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He didn’t understand how this happened; it really wasn’t supposed to happen this way. He couldn’t help but think of it as he lay in bed, waiting for painkillers to kick in. These last few months had been a complete nightmare, scarier than Jason, Freddy, and Mike Myers teaming up in a dream where you were naked at school and forgot your homework. He honestly wasn’t sure what was worse, the physical pain, or, the emotional pain. Either way, it had been hard. He missed his friends, he missed his family, hell, and he even missed his fucking sister. He groaned as he rolled over on his side, looking at the bare white wall. He knew he should be packing, but, he still ached all over. Today was his last day at the Center, the Center for new Omegas. Today, he was finally going home. Today everything was going to be different.


Stan Marsh never thought he would present as an Omega; honestly, the thought never even entered his mind. He was a football player, he loved working out, his Dad had been preparing for his perfect son to come out as a strong Alpha, make him proud as hell, especially since he was just a Beta. Unfortunately, that wasn’t how things went. He still remembered going to the doctor’s office and being told the news, that he, Stan Marsh, was an Omega. He remembered his father’s cold silence, his mother hugging him, the doctor explaining how his body was going to change, his face, his mindset, that he would be able to get pregnant. He remembered crying and he remembered being told he was going to be separated from his family and friends while his body changed and his pheromones developed.


He had been sent off to the Center, along with some others he knew. He was placed in a room that was monitored by doctors and nurses and not allowed contact with anyone for the first week. His body started to change; it had been the most painful fucking thing he had ever experienced. His entire skeletal structure changing shape, his body becoming softer, curvier, and feminine, his muscle he worked so hard for going away. He was fed painkillers like candy and spent most of his first few weeks in bed, not being able to even get up. After that, he still suffered from the pain, but it turned into a finishing school, a constant barrage of information of how to be the perfect Omega. How to dress, how to act, how to smile and look pretty, how your only purpose was finding a good mate, preferably an Alpha, and spitting out their babies.


He had never wanted a fucking joint so bad in his life! What was even worse was, Kenny and Kyle, his best friends, both presented as Alphas… They weren’t even allowed to talk to Stan. He felt so alone… Kenny was bad enough to loose, but Kyle, Kyle, his Super Best Friend who he talked to everyday? That had been soul crushing. He had cried nights just wanting to talk to him, just hear his voice. He cried a lot more then he use too, he felt more then he use too… He wondered what they looked like now. Did they change as much as he did? Would they still want to be his friend? Were they going to only want one thing like all the nurses warned them about? He didn’t know, he was afraid to find out.


He was brought out of his thoughts when his door opened.


“Stan, Sweetie, your parents are here for you.” A nurse said with a kind smile. She went over to the brunette and smiled. “I’m sure they will be ecstatic to see you, you turned into such a beautiful Omega. You’ll be beating those Alphas off with a stick.” She said with a laugh. “Are you all packed?”


Stan let out a small groan of pain as he sat up. “N-No…was just waiting for the painkiller to kick in.” He said, pressing a finger against full plump lips.


“I can see that, well, we can help with that, we can also help you get you ready. You don’t have your face done up, your hair done, you know as an Omega those things are expected of you. I know you’re still in the process of changing, so, you haven’t gotten into the routine yet. One day, you’ll be primping all the time.” The nurse cooed.


“Great…” Stan croaked out, not fighting when the nurse took a brush to his short black locks, and, a lipgloss tube to his lips. It would be nearly a half hour before he was deemed worthy to leave. They had changed him into Omega acceptable clothing, a pair of black leggings that hugged his pert and round ass, and, a cute light blue cashmere sweater. Omegas, no matter male or female, dressed in feminine clothing, while Alphas, no matter the gender, wore masculine clothing, Betas, were allowed to do as they pleased, wearing either, lucky bastards.


“Okay, let’s get going!” The nurse chirped in an overly cheerful tone. The attendants were grabbing his bags and she was putting a head band in his hair, making sure his makeup looked perfect. “Now, remember, things are going to be different, don’t be dismayed if your non Omega friends treat you differently, and, if your family treats you differently.” She said, leading the brunette beauty out of the room.


“Yeah, I figured as much. I mean, most of the time we watched videos on how Alphas will just fucking rape you.” Stan said, rolling his big blue eyes. He noticed since the physical change he even walked differently. He swayed his buxom hips as he walked his steps lighter. He was nervous to see his family again, in fact, he felt like he was going to just fall over in anticipation of seeing them. What were they going to think? Was his dad going to hate him because he didn’t turn out to be the Alpha he always wanted? Would his sister, who was an Alpha, be even worse to him? God, he wanted to puke.


“Mister and Misses Marsh? Here is Stanley.” The nurse said with a smile. “You just have to sign some paperwork and we will give you his prescriptions and get you on your way. I’m sure you want him home as much as he wants to be home.”


Stan managed to look up and look at his family. His mother was smiling, looking at him with her usual comforting expression, his sister, looked bored, and like she could break him in half if she wanted, and his father, his father looked like he was going to fall over.


“S-Stan…is that really you?” Randy asked, looking his son up and down. He looked a bit older, his black hair and mustache peppered with grays, and, his beer gut more noticeable.


“Y-Yeah…hi Dad…” Stan said softly, moving to walk over to his family. “It’s nice to see you all again, I missed you guys.” He admitted.


“We missed you too, Sweetie.” Sharon said, moving to quickly pull her son into a hug. “You look wonderful Stanley, look at you, we are going to bring you back to South Park and you’re going to be the most beautiful Omega in the entire town.” She said with a smile.


Randy was still in shock, before he nodded. “Your mother is right, means my job as a father just got that much more serious.” He said, crossing his arms over his chest. “Sharon, I’m gonna buy a shit ton of guns. I’m gonna need them to chase off those Alphas from coming after my Princess here.” He said, his lips forming a smile. “Only the best for you, don’t worry, we’ll get you a good one Stan, one with lots of money and good looks.” He said with a wink.


Stan was shocked at that. Honestly he was expecting his father to be pissed. “Um…okay? Also…did you just call me Princess?”


“You bet your ass I did.” Randy said, letting Sharon sign the papers. “My son, my little beauty queen, you made your father quite proud Stanley, we are gonna clean up! The offers are gonna come in for marriage and we are gonna make out like bandits!”


Shelly rolled her eyes. “Leave it to you to exploit one of your children.” She scoffed, running fingers through her choppy hair. Even before she presented as an Alpha, Shelly had always been masculine.


“I’m not exploiting Shelly; I’m looking out for my little Princess here.” Randy said simply. “Besides, you’re gonna have to help me protect Stan, as the older Alpha sibling, that’s your job.”


“Yeah, I’m not fucking doing that.” Shelly said, before looking over at her little brother. “Just wait until he goes into a Heat and turns into a huge fucking slut.”


“SHELLY!” Randy cried out before being pulled back by his wife.


“Enough of that Randy, let’s get going, Stanley probably wants to go home and relax.” Sharon said, smiling as she led the way out of the Center. “I bet you’re excited to see your friends again.”


“Yeah…I really want to see Kyle…” Stan said, before being cut off by his father.


“And you can, but, no way in hell is he allowed up in your room alone with you, not the McCormick kid either.” Randy warned.


Stan rolled his eyes at that. “Dad, it’s Kyle, I doubt he would do anything, I mean, I can understand Kenny, but Kyle…” He started saying, before he was cut off by his mother.


“Actually Stanley, I agree with your father.” Sharon said softly. “Kyle is an Alpha, I know you two are best friends but, he might look at you a little differently.” She said, before smiling. “But, Sheila did invite us to a party this weekend; Kyle is coming back from Alpha Center. I guess she wants to show him off.”


“Of course she is. We all know that woman is gonna be picking that poor guy’s mate for him, doesn’t even matter that he is an Alpha.” Randy said with a scoff. “Talk about a ballbuster.” He grumbled. “Well, we’ll get you a nice outfit to wear for the party, Princess, a good opportunity to meet some good Alphas there.”


“I don’t really care about other Alphas; I just want to see my friends again.” Stan said, starting to get annoyed. “I just wanna go home and take a nap and be left alone.” He snapped, crossing his arms over his chest, his lips forming into a pout.


Shelly laughed. “Wow, it only took Stan five minutes to go into a hissy fit.” She said, looking at the brunette. “Also, nice zit you have going on there, Fuckface.”


Stan hated how his eyes went wide at that. “Zit!?” He cried out, feeling his soul crushed that he cared about that.


~*The Evening of the Party*~


Stan sighed as his mom helped him get ready. They were finishing up getting ready for the party the Broflovskis were throwing for Kyle, his welcome home party. His father had insisted he dress up to the nines, so, he had bought him a rather expensive looking dress, a sleeveless light blue tulle dress that poofed out above the knee with a Swarovski crystal band around the midsection, showcasing his new figure. His face was all done up, his hair was brushed and looked soft.


“Mom…do you think everyone is going to think I look like an idiot? I mean…I haven’t seen any of my friends since I presented…” Stan confessed.


“Stanley, I think your friends will just be happy to see you again, and, I think they will think you are beautiful.” Sharon said with a smile. “Look in that mirror, I see a gorgeous Omega, you’re going to break a lot of hearts.”


“Do you think…Kyle…will still like me?” He asked softly, looking down at his feet and wringing his hands. “I…don’t want to lose him.” He admitted.


At that moment Randy popped his head in. “Look at you! You look amazing Pumpkin!” He cried out. “Look at what Daddy bought you.” He said, moving to hand the brunette a matching Swarovski clutch. “I’m not fashion expert or anything, but, matching is usually good.” He said. “Now let’s get movin’, Gerald always buys the good imported beer and I want to take advantage of that.” He said, ignoring the glare his wife was getting.


Sharon sighed. “Let’s get going, be careful in those heels Stanley.” She said, helping the brunette down the stairs to get to the car that Randy had already started up.


“Remember Stan, if any Alphas get fresh with you, you let your old man know. I’ll take care of them.” Randy said, cracking his knuckles before getting into the driver’s seat.


“You’ll be the first to know, Dad.” Stan said with a sigh, getting into the back seat and feeling his stomach tie in knots. He was so fucking nervous. What was Kyle going to think? What was Kyle going to look like? All his thoughts were just about him…




Stan felt like his feet didn’t want to move as they walked up to the Broflovski’s door. He had been to this house more times than he could ever count, but, this time, it felt so different. He could hear music playing, hear familiar voices coming from inside. All he wanted to do was run away and hide… He didn’t know if he could face this.


