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Sero Hanta One-shots

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(Fair warning most parts of these are kind of like a rush job)

Sero Hanta is one of the many overlooked characters in Boku No Hero Academia.

Judging by the many times he captured Katsuki from thin air, and how he had used his tape against Shouto in the Sports Festival(even though he lost) he has mobility over his quirk.

It’s also a fact that he has parkour skills that made him get ahead of Izuku during that one training scene during the internship arc, you know, when Izuku just got control over his quirk? He fucking won with his parkour skills I’m pretty fucking sure.

He has a lot of potential but people are overlooking him. There are a lot more things I could talk about, like how he is a total mystery and how his face is probably stuck in a smile.

And I can also talk about how he was probably bullied because of his elbows and plain face judging by exactly how people made fun of Tsuyu for her frog like features. It’s not just the quirkless who get discriminated against in this show.

Anyways, I’m basically hella mad that the Sero Hanta tag isn’t filled enough so here is a compiled one-shots.

It gets better as you read on. Hopefully.

If it’s not a good read I hope it at least inspires you to write more about him??? I am obsessed right now.
He wants to do so many things. He knows he is capable of doing so many things.

But he also knows that whatever he does, people won’t see what he had done. They won’t even look in its direction. They will look at HIM instead, see his plain face, his bulky elbows, his quirk, and will spit right at his face.

Nothing he does is worth anything society basically says.

So he doesn’t try hard.

He is too tired, too lazy to do anything else but smile.

To feel hurt about the words the other kids throw at him.

To do anything about the stinging feeling that envelops his entire being when an old childhood friend joins in on the jeer.

To bother telling anything about his day to his parents.

He just wants the time he spends in this world to end already, and he can’t do that to himself because he knows that that would give bad ideas to his little siblings, Hana and Ai.


Except, one day, he sees another get bullied and stops right in his tracks.

It was one of his old childhood friends. A boy who shared many secrets with him, and Hanta, for whatever reasons hadn’t spilled those secrets to anyone.

Despite the fact that the other kid had basically betrayed him by joining the other bullies, something in Hanta made him move in a way he hadn’t done in a long while.

He did his best in gymnastics. He ran a lot of errands. He sometimes monkeyed around with his quirk too.

This time Hanta, before the kid could be on the receiving end of the bat one of the bullies had transformed his arm into, snagged the kid right the fuck out of there from his waist with his quirk and pulled him away.


“RUN!!!” He immediately ripped his tape away from his elbow, grabbed the others hand and dragged him out of there, running as far as possible.

The shock made their chasers falter before they chased after them.

Hanta knew the neighborhood like the back of his hand, he managed to make sure they both lost them.

“Why did you help me-?”

“Don’t know, but it doesn’t matter. They’re so going to kill me after this.”

They were leaning against an alley wall catching their breaths, before Hanta stood up and began to leave.

“Where are you going?”

“You know your way back home right?”

“…Is this the shit you’re gonna pull? Seriously? You don’t get to act-“

“Well fuck, you’ve got something to say to me? I’m still holding onto all of those secrets you know, even though you didn’t hold onto mine.”

“I-I was threatened-“

“Oh, so you continuing to playing along with them was because you were threatened too? Did they found out any of your secrets?”


“Whatever they threatened you with, I don’t care. Don’t think you’re special just because I saved you, I would have done that for whoever was stuck in that position at that moment.”

He continued walking away from the other.

He wasn’t stopped again.


“What are you doing here?”

“You work here?”

“Answering a question with a question?”

“Listen, Sero, I just need to tell you something.”

“Are you going to order anything?”

“Sero please.”


“We don’t have to be friends, I’m too much of a shit to be a friend to anybody. I know better than that.”


“I just, I just need to tell this one thing. I’m not trying to make anything right with you, but out of anyone in our school you deserve to be a hero.”

Hanta’s fake smile disappeared from his face, his lips pressed into a thin line.

“If you’re not going to order anything I’m going to have to ask for you to leave.”


