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Konosuba: Darkness the Orcs Layer

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Staring at the bulletin board, quest after quest listed in varying detail and reward, Satou Kazuma contemplated how much simpler his life would be if he could just walk out the front door of the Adventurer's Guild and never look back. All the toil, all the heartache, all the explosive burns and masochistic weirdness he had to put up with in his daily life, just... gone. Sure, he'd never get to go back home unless the Demon King was defeated, but was home worth that kind of hardship?

"Anything catch your eye, Kazuma?" Luna asked, leaning over her desk. The impressive jiggling of her breasts was almost too much, but Kazuma would never say so lest he be deprived of the sight.

"I'm afraid not. It’s all beginner-level quests with beginner-level rewards! Though you may want to take this one down," he pointed to a quest written in a shaky, unlettered hand promising riches beyond counting if someone came to the Ferrewith Cave, "I'm pretty sure this was written by a goblin and is a trap."

He let out a sigh. His thoughts always turned that way after he saw how much money Aqua and the others spent on the celebratory feast after a successful quest. The fact that he too contributed to the bill was conveniently forgotten, though his hangover wasn't. Where were those weirdos anyway?

"Kazuma! KAZUMAAA!" came a familiar voice, piercing the air like a lightning bolt, and approaching nearly as fast. Before he could turn, a decidedly non-hedgehog blue streak bowled into his back, smashing him against the bulletin board.

"Yes, I'm Kazuma," he grunted, his head spinning.

"Look, look, look!" Aqua turned Kazuma around and shoved an envelope in his face.

"It's paper," came Kazuma's muffled reply.

"Not the paper, you dummy, what's in it!" Aqua re-opened the flap and produced a sheet of high-quality card stock.

"Are you finally going to live out your dream of joining a hostess club so you can do your party tricks for fat old men, and you’ve found a place that’s accepting you right away?"

Aqua pouted at Kazuma. "How mean!" She punched him in the chest, making him cough. "Read it, read it!"

Shaking his head, wondering if it was another get-rich-quick scheme that Aqua had gotten ensnared in, he glanced through the letter. Thanks for helping people out, ok. Invitation, ok. Belzerg city, ok. Guest of the noble Count Oak, whatever... Complete banquet and stay at the Chateau d'Honneur! The most exclusive restaurant and hotel in the entire kingdom?


"Aqua!" Kazuma grabbed the goddess by her shoulders, his hangover melted away completely. "You find Darkness, I'll find Megumin, and we’ll meet at the caravan station before the noon departure, got it?" A swift blue nod followed, and the two ran out of the Guild, throwing up dust behind them.


"Ahhh, I can't believe we get to go to the Chateau d'Honneur! Even the High Priest of the Eris Church doesn't get to just walk in without an invitation from an existing member, ufufufu." Aqua brought a hand to her mouth to barely stifle her giggling, thrilled to be honored in a way Eris had never been. Aqua fidgeted with excitement as the road between Axel Town and Belzerg city ran by, the fast carriage they'd booked (and put on the tab of their soon-to-be benefactor) rattling along.

Megumin patted Chomusuke's head, the little black cat curled up in her lap. "Mmm, I met a member when they came to visit the Crimson Demon village before. He couldn't stop talking about how nice his time at the Chateau was, it actually pissed off the Elder! I wonder what's so amazing about it?"

"Who knows? As long as it's happening on someone else's dime, I'm happy!" Kazuma flashed a thumbs up. He turned his head to Darkness, sitting next to him and reading the invitation again. "What's with you, Darkness?"

The Crusader let out a thinking noise. "I can't really place this Count Oak, I'm not even sure I've heard the name before..."

"That's not a problem, is it? Aren't there a bunch of nobles just running around with a fancy name and not much else?" Kazuma leaned back in his chair, already imagining the gourmet delights awaiting the party.

"Sure," Darkness blew the word out, "but Kazuma, I know a *lot* of nobles! What if it's a trap?"

