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I should have knocked

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Todoroki was overwhelmed to say the least. Thoughts running at 100 miles per hour as he jammed the elevator button to take him to his dorm room. It was taking too long to open, it was too slow. Any moment now Midoriya would come around the corner and confront him, or maybe Iida or even worse both. How would he ever face them again after what he’d walked in on. How could he ever look them in the eyes. It wasn’t even that he had walked in on them, yes that had been embarrassing, but rather that the sight of their lips slotting together had frozen him to the spot. He’d watched. He’d watched Midoriya and Iida make out in Midoriya’s dorm room for longer than could ever be considered appropriate.

Finally the elevator doors opened and Todoroki rushed in pushing the level 5 button. Just as the doors were sliding shut he saw Midoriya burst from his room.

“Todoroki please wait!” The elevator shut.

Iida had been sitting against the headboard his glasses on Midoriya’s bedside table. Midoriya had his back to the door, sitting in Iida’s lap hands raking through his blue hair. Iida’s hands gripped his hips in a way that expressed a want Todoroki had never seen outside TV shows. They moved with a slow soft rhythm that spoke of practice and time. They’d almost certainly done this before. Iida and Midoriya had made out before.

It wasn’t just the elevator rising that made Todoroki feel like his stomach had dropped out. How had he not realised earlier, surely if Midoriya and Iida had been seeing each other for such a length of time to look so perfect together he would’ve known.

Rushing to his dorm room he slid in and snubbed the lock on his door. He couldn’t breathe, he felt hot under the collar so undid the top few buttons of his shirt. Every time he closed his eyes he saw them, perfect and together. His closest friends. Together. He should be happy for them but all Todoroki felt was hurt and confused and embarrassed. It was all too much. He longed to go back to his blissful ignorance because surely anything would be better than the ache in his chest and the shame that knotted his stomach. With little else to do he curled up on his futon willing himself to fall asleep and wake to find it had all been a dream.

In his mind he could still hear the moan, as though it was playing on repeat. Midoriya had been so lost to the feeling a low stuttered moan had escaped his throat. That was all it took for Todoroki to realise the gravity of what he was doing, intruding. He turned to go but had knocked into the doorframe. It was as though time stopped. Their rhythm ceased and all was quiet for a moment before Midoriya spun around scrambling off Iida’s lap. Fear and panic had been clear on their faces so Todoroki ran.

His heart refused to slow its pace as he lay in the quiet of his room, as though he’d sprinted for miles not simply up to his dorm room. He just couldn’t stop thinking about it. His first year at UA had taught him so much about understanding and coping with his emotions, but it was like that had all been flushed away and he was back at his father’s house trying to hide from himself under his thick quilt. He’d ruined it. He’d ruined it all. Tears slowly slid down his face and he buried himself in his cushion.

It had been a normal Saturday afternoon. He’d only wanted to ask Midoriya for a pen since he’d misplaced his set of fine liners and Midoriya had said he was always welcome. But now he cursed himself for how familiar they had become. If only he’d knocked. It was all so stupid. Now he was stuck on a loop reliving how he’d thrown two of his most important relationships down the drain.

He could see them now, Midoriya pink as the setting sky refusing to meet his eye. Iida going back to the curt politeness of a classmate. Never again would he be let in. Midoriya fierce gaze laced with a challenge, Iida’s soft smile when he let down his guard. Todoroki’s body heaved with the weight of his silent tears.

The buzz of his phone was unexpected. Few people had his number, two of those few being Midoriya and Iida. He wasn’t ready to face them, hearing their voices again would make everything that just happened undeniable. Yet it continued to buzz. So after a minute of ignoring he emerged from his bed to turn it off, only to see the screen lit up with Uraraka’s contact photo. A selfie from the lunch time they’d all finally swapped numbers. She’d been busy picking out emojis to go next to her name when she reassured him that he could call and talk to her whenever he needed. It was the fond memory that had him swiping to accept her call.

“Todoroki finally!”

“Uraraka?” Speaking made him aware of the slight croak in his voice so he cleared his throat. “Now isn’t really a good time.”

“What happened?”

“What makes you think something happened?”

“I just ran into a very flustered Midoriya and Iida on their way out of the dorm and thought you might know what was up. And I’m assuming you do.”

Todoroki only paused for a moment to consider answering untruthfully but she would find out eventually. “Yes, I do.”

She hummed. “So where are you at the moment.”

“My dorm room.”

“Right! I’m coming over.” He heard her get up and move around.

“But that’s against the rules.”

“God you sound like Iida.” The harmless comment made his chest ache. “I’m coming over and I’m bringing the left-over soba from last night.”

“Uraraka you really shouldn’t-” She hung up on him.

