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For Want of Love

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Paul was on his knees, legs spread wide, naked with his eyes downcast. He was focused on Rick’s every word.

“Tell me what’s on your mind, Paul,” Rick encouraged as he sat on the couch above him. “Tomorrow is your big day and Aaron will be here to take ownership of you. Tell me what you are most concerned about.”

Paul breathed in as if he was going to respond but then didn’t.

“It’s okay, here and now, Paul, for you to ask all the questions you want.”

“It’s stupid,” he whispered.

“No such thing, Paul. Speak,” Rick commanded.

“When I’m naked in winter, I’m afraid I’ll be cold,” the slave said quietly.

Rick sat back down in front of him. “You’ll be okay,” he answered confidently. “You’ve been kneeling for my lesson for over two hours now without moving. Do your knees hurt?”

“A little, Sir.”

“But you haven’t moved a muscle or asked for mercy?”

“No, sir. I don’t want to disappoint my owner so I’m focused on working through the discomfort.”

“Excellent, Paul. And you’ll work your way through the discomfort of cold, yes?”

“Yes, Sir,” Paul responded.

Rick stood again and sighed. “Paul, it’s been a month. You know everything there is to know about being a good slave. You’re everything that Aaron has requested me to make you. You should be proud today, not nervous.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Stand, Paul,” Rick commanded and the new slave obeyed quickly.“Sit at the table,” Rick continued and Paul hesitated.

“I’m sorry, Sir?”

“Starting tomorrow you will never be able to sit in a chair again. Sit in the chair, Paul. One last time while we talk as equals so you feel more comfortable asking your questions.” Both men sat down on the wooden kitchen chairs.

“I’m afraid he’ll grow tired of me,” Paul confessed as he sat awkwardly on the kitchen chair.

“It’s an understandable concern. But that’s why I taught you so many submissive positions, so many techniques for taking his cock, how to cook his favorite foods…everything we’ve learned these past few weeks has been designed to keep you and Aaron together for the long haul. He’s spent a lot of money on you and even more on your training. Don’t worry. You are wanted, Paul.”

Paul nodded and Rick could tell he was uncomfortable sitting in a normal chair. His slave training had really taken well.

“Are you uncomfortable?” Rick asked.

“Yes. I don’t belong on this chair, Sir.”

“Would you be more comfortable back on your knees?”

“Yes, Sir. Please.”

“You may kneel,” Rick commanaded. “Your final training will be about sharing. How do you feel about being used by two men at a time?”

“Well, we haven’t practiced any of that,” Paul said honestly.

“Tonight we will. I’m not going to let you go unprepared, Sweetheart. I promised I’d make you a perfect slave and I will.”

“Thank you Mast… I mean Sir.”

Rick smiled. So often the young men that came in for training grew fond of him and began to think of him as their Master. It was actually rather common. They all got over him, though. After all, Slave Trainers, Inc. was just business.

“I need to review all Aaron’s notes and requirements before we have our final evening of training.” Rick reached down with one hand to stroke Paul’s flawless hair, feeding him a reward cookie with the other. The cookie was made from carrots so the treat also doubled as proper care of a slave. There were responsibilities to slave ownership and for that Rick was grateful. He knew slave owners could take certain liberties, but it was against the law to malnourish slaves. One of the main reasons men and women allowed themselves to be sold is because they were homeless and starved. Entering into slavery meant having a home and not being hungry.

“Why don’t you go outside for a while and get some sunlight? Being out in the open air with nothing but your cock cage will be good for you. Aaron has a large yard for you and he’ll be requesting that you maintain it and spend time there when he needs to leave the house. I fear he’s worried about house training but he’ll see soon enough that you have strong control. He’ll quickly find out what a good boy you are.”

“Yes, Sir,” Paul answered and he moved on his hands and knees towards the dog door leading to the back yard.

