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Give it till I beg (give me some more)

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Yoongi is one-hundred percent sure he's going to die. He's so soft, soft and burning on the inside like he's melting, except for the space between his legs. He's pretty sure that if Jimin touches his cock, even once, he's going to cum so hard, he'll pass out. Maybe explode. Jimin’s blunt nails scratch down the trail of hair on Yoongi’s stomach, but even that fails to take the edge off, and Yoongi sucks in a sharp breath. He can still feel the butt plug inside him, thick and hot, keeping him open. It's painful more than anything.


"Jiminie, please," Yoongi whispers when the nails stop scratching, and it takes too much effort to even utter those words.


"Please, what? What do you want, angel?"


"I-I want to cum." Yoongi isn't sure how long it's been, or how many times Jimin has gotten him that close and then pulls the vibe away right before Yoongi could cross that edge and cum. Jimin’s incredibly hard under his sight, and Yoongi knows he's got to be close, so he hopes that this time, Jimin's going to yield. "Are you gonna let me c-cum?"


“Want to stretch you with your pretty plug first.” Jimin leans in to lick where he'd just had the toy, presses it gently onto Yoongi’s hole next to his tongue. “Are you fine with that, angel?”


Yoongi hums deeply against whatever he's got his face pressed into now, and Jimin takes that as a sign to go ahead.




He's careful when he pushes the plug in, watches Yoongi’s hole try to grasp at the shiny metal, careful that he won't push deep enough to have it settle in place. The plug's too small to actually hit his prostate, shorter than Jimin’s fingers, but in exchange, it's much firmer, a harsh contrast to Jimin’s tongue when he forces it past Yoongi’s rim as well. He takes a few seconds to work out a rhythm until he's got it, pushing his tongue in every time he pulls back the plug, and the other way around.


Yoongi trembles for him, makes some noise that could vaguely be interpreted as begging, and Jimin takes that all in. He needs to make Yoongi cum now, needs to get his cock into the heat of Yoongi’s insides. The hand he's using to steady Yoongi on the bed trails down and gives the base of his dick a tight squeeze, just to get the edge off.


“I really want to plug you up again after I finish inside you,” Jimin whispers when he pulls off for a second, gives the plug a twist to see what kind of reaction that pulls from Yoongi. “Fill you all up with my cum and then keep it inside you for a little bit, yeah?”


It takes a smidgen longer for Yoongi to reply back, an entirely broken, desperate, “Yeah,” and then he whispers, “Jimin? Jiminie, can you please...?”


“What?” Jimin asks back, and he knows exactly what Yoongi wants-- he wants to have his cock touched. And Jimin will give him that, but it's fun to keep Yoongi desperate for a little bit longer.


“Touch me... please.”


“All right, angel.”


Jimin places the toy back onto the sheets, so he can properly lick into Yoongi’s hole once more, and he can slide that hand underneath Yoongi and rub over the head of his cock. Yoongi’s so, so wet with precum by now, so wet it makes the slide of Jimin’s hand along the length easily, and Jimin is sure it won't take much at all for him to cum.


“You’re so close,” he whispers onto Yoongi’s rim, keeps going back to circle his palm over the head just how Yoongi likes it. “Want you to cum for me. Come on, sweetheart.”


Yoongi gasps, tiny and needy and shaky, and his hips twitch, and he cum. Just like that, slow sticky spurts into the palm of Jimin’s hand.


They've tried the cumming-on-command thing before, always when Jimin had spent several hours edging Yoongi on, so Jimin’s pretty surprised at how quickly the orgasm hit Yoongi after he's said the word. He licks him through it, the muscles tightening under his tongue, makes sure he catches all the cum in his hand.


“So good,” Jimin praises once again when it stops, when he's picking himself up off the carpet. “You're such a good boy. Hmm?”


He smears the fluid all across the swell of Yoongi’s ass, gets him dirty with his own cum, before he pulls his shirt and trousers off as quickly as he can. Yoongi’s back is distressingly hot against his front when Jimin goes to spoon him, dick fitting smoothly into the dip of his ass.


“Thank you,” Yoongi breathes when Jimin lays gentle kisses onto the sensitive part of his throat, “Thanks for doing this.”




"You still comfortable?" Jimin asks. It's been approximately twenty minutes since Yoongi got tied up and Jimin is only now running his fingers along the trail of hair leading down Yoongi’s stomach.


"I’m all good," Yoongi says and wiggles his wrists in their bindings as if to prove a point. "How much longer are you gonna spend teasing me?" His knee nudges Jimin’s hip insistently, and Jimin kind of regrets not tying his legs down as well.


"You'll tell me when you're starting to ache. Alright, angel?" Jimin runs his fingers around Yoongi’s lower stomach some more, hand resting comfortably in the v shape of his hipbones. His thumb rubs at a patch of skin just half an inch from Yoongi’s cock, and if his pained little growl and the way he keeps knocking his knees into Jimin’s sides are anything to go by, it's about as maddening as Jimin wants it to be. He makes a point of stretching that thumb out just a bit farther, so the nail of it just barely scrapes Yoongi’s cock, making him squirm and groan some more. "Don't want you to injure yourself."


Yoongi nods, teeth gritted to keep any more noises from slipping out when Jimin keeps barely teasing his cock. He stops doing that after a couple seconds, though when he figures that Yoongi might be actually enjoying it, he goes back to just brushing over the coarse hair around it. Really, he doesn't want to answer Yoongi’s question quite yet, partially because keeping him on the edge indefinitely is just much more fun, and also, because he doesn't actually know just yet.


On one hand, they haven't done this in a while, so the prospect of edging Yoongi for the next few hours and slowly driving him crazy seems tempting. Then, though, it's also been a while since Jimin got any sex that extended beyond a blow job or hand job, and Yoongi is looking at him down the length of his chest with fucking bedroom eyes, all seductive and cocky even when it's obvious he's desperate for it already, and Jimin is, actually, ridiculously hard.


