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Multi fandom:Pokémon team tag tournament

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flapped on sofa and sighed, she was bored out of her mind. She groaned
in frustration, "I'm bored!" she whined. Matthew and Mikey looked at
her, "Don't tell us," they said in unision, rolling their eyes. She
hissed silently and get up, "Where are you going?" asked Matthew, "To
lab." Came answer. Aura Smashed door behind her in anger. she took few
deep breaths and entered her lab.

"You're back early!" called Dewey as he came to greet her, "I was
bored." Aura said while picking up her Umbreon, her black dog like
creature with light blue ring on her body and yellow eyes. Dewey nodded
in knowledge, "Follow me I actually have something to show you." He
turned on heels and started walking farther into the lab. Aura was on
right behind him.

"Dewey, what is it?" she asked as they came to strange gate like
invention. "This is my dear Wolfi, tool for creating holes between
realits." Dewey explained, Aura nodded, she then flicked her tail,
signaling him to show her. Dewey sighed and walked to computer, "I would
back away a little if I were you." He warned her, she pulled Umbreon
closer to her and paced back as blinding light appeared in the
invention. Aura and Umbreon shut their eyes, soon the light stopped.
Aura slowly opened her eye, "Nothing," she mumbled, "Bree!" Umbreon
cried agreeing with her trainer. Dewey giggled, "Of course nothing
happened, I didn't put the destination in there." He laughed a little as
he walked to Aura, she twitched her ears, "Okay, so it works," she
hissed a little, her tail slashing in annoyance, "But what will we use
it for?" she asked looking at the young scientist. Dewey smirked.
"Follow me." Aura rolled her eyes as she let him lead her.

"this is the colloseum-" "I know!" she growled cutting him of, "Why are
we here, Dewey?" her eyes were narrowed as she watched him, waiting for
answer, "Sometimes you are like Her," he muttered under his breath,
"Well, you and others always complain about how boring are pokémon
tournaments these days, so I thought," he paused and looked at her,
controling if she was paying attention to him, "that we can let people
from other dimension to compete here, so it can be more interesting." He
finnished gasping for breath. Aura smiled widely, "You are a GENIUS,
Dewey!" she ran to him and hugged him thightly, "I can't wait till I
tell the pack." Dewey smiled, "You can go now, I'll contact the worlds
when I get back into laboratory." He called after her as she started
running back.

Aura bursted throught the front door making everyone jump, "Guys! Guys!
Guys!" she cried trying to get everyone's attention. Matthew looked at
her, "Did Silver appear again?" he asked, Aura rolled her eyes and shoke
her head, "Then what is it, Wolfi?" asked Simon. Aura took deep breath
and told everyone about the idea Dewey had.

Meanwhile in lab Dewey finally fix all problems with Gate and was
getting ready for the tournament, his best buddy, Arcanine, watched him
from safe place far away in corner. Dewey looked at him, rolling his
eyes, "Hang on buddy, I almost got it. Now the last wire in here
and-voila! We did it!" "Arr!" cried Arcanine running to his trainer.
Dewey smiled petting him. "We can tell Aura now." "Ar." Arcanine barked
in agreement.

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"So, does everyone understand?" Aura asked, "I have question! I have question! I have question!" Simon yelled jumping up and down. „What is it Simon?“ Aura asked, „Will we join the competition too?“ Aura and Dewey looked at each other, „It can be interesting experience,“ Dewey whispered, shrugging. Aura looked from one to another, „Okay, we can join too, but one of us needs to be the host-„ „Wolfi!“ everyone yelled. Aura rolled her eyes, she was close to facepalm herself, „You’re the strongest!“ Matthew yelled, „It would be unfair if you competed!“ Mikey and Martine joined, screaming in unsion. Aura took deep breaths, „Okay, under one condition. Every team will be chosen randomly, including you.“

„Everything’s ready boss!“ called Simon as he, Mikey and Martine entered the house, „We can start the next part!“ Aura jumped from the second floor, landing in front of them, „Well done boys,“she whisked past them, „Where are you going?“ asked Matthew, watching her leave. Aura turned to them, „Dewey finnished with his part, I’m going to help him.“ She answered walking away. Martine looked at his companions, „Should we follow her?“ Matthew and Simon shrugged looking as puzzled as him.

