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In the Eyes of the People

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(This takes place around Season 1)


Werewolf: some see your quirk as quite villainous. However you’d never intentionally hurt someone. Your weakness is that when you change back your practically starving. You wind up eating twice your body weight most days so you can shape-shift without starving to death. 



WereCat: you are able to take on the form of a jaguar. But if you wish, you can merely call upon your feline senses. Such as super hearing, smell, or sight. Your weakness is similar to werewolf’s. You must eat twice your body weight to keep from starving from one form to the other. 



Phoenix: you are able to form fire wings on your back, along with set yourself on fire. Your flames never burn anyone unless you decide too. This makes it easy for you to catch a falling civilian in fire form, and blast away a villain. Your weakness is that you become weak in cold weather. 



Red Rage: your anger fuels your strength. The angrier you get the more powerful you are. The only problem? Sometimes you get a little to mad and start seeing everyone as a target.