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A Beautiful Mistake

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  Wait! What’s going on? Why do I feel so good?
  The bed dipped on one side as the person above him moved. He felt their kisses and licks, hearing his whispers, feeling his touch on his bones. It felt so good, he encourages his mystery partner’s actions, he wanted more.
  K-Keep going!
  His partner moved down his body and separate his legs, his head disappears and he feels an overwhelming pleasure. He moans, begging uncontrollable for more and his partner does. He soon reaches his peak, he took a breath as he was met with his partner’s blurry face.
  W-Who are you?
  He didn’t answer but he didn’t care as he crashes his boney mouth onto their mouth. He pulled away as he moans loudly as his partner pushed inside of him. He was big and yet gentle, he moaned and he pulled his partner closer. Their moans filled the night.

  Light shined into Sans room and shined onto his face, he groaned and turned over hoping to get some more sleep. He heard noises downstairs but didn’t care until he heard his brother yell for him.
  “SANS! WAKE UP, LAZYBONES!” Sans groaned as his brother’s yelling gave him a headache. He slowly drifts back into sleep, before he could completely drift off his door was slammed open! “SANS!” Papyrus said in his loud tone, “IT’S ALMOST TIME FOR YOUR SHIFT!! GET UP AND COME DOWN AND EAT!!” Papyrus walked up to his brother’s bed and ripped the blankets off.
  “Papyrus!” Sans groans tiredly, he curled tighter to block the light. Papyrus frowned at his brother’s laziness. He picked up his brother ignoring his brother’s groans as he walked down into the kitchen. He sat down his tired brother into his chair and fixed him a plate.
  Sans sat with his head on the table, not even when Papyrus set him down a plate of spaghetti. Sans soon raised his head and sat up straight and picked at his food. Papyrus sat down with his own plate, he stared at his brother in worry.
  “Brother?” Papyrus called, “Are you feeling well?” Sans wasn’t feeling well, he and Papyrus were invited to a party hosted by Death about a week ago. He couldn’t remember all the details, everything was a blur to him. Ever since then he’s been feeling off, he’s not sick or at least he thinks he’s not, but he didn’t want to worry Papyrus.
  “Don’t worry bro,” He said in a tired voice, “I’m just bone tired!” He smiled widely at his pun. Papyrus groans and shoved and a fork full of his spaghetti. Papyrus looked at his brother in worry, he puts on a big smile and pretends nothing is wrong but Papyrus knows better.
  “Alright brother, but before you leave for sentry duty please see Dr. Alphys.” Sans knew Papyrus saw right through his lie, but Papyrus was great telling if something was wrong with him. Nothing gets past the Great Papyrus. Sans grins at his brother’s kindness, Sans didn’t like doctors that much, but he’ll go for his brother to stop worrying.
  “Okay bro, I’ll go once I’m dressed.” Papyrus smiled at his older brother cooperation to see some help. They ate their food and got ready to start their day, Sans was working at his Hotland station so it was close to the Lab, he knocked on the metal door. A loud crash was heard from inside and a person’s stuttering.
  “C-Coming!” Alphys said from inside. The door quickly opened to see Alphys cleaning her glasses. He put them on and was a little surprised to see Sans, he did come over to talk or papers for the King. She couldn’t think of any other reason why the skeleton was here. “O-Oh! H-Hello S-Sans.”
“Your suppose to say ‘Who’s there?’” Sans said.
  “S-Sorry for not c-completing your joke. C-Can I h-help you w-with anything?” She asked.
  “I was wondering if you could give me a quick checkup? If you're busy I can come back another time?”
  “O-Of course! C-Come in.” Alphys move aside to let him enter, he sat down in the first chair he saw while Alphys gather her tools. She returned and CHECK Sans’ stats.
  LV: 1
  HP: 1/1
  ATK: 1
  DEF: 1
  He does not feel well
Alphys nodded at his stat and started doing a physical check, Sans cooperated so it didn’t take long.
  “O-Okay.” Alphys said as she checked her notes, ”S-So your not r-running a fever a-and you d-don’t have a cold. W-Which I doubt y-you could, a-are you d-dizzy or nauseous? Headaches?” Sans thought for a moment.
  “Well, I did feel a little dizzy and had a few a headache.” Alphys wrote it down on her clipboard.
  “W-When it this f-first start and w-what do you think c-could have caused t-this?”
  “I and Paps went to a party about a week ago. I don’t remember all the details, but I could have had too many drinks.” Alphys nodded at wrote it down.
  “A-Any else you want to tell me?”
  “Well, my magic has been off.” Alphys looks at him in curiosity and worry.
  “O-Off, how?”
  “Well,” How does he explain this?” you know we skeletons don’t have any muscles, so we use our magic to form a body to fit clothes and other stuff.” Alphys nodded as she wrote the information down, “Well, I’ve had some problems disbursing my magic.”
  “M-My I see?” Sans blushed at the request but slowly lift his shirt. Only a third up Alphys didn’t seem the mind, Alphy poked at the magic with her pen and it makes Sans jump and pulled his shirt down. “S-Sorry, but have y-you tried forming any b-bone attacks?” Sans nodded.
  “I did and it was fine, but soon afterward I felt tired more than usual.” Alphy nodded and wrote it down, she gathered her notes and gave them a quick looked. It took a while, but she made a few more notes and went off into another room. She returned with a small bag, she handed it to Sans and sat down again.
