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Mastering His Touch

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At 28 years old, Victor Nikiforov was on top of the world. Not only was he famous for hitting the New York Times’ bestselling list for over 10 of his publications, but he also wrote several very successful lines of Boy Love novels. These facts had got him very far in life; he was rich and successful. But most of all, the cherry on top of the metaphorical cake, was that he was an alpha which made his life very easy indeed. He could do what he wanted, when he wanted, and there was never any expectations or restrictions due to his gender. Victor had wanted to be a writer from a young age, so he became a writer.

Being such a prolific author for the last 10 years had kept him very busy though, plus, he’d got his masters degree in English and American Literature, so that meant that he hadn’t really had much time for himself and his needs as an alpha. That was why he found himself looking for a ‘mail order bride’—the equivalent of a modern-day ‘sex slave’. These betas and omegas were voluntarily sold for services such as marriage and sex or for tasks such as housework. By law, they became the property of their new owner, and all their rights were handed over to their ‘master’. Sometimes these slaves found misfortune in a poor owner, but the majority of them were treated very well—often sold to rich alphas and spoilt.  It was a little old fashioned, but when was Victor ever going to find time to go out and find love with an omega when he was so busy all the time?

He’d just gotten back from a successful world book tour and he had nothing planned for the next 18 months aside from finishing his latest novel (which was mostly done) and writing the next three installments of his popular BL series. So, he figured that it was an excellent time to have a really serious think about what he wanted from a partner.

Well, Victor had always known he was gay. It was something that came naturally to him and he’d never had any conflict over this fact. He was already estranged from his family as they didn’t approve of him being a writer and living in New York instead of staying in Russia and taking over the family business, so he didn’t have to deal with any backlash from that. The more Victor thought about it, the more he decided that having an omega as a mate would be the right choice for him. Why have a beta when he could have someone who was designed to satisfy him?

After a little research, he discovered that he wasn’t very interested in a white, American omega. He would much prefer one who was Asian as that’s what he found himself admiring over and over as he flicked through the many websites. It wasn’t that he didn’t like American omegas, but he would much prefer someone who didn’t know who he was—and anyone within the USA or Europe was definitely not a choice… He was far too famous.

He had never really broken into the Japanese market outside of his BL novels, but he wrote under a pseudonym for them, so his identity was private. He very much doubted anyone would have heard of him so far away from home. So out of all the Asian countries he browsed, Japan became his top choice.

That was how Victor found himself on his private jet and making his way over to Japan where there was an omega auction being held for that weekend. Buying an omega from one of these auctions seemed like the fastest way to find a connection with someone. These omegas were hand-picked and were advertised as being the best of the best. Victor was sure that there would be someone there for him.


Life always found a way to surprise Katsuki Yuuri. When he had presented as an omega at 14, it had surprised his family and himself, since the rest of them were entirely comprised of betas. When he was 16 and his entire family died in a fire which burned down their onsen leaving Yuuri to fend for himself, well, it had more shocked than surprised him honestly. Either way, when Katsuki Yuuri had been asked at school what he wanted to be when he grew up, his answer never would have been ‘a virgin male omega whose only choice was to be sold to the highest bidder’. Not even close—Yuuri had wanted to be a dancer.

Yet, here he stood at 18. He was being shown off to many people in the live omega auction which took place in a shady part of Hokkaido. Many prospective buyers had inspected him, asked questions of him to the proprietor, and were generally letting off interested and aroused scents around him. Yuuri tried to maintain his composure instead of vomiting from nerves like he wanted to.

It wouldn’t be long now until he was owned completely by someone else. Whilst Yuuri was glad his finances and wellbeing would be taken care of - something he’d been struggling with for two years now - he was also anxious at the prospect of who his master would be. He hoped they were young at least and not one of the old, wrinkling alphas who watched him from afar.

“Time to start the bidding!” a man called out behind him and Yuuri gulped.

Here we go.