As Sero Hanta sewed back a tear that one of his siblings had made on their shirt he realized what he was about to do.

It was stupid.

It was ridiculous.

But he was going to try for U.A.






(Hanta had managed to do as much as he could with his tapes and parkour skills, gaining several rescue points and tripping over robots.)

Holy shit he made it.

His father, a man that is usually too busy in the hospital to even give a direct call, and his mother, who would mostly spend her time as a seamstress stayed at home that day, waiting for the acceptance letter to come in anticipation along with his younger twin sisters Hana and Ai. Akihito, since he was just a baby, slept soundlessly in the hammock Hanta had made from his tape, having taken to it more than the crib recently.

The letter came, he opened it with dread and fear, his parents looking supportive as much as possible.

His father hollered.

He fucking made it.

Had he ever mentioned that U.A was crazy? Because it was.

The teacher was evil. But he liked the others there. He liked how Eijiro was supportive. He liked how Denki and Mina made a fun duo. And getting Katsuki mad made something ugly within him sing in glee.

He grows closer to them as events transpire.

And then he realizes something when Denki smiles in his direction one time with the goofiest smile there is to exist.

He was in deep shit.


Why was Mineta Minoru in the heroics department?


Sports Festival was all fine and dandy, since he was able to show off his quirk more than once, and win by giving it his

But then came his match against Shouto.

Hanta could feel his pride sting as Shouto thaws him out of the ice.

He can’t handle the cold as much as he used to.

He could tell that there was something going on. Something deeply personal.

But he didn’t want to be apologized.

He didn’t wanted to be yelled it was okay.

His pride hurt like hell.

Personal issues or not, he lost fair and square but so many things felt unfair.


Academic wise he is doing good.

But he still has so, so much further to go until he catches up with any one of them.


Sero Hanta hates being the responsible one. He is supposed to be that laid back uncle that says 'go wild kids i don't care'.

It means he has to be the one not drunk at a party.

“It pisses me off how gorgeous you are. Like, seriously, what the fuck Hanta.”

He stuttered, feeling his ears and face burn as Denki slurred those words…

No, he was drunk. Don’t take it seriously Hanta.

“I think you had too much-“

“NO! No! Don’t stop me from telling the truth to the public!” Denki said, suddenly determined, making himself stand up and yelling before Hanta can stop him.


Much to his horror and embarrassment, several other people at the party, Eijirou, Katsuki and Mina included, raised their cups and shouted an ‘AMEN!’


He didn’t like how ugly feelings kept rising up in his chest whenever he saw him flirting with the other girls. He can’t focus on his emotional bullshit when he should be focused on becoming a hero.

Sero Hanta didn’t have any right to feel these sort of things for his best friend.


He hadn’t meant to make any sound escape out of his mouth. He hadn’t meant for his sobbing to be heard through his pillow.

It was just one of those nights. Bad thoughts. He thought he had conditioned himself to silent crying a long time ago.

But no, he had letted out a sound, and now he can hear someone knocking on his door, fuck.

“Sero?” A soft voice spoke. Shouto.

It took a long while before he managed to get himself upright, because he knew that silence would only make the other boy wait outside his door all night waiting for him out of sheer unsureness. It wouldn’t be fair.

He made sure to cover himself with his blanket, creating a hood out of it to cover his head, so his eyes wouldn’t be seen when he opened the door.

He opened the door to see the elemental quirk user looking at him with concerned eyes.

“Sup?” He said, trying his best to make his voice sound sleepy. Judging by how the eyes had become hardened with determination and fierce care he was a terrible actor.

“Can I come in?”

He exhaled, then shakily moved away from the door to let him in, averting eyes the whole time as he sat back down on his own bed, making sure his makeshift hoodie kept his face hidden.

Hanta and Shouto had a friendly relationship between them ever since he had came up to him and had admitted he felt guilty about the sports festival event.

It was usually Hanta who would go and help him out until Izuku managed to come over. Izuku was much closer to him and knew more than Hanta did after all, even if he could take a guess as to what the problem is he knew better than to breach sensitive issues without reaching a certain level of friendship.