The door swung open revealing Sheila Broflovski. She glared at Randy before smiling over at Sharon and Stan. “Well, welcome Marshs, and look at you Stanley, don’t you look nice. Your mother told me you were an Omega.” She said. “Well, Kyle has not stopped talking about you, so, he’ll be happy to see you. You two just make sure you don’t wander off alone.” She said, her eyes narrowing a bit. She stepped aside and allowed the family into her home.


Stan ignored Sheila’s passive aggressive ways, she had always been like that, and, he had a feeling it was going to be worse now that he was an Omega and Kyle an Alpha. They would never be allowed to hang out alone again… He bit his glossy lip as he looked around, noticing some familiar faces that were less familiar now thanks to presenting.


“Well, let me go tell Kyle you’re here, he insisted I inform him when you arrived.” Sheila said, rolling her eyes. “Now if I can just find that boy.” She muttered, walking off in search of him.


“Don’t be nervous, Sweetie, Kyle obviously wants to see you, you’ll be fine. Your father and I are going to get a drink, if you need us, we’ll be talking to Gerald.” Sharon said, wanting to give her son a little breathing room with his best friend.


“Thanks.” Stan said with a smile, watching his mother walk away. He looked around, grabbing his phone just for something to focus on. He could hear Sheila’s voice coming closer, and, a deep male voice talking back to her, sounding rather annoyed. It was Kyle; it had to be him… But he couldn’t look up… He just…couldn’t… He was afraid… The moment he looked up, that meant there was no going back.


Footsteps, the sound of footsteps getting closer and closer… He could hear it, and then suddenly, they stopped. He felt his breath hitch in his throat, feeling a presence in front of him.


“Stan…” A deep voice said. It sounded surprised, but happy, shocked, but pleased.


Stan had to force himself to look up from his phone, nearly letting it slip from his dainty hands when he saw Kyle. God…Kyle… Kyle…. Blue eyes looked into green, and everything just felt so good…smelled so good…everything suddenly smelled like roses. He was so…handsome… He couldn’t believe the man he was looking at, looking up at, was Kyle Broflovski, the same red headed nerd who sucked at PE. This Kyle, he was tall, much taller than him, and, had some muscles on him! His red hair was cut shorter, looking like it was tamed, and, he was sporting facial hair. A well groomed beard that actually looked amazing on him.


“K-Kyle…” He managed to say, finding a large hand grab his smaller one. He felt his face get red, God was he blushing!? He hoped it wasn’t showing!


“Wow…Stan….you look…great…” Kyle said, a small smile crossing his lips. “I missed you.”


“I missed you too.” Stan said.


At that moment, it felt like no one else existed, it was just the two of them, the two of them in a room that smelled like roses.

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They stood there in silence for a few moments, just looking at each other. They were still holding hands, and neither was making a move to drift apart. Stan shifted a little in his heels, a sparkly silver pair that matched the faux crystal belt around his midsection. He knew he had to have some stupid smile on his glossy lips, and the smell of Kyle alone was driving him nuts. Was it his cologne? It smelled expensive, with several different notes he couldn’t identify in it. Was it even cologne? Was it just his…scent? Whatever it was, it was, intoxicating.


Kyle cleared his throat, looking down at the brunette. He was looking rather nice, his appearance having changed quite a bit, but, not as drastically as Stan. Clad in a pair of black slacks and a black buttoned up shirt that hugged his now larger chest and biceps, he looked good, especially next to a pretty brunette. “So…want to like talk somewhere? Catch up? We can go out on the porch.” The red head suggested.


Stan looked around, rather liking the sound of that. “Are you sure that’s okay? I mean…my parents said we shouldn’t be alone…and your mom didn’t even seem to want us to be alone…” He said, causing Kyle to laugh.


“They’re just being overprotective. We’ve been friends our entire lives; I think we’ll be fine just talking on my porch. Everyone is freaking out so much about this Alpha Omega bullshit.”  Kyle said, waving his hand in the air.


“I guess you’re right, everyone is just being psycho about all of this.” Stan said, before pausing. “You don’t want to mingle with everyone else? I don’t want to hog you. I mean, you’re now the big strong Alpha Kyle Broflovski.” He teased, trying to keep his eyes to himself, not wanting to just ogle his best friend’s muscular form.


“I don’t give a shit about anyone else here; I just want to talk to you.” Kyle said with a smile. “We haven’t been able to talk to each other for months, I think everyone will understand, even our crazy parents.” He said, looking down to see he was still holding onto the brunette’s hand. He decided to keep his hold and moved to gently lead the other teen out of the house, maneuvering around party guests and trying to stay out of the sight of their parents. Finally, he reached the door, opening it and going to sit on the bench swing his parents kept out there. He moved over to make sure there was room for the brunette to sit down next to him.


Stan moved to sit down next to Kyle. He hated that his stomach felt like butterflies were trying to stab him to death. Why was this so different? He never felt like this with Kyle before this all happened, before they presented. Now, all he wanted to do was just be with him, be near him, and be in his arms.  He never had trouble just talking to Kyle before all of this happened, but now, he couldn’t even get his brain to come up with the simplest conversation starter. He was too busy blushing.


Kyle smiled a little as he looked over to the brunette. “So…are you feeling better?  I know that becoming an Omega can be really painful. We learned a lot about the process while I was at the Center for Alphas.” He said. “You look really good though…like…you just look…so…” The red head started to blush a bit himself as he ran fingers through his beard. “You look so soft and…you know…feminine.” He said. Usually he was so confident now, but, for some reason, around Stan, that confidence was starting to dwindle.


That really made the brunette blush, and, he tried to hide it as best as he could. “Y-Yeah…it was pretty rough, Dude. It fucking hurt…” Stan said, kicking his feet a little, looking down at the sparkly heels that were adorning his feet. “They said my whole skeletal structure was changed… I was in so much pain the first week…I can’t even remember most of it.” He admitted, wringing his hands together in a nervous fashion. “I only remember just missing everyone back home…” He said, deciding to keep it to himself he had been longing just to talk to the red head the entire time he had been there. “Was it that bad for you? I mean…you look good too Ky…like…you got so much taller…and more…muscular…” He said softly.


“That sounds fucking awful.” Kyle said, looking at the brunette with a sympathetic expression. “I’m sorry you had to go through that.” He said, before smiling a bit. “I’m glad you like it…you know…I was kinda nervous what you would think.” He admitted, before clearing his throat. “The change wasn’t so painful for me, I mean, I was kinda sore… The worst part was dealing with…being so aggressive and…horny…” He said, before laughing. “Not really fun when they are paired together.”


Stan laughed a bit. “That sounds shitty.” He said. “They showed us all these videos on how Alphas were basically gonna rape us and shit, it was fucked up. Like, I don’t believe that anyone can’t control themselves that poorly.” He said, moving to cross one lean leg over the other. As he did so, his dress rose up a little, showing off a thick ivory thigh.


Kyle looked over at the brunette and felt himself getting mesmerized by the sight in front of him. Those perfect lean legs and thick thighs. Those plump glossy lips that looked so fucking soft. Those big blue eyes that were looking at him with such joy…. When Stan mentioned the videos he watched, he just managed to nod his head. “Y-Yeah…just…you know…bullshit fear mongering…” He said, not wanting to admit he was close to losing control. Stan smelled so good, he smelled like the sweetest flower… He had been around other Omegas since he got home…why was Stan the only one who was doing this to him!? “I really fucking missed you, Dude…” He managed to say, trying to tear his green eyes away from those gorgeous lips, looking fucking juicy with that gloss…


Stan smiled at that. “I missed you a lot too…” He said, blushing and looking away shyly when he felt a large hand rest on his smaller one. Was this how it was gonna be around every fucking Alpha? Was this how it was going to be being around Kyle? Things were never going to be the same… He took in a deep breath and managed to look back at the handsome red head. “So…how’s Kenny? You guys are both Alphas, so, at least you had each other.”


Honestly, Kyle didn’t give a single fuck about Kenny right now, but, when the brunette asked, he managed to form the words. “He’s good, you know, happy he’s an Alpha, kept talking about fucking everyone in town. You make sure if he tries anything with you to let me know, I’ll fucking kick his ass. He’s like off the chain now, running around like a horny fool. When he sees you looking like this, he’s gonna lose his mind.”


Stan raised an eyebrow at that. “What do you mean with how I look now?” He asked, watching as the red head squirmed a bit over the question.


“C’mon Dude, you know…” Kyle said, rubbing the back of his head. “You’re…you know…a really…pretty Omega…” He managed to say. “You got to know that, Stan.” He said, squeezing onto the smaller hand that he was still holding.


The brunette felt himself go even redder at that. “You…really think so? I…haven’t really gotten use to how I look yet… I…still don’t like it very much… My old clothes don’t fit, I walk differently, and my father is weirdly nice and protective of me now… Not to mention my face…even my fucking face doesn’t look the same, Dude. It’s almost like seeing a stranger whenever I look in the mirror.”


“Hey, I get that, Stan…I feel the same way. I know my transformation isn’t as dramatic as yours but, it does feel like I’m a completely different person… My clothes didn’t fit me either.” Kyle said, flashing the brunette a comforting smile. “This is shitty for everyone, you aren’t alone.” He assured. “I mean, next week, we’ll both be back at South Park High together, everyone in our class should have presented so, we’ll all be trying to get back to some normalcy together.”


“Yeah…maybe…I don’t know…I guess I’m still just trying to get use to this whole thing. All I know is I’m glad I’m out of that place, and, I’m glad we can actually see each other again.” Stan said sweetly, noticing they had gotten a bit closer during their conversation, to the point where their legs were touching.


“Yeah, me too.” Kyle said, leaning in closer, almost like he was going to try and steal a kiss from the brunette. Well, he was, until the back door opened up.


“Kyle!” Sheila cried out.


“Stan!” Randy called out after her. “Princess, what did I tell you, no being alone with Alphas! Did he try anything with you!? I swear to God, I’ll kill you Kyle if you touched my little Sweetheart!”