The cabin of the carriage was dead silent for about 4 seconds before Kazuma and Aqua started laughing. "Pfhahaha! Come on, Darkness, who would go through the trouble of becoming a member of the most exclusive club in the Kingdom and then paying out the nose for 4 guest invitations, only to use it to try and destroy us? That just seems too convoluted, even for the Demon King." Darkness opened her mouth, but Kazuma's finger shushed her before she started. "And don't you start about how it's some pervert who wants to isolate and seduce you girls so he can screw you while I'm oblivious and make you admit that his cock is ~*soooo*~ much better than my little limp dick! I don't want to hear it!"

Darkness, the words taken straight out of her mouth, shut it. Sure, maybe it would be fun if that happened to her, but not if it happened to Aqua or, Eris forbid, pure little Megumin! She sulked into the corner the entire rest of the trip there, as the rest of the party excitedly imagined what they were going to get to enjoy in the capital.

A few hours later, the party found themselves in the middle of Belzerg city. The Chateau d'Honneur wasn't unknown to Kazuma, being one of the Chivalrous Thief Duo, or Darkness, having grown up among the high nobility, but for all four of them it was their first time coming so close. From the outside, it was almost conspicuous in its lack of ostentation, a simple daubed-wooden frame of a building, with colored bunting and thick windows decorating the 4 stories. It wasn't even in one of the finest neighborhoods, being in a simple artisan's quarter.

Having the invitation in his hand didn't stop Kazuma from feeling nervous as he approached the doorman, a fine, stout fellow with a mighty red mustache poking out past his cheeks. He held the invitation out, and before he could even say a word the door was slammed open and the four of them ushered in before the door was slammed closed behind them. The main foyer was as rustic and plain as the exterior, with a number of wooden tables already laid out and with a few old men enjoying a late lunch. They waved at Kazuma and company, lifting their tankards in welcome. Kazuma waved back awkwardly, about to go to them and ask a few questions, when a door on the second floor flew open and a high countertenor voice sang out.

"My guests, you came!" Leaping out into view was a large figure, nimbler than one might expect from his bulk (his figure clearly delineated by the tight officer's uniform he wore), standing at the top of the wide stairs. "I am Count Oak, all of us here at Chateau d'Honneur, myself most of all, are graced by your presence!" The Count bounded down the stairs, landing with a flourish in front of Kazuma. Coming up from his bow, the Count smiled wide, showing off his tusks, wrapped in brass wire, and his dark pink snout.

This was no human nobleman.

"You're an orc?" Kazuma asked. Aqua's mouth gaped open as Megumin blinked rapidly. Darkness' mind began racing overtime, her imagination beginning to turn at ten thousand RPM, throwing out phantasms of possibilities at an incredible pace.

"I told you it was a trap!" she yelled out. "I've never heard of an ennobled orc! You're some trickster looking to steal people back to your cave somewhere!" She pulled her sword out and pointed it straight at the Count. "I know how it goes! I've heard enough stories and dealt with enough victims of orcish aggression!" Darkness' eyes lit up. "I know all about the foul violence you do women, the days and weeks of violent, unending copulation! How you feed women nothing but your own filthy seed for meals, leaving them nude and 'washing' them with your own urine!" Darkness' voice grew more and more strident and passionate the further she went, her chest heaving up and down as she panted. "And I know more beyond! I've read all the accounts of the occult rites you put your most noble and chaste prisoners through, how you put honest women through disgraceful marriages before statues of cruel deities! You break not only their minds but their very souls, leaving them nothing but breeding sows for further generations of swine! I... I won't let Megumin have her innocence taken like that, b-but maybe I-I-I could..." Darkness' excitement at the thought of it was palpable and impossible to hide, her face red as her sword shook violently in her hands.

"Ah, Lady Dustiness," Oak said, slightly less interested in her intrusion, his smile becoming a little more patronizing. "I left behind that terrible and savage world many years ago. Far be it from a scion of a lineage as noble as your father's to take notice of every act of the King," he said, "but His Majesty made me Count of Talama in return for the help I gave him when he was lost while hunting, separated from his knights and threatened by a wyvern, some years ago. I know I am not a lord of high renown, but I am loyal to the King and Kingdom!" He produced a silver seal with an emblem of a stag between two trees, the sign of which made Darkness waver and the others ooh and ahh.

