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Do you really want to hurt me?

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Jon Moss

Jon didn’t understand anything at the moment as he walked towards George’s house with a  wound on his cheek and a blue eye that his girlfriend, Well now ex girlfriend had given him after he accidentally admitted that he was in love with George after her endless jealous rants. Jon didn’t understand anything at all. One minute George was just George, George O’Dowd a bandmate and a friend. And the next Jon couldn’t stop staring at him, at George’s gorgeous blue eyes. Fuck! When had George become so beautiful? And when had Jon started seeing George differently? When had Jon fallen in love with the blue eyed gorgeous man who was no other than George O’Dowd? Jon was confused, he was utterly confused. 

Jon knocked on George’s door once he finally arrived. George opened the door and smiled at Jon. God...George was gorgeous. Even without makeup George O’Dowd was breathtakingly gorgeous. It was ridiculous. Jon has tried convincing himself that it was because George looked like a girl, but he knew George wasn’t a girl. George was George. And Jon just happened to be fucking in love with the guy. “God, Jon Hello” George said smiling at Jon driving Jon a little bit mad “This is a nice surprise I haven’t even got makeup on”. Jon chuckled smiling at George. George’s eyes travelled to Jon’s blue eye. “Goodness me what happened to you?” George asked worried. “Oh it’s...umm...the bitch, she went for me” Jon said sighing. George frowned and let Jon in. “Wait here, let me help you with that wound of yours” George said smiling at Jon. Jon nodded and smiled at George. George quickly ran to god knows where and then back a few minutes later with cotton pads and alcohol. George gestured for Jon to go sit on the couch so Jon followed instructions and sat down obediently. George poured some alcohol onto a cotton pad and carefully rubbed it onto Jon’s wound. Jon winced so George put it away. George sighed and looked at Jon. 

“Alright What did you do?” George asked Jon smiling at him. Jon stared at George and chuckled shaking his head. “She was jealous” Jon said shaking his head smiling at George. George chuckled and smiled at Jon. “Of What?” George asked smiling at Jon “Jealous her boyfriend’s going to be super famous?”. Jon chuckled and shook his head at this wonderful person in front of him. “No, not because of that” Jon said shaking his head at George. “Then Why was she jealous” George asked Jon smiling. Jon laughed and shook his head feeling embarrassed for even feeling this way about George. “I’m not telling you” Jon said laughing. George giggled and shook his head at Jon. “Come on, I promise I won’t tell anyone” George said poking Jon’s chest with his finger. Jon sighed and smiled staring into George’s eyes. Jon took George’s hand and smiled at George. “She was jealous of you” Jon said sighing. George  broke into laughter and shook his head at Jon tightly grasping onto Jon’s hand. “Of me?!?!?” George asked giggling. “She thinks I spend too much time with you” Jon said frowning. “Well you do spend a whole lot of time with me, get out of here!” George said teasing Jon. “She thinks I’m in love with you” Jon blurted out staring into George’s eyes. George stopped laughing and frowned. “And what is it you told her?” George asked Jon. Jon leaned closer to George until their foreheads touched. Jon leaned his forehead on George’s. Their lips were now only inches apart. “I told her the truth?” Jon said taking deep breaths as he looked into George’s eyes. “And What is the truth?” George asked also taking deep breaths. Jon could hear George breathe. He wanted to kiss George. “I’m in love with you” Jon whispered before closing the space between the two. 

And there he was kissing George O’Dowd. And it felt amazing he could feel his heart explode with happiness, sadness, anger, fear and embarrassment. Everything at once. Jon was terrified but he couldn’t be happier. George’s lips were...perfect. Jon didn’t want to stop kissing George. Jon opened his eyes to see George looking at him. George pulled away suddenly. “What are you doing?” George asked Jon surprised that Jon had kissed him. “Kissing you obviously” Jon said frowning. George shook his head laughing then let Jon kiss him once again. Jon had no idea how this was supposed to go, Sure he had kissed girls before but somehow as he kissed George he forgot everything that he knew. It was like being reborn and having to learn things all over again. George chuckled noticing Jon’s in capability to properly kiss him. Jon chuckled too. George gave Jon one more quick peck on the lips before pulling away from Jon once again. Then the two just sat there smiling at one another.