“Oh Randy Marsh, you are such a fool! If anything, your son was trying to seduce mine with his pheromones!” Sheila snapped, moving to poke Randy in the chest.


“Now see here! My son is nothing but an innocent angel! He would never do that! You gotta lotta nerve lady!” Randy said, waving his arm in the air as his other one held his beer.


Kyle frowned in frustration, moving to let go of Stan’s hand and stand up. “We were just talking, we didn’t do anything. We haven’t gotten to see each other in over a month, just give us both a break.” He snapped, sounding rather irritated.


“Bubbe, you know things are different now! You two just presented, you probably can’t even control your hormones!” Sheila screeched.


“This is fucking bullshit! You don’t think I know how to handle myself!? What the fuck do you think happened to me while this happened!?” Kyle growled, causing Stan to actually step back from him a little and Sheila to look shocked. “Nothing happened and neither of us should have to consult either of you every time we want to talk!”


“Kyle…calm down….” Stan said, moving to put a small hand on the Alpha’s back.


“I’ll calm down when they quit treating us like we are just some primal morons who can’t control ourselves! For the love of Christ! I’ve been around Omegas all evening! I haven’t done anything, and no one’s fucking raped Stan!” Kyle ranted.


“Kyle! You do not talk to me like that!” Sheila snapped.


“I’ll talk however I want, especially when I’m getting yelled at for no fucking reason!” Kyle snapped back, before throwing his hands in the air. “I’m done with this!” He growled, pushing past both Sheila and Randy to go back into the house.


“Kyle! Get back here!” The red headed woman called out, following after her son.


Stan just stood there in shock. He had never seen Kyle blow up like that before. Sure, Kyle had always had a temper, but, going completely off the chain like that? That was new. It had even been a little scary. He just wanted to cower away from him when he started yelling. He moved to pick up the clutch he brought with him.


“C’mon Princess, let’s get you back inside, it’s cold out here.” Randy said, moving to pat Stan on the back. “That’s why I was worried…” He added concern in his tone as he led the brunette back in. He hoped his son would understand he was just looking out for him. Yes, Kyle was his best friend, but, he had seen how that kid was looking at him, he wanted him…  


“Okay…” Stan said softly, following after his father. As he did so, he felt his phone vibrate inside of the clutch he was holding. Managing to open it up, he quickly checked it and saw he had a message from Kyle.


Kyle: Leave your window unlocked tonight.

Chapter Text

The rest of the evening had been uneventful. Kyle never came back downstairs, and, Stan’s father never left his side. It was interesting speaking with other friends and people who went to his school that had presented as well, but, honestly, he felt like he was in a weird haze. Everything felt so strange… He just kept thinking about that text Kyle had sent him.


“Leave your window unlocked tonight.”


He wasn’t sure what that meant… Well, it meant Kyle wanted to see him, wanted to talk to him more…but in what manner? Things had gotten strange towards the end of their conversation. All the things he said….all the feelings he felt….he still couldn’t process it fully. He put a hand to his chest as he looked around, people starting to leave and say goodbye, it was almost like most of them didn’t even notice Kyle was gone.


He hadn’t felt the strange feelings he had with Kyle around any other Alphas at the party. Yes, it was really weird being hit on, and, it had been even worse when his father came running towards them flailing his arms in a threatening manner, but his heart didn’t beat out of control like it had when he was sitting alone on that porch swing with the red head.


He felt a hand on his shoulder and looked over at his father.


“Hey, why don’t we get going, it’s getting late, you’re probably tired huh?” Randy said with a smile, watching as Sharon walked back over to them.


“Yeah, that sounds like a good idea, you can see Kyle another time.” Sharon added, moving to start saying her goodbyes to Sheila and Gerald. Randy had told her everything that happened, and, she had a very bad feeling as to where this was all going. Stan was so young; he couldn’t possibly even know what was best for him at this point in his life.


“Okay…” Stan said, not feeling like he had much of a choice. He started to follow his parents out of the Broflovski house as he kept thinking about that text.


“Leave your window unlocked tonight.”


That was all Stan could think about as he managed to get into the backseat of his father’s car. He looked down at the clutch that was holding his cellphone in it and bit his lower lip, feeling some gloss coming off. Everything he was taught in that horrible place said not to be alone with an Alpha, especially after first presenting. But…this was Kyle…Kyle was different…he would never hurt him…never do anything he didn’t want to him… He took in a deep breath as he felt the car start to move, the Broflovski house getting further away from it before disappearing.




Stan had hesitated in doing what the red head had told him to do. Yes, he wanted to see him more and talk to him more, but, everyone had warned him not to do this. It was apparently dangerous to be alone with a newly presented Alpha. But…it was Kyle…it was Kyle! That was all his mind kept going back to. Kyle would never hurt him… So, after a few moments of debating, he unlocked his window, knowing by now his parents had gone to bed.


He had changed out of the dress and sparkly shoes and wiped the makeup off of his face. He had taken comfort in the fact his parents hadn’t gotten rid of his Elway jersey. It was absolutely huge on him now, but it was comfortable and comforting to him. He could easily sleep in it. So, that was the plan, no pants, just underwear and the oversized Broncos Jersey.  He moved to look in the floor length mirror he now had in his room. His parents had redecorated the place while he was away. That had kinda pissed him off, but, he guessed they just wanted him to be more comfortable in his Omeganess…or whatever.


He didn’t think he looked attractive. He was just in the old oversized jersey, he wasn’t wearing any makeup now, and his hair was a bit disheveled. He was going to be fine, everything was going to be fine, Kyle would never do anything to him…


He heard his phone vibrate and went over to it, seeing he had a message from the Alpha he was just thinking about.


Kyle: I’m on my way. Have your window open.


He moved to sit on his bed and quickly typed back a message.


Stan: It’s open. See you soon. Just be careful climbing up.


It would only be a few minutes before he heard rustling coming from outside, and then a knock on his window. He quickly ran over and opened it, smiling a bit when he saw the familiar red head. They use to sneak into each other’s rooms when they were grounded, or, when they were sick. Both had become experts on scaling two story houses. He moved to grab Kyle’s hand and helped pull him in, but, to his surprise, finding the now much stronger teen, didn’t even need his help.


Before he knew it, Kyle was standing in front of him, still wearing the same clothes from the party. He had to admire how tall he had gotten, towering over him now, standing at least at 6”3” while Stan was only about 5”9”. He also was still shocked by how muscular the red head had become. How broad his shoulders were and how good they looked in that black shirt, hugging them.


“Hey.” Kyle said, his now deeper voice sounding so much older than it did just months ago. “I’m glad I get to see you more tonight… I’m still pissed that our parents interrupted us.” He said, before taking the brunette’s appearance in. Holy hell… God, he thought Stan looked gorgeous at the party, but now, damn it all to hell! He looked….tantalizing. He looked so sweet and delicate in that oversized Bronco’s jersey, and even though it was bulky on him, he could tell underneath was a sexy hourglass form with wide hips and a perfect ass. His face was free of makeup, but that didn’t matter, he was so naturally gorgeous, he didn’t need it. Hell, those big blue eyes and soft plump lips were perfect. And he didn’t even want to get started on the fucking legs! The bare legs that were slender and lean! Those thick ass thighs! Fuck….


“I’m glad I get to see you again tonight too.” Stan said, before smiling a little. “You kinda freaked out Dude… I’ve never seen you so pissed before. I mean, my dad is stupid and your mom is annoying, but, you know that. What was going on with you?” He decided to ask.


Kyle sighed and rubbed the back of his head. “I…don’t know. I just…I wanted to just be alone with you, and, I guess my temper got the better of me when I wasn’t allowed to do that.” He admitted. “They said my temper could get worse with being an Alpha, I’m still trying to figure out how to control it better. I’m sorry you had to see that. I hope I didn’t freak you out.”


“It’s okay… I was just worried about you.” Stan said softly.


“You’re always worried about me.” Kyle said with a warm laugh. “Guess that is what you do when you’re so sweet.” He said, looking at the brunette with intense green eyes.


“Um…excuse me? Did you just call me sweet? I’m much more use to you calling me a douchebag or an asshole.” Stan said with a laugh. “Especially that one time I hit you in the face with a dodgeball and gave you a bloody nose.”


“Yeah, despite that, you’re still sweet.” The red head pointed out, watching as Stan sat on the bed, pulling his legs together, that jersey barely covering up his underwear… “Mind if I sit next to you?” He asked, not making a move just yet.


“Of course, bed is big enough for both of us.” The brunette said, watching as the larger teen sat down next to him. As he did so, that smell became prevalent again… That…intoxicating smell he couldn’t put his finger on…


“Yeah…it is…but…I kinda wanted to be close to you.” Kyle said, scooting over so their knees were touching. “I didn’t get a chance to tell you how much I missed you while you were gone. It was the fucking worst. I tried to call you, but, your number had been turned off.” He said, hesitating for a moment before he rested a hand on the brunette’s knee.


Stan had noticed the large hand on his knee, but, did nothing to remove it. If anything, his cheeks went red and he felt himself heating up. “Y-Yeah… They cut off my service so no one could call me except my parents… Some kinda…safety thing or whatever…”


“Yeah…all kinds of bullshit protocols they have for everything.” Kyle said, taking in a deep breath. “Excited to go back to school? Next week we all go back, should be interesting. At least it’s our senior year.” He said, almost making it sound like he was making small talk.


“Yeah… It should be interesting, everyone is gonna be so different. I mean, at your party Clyde was hitting on me. It was fucking weird, Dude.” Stan said with a laugh. He hadn’t been surprised Clyde had become an Alpha, if anything, the entire thing made him stupider.


At that Kyle went quiet, and his eyes narrowed a bit. “Wait, hold the phone, Clyde was hitting on you?” He said, looking at the brunette. “What the fuck? I’m gonna kick his fucking ass!” He snapped.


Stan was taken aback by that. “Dude…it’s not a big deal…I just told him to fuck off.” The brunette said, noticing Kyle had moved a little closer to him.


“It is a big deal. Clyde doesn’t get the concept of no means no, and, now that you’re an Omega and he’s an Alpha…he could have just tried something with you. I don’t like it.” Kyle said, his hands bawling into fists.  “Next time someone does something like that to you, you tell me right away, okay?” He said, moving to grab Stan’s small hand and hold them in is. He moved his other hand to gently grip the brunette’s chin, guiding him to look at him. “Promise…okay?” He said softly, green eyes looking into blue.


