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“…and then we’ll run off with the treasure because those pirate ghosts don’t deserve it anyway and all the girls come running because we are the two greatest adventures to ever live!”

As he spoke, Stan waved his hands, for effect, getting caught up in his own story as he spoke. Adventuring with his bro, that was the dream.

A small laugh sounded next to him and he quickly looked over at Ford. “Whatcha laughing about, Sixer?”

“Nothing. You just have the best imagination of anyone.” As he spoke, Ford grinned at Stan.

Matching his brother’s smile, he sat up, punching Ford’s shoulder. “Imagination nothing, we are going to adventure all over the world, it’s just fact.”

“So you can see the future now?” Ford asked, sticking his tongue out.

Not daunted the slightest by the teasing, Stan folded his arms and nodded. “Yup. We are going to grow up and find all the weirdest things and be the best team ever.”

“Well, I won’t argue with that.”

Opening an eye, Stan saw that Ford was now looking at the ocean again, excitement lighting his eyes.

“You better not, because it’s gonna happen. Wherever we go, we go together, right?”

Ford turned his gaze from the ocean and he grinned.