„Dewey? Have you finished yet?“ Aura asked as she came closer to the colosseum, „Huh?“ Dewey looked at her confused, he then shook his head, „Yes, I’m finished now. sorry I’m a little bit tired.“ He apologized giving her weak smile. „Will you be alright ‘till the evening?“ she asked, „Of course I’ll be as great as ever!“ Aura nodded, „Great! Be prepared then!“ she called as she turned back, „And Dewey,“ „Yes?“ her cold eyes looked right into his face, „Do not let Silver ruin it, okay?“ she growled at the last part, her tail slashing in the air. Dewey gulped nodding, „Of course Aura.“ He squeaked a little, fearing her. Aura nodded and started finally walk back to the house, leaving him behind. Dewey sighed in relief, „Do you know what is wrong with her?“ he asked his Arcanine, „Ar.“ He answered shaking his head, Dewey sighed and sat down besite his friend, „Ar!“ Arcanine barked trying to cheer him up, „I know, buddy. I know,“ Dewey said scratching him behind ear.

„Umbreon, Milotic, time to shine!“ Aura called sending her two pokemons out, one was black dog with light blue rings and yellow eyes, the other was giant cream snake with blue and pink scales and red eyes, „Milo! Breon!“ they called, happy to be out. Aura smirked, „Guys, tonight’s big night. We need to create a little show for our guests.“ They looked at her, waiting for her orders. Aura smirked, „Okay then, let’s get the showtime ready.“

„Umbreon Dark pulse!“ Aura cried, Umbreon leaped up into the air and released dark violet stream on rings, „Well done!“ Aura praised her, she then turned to Milotic, „Okay Milotic, freeze them with Ice beam.“ The giant snake opened her mouth and released beam of ice, freezing the rings. „Okay and now use Iron tail both!“ Umbreon and Milotic’s tails started glowing white, then they jumped and slashed the tails into the frozen rings. They broke them, releasing small snow flakes. Aura clapped as they landed back. „That was brilliant!“ cried new voice, Aura turned jumping up a little, „Sly! You scared me!“ Sly laughed, „I’m sorry Wolfi, but that was really great,“ she laughed. Aura smirked, „Wait until the evening.“ Sly looked at her, „You mean this was not all?“ Aura giggled, „This was just begining, you know we will have a lot of guests and we can’t bored them out the first time they enter,“ Sly rolled her eyes, her fox ears twitching with annoyance, „Of course not.“ She mumbled, „But you can stop acting like my step-sister,“ she muttered through gritted teeth, her tail brushing the ground. Aura sighed, „Look I’m sorry.“ She started, „It’s just,“ she sighed looking for right words, „that…that I really want to amaze the guests and I don’t wanna let you guys down,“ she took deep breath, „not like the last time.“ She mumbled, sly turned back to her, „You never let us down, Wolfi. that wasn’t your fault,“ she hugged Aura tightly, aura hugged her back bitting argument inside her throat.

After several hours, everyone gathered in huge mansion near the colosseum, „Is everyone ready?“ asked Dewey, everyone nodded, looking at him. He took deep breath, „Okay let’s get it started,“ he pushed button on his watches and soon the white light filled the entire place, it then circled around before it moved into the colosseum. „Did it work?“ asked Chrissie after she opened her eyes, Dewey cleared his throat, „It seems like it worked,“ he said walking to the arena, he signaled to the others to follow him. They looked at Aura, as she nodded they started running to catch up with Dewey.

As soon as they reached gate into the arena, they saw a bunch of different looking creatures, all of them were confused, looking at each other, trying not to freak out. „Where are we?“ asked strange human like creature with cup instead of head, „I don’t know, Cuphead.“ Answered other cup humanoid creature, smaller than the other one. Matthew, Mikey and Simon hid behind Dewey, „You teleported them here, so you’ll talk to them first,“ whispered Simon, Dewey rolling his eyes, he then cleared his throat and stepped up. Every eye looked at him, „Who are you?“ asked one creature coldly. Dewey looked at his companions then back, „I’m Dewey, Dewey Styles, and I‘m head scientist on \andara-„ „What’s Andara?“ asked one boy, he had spiky brown hair. dewey glared at him, „Don’t you dare to cut me off you little-“ before he could finished, Matthew ran to him, covering his mouth he answered: „Andara is the center of every world.“ He then put his hand away from Dewey’s mouth. Dewey glared at him before turning to their guests. „Why are we here?“ „To compete,“ said Simon as he walked toward them, „In what?“ the three boys looked at each other, „Pokemon battles,“ Dewey answered pulling out pokeball. „Go Arcanine!“ he threw it into the air and canine creature with cream and orange fur and black stripes, the guests looked at it completely confused. Dewey sighed, „This is Arcanine, a fire type. There are a lot more pokemons around. In competition you have to have six of them. Is everything complete to you?“ they all nodded, Dewey smiled, „Okay follow me then.“

As they sat down to dinner, they started chatting with each other. Aura and Matthew watched them closely, „Are you nervous?“ Aura asked him, noticing his standing fur, „What? No,“ Matthew answered and started brushing his fur. „Oh sure.“ Aura said looking at the guests again, Matthew raised eyebrow at her, then shook his head and looked down. „Aura?“ Aura turned toward the voice, „Yes, Tamika?“ young witch stepped out of shadows, „The cards are complete.“ She said, Aura nodded, „Well done.“ She said smiling.

