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Not this shit! Different world Military adventure

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Harper was a 29 year old, and he join the JSDF 2 years earlier, he and his crew were on a regular routine in a helicopter transporting an APC. But then after a malfunction and strong winds manage to stall the helicopter and it’s about to crash. At the same time a type of black wormhole opened up.



Chapter 1

“Ahhh...hey the...And where is the crew?” ,-he tries to looking at his surroundings.

It was empty there was know one in the vicinity for miles at a time. Within the wreckage of the helicopter he was on.

“Harper!” ,-he head someone in the distance calling his name, and got up.

When toward the direction he thought it came from, but by the time he got there there was nothing.

“What happen?.”,- he yelled to try and get the attention of whoever has calling him.

*There was no response back*

“Where am I now? ,- said Harper as he looks around and notice he is in between a forest and the open plains.

“No-no-no....just like those stories.” ,- he tries to remember, which he used to read when he was a child

“Do you dare finish that sentence.” ,- he started contemplating in his head over and over.

“Isekai stories...” ,- His brain clicked all of a sudden.

“Fuck not this! ,Harper starts running around. “Where’s my equipment!” ,-he starts looking around as something caught his attention, seems to be part of the woods with unusual plants grows

“Calm down, I don’t know yet where I’m at maybe I just past out and crashed somewhere maybe.” ,-he tries to reassure himself as he paces back and forth.

He grabs and looks at his equipment:
Kevlar vest puts it on/ then his combat helmet/ his shoulder,elbow,knee pads and he already had his boots on.

When he looks at his backpack, his eyes went all weird. It started to label and highlight all the items.

1x: M-16 (silencer)
10x30:5.56mm(300 bullets)
6x: frag grenades
5x:smoke grandes
2x: combat knives
Rations: for 1 week
Water: 4 days

“What the hell is this?” ,-said Harper surprised as he has never felt like this before in his life with his eyes.

“It doesn’t look like I have much” ,- said Harper as he looks at his equipment again and looks at the distance.

“Well I be dam.” ,-he said happily as he turns around and finds the APC he was transporting with a mounted .50 caliber.

And looks back at the helicopter wreckage, “let’s see what we can salvage here, but first let me see the APC.” ,-said Harper as he went on jogging towards it, and thinks what’s with his eyes.

Heads to the driver door
* Click !*

“’s unlocked,” ,-he said as he opens the door and checks for the keys inside.

“I know that it’s here somewhere I saw the Captain leaving them here.” ,-after a few minutes he found them and put it on his pocket.

Then turns on the APC and radio only to receive static back. “Well dammit, that doesn’t work!” ,-he said as he seats back to the front seat.

“I remember there’s things in the back!” ,- he remembered finally and went on looks to see what he is going to find.

“Holy the mother of god!” ,-he yelled as he say what he has found.

*Foreseen eyes activated*
Listing all the items onboard.

12x: combat knives

2350x .50 cal.
970x 5.56mm
800x 9mm
30 frag grenades
15 flash bangs

20x duck tape

“Why do I look I a baby!” Exclaimed Harper as he looks in the APC mirror his face. But it’s not the same as when he woke up this morning. Much younger.

“Why do I look like when I was in high schooler, but looks at these muscles.” ,- he has a body of his high school days, but his body mass combined in this body.

He drives for a 1 mile and looks like he manage to find a village. So he parks at the outskirts of the village and scouts the area.

“Why are those people rushing at that village with weapons?” ,-it took him zero seconds to understand that those are not friends.

At that moment he was at 700 meters away. A sniper would be ideal, but not enough ammo. So he takes out his M-16 with a silencer attached and aims at the incoming attackers.

Switches from automatic to singular

Trr!    one down

       Trr!  Two down

Trr!     Three down

  Trr!  Four

           Trr! Five

Trr!!!   Six

      Trr!! Seven

And he stopped, “only seven, and seven bullets”

His eyes are starting to feel weird again.
XP:10,000 first kill

He saw blue XP at the top right of his vision.  “What XP? Like a game?” ,-Harper questioned himself in his mind.

And something else appeared.

*skill: Warp storage home achieved*

“Hold on, what? This is more confusing each minute. Hmmm...” ,he started things as he checks the seven corpses. Which mostly all had the same


*Reality store active*
*Time stop*

His left eye was covered to what seemed like a virtual store workshop. Which has mostly everything he needs from his home world. And more then notice that all on the items cost with XP. That he gains from killing creatures and people.

Then everything around himself started to change. The virtual stores were now I 3-D,
*Warp Storage Activated*

“Okay this is weird but awesome” ,-said Harper as he came looking around the place. As he is able to walk around, “but what about the APC?” ,-he said and soon after it was teleported back in

*APC and goods stored*

“This is cool.” ,-he said as he views at his inventory feeling lighter.

He takes a quick tour around the place which is bigger than he thought.
Stores ranging from goods to tools, from weapons to armor, from transport ground, air or sea. Everything is here but it has its price.

“Okay, I don’t think I need these things at the moment, but I will in the near future.” ,-and he logs out from the store.

The virtual workshop started to disappear slowly and time is in motion once again. Still in the place he last left, like he didn’t more at all.

“Okay that’s a relief, time stops when I enter the workshop.” ,-he said as he looks at his top left of his vision labeled Store.

After messing around with the inventory, Harper looks at the seven corpses again, and start looting them. “Let’s see what you guys have.” ,-he said as he checks the pockets and finds some unusual things.

+9 health potion
+7 antidote
+597 joules
+1 medium sword (durability: 73/80)
+5 light sword (durability 20/45)
+1 longsword (durability 60/80)
+7 bandit hood
+7 red wood bandit uniform
+1 long bow (durability 45/60)
+546 silver coins
+10 gold coins

“You guys had basic materials, I guess” ,-said Harper as he puts away at the items in his (warp) storage.

Now headed to the village after killing the incoming danger. As the switches to his sidearm 9mm( silencer ) and putting his primary weapon in switch to quickly change.

“This feels more like game more than anything. It’s not like I’m enjoying this.” ,-he said as he continued walking towards  the village.

From a far the villagers seemed to have run to safety, but now slowly more and more started to appear. When Harper entered the village.

As he continued to check the village, headed straight to he biggest house in the area. And was treated by a head of the village.

“Welcome traveler, thank you for helping  the Village Sunrise .” ,-said the head villager

“Your quite welcome, can you point me to the nearest city.” ,-said Harper

“The city’s right over there.” ,-he points at the river, “just follow the river upstream and will lead you straight to where you're looking for.”

“Alright thanks, here your go.” ,-said Harper and he throws down

+5 light sword (durability 20/45)
+1 long bow (durability 45/60)

“You don’t have too,” ,-said the elder.

“Also start building a wall around the village, I want to see this place again standing.” ,- said Harper to the Head Villager

“This is awesome!l ,-said Harper over looking in the distance as the sun rises.