Now, it’s the reverse. He isn’t sure what to do with this situation actually.

It’s usually never the reverse with any of the friends he had up until now, if he excluded the Bakusquad. But even then, it was easier to go with the flow. The Bakusquad was made up of an empathic bunch, and the level of friendship he had with them allowed them to immediately know what to do and what not to do.

He’s inexperienced at receiving basically.

“You would probably be more comfortable with Kaminari, or Kirishima…but I would like to let you know I am willing to be a listening ear, like you did for me.”

There was silence for a moment before it was broken by Hanta.

“Can you… just sit down with me?” He hated how his voice came out quivery as he asked.

He felt the other sit down beside him, shoulder pressed up against his. He wasted no time burying his face into the others left shoulder.

They ended up sleeping until Izuku gently woke them up, not before sending pics to the group chat of course, much to the tape boy’s chagrin.


He wiped away the sweat from his brow as he focused on patching the bleeding wound that was slashed across Denki’s chest with his gauze tape, while the villain that caused said wound had been knocked out by himself.

It was scary to think that if he was any later Denki might have died. Might have get torn apart.

It was scary to think that Denki had to maximum electrocute the villain because he was getting better at using his quirk more efficiently and hadn’t had to instantly stupefy himself for a while now.

He was grateful that Kamui Woods letted him go after the other when he felt that something was wrong.

They were within the area with the other heroes. This wasn't a just one small time villain that could be scoffed at, it was multiple villains working together, so it required more than one pro hero on the job to do the tricks.

He felt grateful for the helmet that covered his face, hiding whatever his bleak feelings at that moment might have morphed his face into.


“Have you guys ever been to Sweden?”

They were lounging within the common room, Sero Hanta, Tokoyami Fumikage and Shinsou Hitoshi. Every night, there was at least one student that couldn’t sleep, and would go down to get tea. This night it happened to be the three of them.

Hitoshi was a new member in their class, ever since he-who-should-not-be-spoken-of got kicked out, a new position was opened, and Aizawl-Sensei immediately transferred Shinshou Hitoshi into class.

Hanta hadn’t interacted with him much. His first thought of him when they, as a class, first met him, was that ‘Looks like an Earlyroki.’

It was hilarious how when he said he wasn’t here to make friends, Aizawa-sensei looked long-suffering and amused. He could guess exactly what was going through his head in that moment.

Izuku wasted no time in making Hitoshi his friend, along with Iida and Uraraka. Koda and Fumikage wasn’t far behind on that list of friendly relationships.

Still, they don’t know each other that much, and the awkward tension could be felt around three of them.

He didn’t want to make anyone leave, and he didn’t want to make the effort of going back upstairs knowing that there wasn’t much to do in his own room. So there. ‘Have you guys ever been to Sweden?’

Fumikage answered a moment after the question was asked.

“I’ve heard somethings about it, seen a few photos, never really been there though.”

“I used to have this Swedish guy as my classmate, back in middle school. Don’t know much about it though.” Hitoshi said, taking a sip from his tea.

“Then I suppose you haven’t heard of their nightly tradition either?” Hanta said, a grin spreading across his face. Yep, so far so good.

Both of the other occupants of the area sent an inquiring look towards him, from the respective places they were sitting in. Fumikage had put the phone he was browsing through down, making the kitchen light the only source of light. Good.

“I was back in grade school, it was the first and last time I ever went somewhere with my family before things got busy again. My dad kept looking excited, telling us how much we’re going to love the place, while not telling us why we would, saying it was a surprise. I only managed to learn small bits of Swedish before the plane finally landed.” He took a sip of his tea, effectively pausing to see if his story was getting boring. “It was a pretty cool place, a lot of clear water, the day was comfortably warm, basically an ideal vacation spot. The hotel we booked was pretty cool too, but those weren’t the things dad was excited about, it wasn’t until midnight the rest of us figured out why.”