"You have all done much to aid the kingdom, but you especially, young Kazuma." the orc smiled genuinely, moving directly past Darkness, taking Kazuma's hands in his own, and enveloping them in his palms, so much larger than Kazuma's. His skin, leathery and tough by nature but softened by artifice and care, only had a little bit of the grease that normal orcs almost prided themselves on steeping in without washing. "And I believe that such promising youth must be cultivated, lest it be lost searching for concern and care in the wrong places. How many heroes could we have had who weren't praised for what they'd done well, but only for the evil they did?" he asked dramatically. "But praise alone is not enough. Virtue ought to be rewarded as well!"

The magic words for Kazuma's ears. The freelancer's eyes lit up and he nodded vigorously. "Oh, that's right! Thank you, Count, I'm really very humbled! On behalf of us all, I heartily accept your reward! Don't you worry about Darkness, she's a freak!" He knocked his elbow into Darkness' ribs, making her drop the point of her sword from Oak.

"Yeah, yeah, what's this reward going to be, I wanna see, I wanna see!" Aqua chimed in, her eyes sparkling. Surely it'd be something nice for her too.

Oak laughed, his scarred cheeks jiggling. "Of course, of course! But first, there must be a feast!" He snapped his fingers with a flourish, and the adventurers already at their meal saluted the newcomers as Oak corralled them and led them upstairs. Smashing the door open to a private room, big enough for a real party, but deserted except for the five.

Deserted, except for the absurd amount of food laid out on the tables. The spread was incredible, a variety that impressed even Darkness, used to expensive spreads meant to wow. Razor Hogs whole-roasted and drizzled with honey, Giant Toad legs still twitching, Cliff Racer wings with spreads of herbs, two dozen vegetable dishes, soups, with wines and ales aplenty meant to complement any of the dishes arrayed.

"It's well known that an adventurer lives on his stomach, though perhaps I've let myself get ahead of that in some respects!" Oak laughed as he slapped his rotundity. Kazuma's mouth couldn't close, the smell of each dish making him drool onto the floor, along with Aqua and Megumin. Even Darkness couldn't help but feel her stomach growl. How long had it been since the group had a proper celebratory meal? When she thought about it, she realized it hadn't been that long. But that hadn't been on someone else's tab.

The adventurers leaped into the fray of devouring everything they could with an energy and ferocity that surprised even Oak for a moment, who was reminded of the voraciousness of his half-starved childhood. Even Darkness eventually relented, and took a haunch of meat by the bone and studied it closely. She smelled it, hoping to detect something, but instead found herself running her tongue over the crispy skin without even meaning to. Giving in to her body's urges, she started munching, following the others' leads. As Aqua raised a bottle of rice wine to her lips though, Darkness intervened.

"Stop!" she grabbed the bottle from the cleric's hands, leaving Aqua's eyes watering in sadness. Darkness sniffed at the bottle's mouth. "I know this smell! It's clear as day to me!" She shot an accusing finger at the Count. "This smell is from an aphrodisiac drug, made by distilling the liquor of a precious herb found in the goblin mountains of the north! You want to drive us into a frenzy of lust so that we'll fawn all over your villainous body, losing our senses as our bodies writhe in the perfect mingling of pain and pleasure! Well I'm not falling for it! I won't let you make Aqua turn her back on her Goddess so you can breed her! You'll have to make me abjure my oaths of chivalry in order to taste the foul precum dribbling from your bumpy, filthy cock!" Darkness heaved the bottle above her head before shattering it on the floor beneath her. Aqua let out a despairing cry.

"Actually, Lady Dustiness," Oak said, putting his hand on Kazuma's shoulder, "that odor you're describing is from the preserved mandrake, which you can see among the glass shards. A remarkable resemblance, and I applaud your knowledge of alchemy, but mistaken in this case."