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As the evening drew closer to end, Aura stood up from her seat and walked into the middle of the room, making everyone turn to her with surprise on their faces. Aura took deep breath and put on her smile, "Creatures of all around the universe, welcome. It's my greatest pleasure to meet you here." She turned to her friends signaling them to come to her, Matthew glanced at Dewey, "Do you have any idea, what's going on?" Dewey shook his head, "She didn't tell me anything." He whispered back. "Please, meet your future opponents and team mates! Simon, Annie, Sly, Tamika, Matthew, Martine, Mikey, Lucille, Chrissie and Dewey!" The said ones came to stand beside her." "Who are you then?" Asked small girl with brown curly hair, Aur smirked, "My name is Aurora Katherine MaxWolf and I'll be your host during the competition," her smile widened at the shock of realization coming from everyone. Lucky swiftly ran through the crowd and stopped beide Aura, "Everything's ready." She whispered, Aura turned to her, "Fantastic!" She shouted, then turning to others she signaled with her tail to follow her.

She led them toward small battle ground, Sly was already preparing on the other side, "Long evening,Wolfi?" She asked her eyes gleaming in the dim light, Aura rolled her eyes and walked to her side, "Words later, we have show to do." Her voice was thick was impatience, "Okay, time to glow."

"Umbreon! Come out now!" Aura threw the ball into the air, the ball opened and Umbreon materialized in the air, "Bree!" She cried, hungry for battle, Sly smirked, "Lopunny! Help!" She threw her pokeball above her and soon a giant brown and cream bunny with long ears appeared, "Lop!" She cried glaring at Umbreon.

"You can start, Sly." Aura said giving her opponent first chance, "You'll soon regret it. Lopunny use Jump kick!" Lopunny jumped into the air and aiming at Umbreon she trashed her leg toward her, Aura smirked, "Umbreon, use Iron tail to protect!" Umbreon's tail started to glow and she slashed it toward Lopunny, blocking her attack. Sly gritted her teeth.

"Okay Umbreon, use psybeam!" Aura ordered her eyes blazing with battle fire. Umbreon's ring started glowing and she closed her eyes, concentrating her power, Sly narrowed her eyes, "Lopunny, be careful!" she hissed whispering, Lopunny crossed her arms slightly, getting ready to send the impact away. "Now!" Aura cried, "Aim at her legs!" Umbreon's rings stopped glowing, only the one on her head still shone, "Breeon!" she cried releasing the energy, sending all dust around to fly, catching Lopunny off guard. "Pun!" cried Lopunny as she fell to the ground. As the dust cleared, all eyes stared at the fainted body of the humanoid bunny, "No! Not again!" cried Sly, trashing her hands into the sand, Aura smiled, "Great work Umbreon, that was really impressive." She praised her pokemon while petting her. Sly sighed, she turned to Aura, "Great work." She told her smiling, "I just tried," Aura mumbled, scratching her head, "I'm glad you're not competing with the rest of us," Sly laughed along with Aura and others, "Yes, then it would be useless to even compete." Aura laughed once more, before cleaning her throat, turning to their guests she stood up and dusted herself while saying: "This is how you will battle. Use your mind to create the best strategy youcan, we will start tomorow." She looked up to their eyes, "Is everything clear?" she asked, "Where can we get our team?" asked young nice-looking boy with mischief gleam. Aura looked at Dewey, "You will find out soon enough, don't worry about it now."

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Sun rays hit Aura's eyes breaking her sleep, she groaned and sat up. She stretched her arms and stood up, "Good morning." She mumbled to her still sleeping Umbreon, "Breon." She mumbled from her sleep. Aura smiled and walked out of her room, "Morning!" she called as she entered the kitchen, "Morning Sleepyhead," answered Matthew as he leaned over counter grabbing his mug of coffee, "What time is it?" Aura asked as she grabbed her cup with kittens on it and poured tea into it, "Around ten," Mikey said walking to the table. Aura spat out her tea, looking at him with wide eyes, "We are late?! Again?!" She asked yelling at them, Matthew and Mikey looked at each other shrugging. Aura facepalmed herself and ran into her room. "Come on, first round will start soon!" Aura called from door, rushing outside, Matthew, Mikey and Umbreon on her heels.