“He told us to come to the room with the biggest windows in the middle of the night, dramatically stood in front of all 5 of us-"

"Wait five- how many siblings do you have?" Hitoshi interrupted looking confused, his expression staying the same except that one of his eyebrows slightly raise.

"I'm the older brother of three. Now can I get back to the story? I was getting to the least uninteresting part of it."

"I thought hearing about how Sweden is was interesting." Fumikage said quietly, sipping his own beverage.

Hanta felt his cheeks tinge slightly, as he grinned wider. "Thanks Tokoyami."

"Okay, back to the story-you can ask questions later- so my dad dramatically stood in front of all five of us, said 'You are about to witness the one important thing mankind ever invented-yeah you guys would get along with him- then opened the window and screamed.'"

"For a moment we were terrified, my mom looked angry, and I felt mutual too because, 'you're going to wake up all the neighbors', then suddenly, voices started screaming back at him, hundreds of city lights opening."

"It was both amazing and terrifying, because hundreds of voices screaming together makes a really eerie sound, like ghosts screaming, by the end of it we can hear a laughter from hundreds of people echoing throughout the night, my dad was facing us a shit eating grin plastered on his face, and explained to us how screaming into the void was a tradition in Sweden.”

Silence soon followed, before it was broken by Hitoshi.

“We should really plan a school trip to Sweden sometimes.”

Hanta let out a ‘pfff’ sound.

“What? I’m pretty sure half of the school wants to scream their feelings into the void.”

“I am inclined to agree. That might actually beneficial to all of us. Maybe Bakugou will be less angry.”

“Ha, nah. He’s too angry for that.”

“Okay okay being serious for a moment here you’re really a good story teller.”

A flash of two young faces, looking up at him with identical smiles and excitedly asking him questions with their pair of dark brown eyes twinkling in excitement.

“…Thanks, I try my best.”


Fuck it. This can’t go on.

He had almost lost him. This is how hero work goes.

He will get rejected. And he will move on.

He has to do this.

Hanta took in deep breaths steeling himself for what he was about to do.

“Dunce face left earlier if you’re looking for him.”


“It me.”

“YOU- Did you just memed at me?”

“No one will fucking believe you.”

“You monster. You scared the crap out of me.”

“Not my fucking fault you aren’t fucking aware of your surroundings.”

Hanta tried to regain control over his breath, his hand still clutching the area where his heart is as Katsuki got closer to him.

“Are you fucking finally gonna fucking confess?”

“H-ha yeah…” the awful heavy feeling returned to his gut again.

“Why the fucking decision?”

“Um, well, it’s just, I keep remembering how he almost died and- I don’t think I want him to die without at least knowing, even if he rejects me… And if I die on the field, I don’t want him to find out later on from somebody else…”

“…Glad you decided to do something about it. If it goes to shit go into the fucking kitchen.” And there he goes.



As he had predicted, he was rejected.

But, while it still hurt, it felt relieving to get that out of the way.

Him and Denki were still friends at least, though Denki had kindly asked him if he would like some space and Hanta had agreed.

This was fine. He just needs to get over it now.

He didn’t really realize it was raining until he felt a coat drop over him.

“Sero-kun!!! Why are you just standing right outside the dorms in the middle of the rain?!? Are you okay-“

Ah, right, he remembered Denki concernedly asking him if he could help him back to the dorms from the neighborhood the shop they were going to was residing in. He wanted to be alone at that moment.

He attempted a smile as Izuku frantically hovered over him.

Instead of comforting the other, it seemed to have made Izuku's features soften into something....gentle. Kind. And sad.

"Sero-kun don't do that." The tone was only slight reprimanding as the other held his hand and pulled him inside.

He only vaguely registered he was being pulled inside at all.


"I-I don't know why I'm this way about it, I mean, it could have definitely gone worse."

"Well, how did he react?"

"He was, nice about it. He explained to me that he was straight, which is something he can't help. He told me that any guy w-would be an idiot not to- bigger fish in the sea and all that-"

"You don't have to say anything. You know that, right?"