He locked eyes with an alpha who made his breath catch. He had beautiful silver hair and piercing sapphire eyes. A masterpiece of an alpha. He hadn’t seen him before when he was being examined, but he couldn’t look away now. Yuuri heard the values called and watched as the alpha raised his hand. Yuuri looked around nervously. The other alphas were leering at him, making him start to squirm uncomfortably, but that one alpha kept looking at him and it made Yuuri feel calmer. He silently begged him with his eyes for that alpha to buy him. He was everything the other alphas were not: young, attractive, and looking at Yuuri like he wanted to eat him alive instead of wanting to sadistically hurt him.

The value called higher and Yuuri was surprised at how high the number had climbed and for a second he panicked, wondering if the stranger would not go that high. Though Yuuri need not have worried as the silver-haired alpha raised his hand again and, before he could fully process what was happening, the alpha was smirking as the other man’s hands fell away. Yuuri had been sold to the higher bidder.

That man was Victor Nikiforov. He smirked again as he met the eyes of the omega behind the glass.

You’re mine, he mouthed with a smile.

Yuuri gulped.


Despite Yuuri's concerns, within hours of being purchased, he found himself on a private aeroplane and so far everything seemed to be going surprisingly well. Aside from the fact that he had never left the country before or been on a plane, so he was a little nervous. He was also alarmed to hear that his new owner was talking primarily in Russian and the omega realised that was where he would most likely be living.

Victor had boarded the young omega onto the plane as quickly as possible and with minimal talking. He didn't want to delay their journey home in any way. He had grabbed all the paperwork, signed everything he needed to that would let him legally take him out of the country. He realised that it wasn't until he was sat opposite the omega that he finally spoke to him.

“What's your name?” he asked in English. It had been one of his selling points that this omega spoke in English, but Victor was yet to hear it. He hoped he hadn't been ripped off. He should have checked really, but it wasn't a huge concern. He would teach him Russian anyway. However, having a mutual language would make things so much easier. The paperwork had all been in Japanese which he couldn't read so Victor was none the wiser to his first name, only that his surname was now legally Nikiforov.

Yuuri sighed in relief as he understood the question. He was so worried about his new owner as Yuuri didn't speak a word of Russian. At least we can talk to each other, he told himself as he fidgeted in his seat and stared down at his hands.

“Yuuri,” he finally muttered in a timid voice, his eyes finally flickering up to meet his new owner’s icy blue stare. That gaze should have felt cold given the colour, but if anything, Yuuri’s skin warmed from the feeling. He couldn’t look away. “What would you like me to call you?”

“My name is Victor Nikiforov. It is the name you have been given too. You may call me Vitya. It's nice to meet you Yuuri Nikiforov.” He smiled as he said it. Victor was so completely pleased with his purchase in every way. The omega was undeniably beautiful and he was already reacting so beautifully to him. He really hoped that they would be a good fit. He had seen him and immediately wanted him, there was something about him that just felt like the right choice.

“It’s nice to meet you too, Vit-ya,” Yuuri replied meekly, struggling a little with the foreign-sounding word on his tongue. He wondered if he would be able to pick up Russian easily or not. It was such a harsh language compared to Japanese and Yuuri struggled with his ‘r’s and ‘l’s in English enough as it was. “May I ask you a question, danna-sama?”

“Of course. I hope we'll be asking each other many questions to get to know each other.” He smiled.

“Where will I be living now?” Yuuri questioned with a slight tilt of his head. “I’ve never been outside of Japan before. Do you live in Russia?”

“We are on our way home now, you will be living with me. I live in New York. I've been living there for 10 years now. I left home at 18 too,” he divulged, hoping to show the omega that he understood what it was like to move to a strange country at his age.

“America?” Yuuri replied, a little puzzled. That had not been what he expected, but at least he already knew the spoken language there. “I’ve heard good things about New York. I’m sure it will be a nice experience.” He ducked his head into a bow. “Thank you, Vitya-sama .”