When he leans forward to kiss that smug expression off Yoongi’s face, his cock drags across the bedspread and he groans, right into Yoongi’s open mouth as he lets him bite at his own lips with those pointy little teeth. Yoongi is greedy for it, so, so greedy– licking eagerly into Jimin’s mouth and sucking his lips swollen. Jimin reaches down between the two of them with his free hand to ring two fingers around his own cock just to get the edge off. And just because it's tempting and Yoongi seems so indulged in kissing Jimin that he's no longer bothered by the hand near his cock, he leans a bit more forward and pokes the very head of his cock against the flesh of Yoongi’s ass. The reaction is almost instant, Yoongi growls into the kiss and flexes his legs to hold Jimin there with his ankles crossed behind his back.


Then Jimin actually rubs his cock all the way up and down along the dip of it, gets his asshole sloppy with sticky precum, and Yoongi really squirms. His arms twitch above his head and his hips roll forward, at least, until Jimin’s hand on his stomach turns rough and pins him down.


"Fuuuuuuuuuuuck," Yoongi groans when Jimin pulls away, "Fuck- hah… Jiminie," and that's odd, in a sense, it usually takes much longer to get him down far enough that he loses the ability to make proper words.


"You know you're supposed to be punished when you get impatient, right?" Jimin asks, and because he doesn't feel like Yoongi is looking quite dazed and fucked-out enough just yet, he leans a bit forward once again and places a harsh bite on the side of Yoongi’s jaw.


"Mmm," Yoongi goes, pained and desperate, Jimin can see his inner thighs flexing like he’s really trying not to grind back into him again.


"Use your words, angel."


"Yeah, I know," Yoongi says. "I'm sorry, Jiminie." He tilts his head back, asking for another kiss, and Jimin indulges him. He sucks at Yoongi’s plush bottom lip just long enough to make him growl quietly, and even after he pulls away, he still sticks close enough that their lips brush when Yoongi continues, "I-I won't do it again."


Like this, they're close enough that their cocks would brush if Jimin ground his hips forward a bit, so he does— rub the head of his own cock against the Yoongi’s, and when Yoongi makes a soft little noise and flexes all his muscles just to keep from bucking back into it, Jimin decides that his sweet little angel’s been good enough to deserve proper touches.


"Good boy. So good for me," Jimin says, into the soft junction of Yoongi’s neck and collarbone. His hand on Yoongi’s hip moves further inward again and Yoongi’s breath hitches. "Really didn't want to have to punish you." The other hand – the one that's been on his own cock, goes to Yoongi’s inner thigh and beckons him to spread his legs wider again, and Yoongi obliges.


“You gonna be good for me and stay still when I get you off? Hmmm, sweetheart?" Jimin asks, and just because it's been that long since they last got to do this properly, because like this, he can smell Yoongi’s sweat and sweet-smelling shampoo and how turned on he is, he buries his head in the hollow of Yoongi’s throat and sucks a pretty bruise onto his clavicle.


"I'll be good for you," Yoongi breathes out, sounding soft and self-satisfied when Jimin is only just petting at the coarse hair above his cock again, and then, when it must've gotten through to his fuzzy brain that Jimin is marking him, he goes, "H-hey, stop that."


Jimin pulls away more than hesitantly, although when he looks, Yoongi’s collarbone is slick with spit and bloomed a lovely shade of reddish-purple. "But I haven't given you a hickey in ages." He takes the opportunity to finally, finally, give Yoongi’s cock a flick with his thumb, in an attempt to throw him even further off-kilter, maybe.


"It’s hard to hide that," Yoongi insists, but it doesn't sound genuine, not when Jimin keeps rubbing his cock with his thumb while the other hand is inching further up his thigh and closer to his hole.


"It’s better then. The whole world will know that you’re only mine," Jimin says, and just to make a point, nuzzles his face deeper into Yoongi’s neck.


This time around, Yoongi doesn't protest, probably because instead, he's blushing and shuddering when Jimin keeps touching him. He's so, so hard, hot and needy for it, considering how much he's twitching in an attempt to not move into Jimin’s hand. Dry too, the little bit of precum that Jimin had smeared onto him long rubbed into his skin, and Jimin can feel so much friction in his fingertips alone that he's sure it must be blurring the line between pleasurable and painful for Yoongi, and it’s quickly moving toward painful.


"Hang on a second."


Yoongi lets out a disappointed little noise when Jimin pulls his hand away. "Thought you were gonna get me off," he says and pulls his face into an exaggerated little pout for a second.


"Yeah, I'm gonna." Jimin brings his fingers up to Yoongi’s mouth who greedily sucks them in when he gets a little tap on his bottom lip. "Be a good boy and get my fingers wet for me." He knows Yoongi doesn't need any instruction, really, already swirling his tongue eagerly, but he also knows how much Yoongi loves the praise, the prospect of being a good boy.


A thin string of saliva trickles from the side of Yoongi’s mouth when Jimin thrusts his fingers in and out just a bit, accompanied by a thick squelching noise of suction, and that in turn makes Jimin’s cock twitch where it's trapped between their torsos.


Yoongi is smirking around his fingers, like he just felt it, felt how aroused Jimin already is, and like he knows how obscene he looks at that second with his cheeks hollowed and his eyes lidded. If it weren't for that need Jimin has – the need to get Yoongi off and thoroughly fuck him onto the nearest surface, and to a lesser extent, the need to cum – he would reckon that smirk is begging for another ten minutes of light teasing and edging.


“You know what you're doing, right?” Jimin asks when he withdraws his fingers from Yoongi’s mouth. He's lapping up the spit on his jaw before Yoongi really gets the opportunity to answer, licking into his mouth and bringing his slick fingers back down to Yoongi’s cock so he can hear Yoongi growl into the kiss. His other hand goes to his own cock, harsh and quick strokes to get the edge off, and maybe he pokes the tip into the junction of Yoongi’s thigh and groin just to feel him struggle not to squirm some more.


“You like it when I do that,” Yoongi points out once Jimin finally lets off his mouth. His voice is surprisingly steady, expression turned into a proper smug grin, and Jimin wants to clean it off his face.


