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Grasping at the Music Notes Singing My Dreams

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Kyouka sings as she cleans up the mess made by her last customer. “I’m working things out-”  Kyouka washes the dye away. “Clouds look strange-”  She sweeps up the hair. “Papercut fingers dancing on the strings-”  The broom handle clunks against the wall. “If I could see you right now-”  Kyouka turns around, the next line of lyrics dying in her throat as she meets orange pupils surrounded by a black sclera.

“You leaving me all alone Kyouka?” The owner of the unusual eyes asks in a faux pouty voice. The girl in question rolls her eyes good-naturedly. “You’re only here for another 30 minutes Mina, you drama queen.” Mina, one of Kyouka’s co-workers and closest friends, along with a few of her other acquaintance/friends from college opened up Miscellaneous dreams, a tattoo/hair studio. Mina’s specialty is extreme body modifications, those are rarely requested, but she can do everything.

Her appearance is that of someone who's gotten a lot of body modifications, appropriate for her career, but odd to most onlookers. Her dark skin is covered in brightly colored tattoos that camouflage pink scars, and the unusual eyes that are currently aimed at Kyouka are the result of a sclera tattooing. Then there are the two ‘horns’ that just poke out of her hair. Her hair is probably the least shocking aspect of Mina’s appearance with all of the other body modifications she’s made. A poofy cloud of short bubblegum pink hair that stands up from her head in soft spikes, some curling around to frame her face along with bangs. A couple piercings litter her ears and face, she doesn't always have all of them in, and today her ears are filled and a stud is in her nose.

Mina winks at her, “You know it.” Kyouka lets out a small nose exhale of laughter at that and lazily waves behind her as she goes to walk out the door. “See ya Mina.” “Yup!” Kyouka almost feels bad with how happy she is to be out of that building. Don’t get her wrong, she loves working at Miscellaneous Dreams, her co-workers are great and the actual work is usually super enjoyable. Tattoos and piercings and hairstyling are all things that Kyouka loves doing. She gets to help people make their identity their’s and use their body as a canvas for permanent art, it’s amazing. However, nowadays, it seems like she spends a lot of her time at the studio thinking about the new song that she and Momo are working on (sometimes it’s just Momo) instead of her actual work. A little after Misc. Dreams opened up Momo and Kyouka started up a little band, if they can even call themselves that. They write songs together and sing them, recording it on their phones, but never going farther than that. They’re too busy. Kyouka’s always dreamed of making it big in the music industry, it’s just never been plausible to her… and it isn’t now. Just like Momo being interested in her isn’t possible. Doesn’t stop Kyouka from wanting exactly that though. Kyouka sometimes wonders when exactly she stopped being fully content at Misc. Dreams. It was probably the first time her and Momo sat down with each other to work on a song if she's honest with herself.

Momo’s voice has such an ethereal tone to it. It’s clear and powerful and carries throughout Kyouka’s room. She can remember the nervous look that Momo gave her when Kyouka didn’t start singing her part when she was supposed to. She forgot to for a moment and was staring dumbly at the gorgeous girl next to her in awe. Kyouka remembers flushing and looking away from Momo to focus on the lyrics in her hand. Then when their voices combined for that first time. She wishes that Momo was always there to sing with her, because when Momo sings with her, Kyouka feels like she can do anything. Of course, anything does not include partially quitting her current job, asking Momo on a date, or seriously pursuing a music career with Momo. She wants to though, so badly.

However, that’s just a daydream, in real life she’s going to her condo. Her condo that she shares with Kaminari Denki, her best friend since high school and a complete dork. He can get annoying sometimes and he doesn’t have great cooking skills or organization, but living with him isn’t too bad. The fact that she’s meeting Momo at that condo makes it so that her annoying roommate doesn’t really matter. Even if she doesn’t have the guts to try and make their relationship anything other than platonic, these moments that she can steal with Momo is something that Kyouka will never take for granted.

Before Kyouka even enters the condo she can hear the familiar muffled voices of Denki and Eijirou. She turns up the volume on her phone and opens the door. Like she figured Denki and Eijirou are in the ‘living room’, from what Kyouka can see they’re playing Smash Bros. Eijirou grins and waves at Kyouka when she walks in before quickly turning back around to watch the game. She slows her pace to analyze their expressions, looks like Eijirou is regretting looking away from the screen. Dorks.