Stan felt his breath hitch in his throat when Kyle gently grabbed his chin. “Y-Yeah…no problem…” He said, feeling his blue eyes going half-lidded. That smell was getting stronger and stronger, almost like, he was being bathed in it. That haze was coming over him again.


Kyle smiled a bit. “You smell so good.” He said, his voice becoming a bit huskier. “Like…the sweetest flower I’ve ever smelled…”


“You smell good too…” Stan managed to say, noticing that their lips were getting closer and closer. “K-Kyle…” He breathed out, feeling that large hand move away from his chin and go down to his waist, his arm wrapping around him and pulling him closer.


“I want to show you how much I missed you.” Kyle said, using his free hand to tenderly caress Stan’s cheek. “God…you’re so beautiful…” He said.  “I mean…I always thought you were but…now…I just…I’m going crazy over you.”


Stan felt his eyes go wide. “R-Really?” He said, before taking in a deep breath. “I’ve been having these feelings too…these…strong feelings… I think…they’ve always been there but now…their just…spilling out…” He admitted. Everything was becoming so…out of control.


Before either of them knew what was happening, Stan felt his lips captured in a smoldering kiss. He felt Kyle’s facial hair scratch against his smooth face, and strong arms gather him up, the overwhelming scent invading his senses again. God, it smelled so good, and Kyle tasted so good…


Kyle quickly took control, slipping his tongue into the brunette’s mouth, lifting the brunette up a bit so a hand could quickly sneak underneath the Elway jersey and grab the plump perfect ass that Stan was sporting. He couldn’t help but groan when he realized the sexy Omega was wearing fucking panties.


“Mngh…K-Kyle…we shouldn’t….” Stan said, moving to try and push the larger teen away. “My parents said….I shouldn’t be alone with an Alpha…all the videos said…” He was quickly silenced by another hot kiss.


“Who cares what they said… We both want this.” The red head breathed out, a primal growl escaping his lips. “I don’t want Clyde, or any other Alpha hitting on you again.” He said, slipping his tongue back in.

Chapter Text

Stan wasn’t sure what to do at this very moment, mostly because, he really wanted this… But what Kyle was suggesting, or, what he thought he was suggesting, was bonding… That was serious! He had just become an Omega a few months ago! He had just finished the physical transformation; he hadn’t even gone through all the mental and emotional stuff yet! The consequences for bonding were far more severe for Omegas then Alphas. He could end up getting pregnant…or...become so submissive to his mate he became nothing more than a sex doll. He knew Kyle was acting on his hormones, and, he was too, but, he was trying to just keep things in perspective. He wasn’t on any kind of birth control, and, they had no condoms on them….


Kyle was now nipping at his neck, making growling noises as he held onto him rather tightly. Stan couldn’t help but let soft moans escape his plump lips, closing his eyes as he felt the red head’s facial hair tickle his neck.


“Your jersey…” Kyle managed to say, pulling away from the beautiful brunette for a moment. “I got this for you…for your 16th birthday…” He said, looking the brunette up and down. “God…it use to be….almost tight on you now…you’re swimming in it.” He said, a lusty smile crossing his lips. “I really wanna see what you look like without it on… I want to see how your body looks now… I can feel it; I can tell it’s fucking sexy.” He purred, moving to slip his hands underneath the jersey, feeling the Omega up.


“K-Kyle…” Stan breathed out, throwing his head back as he felt large hands running up his new curves. “I-I…think we’re moving too fast… I…haven’t even gone through my first Heat…” He said, resting his hands on the red head’s muscular chest. 


Kyle frowned a bit at that. “C’mon Stan, we both want this…it’ll be fine.” He said, going back to his ministrations.


“I-I’m…not on birth control…” Stan managed to say.


“I’ll just pull out before anything can happen.” Kyle said. “I just want to mark you…I don’t want another fucking asshole putting the moves on you! I’m going to kill Clyde for even coming onto you.”


“If you knot in me…there is no pulling out.” The brunette pointed out. Kyle wasn’t acting like himself; he had a feeling the hormones were too much for him… He was afraid if he denied his best friend, he could get aggressive with him.


“Don’t be like this Baby…” Kyle said with a frown. “We belong together…we’ve known since we were kids…why wait?”


“Because…I don’t want to get knocked up!” Stan cried up. “I want this…believe me…you have no idea how hard it is to deny you…” The brunette said, letting a small mewl escape his lips. “Can we just wait until…I get some birth control? Or…we go on like…one fucking date, Dude?”


Kyle frowned, pulling away for a moment. “I need something… or I’m going to go fucking insane… I don’t want anyone else but you.” He said, keeping his hold on the brunette. “Suck me off.” He said, almost in a demanding tone.


“Suck you off?” Stan said, his blue eyes going wide. “I’ve…never done that before…” He said, feeling Kyle run a hand up and down his back.


“Stan, I’ll go into a Rut if I don’t get off somehow… Please… I promise I’ll wait to do anything else with you…I promise.” Kyle said, moving his free hand to caress the brunette’s cheek. “You’re so fucking sexy….you smell so good…and…I guess Alphas have a harder time controlling their hormones.” He admitted.


Stan didn’t want his friend to go into a Rut, he had seen videos in the Center about how bad and dangerous those could be, he didn’t want that to happen to the red head, and, he really didn’t want to be the cause of it. He took in a deep breath and nodded his head. “O-Okay… I don’t know if I’ll be any good…” He said, moving to slip off of his bed and get on the floor on his knees.


Kyle was quick to unzip his slacks, pulling them down a little before exposing Stan to the boxer briefs he was wearing. It was obvious he was erect. “You’ll be fine…you’ll be great… You have those….sexy plump lips; I can only imagine how amazing they are going to feel wrapped around my cock.” He said, licking his lips as he started to pull down his underwear, showing off a rather large member.


Stan felt himself blush at how Kyle was talking to him. Yes, Kyle was definitely going nuts thanks to his hormones… He wondered if he would do this with any Omega or…was this just for him? He would have to question the red head about it after they finished. He couldn’t help but admire Kyle’s cock, it was so…perfect… God, he had seen it before but, never in this light… “Ky…you’re…really big…” He breathed out, looking up at the Alpha with those pretty blue eyes.


“Perfect to go into your pretty mouth.” The Alpha purred, letting out a groan when he felt Stan wrap those gorgeous lips around his dick and started to suck. “F-Fuck…” He breathed out, throwing his head back. He moved to tangle his fingers into the brunette’s dark locks as he sucked. “G-God…you’re good at this… Why did you think you weren’t gonna be good?” He asked, groaning as he felt a tongue swirl around his cock. Damn, Stan was perfect! He wanted to mark him before they went back to school because he knew every fucking Alpha was going to be after him… But…he had to respect Stan’s wishes, no matter how hard he had to fight against the urge to just take him for his own.


Stan was trying to focus on what he was doing. Honestly, all he wanted to do was give in, tell Kyle he could do whatever he wanted, but, he couldn’t…he just couldn’t… He moaned, enjoying the feeling of his friend’s dick in his mouth. God, it had literally taken him one day as an Omega out in the ‘wild’ to go sucking off an Alpha.


“Yeah…just like that… God…I can’t imagine how good it would feel to fuck you…” Kyle moaned, feeling his cock twitch as he was getting close. He knew he wasn’t going to last very long, especially after having those luscious lips all over him. “Take it as far back as you can.” He instructed, moving to rest his hand on the back of the Omega’s head.


“Mngh!”  Stan cried out, starting to taste the pre-cum that was invading his mouth. The sounds of Kyle groaning and moaning were seriously arousing. 


“I-I’m…gonna come Stan… Is it okay if I come in your mouth?” Kyle asked, wanting nothing but to do that, but, wanting to at least control himself that much.


Stan just nodded his head, closing his eyes as he moaned around the Alpha’s member. Before he knew it, a liquid was rushing into his mouth, and, it took him a few moments to figure out how to breathe and swallow it, but, he managed, slipping his lips off of the cock after Kyle had finished.


“Fuck…that was so hot…you look so hot…” The red head breathed out, moving to wipe away some stray cum that was lingering on the brunette’s lips. “Sure this was your first time doing that?”


Stan took in a deep breath and nodded his head, managing to get up from the floor even though his knees were weak. “First time, scouts honor.” He said with a tired smile, running fingers through his black locks. “Will that…satisfy you for now?”


Kyle nodded his head. “Yeah…thanks… I mean…believe me, I want more…I want all of you but…I don’t want to be one of those Alphas who can’t control themselves and just…goes around fucking without a care in the world.” He admitted, moving to tenderly press a kiss to the Omega’s forehead.


“I…guess I don’t understand… Maybe I will when I go into a Heat for the first time.” Stan said, biting his lower lip a bit. “My Dad said I was going to have to be locked up in my room for three whole days when it happens. It sounds like the worst fucking thing…” The brunette said, resting a hand to his flushed cheek. “Like, why couldn’t I have been a Beta or an Alpha? Why did I have to fucking become an Omega?”


Kyle moved to take one of Stan’s hands in his after he finished putting his pants back on. “Maybe…it was just meant to be, ever think of that? Maybe we were always meant to be together, and that’s why, whatever force is out there, made you an Omega, and me, an Alpha.” He said, moving to press a tender kiss to those plump lips he loved so much. “One day, we’ll be together, I just know it; no other Alpha can ever have you.”


Stan was rather taken aback at how possessive Kyle was being with him. It was like, he had already decided that they were going to mate, start a life together, and he wasn’t even getting much of a say in it. He was still trying to figure out everything… he had only been an Omega for so long, and, everything was happening so fast!


“Can I take you out tomorrow? We can go to the pond, have some privacy.” Kyle suggested with a smile. “It’ll be all…nostalgic and shit. Except, well, I want to make out with you instead of playing football or something else.” He said with a laugh.


“I’ll have to see if I can sneak out… My Dad said he didn’t want me to be alone with you…or any Alpha…” Stan said, trying to take in a deep breath.


“He’s just overprotective of you, Stan. I mean, I understand, you’re beautiful and sweet, you’re a catch.” Kyle said. “But, I’m different; you know that, it’ll be okay.” He assured.


