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Headcanons (2019)

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- Rhea always holds you while the two of you watch horror movies.
- You two take turns picking the movies you watch.
- Whenever it's Rhea's turn, she'll mostly pick a Nightmare on Elm Street movie.
- You don't mind because you're always in her arms.
- You like to change it up a bit when it came to the movie you pick.
- You got her into the Scream movies, and whenever you pick one of the four, she gets excited.
- Any movie you pick gets her excited.
- Since you picked it.
- Rhea will turn the lights off, and will get under the blankets with you.
- She likes to have your head on her chest while the movie plays.
- Sometimes the two of you will end up falling asleep, or the two of you not paying attention to the movie.
- If you fall asleep before she does, Rhea will turn the movie off.
- She'd rather watch the movie with you when you're awake.
- Not soon after, she'll fall asleep with you in her arms.