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Forge This for Ogres

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Forge This for Ogres

Kaijin claims he can make anything for Rimuru, so he gives him the design for a special gift for his mate Benimaru. They’ve experimented in orgasm denial so Rimuru is ready to take things to the next level. Cock Cage Rimuru/Benimaru/Souei/Kurobee

Chapter 1 Just the Start

Ogres loved strength, they respected strength, in their minds there was no shame in submitting to one who's stronger than you. In fact, they found an odd sense of pleasure from submitting to one who is strong. So it was no surprise they wanted to serve the strongest slime, possibly in the world.

Rimuru Tempest was the powerful unique slime, with a wide selection of skills and knowledge. He proved his strength in combat against them when they were ogres, not only overwhelming them with his skills but fighting them in a way that didn't cause casualties. Which if he had wanted to kill them he could have, a show of force and magical power proved that.

Even the elder ogre who actually managed to injure Rimuru understood that if the slime had fought seriously they would have been wiped out quickly. He did not want to kill them, and since his people weren't severely injured either all was well and they were invited back to their growing village. Rimuru's knowledge had helped their little village grow in leaps and bounds, he often gave Kaijin blueprints of sorts to make tools and items to help improve the work they were doing.

Rimuru gave them names and offered to help them get their revenge. Through the wonderful names, Rimuru gave them they were able to evolve Kijin or Oni, a rare form for ogres. Not only were they able to evolve, gaining new strength, but they gained new abilities, a blessing from their benefactor.

Even after obtaining their revenge the Oni didn't want to leave Rimuru, it was a unanimous decision. Now with their people avenged the Oni were able to look to the future. They were the last of their kind, so finding a strong mate would be important.

Hakurou sighed as it seemed the other Oni had their sights on Rimuru. Their princess often getting into a tug of war matches with Shion, with Rimuru in slime form. Benimaru actually got to be with their lord first.

Rimuru Tempest recently got a human form, allowing him to experience new things, like eating. So imagine Benimaru's joy when he was called away by the slime for some special testing.

“Are you wanting a sparring match Lord Rimuru? I'd be honored, but I think Hakurou would be more of a help to you in training your combat skills.” He was taken to Veldora's cave, the slime returning they're to train in secret.

“Combat training isn't what we are doing here.” Rimuru shifted into his older male form, and Benimaru's jaw dropped. His lord was quite a collection of beauty, cute in his slime form, lovely in his human form, but this adult male form was sexy! The red-haired oni eyed the slime in his muscled glory.

They now stood face to face, his clothing clinging to his muscled form, broad shoulders, fine pecs, six-pack abs, toned arms, and legs. “Benimaru?” His eyes snapped back up, on reflex his hands going to shield his bulge. He was hard as a rock, his 10-inch long pushing at the fabric of his pants wanting freedom.

“Yes sir!” his voice cracked a bit.

“Would you like to have sex with me?” He removes his coat, setting it aside on top of some magic ore. You could have knocked Benimaru over with a leaf.

'This is a dream, I must be dreaming!' He was filled with so much joy, it had to be a dream. His cock pulsed in want, and he pinched himself. “Oww!” he clutched his cheek. 'That hurt its not a dream!' he shivered in delight. He quickly recovered, and he smiled at Rimuru. “It would be an honor to have sex with you Lord Rimuru!”

“Then please strip,” The oni obeys, pulling off his kimono and under clothes. His clothes were more traditional and intricate, but each article was set aside bit by bit. He had slimmed down some from his ogre form, but all that muscle was tight and compact. Benimaru had an 8 pack, his muscles flawless, his hard 10 incher tenting his fundoshi. The red-head blushed as the clothe rode his ass as his dick pushed against the fabric. The red hair was natural judging from the nest of manly hair crowning his crotch. Benimaru removes his fundoshi and stands proud as his 10-incher pointed at Rimuru his family jewels quite large. “Now for me.”

Rimuru strips, showing off his muscles. Using his skills and memory, he was able to restore his little soldier, which wasn't so little. He may have given himself some oomf oomf into his pecker area. Not only was he packing a nice girth, but he was 13 inches long.

Benimaru gulped at the size, he didn't shrink in fear, instead, his manhood throbbed and began to leak pre-cum. “So big!” he licked his lips.

“Do you like big dicks Benimaru?” the red-head blushed but didn't deny it. Why should he lie now, when Rimuru wanted to be with him.

“Yes Lord Rimuru!” he says, he pumps himself at the sight of Rimuru in all his naked glory.

“I'll keep that in mind for the future, for our first time I'll stick with my human dick,” he says and approaches him.

'Future? First time? Human dick?' He had so many questions, his body trembling in the promises of more times to come. The slime stood across from the oni, comparing each other's bodies, one big notice is Benimaru had body hair, Rimuru did not. The other noticeable difference is Rimuru didn't have nipples or a navel, and the oni did.

