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Sentimentality at Midnight

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The rain was pouring heavily on the makeshift construction office roof as Majima worked on paperwork. He frowned as he worked, wondering why something as simple as building something required so many fucking permits and paperwork.

He set down his pen and sighed as he gazed through the window, fat raindrops hitting the glass as he stretched his arms. He was hit with a wave of longing for his office inside Purgatory, with the huge wall of aquariums and decadent food whenever he clapped his hands. But, he had to admit, a dingy construction office was much closer to his comfort zone.

He missed Kiryu. He missed their street brawls and their hurried fucks in alleys or love hotels. He’d disappeared for a year and come back and seemed to not even acknowledge they’d been fucking before, maybe even had something more between them--he had just asked Majima to come back and fix the Dojima brat’s mess in the only way he knew how. And he did. It was hard for him to choose whether he’d only come back after a good fuck or a good fight. It’s too bad he couldn’t ask for both. If Kiryu wanted to act like whatever happened a year ago never did, he would play along, even if it pained him.

Majima finished up the paperwork in front of him and frowned. Where was Kiryu? After the bombs spread through Kamurocho had been diffused, Majima hadn’t seen hide nor hair of Kiryu. He’d heard some of what happened on Millenium Tower, but not everything. He figured Kiryu had taken his little girl and went back to whatever little hole he was calling home, trying to raise Haruka as if her “uncle” weren’t the strongest yakuza in the business.

A knock startled Majima out of his memories. He frowned and stood up, straightening his construction helmet before opening the door, half-expecting some color-gang thug who never got the message to be going for his blood. He was definitely not expecting a very soaked Kiryu to be standing there, looking at him with an unreadable expression.

“Kiryu-chan?” Majima pulled him inside, hurrying to the small bathroom to search for a towel. “What’s up? Haven’t seen ya in a hot minute.”

“Why are you here so late?”

“Eh? Oh, I had paperwork.” Majima pressed the scratchy towel into Kiryu’s hands but he just stared through Majima as if he weren’t even there. “Are ya on fuckin’ drugs or somethin’?”

“Tragedy follows me,” Kiryu said, his voice quiet as he finally started patting himself dry. His clothes were so wet it wasn’t doing much, but Majima let him continue as he quickly texted Nishida to get him to bring some dry clothes.

“Tragedy follows everyone,” Majima said, plopping down in his plush office chair, pointing at the matching one across from his desk, not even caring that Kiryu would ruin the leather. He narrowed his eye as Kiryu stared at the floor.

“Did you know Goda died up there?”

Majima didn’t. Did Kiryu really…?

“I didn’t know,” Majima said carefully.

“Sayama tells me it wasn’t me that killed him,” Kiryu said, his voice wound tight. “Says it was the gunshots. I don’t think I believe her.”

“Kiryu-chan, a guy like that ain’t gonna die just from a fistfight, even with someone like you,” Majima said, grinding his teeth slightly. He hated conversations like this, he never knew if what he was going to say was the right or wrong thing.

“And Nishiki… If I… If I hadn’t gone to prison, none of this would have happened. The clan fell apart while I was gone because of the hole left by Dojima. I should’ve--”

“Now wait just a sec, Kiryu-chan,” Majima said, holding his hand up. “I ain’t never seen ya mopin’ like this, what’s goin’ on?”

There was silence for several minutes. Majima thought Kiryu was going to stand up and leave, but he finally spoke again.

“Haruka had a friend over,” Kiryu began saying. “I heard her say tell Haruka that… that I was just using her to seem innocent, that I’d dump her by the wayside when I was no longer in hiding.”

“Some little brat said that? How’d she know about ya?”

“She saw my tattoo,” Kiryu said, finally meeting Majima’s gaze. His brows were drawn together even further than usual, his mouth set in a line. They were silent again.

“I never should have taken Haruka in,” Kiryu said. “I’ll never be able to give her a normal life. No matter how hard I try, I’m haunted by my past. It’s just a matter of time before she gets hurt.”

