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[Hinatacrew] and [inlovewithaghost] has joined [kill me before ushijima does]

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[Hinatacrew] and [in lovewithaghost] has joined [kill me before Ushijima does]


[9:50 am

Hinatacrew: wtf is this 

smoljump: here comes the responsiblility

Hinatacrew: shoyo i am anything but responsible.

inlovewithaghost: i am semi-responsible.

inlovewithaghost: and its spelt responsibility

imyoubutsatan: rip the small orange kid

tolpass: shoyo i know you aren't the smartest but i thought you could type better

smoljump: you know tobio you can shut your mouth

dad: i inhaled and thought that you were about to swear and im happy you didn't

mom: he's a good boy Daichi... i don't think he's capable in even swearing

rolling thUNDER: who is @Hinatacrew and @inlovewithaghost

smoljump: well


[10:00 am]

smoljump: can i tell them?

YSC_Official: uh

YSC_Official: sure for me? but idk about Zhan

Official_Zhan: i mean sure? but heck don't mention what we do outside of school, please

smoljump: tobio already knows about you yuki-nee... can i tell him about you zhan-san?

Official_Zhan: if he is yo boi. do it. if he is just yo friend. then hecc no

smoljump: thank

[tolpass] was added to [theofficialandpowerful]

[tolpass] changed their name to [kageyams]

kageyams: um?

smoljump: so @YSC_Official is my sister. as you know

kageyams: so?

smoljump: @Official_Zhan is Zhan.


[kill me before Ushijima does]

[11:30 am]

rolling thUNDER: so did Sho-chan die?

smoljump: nope. just explaining some stuff to @Hinatacrew

ennoSHITa: so who are these people? cause if they are more volleyball players who act like Tanaka or bokuto then im gonna go jump off the roof

kageyams: they are good people Ennoshita-senpai.

gamefreak: is @inlovewithaghost actually In Love With A Ghost????

inlovewithaghost: no but i love their work

inlovewithaghost: I will intro myself instead of shoyo

inlovewithaghost: I am Chanyeol, 25, Dance Major at SNU

inlovewithaghost:  and @Hinatacrew can intro herself

Hinatacrew: well here i am.

Hinatacrew: my names Hinata yuki, shoyo's older sibling.

Hinatacrew: i am a  Music Major at SNU 

Hinatacrew: which is Seoul National University



blankpass:  im sorry for bokuto-san


 [12:30 pm]

Hinatacrew:  don't be its fine m8

Hinatacrew: honestly he doesn't seem as bad as hobi

inlovewithaghost: she speaks only the truth

inlovewithaghost: i love hobi-hyung but he is just a bit overbearing... 

Hinatacrew: oof same but yoongles

jesus: who are you guys talking about?

smoljump: don't even ask... its 

smoljump: i don't know how to explain it

kageyams:  them being them and talking about people that only shoyo, his sister and friend?

inlovewithaghost: i prefer the word 'significant other' 

*rips off shirt*: okay so im gonna be real smart here

rolling thUNDER:  don't think too hard bro 

*rips off shirt*: awe thanks bro

*rips off shirt*: but what i was going to say is that since 

*rips off shirt*:  ya know Shoyo's sister doesn't know us right

*rips off shirt*: so we should introduce ourselves

ennoSHITa: this is your only smart idea Tanaka.

ennoSHITa:  ill go first then.

ennoSHITa:  I'm Ennoshita, member of the team. I'm dating the idiot Tanaka

*rips off shirt*: I'm Tanaka!!!!  a second year on the team!

rolling thUNDER: Nishinoya Yuu, Nice ta meet'cha. Libero of the team!

dad: Hello, I'm Daichi, @Mom is Sugawara (or Suga-san) and @Jesus is Asahi 

rolling thUNDER: you forgot to mention that im dating him

stronkboi: Its a pleasure to meet you I am Ushijima. I attended Shiritorizawa about 3 years ago. 

imyoubutsatan: YAHOOOO!!! names Tendou!!! the same schooling stuff as wakatoshi~


blankpass: i'm sorry for bokuto-san. I'm Akaashi Keiji, Bokuto-san's Setter. 

LikeNya~: @Gamefreak is asleep after a stressful practice. 