"No, I'm just, I don't want anyone to start treating him badly just because- we're still friends, he even asked me if one of the others could take a ride with me-"

"Soy sauce, we know Dunce face well enough to not be shit heads to him."

"But I won't hesitate bitch if he did hurt you on purpose in anyway."

"What Mina said."


Maybe it was just him, but being with friends, having comfort food and watching bad movies was a great time to spend after a rejection.


As promised, Denki did his best to avoid him for a week with the rest of the Bakusquad's help, letting him sort out his own messed up feelings.

In the future, he wouldn't get time like this, he knew. Hero work would be harsh and take up all his time.

Honestly, feelings like these... he can't let them influence his the decisions he makes.

During those two days he thought very carefully about how he feels about Denki.

He thought about how he feels for him as a friend, and how he would have felt for him if they had been lovers.

He thought about how he feels for his friends.

And finally, during a villain attack, he comes to a conclusion.

"HEY, DENKI?" He calls out as the booming sound echoes.

"YEAH??" The other asks, holding an injured arm close to his side.


"IF YA SURE BRO!!!!" There was something refreshing about how the smile Denki sends his way doesn't make his chest hurt.

'Wow didn't you get over quickly?'

Later on Denki tearfully explains how he was scared he was going to lose his friendship with him just because he had rejected him.

Probably because they hadn't seen each other for a week, Hanta hadn't realized up until then how Denki had eyebags that could rival Hitoshi's, how he looked anxious almost over everything, how he probably had to take time for himself as well and had to question wether or not he might have agreed to dating with him despite not feeling the same way or not being into guys.

So Hanta was glad to have his friend back again.


"Bro, check this out."

"Wicked bro."

"Think we can do it with your tape bro?"

"We should get Roki in on it."

"Fuck yes."

Later on Rikido and Katsuki will yell at them both for attempting to make a tape knife out of Hanta's tape, using Roki's fire to melt it, thus destroying the kitchen.

But the relief was visible throughout the whole dorm and class.

The duo were back together as a duo again and class 1-A preferred their memers happy and safe.


When Eijiro had nervously walked towards him he immediately knew what he was going to be asked.

They were lounging in the common room, his hand ruffling Denki's hair as the blonde shows him pictures and blabbers on and on about how a banana and pineapple pizza would go.

"Um, hey guys? Can I.... talk to you two about something?"

Denki looked up at him curiously while Hanta looked at him pointedly.

"Ask away."

"It-uh-it might be a bit personal..."

"Knowing for sure is always better than any other alternative."

Denki let out a confused noise, while Eijiro squeezed his eyes shut in a resigned expression.

"...this is going to hurt isn't it."

"You never know until you actually do it."

Denki finally seemed to realize something.

"Oh dude, good luck."

Eijiro thanked them before going downstairs, where they know it will lead to the courtyard, where they know Katsuki will be training.

"We should ask Satou to make more cake."

"Think it won't work out?"

"Nah man, it's gonna be a celebration cake."

True to Hanta's predictions, they ended celebrating the beginning of a new couple that day.

Eijiro was grinning ear to ear, Katsuki was looking serious as ever, though his cheeks were tinted pink and he was holding the red haired boys hand.

Most importantly, Mina collected a lot of bet money that day.


It was when Hitoshi flopped himself on his bed with a groan that he realized he had gained a certain occupation in the dorm, that Tenya or Momo would probably be more suitable for.

“I can’t get him out of my head.”


“He fucking mushed his tail to my face, and then told me I looked sad.”

“Oh shit.”

“Yes. Fuck. Sero, I’m done for. I wanted to die, but not this way.”

Really, why were people relying on him on relationship advices.

At least it was cute watching them grow.

“And I think I developed a crush on invisible girl too F U C K!!!”


“Wow. Two people at the same time huh?”

“And I’m pretty damn sure they’re going to marry each other one day.”

“Have you tried talking with them normally instead of being a mess?”

“Sero, Sero, who are you talking to, huh? Me bitch.”

Hanta sighed.

Before an idea came to his mind.

