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of freckles and constellations

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Katsuki wakes up alone.

He gets up from the bed, leaving the sheets a tangled mess and pads towards the kitchen where the faint scent of green tea and rain penetrates the air.

Katsuki is met with the sight of Izuku’s back towards him, and silver shrouding Izuku’s body. It gives Katsuki a clear sight of the freckles which map out Izuku’s body, much like how stars litter the sky at night. Katsuki sighs and walks towards Izuku, wrapping his arms around him from behind, burying his face into Izuku’s neck and planting a kiss there, “Can’t sleep, nerd?”

Izuku leans into Katsuki’s shoulder and hums in confirmation, “Yeah, there’s just — It’s too much noise up here, too loud.” Izuku says, tapping at his temple. Katsuki understands and hugs Izuku tighter before pulling him towards the couch. Izuku fits himself in between Katsuki’s thighs, leaning into Katsuki’s warmth and closing his eyes. Katsuki rests his head against Izuku’s and traces the freckles on Izuku’s back, his other hand running through Izuku’s hair.

Katuski feels Izuku relax against his body. The sound of rain fills the silence, Katsuki can feel Izuku tracing his fingers up and down his thighs and humming slightly. Hey stay like that for a while until Katsuki hears Izuku take in a deep breath, “It’s never quite quiet up here, but today’s just a bit too much I guess,” Izuku laughs dryly, “sorry I woke you,”

Katsuki snorts, “You didn’t do shit. So, what’s on your mind?”

“Aw, you do worry after all, Kacchan,” Izuku teases and lets out a soft laugh as Katsuki tugs at his hair.

“Fuck you, shitty nerd! See if I worry for you again!” Katsuki yells, but Izuku knows Katsuki’s just bad at feelings, preferring to show it through action rather than words. He knows very well that Katsuki cares for him.

Izuku takes in a breath, breathing in Katsuki’s scent, “I... too much I guess,“ He trails off, unsure of how to translate all the emotions and the overwhelming thoughts into proper words that would make sense, “When there’s nothing else to really occupy me, the voices come and they bounce off the walls and echo and they just grow louder and louder, and it gets really tiring and I kinda just — I just want it to be quiet, you know?”

Katsuki hums in understanding. Izuku’s always been a thinker, thought ahead, planned ahead, considered things he had never thought about considering, but of course, there were days when it turned on him, overwhelming him and driving him to days like this.

“Here,” Katsuki says, shifting his position so that Izuku is facing his way, “focus on me and the way this feels,” Katsuki says, tracing the freckles on Izuku’s cheeks, trailing down on his jaw towards his chest.

“Focus on me,” Katsuki says, once more, “can I kiss you?”

Izuku looks at Katsuki, eyes memorizing his features. Red eyes, blond hair, the scent of burnt sugar and smoke, Izuku places a hand on Katsuki’s cheek and whispers, “Okay,” Katsuki then leans forward, pressing his lips onto Izuku’s. This kiss is different from Katsuki’s usual rough and demanding, hot and aggressive. Katsuki kisses him gently this time, and Izuku melts into the kiss, hand tugging Katsuki closer, wanting to feel every part of him, hands travel down his chest, to his hips, then up again to his neck, into his hair.

It overwhelms him with want and god, he loves Katsuki so so so much. The emotion bubbles in his chest and overflows, filling him from his chest to his fingertips, fills him until the voices in his head quiet down and all he can think about is the hand in his hair, on his hip, lips on his which take and give and bring him warmth.

(Katsuki is here with him. Katsuki is his in the way that Izuku is Katsuki’s. It is something they both know. It is written in the very strands of their DNA)

Katsuki pulls away with a sigh, “You have me, okay?” Katsuki murmurs, and Izuku understands.

You’re not alone in this.

“Okay,” Izuku says and tilts his head forward till it meets Katsuki’s, “okay.” Izuku breaths, focusing on the warmth that radiates from Katsuki’s hand on his cheeks.

(It’s always been the two of them, they are two halves of a whole, how could he forget? Izuku will always have Katsuki. Izuku knows that Katsuki loves him. And Izuku loves him back with everything that he is. This is something he knows. It is something he feels. It is something the voices that scream and hurt him in his head can never change.)