“Well, I hope so. I'm hoping we can be really happy together!” Victor replied with a heart-shaped smile. “I'm pretty excited. I've never had an omega before.”

Surprise sprung onto Yuuri’s previously blank face. “There will be no other omegas with us?” Yuuri was under the impression that a wealthy man like Victor would have a wide selection of omegas to choose from. Since he was young and handsome, Yuuri didn’t understand his need to buy an omega unless he wanted something specific like a virgin. The omega thought Victor had just been bored with his current collection and was looking for a tighter ass to fuck—clearly he was wrong.

“Why…” he trailed off, unable to bring the words to his lips.

“Why what?” Victor asked, a little baffled at Yuuri's response.

Yuuri gulped. “Why me?”

“Why not?” He shrugged. “You were the most beautiful boy there, clearly, and you seemed so sweet. I was looking for someone exactly like you. You're perfect. I would have been crazy to pick anyone else.”

Yuuri’s whole face heated. He ducked his head down, trying to hide it from Victor, but on their small and private plane, there was nowhere to hide. “T-thank you,” he stuttered out, not wanting to displease his new alpha by ignoring him.

Victor licked his lips at Yuuri's response. His blush was gorgeous.  “You're very pretty,” he complimented him, unable to look away. “Being perfectly honest, I don't know what to expect from our relationship, but I want you to know early on what I expect from you.”

Yuuri nodded. Expectations he understood; he’d been riddled with those all his life. “I will do my best to please you, alpha,” Yuuri stated evenly, puffing his chest out a little with confidence.

“I know we're strangers, but I want to get to know you. You belong to me. And I'd like to claim you in every way I can. That means I want you to try and I promise I'll try too. I want you to be happy. I want us to be happy together. So, I expect you to eventually let me claim you and I expect you to satisfy me in other ways that aren't just sexual.

“You will be my travel partner, my muse, my friend and in the future, the bearer of my children. I haven't brought you just to be my slave. I want you to be mine in every way that two people can. I'm sorry if that's not what you expected. But do you think you can do that, Yuuri? Can you try and love me? In exchange, I will take care of your every need, you will be cherished and spoilt; you will never go hungry and you'll never be lonely.”

If Yuuri had a tail then it would have been wagging. He couldn’t believe his luck. Not only was he being bought as a companion rather than a mere sex slave, but the rich, handsome alpha was hoping for romance… for love. Heart pounding, Yuuri nodded his head and flashed Victor a happy grin. “I’d be honoured to be yours, alpha. In every way.”


Once the plane touched down, Yuuri was thrown into a chaos of bright lights, crowds, and honking vehicles. Victor was at his side the entire time, placing a guiding and firm hand to the small of his back until they reached a beautiful, black sports car parked outside and waiting for them. Yuuri’s mouth dropped open when he saw Victor holding the passenger door open for him.

“This is your car?”

The alpha merely flashed him a predatory grin and gestures for him to get inside. Yuuri was not in a position to decline.

After a short ride from the airport, Yuuri found himself being driven up to a barrier buried in a skyscraper building in the heart of Manhattan. Victor flashed a smile to the member of staff behind the counter and the barrier was raised immediately.

Victor pulled up to a space marked with his surname and was soon manoeuvring Yuuri out of the car and into an elevator. He pulled a key card from his pocket and swiped it against the touch pad.

“A key for an elevator?” Yuuri queried, clearly puzzled.

“A key for the penthouse,” Victor replied with a wink.

Yuuri held his breath throughout the ride which was a lot longer than any elevator ride he’d ever been on. When the doors finally opened, Yuuri couldn’t contain his audible gasp.

Victor’s penthouse was enormous.

There were two floors at least that Yuuri could see. The first floor looked open-planned with a modern black and white kitchen on his left and a grey, minimalist living room on the right. There were a few wooden doors which he desperately wanted to open and explore, but he tried to hold back.