LikeNya~: I'm Kuroo Tetsuroo, @Gamefreak is Kenma, my genius setter and boyfriend.

smoljump:  You already know me Yuki-nee....

kageyams:  Hello. My name is Kageyama Tobio. You know of me.


[3:00 pm]

Hinatacrew: aweeeeeeeee y'all are so young~~~~

*rips off shirt*: @Hinatacrew how old are you if you dont mind me asking??

Hinatacrew: owo you have to guess.

Hinatacrew: I was born 4 yrs before shoyo


[3:30 pm]

inlovewithaghost: @Hinatacrew i just got a tweet from a fan

Hinatacrew:   what they say

inlovewithaghost: [omgwhy.jpg]

Hinatacrew:  sometimes i want to kill fans

Hinatacrew: and sometimes i want to disappear for 200 years to see if they would still ask for this BS

inlovewithaghost: im not doing an F.R. theres no need to.

inlovewithaghost:  like screw it. i mean Suga never did, fans just figured it out.

Hinatacrew: oh shit i forgot something

Hinatacrew: my notebook is in the car... its raining... and i left my sketchbook in my first class.

inlovewithaghost:  what room #?

Hinatacrew:  526 K.

inlovewithaghost:  ill grab it if you make a hot pot for dinner - and invite Hobi-Hyung.



inlovewithaghost:  Rad



[5:00 pm]

gamefreak: Are we not going to talk about that?

blankpass: I think its better if we don't kenma-san

gamefreak:  but that tweet was sent to {THE OFFICIAL_ZHAN} 

LikeNya~: you've got a point there kenma

imyoubutsatan: so inlovewithaghost is  "{THE OFFICIAL_ZHAN} "? theory?

gamefreak: yep 

smoljump: hey guys!

gamefreak: hi shoyo

smoljump: i'm gonna be seeing YUKI-NEE IN A  WEEK!!!!!!!

mom: what do you mean son?

smoljump:  yuki-nee goes to school at SNU, 

smoljump: and we have a game in korea next week at SNU

smoljump: do you see where im going with this

mom: wait what

Hinatacrew: okay im only going to speak for a bit cause hobi-hyung and joonie will get concerned

Hinatacrew: i go to SNU with @inlovewithaghost.

Hinatacrew: i major in music production and creation, he majors in dance choreography.

Hinatacrew: i gotta get back to eating that hot pot

Hinatacrew: ill make one when you visit shoyo-ssi




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 [Gamefreak] changed the chat name from [kill me be fore Ushijima does] to [Official_Zhan is inlovewithaghost theory] 


[2:00 am]

gamefreak: so if @inlovewithaghost is THE OFFICIAL ZHAN then does that make 

gamefreak: @Hinatacrew Yunasocho?

blankpass: for once kenma, our early morning chats make sense

blankpass: its highly likely

jesus: they were talking about a guy name hobi?

jesus: do they mean the dancer/rapper/singer J-Hope?

stronkboi:  i think they are talking about the artist J-Hope.

stronkboi: and Joonie is some other person... a mystery

kageyams: i think Joonie is a guy name namjoon. 

kageyams: Yuki likes talking about how he and the guys need to just meet up in real life.

gamefreak: your in a group chat with them?

gamefreak: what the hecc?

jesus: Kageyama your part of their GC because of Hinata?

kageyams: yep. and were both insomniacs woot woot

Hinatacrew: the phone was buzzing so i came to see whats up

Hinatacrew: this is not Yuki. she is asleep. i am a friend

kageyams: hobi or joon?

Hinatacrew: AgustD

kageyams: Makes sense

gamefreak: oof now ill go have a panic attack

Hinatacrew: are you okay?

gamefreak: nah i don't think i will be any more

blankpass: he is a fan of you 

blankpass: if you are the real AgustD

Hinatacrew: i guess ill just add myself then

[Hinatacrew] added [AgustD] to [Official_Zhan is inlovewithaghost Theory]


AgustD: hecc

blankpass: you know, im not surprised.


AgustD: you are all lucky im working rn

gamefreak: so im no longer dying but like

gamefreak: ahhhh?!?!?! 

gamefreak:  W H A T   D I D   I   D O   T O   G E T   T H I S   B O Y   T O   T A L K   T O  M E  ?  ?  ?

