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Heart of Stone

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Veronica rushed into her university. She was late. That didn't happen much. She was always prompt, always on time but today there was a lot of traffic and it was simply impossible for her to get there.

She got to the elevator and sighed softly. As it travelled up, she panicked slightly more. She really needed to get to class because, in case you hadn't noticed, Veronica Sawyer wanted to get the best grades and she would hate herself if she was to fail something because she'd missed a class or simply hadn't studied enough.

When Veronica reached her floor, she ran to the classroom, which was at the end of the hall, and walked in. The class she was in had a very rude teacher which glared at Veronica as she made her way through the door, even though she came in quietly and hadn't interrupted anything.

"Veronica Sawyer, how kind of you to finally join us," the teacher snarled, sounding pissed but still managing to look graceful. Veronica sighed softly, starting to explain.

"I am so sorry! There was traffic and i was caught in it and-“ Veronica was cut off. She heard someone chuckling and glared at him. He had a trench coat on and, in Veronica’s eyes, was pretty hot. She averted her eyes away from him and back at the teacher, refocusing her attention at the tutting teacher, who looked ready to kill someone, which was most likely Veronica.

“Excuses, excuses. Just go sit down, Sawyer, and don’t be late again. You are extremely lucky I am just about to call out the groups,” the teacher sighed. Veronica brightened and thanked the teacher before looking around for a seat. The only free one just happened to be next to the trench coat kid, the one that had chuckled at her moments before, but Veronica didn’t have time to bother with that so she sat next to him and tried to focus her attention on the teacher and not the… extremely hot guy next to her. Although, it was quite hard when he was poking you. The teacher, however, did not notice and had already finished writing the partners for the project they were meant to do on the board. This gave trench coat a distraction from poking poor Veronica, his attention on the board in front of them as well.

Heather Chandler – Heather Duke
Peter Dawson – Heather McNamara

Jeez, there are a lot of Heather’s in this class, Veronica thought.

Kurt Kelly – Ram Sweeney

Veronica’s eyes travelled down the list until she set her eyes on her name and her partner’s name.

Veronica Sawyer – Jason Dean

She saw the guy next to her smirk and looked at him, completely oblivious to why he was smirking. So, she decided it was only right to make a sassy comment.

“What? Did you get the girl you’ve been crushing on for ages?” She’d been in this class before and Veronica full-well knew there were very pretty girls in this class, not including herself. There was no doubt this guy had a crush on at least one of them.

“Actually yes, I did.” He held a hand out to her and Veronica rested her hand inside his to greet him. His hand was surprisingly warm. “Jason Dean, pleased to meet your acquaintance.”

That caused a gasp to escape Veronica’s lips.

You’re my partner?! Oh my God!” Veronica wasn’t extremely mad but she was slightly mad because, mind you, though this guy is hot, he was poking her moments before so you can’t blame her.

“Yup!” The mystery guy smirked. He looked almost… triumphant. He probably was, to be honest. He did mention he got his crush as a partner. Veronica blushed after a couple seconds, remembering that detail.

“Wait… Why do you have a crush on me? I’m not pretty!” she said, confused.

“Maybe not to yourself but you are to me.”

Veronica blushed a bit more which gave JD an excuse to smile.

“My house. Eight.” He got up and just left, leaving Veronica to her own thoughts.

So, at 8pm that night, Veronica arrived at Jason’s house. No, she didn’t know where he lived, but he had somehow written his address down and slipped it in Veronica’s binder without her noticing so Veronica knew where he lived, in the least creepy way possible. She knocked on his door and waited. After a few seconds, Jason opened the door and smiled when he saw it was her.

“Come in.” He did a weird bow gesture, causing Veronica to giggle, and she went inside. His house was very nice, nicer than hers, and nicer than she had expected. She let out a little gasp. JD had a huge dorky smirk on and nodded. “Yeah. I pay for it.” Wow, JD. Smug much?

Veronica walked in and looked around it. It had nice lighting and was very appealing. She didn’t know how someone like JD could afford something this nice, but didn’t ask because that was rude.

“S-So,” she composed herself from her brief shock, “what were you planning on doing?” JD cocked an eyebrow and Veronica rolled her eyes. “Well, earlier you said I was your crush, but you don’t know much about me and no guy invites a girl to his house and immediately goes straight to studying then the girl goes home like nothing happened and they had just studied all night.” She cocked an eyebrow mockingly back at him and JD laughed.

“You are not wrong, Veronica. Can I call you Ronnie?” She was about to protest but JD went on, ignoring her response. “Ronnie, I do have a crush on you, that’s not wrong. You’re smart.” This made a huge grin appear on Veronica’s face.

“I know.” She winked and then walked over to the fridge, grabbing a can of Coca Cola and then sat at a table. JD joined her, amused by her attitude, and watched her.

They talked for a couple of hours, not doing any studying, before something knew appeared in the air. It wasn’t happiness or comfortableness or anything friendly, oh no. It was more than that and they both knew it. It was… love. Tension of love. They were in love with each other, but neither knew until that point. But they both seemed to sense it at the same time.

Veronica’s soft, brown eyes settled into JD’s dark, almost black eyes and they just stared at each other. They hadn’t even realised they were sitting right next to each other and their legs were touching. The tension made itself obvious and Veronica blushed lightly, admiring JD’s eyes, not breaking the connection they were having. Neither realised they were both leaning in until they could feel the other’s breath on their lips. Veronica’s eyes flicked down to JD’s lips and JD’s eyes flicked down to Veronica’s lips.

Before they knew it, they were connected. They had become one. Their lips had touched each other and JD’s arms were around Veronica’s waist, Veronica’s arms around JD’s neck. This felt… right. It felt comfortable. Perfect, even. It felt as if this was meant to be happening. It felt like they were meant to be together so, they stayed together. And Maybe they were.