“Don't like you being a tease.” Jimin considers slapping Yoongi across his ass for a second, hard enough to get him soft, or maybe just with enough vigor that he won't be able to tell if it's a good touch or a painful one, a much more efficient punishment. He’s considering it.


“Naughty boy. Gonna be good for me now?”


“I'll be good,” Yoongi whispers, when Jimin is already moving his fingers on his cock again, face going soft and eyes fluttering shut.




Jimin attaches his mouth to Yoongi’s jaw, nibbles the side of his mouth all the way to his ear. He straddles Yoongi’s thigh for leverage before he moves down to the exposed milky expanse of his slender neck to suck at the sensitive skin there and feel the vibrations of Yoongi’s soft little noises in his throat. Like this, he can grind against Yoongi’s hip to keep from getting all too desperate himself while he slowly, slowly jerks Yoongi’s cock and keeps on mouthing at his clavicles and shoulders.


The whole time, he makes a point to rub his face all over Yoongi’s skin until it's pink and tender. Jimin sucks a second bruise onto the opposite collarbone to match the first, only stopping when his lips tingle and Yoongi’s skin blooms into a deep, deep purple shade.


“Close already?” he asks, and really, he knows Yoongi is, what with how heavy his breathing has gotten and just how hard his cock is in Jimin’s hand. It never takes long to get him close, not when they're going all out with restraints and rules, certainly not when they've both got that excitement of finally doing a proper scene again after too long. Yoongi’s hips are moving shallowly good as they can with Jimin pinning one of his legs into the mattress. Jimin would punish him for that if he wasn't already planning on not letting Yoongi cum just yet. His plan is to wear Yoongi down slowly and really make this last, to get him to the edge a couple of times but not letting him cross that edge until he's got Jimin’s cock inside him.


“'M close,” Yoongi confirms, after a second or two during which he seems to be struggling to get out of that spacey mindset that's already clouded his eyes. He tips his chin forward and Jimin leans in for a quick kiss. All the while, his fingers don't quite stop moving yet, steadily rubbing circles over Yoongi’s cock to get him as close as possible before he'll inevitably get pulled back. “You gonna let me cum?”


“Not yet if you ask like that,” Jimin replies, right into Yoongi’s panting-open mouth, and that's when he figures that Yoongi has had enough. His fingers move away, to Yoongi’s audible disappointment, and Jimin shushes him with one hand on his jaw.


He sits up to open his mouth just slightly to let one long string of spit dangle out over Yoongi’s groin. Some of it hits the coarse hair there when it snaps, but most of it goes right across Yoongi’s cock and slickened ass cheeks, gets him properly wet for Jimin to reach out with his other hand and strike him right there, hard enough to sting in his palm and hard enough to make a sharp wet slapping noise against the quietness of the room. The reaction is instant, Yoongi yelps and squirms in his restraints, one leg kicking out while the other one uselessly twitches where it's trapped by Jimin’s weight.


Again, Jimin goes, “Shh,” fingers stroking over Yoongi’s jaw. “All right.” He presses an apologetic kiss to the dip between Yoongi’s collarbones, feels his muscles tense and relax underneath him.


“Back down from the edge?”


Yoongi makes a soft whimper in his throat—a little broken one as if it's trying to get Jimin to take pity on him—and says, “Yeah.”


“Good boy,” Jimin whispers into that little hollow, kisses it again. His hand that's still hovering over where he'd slapped Yoongi across his thigh, goes back to his cock, rubbing the slick saliva into the heated flesh.


He keeps kissing along Yoongi’s clavicles and grinds down further along Yoongi’s thigh for better access, the planes of their chests touching together, and that's when it really sinks in that Jimin doesn't have to stop at Yoongi’s collarbones any more now. Once more, he pauses to slip his fingers back into Yoongi’s caught-open mouth, get them wet all over again, all while he bends to kiss down the center of his chest, deliberately avoiding his nipples.


Yoongi’s making soft, soft moans in the back of his throat, obviously pleading for Jimin to get back to touching him properly, sharp little fangs scraping his knuckles and hips rocking upward. With every rut of his hips, Jimin’s sensitive cock rubs against his thigh, and it's winding him up even more than just having Yoongi bound and exposed underneath him does.


“Thought I told you to stay still,” Jimin says into the skin of Yoongi’s sternum when he pulls his fingers away. His hand immediately goes back down to Yoongi’s cock, letting some of the excess spit run down when he starts working his fingers.


“I'm sorry,” Yoongi replies, his voice slowly getting that shaky sub note to it again. “So so sorry, Jiminie.”


“It's okay, sweetheart.” Jimin places a soft bite right where he's got his mouth, tugging the skin carefully with his teeth, and asks, “You feeling something on your nipples?” Really, he knows Yoongi doesn't, but getting him to talk in sentences while his mind is slowly drifting into subspace is too rewarding.


“Mmm…?” Yoongi makes an uncertain noise after a split few seconds, shakes his head slowly like it's an effort, and Jimin pinches his thigh to reprimand him.


“Use your words, Min Yoongi.”


Yoongi whimpers some more when Jimin doesn't stop pinching him, and then, finally, answers, “I d-do.” His voice falters a bit when Jimin trails his two fingers up to circle his cock.


Jimin’s satisfied by that answer. He goes back to rubbing Yoongi’s cock and getting him to a steady high, to placing sloppy kisses over Yoongi’s torso and grinding his face into the skin, and when he gets close enough to one of Yoongi’s perky nipples, he points out, “Then why won’t you moan?”


Then he takes it between his lips, careful not to irritate it with his teeth, just gently laps at the little nub. Yoongi shivers underneath his mouth, not so much from that as from Jimin’s fingers on his cock speeding up, probably, and when Jimin glances up, Yoongi’ got the most dazed look on his face, eyes focusing to lock with Jimin’s as much as possible, biting his bottom lip so hard it’s turning white.


“I-I just… I don’t want to cum from just that,” Yoongi whispers, feeling ashamed. His cuffs clank when he wriggles his wrists in them once again, as if he's desperate to touch, and Jimin pinches his nub again. “S-stop doing that already.”


