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If you dont sit the fUCK DOWN

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Usernames so you guys don't get confused
Deku bOKE: Izuku
uwuravity: Uraraka
slip 'n' slide: Mina
easy bake oven: Momo
Gunpowder gelatine: Bakugou
Caught on tape: Sero
Not on tape: Hagakure
Here comes dat girl: Tsuyu
Tenya Iida: Iida
razzle dazzle motherfucker: Aoyama
Hard boi: Kirishima
two birds one hero: Tokoyami
Animal crossing: Koda
Literally a pair of earphones: Jirou
Thats rough buddy: Todoroki
Limbs for days: Shouji
Soda: Satou
Karate kid: Ojirou
Jhonny test: Kaminari
These eyebags are gucci bitch: Shinsou

Deku bOKE added uwuravity, slip 'n' slide, easy bake oven and 17 others to 'UA school group chat'

Deku bOKE: To stop all confusion of school times, assignments, homework help and talking in general, I made a group chat for us all!!!

Gunpowder gelatine: ...

Gunpowder gelatine has left the conversation

Hard boi: Aw come on Bakugou!

Hard boi added Gunpowder gelatine to 'UA school group chat'


Tenya Iida: What a great idea Midoryia! I hope you all use the group chat for school-related matters only.

Jhonny test: lmao you thought

easy bake oven: Hello everybody, may I ask which one of you is which? Your 'lit usernames 'confuse me.

Caught on tape: MOMO

easy bake oven: Yes, Hanta?

Caught on tape: Your username has made me shed a tear

Caught on tape: @Literally a pair of headphones You have done well

Literally a pair of headphones: Thx

easy bake oven: Anyways, I would like to know exactly who is which in this group chat, otherwise it may get confusing.

Deku bOKE: You should already know me!! It's in my username but don't tell Kacchan!!!

uwuravity: Have you ever heard of someone so pure

uwuravity: Also Uraraka here!

Hard boi: Kiri here!

slip 'n' side: The baddest bitch out there

easy bake oven: Hello, Mina.

Jhonny test: lmao denki here

That's rough buddy: Todoroki

Not on tape: Hagakure also, valid

razzle dazzle motherfucker: Aoyama here✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Gunpowder gelatine: Does this twink really use fucking emoticons

Here comes dat girl: Tsuyu, ribbit

uwuravity: Babe you know you really don't have to type ribbit right?

Here comes dat girl: I know, ribbit

Jhonny test: whipped

two birds one hero: Tokoyami here

Limbs for days: Shouji

Soda: Satou, also girls I made some cupcakes if anyone wanted to try them!

Soda: Also animal crossing is Koda he just doesn't want to talk

Karate kid: Why is Mina speeding down the hallway on her acid 40 km an hour to Satou's room?

slip 'n' slide: gotta do what you gotta do

slip 'n' slide: satous food goes like Midoryia's will to stop breaking his limbs

Jhonny test: lMao

Literally a pair of headphones: a literal lane

deku bOKE: Mean (Ω Д Ω)

That's rough buddy: Don't talk about him like that

Not on tape: watch out guys the bf stepping in

That's rough buddy: what

deku bOKE: what

Gunpowder gelatine: You guys are so fucking oblivious

Jhonny test: Says you

Caught on tape: Run denki