Megumin prodded at the glass with her staff, and sure enough beneath a large fragment was the small distorted face of the mandrake, pickled in wine. Aqua grabbed the thing and shoved it into her mouth, only the leaves on the top sticking out of her lips, and suckled on it while throwing annoyed glances at Darkness. "It's all right, dear Aqua!" Oak said, "there's always more where that came from!" His generosity quickly raised everyone's spirits back to their proper level of jollity.

The feast was spectacular, as delicious on the tongue as the eye perceived, maybe even more so. As the adventurers roamed through the forest of food, sampling first from this dish and then from another, more was brought in by unobtrusive female servers. Unobtrusive to the others, but not to Darkness, who saw a glint of metal at one's throat. She gasped before swallowing a mouthful, leading to a coughing fit as she tried to avoid choking. By the time she'd averted her own disaster, the server was almost out of the room, and Darkness had to run to grab her. "I knew it!" she screamed out. "The girls here, they're all slaves! Collared and everything! I bet you're looking to sell us to perverted merchants on the sea coast who'll train us to do housework in skimpy clothing while satisfying their carnal lusts at night!" She presented the server to the rest of the group, and Oak closed his eyes and sighed.

"If you will take a moment and look, Lady Dustiness," Oak said, "you will see that the young woman you're manhandling there is wearing a Medal for Uncommon Valor, as are many of the other servers. I make sure to employ adventurers who have decided to take up safer methods of making a living."

Darkness' eyes widened, and she finally looked at the metal hanging around the woman's neck. Sure enough, there was the eagle soaring. Darkness looked up from the medal to the server, whose cold eyes made Darkness feel incredibly embarrassed. "S-sorry..." she said, letting go meekly. It turned her on even more to see Kazuma roll his eyes like she was a crazy woman. But she knew something was wrong! It had to be! There was no way something this nice could just fall into their laps like this! If they weren't vigilant at all times, they could be defeated! But eventually even she had to give in, and for at least a little bit of time, her suspicions of the strange nobleman were quieted.

She observed him closely, taking note of where his eyes were, who he spoke to, what topics, where his hands went. He easily gained Aqua's affection, showing just enough knowledge of the Axis Church to get on the cleric's good side without starting her on a rant about the Eris Church. To Megumin he was not only pleasant but solicitous, asking her about the conditions of her hometown, what could be done to make magic easier to use against the forces of evil, and more. But to neither of the other women did he show any sign of predatory behavior. Even to Darkness herself he was nothing but unflaggingly polite, something that only made Darkness embarrassed of herself. Could she have been wrong about him? As Oak spoke with Kazuma, complimenting the young man on his endless appetite, Darkness tried to figure him out. Was he really just telling the truth? Her heart shuddered in her chest. If she was so wrong about the intentions of a good man, what else could she be wrong about?

Not even jellied eels and candied fruits pick Darkness out of her slump. She enjoyed the dessert on an intellectual level, knowing that even her own home would be hard-pressed to assemble such a congeries of a meal, but her heart and stomach wasn't in it, and she only picked at the shaved ice covered in star fruit syrup. She carved a cock-like shape out of the ice pile, put the tip in her mouth, and sucked the syrup clean off it.

Standing up, patting his belly nicely, Oak picked between his teeth with an ivory toothpick. "Well, I think you've made a fine dent in the resources here at the Chateau d'Honneur!" And he wasn't exaggerating. Aqua alone had devoured enough food to feed a regiment, and her belly button, along with Kazuma's and Megumin's, stuck out from the stuffing. "Now I say it's time to hit the baths! Your rooms are on the same apartments as mine - please feel free to use my library here to rest. There are plenty of tomes on magic, Megumin..." he said, expecting it to get her attention, but he chuckled when it didn't "...or there are illustrated novels, should those strike your fancy."

"Do you have 'I Died And Found Myself In A Strange Technological Society!"?" Kazuma asked, his and Megumin's attention piqued again.

"Of course I do, what library would be complete without it?" Oak scoffed.

Darkness cleared her throat. "Ah, b-but Kazuma... should we really leave Axel undefended? Don't we need to go back, rather than spend more time here in the capital?"