AgustD:  magic

gamefreak: honestly i am scared but too excited


[6:00 am]

AgustD: you are all lucky Hoseok isnt here

AgustD: He'd probably scream about how he'd want Yuna to come and visit more often

jesus: excuse my language

jesus: but who the fuck is Yuna?

gamefreak: YSC_Official

jesus: still doesn't make sense

rolling thUNDER: babe 

rolling thUNDER: she's a music producer from Japan who happens to go to SNU 

rolling thUNDER: and just so happens to have the name Im Soo-Min

rolling thUNDER: if that doesn't sound like Yuki then idk who else it could be

AgustD: i've got class

AgustD: Dont @ me please

[AgustD] Is now Idle


[10:00 am]

Hinatacrew: can y'all not talk about my life

Hinatacrew: like hecc i know im popular but fuck off

rolling thUNDER: who are you and what have you done to Yuki

Hinatacrew: oh its still yuki

Hinatacrew: i may be a bit sleep deprived

Hinatacrew:  but thats fine

[literallynameddragon] was added to [Official_Zhan is inlovewithaghost Theory]


literallynameddragon: what is this shit 

literallynameddragon: why am i here

inlovewithaghost: cause you're our friend and you need more friends

AgustD:  if im here @literallynameddragon then your here

AgustD:  you gotta live with it 

inlovewithaghost: also wtf is this chat name?

gamefreak: i believe that you are {THE OFFICIAL ZHAN} 

gamefreak: i think you are as you wont tell us anything about you

inlovewithaghost: so what if i am 

inlovewithaghost: will you tell the whole world and make me hate you?

gamefreak: nah

gamefreak: i just wanted to know

inlovewithaghost: @Hinatacrew your brother neeeds new friends

Hinatacrew: @smoljump

Hinatacrew: can your friends be less cryptid plz

smoljump: they become less cryptid if you tell them about you

smoljump: its in their blood

smoljump: anyways when are you going to visit?

Hinatacrew: next month? idk probably?


Chapter Text

   [7:00 pm]

[Hinatacrew] has changed their name to [YAH?]

YAH?: omg im so happy i changed my name to this

imyoubutsatan: what even is your name?

YAH?: Yuki.

YAH?:  I'm shoyo's older sister

YAH?: i gotta hand it to jin to make me laugh

imyoubutsatan: who tf is jin?

Eatjin@RJ's:  henlo i is jin

imyoubutsatan: where the fuck did you come from

Eatjin@RJ's: Korea

Eatjin@RJ's: anyways Yuna, Joon is asking where you stored his music

YAH?: why tf is he asking?

Eatjin@RJ's: we broke in again

YAH?:   broke in.... didn't i give you guys keys?

YAH?: his music is in the gold wire container on the shelf

YAH?: should be labelled "look at this shit"

Eatjin@RJ's:  we found it 

Eatjin@RJ's:  kook is wondering when you'll be home

YAH?: two weeks. don't eat my food. you know the rules

YAH?: the alcohol is under the sink in the very back

YAH?: if they are going to start fucking, they can go to the guest bedroom. the one without the name on it

YAH?: cause if you dare go in my room or the other room then i will fucking kill you and change my locks.

Eatjin@RJ's: oh


[10:30 pm]


AgustD: what

AgustD: I'm right next to you


literallynameddragon:  why wasn't i invited

YAH?: cause you have to take care of your 3 other housemates that are extremely gay?

literallynameddragon: thanks for saying 3 and not 4

literallynameddragon:  youngbae would probably kill you

YAH?: true

YAH?: changing my name back

[YAH?] has changed their name to [Hinatacrew]

Hinatacrew: anyways

AgustD: tae is asking about your guest room

Hinatacrew:  which one

AgustD:  the one with the neon fucking orange door

Hinatacrew:  fuck


[5:00 am]


Hinatacrew: omfg it's 5:00 am shou-chan

inlovewithaghost: ...

wholepackage: ...

literallynameddragon: where the fuck did you go

Eatjin@RJ's: japan

AgustD: home

inlovewithaghost: @wholepackage when did you get here?

wholepackage: last night after i cuddled with chim and yoongles

Hinatacrew: don't sext in this fucking chat. we have highschoolers - second-year uni students in here, they are innocent!

smoljump: yuki-nee you know that isn't true.




