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The Summer Of Tarron

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After he and Aja got off the roof from having their little talk, Krel did feel a bit more reassured that their ship would be able to get repaired. He was initially terrified by the thought that he was the one responsible for fixing their ship to which they would be able to get back to their home planet, Akiridion-5. Still, even with his sister's reassurance, he worried his abilities might not be enough to fix the ship, even if she did tell him they would figure it out.

What if he couldn't figure it out and she was thinking too positively?

"Are you positive you are okay, little brother?" Aja asked, passing by as he sat on the couch wordlessly, staring into the fireplace. They had both changed back into their human forms already.

Krel glanced up at her and nodded, "I am okay," he assured to keep her from worrying about him. Aja seemed to do a lot of that since they left their planet, he thought to himself sadly.

They had no clue where Varvatos Vex was, and Stuart hadn't found anything of relevance to his location that day. Krel feared his hurtful words earlier made Vex leave to find a different location on Earth to live.

"Today was quite eventful, wouldn't you say?" Aja laughed a bit, sitting beside Krel, "We had the last day of school, then the Battle of the Bands, then that... Arcadia troll-hunting war, and then of course, our ship invasion and battle with that intruder."

Oh, and that reminded him, his sister nearly sacrificed herself for her parents' cores, and could've fell into that large blending fan. He could've literally lost his last family member to this incident, and that was a terrifying thought. If he hadn't been so quick, it just might've happened.

Then how could he have gone on? Aja was his older sibling and best friend. His eyes grew a bit watery at the thought, so he yawned to mask it.

"Yes. Well, it's been a longer day, so I think I'm just going to get some sleep, sister. As the people of Earth say, goodnight," Krel stood to his feet.

Their dog-like pet, Luug hopped up on the couch to take his spot beside Aja, to which she laughed and pet him. "You did good today, Luug!" She scratched the side of her pet's head.

"Goodnight, Krel," Aja told him.

He offered a half-smile as he walked back to his room. She glanced to him a bit worriedly as she saw his eyes still watering, but he didn't see her expression when he went off to his room.

Once he closed the door behind him, he sighed and rubbed his eyes. Why was he getting so emotional today? He'd only cried in front of Aja less than a handful of times previous to this day, and at this point, she'd seen him break down. If he got emotional on Akiridion-5, his father would tell him how important it was for a king to remain strong.

He wasn't even sure he'd get to see his father or mother ever again, but Aja seemed very optimistic about it.

Now he was stuck on Earth for a while. What in the world was he supposed to do now?