It was barely five minutes before there was a knock on his door. Five minutes in which he strived to make his eyes lose their red blotchy colouring that remained as evidence from his crying. Despite all his best efforts the moment he opened the door he felt stripped bare by her gaze.

“Are you going to just leave me standing here or do you want soba?” He swung the door further open and she walked in settling the tray of food she’d brought on the floor.

“If anyone finds you here…”

“I’ll say you were feeling unwell and I brought you food, now come sit down.” Admitting defeat, he sat cross-legged opposite her and picked up a bowl and chopsticks. She watched him eat for a few moments before speaking up again. “Now, I don’t want to push you but you sounded upset and I thought that maybe some good food and a friend wouldn’t be unwelcome.” He nodded. “Do you want to talk about it?”

Todoroki gave it thought but had no idea how to tell Uraraka he’d found their two friends making out. Or even if he should. But the weight of the scene circling through his mind felt too much to stand and he knew Uraraka could be trusted.

“Yes, but I don’t know how.”

“What do you mean?” Uraraka asked and he set down his bowl.

“I’m not very good with words or emotions.”

Uraraka contemplated what he’d said. “Ok well how about you start at the beginning, and list out the order of events and we’ll get to the emotions later.”

That seemed like as good a method as any. “Well I needed a pen. So I went to Midoriya’s room…”


“I didn’t knock.”


“I opened the door and…” he swallowed hard. He was consumed with the image again and looked down feeling blood rush to his face and shame to the pit of his stomach.

“It’s ok Todoroki, you don’t have to.” It was kind of her to offer an exit but he shook his head.

“No… I want to it’s just… hard. I opened the door and I saw Iida and Midoriya… kissing.” Uraraka’s eyebrows lifted in surprise but she remains quiet, prompting Todoroki to continue.

“I-I didn’t close the door. I stayed and…” he felt the shame deepen. “I watched.” He shifted his entire focus to the bowl of soba unable to look Uraraka in the face. “They didn’t see me. I watched until… I snapped out of it b-but I bumped into the wall.” He curled his hand into a fist.

“Oh Todoroki.”

“I ran. Midoriya came after me but the elevator was already closing. Then I came up here. And then you called.” He didn’t dare look up, he half expected Uraraka to stand up and leave but she stayed put as the silence stretched between them.

“That would explain why they looked so flustered.” She laughed a little and Todoroki was finally able to release some tension, relaxing his hand and raising his head. “Honestly I’m surprised it took this long for such an incident to occur considering how close we all are here in the dorms. However, I am surprised at Midoriya and Iida. Who knew they had it in them.” She laughed again. Todoroki buried his face in his hands at her bluntness.

“Aren’t you weirded out?”

“By them? No!” She sounded appalled at the idea. “And not by you either. Honestly I can’t even blame you, if I walked in on two attractive guys making out I’d be frozen to the spot too.”

“But it wasn’t just any two attractive guys, it was Iida and Midoriya.” His friends. The closest friends he’s ever had.

“Are you saying you’re weirded out by them.”

“No!” He didn’t have to think about it. If anything, they looked right together, like Midoriya belonged in Iida’s lap in that moment.

“But you do admit they’re attractive.” She giggled.

He knew he must have been red to the tips of his ears. “Uraraka!”

“Sorry, sorry. Then what were you upset about? You’ve been crying,” he self-consciously rubbed at his eyes, “and although I don’t want to make assumptions you don’t seem the type to cry from embarrassment, especially when you weren’t the one caught out.”

“Wasn’t I?”

“Oh. Oh! So you’re upset at yourself for…” She trailed off, leaving Todoroki to fill in the blank.

“Not knocking.” He started. “Not leaving. Watching. Being caught watching. And losing two of the most important people to me.”

Uraraka’s brow crumbled in empathy, “Todoroki you haven’t lost anyone!”

“How can you be so sure. I crossed a boundary Uraraka!”

“Maybe you did, but you know Midoriya and Iida and how much they care about you.” Intense eye contact carrying the weight of her words. “Something like this won’t change anything for them. Yeah, it might be a little embarrassing and lead to some awkward conversations but that’s it. They care about you too much to let such a silly think as you walking in on them effect your friendship.”

He wanted to tell her that while Midoriya and Iida might not have had any changed feelings for him, his feelings had changed towards them whether he liked it or not. He wanted to explain how it had felt to see them together, to have that image plastered behind his eyelids. To have seen it, and to continue to see it both wishing for it to be gone and wishing he could see it again. He’d couldn’t find the words for it and he’d already said too much.

“I guess so.”

