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    “Umm, okay. Is it on? The little red light is blinking- oh! Okay. So, I talk to myself a lot. It's just a habit. And I thought, 'hey! Why don't I record my conversations with myself and listen to them later?’ That's what I'm doing.

    “Should I… introduce myself or something? I already know my own name… but maybe someone else will listen to this, too! With me. Okay, my name is Park Jimin, I'm 18 years old, and I have 6 best friends!

    “So, the other day, I saw my hyung, Yoongi, talking to my other hyung, Hoseok. And I was so jealous. We're friends and all… but he likes Hobi more than me. And, I never get enough courage to go up and talk to him. Does that make us friends? I don't know. Usually Jinnie has to be there for me to talk to him. He makes me feel safe.

    “I guess that's all today. It's fun talking to myself alone! Bye, uh, audio diary? Yeah! Audio diary!

    “Bye, audio diary!”

End of Recording 1

    Why did you have to go?”