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Vegeta's Pre-training Technique

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vegeta's pre-training technique



The sound of flesh colliding with flesh could be heard and felt around the two figures fighting. Animals scurried away to avoid becoming the next poor spot that got crushed under these beings' power blasts. The ground shook, the sky was littered with bursts of energy, and two spectators decided this sparring session was becoming increasingly dangerous to witness.


"We best skedaddle, Lemo. We might get caught in the crossfire," Cheelai told her friend. "The cave is far enough from their sparring grounds."


"Agreed." Lemo replied. "We best leave these two to their training. I'm sure Broly is in good hands."


"I still don't trust that Goku guy." Cheelai frowned and crossed her arms.


"Oh, come on. Broly is ten times stronger than him. If anything, it's Goku I'm worried about."




Lemo stared at his friend, a wicked smirk appeared across his face. "But I guess it's natural that you're so worried about Broly." He shrugged.


"Eh?! What's that supposed to mean?!" Cheelai blushed and shook her fist at Lemo.


"Nothing, nothing. Let's get going before they really start going at it."


Lemo and Cheelai left the scene to the safety of their cave turned house, letting the two full blooded Saiyans to their exercises.



Goku was struggling to keep up. He was in his Ascended Super Saiyan form and Broly was still besting him by a long shot.


"Broly, wai- ACK!" Goku barely dodged what could've been a fatal blow to the head. The small mountain where he had landed before was now a pile of crumbled rock.


"BROLY!" That seemed to catch the other's attention and Broly stopped fighting.




"WHEW! Boy, it's tough t' keep up with ya. Just remember this is a trainin' exercise, and not a real battle. You've been close t' killin' me like four times!"


"Oh. I apologize." Came Broly's response.


Goku waved him off, "ya need t' learn how t' control yer power, buddy. Otherwise ya'll end up without a sparrin' partner and I'll end up in Otherworld again." Goku chuckled and scratched the back of his head.


"What's- Otherworld?" Broly quirked an eyebrow at Goku.


"Oh, hahaha, it's the place you go to when ya die. And I rather stay alive t' keep trainin' with ya." Goku played with his tattered gi for a bit.


Broly gave a small smile.


"Let's take a break. We'll continue once I get my energy back."


Broly and Goku touched down on the mostly destroyed grounds and sat down.


"Have ya ever tried meditation?" Goku asked his new friend.


Broly frowned. His father had tried to get him to meditate but Broly never saw the point of it. He believed in letting all out when fighting, and that was a hard belief to drill out of him, Paragus had found out, so he stopped making Broly try to meditate and instead built a shock collar for him with a remote control. It was the only way he could think of to keep Broly's power in check.


"No. I never was able to."


"Well, there's nothin' like 'now' t' learn stuff, right?" Goku sat cross legged facing Broly, "try it with me!"


Broly obediently sat cross legged, imitating Goku's posture, and closed his eyes as soon as Goku did.


"Clear yer mind of any thoughts." Goku almost whispered.


Broly frowned. He was too hyped up from the sparring session to not replay the images of it in his head.

He tried again, but mental pictures would just not leave him alone.


"Grrrr, I can't!" Broly bashed his fists against the rocky terrain, causing fractures to ripple around where they were sitting.


"Easy, champ. It takes practice."


Broly was mad and frustrated. His temper easily got a hold of him. "I don't want to do this anymore."


Goku sighed, "well, we need t' think of somethin' t' take the edge off ya." He tapped his chin with a finger. An idea struck and Goku smiled. "I know! Vegeta taught me a special technique for releasin' pent up energy. He said it was a very secret technique so this stays between us, ok?"


Broly nodded, curious about this special, secret technique Goku was talking about.


"I need ya to sit on that rock over there." Goku pointed to a small, flat rock, and watched as Broly got up and took a seat. Goku followed.


"Now then," Goku cracked his hands and his neck, looking very smug. "Ok, I'm gonna release ya from yer pants."


"Huh?" Broly wondered what he meant by that. As Goku went to grab the crotch area of Broly's leggings, Broly caught his hands by the wrist and stopped Goku from going any further. "What are you doing?"


"Hm? Oh. This technique won't work if yer wearin' pants."


A blush creeped over Broly's cheeks, "I-" More images invaded his mind, images of his father and how Broly had learned the hard way not to give into certain urges. "I'm not allowed to do that. Not with someone else."