After five minutes Aura arrived to the colosseum panthing, " start...already?" She asked still trying to catch her breath, "No, You're here just in time," Dewey answered with Lucky behind him, "First round teams are announced already?" Dewey and Lucky shook their heads, "Not yet. We've waited for you." Aura nodded and shook herself, "Okay, time to start," she said walking toward the highest point of colloseum, Umbreon close behind her, "Creatures from all of the worlds!" She called loudly, "Welcome! I know you could be impatient right now and want to show us your skills! Now, you have the chance, the first round of our tournament is starting!" she waited for a cheering, only to find herself under sharp stares from their guests, swallowing hardly she continued, "Lucky step forward please." Aura whispered her whole body trembling as her stress started finding its way into her again. Lucky nodded and walked to her, "Your time," Aura whispered stepping back, Lucky took deep breath, "Okay we have four names here who will fight today!" she tried to smile, but failed, she looked at the paper in her hands, "In first team are...Simon and Rachel!"

Simon went white, his legs trembling, "M-me?" he asked looking nervous, "Sian!" cried his Persian nudging him. Simon stroked his cat friend a little,still looking at his team-mate, she was small, black curly hair covering her face and shoulders, she turned to him and met her beautiful green eyes, "Hello," she said shyly, "H-hi," he answered looking at ground this time.

Aura shook her head and gestured Lucky to continued, watching Simon carefully. Lucky sighed and looked at the paper again, "And in the second team we have...Hannibal and Matthew!" "What?!" Matthew cried looking at her with furry, before Lucky could do anything Aura walked beside her and jumped down standing face to face with her brother, "Problem brother?" Matthew stunned at the coldness of her voice, "No." He said quietly, looking at his supposed team-mate, "Alright then," Aura almost barked out at him as she climbed back to her place, "You are free now. The round will start at dusk!" she called walking away into shadows.

Simon looked at Rachel, "Wanna go somewhere?" she merely nodded, Simon scratched his head thinking about some place, "We should get you your team first, follow me." They walked away from colosseum and into thick woods, "We are we going?" she asked after severa minutes of walking, "To my friend, he'll help us get some pokemon for you." Simon answered, Rachel nodded still looking confused. "Here we are!" Simon called pointing to large white building, "Wow," Rachel breathed as they walked closer.

Meanwhile Matthew sat on ground arms crossed glaring . Hannibal stood beside him, "What's wrong?" he asked and immidiately regreted it, "What's wrong. HOW THE HELL DO YOU DARE TO ASK?!" Matthew yelled at him, stomping, bhis eyes blazing, "This was my chance to finally show others that I'm as great as my sister! And then you came and DESTROYED IT!" He shouted with venom. Hannibal looked hurt at him, "I'm sorr-" "STOP LYING!" Matthew barked at him, catching him off guard. "CAN YOU TWO FINALLY STOP!" Aura yelled appearing behind her brother, her yes narrowed and with her tail slashing she came closer to Matthew, "Finally stop it." She said with venom and coldness in her voice. Matthew sighed and looked at Hannibal, "Sorry," he mumbled hot with embarassment. "It's okay." Hannibal answered, "Should we get pokemon for me now?" Matthew nodded leading him silently.

"Are you ready for training now?" Simon asked as they were leaving the building, "Yeah, that would be nice." Rachel answered.

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"Infernape! Use flame wheel!" Rachel ordered her partner, "Fer," the fire monkey muttered starting to glow, "Nape!" he cried as blazing wheel appeared around him. Simon smirked, "Pretty good." He said looking at Rachel, she returned his smirk, mischief glowed in her eyes. "Skarmory bevare," he whispered to his pokemon, "Skar!" the huge metal bird cried placing her wings in deffensive position, "Now!" Rachel cried, Infernape jumped into the air, catching Skarmory off guard, "Don't let him take you so easy like that. Use drill peck!" Simon shouted, skarmory'S beak grew bigger and turned white, she flew up and dodgedx Infernape, hitting him with her beak as he flew past her. "Infernape!" Rachel cried watching her monkey partner to fall, hitting the ground hard, "Nape." He mumbled giving her thumbs up, "You're thougher than I thought," Simon said looking at the small curly haired trainer and her pokemon, "Told you!" Rachel laughed, "Infernape, used flame punch." Infernape's fist was in flames, Simon's yes widened, "skarmory, use aerial ace!" Skarmory looked down at the ape then as fast as she could she shot up against him, "Wait," Rcahel whispered watching the bird, "!" Infernape leaped into the air aiming his fist at the bird, at the same time Skarmory hit him with powerful aerial ace. The explosion filled the air and both pokempon fainted. "Skarmory return." "Have some rest, Infernape." Simon looked at Rachel, "Though this was your first battle, you did well." Rachel gave him small smile, "Thank you, you were great yourself." Simon blushed a little and quickly turned his head away, causing Rachel to start giggling. "So, do you want to have some rest?" Simon asked trying to change subject.