Katsuki has his bad days too, he just shows it differently.

Izuku sees it in the aftermath of every failed mission, the lives Katsuki cannot save. Katsuki does not say it, will never outwardly say it but Izuku knows.

Katsuki’s bad days come in the form of snaps and snarls, rage and irritation that continues to burn and burn and the emotion fills his chest until it has nowhere to go but outward, keeping everything and everyone at a distance, “Fuck off! Leave me the fuck alone!” He screams, small pops going off at his palm, rage flashing in crimson red eyes.

Katsuki doesn’t know how to handle all the emotions, emotions he cannot name and doesn’t understand, and so, he converts them into something he does know. He turns it all into anger until it overflows and becomes his very being, until it is all he knows, until he implodes, collapsing inwards like a dying star.

Katsuki, however, is not a star. He is not beautiful. He does not give light and he does not create beauty in his wake, he only knows and creates destruction. He is not a star, Katsuki thinks. He is a bomb, and one day he will explode.

(His mind whispers, you were always made to go off, taking and hurting everyone around you)

Heroes don’t kill. Katsuki knows that well. However, the anger flows and flows, and it doesn’t stop, rage explodes in his chest and he chases after the villain with all the intent to hurt, to make them feel all this hurt (Hurt? Is that what this is?) that he feels in his chest, for the lives he could not save (It’s your fault and you know it, you just want someone to blame, don’t you Katsuki? It’s your fault your fault yourfaultyourfaultyourfault).

“Hey fucker, get ready to fucking die,” Katsuki grins menacingly and lunges but he hears the crackle of ice and he uses the force of his explosion to stop his momentum.

“Ground Zero,”

The fog coming off the ice clears and he sees Shouto, “Are you shitting me, half-and-half? Get out of my fucking way, right now before I blow up your face,” Katsuki growls.

“Let the police take over from here,” Shouto continues to say, ignoring Katsuki’s angry demand.

“I said, move, Icyhot. This is my case. Now. Get. Out. Of. The. Way.” His hand tenses, ready to release an explosion, but before he can, there’s a hand on his. He turns to face the owner of the hand, ready to jerk his arm away but his eyes meet green and he freezes in place, “Deku?”

“Kacchan, you’ve done enough, just — Please let the police handle this,” Izuku says softly, his eyes pleading him to comply, “Please,”

Katsuki wants to scream, wants to pry Izuku’s hand off his arm, to blast his way towards the villain and just hurt them but then he stops himself. He sees the forming crowd of civilians, hears theirs whispers..

‘Uwaah, scary’

‘He really beat the villain into the ground’

‘Ground Zero should’ve just killed that villain’

He takes in a deep breath and lets it out. He turns on his heel and walks away from the scene. Izuku follows him, both of them not saying a word.

(You really are a bomb, and one day, you're going to hurt everyone)

Katsuki clenches his fist, and his walk slows to a stop. The streets are bare, everyone having gone to the scene of the crime. It’s only the two of them. He grits his teeth and slams a fist against the wall.


Something snaps inside Katsuki and he fears that perhaps this is the explosion that he has been holding back, “Shut up! Shut up, shut up, shut up!” Katsuki yells, “All of you have been treating me like some bomb that’s going to go off, like the wind is going to blow me fucking over or something! Fucking stop it! I’m fucking fine!”


(Bomb, bomb, bomb, he's a bomb, he's going to hurt everyone that matters)

“No, listen here, alright! You all think I’m this fragile thing who tries to save everyone and just cause those people died, you all think I’m going to breakdown or some fucking shit! Who the fuck do you all think I fucking am?! Huh?! I don’t give a flying shit about them! I’m just here to be the number one hero! I don’t care!” Katsuki shouts, his voice cracking and raw from all the shouting he’s been doing all day.