Kyouka heads to the kitchen, humming along to the song playing on her phone, to get something to eat out of the fridge. The condo they live in is pretty small, but that doesn’t make it a bad living space, it’s nice. There’s a small living room with a couch, TV, and loveseat to your left when you enter. To the right is a table that’s almost pressed against the wall fully, but one of four chairs is shoved into that space. Behind the couch of the living room a counter juts out that determines the start of the kitchen, cupboards line the top of the walls and the counter wraps around in a square, the fridge is at the end of the counter and against the wall. That's her stop. Inside the fridge there’s a bowl of almost fully eaten macaroni and cheese that Kyouka made a week ago when she was craving something cheesy. That'll do.

She hums while the microwave does its’ thing, “Caught in your eyes… make it for the best… good times good times…” 


Kyouka plops down in the loveseat with her bowl of mac and cheese, one earbud left dangling. Eijirou had just left, but Denki is still out and lying across the couch looking at his phone.

“Momo’s coming over today?” He asks with a tone that she knows well and a smug expression. It wasn’t hard for him to find out about her massive crush on Momo and Denki just loves to harass her about it. Kyouka looks at her roommate with a look that is supposed to shut him up, but with all the time Kyouka’s spent with Denki she knows that the favored response is unlikely. A knock on the door did the job for her… for a moment. The blonde grinned at her. “Speak of the devil.” Kyouka acted annoyed by Denki’s comment, but she actually didn’t care, cause Momo. Kyouka opens the door with a small, hopefully casual, smile on her face.

“Hello Kyouka,” Momo’s greeting sounded tired but relieved to be done with work. Momo works in her family’s acting agency, she’s expressed her discontent in her career every once in a while to Kyouka but she doesn’t like talking about it. “You know you don’t have to knock by now.” Kyouka teases. Momo walks into the condo and lies her jacket over one of the table chairs.

“And you know that it feels too intrusive for me,” Momo replies with a small smile. To most, her voice would appear cheeky, which it was to an extent, but Kyouka noticed a slight strain to the retort that made the shorter girl’s lips quirk a bit down. Now that she thinks about it Momo just looks stressed overall. Her long black hair is up in a messy (not on purpose, but that doesn’t make it look any worse on Momo, Kyouka swears that Momo could never not look gorgeous) bun. Her face has a light amount of makeup, however not enough to cover the bags under her eyes. They weren’t obvious, but any ‘imperfection’ on Momo’s appearance is rare.

“Hey, Momo!” Denki greets. Momo sends the male a minuscule smile. “Hello, Kaminari.” Momo bows a small amount “Well I won’t keep you two from doing your thing!” Kyouka almost didn’t notice the wink that he sent their way. She rolls her eyes. “I wish.” Momo quietly giggles at Kyouka’s comment, Jirou’s focus immediately whipping towards the girl. Her long, thin fingers were delicately covering her mouth, eyes slightly crinkled and shoulders moving a small bit with the giggles. That made Kyouka smile, Momo happy is one of Kyouka’s favorite things. Kyouka looks away before she starts staring for a socially inappropriate amount of time. When Kyouka hears a quiet sigh beside her she decides it was safe to look back at Momo. Her eyes weren’t as tired as before, that’s good. “Are we going Kyouka?”

Kyouka strums the guitar resting across her body before adjusting a couple of the strings and strumming again, sounds good. It’s kind of hard to keep a piano in their living space so they just have a keyboard for Momo to play on. Kyouka’s heard Momo play on a really nice grand piano that’s in her family’s massive mansion, it was gorgeous, the way that those fingers dance across the keys, Momo’s concentrated and slightly flushed face. Kyouka feels her face heat up at the thought. Momo insists that she likes to play here better though, its homier, and Kyouka has to agree. Momo’s house, although very very nice, always seems rather cold and distant.

“So uh Kyouka,” Momo hesitantly says, breaking Kyouka’s train of thought. She looks up. “Yeah, Momo?” She looks nervous, but the kind that has an excitement underneath it. “Well uh-” Momo’s eyes dart around the room, her cheeks flushing a bit. Cute. She seems to get some confidence and her expression hardens but isn’t any less excited. “I have a song that I’ve been uh writing this for a while now- and I know that you usually are the one to write the songs and all, but um I really am proud of this and-” Momo’s talking really fast with sparkly eyes, and excited arm movements. Kyouka watches with an equally amused and smitten gaze, at least she’s feeling peppier, that’s good.

