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[Hinatacrew] and [inlovewithaghost] has joined [kill me before ushijima does]

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[Hinatacrew] and [in lovewithaghost] has joined [kill me before Ushijima does]


[9:50 am

Hinatacrew: wtf is this 

smoljump: here comes the responsiblility

Hinatacrew: shoyo i am anything but responsible.

inlovewithaghost: i am semi-responsible.

inlovewithaghost: and its spelt responsibility

imyoubutsatan: rip the small orange kid

tolpass: shoyo i know you aren't the smartest but i thought you could type better

smoljump: you know tobio you can shut your mouth

dad: i inhaled and thought that you were about to swear and im happy you didn't

mom: he's a good boy Daichi... i don't think he's capable in even swearing

rolling thUNDER: who is @Hinatacrew and @inlovewithaghost

smoljump: well


[10:00 am]

smoljump: can i tell them?

YSC_Official: uh

YSC_Official: sure for me? but idk about Zhan

Official_Zhan: i mean sure? but heck don't mention what we do outside of school, please

smoljump: tobio already knows about you yuki-nee... can i tell him about you zhan-san?

Official_Zhan: if he is yo boi. do it. if he is just yo friend. then hecc no

smoljump: thank

[tolpass] was added to [theofficialandpowerful]

[tolpass] changed their name to [kageyams]

kageyams: um?

smoljump: so @YSC_Official is my sister. as you know

kageyams: so?

smoljump: @Official_Zhan is Zhan.


[kill me before Ushijima does]

[11:30 am]

rolling thUNDER: so did Sho-chan die?

smoljump: nope. just explaining some stuff to @Hinatacrew

ennoSHITa: so who are these people? cause if they are more volleyball players who act like Tanaka or bokuto then im gonna go jump off the roof

kageyams: they are good people Ennoshita-senpai.

gamefreak: is @inlovewithaghost actually In Love With A Ghost????

inlovewithaghost: no but i love their work

inlovewithaghost: I will intro myself instead of shoyo

inlovewithaghost: I am Chanyeol, 25, Dance Major at SNU

inlovewithaghost:  and @Hinatacrew can intro herself

Hinatacrew: well here i am.

Hinatacrew: my names Hinata yuki, shoyo's older sibling.

Hinatacrew: i am a  Music Major at SNU 

Hinatacrew: which is Seoul National University



blankpass:  im sorry for bokuto-san


 [12:30 pm]

Hinatacrew:  don't be its fine m8

Hinatacrew: honestly he doesn't seem as bad as hobi

inlovewithaghost: she speaks only the truth

inlovewithaghost: i love hobi-hyung but he is just a bit overbearing... 

Hinatacrew: oof same but yoongles

jesus: who are you guys talking about?

smoljump: don't even ask... its 

smoljump: i don't know how to explain it

kageyams:  them being them and talking about people that only shoyo, his sister and friend?

inlovewithaghost: i prefer the word 'significant other' 

*rips off shirt*: okay so im gonna be real smart here

rolling thUNDER:  don't think too hard bro 

*rips off shirt*: awe thanks bro

*rips off shirt*: but what i was going to say is that since 

*rips off shirt*:  ya know Shoyo's sister doesn't know us right

*rips off shirt*: so we should introduce ourselves

ennoSHITa: this is your only smart idea Tanaka.

ennoSHITa:  ill go first then.

ennoSHITa:  I'm Ennoshita, member of the team. I'm dating the idiot Tanaka

*rips off shirt*: I'm Tanaka!!!!  a second year on the team!

rolling thUNDER: Nishinoya Yuu, Nice ta meet'cha. Libero of the team!

dad: Hello, I'm Daichi, @Mom is Sugawara (or Suga-san) and @Jesus is Asahi 

rolling thUNDER: you forgot to mention that im dating him

stronkboi: Its a pleasure to meet you I am Ushijima. I attended Shiritorizawa about 3 years ago. 

imyoubutsatan: YAHOOOO!!! names Tendou!!! the same schooling stuff as wakatoshi~


blankpass: i'm sorry for bokuto-san. I'm Akaashi Keiji, Bokuto-san's Setter. 

LikeNya~: @Gamefreak is asleep after a stressful practice. 

LikeNya~: I'm Kuroo Tetsuroo, @Gamefreak is Kenma, my genius setter and boyfriend.

smoljump:  You already know me Yuki-nee....

kageyams:  Hello. My name is Kageyama Tobio. You know of me.


[3:00 pm]

Hinatacrew: aweeeeeeeee y'all are so young~~~~

*rips off shirt*: @Hinatacrew how old are you if you dont mind me asking??

Hinatacrew: owo you have to guess.

Hinatacrew: I was born 4 yrs before shoyo


[3:30 pm]

inlovewithaghost: @Hinatacrew i just got a tweet from a fan

Hinatacrew:   what they say

inlovewithaghost: [omgwhy.jpg]

Hinatacrew:  sometimes i want to kill fans

Hinatacrew: and sometimes i want to disappear for 200 years to see if they would still ask for this BS

inlovewithaghost: im not doing an F.R. theres no need to.

inlovewithaghost:  like screw it. i mean Suga never did, fans just figured it out.

Hinatacrew: oh shit i forgot something

Hinatacrew: my notebook is in the car... its raining... and i left my sketchbook in my first class.

inlovewithaghost:  what room #?

Hinatacrew:  526 K.

inlovewithaghost:  ill grab it if you make a hot pot for dinner - and invite Hobi-Hyung.



inlovewithaghost:  Rad



[5:00 pm]

gamefreak: Are we not going to talk about that?

blankpass: I think its better if we don't kenma-san

gamefreak:  but that tweet was sent to {THE OFFICIAL_ZHAN} 

LikeNya~: you've got a point there kenma

imyoubutsatan: so inlovewithaghost is  "{THE OFFICIAL_ZHAN} "? theory?

gamefreak: yep 

smoljump: hey guys!

gamefreak: hi shoyo

smoljump: i'm gonna be seeing YUKI-NEE IN A  WEEK!!!!!!!

mom: what do you mean son?

smoljump:  yuki-nee goes to school at SNU, 

smoljump: and we have a game in korea next week at SNU

smoljump: do you see where im going with this

mom: wait what

Hinatacrew: okay im only going to speak for a bit cause hobi-hyung and joonie will get concerned

Hinatacrew: i go to SNU with @inlovewithaghost.

Hinatacrew: i major in music production and creation, he majors in dance choreography.

Hinatacrew: i gotta get back to eating that hot pot

Hinatacrew: ill make one when you visit shoyo-ssi