The brunette just nodded his head. “Okay, I’ll make up some reason to leave the house tomorrow and meet you at the pond.” He said, a small smile crossing his lips as the handsome Alpha kissed him again.


Stan was about to say more until he heard footsteps coming towards his room. “Shit! I think that’s my Dad!” He said, causing Kyle to groan.


“Damn, well, guess I’ll have to wait till tomorrow to finish showing you how much I missed you.” Kyle said, kissing him one more time before crawling out the window he had came in from.


Stan pressed a hand to his swollen lips and quickly got under his blankets, making it look like he was sleeping.


“Stan!” Randy cried out as he opened up the door dramatically. “Princess…are you okay!? I thought I heard noises in here. There isn’t an Alpha in here…is there!?” He said, moving to start looking around. He opened Stan’s closet and then under his bed.


“Dad, why would an Alpha be in here? I’m trying to sleep.” Stan said dryly.


“I don’t…I just…well…I thought I heard…” Randy stammered out. “I guess I’m just a little paranoid, I don’t want anyone trying to take advantage of my little Princess.” He said, before looking around one more time. “Okay, well, I’ll let you get some sleep. Love you!” He said, making his way back out of the room.


Stan sighed, lying on his pillow. What the fuck was happening with his life? Why did he have to become an Omega and become so fucking complicated?

Chapter Text

Stan woke up the next morning feeling…different…feeling good. He was thinking about Kyle, he had dreamed of him, dreamed of just allowing the Alpha to do whatever he wanted with him. As soon as he rose from his slumber, he automatically recalled Kyle wanting to spend time with him at Stark’s Pond, and, he was excited. He found himself wanting to look nice for him, wanted to primp. He never thought he would be one of those Omegas, the types that wanted to look cute and pretty all the time, but, there was a nagging feeling in the back of his head to do just that. Maybe the stuff they taught at the Center wasn’t all complete bull. His body had changed physically, it made sense his mind would change a little too. He just hoped he didn’t lose who he was completely to this… He still wanted to be Stan Marsh.


He moved to open his closet, seeing some new clothes he had got while he was at the Center. His old clothes didn’t fit anymore, hell, he was swimming in his Elway jersey, besides, being an Omega, he couldn’t even wear his old clothes out in public anymore, and it was seen as socially acceptable. Sometimes it sucked that he now had to follow all these new rules, have all these limitations put on him, but, he was just trying to make the best of it.


Grabbing a few items he held them up to his body, admiring himself in his floor length mirror. Hopefully he didn’t look like a fucking idiot in this…




“Stanley! Come downstairs! Breakfast is ready!” Sharon called up the stairs. She sighed a bit. “He usually doesn’t take so long to get ready.” She said, watching as Randy lowered his newspaper.


“Well, he’s an Omega now, he’s probably getting all done up.” Randy said simply.


“No amount of clothing or makeup will cover up Stan’s ugly.” Shelly stated, taking a sip of her coffee. She was dressed in baggy jeans and a t-shirt, she loved being an Alpha, honestly, and the only thing that made it better, was that her annoying little brother was an Omega.


“SHELLY! Don’t be mean to Stan!” Randy snapped. “Both of my children are attractive, I mean, after all, look at me! I’m a handsome devil! And your mother she’s good looking too!” He said, causing Sharon to sigh as she flipped the pancakes.


The sound of footsteps coming down the wooden stairs could be heard, and soon enough, Stan Marsh was downstairs, going up to the breakfast table.


“I’m here.” The brunette said, before smiling. “Smells really good Mom.” He added, before raising an eyebrow when he saw his family all staring at him. “What...? Do I have something on my face?” He asked, reaching up to touch his cheek.


Randy blinked a bit before he broke into a wide smile. “Aww! You are just the cutest thing! Look at my little Princess!” He said.


Sharon was smiling too. “You look nice Stanley, your first time wearing your new clothes, I like the outfit.” She said, causing Shelly to roll her eyes.


“Yeah Stan, nice outfit, shows off how fat your ass is.” Shelly snickered, laughing even harder when she noticed the brunette blush and quickly put her hands to his backside as if to check.


“SHELLY!” Randy snapped again. “Don’t make fun of your adorable little brother!”


Stan sighed; his family was so fucking weird. If this was how they were going to react to him dressed like a true Omega, how was Kyle going to act? Yeah, he had worn the frilly dress to the red head’s party, but, maybe they saw that as a special occasion, this…this was now his life. He had decided for something simple, a coral pleated plaid skirt that ended a bit above his knee, and a coral long sleeved top to go with it. He had put on the cosmetics as instructed, and, put a matching headband intertwined in his dark locks. On his feet, he went with some wedges, having found they were much easier to walk in then the heels he had worn the other night.


“So, what’s the plan for today? Only a few more days before you go back to school.” Randy said, before digging out his wallet. “You want some money Pumpkin? Money for…Omega things? You can have all the money you want as long as you promise Daddy you will stay away from horny little Alpha pervs.” He added, throwing some bills as the brunette.


“Whoa! He gets money just for not being a slut!? What the fuck Dad!” Shelly snapped, glaring at Stan who shamelessly snatched up the bills and stuffed them into his bag.


“I’m too young and handsome to be a grandfather Shelly! I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure Stan doesn’t get a bun in the oven! I must protect my son’s virginity!” Randy said dramatically.


“Dad, I’m not going to get pregnant.” Stan said dryly. “Though, I’ll gladly accept any money you want to give me.” He added with a smile. “I was actually going to go to the mall with Wendy today, so, this will help wonderfully.” He said, lying through his teeth. Of course he was going to go see Kyle, but, after his father ranting about being the protector of his virginity, he figured it would be a safer bet to say he was going out with his ex-girlfriend, turned best friend, who also happened to be an Omega.


“That sounds like fun, Sweetie.” Sharon said. “You go and have fun; I know you’ve been worried about going back to school. Just make sure you’re home for dinner, okay?”


“Yeah, no problem.” Stan said with a smile, feeling Shelly still glaring at him. He had to flash her a shit eating smirk, she was just so pissed he was seen as a little sweetheart.


“Yeah, have fun Princess, just do what I said, and stay away from horny little assholes.” Randy said, before looking up at the paper and over to Sharon. “Hey Sharon, think they still sell chastity belts?”




Stan enjoyed the walk to Stark’s Pond, it was a nice day, he was going to meet with Kyle, and things were looking good. He was starting to feel some normalcy for the first time since presenting. It did feel good. He just had to remember to keep himself in check around Kyle. They had really gotten close to doing something the other night, and, nether had any kind of protection on them. They were both focusing on primal urges, especially Kyle. He knew it was harder for the Alpha to control them then it was for him, but, the consequences for him were much more severe then what Kyle would face.


He was looking down at his phone, texting Kyle he was nearly at the pond, he could already hear the birds chirping and ducks splashing in the pond waters. He was a little nervous, but, he had to just keep reminding himself that it was Kyle; it was Kyle, his Super Best Friend! Who cares if now he made his heart flutter and made him coo like a lovesick idiot. They were still friends…Super Best Friends!


He was about to send another text when he was quickly distracted from that by a loud wolf whistle.


“Hey Marsh! Looking good! I heard you presented as an Omega bitch! Have you and Kahl started fucking yet? How soon till your popping out kids for the Jew?” A familiar voice said with a laugh.


Stan frowned as he turned to look at Eric Cartman. Eric had presented as an Alpha, he was actually the first in their class to present, and, that had given his narcissistic ego a bigger boost then it needed. He strutted around like he was God’s gift to every Omega and Beta that crossed his path. Of course, he still had some weight on him, and Stan would never consider him handsome, but, there was no ignoring the fact he was a dangerous and dominant Alpha.


“Fuck off Cartman.” Stan said simply, picking up his pace a bit so he could get to the pond and to Kyle.


“Hey, don’t talk to me like that Bitch.” Cartman snapped, moving to pick up his own speed. “I’m honestly surprised you became an Omega, thought you would get the joy of being an Alpha and Jew boy would be the bitch, but, hey, crazier things have happened right?” He said with a nasty laugh. “But, you’re hot, you turned into a cute little Omega, I love the ass in the skirt, by the way.”


Stan decided to just keep walking and ignore him. Cartman had always been a pain in the ass, usually, if you just ignored him and walked away, he would get bored, besides, the pond was within view.


Cartman frowned when he realized he was being ignored. He started to run a bit and managed to wrap a large hand around the brunette’s slender wrist. “Who the fuck do you think you’re ignoring?” He asked, forcing the brunette to look at him. “An Alpha is talking to you Marsh.”


Stan hated that he was almost afraid of Cartman, the snarling he was making, the scent he was giving off, but, he tried to play cool. He just needed to get out of his grip. “I don’t give a shit what you are, Dude, you’re still annoying as fuck.” He said.


The Alpha frowned more at that. “Yeah, well, you’re dressed like a skank and giving off a scent of wanting to be fucked. You want me to pop your cherry, Stan? I bet that would really piss off Kahl.” He said, before smirking a bit. “You’re cute, I would totally mate with you, bet you would look really cute barefoot and pregnant.” He added.


“Get the fuck off of me, you asshole!” Stan snapped, moving to swat at the larger teen.


“Aww, don’t be like that, why don’t you give me a kiss first?” Cartman asked, smirking as he tried to pull the smaller brunette close. “You got those good cock sucking lips now, bet they feel great.” He added with a laugh.


Before anything could happen, Stan found himself being ripped away from Eric’s grip.


“The fuck do you think you’re doing, Fatass!?” Kyle snarled.  He now had some height on Cartman. Yes, Eric was about s6 feet, but he was around 6”3” and that gave him a good advantage on the idiot. “You get your hands off of him before I rip them off!” He added, managing to separate Stan from Cartman.


“Well, look who it is, the Alpha Jew! Here to protect your slut’s honor?” Cartman asked. “You should tell him to stop prancing around in short little skirts and smelling like he wants to get fucked.” He said.


“I rather kick your ass for even thinking about putting your hands on him.” Kyle snapped, quickly pushing Cartman. He had always hated the other teen, but now, his aggressive side overpowered his sensible side. Now, all he wanted was to kick this fucker’s ass!


“You want throw down, Ginger? I’d like to see you try. You think you could beat me? I was the first in our class to present as an Alpha; I’ll kick your ass, and then fuck your bitch right in front of you.” Eric threatened.