Chapter Text


[yuki and zhao]



Hinatacrew: anyways

AgustD: tae is asking about your guest room

Hinatacrew:  which one

AgustD:  the one with the neon fucking orange door

Hinatacrew:  fuck

[Private Chat]

AgustD: So... about that room Yuna

Hinatacrew: uhhhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhh

Eatjin@RJ's: oh! the orange room!

inlovewithaghost: yes. Its her brothers

wholepackage: wait what?

Hinatacrew: *SIGH*

Hinatacrew: i have a younger brother named Shoyo, he is #smoljump

Hinatacrew: when my family comes to visit, he stays there. 

Hinatacrew: please dont have sex on his bed or in his OR MY room. 

wholepackage: we have left your house but taken your alcohol. 

inlovewithaghost: fine.


Hinatacrew: mayhaps


[10:30 pm]

AgustD: so yuna i have something to tell you

Hinatacrew: what?

AgustD: this is namjoon

Hinatacrew: and?

AgustD: Yoongi went into your room - while drunk and saw your 'super cute and wonderful and beautiful and ahhhh!' skirts and shorts. 

AgustD: he stripped his pants off and stole your piano skirt and your rainbow bunny mint? skirt. 

AgustD: he ran out of your room with the rainbow skirt on.

AgustD: hes now cuddling hobi....

AgustD: wait....

AgustD:you dont want the skirt back

Hinatacrew: keep it... i have more in storage.

Hinatacrew: what did he do?

AgustD: uhhhhhh

AgustD: hes currently sucking hobi off, but the skirt is soaked in..... yeah

Hinatacrew: well fuck. thats his. y'all can use it with him and kookie when y'all want but i do not want it back

Hinatacrew: wash it in cold water on delicate and on delicate for drying.

Chapter Text

[yuki is in japan!!!!]

Yoongles: Yuna i am so sorry

Hinatacrew: no dude its fine. I knew this would probably happen tbh

wholepackage: WAIT THAT WAS YOURS!?!

Hinatacrew: Yeah. dont worry about it. Sebastian Masuda said he was giving me new products while im home, so ill have a new skirt in no time.

Hinatacrew: oh speaking of which, Hobi, if you and the guys want some stuff from Japan, ill get it for you. You have to pay me back tho.


dad: im just worried if you actually exist

mom: understandable.

Hinatacrew:  oof it is true i've never sent a pic of me ;/


Hinatacrew: i was out with channie. My hair is naturally orange, but it was dyed brown at that time

inlovewithaghost: always beautiful!

Hinatacrew: your just happy that your meeting Masuda-san.


[ 2:00 pm ]

Hinatacrew:  hey shoyo i brought u lunch.

smoljump: omg thanks!

Hinatacrew: its trad. korean lunch.

smoljump:  yessss 

Kageyams: can i have some?

smoljump: uH YEAH 

Hinatacrew: omfg just kiss already


Hinatacrew: #inlovewithaghost come here

inlovewithaghost: im literally standing next to you

Hinatacrew:  istg just kiss me 

inlovewithaghost: k

wholepackage: so hows japan?

Hinatacrew:  so hows that hang over? 

Eatjin@RJ's:  he wont stop throwing up

Yoongles:  and you wont stop buying alcohol.

Hinatacrew:  rip Jin

Eatjin@RJ's:  im not dead!!

Yoongles:  then cure hobi

dad:  what is happening?

mom:  is the a regular occurrence shoyo?

jesus: noya can you translate?

smolsave:  #hinatacrew is asking #Eatjin@RJ's how the hang over is, and #yoongles said that  #Eatjin@RJ's wont stop buying alcohol and then #Hinatacrew said rip jin. and thats about it

Kageyams: accurate noya-senpai. how do you know korean?

smolsave: my cousin works and lives in korea! she taught me!

Kageyams: i see

bronaka: how do you know kageyama?

Kageyams: Shoyo taught me

imyoubutsatan: ah

smoljump:  yuki can you please just go back regular texting no one can understand

Hinatacrew:  aight. well #Yoongles tell the rest of the group that you cant come back to my house until you pay me back the alcohol AND buy me those two items on that wishlist i shared with you.