“And hey if it bothers you so much I bet they didn’t even realise how long you were there for. Probably too busy.” Uraraka made a rather crude gesture with her hands and it brought a soft laugh from Todoroki at its absurdity. “Good, now finish your soba and if you feel like it come downstairs, I think Kaminari was wanting to get everyone together for a movie. I don’t know what film he’s chosen but I trust it’ll be interesting.”

“I don’t know.” The last time Kaminari had chosen a film it had been an action film about cars who turn into men. It all went over Todoroki’s head.

“Oh come on!” She batted him on the shoulder. “Even if it’s terrible it’ll keep you from wasting away up here and feeling sorry for yourself.”

He smirked. “I think I’m perfectly entitled to feel sorry for myself.”

“Ha ha,” She mock laughed, “but you’ll come right.”

He sighed. “Yes, I will.”


Todoroki picked his bowl up again. “Uraraka?” She hummed. “Thank-you.”

“Anytime. And I mean that.” He began to eat again.

The movie this time wasn’t nearly as bad but Todoroki found himself unable to pay attention. Midoriya and Iida had walked in during the opening scene and were promptly dragged by an over eager Kaminari to some cushions set up on the floor in front of the couch Todoroki and Uraraka were settled on. Todoroki couldn’t take his eyes off them. It was as though he was seeing them in a whole new light. How could he have missed the way they gravitated around each other, the way Midoriya looked at Iida as he sat down, it was such a weighted look. How could he have been so blind. Todoroki was not prepared when suddenly that intense gaze turned to him.

Midoriya’s eyes bore into his soul and he couldn’t look away. Gone was the fear and panic he’d seen in the dorm room, it had been replaced with a confidence Todoroki wished he could share. It was a look he’d seen in Midoriya’s eyes many times before he charged into battle and willingly broke his own hand. It stole his breath away. It was as though Midoriya was trying to say something. Something important. Todoroki almost thought Midoriya was going to start speaking, call out to him, do something but…

“Hey guys the popcorn’s done!” Kirishima yelled from the kitchen and their eye contact broke. Todoroki calmed his racing heart for the second time that day. Uraraka had been wrong. So wrong. For Midoriya to look at him like that meant things were about to change between them. Such a heated look with the context of earlier that afternoon meant that possibly everything had changed. As his classmates cheered and shared around the popcorn Todoroki slowly came to terms with his imminent demise.

“Todoroki? Todoroki the popcorn.” Uraraka was holding out a bowl to him, noticing his distraction she looked between him and Midoriya and Iida’s turned backs. “You ok?”

“Yeah fine.” Todoroki muttered although Uraraka’s raised brow expressed her disbelief.

He picked up a corn kernel and ate it to show that he was really fine but then almost choked when he turned to pass on the bowl and found Iida with his arm out. Unlike Midoriya, Iida had a light dusting of pink over his cheeks as he reached out and put his hand over the top of Todoroki’s where it lay on the bowl, before gently extracting it from his grasp.

Todoroki felt as if he was going to explode. He stared in disbelief as Iida quietly turned back around seemingly focusing back on the film. That had to have meant something! That touch had most certainly been calculated, he knew Iida was not the type to make such gestures on a whim. This was too much, both Iida and Midoriya were trying to say something and he didn’t know what, just that it was big and bound to leave him vulnerable. He’d already spent way too much time today feeling vulnerable. It was stupid how much he wanted to just reach out and grab Iida’s hand properly, to demand answers and maybe just see how it felt. Todoroki bet it felt grounding, strong and reassuring, like Iida himself, and he could use a little of that right now. Still he fought his desires and made an attempt to ignore everything that was happening.

To say that Todoroki was distracted from the rest of the film was an understatement. Every time Midoriya or Iida shifted his eyes snapped back to them. The weight of the stillness of the room made him so incredibly aware of how trapped he was. He wanted to just slink back to his room, have the space to think or maybe just pack all his things and run away so he didn’t have to face any of his feelings. However, Uraraka would know something was wrong and although he couldn’t thank her enough for earlier he didn’t think even she could make sense of whatever was going on now. So he sat, the picture of engagement, whilst his inner turmoil raged like a thunderstorm.

As the credits rolled his classmates sleepily picked themselves up from around the common room, ready to drag themselves to bed. Todoroki couldn’t escape fast enough. The sanctuary of his dorm room was within reach when he heard Midoriya call out.

“Todoroki wait, please!” He stopped but didn’t turn around. He could hear them catching up.

A hand fell on his shoulder. “Do you mind if we talk to you? In private, considering the events of today.” Iida turned him around gently but Todoroki couldn’t meet their eyes, Iida’s hand warm where it lay. His hypothesis was right, it was very grounding.

“Yeah, I guess it’s inevitable.”

Midoriya sighed sounding relieved. “Your dorm or mine?”