Stan moved to grab Kyle’s shirt. “Ky, please, let’s just go hang at the park. Fuck Cartman, he’s just being an idiot…” He said, hoping he could calm the Alpha down.


“No Stan, I’m not going to let this piece of shit lay his hands on you! He’s been asking for this for a long time, it’s about time he gets what he’s been asking for.” Kyle growled, cracking his knuckles as he started to take a swing at Cartman. He was tall and muscular now; he was going to fuck his nemesis up.


Cartman might have been an Alpha, but, he was still big and slow. He wasn’t able to dodge the punch to the face the red head had aimed at him. He stumbled backwards, holding onto his nose that was now bleeding. “Fuck! Fucking…Jew!” He cried out.


Kyle wasn’t done with that, he then aimed another punch to Eric’s large stomach, ignoring Stan’s pleas for him to stop. When he saw that had thrown the other Alpha to the ground, he started wailing on him, wailing on him so much that it took Stan pulling him off of Cartman to stop him.


“He’s had enough!” Stan cried out.


Kyle took in a deep breath as he looked down at the now bruised Cartman. The poor fool hadn’t even gotten one punch on him. “Don’t…ever…touch Stan…again… Got it, Fatass?” He managed to say, standing up and moving to turn to look at Stan.


“Are you okay?”  The red head asked.


“Y-Yeah…I’m fine…” Stan said. “You really fucked him up.”


“He deserved it.” Kyle said, moving to take the brunette’s hand. “C’mon, let’s go to the pond, I want to be alone with you, get that asshole’s scent off of you.”

Chapter Text

Kyle smiled as he looked over at the beautiful brunette next to him. They were sitting at one of the old picnic tables at Stark Pond, the one they had carved their initials in when they were younger. He couldn’t get over how gorgeous Stan was, really, he had always found him beautiful. Even back before they presented, when his Super Best Friend was a muscular football playing jock, he thought he was gorgeous. These feelings he had for Stan were not new now they were just way more intense. He wanted to own every part of the Omega, he wanted to point to Stan and tell the world he was his, he was claimed, no one else could ever have him. He wasn’t sure if Stan realized he had always had these feelings for him, the brunette was notorious for being oblivious to what was going on around him. Stan was a go with the flow kind of guy, and, all their lives he had to point shit out to him. He had a feeling he was going to have to do it again.


“It’s nice out here.” Stan decided to say, breaking the silence. “Are your hands hurting after you beat the shit out of Cartman? You didn’t hurt yourself, did you?” He asked in a concerned tone.


“Nah, Cartman is still a fatass, it was like punching play-dough.” Kyle said with a laugh, glancing over at the brunette. “I should be asking are you okay? That fucker didn’t do anything to you, did he? Like, he didn’t touch you? If he did, I swear to God Stan I’ll hunt him down and kick his ass again.” He threatened.


Stan laughed a little and shook his head. “No, he just grabbed by wrist and tried to flirt with me, if anything, he just made me wanna puke. Dude, the most disgusting thing in the world is having Eric Cartman telling you how sexy you are.” He said, before bursting into a fit of laughter. “Makes me wish I still had that stomach thing I had when I was younger, coulda just barfed all over him.”


Kyle had to laugh at that, he remembered how poor Stan would get so nervous and puke on his then girlfriend Wendy when they were younger. Thankfully, that seemed to be something the brunette had grown out of. “Yeah, that really would have fucked him up. You need to learn how to projectile vomit.”


“Gross!” Stan said, before shaking his head a bit when he looked out and saw the pond. “Remember when we had my eleventh birthday party here? My dad and my Uncle Jimbo got so fucking trashed they fell into the pond and almost drowned.” He said, laughing a little. “My mom was so pissed! She almost threw his ass out for good that night.”


“Your mom and dad are a natural wonder, I still can’t figure out how they’re still together.” Kyle said with a laugh.


“I think they just really love each other, even though my Dad does stupid shit all the time, he’s a good guy, he loves us, he loves my mom, even with all their imperfections, they love each other.” Stan said, smiling a little.


“Yeah, I guess that is true, they always seem to makeup, and, they have been doing better over the years.” Kyle mused, before hesitantly moving to put his larger hand on top of Stan’s. “So, your Dad….does he have any idea who he wants you to…you know…get arranged to?” He asked, trying to make it sound casual, but knowing he was failing miserably. Stan had to know he was interested in him. They had made out in his room, Stan had sucked him off!


The Omega blushed a little and shook his head. “Not really, he’s wanted me to try and get use to everything before he started looking. He also knows that I’m not going to just let him choose for me, I may be an Omega, but, I’m still a person with my own thoughts and feelings.” He pointed out, looking down at the hand on top of his.


“Kyle…” He said, feeling the red head lean in a little so he was closer to him.


“Maybe…you might be interested in me.” Kyle said, giving the hand a squeeze. “I’ll throw my hat in the ring, I want to be with you, and, your parents won’t find anyone better than me. I know how to take care of you, know what you want, hell; we’ve been best friends since we were five.”


Stan bit his lower lip, feeling some gloss come off. “Ky… I…feel the same way but, this is all happening so fast… I mean…I just got home…” He said, feeling a hand grip his chin and make him look at the Alpha.


“I know its moving fast, but, we’re meant to be together Stan, we’ve always been meant to be together, you can’t sit there and deny it.” Kyle said with conviction on his tone. “Baby…you know it.”


Stan didn’t exactly know what to do at that moment. Kyle was right, he did want this, and, he liked when they were alone together, but, he had just presented! He couldn’t let things go so fast! Sure they had been Super Best Friends since kindergarten, but, this was different, this was sex, mating, families, children, giving yourself over to someone completely. He took in a deep breath and looked at the red head.


“Kyle, I…I think we need to at least date before we do anything.” He said, noticing that Kyle didn’t look too happy about that, but, was keeping his cool, or, at least trying too. “Please? We can totally do the whole schmaltzy as hell dating thing for a bit, go to movies, go to dinner, take long walks, it would be…you know…romantic…” The brunette said with a blush. He knew that had to have sounded stupid. Here he was blathering on about innocent romance when just last night he had willingly given the Alpha head.


Kyle sighed a bit. He felt bad for pushing sex so badly on Stan, but, the Omega had no idea how bad the urge for him was! Every time he looked at Stan he just thought about fucking him, and, the last thing he wanted to do was take advantage of the brunette. He knew Stan had been taught about Alphas when they went out of control, the attacks, and then, the justice the Omegas never saw. He couldn’t do that to the brunette. “So…no sex?” He asked, wincing a bit. God, he felt pathetic, like he was fucking bartering! “What about oral? Will you at least give me oral?”


Stan sighed a bit. “God, you make it sound like the only reason you want me is for sex, Kyle.” He said sounding a bit offended.


Kyle frowned a bit at that himself. “Dude, no, it’s just…you don’t understand okay? It’s fucking hard. I want you so badly, and then, you look so cute and just sit there and deny me, it sucks. I don’t want to do anything stupid. It’s just…hormones and shit…” He said, trying to explain what he was going through.


“And understand what I’m going through, Kyle. If we have sex and something doesn’t work, I’m pregnant… That’s my burden I’ll have to carry, and, my parents will be so fucking pissed at me. I’m just asking for some time, I need to get use to…all of this.” He said, gesturing to his feminine figure. 


The red head just groaned a bit. “I….understand…” He said, looking at the brunette. “Can we just…agree we want to be together? When you feel the time is right, you’ll mate with me? Tell your Dad you want to be with me?” He asked, moving to grab Stan’s hand. “And maybe…you know…make me feel good still. I can’t go back to just using my hand after you sucked me off yesterday, you were amazing.”


The brunette wanted to roll his eyes. How was it even the smartest Alphas sounded like total morons when it came to sex? Was that all they fucking thought about!? “If you don’t piss me off, maybe.” He said, crossing his arms over his chest.


“Don’t make it sound like you didn’t like it, you were moaning like crazy when you were doing that for me.” Kyle pointed out. “Ahhh Kyle, you’re so big!” He cried out, trying to do a good Stan impression. With that, he found a pair of hands pushing him off the picnic table. “Ow! C’mon, it was a joke!”


“Not a funny one.” Stan said dryly. “For someone begging for sex, you’re really making it so I don’t have to give it to you.” He stated.


“Okay, okay, I’m sorry.” Kyle said, managing to get back up and climb back onto the picnic table. “Forgive me? I’ll never do it again…even though it was a completely historically accurate impression of the events of last night.” He said. “I just am all paranoid because we’re going back to school on Monday. I don’t want any other Alpha getting ideas, you know? So, I just wanted to see if we can call each other a couple.”


“We can tell people we are dating; I mean…it’s kinda true.” Stan said, before smiling a little. “I mean, I know I like you, and, I know I want to be with you, I just need some time to get use to everything, and, maybe I want some romance before I just spread my legs for you.”


“If that’s what you want, that’s what you’ll get.” Kyle said. “Just promise me, I’m the only Alpha for you. Because, you know you’re the only Omega for me, Baby.”


“I promise.” Stan said, wondering how much more possessive Kyle was going to get once they were back in school. God, who knew one of the hardest things about being an Omega was dealing with horny fucking Alphas!


Chapter Text

Getting ready to go back to school after everyone had presented was a bit nerve wracking for Stan Marsh, but, he was trying to keep his cool. He had told Kyle he could tell people they were in a relationship, that they were together, and, Kyle had apparently ran with that. The red head had forced him to get Facebook before they presented and it seemed the Alpha was using it. He had gotten a notification that Kyle Broflovski had changed his relationship status dating Stan Marsh. He sighed a bit at that, first off was kinda adorable he was so fast to change that, second off, what if his parents saw this! They were still under the impression that he was single, that he was still on the market for a good Alpha to take him away.


But, that didn’t seem to keep the smile off of his face, God, he was such a dork, such a cute, handsome, hunky dork that was all his. He hated social media, but, he decided to just hit a like to the post.  He noticed it was already gaining some following, a lot of their friends commenting on it.


Wendy Testaburger: Well, look who finally decided to tell everyone they’re dating ;) Congrats you two!


Kenny McCormick: Hell yeah! Get that fine Marsh ass, Kyle! I fucking hate you that you got a chance at him before I did!