Yoongles: i mean....... thats fair


[smol chim chim], [tae-tae], [nyoomjoon], and [jungshook] were added to [yuki is in japan] by [Yoongles]


smol chim chim: yoongi what did you add us to?

nyoomjoon: oh. hello Yuna.

tae-tae: HOBI HOBI

jungshook: oh its zhao

wholepackage: TAE-TAE

Eatjin@RJ's:  and now we are all here.... this is a mess

Hinatacrew: t'was already a mess.

smoljump:  no it wasnt!!!!

Hinatacrew:  then how do you explain all the gay tension in this chat?

noshits: no one gets their shit together to ask the other out.

noshits: other than suga and daichi, no one has yet to do it

noshits: i mean i straight up told tanaka that im in love with him and bam look we are dating

bronaka: yes but i am bi so girls are still valid

imyoubutsatan: BIG MOOD


[4:00 PM]

nyoomjoon: yuna how did you say we needed to wash that skirt?

Hinatacrew: it can go in the machine with like colours/patterns, or handwash it. if its in the machine, it needs to be cold washed and hung to dry.

jungshook: oh good i didnt fuck up

Hinatacrew: oh right your the laundry fairy

jungshook:  little yoongi and jimin keep messing it up with food. yoongi messed it up with hobi today tho.....

Hinatacrew: thanks for letting me know but TMI next time?

wholepackage:  did you get that shirt for me?

Hinatacrew: i got shirts for everyone, which fucking one was it?

wholepackage: [shirt.jpg]

Hinatacrew:  yeah im grabbing it tomorrow. its on hold for me at ACDC RAG. 

two days later~


Hinatacrew: ive gotten everything. if i missed something ill get it before i head back home

smoljump: isn't Japan home to you?

Hinatacrew:  As much as I love Japan Shoyo, I can't stay here forever. 

Hinatacrew: I love Japan with all my heart, but I can't make the music I want to make here. 

Hinatacrew: So I call Japan my true home while I call Korea home. 

smoljump:  huh


[11 children and two parents]


diva kwan: istg if you dont stop i will throw you out the window

naega hosh: will you? end my???

dinosaur: SUFFERING????

woowoo:  what is happening

HongShua: some wholesome memes

Hannie: i wish

mingoo: im gonna go get yuna

Dokyeom: ill join you on that

dadcoups: i quit. this is it. im leaving seventeen. bye guys.

jUNE: welp. i guess we are going back to china

lucky8: awe fuck im not done stabbing yanan

versol: wait what

nothanks: #owona hey

owona: hola

owona: i am in japan for 3 more days. i will buy you guys whatever you want as long as you pay me back.

naega hosh:  YEET

Chapter Text

[friends with k-artists]

[smoljump], [tolpass], [dad], [mom], [jesus], [smolsave], [bronaka], [noshits], [owl], [blankpass],

[gamefreak], [LikeNya~], [stronkboi] and [imyoubutsatan] have been added to the chat by [Hinatacrew]

[wholepackage], [Eatjin@RJ's], [yoongles], [chimchim], [nyoomjoon],

[tae-tae] and [jungshook] have been added to the chat by [Hinatacrew]

[diva kwan], [dinosaur], [woowoo], [HongShua], [Hannie], [mingoo],  [Dokyeom], [dadcoups], [jUNE],

[lucky8], [versol], [nothanks], [naega hosh] were added the the chat by [inlovewithaghost]


[11:00 am]

Hinatacrew: holy fuck my hands hurt

inlovewithaghost: fuck off i had to add SVT in here


smoljump: you didnt have to do this yuki

nyoomjoon: you really didnt need to do it at all, but whats the purpose of this chat?