(Liar. He cares. He cares so much it stabs deep into his chest, leaving gaping wounds that refuse to seal themselves shut)

Izuku steps closer to Katsuki and winds his arms around Katsuki’s shoulders, pulling him down to rest on his shoulder. Like this, Katsuki can lean into Izuku’s warmth but all the same pretend that he’s being held against his will. That Izuku initiated the hug and Katsuki does not want any part of it. Izuku understands and simply pulls his arms tighter, bringing Katsuki closer, breathing in Katsuki’s scent, the smell of burnt sugar and sweat enters his nose, Katsuki can feel Izuku’s heart, Izuku murmurs against his skin, “It wasn’t your fault, we can’t save everyone,”

Katsuki turns his head as the tears fall, burying himself into Izuku’s neck, but Katsuki doesn’t let a sound go past his lips. He simply stands there, accepting Izuku’s warmth and comfort.

“You have me,” Izuku whispers, and Katsuki finally winds his arms around Izuku’s waist.

(Izuku will not let Katsuki believe that he is a bomb, capable, made for nothing but destruction and chaos, no. Katsuki is a supernova, with the capability to outshine galaxies and act as a beacon of light. Katsuki is capable of beauty, kindness and so much more. If Katsuki can’t heal his own wounds, Izuku will do it for him the same way Katsuki mends his)

“Let’s go home,” Izuku says.

“I am home,” Katsuki responds.


Their apartment is small, a bit crowded with its own sort of organized chaos. Their coats are hung on a rack by the door of their bedroom, All Might and various hero comic books take up the entire shelf alongside Izuku’s analysis notebooks. Izuku’s plants take up all the space on the small balcony provided. Unwashed empty mugs are littered around the apartment. Katsuki’s gauntlets and various tools are scattered across the floor. It wasn’t much, but it was theirs, the traces of both him and Izuku permeate the entire apartment.

A hand twines in his and he turns and Katsuki sees Izuku smiles gently at him. Katsuki’s other hand cups Izuku’s cheeks and he leans down to kiss Izuku, desperation in the kiss. He’s looking for something, validation of sorts maybe, and Izuku gives him everything he can, everything he has, yes I am here, yes I am yours just as you are mine.

This is theirs. This will always be theirs.

Izuku’s chatter fills the air.

Katsuki doesn’t mind it because it means it’s not one of Izuku’s bad days, it means today isn’t too loud for him. It means today he might find Izuku talking to the plants on the balcony, waving at the neighbors, bright laughter and warm hugs which Katsuki will never openly admit out loud and to the public, that he loves it with all his heart, craves it even. Chatter means a good day, it means bright color.

They walk through the streets, hand in hand, and Katsuki lets Izuku fill the air with conversation for the both of them, “I miss Ochako and Tenya,” Izuku says.

Katsuki looks at Izuku beside him, “Then why don’t you text them?”

“I guess, I could. I also want to go to Akita,” Izuku says, “There’s a firework festival happening there,”

“Hah? Akita? Why the fuck do you want to go to Akita? That’s like 3 hours away,” Katsuki exclaims, “There are firework festivals here in Tokyo!”

Izuku pouts, “Yeah, but we’re always in Tokyo, I’ve never been to Akita! Besides, it’d be a well-deserved break, wouldn’t it?”

“No,” Katsuki says because he knows where this is going.

“Kacchan! Please? It’ll be fun! We haven’t seen our friends in ages!” Izuku says, shaking Katsuki’s arm.

“Stop being dramatic, nerd. You saw them last month,” Katsuki deadpans.

“Fine, you haven’t seen your friends in ages,”

“What friends, huh?!” Katsuki exclaims but he knows Izuku is talking about Eijiro and the rest.

“You know exactly who I’m talking about, Kacchan! Anyways, you’ve got no choice in this, I’ve already gotten all of us shinkansen tickets,”

Katsuki pauses, processing the information before Katsuki cries, “Hah?!”

Izuku’s laughter rings in the air as he runs through the streets with Katsuki chasing after him.

(They end the day on the balcony, with Izuku leaning on his shoulder, and a cup of tea in their hands. The stars above shine, and all is silent)


Katsuki thinks back to the days when all he had seen black and white, dull and lifeless. Then he remembers the day when he first met Izuku and still remembers every detail from that day. Katsuki remembers how his world burst into colors and life. He remembers how the flowers on the side bled into bright hues and warm shades — oranges and yellows, someone had told him after. More than that, he remembers seeing stars dancing across the other boy's skin and across his cheeks, trailing all the way down to his neck. He remembers wide, bright green eyes filled with wonder and surprise which exploded into elation and pure unadulterated joy.