“Mine.” Todoroki didn’t even have to think about it, he’d never be able to look at Midoriya’s bed the same way again.

“Sounds good!” And with his hand still on Todoroki’s shoulder Iida pushed him onwards.

The door had barely closed behind them when Todoroki began.

“Look, I’m sorry for walking in on you. I didn’t know you were– and I should have knocked. It was inappropriate of me to see that and an invasion of your privacy. If you want I can completely forget I saw anything. We can just go back to how things were and pretend nothing ever happened.”

“But we don’t want that.” Iida stated, taking a step closer. “Do you want that?”


“Well we were talking and…” Midoriya stopped unsure of himself, but was urged on by Iida. “Todoroki how long were you watching us?” His heart stopped. They knew? They knew he’d been there watching them, frozen, entranced. This was it, this was the moment they told him too much had happened and they couldn’t be friends anymore.

“I-I-I didn’t.. I wasn’t… I was but it wasn’t…” He stuttered, feeling his hands go clammy. There was no excuse that could stop this.

Midoriya waved his hands, silencing him. “It’s ok! Really Todoroki it’s fine, that’s the thing we don’t mind.” Todoroki looked between them, but Iida had never been a good liar and Midoriya read like an open book. This confused him, he’d done something wrong by most social standards how could they ‘not mind’.

“You don’t?”

“No, we don’t and that’s why we’re asking how long?”

He blushed stumbling over his words. “Maybe, I guess, five minutes.” Midoriya’s smile couldn’t have been wider, he exchanged a look with Iida that Todoroki couldn’t decipher.

“And did you like what you saw?” Midoriya waggled his brow.

“Izuku!” Iida chastened.

“Tenya!” His voice was laced with laughter. “There’s no point beating around the bush.”

In a moment of honesty Todoroki felt himself give in. “Yes. You both looked so perfect.” Iida flushed a light pink. “I still don’t get it. Why don’t you mind?” Then he whispered. “Why do you want to know… if I liked it?”

Iida cleared his throat. “Todoroki, I don’t want to seem too forward or make you uncomfortable, if you want me to stop please say so now.” Todoroki didn’t say a word. “Right.” Iida’s eyes filled with determination. “What Midoriya was trying to say was, we don’t mind because we find the idea of you watching rather attractive. Not just that, we both have agreed we found you to be rather attractive before today. It is completely understandable if you do not share these feelings, and if that is the case we will respect you and try our best to return to our previous friendship as it was but… Todoroki have you ever considered a relationship with either of us?”

Silence stretched out and Todoroki let himself think for the first time how he truly felt. Felt about Midoriya and Iida. Not his immediate embarrassment and shame. But the reason he’d stayed and watched when he found them making out. Why he couldn’t forget the way they fit together. They were individually and together two of the most attractive people he knew. He’d known that since he met them but today he really found out and now couldn’t forget. How would a relationship be with them? Would Iida hold his hand, would Midoriya comb his fingers through his hair, would they kiss him as passionately as they had each other. Todoroki found himself wondering what their lips felt like and knew he was beyond saving. There was no way he’d manage to box away these feelings ever again. He slowly nodded in answer to Iida’s question.

Midoriya’s giggles were gone when he spoke, breaking the silence. “Here’s the truth. I’ve liked you since I saw the fire in your eyes at the Sports festival. You are my equal and the challenge you give me goes beyond your physical strengths. You challenge me to love myself everyday which as you know is no simple task. I find myself gravitating towards you because I want to hear what you have to say, and I want to share as many memories with you as I can. Because really Todoroki, you’re incredible, and if you don’t mind me saying incredibly beautiful.” He turned to Iida as if to say your next.

“I feel the need to admit my feelings for you began in admiration. Your power and skill were unparalleled but as I got the privilege to know who you were behind the power I found that you are so much more than that. I may not always get it but your dry humour has made myself and many others smile and you are an excellent listener. You pick up on a lot of things that go unsaid and although I have a feeling you’d argue this, you are good with people. I feel at home around you, because with you I can relax. And I can’t help but want you closer because Todoroki you are, might I say, an overwhelmingly incredible person in every way.”

Todoroki was crying, gentle silent tears slid down his face. Earlier today he thought he’d lost them and now he was faced with two heart felt confessions and an offer. It was too much. Iida had insisted he was good at picking up on things, but how could that be true when he not only missed the budding relationship between Iida and Midoriya but their growing feelings for him. Because that is what they just said. Midoriya and Iida both had feelings, for him. His heart beat speed up.

“Oh shit, Todoroki are you ok.” Midoriya panicked.

He took a moment to breathe and scrubbed a hand against his face. “Yes. Maybe. I think so. It’s just a lot to take in, I need time to think about this.”

