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The legend of Zelda: The Deltarune Curse

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In the woods surrounding the hamlet of Hometown, a large and proud tree stump stood, hollow where it's core should be. It was quiet, the chirps of birds the only thing interrupting the quiet. Moment's later, an echoed voice could be heard echoing through the trees, getting louder with each moment. Finally a young boy, clad in green, with blond hair and pointed ears was launched from the stump, rolling along the ground before colliding with a tree and bumping his head.

The young Hylian stood up and rubbed his sore, looking at the unfamiliar forrest around him. He quickly noticed, although he still obtained his sword and shield, he lacked many an item he had with him before he was tricked into the forest.

Link, was baffled.

Just moments ago, he had been exploring the fields around New Hylia, looking for a home for the residence of Dragon Roost Isle. Something had caught his eye and he ventured into the wood, only to find a stump very much like the one in front of him. Curiosity got the better of him and he fell inside, only to pop up here.

Link noticed a red flash out of the corner of his eye, he jumped back just in time to avoid a bright red heart slamming into him. He drew his sword, wary. The heart spoke to Link, but more in his head than anything. Nothing new there.

*Hey! Don’t worry, I’m not here to fight you. I doubt I could.*

Link stood his ground.

*Hey what’s your name?*

. . .

*Don’t talk much? Don’t worry, I’ll figure it out. Could you put your sword away? I really don’t want to get cut.*

Link tentatively put his sword away, still unsure about this heart.

*My name’s, well, you can call me Player. Dumb I know, but it’s the best name right now.*

*Say, you look like you’re lost. Y’know what? How about I help you around here, and maybe you could help me with something*

-> [Sure!]

[No way!]

Player span around Link and slipped under his pointed hat.


The young Hylian stood out like a sore thumb in Hometown, although he only knew that’s what it was called because Player had told him so. There was a plethora of strange creatures all around him, some similar to many of the residence of Hylia, but others, stranger. Player pointed some out along the way, pointing out one in particular.

*Stay away from her, she’s got a reputation as the resident mean girl, I wouldn't doubt she’d try and ruff you up.*

Link looked at the monster Player pointed out, a big, burly, purple monster that would give a Moblin a challenge in a fight. He walked clear of her, she glared back at him.

The town had its fair share of shops, a cafe, a church, and even a grocery store. Not to mention a school.

*I’m taking it you’re looking for a way home?*

A nod from Link.

*Then I’d say explore around Hometown, maybe ask around if anything strange has been happening.*

Many of the monsters in hometown were nice, a few complained about their neighbors, many commented on how Link was the second human in hometown.

“Yeah like, you’re so much more outgoing than Kris. What’s being a human like?” Said Bratty, who resembled something like a Lizalfos. Link just shrugged, unsure how to answer.

“Well, I heard you like, can’t do magic. Which must suck, maybe you should visit Kris sometime. I bet you two would like, get along.”

*Absolutely do NOT do that.*

Link was skeptical, but decided to trust the Player for now.

“Anyway, do you need like, directions or something?”

Link shook his head. “Well like, good luck littl’ dude”

Link continued to talk to the locals, getting hints here and there that something strange was going on. Monsters also kept bringing up this ‘Kris’ character. Eventually, Link walked down an old park path, leading out to a pond. Link stopped there, taking off his boots to dangle his feet in the water.

After a few minutes Link was greeted by the one of the biggest Octos he’s ever seen! Although following this worlds logic, it was nothing like a normal Octo. It rose up from the water before greeting itself in the most cutesy voice only rivaled by his sister.

“Oh hai there! You’re new in town, right?”


“Oh wow! We don’t get many new people here! Especially humans.”

Another nod.

“Well, my names Onionsan! But you must already know that!”

-> [Yeah I know you!]

[Not really]

“Oh really! Wooooow! I mean you should already but wooooo!” Onionsan was happily splashing the water. “Well you seem really nice! Have you been finding Hometown nice?”

Link nodded and smiled, the town was nice. “Oh that’s greeeeat! If you need directions or anything, you can ask me, even though, I don't, get around much..”

->[Has anything strange been going on?]

[I need to go.]

“Oh! Yeah! There’s been this weird shadow thing lurking around town, so I’ve heard! It’s not done much but I’ve heard officer Undyne posting warnings about it.” Onionsan lifted a tendril, thinking. “I’ve seen it mostly lurking to the east of this lake, there's this really creepy abandoned building over there but I can’t get to it. There’s these really mean monsters that won't stop shooting at me!” They made a pouty face. Link made one back.

“Well, thanks for stopping by. Have a good daaaaay. See you sooooooon. Byyyyyyeeeee…” Onionsans voice became quieter as they slowly sunk back into the lake.

*Well, looks like we have somewhere to go now. But those Monsters might be a problem. But you have a sword, right?*

Link rolled his eyes, holding up his sword and pointing to high in a tree in a “Really?” motion.

*Riiiiight. Well, look around town, we might find something there.*

Link headed back to town, looking around, he decided the only store where he’d find anything useful was the grocery store.

Sans’s was, interesting. There was a sleeping skeleton on the counter, presumably Sans. The shelves had an assortment of groceries as you would expect. But it also seemed like there was a few novelty items at the front, one looked strikingly familiar.

Link was taken aback by seeing his own Wind Waker on sale.

“Catch yer eye?” Link fell back, about to touch the wand when the skeleton woke up. “He, I fell yah. Got an eye for fancy things?”

[You could say that]

->[That’s, actually mine]

“He, no kidding.” The skeleton shrugged. “Well, tall yah what, I lost my notebook near an old ruin west a town. How bout you go get it for me and you can have this back.” Link nodded in agreement. “Cool, here.”

*You got the Wind Waker!*