  “O-Okay, s-so in the bag t-there is medication for d-dizziness and h-headaches. Take them a-after eating. F-For your m-magic, you might h-have to start e-eating healthier f-food, something g-green is recommended a-and, not greasy f-foods. D-Drink plenty of w-water and g-get a lot of r-rest, if you s-still have p-problems tomorrow come b-back once anything h-has c-changed.”
  “Thanks, doc. Getting rest is easy, I can do it with my eye closed.” Sans grind at his own joke, “As for the eating healthier you just answered my brother’s prayers.” Alphys smiled a little and handed Sans a sheet of paper with instructions.
  “G-Give this to y-your brother, h-he’ll make s-sure you follow the i-instructions properly.” Sans took it along with the medicines, he thanked Alphys and headed to his sentry station. The rest of the day was slower than usual to Sans, he took a nap but woke up just before his brother came to check on him. Sans smiled and waved as he greeted his brother.
  “Hey bro.” Papyrus was shocked to see his brother wake while on duty. He began to worry about his brother’s even more. Papyrus ran the rest of the way to his brother and started checking him for injuries or a fever. “Pap calms down I’m fine.”
  “Well, that is to be determined. What did Alphys say?” Papyrus released Sans smiled and handed the paper Alphys gave him. “Wowie!” Papyrus literally jumped for joy knowing that his brother will be eating healthy foods for a while. “This is a great brother! All that greasy food you consume has finally caught up to you. It’s up to I, The Great Papyrus to nurse you back to health. I am confused by the green food Alphys recommended for you, what does she mean by that?”
  “She means food s that are the color green. Like some veggies at the store that are green and others.” Papyrus nodded at Sans’ explanation.
  “Right! Don’t worry brother, I, The Great Papyrus, will find a recipe filled with healing magic to cure you of your illness.” He ran to the store to buy the foods recommended items by Alphys, leaving Sans alone for another nap. Somehow Sans couldn’t find it in himself to sleep, he was trying to figure out what was wrong with him. Did he eat something bad? His eating habits are the same as usual. Maybe Papyrus was right, he eats could be catching up to him? I guess he does need to eat a little bit healthier.
  “I wonder what Paps is cooking for dinner?”Sans arrived home once he woke up from his nap, he entered and was greeted with a large mess in the kitchen.
  “Brother!” Papyrus greeted, “I managed to find several recipes from our closest friends that should help cure you.” Papyrus picked his brother and brought him to the table. Papyrus was right the table was packed with foods that were green and health. Sans would be surprised if the spaghetti wasn’t on top of all dishes.
  He was seated by his brother and the first dish given to him was a green bean topped with spaghetti. Papyrus watched as Sans ate the dish until the plate was cleaned. Sans already felt full and wanted to go to bed or sit on the couch. Before he could get a word out Papyrus gave him another dish, salad with a variety of vegetables and topped with spaghetti.
  “Paps this is great, but I’m full.”
  “But you need to eat as many as greens as possible and my spaghetti is full of healing magic. So you get twice the healing magic.” Sans had to think quick to get out of this situation. He loves his brother, but this was too much for his stomach to bare.
  “That’s great Paps, but Alphys also say I had to get plenty of rest. I can’t deny her orders, how about I save this for tomorrow so I have enough until I get better.” Papyrus thought for an amount and nodded his head.
  “Very well Sans, get dressed for bed while I put the leftovers away.” Sans took a breather as he got out of his chair and headed upstairs slowly, “Do you want me to read you a story?” Sans turned back to his brother and smiled gently.
  “Y-Yeah that sounds nice, bro.” Papyrus smiled with joy at a chance to help his older brother.
  “Than you will sleep in my room tonight. It is much clearer than yours.” He went up to Sans and carried him to his bedroom, he walked to his racecar bed Sans striping him of his jacket and slippers he laid the small skeleton down and tucked him in. Papyrus rush to grab the story Fluffy Bunny, he sat on the edge of the bed and began to read.
  It didn’t take long for Sans to fall asleep, seeing Sans sleeping calmly he got up and turned out the lights. He left the room with the door closed and returned to the kitchen to clean.
Sans was really tired today more than usual, he didn’t have any nightmares about the human or losing his brother. So, it wasn’t so bad being sick like this, he can sleep peacefully and his brother was letting him sleep with him for the night. Guess this day is so bad.
  As Sans slept in peace feeling his brother’s warmth close to him, he felt nice and happy. He should get sick more often, but it would be a bad idea to worry everyone constantly. He already does that with his HP at one. As he lay motionless next to his brother, something felt wrong, like the sickness was getting worse.
  He felt like he needed to-he snapped his eyes open. He didn’t have time to think, he jumped out of bed not caring if he woke Papyrus or not, as he rushed to the bathroom, he slammed the door open and dropped to the floor. He pulled the trash can close and heaved up magic, it stopped for a second to give him a breather and then more came up. This continued for about thirty minutes, he took a few breaths as he got up and looked himself in the mirror.
  “W-What’s wrong with me?” Sans checked himself and all his stat were the same when he went to see Alphys. He felt slightly dizzy and still nauseous, but thankfully not throwing up again. He got a little bit of his magic on his shirt, he took it off careful enough not to get it on him. He glanced at himself in the mirror at his calm and carefree eyes widen in horror!
  “N-No.” He rubbed his eye hoping it was an illusion, but no it was still there. He rubbed the mirror check if it was a sticker and marker, he checked the bathroom praying this was a sick joke, but no. His face dropped in horror as he looked down at his navy blue magic, the sight made tears run down his face. He couldn’t take it, the rage, sadness, and frustration within him were about to burst! “H-How?” Within his magic was a little soul. “HOW’D I GET PREGNANT?!”