“Overwhelmed?” Iida asked.

“Yes, really overwhelmed. Earlier I thought you both might hate me. I thought you’d be grossed out that I had watched you make out and was so ashamed that I… that I thought it was kinda hot.” He couldn’t help the slight smile.

Midoriya laughed and it was like music to Todoroki’s ears. “Well I hope that you can see that that is opposite to a problem right now.”

He hummed in agreement. “So what you are both saying is that you want me to join you? In your relationship?”

Iida adjusted his glasses. “Essentially yes.”

“Is this even normal?”

“Maybe not, but we don’t really care.” Midoriya shrugged.

“How would that even work. Would you both be my boyfriend?”


“And who would we tell, would it have to be a secret?”

“We that’s up to all of us to decide if you say yes.” Iida said. “Midoriya and I were talking about coming out to the class and maybe our families but that’s only if you’re comfortable.”

“My father would not be allowed to find out.” Todoroki could only imagine the chaos if his father found out he wasn’t only attracted to boys but seeing two of them at the same time.

Midoriya and Iida nodded understandingly. “Agreed.”

“Is that a yes?” Iida prompted.

“It’s not a no. I still need time to think.”

“Do you want us to give you some space while you think.” Midoriya suggested.

“No!” Todoroki didn’t want them to go that he was certain of. “I mean, you don’t have to leave it’s just a lot to take in.”

Iida looked at his watch. “Well it’s pretty late anyway almost bed time. But we don’t have to go.”

“Are you suggesting a sleepover Tenya?”


Midoriya turned to Todoroki. “What do you think? Would that be ok?”

“I do have a spare futon. If we push them together there would be enough space for the three of us,” Todoroki blushed realising what he’d suggested, “if you don’t mind?”

“No not at all!” Iida insisted.

Midoriya went to retrieve his own doona, pillow and an All Might flannel pj set from his dorm and Iida left to get his own oversized sleeping shirt from his dorm. In the quiet few minutes where Todoroki was alone he let himself smile a stupid, giddy smile. He replayed all the events of the day, as if to remind himself this was real. It all felt as though it was moving so quickly but he didn’t mind he just wanted more of this feeling, more of Midoriya and Iida.

A relationship was a serious thing. He’d never been in one before and to suddenly have two boyfriends who already had experience, he’d be in over his head. Yet, he couldn’t help but yearn for it, to explore a new kind of closeness with people he could trust.

As heroes in training they had to be focused on their goals, work hard and be willing to sacrifice. Where did a relationship fit in with that? But, Todoroki had a feeling that Midoriya and Iida would make him stronger, motivate and encourage rather than distract.

Three people together, how would that work? Maybe he’d get jealous, feel left out or underappreciated. But it was Midoriya and Iida, all he wanted was their happiness and they obviously felt the same for him.

At every doubt he found reassurance. He was running out of logical reasons to say no, but that didn’t diminish how terrifying the thought of accepting their confessions was.

He was pulled from his thoughts with Midoriya knocking on his open door, bedding bundled in his arms. “Todoroki?”

“Yeah sorry, lost in thought.”

It wasn’t until Iida returned and a makeshift double bed was set up that the reality of sleeping next to the two boys who had just confessed their feelings to him became apparent. Todoroki had never shared a bed with anyone besides his older sister and brother as a child and he could imagine this would be completely different. What if they wanted to cuddle? Where would he put his hands? What if he had a nightmare and woke them both up? He was about to suggest that this wasn’t the best of ideas when Midoriya called “Bags Todoroki’s left!” and collapsed onto the left of the bed.

“That’s alright, I always run a little too warm in the night anyway.” Iida gestures for Todoroki to lie in the middle.

He hesitated. “I’m nervous.”

“We don’t have to share if you don’t want to-“

“I do.” Todoroki interrupted, and Midoriya practically giggled at his enthusiasm. “I just haven’t shared a bed like this before.”

“We’re just going to sleep Todoroki.” Iida insisted.

He blushed. “I know but, I just…”

Midoriya stretched his arm out to him. “Come here.” Todoroki took it and climbed under the covers next to him and he felt Iida follow. He lay still as possible keeping his arms to himself as they settled in. “Todoroki it’s ok, you don’t have to be scared to touch us.” Slowly he let his arms relax to his sides and felt his hand brush Iida’s and his shoulder press into Midoriya’s. “Mmm you’re so warm Todoroki.” And without further warning Midoriya curled into his side. “Is this ok?”

“Yes, I think so.” He looked down and felt Midoriya’s hair tickle his chin. It was nice, soft. He nuzzled into it slightly and Midoriya hummed satisfied.