Jimin licks at Yoongi’s nipple again, really makes a show of swirling his tongue around, and when he pulls back, before he goes to do the same to the other one, he looks up at Yoongi to make eye contact once more and says, “If you say so, sweetheart.”


Jimin’s fingers on Yoongi’s cock speed up, and Yoongi’s breath is hitching, mouth twitching fish-lipped while Jimin just keep watching him with his chin on his chest. His back is twisted awkwardly by the angle, but he doesn't care. The view's that good.


“My scars,” Yoongi finally says, low and a bit slurred like his voice always gets when he's just beginning to slip down. “M-my scars are still a bit more sensitive.” He arches his back as good as he can, cuffs jingling, and adds, “if you really wanna...”


Jimin grins up at him. “That's pretty freaky.”


He kisses his way to one of the long incisions left and right of Yoongi’s torso, the one that he got from a surgery when he had broken his ribs in a motor accident eight months, the scar a stark contrast to his pale skin, feels the soft sounds of approval vibrate through his ribcage. When he gets to the edge of it, he only pauses for a split second to make sure that Yoongi won't tell him to stop, before he pokes his tongue out and gently traces the line of it. The skin's healing fine, only raised a little bit, and Yoongi shudders and makes tiny weird noises when Jimin licks further along the scar, quick flicks of his tongue against the sensitive skin.


“How's it feel?” Jimin asks when he stops for a second, mouth still pressed to Yoongi’s skin. He can feel Yoongi’s thigh flexing underneath him, feel how his hips are pushing back against Jimin’s hand on his cock, but still, he wants to hear something.


“Feels kinda weird,” Yoongi finally says when Jimin has already gone back to mouthing at the thin line. He gently, gently adds some suction, just enough to get Yoongi squirming when he continues, “It tingles, I guess.”


“Want me to stop?”


Jimin’s also well aware that Yoongi most likely does not want him to stop, but he can tell that Yoongi is close to slipping down into that kind of subspace where he gets floaty and giddy and hypersensitive, and also, close to orgasm once again.


Yoongi's no longer wet though, the spit that had been keeping Jimin’s hands on his cock slick dried up, and now the friction is just enough, equally painful and pleasurable that it keeps him on a steady high and right on that edge. Jimin can tell. He wants to edge Yoongi in regard to both states for a little bit longer.


“I don't care,” Yoongi replies when Jimin is back to kissing at his collarbones, shaking and crumbling and so, so out of it, still trying to hold himself together. “Don’t care, wanna cum… please.”


This time when Jimin slaps Yoongi across his ass cheeks, it's softer than before, the angle different, and the flesh doesn't make much of a smacking noise. Yoongi only struggles a little against Jimin’s weight on him.


“You're not going to cum if you don't give me a real answer.”


“I wanna cum,” Yoongi insists a second time. He's still squirming, only lightly, but his thigh rubbing against Jimin’s own cock reminds him once again just how hard he is, almost to the point of being distracting. “I wanna cum so badly.”


They've not done this for a far too long time.


“Tell me if you want me to stop or carry on.” Jimin considers giving him another slap, but his cock is sensitive, incredibly sensitive, and he really doesn't want another reminder of that.


“I dunno.” Yoongi whimpers, the big one he makes when he's desperate, but not quite desperate enough to make the tiny little pathetic whimper that shows he's about to cry. “Tell me what you wanna do.”


Jimin has to bite his shoulder for a second to hide the fact that his breath hitches for a second. This is it now. Yoongi’s down, far down enough that he no longer cares what Jimin does to him as long as he doesn't stop. As much as Jimin would have liked keeping him on edge, the bratty and pushy sub, for a little bit longer, he likes this too— the moment when Yoongi turns completely pliant. His eyes are hazy when Jimin looks up at him, lips bitten red.


With his wispy little voice, he says, “What do you wanna do to me, Daddy?”


And of course that word goes straight to Jimin’s cock.


“Daddy?” Yoongi breathes once again, and Jimin realizes that it's all too obvious that he's been thrown off-kilter by it.


Usually, it takes far longer for Yoongi to get like that, only after Jimin’s already let him cum once or twice, or after he's been on the edge for an hour or more, when they're not doing a scene that's specifically about that. Now though, now he's whimpering and rubbing his cock forward into Jimin’s hand. His legs are trying to open even further, and Jimin lets him, moves so he's back to kneeling right between Yoongi’s thighs.


Yoongi arranges himself as good as he can, with his movements sluggish and arms tied back, spread out wide for better access, and for a third time, he asks, “Daddy? What do you wanna do?”


Jimin captures his lips in a soft kiss to shush him. He can tell Yoongi’s getting impatient, can feel his own composure getting steadier once again, but he's not sure he'll be able to control himself much longer if Yoongi keeps doing what he's doing. The daddy thing.


“Shh.” Jimin shifts so their bodies are properly aligned, dick just barely bumping into Yoongi’s thigh. His free hand that isn't still on Yoongi’s cock goes up to his messy hair, so he can tilt his head back and kiss him at a better angle. “You gonna be quiet and be a good boy for me?”


Yoongi nods, good as he can, anyway, and whispers, “Gonna be good.”


For that, Yoongi gets another kiss. Jimin’s still rubbing him slowly, keeping him on the edge and making him sigh softly into it, with what could be pleasure or pain, and Jimin needs so much. He needs to get off, after he gets Yoongi off, and needs to reduce him to a soft little mess. Yoongi’s cock is so dry under Jimin’s hand now, so much friction he can feel it burn softly in his fingertips, and he knows there's no way Yoongi is going to cum like this.


“What I wanna do to you,” Jimin says, finally when they pull apart, “I wanna finish on your chest.” That's the obvious part, the part that Yoongi had literally asked him to some time ago, and when he hears it come from Jimin’s mouth, Yoongi makes those soft little sounds that can only be described as purring. “After I fuck you,” he says and the purring grows needy, and he continues, “and after I suck you off.”


