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If You're From The Future And You Know It Clap Your Hands

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Unknown has created the chat, “Insert Reference Here.”


Unknown has added Shuri to the chat.


Unknown: Hello.


Shuri: who the fuck are you?


Shuri: how do you have my number???


Unknown: well shuri you see….


Unknown: im from the future


Shuri: wait what? u mean that,,,thanos is coming?


Unknown: yep. je be comin


Shuri: ok wait but who are u


Unknown: I am Iron Man


Shuri: no ur not


Unknown: shit ive been found out


Shuri: I change my mind, i don't wanna know who u are...less danger that way


Shuri: but can we change our names?


Unknown: ceartantly


Unknown has changed Unknow's name to istg.


istg has changed Shuri's name to kweenpurri.


istg: it is done


kweenpurri: i approve. do u kno if any1 else us back too?


istg: dont kno, but as soon as i do, ill add them


kweenpurri: cool coool


kweenpurri: god this is gonna be a nightmare


istg: i kno