“I’ll turn out the light.” Iida reached over, placing his glasses on the bedside table and then in the darkness pressed to Todoroki’s right. When he tuned his head, he could feel Iida’s breath gently ghosting over his cheek.

The awkwardness slowly faded to a deep sense of comfort. He could feel the rhythm of their breaths, syncing in and out but reliably slowing. He shifted his head to rest on top of Midoriya’s and his right hand found Iida’s in the dark and gently they interlaced. He’d never been more content, but he doubted he’d be able to sleep.

With Iida and Midoriya in his bed Todoroki realised he wouldn’t be able to say no to this. No fear or anxiety could outweigh how he felt in this moment. Each breath and shift of a body against his hardened his resolve. They calmed him and supported him like no one else could, he’d be an idiot to let that go. In the morning, he would accept. In the morning, he’d tell Iida and Midoriya that he felt the same way.

But how should he tell them? Tonight they’d poured out their feelings but they’d had a whole afternoon to prepare and talk it through with each other. Everything they’d said had been perfect and they deserved nothing less from him. Both Midoriya and Iida were good with their words, where Todoroki stumbled especially when it came to feelings. He needed them to know that he’d felt like this before, that it wasn’t a one day rash decision. Yes he’d needed the prompting to face his feelings but he’d felt like this before.

Listening to Midoriya talk about a new hero, watching the way he gave his all in a fight. Feeling the rush of air as Iida speed past him, the adorable way he grew flustered at the disregarding of rules. The way a blush would spread across Midoriya’s freckled face, and the curve of his biceps. The sharp cut of Iida’s jaw, and the strength of his thighs. Todoroki’s feelings were not shallow or new, rather freshly acknowledged. Yet that made them no less real.

Maybe that’s what he would say. He’d tell them why he liked them, so they’d understand it was more than some fleeting attraction in the face of walking in on them. Maybe he’d take Uraraka’s advice and start at the beginning. But when was that? He couldn’t recal when he started seeing them in a different light.

He felt Midoriya shift against him abruptly breaking his stream of thought. “Todoroki you’re thinking very loud.”

“Sorry.” He whispered.

Midoriya pulled Todoroki onto his side facing him, the movement causing Iida to let go of Todoroki’s hand and shift, curling around his back. “Sleep now think later ok?” Iida mumbled as his arm snaked around Todoroki’s waist and found Midoriya.

“Ok.” Sandwiched between them he tried to empty his mind. Tomorrow would come, he had to trust himself to know what to do then. Right now, he was sharing his bed with the two most beautiful boys in the world who were well on the way to sleep. He measured his breathing to match Iida’s as he felt the boys’ chest against his back and slowly lost consciousness.

Waking up had never been a struggle for Todoroki. Living in his father’s house he learnt to be a light sleeper and adhere to a strict schedule. Usually at UA he’d be down for breakfast by 7am on the dot, yet this morning, as light filtered through his curtains, he found a lack of motivation to move. Not only lack of motivation but ability, for Midoriya had slumped over his left side and Iida’s arm was wrapped around the two of them. Todoroki would stay here for the rest of his life if it were possible. A groan from his right alerted him to Midoriya waking up. He leant down and pressed his cheek to the top of his head.

“Mornin’ Todo…” He grumbled still half asleep.

“Shoto.” Todoroki whispered into his hair.


“Please call me Shoto.” Midoriya seemed to wake up at that looking up at him. Their faces barely inches apart.

“Really?! That’s ok?” Todoroki nodded and Midoriya grinned a smile that’d give the sun a run for its’ money, then reached over and shook Iida.

“Izuku? Todoroki? Wha-” His voice was deep and husky from sleep, it made Todoroki want to melt.

“He wants us to call him Shoto!” Todoroki turned his head and made eye contact with Iida who looked awe struck.

“It’s true.”

Iida reached for his glasses settling them on his nose so he could look at Todoroki properly. “Shoto.” He grinned. “Well then it’s only fitting that you call me Tenya.”

“And call me Izuku.” Midoriya added.

“Ok. Well Izuku, Tenya…” He paused seeing letting the warmth of their smiles and their bodies still pressed against him give him courage. “I accept.”

Iida blinked owlishly. “You mean?”

“Yes. I mean, I want to be with you. Both of you.”

Midoriya looked as though he might cry. “You’re sure?”

“I don’t want you to feel rushed Shoto if you need more time to think.”

