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Jericho is God

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Markus  has added North, Simon and Josh to the chat.

Markus has named the chat Jericho is God.

North: seems valid to me.

North: it's a pretty empty chat tho.

Markus: Don't worry, we'll convert more people.

North: c o n v e r t ?

North: tf is this? a cult?

Simon: many people seem to think so.

Josh: are we the KKK?

Josh: I'd prefer not.

North: isn't that ironic tho?

Simon: North, whatever comment you're gonna make, I'mma have to ask you to not.

Markus: Yeah, I'mma have to agree with Simon.

North: you always agree with Simon.

Markus: That's because Simon is the voice of reason.

Josh: and I'm not?

Markus: Josh, both of us are too pacifistic to do anything, North is too violent. Simon is the only one in the middle.

Josh: understandable.

North: being violent isn't bad.

Simon: To a certain extent.

North: hey, people got their freedom from violence.

Markus: You can blame England for that.

North: and Germany?

Markus: We don't talk about Germany.

Markus: German is a very violent language.

North: just my type.

Josh: that surprises no one.

North: let me listen to my music in peace 

Markus: no one's disrupting you.

North: yeah, yeah,

North: so

North: in my literature, my teacher was talking about gays and stuff, and this dude beside me goes

North: "the only person that's gayer than me is my brother, and I'm pretty fucking gay".

North: if that isn't a fucking mood, I don't know what is.

Simon: Coming out 2k19

Markus: seems pretty valid to me.

Josh: what did the teacher say?

North: he was like, "where's the surprise in that?"

North: that's true friendship right there.

Simon: who do you have for literature?

North: Fowler.

North: turns out he's also the law enforcement teacher.

Markus: Oh, I know him,

Markus: He asked me if I wanted to become a forensic sketch artist 

Simon:, that's be cool.

Josh: Sounds cooler than becoming a politician 

Markus: I never said I wanted to be a politician 

North: oh, I'mma get his number.

Markus: Who's?

North: the gay brothers.

Simon: North doesn't know their names.

North: brb, gotta ask him.

North: Not hard to find, he's tall as hell.

Simon: taller than Markus?

North: taller than Markus.

Markus: Wow, I feel short.

Simon: ???¿?

Simon: how do you think??

Simon: I feel??

North  has added Conan to Jericho is God.

North: welcome fellow gay.

Conan: You're standing right in front of me, is there a need to text?

North: Yes.

North: obviously I'm west.

North: Markus is RoboJesus.

North: Simon is Fred Jones.

North: and Josh is the pacifist.

Markus: I'm a pacifist.

North: you'll punch someone if needed to.

Markus: okay? You would too?

North: exactly 

Conan: It's nice to meet you three.

Simon: c:

North: wheres your gay brother?

Conan: That I'm unsure of.

Conan: I lost him.

North: wat.

Josh: you lost your brother??

Conan: Connor always runs off into something.

Conan: He's the trouble child.

Conan: Even though he's slightly older than me.

North: Sounds fun.

Conan: Not when you have to help him when he gets shot.

Simon: I'm very concerned.

Conan: Detectives runs in the family 

Markus: You and Connor are going to be detectives?

Conan: Yes.

Conan: It was Connor's dream when he was younger, I simply followed to keep him from getting himself killed.

North: True love right there.

Conan: I'll probably bump into him in a bit.

Conan: if not, look for someone who looks like me but more like a puppy.

North: Very interested 

North: Find Connor!

Markus: I don't have class today tho.


Josh: no classes 

North: F I N D

North: C O N N O R

Conan: Found him.

North: mission accomplished. 

Conan: I must warn you though, people seem to get too caught up in his appearance.


Simon: wait what?

North: Conan, who's the attractive one?

Conan: From a lot of people's opinion, Connor is.

North: I mean, you look like you could snap someone in half.

North: not to mention your eyes are like, steel blue.

Conan: Connor perhaps, is more.. "terrifying" than me.

North: oh god.

Markus: confusion.

North: I'm adding him.

Conan: Another warning.

Conan: My brother is..

Conan: Shy, and a hermit as most could call him.

Conan: and timid.

North: he's a sweetheart.

Conan: Right.

North  has added Connor to Jericho is God.

North has set Connor's name to hot detective.

hot detective: Oh.

North: it's your new name, cherish it.

hot detective: Alright.

North: Connor, lemme introduce you to our Lord and savior, Markus.

Markus: Hey.

North: The heart of Jericho, Simon.

Simon: Hi hi, welcome to Jericho!

North: and Josh.

Josh: oh, so they get nice titles, while I'm just Josh.

North: yes.

hot detective: Lmao.

North: people, this is hot detective Connor.

hot detective: still unsure about the name.

North: and his scary brother Conan.

Conan: Hello 

hot detective: scary as a dog.

Conan: that's you.

hot detective: shush.

North has set her name to weast.

weast has set Markus's name to lord and savior.

weast has set Simon's name to heart of jericho.

weast has set Josh's name to just Josh.

hot detective has set Conan's name to bench.

bench: Brother, I must ask why.

hot detective: I mean, you let a lot of people sit on you-

bench: .


lord and savior: damn.

just Josh: I wasn't expecting that.

hot detective: I feel threatened.

bench: I have nothing discriminating to say back.

weast: damn, I wanted to see if hot detective is actually hot.

bench: He's an interesting person. Very eccentric.

hot detective: Yeah,

hot detective: but that's a story for another time.

weast: damn.