Eyes darted to and fro marking each new discovery with awe. There was a small upright piano—did Victor play? At the top of the stairs on the second floor, Yuuri saw an open door which led to a room filled with books and what looked like a computer. Was that a study? Did Victor work from home?

Mind racing, Yuuri took a step forward and his eyes settled on the most fantastic of all. The view. Across the room, there were huge windows which stretched from the floor to the ceiling and gave an incredible view of the New York City skyline. Yuuri could make out the Empire State Building in the distance. Would Victor take him? He’d always wanted to go.

His eager heart wouldn’t rest and so he finally turned to Victor to look for instruction, for guidance, with a mixture of shock, awe, and desperation in his eyes. If Victor hadn’t been so vulnerable with him on the plane, Yuuri might have worried, but he had a good feeling about Victor. Victor was going to take care of him.


For some reason, Victor felt slightly nervous as he started to show Yuuri around the penthouse—he wanted to impress him. This would be the omegas new home so he hoped that he would settle here, having him uncomfortable or unhappy was not an option for an alpha like Victor. He wanted to fully give into his alpha instincts for Yuuri, and that meant this being Yuuri's home and Victor taking care of all of Yuuri’s wants and needs.

He had prepared a bedroom in anticipation of an omega arriving, as he wasn't sure how comfortable his new omega would feel being claimed right away, so he led him up the stairs to show him inside. He thought it would be a good idea to have a private space for him, where he could relax if he needed downtime and to keep his possessions.

“Of course,” Victor was telling Yuuri, “I didn't know what you would like, so I tried to keep it a blank slate for you. Everything in here is new, but feel free to tell me if you don't like something and we can always change it for you.”

Victor pushed open the room and stepped aside, letting Yuuri see his new room for the first time. As explained, the decoration was minimal, the carpet new, the walls in a natural cream colour and empty of any artwork. But Victor had made the effort to get a few essentials he felt his new omega would need.

At the centre of the room was a brand new plush queen-sized bed with grey bedding and large silver cushions lined against the stunning headboard. There was a large wall mounted TV opposite it, a beautiful reading chair and lamp to the right. There was also a large desk which was piled with unopened electronics—Yuuri spied a laptop and a phone and other things that he did not understand.

Then to the left were two doors. The first door that was wide open showed off a large walk-in closet. The floor was lined with row after row of unopened bags and boxes which read designer names such as Gucci, Armani, Louboutin and many others. The room next to it was an ensuite bathroom with a large shower visible and a pretty sideboard with a huge mirror. Yuuri could see packets of unopened cosmetics and toiletries sitting on the side.

Victor turned to Yuuri, awaiting his reaction.

“This is…” the young omega began as his eyes swept over the grand bedroom. “This is too much, Vitya. I don’t need all of this!” He stepped forwards into the room and immediately approached the bed. He held the fabric of the thick, soft blanket draped over the end of it in his hand and rubbed it gently. This would make the very best nest, Yuuri mused with a small, innocent smile.

“Not at all,” Victor replied with a smile, taking in the look of happiness on Yuuri’s face and letting himself drown in the feeling it gave him. The omega was undoubtedly pleased, and he looked surprised and dazed as he looked around the room. The smile on Yuuri’s face was beautiful and Victor wanted to see it every day. “Of course you need these things,” he insisted. “I’ll also have a credit card arranged for you, that way you’ll never be without cash if you want something.”

That caused Yuuri to spin around and stare at the man behind him because clearly, Victor had gone insane. “You can’t be serious? You barely know me. How do you know I won’t just like… I don’t know… Buy a car or something?” Yuuri questioned, his eyes narrowing at the ridiculous man in front of him. “You should be more careful with your money!”

“Well, if you want a car I can get you one, no problem!” He smiled widely. “I’ll go find you one now!” Victor walked off leaving Yuuri gaping at him.

“No, no!” Yuuri cried as he chased the alpha. “Don’t do that!”