Kyouka laughs, interrupting Momo, “I’d love to hear it,” She says. Momo perks up and her cheeks get a little redder. “Oh-okay, yeah! I wrote it as a duet with you and me, but I’ll sing my part first and play the piano, of course, that’s what I do, and then afterward I can show you your part, I just wrote the singing parts though, because I think you could add a lot to the song with your guitar and your writing.” Kyouka nods with an amused smile on her face. “Sounds good.” This Momo is one of Kyouka’s favorite Momos, not like she could dislike any Momo, except for sad Momo, and that’s just cause she doesn’t want Momo to be sad.

Kyouka gives an encouraging look to urge Momo along. She smiles nervously before placing her fingers delicately onto the keys. Like always Kyouka is entranced by the sound of Momo’s voice. It flows in a hopeful yet bittersweet and confused melody. The song gains volume and Momo’s fingers are now flying across the keys, her face is concentrated, moving with along the music. The lyrics are very poetic, that doesn’t surprise Kyouka. Then Momo stops for a moment and the piano gets softer, she’s humming a little. “How will the songbird fly when there are giant bats in the dark…” Momo ends the song there and looks up at Kyouka, her demeanor shy, probably realizing how into it she got. Kyouka grins and claps. God am I a goner. Momo brightens at that. “Thank you Kyouka.” She’s smiling too, face flushed from the performance.

“Number one Momo fan right here,” Kyouka says, pointing at herself, Momo laughs at that. “Does the song have a name?” Momo nods, “Yeah, Nyctalus lasiopterus, which is a type of bat that eats birds, like in the song.” Kyouka stifles a snort of laughter, that’s so Momo.

“I thought it was clever,” Damn, guess Kyouka didn’t do a great job at concealing her amusement. Kyouka grins, “It is, very.” “Just what I would expect my number one fan to say.” Wait… is Momo teasing her? She totally is. “As I am your number one fan I think it’s appropriate. Now hand me that sheet music and let's start working on this together.”


Singing with Momo is as great as it always is. It leaves Kyouka with a happy, warm, buzzing feeling throughout her body. Her cheeks almost hurt from all of the smiling. The song, Nycturnal laseraptus or whatever, is really well written. Kyouka tweaked a lot of her own parts. Momo said that that was what she figured Kyouka would do and that she trusts whatever she changes will be great.

The atmosphere relaxed and pleasant. Kyouka hummed the song and messed around with her guitar, seeing what would fit the song. A couple of jokes were exchanged and laughter released. Momo would break her concentration once or twice to admire Kyouka and her work or laugh at something the short girl said. They continued on like this for a good while, changing the song here and there when Kyouka asked something.

“So what was your inspiration? I can’t imagine writing something like this just because it sounds nice.” Momo took a breath in at that, one that Kyouka noticed and she was about to withdraw the question when Momo opened her mouth to respond.

“I don’t want to work at my family’s agency. “The words tumbled out of her mouth in a rush. Kyouka blinked, well then.


Right when the words left Momo’s lips she regretted it, I shouldn’t have said that, Kyouka doesn’t need her burdens. There was so much more that she could’ve said too. That she wants to run away with Kyouka and sing, get away from her parents and gigantic suffocatingly lonely house, but can’t because she’s too scared. That she’s a coward and selfish, grasping for the few moments she can have with Kyouka and hoarding them away.

Momo couldn’t look Kyouka in the eye, too worried about what expression she would see on Kyouka’s face. She knows that Kyouka wouldn’t dismiss her and she knows that she doesn’t do well with emotions, but she had to go and run her mouth anyway.


Kyouka was silent, she kept opening her mouth then closing it, trying to find the right words, this was obviously a big thing for Momo to admit and Kyouka didn’t want to mess up. “Well… would the songbird feel better if they had a hawk friend that would fly with them in the dark?” Wow, great job Kyouka, sounding gay and cheesy as fuck. Momo’s head whipped up to look at Kyouka for the first time since her declaration. Her face was surprised and a bit pink.

“Maybe…” She smiled timidly at Kyouka, “The songbird would definitely like that.” It was silent, the two girls gazing into the other’s eyes. Then Momo seemed to realize something and started furiously editing the sheet music for the song they were working on. “What are you doing?” Kyouka asked, shifting closer to Momo to see what she was doing. Momo looked up at Kyouka with a small smile. “Giving the songbird a friend.”