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Our last sacrifice

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Chapter 1

Harry stared at the murder victim’s hand. Thin, long fingers, bones showing, and a simple silver band on her left ring finger. Almost as an afterthought, an emerald was perched on the ring. Harry took off the ring and bagged it as evidence, perhaps it was cursed or poison lay within its depths. Harry usually mixed both muggle and wizarding techniques when solving homicides, as wizards would often kill with untraceable potions and spells, while the most basic evidence, like blood or marks, would be ignored.

Harry preferred to work alone, but due to new ministry regulations, Aurors are now mandated to be with a partner which irritated him to no ends. ‘I’m finished with the evidence. Backtrack on my field notes.” Harry said, walking away. One would think that after dying for the wizarding world, karma would treat him better, but his new partner was Cho Chang. He held no ill will towards her, but ever since Ron became an Unspeakable, he kept getting rookies as partners. He was not even sure if Cho knew what field notes were and how to use them to write an incident report.

He continued walking until he was in a semi-dark alley and lit his cigarette. ‘Harry? Can I join your team tonight?’ Cho asked tentatively. Harry winced, it was a long enough day to deal with this shit, and yet, Cho wants to drink with him, Ron and Hermione. It wasn’t a night he was looking forward to, in particular.

Because tonight, Hermione would drag Malfoy to their weekly gatherings at La Morte, and Harry hadn’t seen him in five years. He couldn’t say that he wasn’t curious though,

Hermione had become fast friends with Malfoy, apparently wanting intellectual discussions that Ron and Harry were wary of in the beginning. But then after meeting Malfoy for the first time in five years, Ron had decided that Malfoy had changed. He was less pointy. Nonchalant towards Muggles. Worked in a jewelry store, no, he was the owner. Harry was shocked, appalled, knowing that even Ron liked Malfoy. Ron, his ally. His partner in crime now sided with Malfoy, leaving Harry in the dust.

‘Harry? Can I?’ ‘No, Cho. We’re meeting someone special tonight,’ Cho looked up at the bitterness in his voice, ‘So maybe next time.’ He puffed out smoke.

Harry might even just call off meeting Ron and Hermione, and go to a club filled with gyrating bodies. He deserved to let out some steam, pound into nobody of importance for a night. Or maybe the other way around. The newspapers would have a field day again, his passionate makeouts with various male strangers had made the headlines at least three days a week.

But sure. Maybe Malfoy had changed. Harry would just see it for himself.

Harry put on a tight white shirt, so worn that his nipple piercings poked out, his muscles from being an Auror clearly shown and highlighted, shoulders broad, muscled arms budging. Tight black pants that clung, accentuating his backside, his long legs.

Arriving at the pub, Hermione bustled up to him. ‘Harry, I really hope you’ll make an effort to be civil towards Draco. He really has changed for the better. We even talked about the difference in molecular structure in Transfiguration the other day, and he provided lots of points to the discussion.’

‘So you like Malfoy because of your debates? What does Ron think about this?’

‘Ron actually likes Draco, which I’ve told you about before. And Draco’s so much more than debates, he has a nice sense of humor.’

Harry scowled, feeling indignation rise up in him. A nice sense of humor? Like he and Ron didn’t have any to start with. And-

Ron waved at them, ‘Harry! The blond bugger is somewhere here! Come on, Mione, let’s go see if we see him breathing.’

Harry frowned, it still felt like he was alone in this war against Malfoy, but Ron still did tease Malfoy despite it now being in a friendly manner. He dragged himself towards the grinning faces.
Then he met Malfoy. Malfoy, who looked like someone from a tabloid magazine. Hair gleaming, and still with lots of hair (How did he still have so much hair? Didn’t he gel his hair back at Hogwarts? Surely he should be bald right now, Harry thought), and wearing a navy blue blazer and tailored pants. A grandpa outfit, yet he didn’t look old. He looked like someone that Harry could jerk off to. Will jerk off to, a voice in his head chimed.