“No, and really this wasn’t rushed.” He took a moment to collect himself. “My feelings didn’t begin yesterday when I walked in on you. To be honest I can’t really say when they began. Last night I said I needed to think because I was scared, I had never allowed myself to believe that you would feel the same so had buried my own desires deep down.” He shifted to look at Iida. “Tenya.” The name flowed from his mouth like it belonged. “You said you admired me, but I admire you. You’re good with words, and leading people. I find myself wanting to reach for your hand, and feel your strong arms wrap around me.” He broke eye contact unable to keep speaking while Iida looked at him that way. “Izuku.” Midoriya was crying now. “You were so strong willed, you changed how I saw myself in a single fight. I could listen to you talk for hours because you never bore me. There were times I got distracted in class thinking about tracing your scars, and wanting to run my hands through your hair.” He looked at his dorm room ceiling overcome with feelings.

“I’m saying this so you know that this is anything but rushed. I care about you both. I really do.” All he could hear was Midoriya’s light sniffling and the rushing of his heart beat in his ears. There he’d done it. He had said yes. They were his boyfriends. He, Todoroki Shoto was in a relationship with Midoriya Izuku and Iida Tenya.

“Shoto.” Midoriya. “That was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard. Can I kiss you? I really want to kiss you.” Todoroki’s eyes snapped to Midoriya, caught unprepared by the passion in his eyes.

He swallowed down his nerves. “Yes.” And with that Midoriya’s lips were on his. Todoroki had never kissed anyone before but Midoriya was gentle, still half on top of him, hands coming up to cradle his face, hand brushing the edges of his scar as his lips gently pressed over Todoroki’s own. He could feel the dampness still on Midoriya’s cheeks and felt like his heart was going to burst. The press turned deeper, Midoriya’s lips were so soft as they encouraged him to move too. He pressed back, mirroring the gentle passion. They only broke when Todoroki found himself out of breath. He knew he must be red all the way to his ears but didn’t care.

He smiled and turned to Iida whose eyes were fixes on his lips. “Would you like to…?”

“I would like to very much.” Midoriya moved over and Iida placed his hand on Todoroki’s hip and leaned in. Iida’s kiss was rougher and Todoroki pressed his body up into the action. Todoroki wound his hands into Iida’s hair and tugged gently. Iida’s glasses pressed into his cheek but he didn’t care. He was hot, warm and heavy. Todoroki sighed contently into Iida’s mouth and his hand tightened on his hip. They continued until an unfortunate clash of teeth had them reeling back.

Midoriya coughed drawing the boys’ attention to his bright red face. “That was…” he coughed again eyes drawn to the floor, “… really really hot.”

Todoroki chuckled. “Now you know how I felt.”

“I must also agree, that was very intense. Although I did mean to start a little slower I am in no way complaining.” Todoroki placed a light kiss on Iida’s lips just because he could now. Then turned and did the same for Midoriya before he tugged them both back to lay down. Todoroki didn’t know what time it was but he wanted to stay here in this moment for as long as he could.

Midoriya settled back onto his chest but rested his chin on Todoroki’s collar bone and looked down at him smirking. “Hey Shoto! Guess what.”


“You’re my boyfriend.” Todoroki felt light in his chest as he smiled up at him.

“Yeah, I am.”

“And you’re Tenya’s boyfriend too!” Todoroki turned to look at Iida who was smiling fondly at them.

“Yeah, I am.”

“And we’re all each others boyfriends!”

Iida lifted a hand to Midoriya’s cheek. “Yes, we are.”

“I’m so glad.” Midoriya sighed content and leaned up to kiss Iida before settling back down on Todoroki’s chest. He had barely stilled when Todoroki’s phone began to buzz where it was on his bedside table.

“Just ignore it, it’s probably not important.” Todoroki mumbled and Iida raised a questioning brow but let it be. It was when the phone grew quiet only to start ringing again that Midoriya grudgingly rolled off Todoroki to reach over and grab it.

“Oh!” He said in surprise a small smile dawning his face. “It’s Uraraka! That’s such a cute selfie of you guys.” He pushed the phone into Todoroki’s hand who accepted it begrudgingly and answered the call.


“Todoroki do you never pick up the first call?!”

“Only when it’s you.”

“Ha! So rude Todoroki! Anyway, I was calling because you didn’t come down for breakfast like you usually do and I saw you practically run from the film last night. You know you’re going to have to face Midoriya and Iida eventually right?!” Midoriya snickered, both him and Iida listening in on the conversation from Todoroki’s bed, seeing the irony. Uraraka had just taken a breath ready to continue on what was undoubtedly a rehearsed speech when she stopped. “ –Is there someone there with you?” Todoroki looked to Midoriya and Iida and they nodded supportively.

“You know actually, there is.” And he held the phone away from his face and gestured for Iida and Midoriya to say something.

“Hi Uraraka!”

“Good morning Uraraka!”

It was a good thing Todoroki had taken his ear away from the phone because Uraraka let out a high-pitched pearl of laughter. “I’m putting you on speaker phone if you don’t mind.” Todoroki set the phone down on top of the blankets.