Matthew stood on one side of the meadow, looking at Hannibal, "Okay, now call out your pokemon-like this. Go Typhlosion!" giant cream and dark green pokemon came out of the sphere. "Sion!" it cried as flames stroke out of his back, Hannibal nodded and took one pokeball, "Alright...Go, absol!" he threw the sphere into the air as it opened, a white furred dog like creature came out. "Sol!" it barked, Matthew smirked, "Let's see what you can do." He muttered to himself, "Typhlosion, flamethrower!" Typhlosion closed his mouth only to shot giant fire beam out, "Absol, dodge it!" Absol jumped into the air leaping across the fire, as he landed, small flames danced around his feet, Matthew smirked, "Looks like someone got burn!" he teased his opponent, Hannibal smirked and pulled out something from his pockeeet, "How will you like this?" he asked as he show Absolite to Matthew, Matthew's eyes widened and he gulped loudly as Absol changed into his mega form, "Now, Absol use aerial ace." Absol smirked and leaped into the air, Matthew and Typhlosion looked scared as he was circling above them, collecting speed and power, "Typhlosion," Matthew cleared his throat to sound more confident, "swift." He finished at least, "Aim at his wings!" Typhlosion craned his haed and started shooting stars at Absol, "Now Absol, right beneath you!" Hannibla shouted with confidence, Absol shot right under him, the aerial attack protected him from the damage. "Dodge!" Matthew cried, but it was too late. The aerial ace hitted Typhlosion hardly, Matthew clenched his teeth as his trusted partner fell down, "Great fight, Absol. You deserve long rest." Hannibal said softly while recalling Absol back. He looked at Matthew smirking, "Not bad beginnr, right?" "Whatever." Matthew growled furious about his lost, "Let's go back. The battle will start soon." He sped up, leaving Hannibal behind him.

Aura apced around casting anxious glances around, it was late, preparation, arriving, everything. She stopped and opened small box and took out two pills, she quickly looked around before putting them into her mouth and swallowing them. "Need something?" she asked as she noticed Dewey standing in the doors, "Yes, they're here." Aura flashed him bright smile before whisking past him, she stopped near her place and took deep breath. Eveyrone snapped their attention as she appeared, her eyes matching the blazing torches around battle field. "Welcome, it's mine greatest pleasure to have you here, all of you." Aura stopped talking and let her words sink in, "Today we can see the first battle between Simon and Rachel and Matthew and Hannibal! Please prepare to fight!" Matthew stood with Hannibal on one side, Simon and Rachel were on the other side, Simon was looking straight at Matthew smirking while holding pokeball. "Start now!" Aura yowled her eyes blazing with fire of battle, beside her Umbreon paced around, gtwitching with excitement. "Go, Talonflame!" called Matthew, "Flareon, time for fun!" Hannibal called, "Ursaring! Show your claws!" Simon cried, "Pachirisu, we need your help!" Rachel added. " The four pokemon stood against each other glaring. Talonflame snapped out of it first, Matthew quickly used that advantage, "Talonflame, use brave bird!" The giant bird flew up, sending the dust into the air with him, "Pachirisu, use shock wave! Stop him!" the small squirelllooked up andthen sent electric beam to Talonflame, "Dodge it!" Matthew cried, "Flareon, stop Pachirisu with quick attack!" ordered Hannibal, "Ursaring, use hyper beam!" Flareon shot up aiming for Pachirisu, while Ursaring craned his neck to charge the powerful beam. Talonflame zipped through the sky avoiding the shock wave. Flareon almost reached Pachirisu when the giant bird sent strong beam his way, as the attacks hit each other, all dust flew up into the air covering the whole field. As the air cleared the three pokemon was lying on ground with small amount of energy left, Talonflame landed near them, "Flareon!" gasped Hannibal as the fiery dog got up onto his legs again, "Reon." He growled shaking with tiredness, "Use quick attack again." Hannibal said, watching his partner. The dog struggled for a while before leaping forward hitting Pachirisu. "Ursaring, use brick break!" The bear looked at Flareon, then growled and ran against the dog. "Flareon dodge-" but it was too late Ursaring hitted flareon sending him to Talonflame, "Talonflame, use drill peck." The fire bird flew up his beak growing bigger, he then shot ahead, aiming at Ursaring. Talonflame hitted Ursaring, but the bear was still standing, "Use secret power!" Simon comanded, Matthew smirked, "Talonflame, use fire balst." Before Ursaring could charge up energy for the attack, Talonflame created huge fire star and sent it toward the bear. It hitted Ursaring, causing him to fall onto the ground.

