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Death and Punishment

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Takagi Building, New York, Earth-199999

The 7 Yakuza members walked through the door, pistols raised as they looked around for their enemy who was killing them one by one.

One of them felt his foot step on something hard and looked down to see an empty cartridge.

As soon as he looked back up, he was shot on the face by a MAC-10 and fell back by many feet, dead.

It was the Punisher. The skull symbol was on his vest and he wore a trenchcoat too.

The others backed off as he pointed it at them. Suddenly, he threw it. The one in the front ended up dropping his gun and caught his gun instead, looking at it in confusion.

That mistake was fatal for the entire group. The Punisher punched him hard on the face, making him fall down as he brandished a knife and sliced another's throat with it.

He then brandished twin pistols and shot two of them down simultaneously. He then shot down another one before shooting the one he had punched.

The remaining one had taken cover during the fight. He started running away in fear but the Punisher shot him in the back of the head, killing him.

He then walked into the elevator and reached the bottom floor. As he walked out of the elevator, he saw flashes of red and heard blaring sirens. The police had arrived.

As he walked towards the glass door, he saw many of them outside. They had surrounded the place. There were helicopters too.

As Frank walked out, he emptied the cartridges of the two pistols.

"Put your hands in the air!" one of the cops commanded as they all pointed at him, "Hands in the air!"

The Punisher raised his hands, surrendering to them.

3 weeks earlier, Hell's Kitchen, New York, Earth-199999

Frank Castle, or as he was now called by almost everyone who did not know him personally, the Punisher, walked around, wearing his trenchcoat and infamous skull vest.

This was New York City. No newcomers came to the place recently. If they did, he would tell them to forget everything they knew about the city. About the new New York.

Hell's Kitchen had parks full of tourists. But it was not real. The old New York was always waiting, just below the surface. There was nothing to help people when darkness fell. They were laid open so the world could rummage in their guts.

The mayor chased away the monsters… to Brooklyn and Bronx. The place hadn't changed though. Not in its heart. Not where it truly resided.

There was no falling in New York. Because there's no one to catch you.

The scum in the city though, needed a wakeup call.

Frank walked through an alley.

He saw a crook running towards a pretty woman holding a purse.

"Hey babe, watcha doin?" he asked as he tried to snatch it from her.

"Help me!" she called out for help as she struggled, "Someone help!"

"Come on!" he said as he tried to snatch it, "Gimme yer damn purse!"

That moment, Frank grabbed him in a chokehold from behind.

He tried to struggle but Frank swiftly snapped his neck and dropped him to the ground.

"That'll teach him", he muttered.

As he walked away, the woman said, "Hey, you're the Punisher! Thanks man!"

"For what?" he asked.

"For saving my life!" she said matter of fact.

"Right", he said as he continued walking. He wondered if there were other innocent civilians in the city who saw him in a more positive light because of his war on crime. Not that he really cared.

As he walked past a crack house, he heard the sound of glass smashing and a person yelling. He looked up to see a man falling out of a window that had just broken. He fell into an empty dumpster and a loud crack was heard.

Frank ran towards him and put a finger to his neck. He was dead unfortunately. The impact had killed him.

"Shit!" someone screamed from above in panic, "You killed him!"

"Yeah, and you're next. Now where's the money?" another person asked that man.

"I don't know!" the scared man said, "Only Bernie did! And you killed him!"

"Then no sense keeping you alive, is there?" a third person asked him rhetorically.


Frank moved out of the way as another person fell into the dumpster. He was already dead though due to the bullet wound.

Frank knew he was needed in here. Not that need mattered in this case.

He ran down a set of stairs on the building's side and arrived in front of the door of its ground floor. He carefully opened it, not making a single sound.

As he walked around discreetly, he saw a thug sitting on a table, drinking beer.

Frank sneaked up on him and grabbed him in a chokehold. As he tried to struggle, Frank made a better decision.

Turning him around, Frank asked, "Who runs this place?"

"Cut that shit out!" he said defiantly.

Frank punched him hard in the ribs twice and then on the lower jaw, making him spit out blood.

"Damage runs it!" he yelled, wanting the torture to stop, "He's on the 4th floor!"

This criminal was not useful anymore then. Frank took out a hammer and smashed his face, killing him as blood splattered and covered his hammer.

Frank then saw a path leading to a hallway and walked towards there.

"Hey Maurice!" someone yelled as he walked from the hallway, "Where are you?"

As he exited the hallway, he was grabbed by Frank who stabbed him in the chest with a knife, killing him. He retracted the knife and put it back before walking through the hallway.

He then turned to the right side and saw a door. Taking out a shotgun, he kicked it open.

As the thug inside turned to face him, Frank shot him dead before reloading. Before the other one could react, Frank shot him dead too.

The third one jumped behind a box as he brandished his gun. As he got up to fire, he received a pellet to the head from the much faster Frank and fell down dead.

The remaining two tried to fire but Frank shot one of them dead. As the other tried to fire, Frank suddenly brandished a pistol and shot him dead before putting it back.

The area clear, he turned and went through another door. As soon as he opened it, the thug fired at him but he ducked in time and then rolled away. He rolled towards the thug and getting up, pinned him to the wall with his shotgun before brandishing his knife and stabbing him on the face. He retracted the knife and the man fell down, dead, his face now a bloody mess.

Frank then kicked another door open. The two thugs there were playing "Call of Duty: Black Ops 4" on a PS4 wearing headsets with full volume. Because of that, they had failed to hear the gunshots.

Frank put his shotgun inside and took out his twin pistols, killing them both with a single shot each. He then put them back inside and took out the shotgun again.