“Oh of course not. Hi Midoriya and good morning to you too Iida. Boy am I glad to hear your voices, I was thinking I’d have to coach Todoroki through this whole walking in on you thing for weeks, you know how he can be.” Midoriya hummed in agreement and Todoroki elbowed him in the side for it.

“So I’m assuming you’re all ok now?”

Todoroki smiled. “Yes, more than ok actually.”

“Is that so?” She said suggestively.

“See well…” Todoroki looked to his boyfriends.

Midoriya took his hand and squeezed reassuringly, taking over. “The reason we were acting so odd during the film is Iida and I decided to confess our feelings to Todoroki after he walked in on us.”

“Oh!” Uraraka exclaimed.

“And they did after the film.” Todoroki confirmed.

Iida then took his other hand. “Todoroki said he needed some time to think, but didn’t want us to go. So we stayed the night.” Uraraka mock gasped. “Not like that!”

“I know I’m just teasing. But now, by the sound of things–” she trailed off.

“This morning I confessed my own feelings.”

“So that means?”

“We are together.” Todoroki squeezed his boyfriend’s hands.

“All three of you?”

“Yes all three of us.” Todoroki paused. “Is that going to be a problem?”

“No! Not at all.” Uraraka scoffed. “If anything, I’m confused as to how you scored yourself two boyfriends in a night and I can’t even get one, please teach me your ways.” They all laughed good naturedly, tension releasing from the air. “But for the record, I am annoyed I had to find out about Iida and Midoriya through your gay panic.”

“Oi!” Todoroki protested.

“We didn’t intend it to be that way,” Iida adjusted his glasses. “Midoriya and I had discussed telling you both but were waiting for the right time. Although I’m glad we hadn’t gotten around to it yet, for I wouldn’t trade how this worked out for the world. And anyway here we are telling you about the three of us now.”

“I suppose that does make up for it. I’m happy for you guys! But you better not leave me behind or make me third– I guess fourth wheel when we’re together.”

“Of course not!” Iida insisted

“Never.” Todoroki agreed.

“You know we wouldn’t Uraraka.”

“Yeah. I do.” She sighed happily. “I don’t know what I’d do without you boys. To be honest you all gave me a scare there for a second. I didn’t want to see you hurting because of each other. And on that note, if you break one another’s hearts I will kick all of your asses. You know I can and you know I will, understood?” Midoriya laughed.

“Understood.” They all echoed.

Uraraka hummed appreciatively. “Good. Now I’ll go and leave you to your honey mooning. Please do come down sometime today, I’d like to see you all and not risk my ass sneaking into the boy’s dorms again. Aizawa almost caught me last time.”

“I told you that you shouldn’t have!” Todoroki insisted.

“Oh hush, it was fine. Anyway, have fun!” And with that she hung up.

“Well that went well.” Iida shrugged.

“Yeah it really did.” Midoriya agreed. “Thank God for Uraraka.”

“Quite.” Todoroki sighed. “So what do we do now?”

Iida frowned lightly. “Well we don’t have to tell everyone right now but we should probably think about it. We can make a list and prioritise who we should tell first or we could construct a group setting in which we could come out and talk about our relationship to our peers all at once or–” Todoroki interrupted him.

“I was thinking more like what do you want to do this morning?”

“Oh right, yes that’s a good question.”

“Well, I guess I’m a little hungry.” Midoriya admitted.

“Food it is. If you want I could grab us some eggs and rice and be back in ten minutes?” Iida said, slowly getting up from the bed.

“That’d be perfect Tenya. Thank-you.”

“It’s my pleasure Shoto.”

“Hey, make sure it’s no more than ten minutes alright?” Midoriya made a point of snuggling into Todoroki’s side. “I miss you already and want to go back to cuddling as soon as possible.”

Iida smiled at the sight of his boyfriends in bed. “I’m sure if I put a little of my quirk into it I can be back in eight minutes.”

Midoriya mock gasped. “Iida? Using his quirk for self-gain? How irresponsible!”

“Self-gain! Never! I am simply making sure my boyfriends don’t jeopardise their health and hero training by missing the most important meal of the day.” Iida laughed before stepping out of the door.

Exactly eight minutes later Todoroki was sitting in bed with a boyfriend either side, eating breakfast. A quiet settled over them, the only sound being chopsticks clicking against the ceramic bowls and birds chirping outside his window. Todoroki felt warm not only because of the legs pressed against his under the quilt on his bed but because he knew he’d made the right choice. He cared for these boys and they cared for him. He looked forward to being able to spend many more of his mornings with them like this. It was more than he could have ever wished for. Todoroki was so glad he hadn’t knocked.