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"Looks like we have winner!" Aura called from her place, her eyes shining with energy from the battle. "Matthew and Hannibal won! Congratulations!" she called hugging her brother, "Good job Matthew." Simon said shaking hands with him, "You fought good well, Simon." Matthew answered, Simon smiled, "Thanks." Aura cleared her throat getting their attention, "Okay, first battle is behind us. It's time for another!" she went quiet waiting for applause, "Okay. Lucky can you please choose another teams?" Aura asked looking at her assistant. "Of course, Aura." Lucky smiled and went to the back for her bowl with names.


"I'm sorry." Rachel said quietly as she walked to Simon, Simon shot her confused look, "For what?" "For the lose." Simon chuckled, "That's okay, Rachel. It wasn't the first lost in my life, don't worry about it." Rachel gave him weak smile and looked back at the high place as Lucky reappeared with the bowl. "Attention please!" she called loudly, everyone looked up watching her. Lucky sank her hand into the bowl pulling out first two names, "Alright in first team this round are," she made pause and looked at the papers, "Friday and Annie." Shocked gasp came from the young team-member, she looked at Aura, "You new about this?" she asked, Aura just shrugged, "Be happy, you can finally show your skills!" Simon tried to cheer her up, failing misserably.


Lucky waited for a while as the noise went silent, she took deep breath and looked at the other two papers, "And in the second team are-Dewey and Joshi!" Dewey spilled out coffe he had drinking, completely caught of guard by this, taking deep breaths he looked up at Lucky, "What, me?" he asked confused, Lucky was close to facepalm herself, but tried to keep calm, "Yes you." she barked at him annoyed by this.


"Well, get prepared for evening." Aura said turning on her heels and walking away. Leaving her team behind, "You heard her, go get training!" Matthew said trying to sound like Aura, causing his friends burst out laughing. "Good one Matthew!" squealed Simon holding his chest as he along with Matthew started walking away. Dewey stayed alone, "What am I gonna do now?" he asked himself, "What about the training?" sounded behind him, Dewey screamed a little jumping up, "God please don't scare me like that." Suddenly he fell silent right in front of him stood the most beatiful woman he ever saw, "Hi." He mumbled his eyes never leaving her face, "Are you alright?" she asked looking worried. Dewey shook his head, "Yes, I'm fine." He said returning back from his thoughs, "We should start training, time is running out slowly." Dewey said walking slowly out of the colosseum, Joshi sighed and followed him, "You know I don't have any pokemon yet, right?" she asked him.


Annie sat down slowly, grabbing her bottle, "You know," she said turning to Friday, "I never thought that I would end up in this battle." "What do you mean?" Friday asked, Annie looked up into the sky, "I'm one of the youngest, in fact the youngest of them all, so it surprised me that they added me let even let me show my strengh and skills." She sighed her eyes returning their gaze at the ground, "Do you think we can win?" she asked, Friday shrugged, "Well, if we won't try we will never find out." She gave her soft smile, Annie nodded and get up, "We need to train hard to win." Battle blaze suddenly flame up in her eyes, "Let's go!" "Don't you forget anything?" Friday asked stopping her, Annie turnred to her, "What?" "I still don't have my team." Friday pointed out, Annie slapped her hand to her face, "I'm so dumb! I completely forgot, follow me."

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Annie lead Friday along river, casting glances around, "You sure it's safe?" Friday asked noticing her behavior. Annie halted and gave herself a shake, "Yes it's alright. I just...still live in the years when Silver used to torture us around." Annie explained. Friday nodded and set on road again, "Where exactly are we going?" she asked, Annie looked at her, "To old friend, you need fit team to the tournament."

"Have you got your team ready?" Annie asked as she spotted Friday back outside huge building, "Yes, it took longer than i expected." Annie waved her hand, "It's okay. Now come on, we need a little training." She said leading her toward forest. They walked through it for a while, suddenly Annie turned to right and they stepped into giant meadow, "Stay, here and I'll go to the other side." Friday nodded, Annine slowly walked to her place and took pokeball from her belt, "Let's see what you can do!" she shouted, "Go! Glaceon!" she threw the ball into the grass on their battlefield.