He remembers the feeling of wholeness and just it’s so right, it’s so so right, I am whole, I am warm, this is what whole feels like.

Katsuki had stood there, unmoving, with eyes wide and lips parted in surprise, warmth blooming in his chest while the rest of the world bled into color. His lungs forgetting how to take in air and the world seeming to stop as their eyes met.

“Ah!” The boy exclaimed, his lips morphing into a shit-eating grin, “Your eyes! What color are they?! They’re really pretty! Your hair also! What’s your name?! Ah, I’ve always wanted to meet my soulmate! Mama said I wouldn’t meet you anytime soon, but I did! I’m just— Oh, I haven’t even introduced myself yet and—”

Katsuki stared at the boy in front of him before laughter escaped his lips and he thought, ‘This is my soulmate? He’s mine?’

His laughter stopped and he looked to the boy in front of him again. His eyes are glazed over with an emotion he couldn’t decipher, but he ruffled the other boy’s hair and smirked, “So, what’s your name? You wanna go play hero?”

The smaller boy blinked before a heartbreaking smile graced his lips and he said “I’m Izuku! Midoriya Izuku!”

(I am yours)

Katsuki looked around and saw the falling leaves of autumn, like puzzle pieces falling into place, “Heh, I’m Katsuki, Bakugou Katsuki. You better remember my name because I’m going to become the number one hero!”

(And you are mine)

Katsuki thinks, how could I ever live without this in his life? The answer is, he can’t. Perhaps one day, he will have to, but he has this right now, and maybe that’s enough.


Katsuki ends up going to the festival with Izuku. He’s even dressed up in a yukata, his in black and orange. It has black flowers lined all across the orange fabric, and Izuku in green and white with matching flower ornaments in his hair.

Katsuki takes a look around, the place is littered with lanterns, laughter and chatter fill the air, children are running around and for that reason, Katsuki decides he hates this already.

Izuku sees his face scrunching up, and he laughs, “Kacchan, you’re so cute.” Izuku says and presses his lips onto Katsuki’s. People stop and stare, some whispering, but Katsuki doesn’t care, but what he does care about is getting called ‘cute’.

Katsuki pulls back from the kiss, “Who’re you calling cute, fucking nerd?” He says with no real anger or bite to his words. He sighs as Izuku runs his hand through his hair. He decides on impulse to tug on Izuku’s curls, careful not to displace the ornaments in his hair, but hard enough to cause Izuku to whine.

“Kacchan!” He huffs, “It’s only the truth, I mean, look at you! The yukata looks so nice! It’s very fitting! Should I send some pictures to Mitsuki-oba?” Izuku teases.

“Try it and die, shitty Deku!” Katsuki barks, the hand tugging on Izuku’s hair tugging harder.

“Kacchan — Hey, watch it — Hey! My hair ornament! Kacchan!” Izuku yelps, hands going up to his hair to fix the ornament.

“Oi! Katsuki, Izuku! You came and — Ah! Izuku got Katsuki to wear a yukata!” Katsuki hears Kirishima’s voice and his head turns in search of crimson red hair and finds it.

“Shut it, Shitty hair or I’m going to punch your face in!” Katsuki barks with no real bite in his voice, he, to his horror, however, feels his face heat up in embarrassment. Apart from the embarrassment, he feels a familiar fondness rise in his chest at the sight of the redhead.

Laughter comes from behind Kirishima and familiar brown hair peeks out, “Ah, Dekkun really has you wrapped around his finger, doesn’t he, Katsu-kun?”

“He ain’t got me wrapped around anything, Round Face!” Katsuki growls, turning his head and he sees Izuku flushing a faint red as well, “Fuck this. Deku, I’m leaving!”

“O-Ochako!” Izuku stammers out, hands waving around frantically, “I-I — Kacchan doesn’t — I mean!”