Hinatacrew: good you asked joonie

Hinatacrew: honestly i made this so that i could talk to everyone in one place and spread some gossip

Hinatacrew: cause shoyos friends want to know everything about me apparently and

Hinatacrew: i need to make sure that y'all don't end up killing yourselves or having the public find out about you know what

nyoomjoon: i was going to say that this is stupid but knowing my group, this is a great idea.

nyoomjoon:  is 'you know what' the gays only event in each group?

inlovewithaghost:  holy fuck is that what we are calling that? then yes namjoon. yes.

lucky8: is this a gays only event? #versol go home

versol: damn i guess im leaving my 12 boyfriends behind

Hannie: omg he admitted it


[2:00 pm]

dad: i feel like i should know whats happening here and who these people are

mom: we already know who #wholepackage, #Eatjin@RJ's, #Yoongles, #chim chim, #nyoomjoon, #tae-tae and #jungshook are

mom: but who are the others?

nyoomjoon: the group that Chanyeol (#inlovewithaghost) added is the Kpop Group SEVENTEEN, but Yuki like shortening it to SVT

mom: ah.


[5:00 pm]


jungshook: why?

Hinatacrew: he was on ASC with the boys a while back and after it he sent a dick pic in the GOT7 chat

Hinatacrew: note: i havent been in the chat in ages

Hinatacrew: in the interview he said and i quote "how you know im not big" 

Hinatacrew: which prompted that

Hinatacrew: #bambam_is_a_thot

chim chim: oof him and i are both pretty much thots, but i've seen the episode where he pole dances so :/

tae-tae: #bambam_is_a_thot

jungshook: #bambam_is_a_thot

inlovewithaghost: ill do you all one better

inlovewithaghost: #thotpimook

 [mtuan93] has been added to [friends with k-artists] by [chim chim]

mtuan93: what the hell is this about bambam?

inlovewithaghost: #thotpimook

mtuan93:  lol you right

mtuan93:  he bought a pole dancing pole.

mtuan93:  he a thot

[jaaybee], [sunshine], [june eor], [yugyummy], and [jake son] 

have been added to [friends with k-artists] by [mtuan93]

mtuan93: yehet

Hinatacrew: wow this is a new level of hell

nyoomjoon: you dont think i already knew that?

jake son: wow

yugyummy: #Jungshook !!! hey!!!

jungshook: #bambam_is_a_thot

inlovewithaghost: #thotpimook

sunshine: oh shit you right

jaaybee: #BTS what are your thoughts on this topic?

Yoongles: jimin is our thot

june eor: not what i was expecting

smoljump:  none of us expected it Jinyoung

june eor: ?!?!?!?!?! who?!?!!? are!?!?!? you?!?!?!?!?!?

smoljump#hinatacrew is my older sister

Hinatacrew: yeet

smoljumpand #inlovewithaghost and her are dating

inlovewithaghost: yeet

[inlovewithaghost] has changed their name to [zhaocrew]

zhaocrew: we match now.

Hinatacrew: oof

dad: and now im even more worried about this chat

mom: it has gotten worse

tolpass: lol this isnt the worst

LikeNya~: tobio has emotions *GASP*

tolpass: fuck

tolpass: off

noshits: In the words of kageyama himself "knife"

tolpass: you know what, im thinking about quitting volley ball, see ya guys

smoljump: NO!



smoljump:  HOW DO YOU FORGET!

smoljump:  WE ARE DATING

tolpass: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


we out here being under construction but i still want to release a chapter so here it is, halfway done



















chim chim:





diva kwan:












naega hosh:

Chapter Text

[is yuna okay?]

Kageyams: is yuna okay?

dad: whats going on?

smoljump: a lot ...

mom: is she in a good mind set?

smoljump: im not sure... she recently looked at the news after being told not to for so long...

Yoongles: oh shit she really read the news? is that why she locked herself away once we got back from our tour?

jesus: wait what?

smol chim chim: yeah... she locked herself in her studio at BIG HIT... 

mtuan93: shes not there anymore

smolsave: wot

bronaka: what?!!?

imyoubutsatan: ah

smoljump:  where is she?!?!?!

mtuan93: shes at JYP in her studio... 

mtuan93: shes taking the news really badly

mtuan93: oh - SKZ just walked into her studio

mtuan93: oh, they are all in the room - she hasn't kicked anyone out yet...

Yoongles: welp, thats some improvements?

smol chim chim: yep! even i wasnt allowed in her studio!

nyoomjoon: thats a shock

tae-tae: jimin makes everyone happy!!!

jungshook: but yuna lost a friend...

zhaocrew: Yuna and Seungri were very close friends - some would say that they were like brother and sister- thats what BIGBANG was, but once she heard the news she locked herself away until the BTS LOVE YOURSELF tour started. then she left with you guys, avoiding the pain of that till she was ready, and now shes seeking safety from JYP - her second family in the K-Music industry.