Goku tilted his head, "did yer dad teach ya that?"


Broly nodded. His father had refused to help Broly when he came of age, leaving the young Saiyan to take care of his own problems. Every time Broly had wanted to get close to his father, Paragus would activate the shock collar and Broly would suffer through immense pain.


Goku smiled and placed his hands on Broly's thighs, "there's nothin' wrong with pleasure, Broly. We're Saiyans. And like Vegeta said; 'our bodies are built for war and sex'!" Goku winked at his new sparring partner.


Broly was still hesitant, so Goku added, "besides, yer dad ain't here anymore. Ya can let loose. Trust me."


The larger Saiyan gulped and let go of Goku's wrists, a silent gesture for him to continue.

Goku smiled and let his hands rub up and down Broly's muscular thighs. He started purring as he felt the muscles tense and untense beneath his careful ministrations.


"What's that sound you're making?" Broly asked.


Goku stopped, his cheeks becoming pink. "It's called purring. It happens when yer havin' a good time." He continued massaging Broly's legs, with every upward stroke, he got closer and closer to his destination.


Seeing Broly release a breath of air, Goku boldly moved his hands to the hem of Broly's leggings and pulled them down slowly, revealing more and more skin.


"You ok, champ?"


"Y-yeah!" Broly gasped as his hardening member was revealed.


"Oh wow. It keeps goin'!" Goku chuckled until he saw just how big Broly was, and that was no laughing matter. "Oh. My. Kami."


"What?" Asked Broly, confused. "Why did you stop?"


"Nothin'- Just... Yer huge!"


Broly, not really having another Saiyan to compare his size with, nor growing in a culture where size mattered, didn't quite understand the small sparkle in Goku's eyes as his entire dick was released from its confinements.


"Is that bad?"


"Oh, no! It's not bad at all." Goku replied with glee. "The more t' love, right?"


The larger Saiyan cocked an eyebrow, but let Goku marvel at his member for a while longer. "Now what?"


Goku snapped out of his trance, sure Vegeta was big but Broly! He was on his own level. "Hm? Oh, now I can help ya relax." Goku took a steadying breath before bringing his lips to the very tip of Broly's cock and placing a soft kiss on it.

Broly held his breath as he watched Goku rub his moistened lips along his shaft. It felt otherworldly, nothing like his own callused hand. Then, without warning, Goku swiped his tongue from the base of his cock to the tip before plunging down, taking almost half of the length in his mouth in one go until the head hit the back of his throat.


"Oh, GODS!" Broly exclaimed. It was a heavenly feeling to have someone use their mouth to pleasure him. A tongue teased his slit before rubbing the underside of his dick. Broly shut his eyes, his hands curled into fists, and his legs shook.


When Goku started bobbing his head up and down, each time taking more of Broly inside his mouth, the larger Saiyan let out a howl of pleasure as he threw his head back. He felt his body catching on fire, energy wracked his frame, and jolts of electricity went up his spine. He was about to release inside his new ally's mouth and the thought was invigorating.

Broly placed his hands on either side of Goku's head and held him still. Goku glanced up to see Broly's eyes had turned golden. He tried to get off of Broly's dick to ask what was wrong but the other Saiyan wasn't having it. Broly stood up and tightened his grip on Goku's hair before he proceeded to face fuck him with a brutal pace.

Goku groaned and tapped Broly's thigh. He could barely breath with that gigantic cock constricting his airway. Tears gathered in his eyes and Goku realized Broly would not stop until he climaxed. All the smaller Saiyan could do was hang on and enjoy the ride.

It didn't take long for Broly to reach the edge and spill inside Goku's mouth. With a roar and an energy spike that left a sizable crater underneath them, Broly released in long spurts of liquid white down Goku's throat. Wave after wave, he rode his orgasm hard.

Finally, Goku's head was let go of and Goku took several gulps of air. He felt dizzy after the rough treatment, but what else was he to expect from someone like Broly? He was rough around the edges, and little by little, Goku was going to polish them out.


"Wow." Was all Goku could say.


Broly's eyes widened and he knelt down in front of Goku, "sorry. I couldn't control myself."


"It's fine!" Goku said cheerfully. "It's not like I didn't enjoy it. So, did ya like it?"


"Kakarot... " Broly had long ago chosen to call Goku by his Saiyan name after Goku had explained why he had two names. Besides, Goku had asked Broly to call him 'Kakarot'.




"I want more."