Majima’s first instinct was to scoff at Kiryu, laugh him out of whatever funk he’d found himself in, but he knew that was just what the Mad Dog would do. Here, alone in the dark office with rain crashing against the roof, it was just him and Kiryu. No one to posture for.

“Kiryu-chan,” Majima said, his voice as gentle as he could manage. “Yer a saint, ya love that little girl like she’s yer own and yer doin’ yer best to raise her. So what if she never lives a ‘normal’ life? Yer givin’ her the best ya can, and that’s all that matters.”

“What if she’s the next one to die?”


“First Dojima, Nishiki, Goda, everyone else who died because of my actions. I couldn’t live with myself if Haruka were the next,” Kiryu said, his voice strained. He scrubbed at his face with the palm of his hand and Majima pretended not to notice the puffiness around his eyes.

“C’mon, yer just havin’ a bad day,” Majima said, standing up to sit on his desk, holding Kiryu’s stubbly chin in his hand as he forced Kiryu to look into his face. “This’ll pass.”

Kiryu held his gaze but didn’t look convinced. Majima sighed and pulled back.

“What can I do to help?” Majima asked, surprising even himself as he tried to stay genuine. He didn’t think Kiryu needed his snark and endless facades tonight.

“I need to forget everything for tonight,” Kiryu said, a slight blush crawling up his collar.

Majima raised an eyebrow.

“Whaddya mean by that?”



Majima wanted to say that he was just bringing Kiryu back to his place for his own benefit, but he’d be lying if he didn’t admit his own cock twitched with interest at being able to fuck Kiryu again.

“So whaddya in the mood for?” Majima asked, nudging a few fingers of whiskey across the counter to Kiryu. He shrugged and drank the whole glass in one go, and Majima sighed and quirked a concerned grin.

“Alright, well, I’ve got somethin’ in mind, ya already know our safeword if ya don’t like where things are goin’.”

Kiryu nodded and followed Majima into his lavish bedroom, methodically pulling off his clothes before folding them carefully and setting them in a pile on a nearby chair. Majima raised an eyebrow at Kiryu’s soft cock, asking a silent question if he really wanted this, but Kiryu just nodded.

Majima pulled his own jacket off before walking closer to Kiryu, running his hands up and down Kiryu’s sculpted chest. His body was like a furnace, always radiating heat no matter what. Majima began kissing him softly, Kiryu stiff against his touch at first, but when Majima opened his mouth and allowed Kiryu’s tongue to explore his own, he finally moaned softly and relaxed into Majima’s touch. Majima grinned against his lips and continued kissing him, slow and gentle, just the way Kiryu liked.

Majima pulled his gloves off as quickly as he could before he ran one down Kiryu’s abs and grabbed at Kiryu’s hardening cock, his own twitching with interest when Kiryu practically whimpered against his lips.

“Been a while?” Majima asked, stroking him with a loose fist as he used his other hand to tweak Kiryu’s nipples.

“Yeah,” Kiryu breathed out, making Majima chuckle. The guy really needed to let loose more, but Majima could help with that.

“Get on the bed,” Majima said, nipping at Kiryu’s bottom lip before turning to rummage through his dresser for the supplies they’d need for the night.

When Majima returned, Kiryu was looking at him with lust-filled eyes, making him grin and chuckle. Kiryu was always so earnest with his desires and it warmed Majima’s heart.

“Hands behind yer back,” Majima said, setting everything but the silk rope onto the bed.

He climbed behind Kiryu, the mattress dipping with their combined weight as Majima carefully tied Kiryu’s wrists together, making sure the knot was secure enough to stop him from getting free but not so tight that Kiryu’s hands would lose blood flow.

“Needs to be tighter,” Kiryu said, his voice rumbling.

Majima hummed but didn’t tighten it, instead standing up and pushing Kiryu onto his back.

“Legs apart.”

Kiryu glared at him before he huffed and obliged, spreading his legs as Majima waited at the foot of his bed. He pulled up the ankle cuffs he’d had fitted to his bed (Nishida had gotten much better at affixing BDSM equipment over the years) and secured them around Kiryu’s ankles, spreading his legs even wider.