‘You look good, Weasley. I’m not saying this because I wanted to get into your pants, don’t worry, gingers don’t do it for me. And Granger! Your scarf looks marvellous, is that silk? Beautiful, you’re learning from me.’ Malfoy touched the scarf briefly, while Ron slapped Malloy’s hand jokingly off and Hermione blushed, a shy smile on her face. Did Malfoy charm everyone? They must be fooled.

Harry was positive that Malfoy had spotted him with a quick glance, but ignored him. He fumed inwardly. Just because Malfoy’s attractive doesn’t mean that he could disregard Harry. Harry had been told that he cleaned up well, and Auror training had built up his body.

But sure. If Malfoy wanted to ignore him, so be it. He wouldn’t break the comfortable silence, now turning a bit uncomfortable, tension filling the air. Hermione gave him a “you better fucking behave or else” look, Ron awkwardly looked from Malfoy to him, but Malfoy looked unaffected.

Harry cleared his throat. ‘I’ve heard that you’re the owner of a jewelry store? What was the name of it, by the way?’

Malfoy regarded him with a stony stare. ‘Silver Snake, Potter.’

A part of Harry wanted to continue poking at Malfoy with questions, but a larger part just wanted to ignore him and drink himself into oblivion. He quickly stood up and stumbled his way to the bar. ‘Give me the strongest shit you have.’ The bartender gave him a look of recognition, but thankfully didn’t say anything, and handed him a tall glass of clear liquid. Downing it all in one go, he felt considerably better. Everything is fine. Your case is not going to shit.

Someone tapped his shoulder lightly. ‘Hermione, I’m sorry, okay? I just couldn’t make small talk with him, I’m just so stressed and his attractiveness isn’t helping!’ He heard a snicker. Turning sharply, ready to fight, he relaxed slightly to see Malfoy. Malfoy, with an annoying smirk on his face, who’ve heard what he just said. He groaned, and exhaled loudly. ‘Malfoy. What do you want? Why are you here? Your best friends are over there.’

Malfoy raised an eyebrow. ‘Oh, I didn’t realize that you were jealous.’

Harry felt his ears go hot and scowled, ‘I’m not jealous! What do you want?’

Malfoy looked at him contemplatively. ‘That scowl would look nice on Weasley. As I was saying, Potter, would you like to go to a party?’

‘A party? Now?’

‘One of my parties, idiot. Tomorrow night. Don’t be late. Dress casually.’ Malfoy smoothed his blazer and Harry watched as Malfoy sat down and started a conversation with Ron, hands flailing to emphasize his points. As if sensing Harry’s gaze, Malfoy smirked.

Harry huffed and proceeded to drink alone in the shadowy confines of the bar. Why had Malfoy won over everyone’s hearts? Was he up to something? Hermione told him that she and Ron found Silver Snake accidentally, as they were trying to find the perfect ring for their wedding. Malfoy was professional. Reliable. Witty. They didn’t forgive Malfoy for what he did in the past yet, but they did on the fourth occasion of ring-buying. Malfoy even apologized - not that Harry could imagine it. Maybe Malfoy used a curse to know one’s thoughts, and successfully infiltrated Ron and Hermione’s defenses.

He felt Hermione’s glare rather than saw it. Sighing, he made his way to the booth, and said, ‘Malfoy, what have you been up to recently?’

Malfoy’s eyes lit up. ‘I’ve been dealing with some interesting inventions that can help St. Mungo. What about you, did anything unusual happen today?’

Harry actually wondered what Malfoy was inventing but of course, that’s bait to Slytherins who are notorious for loving to know something that nobody else knows.

‘A few simple cases and an open investigation case that I am not allowed to speak about.’ He smirked because Malfoy isn’t special.

‘Enough with the dick measuring. Let’s talk about something else besides work. I’ll win anytime.’ Ron interrupted, pushing Harry further to the window. Hermione did the same but more politely to Malfoy. Hermione gave a pointed look to Harry and Malfoy, stating she agreed with her fiancé and would not accept any buffoonery.

Harry grinned at Malfoy, finding some sudden camaraderie with him. Maybe he wasn’t so bad after all.