Friday smiled weakly, "Cubone! Time to shine!" she threw her own pokeball onto the field. The spheres opened re vealing small brown dino with bone on his head and ice dog looking creature, "You can start, Friday." She nodded looking at Cubone she said:" Use bone club!" Cubone stretched his bone behind him, then released it with power, "Glaceon, watchout!" Annie said, as the bone flew toward Glaceon, she jumped above it, with one paw smashing it to the ground. "Cubone, heatbutt!" Friday yelled, the small dino sprinted toward Glaceon hitting her before she had time to dodge, Annie smirked, "Let's end this. Use ice beam!" Glaceon looked at Cubone releasing strong ice beam at him, sending him to the other side of the meadow.

Dewey walked with Joshi through park toward their training area, "You know." Started Joshi as she looked around, "It's nicer in here than I expected." Dewey looked at her, "Yes. This is our beautiful Magnolia park." He said blushing a little, "Look, here we are!" he called spinrinting toward the little sand ground, in meadow, "Here is our training zone." He explained panting, Joshi laughed a little, "Alright, what now?" Dewey looked up at her pulling pokeball from his jacket, "Get on the other side,"

"Go! Flame!" Dewey cried releasing his trusted Arcanine into the battle field, Joshi smirked, "Okay then," she pulled out her pokemon, "Go! Crobat!" the purple bat appeared and flew up, "Arcanine, flamthrower!" ordered Dewey, his canine pokemon shut his mouth tight, he then opened it releasin strong fire beam, aiming at Crobat. "Dodge!" yelled Joshi, Crobat elegantly dodged the powerful flames. Dewey looked up, "Arcanine, leap into the air and use flame wheel." Arcanine crouched to the ground looking up, "Crobat! Be alert!" Joshi yelled. Suddenyl the big dog leaped into the air higher than where Crobat was floating. He then curled into a ball and soon flames covered him, "Dodge-" Joshi yelled too late as Arcanine hit Crobat hard, sending him to the ground along him. "Crobat! Are you alright?" the purple bat gave her weak growl and flew up again, "Use airslash" Crobat's wings hardened and she flew down to the canine. Hitting him hard, she send him to ground and flew up back to safety. Arcanine stood up, "Use toxic!" Joshi called, causing Dewey and Arcanine gasp in fear, Crobat flew down , sending toxic gas toward Arcanine, trapping him in it.

"Great battle." Dewey said agter he returned Arcanine back into pokeball. Joshi looked at him, "I had great teacher," she said, Dewey blushed slightly, "Thank you." He said quietly.

Aura sat in caffe with her brother and Sly, "How's the tournament?" she asked sipping from her hot chocolate, Matthew shrugged, "Alright I guess." Sly turned to him then back at her friend, "It's stressing, not knowing who you will end up with." She then said, Aura looked at her, "You can end up with me." She said sending cold glare at her brother as his lips opened into snarl, Sly looked at her, "How?" Aura smiled, "I need partner to battle the champions." She explained, sly looked at the ceiling thinking about it, "Okay, I agree!" she smiled widely looking at her best friend. Aura silently sighed with relief, one thing done.

Lucky sat on colosseum balcony gazing at sky. "You're here early." Lucky gasped and turned toward the voice, "Martine!" she yelled, "Don't sneak up on me like that!" Martine chuckled, "Alright! Alright! I won't I swear." He crossed his fingers and placed them onto his heart, Lucky nodded satisfied, "What are you? Doing here?" she asked pointing at him, Martine sighed shrugging, "I don't know to be honest. To excited for the battle I guess."

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Lucky sat with Martine on balcony, gazing onto the setting sun, "Are you ready?" Martine asked, Lucky looked at him, "For what?" "The tournament?" he said chuckling, Lucky face-palmed herself, "Oh Geez, how could I forget." She mumbled to herself, looking back at him she smiled, "Of course I'm ready." She said scratching back of her head. "Hey, lovebirds. The night is falling." Aura's voice came from behind, they both turned blushing slightly, "Yeah, we know." They said at the same time, Aura rolled her eyes, "Okay, we have battle to do, and it would be good, if we could finished it today." She called walking away, Lucky glared at her, Martine placed hand on Lucky's shoulder, "Don't mind her, she's under pressure," Lucky sighed, "You're right."