“Comfy?” Majima asked.


Majima kissed the top of Kiryu’s knee and grabbed the lube Kiryu preferred and settled himself between Kiryu’s stretched legs, pouring a healthy amount of lube over his fingers.

“Ya look so nice like this, Kiryu-chan,” Majima said, unable to stop the affection he felt from pouring through into his tone. “Yer ass is divine, ya know that?”

Kiryu grunted, his face reddening. He opened his mouth to say something, but Majima shut him up when he wrapped his calloused hand around Kiryu’s swollen cock. He stroked Kiryu slowly, his grip light as he nudged his fingertip against Kiryu’s entrance.

“Fuck, I missed ya,” Majima said as he pushed his finger inside, Kiryu’s ass swallowing him up easily.

“Ah! M-more, more, please.”

“Have ya been practicin’ without me?” Majima asked, chuckling slightly as he pushed in a second finger, scissoring them slowly as he worked Kiryu open.

“M-maybe,” Kiryu gasped out when Majima began nudging against his prostate. Majima’s chest warmed with affection as he started scissoring his fingers faster.

He started stroking Kiryu’s cock again, his grip even tighter than before as he worked his fingers in and out. Before Kiryu could ask again, Majima pushed in a third finger and curled them, knowing just how Kiryu liked it.

“There, there, right there, Majima-san,” Kiryu gasped out, his chest heaving as Majima rubbed his prostate. Majima grinned and worked his fingers faster, increasing the pace of the hand around Kiryu’s cock in tandem. He continued to increase the speed until he heard the tell-tale grunt that Kiryu was close and he quickly let go of Kiryu’s cock and stilled his fingers. Kiryu groaned miserably, arching his back as he searched for contact against his weeping cock.

“Feelin’ good?” Majima asked, gathering the precum that had leaked onto Kiryu’s abdomen with his fingers before licking them clean.

“Again,” Kiryu said, biting his lip as he held Majima’s gaze. Majima grinned and kissed the top of Kiryu’s knee, cupping Kiryu’s balls gently as he started working his fingers inside him again.

Kiryu moaned and arched his back, panting loudly as Majima insistently pressed against his prostate. The sound he made when Majima put his mouth on his cockhead was something that Majima wished he could play back every time he needed to get off, needy and loud and desperate.

Majima licked around the head a few times before he took Kiryu to the root in one go, Kiryu arching his back and groaning loudly, his ass squeezing around Majima’s fingers. Majima swallowed around the tip of Kiryu’s cock a few times before he started bobbing his head, his own moans vibrating around Kiryu’s cock as he watched Kiryu’s face contort in pleasure.

“Ah, ah!” Kiryu cried out.

Majima quickly pulled his mouth off Kiryu’s cock but continued fucking Kiryu slowly with his fingers. He whimpered pathetically, thrashing against his bindings weakly as another orgasm escaped him.

“God, I can never get enough of this,” Majima said, crooking his fingers as he ran his other hand across Kiryu’s twitching abdomen. “I love when ya get like this, so fuckin’ needy and ready.”

“Majima-san,” Kiryu whimpered out, his voice choked.

“What is it, Kiryu-chan?”

“P-please, I need to cum,” Kiryu said, his pupils practically overtaking his irises.

“Hm, are ya sure?” Majima asked, grinning at his cruel question. Luckily for him, he knew Kiryu liked it.

“F-fuck, please let me cum, Majima-san, I’m so close, let me cum, please, please.”

“Alright, Kiryu-chan,” Majima said, smiling as he kissed the tip of Kiryu’s cock. “But only because ya begged so nicely.”

Majima mimicked his earlier move and took Kiryu’s entire cock into his mouth in one go, hollowing his cheeks as he bobbed his head up and down. Kiryu’s moans and cries only egged him on, so he began pressing against Kiryu’s prostate mercilessly, letting spit run down his chin. Kiryu loved making Majima’s mouth a mess.