Yoongi makes the worst little mewl at that, head rolling back into the pillow to offer up his throat, and Jimin accepts, mouth moving to one of the bruises he'd left earlier, which gets Yoongi keening and squirming. Hips rolling up toward Jimin’s hand, he's back to growing desperate for any kind of touch.


“Would you like that?” Jimin asks, hopes that the question gets through to Yoongi’s foggy brain, “Is it okay if I suck your cock?”


It's been only a couple weeks since the last time Yoongi let him go down on him, but right now, Jimin needs it more than anything, something to really pull him in and distract him from his own cock, and to finally let Yoongi cum, too.


“Yeah,” Yoongi breathes back, all wispy and little, still, but he seems coherent enough from the look on his face, at least a little bit. “Please, Daddy.”


He tugs at his restraints some more, and Jimin has to shush him with a hand on his wrists. There's already red welts forming where the cuffs had dug in, and he knows they're going to last for the next few days at least. Jimin sits up on his knees so he can stretch to reach and press kisses into the hardened length for a soft moment, all while Yoongi is whimpering once again, too needy to get some more contact on his cock. In this position, Jimin’s dick is this close to rubbing against his stomach, and when it does, right as it rubs precum-slick across the soft skin there, Yoongi lets out a long, low, broken little moan.


He pleads, “Please, please, suck me off?” and Jimin decides to let him have it.


“All right,” Jimin whispers back, into the rough skin of Yoongi’s palm just above the cuff, and kisses the mark on his wrist one last time for good measure. “I'll suck your cock.”


Jimin captures Yoongi’s lips in another quick kiss, feels him groan into his mouth with what's relief or anticipation or both, before he starts to move downward. He kisses a quick, sloppy trail down Yoongi’s throat and then his chest while he shuffles down the bed to get into a comfortable position between Yoongi’s spread legs.


Yoongi’s cock is incredibly hard when Jimin is face-to-face with it, swollen and incredibly hard. His cock is slowly starting to glisten with precum, and Jimin has to unconsciously wet his lips at the sight of it.


“Jimin, come on,” Yoongi pleads, once more. His legs spread out a bit wider, exposing himself even more.


Jimin would be tempted to tease him a bit longer if he wasn't that desperate to suck Yoongi off himself. Instead, he strokes over Yoongi’s fleshy inner thighs to soothe him, shushes and whispers, “It's all right. I've got you.”


Judging by the way Yoongi looks down at him, though, Jimin isn't sure if the other really believes those words. He keeps talking, to encourage Yoongi and keep him in that floaty space, “Gonna suck you off now.” His lips touch to the heated skin just above Yoongi’s cock when he says, “Gonna let you cum.”


Yoongi makes a whiny little noise, cuffs jangling with movement, and when Jimin’s hands stroke further up his thighs and closer to the crevice of his ass, that whine turns into a heavy whimper.


“Still now, love,” Jimin insists, and then, to really get Yoongi to shut up and stop wriggling about, he opens his lips and purses them around the head of Yoongi’s cock.


The reaction is almost instant; Yoongi makes a choked-off little noise, thighs flexing and hips jumping forward a little bit. Jimin starts to lick, flicking his tongue softly over the head, bobs down and up l, and Yoongi whines some more. Like this, Jimin’s cock drags right over the bedsheets with every little rock of his hips, every movement, and he has to try his hardest to focus on Yoongi’s cock in his mouth rather than that little bit of friction.


There's the smell of Yoongi’s skin and the soap he uses, of course, the soft little noises of both spit-slick mouth and tongue moving against skin as well as the tiny groans that keep falling from Yoongi’s lips, and he makes the prettiest keening noise when Jimin lightly, lightly scrapes his teeth over the base of his cock.


Jimin can't help but moan back when he swirls his tongue around it, somewhere between the friction on his own cock and just how wrecked Yoongi already is. Jimin wants to get him so, so messy. There's strands of spit clinging to Jimin’s chin and he groans once again at that thought and sucks him down harder to muffle it.


“That,” Yoongi breathes, after a few seconds when all he does is breathe and twitch. “Do that again.” The muscles in his inner thighs and groin flex under Jimin’s hands, try to push his cock a bit further into his mouth, and Jimin takes it, needy for it. “The humming thing.”


And Jimin does, he takes Yoongi’s cock all the way to the hilt into his mouth and groans. It's Yoongi’s taste that does it for him, salty sweat and musky, so he shamelessly ruts his hips down into the mattress and keeps flicking his tongue for more of it. His lips are aching, tingling from the suction, and his dick aches with the need to cum, and he doesn't care. What he really wants first of all is to make Yoongi cum, so hard that he completely loses it, and then finally fuck him into a second orgasm.


Jimin swirls his tongue in circles around Yoongi’s cock, flicks it over the head and adds more suction until Yoongi is making little yelping noises in his throat, and that in turn just makes Jimin want to do more. His thumbs slide even closer to Yoongi’s thigh, feel where the wetness had spread around there. Some of it is running down to the strip of skin connecting to his ass, and Jimin wants to taste it, really, really get the taste of Yoongi onto his tongue and down his throat. He laps the slick up with long, flat strokes, first along the sensitive skin around Yoongi’s cock before he gets his tongue in to lick the wetness out of the slit. And that gets Yoongi keening for him, hips grinding up to slip Jimin’s tongue further inside, until Jimin has to fix his hands to Yoongi’s hipbones and hold him in place.


“Still, sweetheart.” Jimin really, really doesn't want to pull off, but he also knows he can't make Yoongi cum without stimulating his cock, and he wants that slightly more. “You need to be good if you want to cum, remember?”


Yoongi whimpers a bit and nods, a slow, lazy movement, and Jimin still can't believe how wrecked he's gotten Yoongi, wrists rubbed incredibly red and cock sensitive and aching hard, bruises shining on his neck and the most spacey blissful look on his face.


Really, Jimin can't believe how much he'd missed wrecking Yoongi.


“Can you make words?”


A brief pause where Yoongi just stares back at him, or at least he tries to, before he nods again and goes, “Mmm.”


