database when we visited Jack's dimension. There's a version of your world out here that doesn't have you around anymore. Maybe at some point you can pay them a visit.

Rose proudly smirking with her hands on her hips: I'll consider it.

Jack looks at Ashi: So, I, guess this calls for a celebration or so.

Ashi with seductive vibes: Oh, I know a perfect way to celebrate. Jimmy, is there a guest room anywhere?

Jimmy: Plenty.

Ashi grabbing Jack's hand: Good.

Jack: Ashi? Where are you taking me? (Gets taken somewhere) Ashi?!

Anais: Speaking of which, where's little me around here, and Darwin?

Nicole: They're back home in Elmore. But you'll see them again soon. In the meantime, let's give you some time to rest back at the guest rooms.

Wulf comes over painting and grinning at Anais.

Anais: Aaw. Somehow you remind me of my Dad. (Stares deeply) You know what...I think I've got an idea. Follow me. (Walks off with Nicole)

Momo speaking to the dragon: Hi. Wanna pick a name?

Dragon: (Purrs and walks with Momo)

Jimmy sitting at his monitor: Ah...I guess that's it then. And now that everyone's gone...TIMMY, WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY LAB?!

Timmy: Woah, chill out, "Dad!" I didn't do anything! It was all part of a huge attack that went down earlier! We had to go save the world of the Teen Titans, or in this case, Toddler Titans, from an army of crazed, delusional, and confused victims of war! We have most of the people who survived the onslaught in your Sub Dimensional Prison until we can figure out how to help them. And one of the Titans is in the repair bay with Karen and Plankton.

Jimmy: Oh. Sorry. It's just, I really don't wanna lose my baby. But other than that, it looks like everything's back to normal. (Looks at tunnel through lab and the rest of Retroville's sewer system) Well...mostly everything. I'm just gonna assume you and the others took care of everyone's cleaning bills. Also, the Titans. Did they annoy you or anything? You don't sound so happy about them.

Timmy: They did until we had to fight. And I get the feeling they and everyone else are gonna be mad at us for a pretty long time after we knocked some sense into them, plus the billions worth of collateral damage for the outskirts of Jump City alone. If only we didn't lose the coordinates to get back there and help fix this mess...

Jimmy: Don't let it get to you. You did the best you could to protect them. They're still doing their thing, and it's our duty to keep them like it. Besides, I'm sure they'll forgive you guys!

Timmy gives a very gloom expression to Jimmy.

Jimmy: Ok, maybe they'll learn to forgive you. I also know based on your expression that they weren't the best people to save, and they might have made a lot of mistakes, but those people you fought just have to learn to move on. Maybe the same could be said for some of us as well. But I still don't understand what the whole point of them trying to kill us is! (Puts head on keypad) At the end of the day, we're just people like everyone else. But it's the fact that we're still living that matters. That's a genuine reward in itself.

Timmy: What about the Syndicate?

Jimmy: They're not getting out of the Ghost Zone this time. Clockwork's got a perfect place for them to stay for plenty of years from now on. Let alone a century! Which means, we may not have to fight for quite a while. (Turns around and looks at warp gate) Which is great, because now we can deal with solving this mystery. The case of how the Syndicate were able to manipulate everyone and start all this to begin with.

Timmy: I'm still not sure about this, Jim. There's plenty more worlds out there who don't want others to have their way. And after all we've done, I doubt anyone's gonna wanna work with us!

Jimmy: Unfortunately, I can't argue with that. Still, after fighting with Jack, I have, some, new ideas...

As our story ends, both Jimmy Neutron, and Timmy Turner look at the portal to the Ghost Zone and wonder, what other adventures lie? Even though the Syndicate had been defeated, it's likely the war will still continue, but to what extent? How long until the Toon Force either die tired, or they end up becoming the very thing they're fighting? Perhaps, only time will tell.

Sometime later…

Back at the Titan's Tower…

Robin, Beastboy, Cyborg, and Raven are sitting in the main room together. There is not a single word said for all that's happened. Not a single joke, nor action were given in this moment. They now understand the reality of the Toon Wars and why they're hated by other cartoons. Without Starfire, things just aren't the same. But something's come up in Robin's mind. Something...sinister…

Robin rising from the couch: Titans, I have an idea! But it's gonna be dangerous.

Beastboy: What is it yo? (Knocks his own head) Darn it! I keep sayin' that! Why must I always try to be the cool one?! No wonder everyone thinks this whole show's in my head!

Robin: No, no! Keep doing that, Beastboy! You're perfect just the way you are!

Beastboy flattered: I am? Aaw. You care about me...

Robin: Yes! All of us are! People want us to change, but that's not true. They just want us dead! They just want to erase us from existence because we're nothing like them!

Raven: I can't say you're wrong about that…

Cyborg: So, what're ya sayin' bruh? We're up against real long runnin' cartoons!

