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Diamond Cut

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Somewhere in Japan is a beach called Dagobah beach.

Calling it a beach can be a bit of a stretch. A few years ago, it would have fit, but today it was no more than a glorified illegal garbage dump.

A nightmare to the local tourism, a blessing for one Midoriya Izuku.

Said boy was busy disassembling and reassembling an old washing machine, hidden from sight by mountains of trash and a small improvised shelter.
He didn't technically need the shelter, but it was nice to have a place of privacy.

He was currently working on making the old washing machine functional again. He couldn't really use it, since he didn't have any durable sources of electricity at hand, but he could resell it at a small price.
There was no need for food or warmth, but he had a terrible lack of hygiene and so he used the small amount of money he could obtain for shampoo and clothes washing products and most of the time cleaned among the floating garbage in the sea.

Granted, Bakugou let him take a shower and wash his clothes at his house from time to time, which Izuku tried to be as grateful as possible for despite knowing full well the blond did it out of guilt.
Said blond knocked at the shelter with a bag of freshly dried clothes, a bang echoing from the metal sheets, making the small green haired teen jump in surprise.

"Ah, Kacchan! Thanks! You can put them in the corner."

'Kacchan' grunts but does as said and then plops down next to the pulled apart washing machine.

"The fuck are you doing?"

"Repairing old goods to sell."

The blond scoffs, not tearing his eyes away from the small holes of the drum he's tracing around with his fingers.

"I told you you could just come live with us. My parents would have you before me in a fuckin' heartbeat."

"No offense Kacchan, but fuck no. I'd rather live in the trash than with you.", he makes a grabbing motion towards the drum.

"Good thing that's the case, I guess.", the blond snickers and passes it over. "Fucking shit, I don't know how you can live with sand up your ass all the time."

"Heh, at least I can't get tetanos from the trash. Or get crushed by one of those." he gestures vaguely to the 'mountains' around, particularly to one with an old car precariously hanging to the top. "Though you could. Maybe I should clear a path so you don't get yourself killed. Would suck to be stuck with your rotting corpse."

"Up the shut fuck, nerd. I'm not gonna get killed by some stupid garbage."

The two fall into a comfortable silence, Izuku still working on the device. The green sparks around his hand catch Katsuki's attention when the boy turns a screw with his strength only for lack of a screwdriver, but as efficiently (maybe better) than if he had one.

"That fucker's Quirk. Do you know how to use it yet?"

The greenette shakes his head.

"I can manage for small things like my fingers, but controlling the output of my full body is harder than expected. I really need to work on that if I don't want to end up killing anyone."

"Yeah, well you better. I had to fucking contradict myself in front of those dumb extras because you had to wait this fucking long to show you had the balls for UA. Yo better get in or I'll fuck you up myself."

Izuku smiles. He knows he won't ever get an apology or even condolences, but he can tell the meaning behind what Katsuki is trying to say.

"I'll manage."


Midoriya Izuku had lost a mother, a home, an idol, and gained two unwanted Quirks in the span of five days.

But he'll manage, like he always has.