Uraraka lets out a laugh before waving a hand in the air dismissively, “I’m just joking!” Ochako says, grabbing onto Katsuki’s arm and keeping him in place, “Kinda. Ah, anyways, here comes Ten-kun!” She laughs, ignoring Katsuki’s shouts of ‘Get your hand off of me, Round Face!’.

“Ah! Bakugou-kun! It has been a long time since we have seen each other!”

Katsuki lets out a groan and the three laugh at his misery. One by one, previous members of 1-A arrive at their meeting point.

They are all older now, laugh lines and new scars among the old, they stand in each other’s presence, at home in each other’s laughter as they were before.

“Katsuki! How’ve you been, my dude!” Katsuki blinks as blond enters his vision.

“Dunce face.” Katsuki instinctively barks out.

Denki face plants, “I see you haven’t changed much.” He grumbles with a pout.

“Really? I think he’s changed a lot now! He’s a lot softer now!” Mina chirps and puts a hand on Bakugou’s hair.

“I’m not fucking soft!” Katsuki snaps, and slaps Mina’s hand away, “and don’t fucking touch my hair.”

“Aw, but you let Mido-chin touch it though!” Mina pouts, “No fair.”

Denki, Hanta, and Mina make faces at Katsuki which he ignores. Ochako approaches him, a skip in her step and a grin plastered on her face, “Katsu-kun! I’m going to be taking Dekkun with me, Ten-kun, and Shoto! We’re going to be Deku-squad bonding! I promise to give him back later! Bye!” She says running off, hand waving in the air, giving him no chance to protest.

“Guess you’re stuck with us, Katsu-kun.” Sero says, throwing an arm across Katsuki.

“Lets go, Bakubro! I wanna play some shateki! I also wanna grab a goldfish!”

“Oh! I want cotton candy!”

“I want yakitori!”


The five of them fall back into familiar routine, Katsuki gets dragged around from stall to stall, accompanied by the sound of faint popping from Bakugou’s palm and the occasional explosion which was only followed by their laughter—quirk all activated.

They walk around the festival before deciding to settle down at the river bank, “Ah, that was fun. When was the last time we all hung out like this?”

“It’s been a while now, yeah? It’s nice. All of us being here again.” Hanta says as he looks to Deku’s group at one of the game stalls, then back to Bakugou who was carefully watching Izuku.

“Oi, Katsuki! I have a question! How did you and Midoriya meet? I mean, you’ve known each other since you guys were kids, right? How’d that go? Did you scare Midoriya into tears with your shitty personality?” Denki teases and Katsuki blinks.

“Deku and me, huh?” Katsuki hums before thinking hard.

Katsuki shook his head before a smirk graces his lips, “Heh, fucking nerd ran up to me and talked my ears off,” Katsuki says, “I don’t remember much of what we did after, just that.”

“Ah, I’m jealous. Wonder what it’s like to have lived almost your entire life knowing color.” Eijiro sighs and Hanta and Mina nod in agreement.

Katsuki thinks about the time Izuku had almost died, the feeling of emptiness, how his mind screamed and screamed, how it was so wrong wrong wrong, helplessness and crushing despair flooded his chest all the way to his toes and fingertips. Nothingness nothingness nothingness swallowing him whole and despair crushing his lungs and drowning him, what is this absence, what is this emptiness, what is this helplessness —

He shakes his head and shudders. He and Izuku no longer remember the feeling of nothingness much like they do not remember much of their childhood memories, they have lived almost all their life together, with that feeling of wholeness and rightness

“It’s not all that nice,” Katsuki says, “But it’s alright, I guess. I like where I am right now.”

“What do you mean it’s not all that nice? I love living with color! Gods, bless Hitoshi though, I’m a slow fucker, so he takes the reins in our relationship, heh.” Denki laughs.

“We’re heroes, y’know.” Katsuki growls and Eijiro’s eyes grow wide with realization.

“Oh,” Eijiro says lamely.

Denki tilts his head to the side in confusion, “What’s that supposed to mean? That doesn’t explain shit Bakubro.”

“He means that we could die at any time, Denki.” Mina says, and the group falls silent.