Robin: We're not going to fight them. We're just gonna make it so that they know what people are looking at most often. (Winks)

Cyborg, Raven, and Beastboy: ?

Robin face palming: ...No one will have to hate us, IF EVERY CARTOON IS LIKE US! (Shakes arms)

Mysterious Voice: Yes! Every last one of them!

The Titans: Huh?

Raven getting swallowed: Woah! AGH!

Cyborg shooting back but getting consumed by black void: What the?! Agh!̴̛̭͖̻̬̼̻̭̰̠̗̥̳̪̆̀͗̕ͅ ̸̨̪͈͎̞̻̠̤̹͑̏̀͐͛̃̃͛͂͑̅Å̵͈̙̞̬̳͂̓͘g̵̢̢̟̪͈̩͓͔̪̀͐̉̽̔͑͜͠h̵̩̝̪̹̰̝͒̆̊̑͘!̸̢̢̗̤̺̯͙͚̙̞͓̈́̆͋̃̅̽͆̂̀͘!̶̛̪̤̗͎̾̋̎̿̍̀̇͌̅͆̉ ̶̞͔̠͓͚͈͈͚̦͕͚̪̏̎́̕͜ͅA̵̛̲͆͛̏̐̏͗͆̇͌̃̒̊͘Á̷̛͍͍͙͐͗̀͒̃̋̔̀̕ͅͅA̶̮̪̜͖̜̪͙̯̣͚͕̻̽Ȃ̶̡̧̛̟̝̻͎̘͕̭͈̜͙̯̾͋̆̌̽̉̉͗̔́͋Ḧ̴̨̨̛̘̲̖͇͓̮͉͔̹͜͝!̴̧̞̹̪̱͚̗̖̯̜̗̮͇̏̈́͐͋͘!̵̢̳̜͎̯̺͍̣̪̭̹͔̗̐͐̔͠!̵̠̱̼́̓̔̂͗́

Robin and Beastboy getting glitched up and consumed in void: A̵̰̗͇̣̪̬̞̽̀̇̅̋̿̽͆̆̔͋̽̚A̷̘̻̥̤̲̗͕̮̲̭͎̺̝͖͗͐̿̐͝A̷̢̼͖̩͍̦̘͗͆̕̚À̵̝͐̈͐̀̇̋̽͗̓̔͘͝Ą̸̧̖̳̗͈͇̞̦̖͎͍̝͎̑̈́̀́̚̕͜A̶̜͉̼͑̈́͗̓͋̾̍͗́̕͠͠͠ͅA̸͚͌̋̏͐͑̔͋̈́̅͋̊̕̕͘͝A̵̧͖̮̺̲͇̮̘̫͇͓̜̼͂̿́̃̏̉̀̓͌Ģ̷̝̙̜̟̗̞͚̮̝̣̮̗̀͑́̾̆̈̌͒̒͋͛̍̚͜͝H̵͍͍͔͔̹̙̀̓̓̑̏̒͝!̵̢̧̛͓͈̙͚́̑͒̈́̇̓́͌̈̆̚!̴̧̥͈̆̾̏̍͋̇̒͒͌͝!̸̢̞͈̭̪̜͖̹̐̃̆̈́̎̕


To be Continued...

End of Saga! Thanks for Reading!

All rights go to Genndy Tartavosky, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Adult Swim!

I really hope you enjoyed the Toon Wars up to this point! I enjoyed making it, and even if you don't like it, I'm still glad I made it anyway and hope to make plenty of improvements! Until another time!

Chapter Text

In an unknown location, a nice bustling, peaceful village in an equally peaceful world full of people, both anthropomorphic, human, and mechanical visit the busy marketplace down by the docks. One of these people, a pink imp with a nice hat, goes around gathering some potions and ingredients for new batches of them. When she turns around from one of the stands and walks off, she bumps into another character with purple hair, no pants, but a nice, heroic outfit and cape.

Vambre: Oh, Simone! Sorry for bumping into you. How do you do?

Simone: I'm doin alright. Just gettin some of them potions and ingredients for more batches of em. I'm gonna make a cake for Familiar and Glori that'll knock em dead!

Vambre: Ah, yes. I forgot they were dating. Can't quite remember how, but love finds a way.

Simone: Aaanyway, I don't see your bro here. What're ya doin?

Vambre: Principal Cyrus called me and asked if I could help hand out these flyers for something about a, Toon Force, I believe?

Simone: The heck is that?

Vambre: I don't know. I'm still reading about it while I'm posting these around town. Although, it does sound promising! (Hands Simone a flyer) Maybe, if they're what I think they are, we can go on more quests again! (Leaves)

Simone reads the flyer Vambre gave her, which reads in bold




Simone getting excited: Yeah...Maybe… (Smiles at camera)


Samurai Jack and Mighty Magiswords will return in TOON WARS: The Final Days...