Kazuma was about to shove his finger into Darkness' breasts to make his point, but Oak stopped him with another hand on his shoulder. "A fine sense of duty you have, Lady Dustiness, to be commended. But to be on alert all the time is to invite overexertion, tension, and eventual snapping. Times of relaxation are just as important for maintaining readiness as training. I hope you'll take the proffered hand of hospitality as well?"

With everyone's eyes on her, Darkness' cheeks burned and she nodded her head. In her mind she could already feel his hand around her throat, choking her as his cock pounded into her womb, shaping her tunnel so only orcish dicks could satisfy her from then on. She squeezed her thighs together at the thought. "A-alright..."

In the baths, Megumin and Aqua were completely relaxed, enjoying the heat soaking into their muscles. Darkness couldn't help but try to encourage them to keep their towels on, even if they ignored her. But the crusader kept her thin white bath towel in front of her, trying in vain to conceal her mighty bosom, convinced that every wooden fixture or stone spout on the wall concealed some peephole for the lecherous inhuman to spy upon the maidens in their nakedness. If Kazuma was tempted to do it, surely the lust-filled orc would!

"Kyaah!" Megumin squeaked as the gargoyle vomiting water into the bath began to spit out a stream of white bubbles. Darkness knew exactly what it was - orc jizz. Everyone knew the stuff was addicting, and more than one noblewoman had been turned into a debauched whore by the introduction of more and more of it into her diet.

"Aqua, Megumin, get out of there!" Darkness cried out, throwing her towel aside and running towards the bath to pull the two out of the water. Slipping on a piece of soap, she flew into the air with a cry, splashing into the bath right underneath the spigot. She erupted from the water, coughing and gagging. "Oh no! Oh no! It's too late for me! Hurry, get out you two! I'm... I know I'm going to be addicted to drinking orc jizz from now on, but you don't need to share my fate! Just please, please, when you see me downing huge mugs of steaming, chunky orc ball snot while reeking, smegma-caked dicks are smeared against my nostrils, remember me as I used to be, as your noble friend!" Her hand on her heart, Darkness' eyes watered as she looked at the other two, sitting on the edge of the bath, staring at her blankly.

"Uhhh, Darkness," Megumin said, putting her finger in the bubbles, "it's just bubbling from the hot spring below us. There's some sort of gas in the water and sometimes it erupts in big gushes like this." She cupped her hands in the foam and blew it out towards Darkness. "I don't quite understand where you're coming from, but uhhh, ok?"

Smiling even more awkwardly, Darkness felt behind her head, and the flow of water had gone back to normal. Sinking into the bath between icebergs of bubbles, Darkness tried to get the thundering of the orcish crowd's applause at her thirst for semen out of her ears, and failed.

Bawdy apparitions haunted Darkness as she left the bath, dripping arousal darkening her pink pajama bottoms. Around every corner, she saw the instruments of her humiliation and ruin - goblins with red-hot brands ready to mark her belly above her womb, women pregnant with monsters wielding stingers filled with will-breaking poisons, horrific statues of evil gods commanding her to betray Eris and worship them with all her soul. She ran headfirst around the corner, hoping to find the orgy beyond it, but ran into Kazuma standing at the entrance to his room instead. They both fell to the ground with shouts.

"Darkness, are you okay?" Kazuma asked. The crusader panted, staring at the ground.

"They must be in the walls..." she muttered.


Darkness jumped up and grabbed Kazuma's bed shirt by the front. "The goblins and orcs that want to rape me! They've got to be in the walls! Maybe if... maybe if I masturbate they'll come for me...!"

Kazuma's eyes went skyward. Why? Just why was he the one who had to be saddled with her? Kazuma grabbed her shoulder and looked her in the eye. "Oi, Darkness. Get some sleep. If you're so concerned I'll even let you sleep in my room." Darkness opened her mouth but Kazuma shushed her. "I understand you have weird kinks, Darkness, and I try not to judge. But if you ruin things with the Count..." Kazuma leaned in close to Darkness' face and whispered. "I will see to it that you marry a fine nobleman of upstanding honesty and gentleness who will always see that you are pampered and kept safe from danger, if it's the last thing I do in this life."