“You know, when I was pining for Denki, and figured out how straight he was for Ibara, I went to this quiet place, it’ll probably work out for you too. You should try it out this weekend, they only open on Saturday.”

He handed over the address for a Cat Cafe.


Hanta discovered the technique of passive aggressively sipping tea.

Ojiro kept babbling.

“I was such an asshole to him about the Sports Festival it’s probably why he won’t meet my eyes.”

“Is that so?”

“And Hagakure has friend zoned me, they’re probably going to marry each other.”

Hanta, if not for the laws of being civil, would have pour the tea down the other boys face. He was very tempted.

“Hey, I know this place you can visit on Saturday, worked wonders for me-“


“Hullo Seroooo~”

“You already know they love you and each other and you love them both back.”


“Saturday. Cat Cafe. Open from 09:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m.”



Sero Hanta raised his mug in a bored manner as that Saturday evening all three of them walked in, hand in hand, happy, but also slightly annoyed.

“You planned this.” Ojiro said in accusatory tone.

“Did I?”

“I can’t believe you pulled an Aizawa-sensei on us.” Hitoshi said.

Hagakure suddenly clapped her hands together.

“Right! Sero is like Aizawl-Sensei! But friendlier!”

Sero Hanta, with a shit eating grin on his face, spoke the next few words just as Shouto walked into the room.

“It was just a logical ruse.”


“Izuku, do you know who is more likely to be Aizawa-sensei’s love child?”

Izuku pinched his expression, feeling very tired suddenly as he lowered his textbook.

“Not this again Shouto.”

“Izuku. Please.”

He always does this. First Izuku, then Hitoshi, now some other poor unfortunate soul.

“I thought you were focused on Hitoshi.”

“I have a theory as to how they and Hitoshi might be really distant cousins but thats for later.”

“For fucks sake Shouto-“

“Come one Izuku, ask me.”

He took in deep steady breaths, before bracing himself for what’s about to come next.

“Who is more likely to be our teachers love child?”

“Sero Hanta.”

Izuku giggled in surprise, his annoyance sliding away momentarily.

“Hanta?!” They’ve both taken to referring to him in that way in their heads.

They haven’t delved too much into what the significance of the way they refer to him might mean, less they jump to wrong conclusions.

“You know what I can see it, it’s his smile isn’t it?”

“I knew you would come around Izuku.”



Sero Hanta knew that at some point Shouto and Izuku had started dating. He considered himself the second love guru next to Mina of class 1-A at this point.

Sero Hanta can count all the yet to be couples that he knew is bound to happen sooner or later. He saw how Jirou Kyouka and Momo look at each other, he saw how Iida Tenya and Hatsume Mei interact, he saw how Ochako and Tsuyu were getting closer and closer everyday, he even knew Fumikage and Mezou have probably started dating by now. Sato and Koda were the purest and most platonic beings there were. Hanta adored their relationship.

Mina's pining after Kendou as far as he was concerned, and well, he's interacted with class 1-B a bit more than the others had, but he knew that Kendou would be right for her.

And, after the first poly group had emerged in the form of Hitoshi, Ojiro and Hagakure, there were quite a few things he had started to consider about them.

But he didn't voice his opinions on that matter, and hadn't actually felt anything about it.

Sure, there was the inkling feeling of something beginning at the back of his mind.

He sometimes noticed how whenever Izuku carried him bridal style he seemed to hold on for a moment more than necessary, and he noticed how he felt so invited to stay in those strong arms, but he didn't say anything and, perhaps because of some sort of imprint left from past crushes before and with Denki, his mind automatically ignored whatever feelings bubbled up within himself.

They didn't exactly spent that much time training together, though Hanta began using the gym more often, and sparring more often with Ojiro as well. The way they can use their quirks during fights was different, for one.

Hanta had to be flexible and quick. He was made more for defense, capture, or support, while Izuku and Shouto were practically power houses that can mercilessly crush others.

Within field work, they're more likely able to take care of situations all by themselves efficiently enough. If they were to need him, it would probably be more for scouting out an area.

They didn't need him, and he needs to stop fantasizing.