Four pairs of eyes widen in surprise, unsure of how to take in the words before Eijiro smiles softly at Katsuki, “Aw, Katsuki! You’re all angry and everything on the outside, but really, you’re just a big softy!”

“Am not!” Katsuki growls, palms sparking in annoyance, but makes no move to lunge at the other, “Shut the fuck up!”

Eijiro laughs, “Katsuki, you’re overthinking things. You need to start living in the present. We’re heroes, yeah. But have some faith in Midoriya, he’s not as reckless as he was in our first year and we’ve grown a lot, haven’t we?”

Katsuki’s head turns to meet Eijiro’s eyes, and the others grin too, “That’s right, Bakugou. And besides, no matter what happens, you’re always going to have us, y’know?” Hanta says and offers him a grin.

Katsuki blinks before shaking his head, “You four? With your 3 brain cells, who’s to say that you four won’t be the first to go?”

“Hey! That’s mean, Bakubro! You know you love us!”

Katsuki lets out a laugh, his heart feeling kind of lighter. The others continue to scream and pester him, but Katsuki finds he doesn’t mind. Not if it’s these people.


It’s late and Katsuki’s getting tired. He’s surrounded by the chatter of both friends and strangers, Katsuki unknowingly inches farther and farther away from the group, unconsciously searching for Izuku but suddenly, Izuku finds him — Izuku always finds him, always knowing when he wants to get away or just where he is — Izuku clearly notices that Katsuki was getting tired of the crowd and he bounces to his side and grabs his hand, “Kacchan, let’s go somewhere quieter! I know a place!”

Izuku smiles knowingly and tugs Katsuki’s hand, “Alright then, lead the way, I guess.” Katsuki sighs.

Katsuki glances at their intertwined hands as Izuku leads him. His hand is calloused and littered with scars, down to his fingers and up his arms.

“Has anyone ever told you that your freckles are like constellations?” Katsuki sighs, as his hands trace the freckles on Izuku’s cheeks

“Really?” Izuku lets out an airy laugh, “You’d be the first and maybe the last. Heh, That’s such a shoujo line, Kacchan.”

“Shut up, you damn nerd! See if I ever tell you anything ever again!” Katsuki barks out, flushing a faint red.

“Ah! Kacchan! I was only joking!”

Izuku and he are angry shouts and bright laughter that ring through the air, then a brush of hands and little touches from the tips of their fingertips that link the both of them together. They’re all about ice cream cones and continuous chatter about pro-heroes and up and rising U.A students. It’s late-night train rides with Izuku’s head on Katsuki’s shoulder, Izuku always humming a new song and Katsuki watching the scenery outside blur into a multitude of different shades, some colors Katsuki still can’t seem to name. It’s late-night kisses and breathless gasps, skin, tongue, and teeth, passionate and rough, hungry and wild contrasting Izuku’s gentle and soft, kind and warm kisses. Fingers that dance across his skin, tracing shapes and tracing the constellation engraved across Izuku’s body.

Izuku stops as the trees clear and the trail ends on a cliff overviewing the entire place, “Pretty, right? And we can watch the fireworks from here, it’s about to start anytime now.” Izuku says, looking at the people in the festival and settling down by the edge of the cliff, Katsuki follows right after him.

They sit in silence, content with each other’s company and the feeling of their hands against each other. Katsuki thinks about everything they’ve been through till now and he laughs at it all. Worries, doubts, insecurities, screaming, anger, fear. That’s who he is. And so Katsuki looks at Izuku now, moonlight covering him in a veil of silver and eyes bright with a soft happiness and the corners of his lips quirk upwards into a gentle smile. Izuku looks his way and smiles at him, the edges of his eyes crinkling in happiness and hint of mischief, “Are you done falling for me yet?” Izuku asks cheekily.

The wind blows in a way that wafts Izuku’s scent, he smells of laundry detergent and sunlight, his eyes are alight with wonder and Katsuki doesn’t understand what Izuku sees in him; He doesn’t understand how Izuku always says his name like his presence is a blessing from the Gods above because it should have been the other way around. He doesn’t understand what he had done to deserve Izuku in his life but he is infinitely grateful.