He then pulled open another door in the front and immediately dodged a gunshot. He killed the first one with a shot to the head. He ducked to avoid the other one and then smacked him on the face with his shotgun, breaking his nose as he fell down. Frank pinned him under his shoe and shot him point blank, killing him and turning his face into a bloody smear.

He then walked further in the hallway before turning right towards another hallway. A thug was there but he was unarmed. He raised his hands in surrender. But it was a mistake to expect any mercy from this man. Frank killed him with a gunshot.

Shotgun on the ready, he kicked another door open and shot down the first thug he saw before the man could even start pulling the trigger.

He then walked further into the large room. Only two more thugs were there, both unarmed. Putting the shotgun down, he suddenly brandished a knife and threw it. The knife hit the one in the front right in his eye. Before he could fall down, Frank grabbed him and yanked out the bloodied knife before dropping him.

The other thug was about to charge but Frank tossed both his knives to him. The thug caught them and looked at them in confusion. Frank then grabbed his hands and made him drive both of them into his eyes. He then yanked them out and dropped him to the ground.

He found some amusement in the fact that this new tactic of his worked every time.

Putting them back inside, he brandished his shotgun and kicked open a door to reveal a set of stairs. He walked up the stairs and kicked another door open.

He shot down the first thug he saw before smacking another one with it. As two others aimed at him, he brandished his pistol and killed both of them with. Putting it back inside, he shot the one he had smacked, killing him.

He then walked through another door and kicked the first man he saw before brandishing his knife and stabbing him in the chest. He ripped it out and walked away.

He then went through another door and saw a man sitting on the ground, obviously not in the best state of mind.

"Hey!" he said with a smile to himself, "It's that Finisher dude."

Frank picked him up and putting his head on the window asked, "Why should I let you live?"

"I don't do drugs man!" the man said in fear, "I just live here!"

Frank slammed the window pane on his head, breaking his nose as he yelled in pain.

"Okay! Okay!" he said in fear, "I do drugs!"

As Frank gave him a venomous look, he begged, "Let me go! I can talk to the guys in 2B for you!"

Frank slammed the window pane hard on his face, shattering it as the broken glass penetrated the man's face, killing him.

"You've been rehabbed", he said dryly before walking away.

Putting the shotgun inside, he once again brandished the pistols. He kicked the door in front of him open and shot the two thugs who had aimed at him.

He then turned to his right and saw 3 doors. Two of them were locked. So he knew where he needed to go.

Putting one pistol inside, he kicked the third door open and quickly grabbed the first thug who aimed at him, turning him around and holding him hostage.

The others couldn't get a clear shot at him now as they were amateur marksmen at best. Frank shot them all dead before shooting the one he was holding on the side of his head before dropping him to the floor.

He then walked through another door and went up a set of stairs. As he opened the door, he saw a thug cowering in the corner. Frank simply shot him dead.

He then kicked another one open and shot a thug dead before rolling to avoid the shots fired at him by two others. He then shot the second one too.

As the third one tried to aim again, Frank shot at his hand, disarming him. He then strode towards him and putting his pistol back inside, grabbed the man.

"This isn't your night, but I could make it worse!" Frank threatened as he punched him on the face, breaking his nose.

"Dude! What's your problem?" the thug asked in a voice that was a mixture of anger and fear.

Frank smashed his head on the floor, breaking a tooth.

As he yelled in pain, Frank smashed his head again, splattering some blood.

"Talk to Damage!" he yelled in pain, "He's upstairs! He's the one you want!"

Frank smashed his face a few more times, killing him and splattering blood on the floor. By now, his hands were covered in blood too.

Two thugs arrived and fired at him but Frank took cover. As they took cover, Frank threw a grenade. It exploded, killing them both.

He then pulled another door open and walked through it. He then walked towards the side stairs of the building and using them, climbed to the upper floor.

As soon as he reached there, he threw two knives, killing the first two thugs who were in his way. Before they dropped, he yanked the two knives out and put them back inside.

Taking out his shotgun, he kicked another door open and shot down the first thug before grabbing the other and taking him hostage. He then shot the third one dead too.

With the hostage still at his mercy, Frank kicked a huge set of doors open and shot down a thug. As a few more arrived, Frank threw a grenade. It killed them as it exploded. An unarmed one rushed him.

Frank pushed his hostage aside and brandished his knives. He stabbed the thug in the stomach before stabbing him on the neck with the other one. He then used them to throw the now dead man at a distance.

Putting the knives inside, he picked up his shotgun and shot the hostage dead.

Walking into a large adjoined room, he saw a man hiding behind a couch.

"I give up!" the man said as he raised his hands in surrender. Frank took one look at him and knew he was Damage.

"Hello Damage!" Frank said as he picked him up and shoved him to the edge, "Talk or die, Damage!"

Frank then grabbed his legs and hung him from the edge, upside down.

"Go ahead and kill me!" Damage yelled, "I ain't afraid! You ain't got nothing on me!"

Some coins fell out of his pocket and Damage couldn't even hear them clattering on the ground. Now that was what scared him.

"I got a call saying you'd show tonight", Damage confessed, "I don't know who it was!"

Having heard enough, Frank let him go. Damage yelled as he fell down. His head hit the pavement and was immediately turned into a bloody smear due to the pressure. The rest of his body of his body rolled away before finally laying still on the ground.

"Time to call it a night", Frank said as he walked back down. He walked out, passing the dead, splattered body of Damage.

Suddenly, he heard a car start up. He jumped out of the way as a car almost ran him over. The driver rushed away, not wanting to face the wrath of the Punisher whom he had now failed to kill.

Fortunately, Frank had memorized the car's license plate and color.

"New York City never changes", Frank muttered, "No one catches you when you fall."