The look on her face told Kazuma she'd understood the threat. "Now go to bed!" he yelled, throwing her into his room and slamming the door shut. He stomped off down the hallway, thinking that if Aqua was still awake, maybe he could convince her to drink a little more and he could trick her into showing him her invisible panties again.

In the dark bedroom, dominated by a large bed with curtains let down around the sides, Darkness tried to calm her heartbeat. "I'm not a slave to my passions!" she told herself. "I'll just... just maybe touch myself a little bit before going to sleep..." She crawled onto the bed, where the wall above the pillow carried a large landscape painting, and flung herself under the covers, as soft as any she'd had at home. Tossing and turning under them, she sent a hand between her legs to try and calm her raging libido. But as much as she rubbed her fingers against her clitoris, her stomach still felt tight and her body tense. She looked up at the top of the bed and saw a large green ass squatting above her, cheeks spread apart to show a massive wrinkled anus. Darkness opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out as her fingers dove into her pussy, but it just wasn't enough for her. She needed more.

A sound from the wall, and Darkness froze. Suddenly she felt the presence of a gaze trying to discern what was on the bed, if anything. She slowly pulled her hand out of her wet crotch, and slid under the covers, trying to hide herself as much as possible. Who was it? Could it be Kazuma? Her eyes widened under the blankets. He knew she was in his bed, and he'd shown the nature of his animal lusts plenty of times before! Maybe he'd finally snapped, and was looking to unleash all his aggression out on Darkness' body! The noble lady shivered with excitement. How would he hold her down? He may have been a man, but he was no match for Darkness' strength. Then it hit her - he'd tie her down! Spread-eagled on the bed, she'd be helpless before his searching gaze. When he saw how wet she already was, he'd smirk like the base lecher he was and chuckle.

"As expected of a masochist pig like you, Darkness...!"

The crusader vibrated with barely contained need. She sensed a presence just outside the curtains, hearing a deep, heavy breathing. A hand slipped through and grabbed at the lump on the bed. The huge palm landed squarely on Darkness' breast. Unexpected, the hand squeezed twice, trying to figure out what it was fondling, and tried to pull back, but it was too late. Darkness sprang from under the covers and grabbed the arm, yanking the intruder onto the bed and pinning them under her. To her surprise, it wasn't Kazuma, but Count Oak, who recognized Darkness after a moment.

"Wh-what? I-I thought..." he stammered.

There was too much going on in Darkness' head for her to think clearly. Her nipples, huge and stiff, clearly tented her pajama blouse. "I knew it! You *were* planning on raping me, weren't you?! Just forcing your filthy bulk on me in bed, covering me in your greasy sweat and soiling these sheets with my orgasms!"

"N-no!" Oak protested. "I was just looking to speak with Kazuma privately!" He tried to shake Darkness off, but his time of leisure had dulled his body. Darkness, on the other hand, had sweat dripping down her well-defined abs and powerful biceps, holding the orc down. He moved around, and Darkness felt a stiff rod fall out of a loincloth behind her and slap against her ass. Even through her bottoms, she could feel the irregular shape on the shaft, how hot and heavy it felt. Darkness looked from Oak to his free hand, seeing the bottle of lubricant in it.

Her brain made the connection, and something snapped in her. She'd been right the whole time - Oak *had* been meaning to bed someone. But not her, or any of the other girls.

"J-just let me go, if you don't mind... ahh!" Oak squealed when the fingers on his wrists clamped down hard enough to hurt. "P-please Lady Dustiness!"

Darkness, bent over, began to giggle violently, her shoulders jerking up and down. "You... you want to make Kazuma a sow..." She reached between her legs and tore the crotch out of her pants, revealing her utter desperation for fulfillment. "I won't let you! You'll never touch Kazuma as long as I can protect him!" The crusader lifted her hips and grabbed Oak's cock in her free hand, guiding it to her sopping wet and panting hole. "I deserve to be a sow tooooo!" she cried out as she sank her hips onto the massive rod.