(Katsuki briefly thinks this is perhaps he is turning into a shoujo manga main character and he snorts, heart filling with affection)

“Cheeky bastard,” Katsuki says, and Izuku’s laughter chimes like bells.

Katsuki leans down and presses their lips together, and Izuku laughs once more before kissing Katsuki back. Katsuki slides his fingers into green tresses, tips Izuku’s head back slightly until their mouths fit perfectly together. Katsuki kisses Izuku like a man drowning and Izuku is the very air he breathes, and Izuku gives, meeting Katsuki’s pace and every demand. It's a brush of lips and a slide of tongue, heat, and silver-bright sparks of want. Izuku’s hands find themselves on Katsuki’s arms, tracing random shapes, sending sparks dancing on his skin.

Katsuki pulls aways opens eyes he can’t remember closing, breathes mingling. Izuku kisses down his jaw softly, sweetly, like butterfly touches, and Katsuki revels in the feeling of lips on skin.

“Katsuki,” Izuku sighs and presses his lips to his once more before pulling away, “I love you.”

Katsuki tilts his head forward until their foreheads meet and he lets his eyes flutter shut, “Thank you for bringing color into my life, for just being,” Katsuki hears Izuku murmur.

Katsuki opens his eyes and finds Izuku’s hands once more, holding it tight and holding it close. He turns his head as he feels his face flush red, before he says, “You’re so fucking embarrassing. How can you say all these shiity things with such a straight face,” He huffs before turning once again to look at Izuku, “You better be responsible for this. Fucking giving me all these shitty feelings.”

Izuku knows. He doesn’t need to hear Katsuki say it because he makes sure Izuku knows. Katsuki shows it in the way he remembers Izuku’s favorite ice cream flavor and knows Izuku hates it when the ginger flavor overwhelms his katsudon, the way he smiles at how Izuku chatters away at his plants, in the way that Katsuki holds Izuku’s hand and holds him close, and silently promises forever.

Izuku lets out a soft laugh before Izuku puts a hand on Katsuki’s cheek, “Thank you,” Izuku says, “I’ve always thought that maybe I didn’t deserve you and that you should’ve ended up with somebody else. Platonic soulmates, perhaps because…” Izuku trails off and turns his head away from Katsuki, blood running to his cheeks.


“Because I’m just me, y’know? I’m just Izuku. This may be selfish of me, but I’m glad you loved me back. So, thank you for loving me back.”

Katsuki’s heart beats loudly within his chest, the words resonating within his head because Katsuki is in love with the stars that dance across Izuku’s cheeks and across his chest, along his back and onto every part of his body. He falls in love with the color green that paints Izuku’s very being. He loves the glow of his eyes and cheeks, and just— everything. He should be the one thankful, not Izuku.

“It’s not selfish. If anything, I thought I was fucking blessed that you fell for a bastard like me. Shit, I’m a horrible person and you can’t say shit because I’m a fucking terror to deal with.” Katsuki sees Izuku shut his mouth before letting out another sigh.

“I know I’m not the easiest to deal with, never will be. So…” Katsuki trails off, unsure of what to say.

“Kacchan, you’re amazing. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, yeah?” Izuku says, green eyes meeting his, seriousness glinting in his eyes. Katsuki lets out a sigh, and twines his fingers with Izuku’s and pulls them to his cheek.

“It should be me saying that.” Katsuki grumbles and he can feel Izuku smile against his skin, “I love you, Izuku.”

The fireworks in the sky continue to explode into a multitude of colors, much like the emotion bursting in Izuku’s heart. The sound of cheers in the background, and the hot summer air blowing against their skin. His thoughts are full of static and his skin burns from where Izuku’s fingertips touch him and all Katsuki can focus on is the feel of lips on his once more and the happiness bursting in his chest.

Izuku is a map with constellations etched across his skin and his eyes are a universe with which galaxies and stars collide and Katsuki loves him so much.

This, what they have, is theirs and only theirs.


but now take me home
take me home to where i belong
i’ve got no other place to go
now, take me home, home where i belong

- aurora / runaway