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Artemis Experiments Weird

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Artemis Experiments Weird


Database #00 : Prologue


Much alike the human internet, the fairy internet is a network which allows users to stock and share datas. However, there is more to it. In fact, whereas human computing networks are made of digital signals, coded in binary, the fairy internet is quantic .

It is constantly evolutive, but above all, it is fuelled by the massive amount of datas collected by the fairy technology, far beyond humanity’s. Simply put, i f our internet is a worldwide network, its fairy alter-ego is an entire alternate universe of possibilities.

But that is not really the point here.

Actually, there is only one question worth asking. How come the fairies are so technologically advanced, compared to us humans ?

One might answer their civilization is much more ancient, and thus did not evolve faster, but sooner. In a way, it is correct. But the true answer lies elsewhere.

The true answer is the Wired. And I wish I never found out about it.


Yet, for now, let’s leave the Wired aside. It is a highly complicated subject, extremely difficult to apprehend, which pushes the limits of what we thought was possible far beyond human comprehension. Even for someone such as me. Actually, I doubt any regular human or fairy being would grasp the Wired and all its subtleties with merely a plain explanation.

I believe the only way to truly understand the Wired, in all its absolute power and unutterable dangerousness, is to try and retrace the events that led me to the knowledge of its existence… and the descent into hell that followed.

Retracing back to the very beginning of this desastrous adventure is quite easy, actually. It all started with the mindwipe, after the C Cub e incident. And more specifically, with the infamous centaurian technological consultant of the LEPrecon.

As everyone knows, Foaly is afflicted with a serious case of paranoia. Even after I had been mindwiped under his careful watch , he was worried I would find a way to get my memories back, in order to resurface and confront them with a cruel and ruthless revenge. Of course, he was right for the most part ; even though it didn’t exactly turned out as we had both imagined it would.

So, even a few months after I had been mindwiped, Foaly was still worried. He wanted to check on me – or, more exactly, on my computing devices and digital archives, just to make sure there weren’t any unknown copy of my memories somewhere. But he couldn’t do that. Fowl Manor was under close LEP surveillance, but besides that, any contact with me was strictly forbidden. Using the LEP’s machines or his personal computer, Foaly would leave a trace of his checkout.

And t hus, in order to ease his compulsive fears, Foaly sealed our fates, using the only way he knew of to check on me undetected .

He logged on to the Wired.

" Oh, i t won’t be long, he thought to himself. Just a simple checkout. Nobody will notice, and anyway, what consequences could there be ? "

I must tell you that the technological consultant of the LEP was wrong. Dead wrong.

Someone did notice. And dear Lord, you have no idea of the consequences.