Eric Cartman: Oh wow, everyone already fucking knew you two were giving it to each other. Hope you enjoy Jewboy’s circumcised dick, Marsh.


Stan rolled his eyes a bit at the last comment and moved to put his phone in his bag. He had to get to school. Kyle was picking him up, something that wasn’t exactly strange, since, they were Super Best Friends, his parents wouldn’t suspect anything else, well, at least he hoped so…


Looking in his vanity mirror one more time, he smiled at his reflection; he was starting to get more use to the person looking back at him, more use to the feminine figure, the Omega way of thinking. It was nice to start feeling comfortable, but, he still had growing to do, he just hoped Kyle understood that. The red head seemed like he wanted to move a lot faster than Stan was ready for.


He grabbed his things and started heading down the stairs. Like society deemed he was wearing feminine clothing, a black and white plaid dress with a black long sleeve turtle neck under it. He did have his face done up and some black flats on his feet. Sometimes he missed his old baggy pants and band shirts, but, he was starting to warm up to the Omega clothing.


“Have a good day at school, Princess! Remember to stay virginal!” Randy cried out as he watched his son make his way out of the door.


Stan rolled his eyes. “Don’t worry Dad, you’ll be the first one to know when I have sex, I promise!” He said, hearing Randy spit his coffee out as he walked out of the house and towards Kyle waiting in his mother’s car.  He quickly made a move to get into the passenger’s seat, putting his bag at his feet and buckling himself in.


Kyle smiled as he looked over at the pretty brunette. “Hey, you look cute today.” He said, leaning in to press a tender kiss to the Omega’s lips.  


“It still sounds weird as fuck that you’re calling me cute.” Stan admitted, laughing a little as the red head started up the car. “Thanks for picking me up though; I really didn’t want to have to catch the bus.” He said, letting out a small sigh as he looked out the window.


“Well, get use to it, because, I’m gonna call you cute and whatever sentimental shit pops into my head.” Kyle said, moving to put a hand on the brunette’s thigh, his other hand on the wheel. “You’re really beautiful Stan, I hope you will realize that one day. I have a feeling I’m going to have to beat the shit out of every Alpha that sees you at school. That’s why I wanted to mark you, then at least they would smell my scent and stay the fuck away.”


“I know, but, that has to wait, you’ll just have to brush up on your fighting skills for the moment. Don’t act like you’re not down to fight, even before you presented as an Alpha you were always throwing down.”  The brunette pointed out. “Don’t even get me started with how many times you tried to fuck up Cartman.”


“Everyone I ever fought deserved it.” Kyle said, pulling up to South Park and parking the car. “Especially fucking Cartman, I’ll kick his ass over and over and over again.” He added, getting out of the car and running over to the passenger side, opening the door for Stan before the Omega got the chance to do it for himself.


“Such a gentleman.” Stan teased, taking the red head’s hand.


“Only for you, Baby.” The red head said back, leaning in to try and steal another tender kiss. Well, that had been the plan, until he heard a voice coming up behind them.


“Well fuck! Stan you look fine as hell!” Kenny McCormick said with a wide grin. He went over and slapped Kyle on the back, ignoring the glare he was getting from the other Alpha for interrupting his tender moment with the beautiful Omega. “Long time no see, Stanley, I see you presented, and turned into a goddamn fox.” He said, letting out a wolf whistle as he checked out his friend. “So, you really wanna get with Kyle? You sure you don’t wanna play the field first? I could show you all kinds of fun.” He purred, waggling his eyebrows.


Stan rolled his eyes when he heard Kyle practically growling behind him. God, the Alpha had become so fucking possessive of him! “No thanks, Dude, I know you like to get around, I don’t feel like getting any sores on my junk.” He said in a teasing manner. “Besides, Kyle sounds like he wants to beat the crap out of you for just asking.”


“Well, Kyle has always been overprotective of you Stan, now that you’re a cute little Omega, just gives him more of an excuse to be a dick about it.” The blond said, leaning over to try and wrap an arm around Stan’s waist, only to have it slapped away by Kyle.


“Hey, you can look, but don’t even think about touching, Dude.” Kyle warned, quickly grabbing Stan’s hand and pulling him to his chest.


“Oh c’mon Ky, he’s just fucking around.” Stan said, smiling as he smelled that familiar scent that was Kyle. He didn’t know if it was his cologne, or, just the scent he gave off as an Alpha, regardless, he loved it. He closed his eyes and just let out a coo, letting everyone know he was content where he was.


Kyle was about to snap back at Kenny, but, when Stan was resting his head on his chest, letting out soft little noises, he forgot all about McCormick and wrapped his arms around the brunette, holding him tight. “Well…I guess Kenny can get a pass…this one time.” He said, looking over at the other Alpha. “He’s gotta get his own hot Omega.”


Kenny laughed a bit. “Hey, don’t you worry about me, Stan is a damn fox, but, I have my eye on someone.” He said, giving the pair a wink.


“Oh, who would that be?” Stan asked, looking rather intrigued. “I thought you were the fuck everyone and never settle down type, has presenting made you all soft?” He asked, laughing a bit.


“Hey, I get to have my secrets.” Kenny said. “If this particular Omega is interested, I’ll let you know, don’t you worry your pretty little head, Stanley.” He said. “I still can’t get over the fact you presented as an Omega. Me, Kyle, hell even fucking Fatass all came out as Alphas, but you, the football player was the one who turned into the babe.”


“Hey, how do you think I feel? I was pretty fucking surprised.” Stan said, letting out a sigh. “My dad has been taking it a lot better than I thought he would, but now, he’s like, overprotective super dad and it’s freaking me out.” He said, hearing the bell start to ring. “Shit, we gotta get to class.”


Kyle nodded. “Yeah, I got to get across campus for AP Calc.” He said, looking down at Stan. “Will you be okay getting to by yourself?”


The brunette laughed. “I think I’ll manage, I’ve done it before.” He said, leaning in to press a chaste kiss to the red head’s lips. “Go get to class, both of you, don’t want you getting detention.” He teased; grabbing his bag and running off towards the history class he was suppose to be in.


So far, things had been pretty normal. It was like just another day of school, sure, everyone looked different, everyone had presented, but, besides Kyle being super overprotective and Kenny being hornier than usual, things seemed pretty chill.


As he was walking, he couldn’t help but hear some wolf whistles and some comments being thrown towards him. He frowned a bit, trying to just ignore it. He looked over and saw Clyde and some other Alphas looking at him like hungry wolves. He use to be on the football team with all of them, and now, they looked like they wanted to jump him and fuck him.


“Marsh, lookin’ fine!” Clyde called out. “Your ass sure as fuck filled out when you presented!” He added, getting a high five from one of the other football players. “You should join the cheerleading squad; put that ass to good use!”


Stan frowned at that. He had never been catcalled before; he had never been talked to like that before. He wanted to retort and snap at Clyde, call him a dick, but, before he could the group was making their way to their own classes. Was this how it was going to be now? He remembered ogling students he thought were cute and making crude comments to other guys about their bodies, it looked like the tables had been flipped on him.

Chapter Text

Stan wasn’t exactly looking forward to his first class; it was an Omega life facts class, standard for all Omegas in the Senior class. Apparently, Omegas needed to bond with each other, find a community amongst each other since they were so often targets for the rest of their society. It was stupid, he rather be doing anything else, hell, he’d even rather be in math class, at least then he would be learning something, not feel so separated from everyone else. Honestly, he didn’t really know who the other Omegas were even going to be. When he was at the Center, he mostly kept to himself, just in a constant state of emotional or physical pain. He had some guesses as to who he would see, but, it would be interesting. All his friends had presented as Alphas, Kyle, Kenny, even Wendy! But, what could he do? Everything had already been set in motion. Hell he already had an Alpha boyfriend…


He opened the classroom door and was quickly met with the smell of perfume and pheromones. He coughed a little and quickly decided to do a quick look over of who his fellow Omegas were.


Hmmm, some of them were pretty obvious, starting with Butters, of fucking course Butters would be an Omega, and, a cute one. He was all dressed up in pink, looking more like a doll than anything else. Big blue eyes and blond hair with a pink bow tangled in them. He looked so innocent and sweet; he could already see him being a huge target for creeps like Cartman. Unlike Kyle who had always been annoyed by the blond, he thought he was a good guy; he didn’t want to see anything bad happen to him. Hopefully a nice Alpha would get to him, and get to him fast!


His eyes than scanned over to Bebe, dressed in a scantily clad manner, her rather ample bosom on display. Her long blond hair was softly curled and hanging down and, her plump lips were painted red. He wondered if she was screwing around with Clyde, God, she could do better, anyone could do better. Sure, Clyde was cute, but, he was a total egotistical moron.


A few more glances before he took a seat. Everyone else was either someone he didn’t know that well or he wasn’t entirely concerned about, well, until he spotted a familiar brunette. He wanted to openly gape when he saw Craig Fucking Tucker sitting in this class, looking all feminine and pissed off. God, this was sweet! Maybe he could deal with everything just knowing his childhood rival was being screwed over too! He was sure Tweek would end up being the Omega, but, look at that, Craig was the one who would be getting it up the ass! He smirked a bit, taking in his appearance. Craig was apparently going for the sexy look, dressed in a short black dress that hugged his new curves, and his lips painted a dark red.


Well, it looked like he was in for a treat. He sighed as he moved to take a seat in between Butters and Craig, seeing as it was the only one free, besides, he had some taunting to do.

“Hey Craig, surprised to see you in here.” Stan said, looking over at the other brunette who just shot a nasty glare at him, grey eyes narrowing.


“Marsh, can’t say I’m surprised to see you here, figured all your posturing before this was all just a show.” Craig said, running nails through his hair. “You are moving fast, I heard you’re already spreading your legs for an Alpha, Kyle of all people, not that that is fucking surprising or anything you’ve always been a total slut for him.”


“I haven’t done anything with him yet.” Stan said, before smirking a little. “But, what about you and Tweek? You still together or has he figured out literally anyone else in the world would be better? I heard he’s an Alpha, are you getting it up the ass from him yet?”


Craig frowned and flipped him off. “Fuck off Skank, don’t even try to come for me when your ass literally doubled in size while you were at the Center. I’m surprised you found something that would fit over it.” He said, his frown turning into a smirk. “Maybe lay off the chocolates a bit, just a bit of advice for you.” He cooed in an overly sweet tone.