Annie paced around, cup of coffee freezing in her hand, "Are you alright?" Friday asked, watching her, Annie looked at the cup, "Yeah." She said, trying to smile, but failing misserably, sighing she sat down next to Friday, "No, it's my first big battle as senior member of Raven Force and..." her voice trailed of, "And?" Friday asked, Annie looked at her, "And I don't wanna mess it up." Friday chuckled slightly, "It's not funny!" Annie snapped, Matthew, who walked nearby, jumped up in surprise from anger in her voice. Friday put her hands in front of her, "I know it's not funny. It's just that, I felt the same." She mumbled, Annie looked at her, surprise in her eyes, "Really?" Friday nodded sheepishly, "When I first saw you battle. I was mesmerized by your confidence and your tactics and I didn't wanted to bring you down." Annie smiled at her, "You'll never bring me down." Friday smiled back.


Dewey called out his Arcanine, "Okay buddy. Let's go to win." He said and hoped onto him, Joshi watched him, he turned to her, "We're to far asway for walking, this is the fastest way." He explained to her, outstretching his hand to help her get behind him, "Hold tightly!" he called as Arcanine started running toward the collosseum. Dewey saw the setting sun as they stopped in front of the wall. Dewey hoped down and helped Joshi. They then walked inside with Arcanine following them. As the sun went down, Aura crouched on her usual place, watching the chaos beneath her, "Something's wrong, brother?" Aura asked without looking at her brother who came and sat down beside her, "It's time, almost." Matthew said softly. Aura nodded stading up, "Alright. Let's go." She said leaping down, landing smoothly on the ground. Matthew sighed following her. "Attention please!" Aura yowled, through the noise. Everyone went silent, staring at her, Aura cleared her throat, "Welcome! Another battle is ahead of us! Take your seats, we're ready to begin!" She finished sitting down. As the darkness rose, Dewey, Joshi, Annie and Friday stood on their places, on opposite sides of the colloseum. "Begin!" Aura yelled. "This is gonna be easy." Dewey said to himself, "Go, Arcanine!" "Weaville, it's showtime!" Annie called, Joshi and Friday followed their team-mates.

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"Arcanine, use flamethrower!" Dewey commanded, Annie smirked, "Weavile, shadow claw quickly!" Weavile jumped up as the stripped canine spat flames right at him, "Wea" he growled letting his claws grow bigger, "ville!" he yelled falling down right onto Arcanine, "Heliolisk, help him!" Joshi called, sending the lizzard out, "Delcatty use swift, protect Weavile." Friday said.

Aura as well as others watched the battle with interest. Matthew and Mikey bet whispering about the winner, Lucky and Martine stood shivering with amazement.

"Flame wheel." "Heliolisk, electro ball!" "Weaville ice beam!" "Delcatty shock wave!" Weaville dodged the burning wheel, while stopping the electric ball with his ice beam, Delcatty jumped onto Arcanine as he stopped sending shock through him, the canine sparked for a while, unable to move, "Weaville," Annie said grinning evily, "use dark pulse, right at Arcanine." "Ville!" Weaville cried sending strong pulse right at Arcanine.
"Heliolisk, stop him with thunderbolt!" Joshi said, Heliolisk jumped in front of Arcanine, spitting thunderbolt at Weaville, breaking the dark pulse, that sudden turn caught both Weaville and Annie of guard, leading to Weaville quickly using shadow claw to stop the attack. Annie gritted her teeth, "Weaville ice punch!" "Delcatty, take down!" Friday joined, "Arcanine crunch!" "Heliolisk bulldoze!"

There was huge explosion as the attacks hit each other, lot of dust took off into the air blinding everyone for a while. As the dust landed again, there was clear view into the arena, "Delcatty and Heliolisk are unable to fight further." Aura said,

Annie and Dewey glared at each other, so did Weaville and Arcanine, "Ice beam!" "Flamethrower!" "Dodge it and use blizzard!" "Use fire fang Arcanine!" Commands flew across the arena as Annie and Dewey tried to defeat each other, Joshi and Friday watched from behind their team-mate.

"Finish it once for all, use double edge!" Dewey yelled, "Use feint attack Weaville!" Annie shouted back. As Arcanine sprinted forward, Weaville dissapeared in shadows, Arcanine stopped, confused, "Now!" Annie cried and Weaville appeared behind Arcanine, "Use fire fang!" Dewey yelled, but it was too late, the attack sent Arcanine to the ground.
"We win! We win Weaville!" Annie cried happily, hugging her trustful partner, "Great job Arcanine, return." Dewey said as he pulled out Arcanine's pokeball. "Good job." He then said shaking Annie's hand, "You did well too." She replied.