The piggish dick split Darkness open even further than she'd imagined, the slight spiral shape of the organ piercing her to her cervix. She could feel every growth, every inch of the shape inside of her as she struggled to keep from blacking out.

"Ohh no no no, not again!" Oak pleaded. He'd seen the fire in Darkness' eyes before - when he fled the orc tribes it was the women whom he feared the most, sex-crazed monsters all.

The grin that split Darkness' face only furthered the connection, and Oak let out a low moan as Darkness squeezed her pussy muscles around his shaft. "Ohhh, wonderfuuuul!" Darkness groaned as she tried lifting her hips. Her pussy sucked at the shaft like a vacuum as she slid back up, a thin whistle escaping her lips as a particularly knobby growth on the top of Oak's cock dug against her g-spot. But just before he left her entirely, Darkness slammed her hips back down. She began to ride Oak as he'd never been ridden before, squealing and yelping like a stuck pig.

Oak too sputtered and grunted, but just wasn't strong enough to throw the young woman off of himself. Darkness' tunnel was just as tight as his favored hole, and sheer nature began to betray his body, as precum began to spurt out of his cock to mingle with Darkness' juices, and be brought to a frothy mess by the friction of the crusader slamming herself up and down along his shaft. Darkness bent down, rubbing her breasts against the pig's torso, fencing at his nipples with her own until they stiffened up and she could bite at them. "I know all about how orcs like you break women! I know your techniques, you can't break me with them!" she gloated.

"But you're the one using them on meeee!" Oak moaned.

Yet Darkness couldn't hear him. In her mind she saw the whole tribe around them, egging her on as she rode her new master. The heavy collar around her neck weighed her down, but more painful and shameful were the brands on her ass and her womb, burned into her flesh in intricate designs that would forever mark her as a sow. "I won't... I won't give up the fight!" she exhaled. "No matter how much you pound into me, no matter how much you ruin my pussy and mold it into a perfect shape for orc dick!" A sharp black pubic hair at the base of Oak's cock stabbed at her clitoris. "Nngghhhiiiiii!" Darkness shrieked as she came, throwing her head back as her tongue lolled out of her mouth. Oak thought for a moment that she was out of it, her extended orgasm rendering her utterly senseless, and he tried to break his wrists free from the grip her one hand had them in. But the grip on them hadn't faltered.

A stone totem of a snarling porcine figure, terrible in aspect, loomed over Darkness in her imagination. "I'll... I'll never worship you!" she spat out, gyrating her hips on Oak's crotch back and forth. His heavy, leathery ball sack squeezed and tensed under her ass. "I'll never curse Eris, I'll never give up being a guardian of peace! No matter how many orc cocks you force me to ride, no matter how many piglets I'm forced to bear!"

"Who are you talking toooo?!"

Darkness reached behind her and took hold of those massive balls, roiling the heavy orbs, too big for both to fit in her palm, covering her hand in greasy sweat. She slapped her palm on her face, slathered her neck and breasts with the sharp, earthy musk, tearing at her blouse so she could pinch at her nipples directly. She felt the wide hoop of gold pierced through them, and the glimmering chain of precious metal hanging between them, fit only for a bed pet. She kept reaching back and covering her body in Oak's grease, seeing the arcane patterns goblins painted on her body in her mind's eye. She'd smell like this for the rest of her days, she knew it. "Haahh, haaaaaah!" she panted feeling the spicy sting in the back of her throat.

"What is wrong with you!"

Fully absorbed in the fantasy now, Darkness looked to the side. She saw the other crusaders and priestesses there, chained and prepared for their own ruin after Darkness was finished. "I'm sooorryyyyy...!" she drooled. "I'm a sow! I'm a sow! I hate it, but it's good! It feels so good! It's toooo goooooood!" In the crusader's eyes was no longer the fierce determination of a woman warrior, eager to stand for justice, but only the lust-drunk hearts of a sex-slave. "He's going to cum in me! He's going to cum! I feel it!"

"No, no! You could get pregnant if I cum inside you! Get a hold of yourself Lady Dustiness!"