He pulls Benimaru to him, pressing their muscled bodies together. “Ahh!” the oni moans as his cock rubs against Rimuru's. The slime returns the favor, creating glorious friction between them. “You are so hot,” he cups Benimaru's cheek, and presses forward, capturing his lips.

“Mmm,” Benimaru moaned into the kiss, his lips parting allowing Rimuru to deepen the kiss. The oni responded in kind, his tongue meeting Rimuru's and the wet muscles dueling it out. As their tongues battled it out, their cocks rubbing together heatedly.

Their kiss broke for air, mostly for Benimaru's benefit as Rimuru didn't need to breath. As his lungs burned for air, he clawed at Rimuru's back, so Rimuru pulled back, leaving him panting. The slime licked his lips. “You taste good,” he pushed forward and pinned the oni against the wall.

His cock pinned Benimaru's dick and balls, and he rocked against him creating powerful friction against his crotch. Benimaru wrapped his legs around Tempest, as the slime supports him by groping his ass. Their kiss begins a new, Rimuru dominating the kiss from the breathless oni.

Benimaru cums hard, his seed erupting like a volcano between them, thick ropes of cum spraying over pecs, abs, and each other's crotches. Rimuru's slime spreads out and slurps up the cum in an instant.

He takes the semen and mixes it with the herbs to create lube. “This will do nicely,” he slathers up his cock and gets ready to prepare his oni. Benimaru was still riding high on his first orgasm, he was set down and his legs felt like jelly. Rimuru helped support him by bracing him against the wall.

After taking a moment to appreciate Benimaru's sexy back muscles and his plump ass, he spreads the male's cheeks. “Are you alright with this?” he caressed his hole, teasing the pucker. Benimaru bucked back against him.

“Yes! Please fuck me Lord Rimuru!” Rimuru smiles and begins to apply the special lube. Benimaru moans in delight, the lube made from his cum, gained a warming effect, heating up when applied to his skin. “Ahh ah ahh!” Rimuru wiggled his middle finger into his ass.

“So tight, I'm gonna have to open you up.” he rocked his finger in and out, giving it a curl to stroke his insides. The oni's toes curl and his back arches in pleasure. Rimuru was patient in his prep, balancing stretching Benimaru and pleasuring him. It was almost torture, pleasure torture, one finger became two, his hole slowly getting opened up and fingered. Then two fingers became three, and his insides were turned up. “You like ass play?”

“Yes Lord Rimuru!” he moans, a trickle of drool running down his chin, his penis throbbing. He was so hard it hurt, but it only fueled his lust.

“Shall I feed your naughty ass my whole fist?” he asked sliding in a fourth finger.

“Ahhh!” his hole tightening around the digits. “Yes please fist me, Lord!”

Rimuru chuckled. “Another time, now I'm ready to fuck you.” he slapped his dick onto Benimaru's ass. He removed his fingers and lined up his large dick. “Here I come!” he pushes forward, and Benimaru moans, the noise echoing around them.

Like with his prep, he's slow, making Benimaru feel every inch he had to offer. By the time Rimuru was fully seated inside him Benimaru came, painting the wall in thick ropes of white cum. He didn't have long to rest as Rimuru pulled halfway out only to snap his hips forward and fucked his tight ass. “Ahh ah ah ah ah ah ah Lord ah ah ah ah Rimuru ah ah ah ah fuck ahhh!”

Rimuru's hands roam over Benimaru's chiseled form, feeling up his muscles until he reached the oni's perky buds. The slime's hands toy with the buds, giving them a pinch. “No, not my nipples ahh!” Benimaru came again, tightening around Rimuru's thrusting dick.

'His weak spot?' He got a mischievous look. He fucked Benimaru faster and harder, his pelvis coming in contact with his plump ass with a loud smack, all while toying with the sensitive nips.

“Please...Please stop it feels so good, it's coming out!” he cums again, but this time milk gushes out of his nipples.

“Oh my!” Benimaru blushes.

“Forgive me lord Rimuru, I got too excited I...”

“Shhh,” Rimuru continued to pinch his nips, causing milk to squirt out. “Are all oni like this?” Benimaru couldn't respond falling into a pleasure filled daze. Great Sage answered.

Benimaru has the unique skill Divine Milk, allowing him to lactate, its a highly pleasurable experience.

With the curiosity sated he focused on fucking Benimaru into another orgasm. Rimuru's own climax built higher and higher until he finally came, his seed spilling inside the red-head. Feeling his lord's cum inside caused Benimaru to cum again.

Rimuru was still ready for action, but Benimaru was spent, his magicules exhausted from the rigorous mating between them. “I think it best if we continue regularly, we can build up your stamina, and I can try new techniques on you.”

“Yes Lord Rimuru!” he moans and falls unconscious. Rimuru cleaned them up quickly, but not before trying Benimaru's man milk for himself.

“Amazing!” he blushed in delight. He licked his lips staring down at the red-head. “This is just the beginning.”

To be continued Denial + Love