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      You know that she can do better. You know that she deserves better.


     Someone who will take care of her and let her live her dreams as a writer.


     Not some asshole who just treats her like shit or uses her to get off.


     She most definitely deserves someone better than a random guy from Tinder.


     New of her advisor makes your blood boil. You wish she could take your advice and report him-

    You would insist on getting her the best lawyer in the state.


    She thinks that she’s in love and you want to be happy for her. You really do.


    But there’s something off about the guy and you can’t tell what it is.


    She gets upset when you mention his ‘status’ and you knew she would.


    But she deserves better.


    If you can’t take care of her then you want to make sure that someone will.