The word pregnant sank into the young woman's sex-crazed mind. Bouncing up and down, she giggled. "Pregnant! Pregnant! Yes! I'm going to give birth to little piggies from now oooonnnn! I'll be a good mommy! Please let me give birth to your pigleeeeets!" She came again, the pressure between her tunnel walls and Oak's cock so tight that her juices squirted out. "Cum! Cum in your sow! Cum! Cuuuum!"

"Ahh, I can't... I can't hold it iiiiin! I'm cumming! Cuuummiiiiiing!" Oak moaned, unable to stop himself. Darkness buried his cock into her tunnel, the mouth of her cervix opening up to kiss against the wide piss hole of Oak's cock, and the orc could endure no more. He came, an inhumanly massive rope of lava-hot jizz erupting from his dick directly into Darkness' womb. It burned her inside, making her shriek as she came again. She felt every slap of viscous orc cum as it filled her deepest parts, the level rising and rising until she felt like a filled balloon. But the orc had more in him, and the extra cum splattered out of their joined loins in sizable yellow bubbles. Every sensation burned itself into Darkness' mind - the heat, the shape of the cock buried in her, how every heartbeat made it pulse against her fleshy walls, how the balls her ass rested on tensed a half second before every blast she felt inside of her. She would never forget it.

After he was done, Oak tried to open his heavy eyes. "L-Lady Dustiness… please..." he muttered, "Please... tell me you've come to your senses!"

The crusader atop him crouched over his chest like some kind of bog witch, huffing and panting. Shaking, she slowly pulled herself off the orcish length. Each inch she extracted saw more jizz dribble out of her hole onto Oak's crotch and the bed beneath him, until the head popped out and Darkness' hole remained gaping and drooling.

"Thank heavens!" Oak muttered. It would take some time with more reasonable men and women to make him forget this horrible night, but it would happen eventually. He would just have to make sure he invited Kazuma somewhere alone next time. He tried to move, but stopped when Darkness grabbed his ankles. "W-what? Lady Dustiness, no!"

The blonde pulled the orc's legs up into the air and pushed them back, bending the orc’s back in a very uncomfortable manner. She drooled, licking her lips of the salty sweat and grease that had dripped onto them. "I'm not broken yet... husband..." Sliding her ass over the engorged member, Darkness slammed it into her bowels and Amazon-pressed Oak into ass-fucking her.

"Nooooooooo!" Oak screamed, the thick walls of the Chateau blocking everything.

In the morning, Kazuma was faced with the sight of the ever-so-pleased-with-herself Darkness holding Oak by the arm. The Count looked like he'd been hit by a Drain Life spell, his face gaunt and haggard, his body unsteady on his feet. Darkness' pajamas were utterly ruined - shredded and stained with so much semen and sweat that the top and bottom were only good as cum rags now. "What did you say again?" Kazuma asked.

"I said that this foul villain snuck into the room I was sleeping in last night, thinking it was yours, Kazuma! He wanted to seduce you and make you his pliant boy toy, but I refused to allow such a dire fate befall you! I wrestled with him all night long, until you knocked on the door, in fact." She licked up the stray strand left on her lips and burped, the scent of sour jizz on her breath. “Sorry,” she added, before snorting like a pig.

Aqua and Megumin began howling behind Kazuma. "Wouldn't he look good in a skimpy outfit and leash!" Aqua screamed. "With a little loincloth over that Excalibur of his!" Megumin laughed.

"But don't worry!" Darkness continued. "I think I've made the Count here understand what he needs to make a change in his life if he wants to be a productive member of society! No more seducing young men!"

Kazuma, face beet-red, vibrated in anger and embarrassment as the other two continued shrieking behind him. He started yelling at everyone.

Darkness didn't really listen, but felt the hand marks on her throat from when Oak's patience had snapped and he'd gone mad, raping her as forcefully as he could. Yes, he'd learned what he needed to do with her.

And deep inside Darkness, a defenseless egg wandered from her ovaries into the sea of virile orc sperm. She'd learn what she'd gotten out of that night eventually!