Jimin places a soft kiss above his cock as a reward for that. “Can you promise me you'll be good, so I can make you cum?”


Yoongi nods again, easier this time, getting used to the movement. His arms struggle in their bindings, muscles straining and obviously uncomfortable, and that just drives Jimin more, to really fuck him senseless and make him cum so hard he forgets all about that discomfort.


“I'll be good for you,” Yoongi breathes, and he adds, feather-light and so soft and gone it gives Jimin’s cock an awkward twitch against the mattress, “Daddy.”




Jimin grinds his own hips forward a little bit, lets the already precum-messy sheets take the edge off for him. Yoongi’s face is way too red from being teased that long, and he’s drooling, little strands of spit connecting from his chin to his chest, and Jimin nuzzles into his thigh just to tease him a little bit longer. When he pulls back, he can feel that spit sticking to his face and the skin around Yoongi’s pretty, pretty cock has pinked a bit more, he whispers, “Such a good boy,” into that skin, just to let Yoongi hear it, to remind him, and hopes it gets through to him.


He slips his mouth back over Yoongi’s cock, goes back to sucking and savors the feeling of it, hot and hard on his tongue, and can't help but moan again at that. Yoongi makes the most lovely wrecked noise in response, high-pitched and soft and dragged-out, the kind that makes Jimin’s cock jump once more where it's trapped against the sheets.


He wants more of that, much more, so Jimin repeats the action, makes a muffled soft groan into Yoongi’s soft skin as he sucks, before he starts using his tongue again and really presses the moans out of Yoongi. This is his favorite part of fucking Yoongi, really—listening to him get closer and closer when he's so far down that he stops trying to control himself and just babbles on and on. Jimin struggles to get his mouth open wider, to be able to lap at his balls as well, but his jaw cracks painfully, and so he sticks to Yoongi’s cock instead, runs his tongue along the sensitive head and flicks it to the rhythm of Yoongi’s noises and his snapping hips.


He only slows down when the moans from Yoongi’s lips turn from mindless smushed sounds into something slightly more coherent, little chants of “Oh, oh, oh,” like he's trying to get himself together, trying to say something maybe, “Oh, oh, D-daddy,” heavy and fucked-out and breathless.


“You close?” Jimin asks. His voice comes out weird, throat dry from keeping his mouth open this long, and he adds, “going to cum for me?”


This time when Yoongi nods in urgency, unfocussed and he's close to actual tears, moisture gleaming in the corners of his eyes, and that realization makes Jimin’s breath hitch in his throat just a bit.


He's gotten Yoongi to cry before, but that was different, only after he'd edged Yoongi for hours without letting him cum at all or spanked him over his knee.


Now, Yoongi is swallowing down air about ready to sob dryly, coming apart from the prospect of getting to orgasm, and the thought of that makes Jimin’s blood rush with want and power.


He ducks his head back down to give Yoongi’s cock another lick, ready to take it back in his mouth and get the tears flowing, when he hears Yoongi make a wrecked sound that resembles a word more than it resembles a babble.


“Do you want to say that again?”


“Fingers,” Yoongi whimpers, the word slightly muffled by his puffy bottom lip caught between his teeth. “Fingers. I wan’ your fingers, Daddy.”


Somewhere between how wrecked Yoongi looks and sounds and the way he just keeps on calling Jimin “daddy” in that soft broken voice, Jimin loses the ability to respond for a few split seconds. His cock aches.


Finally, he replies, “Of course, sweetheart,” hopes it sounds smooth enough, and his hand trails higher up Yoongi’s inner thigh. “How many do you want?” One thumb flicks over where Yoongi’s asshole is still wet with precum, and he continues, deliberately slow to make sure the words get through to Yoongi, and also, because he's so turned on himself he might trip over them otherwise. “Hmmm?”


And Jimin stops talking as soon as he notices Yoongi shaking his head jerkily with his brows furrowed, signaling that he’s annoyed. He can understand it if Yoongi’s getting impatient already, but he hopes that's not the case, and really hopes that he didn't accidentally shove Yoongi out of that headspace.


“Just whatever. I just wan’ them up my ass,” Yoongi replies the next second, still sounding all submissive and pliant, and that immediately makes Jimin feel a little better. “Please?”


Jimin stretches to reach where he'd placed the lube and condoms onto the bedspread in advance and makes a grab for the lube dispenser. “Of course,” he says once again, noses at the entire length of Yoongi’s cock before he pulls back to squirt a generous amount of lube onto his palm. It's cool on his hand, and on his fingers when he spreads it out, makes him realize just how heated the skin is and shudder a little bit.


Before he goes ahead and actually fingers Yoongi open, Jimin takes a second to caress Yoongi’s side with his free hand. He watches Yoongi’s face turn into a weak little pout and shushes him, slick fingers slipping down into the cleft of his ass.


“I'll give it to you in a second, all right?” Jimin asks, watches Yoongi nod slowly, and he continues, “Are you okay?”


Yoongi keeps on nodding, dazed, and makes a drawn out “mmm” sound. His hips shift on the bed and Jimin really wants to hold him still.


“Yoongi, really? Do you feel okay?” Jimin asks, again, and he feels a bit silly for acting neurotic like that, but he really wants to make sure he didn't accidentally say anything unpleasant.


“'M okay,” Yoongi drawls, and he seems lucid enough when he does, eyes struggling to lock with Jimin’s. “Come kiss me?” He beckons for it, head tipping up and ruddy red lips sliding open. His mouth is slick with spit and Jimin’s cock twitches at the sight, only partially at the thought of fucking it.


Jimin sits up and obliges, licks gently into Yoongi’s mouth while he keeps his fingers sitting right at Yoongi’s asshole. He prods inside with the same rhythm that he's rubbing his tongue alongside Yoongi’s, and his cock gives another twitch when Yoongi whines into the kiss. Really, it's not so much a kiss as it's Jimin fucking his tongue into Yoongi’s mouth, soft and open for him. Yoongi rolls his hips into Jimin’s slick fingers, not pushing quite hard enough to get them into him, but with every forward motion, their cocks rub against each other and that pushes even more little mewls from Yoongi’s mouth. Jimin relishes it, the slide made easy by spit and slick and precum, getting him all the more worked up.