Eatjin@RJ's:  when she feels better - or wants a good home cooked meal - ill make it for her.

diva kwan: SVT will visit if she wants 13 unstable younger brothers

lucky8: oof if you said stable i was gonna punch you

mtuan93: SKZ has calmed her down, Felix and Changbin just walked out and Jackson went in...

mtuan93: hes carrying her out

mtuan93: I guess Yuna is staying the Night in our house. 

mtuan93: shes in the guest room - dont freak out

literallynameddragon: i wish i wasn't in the military - im on a break right now.

literallynameddragon:  if i was home id help.

literallynameddragon: ill be back home next month!

mtuan93:  just stay safe and alive - dont pull some shit cause we need  OT4 BIGBANG right now more than ever before.

literallynameddragon:  if anything -ill get another tattoo.


[2:00 am the next day]

diva kwan: im still worried about yuna

zhaocrew: Hinata Yuki? Are you alright?

[Hinatacrew] has changed their name to [yuki]

yuki: im numb

yuki: i dont know how to feel

yuki: i want to go home

zhaocrew: Yuki we can fly out tonight if you want to?

yuki: on a plane by 1:00 pm at the latest

zhaocrew: ill make sure of it

zhaocrew: #smoljump were coming back home

smoljump: ah

smoljump: ill make sure her room is set up for both of you.

smoljump: ill tell mom as well.

smoljump: should i tell AKB?

yuki: yes please

yuki: i wanna distract myself

Chapter Text

[korean artists go nyoom on Billboard]

yuki: wow i hate being depressed fuck that

[yuki] has changed their name back to [Hinatacrew]

Hinatacrew: hey guys

zhaocrew: so?

Hinatacrew: i have said fuck it and moved on.

Hinatacrew: anyways has anyone heard the song GRRRLS? i love it tbh

mtuan93: oof jb was talking about it earlier with bammie

jungshook: its fun to sing!!!

diva kwan: when tf did you learn english?

jungshook: joonie has been teaching me since 'dope' era

lucky8: oof fair

nyoomjoon: so how was AKB?

Hinatacrew: some of the girls were hella confused, others were happy to see me, and the manager for AKB48 recognized me 

versol: wait what

Hinatacrew: i was in AKB, anyways lets move on

wholepackage: uwu i just saw something cute

zhaocrew: was it one of your 6 boyfriends?

wholepackage: yes and no

wholepackage: eight is wearing a bright pink bandana 

Eatjin@RJ's: I did that!!!

Yoongles: fuck you and fuck this

nyoomjoon: you know what, everyone off their phones. we are gonna have a talk

tae-tae: shit shit shit shit shit shit shit we are fucked were dead. we are breaking up i knew it fuck fuck fuck fuck

tae-tae: oh god it was somehting i did 

tae-tae: dfkjshjdakljdla

jungshook: i have taken his phone, see ya



diva kwan: well, i guess thats that

dinosaur: fuck

woowoo: wow you can swear

HongShua: in this house we swear but not to god

Hannie:  in this house we all sleep in one bed even though there are 13 of us

mingoo: just because you said it doesnt mean your not wrong

Dokyeom:  does anyone know where the chicken noodle soup is? cause im sick

dadcoups: im making some right now with jun's help.

jUNE: yes.

lucky8: im gonna go hangout with jaehyun, see ya

versol: make sure to text when you get to SM safely!

lucky8: i promise

mingoo: ill be going with him as well, we are meeting up with the rest of the 97 line 

mingoo: we will be hanging out at SM until JK is done with that group meeting, but we might end up bringing the 97's from SKZ

mingoo: i know that Eunwoo is meeting us at SM.

Dokyeom: remind them that im at home cause im sick!

mingoo: will do

nothanks: come home before 11pm

lucky8: we will

naega hosh: see ya!


thotpimook: Markie and I are already at SM, we're hanging out with EXO and NCT.

thotpimook: like all of NCT is there.... thats 21 members..... 

naega hosh: dad we are no longer the biggest group

dadcoups: fuck