Rick sat and looked again at his notes:

Name: Paul Rovia
Will respond to: Slave, Paul
Primary Role: Pleasure and House slave
Owner: Aaron Raleigh
Reason for purchase: Death of Spouse (Eric Raleigh). Purchased as Companion Slave
Slave Registration Number: 091620101819
Contractual Lesson Agreements through Slave Trainers, Inc..
Will eat and drink from bowls served on the floor
Snacks will consist only of Vejji Brand Veggie Cookies
Meals will be:
Breakfast- Cereal (Vejji Brand)
Lunch- Stew (Slave’s Choice Brand)
Dinner- Leftovers from the meal slave will cook for Owner
Slave will eat from bowl on floor or be hand-fed. Will never use utensils.
Slave will sleep in dog bed next to Master’s Bed
Will be allowed on bed for sexual needs only
Will occasionally be required to sleep on the bed for cock warming needs only.
Cleaning house
Yard work
Cooking meals
Providing sexual services
Slave will not have access to indoor restroom and must use the back yard so as to be reminded of his place
At Rest: on knees, legs spread, hands behind the back
Sleep: Face down, naked
Special Requests
Able to provide sexual services to owner as well as guests
Daytime: will be left in the yard. Must be used to various climates while nude (Small dog house will be supplied)
Will be kept in a cock cage without complaint.
Will bathe himself daily with hose in yard (No indoor bathroom privileges)
Will be trained anally so that penetration will milk him
Only allowable words are: Yes, no, please, thank-you, Master, sorry
Not to speak unless spoken to
Never to interrupt

Agreement as of this day, the 17th of June 2018 with training to take place from the 17th of June, through the 17th of July. Property will be picked back up on the 18th of July.

Client: Aaron Raleigh
Slave Trainers, Inc.: Rick Grimes
Date: June 17, 2018

Rick checked off items as he went. The only thing left to learn was to be used by strangers--always a tough feat--and Rick usually left it until the end. He’d already used Paul himself on more than enough occasions and had succeeded in getting the slave to dribble come with his cage on. Again, Rick was relieved to know that owners had responsibilities, too, and keeping slaves properly milked was the law.

He sighed and put his notes back into his desk drawer, then picked up his phone and dialed his assistant trainer.

“Yeah,” the redhead answered on the second ring.

“Hey big guy. It’s Rick.”

“Hey there. You got an order for me?”

“I do. Got a last day here that needs to learn how to be shared. Can I get you to come over and fuck him a couple times? Get him used to unfamiliar hands?”

“You know it, brother. Can be there by six, will that work?” Abe asked.

“Sounds good.”

“Any special requests?”

“We’ll just want to run him through some training to service two at a time per his contract.”

“You know I’ll always take your jobs, Rick,” Abe said. “You treat these poor fuckers good. Way I see it, could have just been bad luck that ran them into the ground, made them poor, homeless. It’s better than the old days when they were left to fend for themselves on the streets with no other options. Treated like the wrong end of a dog and left to die without a pot to piss in. The slave business is a good option for those that want it. Just don’t like to see it too abused.”

“Same here, brother, I did a thorough interview with Aaron. He seems like a decent guy. Still grieving his husband and I think he bought Paul just for company,” Rick explained.

Two hours later, after calling Paul in from outside, Rick bathed him and brushed out his hair. Paul would be expected to take care of his own basic grooming needs once Aaron picked him up, but Rick liked to spoil his outgoing slaves a bit on their final day.

“You have permission to speak,” Rick said as he brushed Paul’s long thick hair. “What’s on your mind?”

“I hope I do a good job, Sir,” Paul said submissively.

“You will, sweet boy. You’re trained and obedient and you know how to control yourself. Now, you remember the rules. Aaron will want to offer your sexual services to company. But you will not be allowed to come from the use. You will be kept in your cock cage and you will be expected to perform anything that is requested of you.”

“I understand, Sir. I thought a lot about it during my time in the yard. And I know I can be good. I’ll make you proud, Sir”

“I’ve no doubt you will,” Rick cooed.