They keep kissing, sloppy and urgent and shallow with their mouths never closing over each other, and Jimin keeps his fingers on the edge, barely grazing them over the furl of Yoongi’s hole, until Yoongi makes a needy noise into Jimin’s mouth and whispers, “Please?”


Jimin kisses him deeper, to let him know that he doesn't need to beg any more, and hums into it just because he relishes Yoongi’s body going much more boneless underneath him. His legs spread out a bit wider when Jimin circles a finger around his hole before he finally goes and pushes it in. He's honestly not surprised by how loose Yoongi already is around him already, the slide easy with his insides giving and only contracting softly around him in a hot velvet squeeze.


Jimin watches Yoongi’s face carefully, watches his mouth open in a soundless, fish-lipped little 'O' and feels his hips canting upward in an attempt to get that finger in deeper, and can't help but remember last night, when he'd washed Yoongi’s hair in the shower and then rubbed his cock to orgasm while opening him up with three fingers. He thinks back to the noises he'd gotten Yoongi to make then and he wants more of that, wants to get Yoongi keening and begging again.


“Come on, babe, don't hold back,” he says into Yoongi’s mouth, and his voice sounds a fraction of how wrecked Yoongi’s is, but still, it's how Jimin knows it's too much. He needs to get off, finally, needs to get Yoongi off and unravel him so hard he cries. There's still wetness glittering in the corners of Yoongi’s eyes, and Jimin needs to get him to cry real tears. “Lemme hear you.”


Jimin fucks his finger faster in and out of Yoongi, not trying to hit any specific spot just yet, but he knows Yoongi loves it all the same, just the slick slide of it along his insides and the feeling of being stretched, and the tiny little gasps that start to slip from Yoongi’s lips only drive him further. His cock keeps on rubbing against Yoongi’s cock, slowly, slowly getting him higher and higher and closer. Judging by the way Yoongi’s eyes flutter shut and his head tilts back, it's just as good for him.


Like this, Jimin has a perfect view of the column of Yoongi’s throat, access to add even more deep-red and purple marks there, so he ducks his head down and latches his mouth onto the skin. He licks up the salty sweat before he digs his teeth in and sucks, can feel the vibrations run through Yoongi’s throat when it makes him moan, and it all only gets their hips rutting harder against each other.


Jimin feels so unbearably desperate.


“Jimin,” Yoongi whimpers, the word drawn-out and so needy-sounding it runs a chill down Jimin’s spine. “Jimin, I want more.”


Jimin kisses a messy trail up Yoongi’s chin, hears him choke out a whimpery “Daddy, please,” before he kisses the words away from his mouth. He slowly, slowly retracts his finger and gets an especially needy thrust of Yoongi’s hips for it, before he presses back in with two fingertips.


This time around, Jimin’s got to press in a little more, spread his fingers out in a V shape and scissors them in deeper to resist the push and squeeze of Yoongi’s insides.


Yoongi moans into the kiss when he fits his fingers in all the way to the hilt, a low, desperate “More of that,” and so Jimin works his fingers in and out quicker to get him really, properly loose, so he can tuck a third one in.


“This the right amount of fingers you need?” Jimin asks when he's easing his fingers into Yoongi’s hole once again.


There's no proper response to that, Yoongi makes a sound that could be a yes and a gesture that could be a weak nod, but he sounds satisfied enough when Jimin starts fingerfucking him in earnest.


Yoongi’s insides are so impossibly hot around his fingers, still so, so tight but yielding to every push and prod, slick with lube, and Jimin’s cock gives a twitch at the thought of how they feel wrapped around him. And another bigger twitch when it really sinks in that he's been keeping Yoongi right on edge and far down in subspace with just light friction on his cock and fingers up his ass, gotten him breathless and speechless and groaning weakly with every thrust.


Jimin needs to cum so badly.


“D'you want to cum for me?” Jimin asks, heated into the corner of Yoongi’s mouth. He needs Yoongi to finish first, more than anything, needs to make sure he's been pushed over that edge before he can take care of himself.


Jimin starts crooking his fingers forward, an awkward motion with how his wrist is twisted in between their bodies, but he gets affirming little noises from Yoongi and doesn't expect an answer more coherent than that. Yoongi’s mouth is hanging open, still or once again, and Jimin licks into it, past the hard line of his teeth and along the roof of his mouth, too hungry for it. His tongue rubbing against Yoongi’s, he laps and bites at his red lips and swallows up every small sound Yoongi makes against him.


When the little noises turn into loud ones, a desperate wail that bleeds into Jimin’s mouth as he presses his fingers in at just the right angle, he knows he's found the right spot, the one that he needs to keep pushing to make Yoongi cry.


“Fuck,” Yoongi breathes, mostly right into Jimin’s mouth, slurry with the word drawn out. His hips rotate in a more controlled motion now that he's found that spot, keeps grinding it down along Jimin’s fingertips, and Jimin presses right back up into it. “Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me more.” He breaks off into a babbling mess of 'fuck' and less distinguished words then, and Jimin goes back to licking it right from his mouth while he keeps circling his fingers around that spot.


Yoongi is so incredibly wet by now, both with slick from his slit and the precum that keeps bubbling out of Jimin’s dick, makes the slide of their cocks all too sloppy and slippery, and the elbow Jimin’s been bracing himself with on the bed starts to buckle. He can't help but think how easy it would be to just replace his fingers with his cock, or even to keep his fingers tucked in there while he’s fucking Yoongi instead, if Yoongi wanted it like that, but then, he's so sure that with that velvet squeeze around his cock, he would cum right away before he'd taken proper care of Yoongi.


So instead, he keeps driving his fingers into Yoongi’s prostate, keeps on forcing pretty, pretty noises out of him even when his wrist is getting tired from how he's twisted it.