“Majima-san, I--” Kiryu’s sentence devolved into moans as his balls tightened against Majima’s chin and he began cumming, groaning as Majima pressed his nose against his pubic bone and swallowed around him. Majima waited until he swallowed the last of Kiryu’s cum before pulling off with a gasp, grinning at the look on Kiryu’s face.

“Think ya can handle gettin’ fucked?”

“Yes,” Kiryu said, pausing slightly before continuing. “Please fuck me.”

Majima chuckled and pulled his fingers out, pouring out more lube before slicking himself up, pressing himself against Kiryu’s entrance. He had to still be sensitive, so Majima pushed in slowly, waiting for Kiryu to tell him to stop. When all he did was moan appreciatively, Majima sighed and allowed himself to enjoy the slick heat around his cock. Kiryu was as tight as ever, enveloping him perfectly as he started thrusting slowly, his hips moving in little jerks as he adjusted to being connected.

“Ready?” Majima asked.

“Could you…” Kiryu trailed off, his eyes darting around the room as he swallowed heavily, trying to get himself to continue speaking. “I want to kiss you, Majima-san.”

Majima chuckled and leaned closer, using his clean hand to wipe away the stray hairs stuck to Kiryu’s forehead. He gently kissed his sweaty temple before moving their lips together and kissing. It was just as slow as their kiss earlier, but much more intense as Majima fucked into him. He kept his pace slow but hard, Kiryu whimpering against his lips.

Majima leaned even closer, sandwiching Kiryu’s sensitive cock between their abdomens and began fucking even faster, Kiryu tensing at the sensation.

“Majima-san, Majima-san, I feel so good,” Kiryu babbled against his lips, kissing at him clumsily as Majima fucked him.

Kiryu spread beneath him, so trusting and ready, his cum from earlier rubbing against their abdomens, his hot breath near his lips drove Majima wild, and he began thrusting his hips even faster, groaning when Kiryu tightened around him. He buried himself as deep as he could and came, his ears ringing slightly as Kiryu moaned beneath him. When he pulled away, he grinned as he saw that Kiryu had cum as well.

Majima pulled out slowly, unable to stop himself from spreading Kiryu’s cheeks as he watched his own cum ooze from Kiryu’s used hole. After he had enough of looking at his handiwork, he quickly wiped his hands on the bedspread and undid Kiryu’s bonds, rubbing the areas where the rope or cuffs had held him.

“Ya alright?” Majima asked, pulling Kiryu off the bed and letting him lean against him as they went to the bathroom.

“Mhm,” Kiryu murmured drowsily. Majima hummed and smiled at the look of bliss on Kiryu’s face. He’d really needed that.


Majima expected Kiryu to leave as soon as he finished bathing him, but he was still laying in Majima’s bed when Majima finished his own shower.

“Ya stayin’ the night?” Majima asked, careful to keep his voice even. Kiryu looked up and narrowed his eyes.

“Of course,” he said. “I always stay the night.”

“Well, it’s just been a while,” Majima said, shrugging his shoulders as he pulled on a pair of sweatpants.

“Majima-san… I’m sorry I haven’t had time for this in such a long time.”

“S’okay,” Majima said, hoping he sounded indifferent.

“I… I was confused,” Kiryu said. It sounded like it was difficult for him to say that.

“About what?” Majima asked, his chest burning a million degrees as he realized he probably already knew what Kiryu would say.

“About us,” Kiryu said. “I… I’ve never been good with relationships. And. Well, after Nishiki died…”


Kiryu cleared his throat and continued.

“I thought I shouldn’t be involved with anyone because everyone near me just gets hurt.”

“Kiryu-chan, yer a real dumbass,” Majima said, sighing as he ran his fingers through his damp hair. “Ya had me stressin’ like some kinda school girl. Thought ya didn’t like me anymore.”

Kiryu smiled that unbearably soft smile at him and Majima scoffed, knocking their shoulders together as they sat in companionable silence.

“Want a cigarette?” Majima asked, standing up to pull one from his jacket.

“Yes, please.”