“You close yet?” Jimin asks, voice more gone-sounding than he'd like to admit. He kisses over Yoongi’s cheeks, his chin and the corners of his lips, watches him breathe heavily with tears just lingering at the corners of his eyes. His arms feel like jelly.


Finally, finally, Yoongi nods. His bottom lip is wobbling with incoming tears, like he's been riding that high for far too long now, and Jimin kisses him once again, fingers working a bit quicker. He's gotten Yoongi so loose for him, so ready to get fucked and come, and that thought makes Jimin sigh into the kiss a little bit.


“My cock.” They pull apart and Yoongi whispers, voice raw with it, “Jiminie, touch my cock, please?”


It takes all of Jimin’s energy to keep his knees from dropping him right down on top of Yoongi when he removes his other arm from the mattress.


“Sure, angel,” he whispers back, soft into the shell of Yoongi’s ear this time around to make sure he really hears it. He gets his fingers around Yoongi’s cock, feels how much warmer it's gotten since he'd had it in his mouth just from blood rush and friction, slick with fluid under his fingers.


“Fuck,” Yoongi growls out between gritted teeth, wetness spilling over from his eyes.


“Stop holding back,” Jimin replies, mouth latching back onto Yoongi’s throat. He needs to hear Yoongi, needs to make him sob and fall apart. This is supposed to be all about him.


His fingers keep on moving, fucking in and out of Yoongi with his right hand and rubbing his cock with the other one. Like this, his left hand on Yoongi’s cock, it feels unusual, awkward almost, but Yoongi doesn't seem to care at this point. His hips jump and flail about between Jimin’s hands and up against his cock, desperate to come, and Jimin needs proper friction on his dick so badly.


“Needy,” he points out. It sounds more chiding than anything, when it was meant to come out affectionate, and Jimin can't tell which of them is the more needy one. “Come be loud for me, needy boy.”


Then, then Jimin drives his fingers in hard, flicks his thumb over Yoongi’s cock, just rough enough the way Yoongi likes it.


And that's what it takes to really break Yoongi.


“Fuck.” How it comes out is more a hiccup or a sob than an actual word. “Fuck, fuck.”


Jimin hooks his fingers more firmly into Yoongi’s prostate, pumps his cock with quick, rough movements and makes him squeak in his throat. In a way, it feels like playing a strange instrument, moving his fingers at different speeds and intervals to get different noises out of Yoongi, but much, much filthier.


“It's okay,” Jimin breathes, close enough to lick over Yoongi’s red lips, “it's okay, let it all out.”


“You're so much,” Yoongi keens, and Jimin can't tell if it's supposed to be part of some longer sentence or anything, if he's just starting to babble again. Either way, it makes his cock ache where it's pressed against Yoongi’s inner thigh. “So much, Daddy.”


Jimin can see his lips part in the corner of his eye, red and spit-slick, and he licks down into them while he keeps on pushing his fingers into Yoongi’s flesh, the parts of him that are pink and sensitive and ready to get fucked. What he really, really needs is to just thrust forward and get his cock into Yoongi’s hole, close the small distance there, but not right now, not when Yoongi is so far gone and about to passed out. He knows he won’t be able to control himself, he’ll fuck him senseless until his pretty little angel can’t feel his legs anymore.


“You're way too much,” Jimin whispers back, instead, “Way too much for me, angel.”


And he nibbles at Yoongi’s lips and listens to him sob and keen and hiccup, and then it starts and Yoongi is crying. The tears start flowing, at the same time when Yoongi’s hips still and just let Jimin work at his own rhythm, and Jimin’s insides actually jump for a second, a shocked little hiccup deep in his guts because this is completely different from all the other times he'd made Yoongi cry. He still doesn't stop, though, knows that even if he's crying, Yoongi still has some means to tell him to stop. Yoongi doesn't stop sobbing either even when he makes a different sound, a long, drawn-out “Oooooh”


Yoongi’s insides contract around Jimin’s fingers, squeezing and unsqueezing, and he whispers, “Daddy, daddy, daddy,” through it, and that's when Jimin realizes he's cumming, cock twitching under Jimin’s other hand. His eyes squeeze shut, muscles tightening and untightening all over while he just keeps cumming, twitchy and wrecked.


The sight of it sends a huge chill down Jimin’s spine, his spine and his cock, and before he can really understand it, he's shuddering and cumming too, all across Yoongi’s inner thigh, and maybe it brings a tear or two to his eyes as well.


When he stops finally, Jimin blinks the wetness away, and Yoongi is actually gone, eyes shut and limp against him.




It doesn't take too much for Jimin to get Yoongi back up again. He undoes the cuffs as soon as he can move his own hands again, wipes the tears and cum and lube away from Yoongi’s skin with a soft flannel while he watches Yoongi blink drowsy and crack his wrists, and then whispers soft words into his neck until Yoongi stops having that spacey look on his face.


“So did you freak when I passed out on you?” is the first thing Yoongi asks, voice low and still heavy and a bit brittle with tears.


“Little bit,” Jimin admits. Really, he reckons it would've been worse if he hadn't still been stuck in that dom-confident mindset, the one where he's got complete control over Yoongi and his body. “Not like you were gone for long.”


Yoongi giggles his stupid witch cackle and nods. His limp arm around Jimin’s waist turns a bit firmer, and he says, “Not like that time I took a two hour nap right after you made me cum.”


“That wasn't funny,” Jimin insists, because really, it wasn't, so when he snuggles closer into Yoongi’s body heat, he takes a moment to tickle the sensitive skin on his side.


“Stop that,” Yoongi insists and squeaks, one hand swatting weakly at Jimin’s, and then he says, “Yeah, it kind of was.”


Jimin leans up and presses a long kiss to Yoongi’s still-bruised lips just to shut him up for a second.


“You didn't even finish on my chest like you said you would.”


Jimin nods. “I didn't get around to fucking you properly either.” He nuzzles his head into the hollow of Yoongi’s throat and makes him squeal and giggle for a short second, and then he says, “I guess that means we'll have to do this a second time. What do you think, sweetheart?”