Before Stan could say anything a soft voice interrupted the tongue lashing he and Craig were exchanging.


“Aww, c’mon you two, we shouldn’t be fighting, this is a class for us to all become friends and build a community and stuff.” Butters interjected with a sweet smile. “I’m so jealous you both already have Alphas, I wish I had one.” He said with a small pout.


“Oh my God, shut up Butters, no one fucking cares.” Craig snapped. “This class is just a chance to get those mouth breathing Alphas a break from our pheromones and shit. Also, being desperate is not going to get you an Alpha, at least not a good one.” He added.


“Fuck off Tucker, Butters is just trying to be nice.” Stan said, coming to the blond’s defense. He looked over at the other Omega and flashed him a small smile.


“Don’t listen to Craig, Butters, he’s just pissy because Tweek is the one calling the shots now.” He said, still finding that rather hilarious. Wouldn’t it just be the funniest fucking thing if Craig got himself knocked up?


“Well thanks Stan, that’s really nice of you, but, it’s okay, Craig is just trying to get use to all of this like we all are.” Butters said, before looking around. “Hey…um…can I ask you a question?” He decided to ask.


“Sure, what’s up?” The brunette asked, raising an eyebrow and ignoring the glares he was still getting from Craig.


“So…you’re still friends with…Kenny…right?” Butters asked, blushing a little as he bit his lower lip.


“Yeah, of course I am.” Stan said, noticing the blush on the blond’s cheeks. Butters was easy to read, he wore his heart on his sleeve, and, it looked like he had gotten a crush on one Kenneth McCormick.


“I figured…you guys have been friends forever…” Butters said, before clearing his throat. “So…um…do you know if maybe…he is…dating anyone right now? I just…am curious…he’s  really cute and we’ve been talking a little…”


Stan couldn’t help but smile a bit, so, this was who Kenny was talking about. Kenny and Butters, it was weird, but, it could work, at least Kenny was a good guy and would take care of Butters. “Not to my knowledge, he mentioned he had his eye on someone though.” He said, before resting his cheek on his hand. “Some blond,” He added, hoping Butters would realize he meant him.


“Oh…really?” Butters said, smiling a little to himself. “Okay…good to know…” He said, before grabbing a folded piece of paper. “Would you do me a favor and give this to him? I don’t have his cell number and my parents check my phone every night so… even if I did…I can’t really text him.”


“Sure, I’ll give it to him.” Stan said, feeling bad for the blond Omega. His parents were so overbearing he was surprised they hadn’t locked Butters away as soon as he presented as an Omega. He hoped they weren’t going to be selling him to the highest bidder. He shuddered a bit at that, sure, his dad was a moron, but, he wasn’t cruel, he would never do that.


“Thanks! I really appreciate it, Stan.” Butters said with a smile. “Also, congrats to you and Kyle, I think that is so sweet, you’ve been best friends forever and now, you’re dating! It’s so cute.” He cooed. “He’s gotten pretty handsome too, so, you’re both really lucky.”


“Yeah…it’s cool…it’s just kinda weird still… I mean, we’ve been best friends since we were five and now we’re kissing and holding hands… I like it, but, it just is still taking some getting use to.” Stan admitted, not wanting to go into detail with Butters about how Kyle was moving a little too fast for his tastes. He knew Kyle wanted to mate, to bond, that he felt like they were soul mates, and, maybe they were, but, he just needed the red head to see he couldn’t just jump into this blind.


“Yeah, I guess I can understand that. I think Kyle just loves you so much he already knows what he wants.” Butters said, before smiling a little. “I’m really jealous, I hope I can have an Alpha that cares about me that much.”


“I’m sure you will Butters, I think you will really soon.” Stan said, waving the folded note the blond had given him.


As soon as the teacher came in and started speaking about how Omegas differed from everyone else, Stan automatically tuned out. He already knew this bullshit, and, he had bigger things on his mind. He was going to be going into Heat soon, and, when that happened, how was he sure he would be able to not find some way for Kyle to be with him? He knew his parents would lock the doors and keep him in his room, but, it wasn’t like Kyle didn’t know how to sneak in. If they had sex while he was in Heat that was it; they would be bonded, bonded forever, at such a young age. He sighed, things were complicated, but, at least being in this stupid class, he knew he wasn’t entirely alone in that.


Chapter Text

Kyle had learned something when he became an Alpha; the key to it was posturing. You had to puff out your chest, be the big Alpha, brag about you Omega, and destroy any other competition. Though he had been a bit more reserved before he presented, he had always had a sense of wanting to be the best, and his transformation had just added to that.


He was currently in PE with his Alpha classmates, and, everyone had just finished warming up and chatting about various things. The topic that always seemed to come up whenever they all got together was Omegas. Everyone wanted to talk about fucking and finding a hot mate to get with. Of course the news everyone wanted to talk about today was Kyle’s Omega.


“So, Broflovski, true you and Marsh are together?” Clyde asked, grinning a bit. “Fucking lucky Dude, he’s fine as fuck.” He said. “I personally wanna play the field a bit more, you know, fuck around, get my dick wet. You were too fucking eager to just settle down so fast.” He pointed out, flexing his large biceps as he finished up his stretches.


Kyle rolled his eyes, Clyde had always been a womanizer, but, now that he was an Alpha, it was even worse. He still wanted to punch the jock in the face for hitting on Stan at his party. Donovan thought he was hot shit, but, he would get his ass beat to hell if he even tried something with his Omega.


“I’m just a man who knows what he wants, is that so wrong?” Kyle said, looking over at Clyde. “Besides, didn’t want to wait too long, don’t want all the good Omegas being taken.” He said, before a rather confident smirk on his lips. “I think I got me a good one, and now, no one else can have him but me.” He said, before crossing his arms over his chest. “And, if anyone tries, they are not going to like seeing me pissed.”


Clyde laughed and held his hands up. “Whoa, someone is all wound up tight, you all pissy because I hit on him at your party? Bro, I had no idea you were sweet on him. Well…I kinda did…I mean you guys were always hanging out before we all even presented.” He said, moving to run fingers through his thick chestnut locks.


“Well now you know, so, you can keep away.” Kyle said simply, watching as Kenny ran up to them.


“Dude, Kyle, chill a little.” Kenny said. “No need to throw down with Clyde over Stan we all know you’re with him. God, you’re so fucking possessive.” He said, sounding a bit amused.


Kyle didn’t seem to be in the joking mood. When it came to Stan, he didn’t like the idea of anyone coming onto him, saying anything he could take apart as someone challenging him for the pretty brunette. He looked over at Kenny with a dry expression. “How would you like it if you heard other Alphas talking about Butters?” He said, causing Kenny to narrow his eyes a bit.


“C’mon, low blow.” Kenny said, frowning a little. “Kyle, you seriously need to calm the fuck down. I know you love Stan, we all know you do, but, you are being fucking paranoid about other Alphas trying to take him away. Dude, you’re gonna get yourself so worked up you’re gonna go into a Rut.” He said, causing Kyle to huff a bit.


“Listen Kenny, you’re my friend, your Stan’s friend, but really, this isn’t any of your business. Let me deal with things the way I see fit.” Kyle said, glancing over at Clyde who had ran out onto the field.


“Fine Kyle, you do you, be as fucking crazy as you want to be. You know, other Alphas in our class have Omegas, you don’t see them acting like this. Tweek isn’t freaking out any time someone talks to Craig.” Kenny said, letting out a sigh. He was starting to worry about Kyle and Stan. He knew they loved each other, but, it seemed like Kyle’s possessive nature was getting out of control and he feared that they were going to end up doing something stupid that would leave Stan pregnant. Never in his life did he think he would be the one out of their group to be the responsible one.


“No one gives a shit about Craig except Tweek, but it seems like every fucking Alpha around wants to get with Stan’s ass. I had to deal with fucking Clyde and just the other day Cartman came onto him. I feel like I constantly have to be on my guard. I told Stan I wanted to bond with him so we wouldn’t have to worry about that.” Kyle said simply.


Now that surprised Kenny. He felt his blue eyes go wide at that. “Dude, what the fuck! You can’t bond with Stan! He just presented…you just presented! Randy would fucking kill you…and then your mom would bring you back to life and kill you again!”


“I just know what I want Kenny, that’s all I’m saying. We haven’t done anything yet…  Just…you know…kissing and shit…” Kyle said, stretching his arms out a little.


“Well, does Stan want to bond? Have you even asked him?” Kenny decided to ask, causing the red head to shoot him a glare.


“I told you, this is none of your business, Kenny.” Kyle said, holding up a hand to basically end the conversation. “I should be asking you when the hell you’re going to get with Butters. I’ve seen other Alphas sniffing around him.” He said, crossing his arms over his broad chest.


Kenny sighed, deciding to just leave the Stan situation alone for the moment. “It’s complicated Dude, Butters parents are fucking nuts! They don’t even fucking let him go outside without them knowing exactly where he is. They want to sell him off to the highest bidder at this point, it’s fucking disgusting.” He said, moving to sit down on the bleachers. “Even if I did tell them I was interested, no way in hell they would go for it, I can’t give them anything…”


Kyle did feel bad for his friend. He knew Kenny really liked Butters, and, from what Kenny had told him, Butters felt the same way about him. The Stotchs were notorious for being the strictest parents in South Park. Butters was so sheltered he didn’t even know most pop culture references and was so innocent he could easily be made a victim of. He needed a good Alpha like Kenny, but, he feared that some piece of shit like Cartman might get to him first.


“Kenny, I’m sorry, that’s rough Dude.” Kyle said, starting to calm down a little. “If there is anything Stan or I can help…you know we will. We don’t want to see Butters being forced with some piece of shit Alpha.” He assured, running fingers through his beard. “Stan’s parents aren’t like Butters but…I still worry that he’ll fall into the wrong hands… That’s why I’ve been so fucking crazy about all of this.” He decided to admit. “I love him so much… I don’t think I would be able to stand seeing him with anyone else.”


“I get you man, I get you.” Kenny said, letting out a small sigh. “Why did things have to get so fucking complicated?” He asked, wishing he had a cigarette he could smoke at this moment. “Makes you wish we were all fucking Betas so we could actually have a normal life…” He added, watching as Tweek ran by. He was always so impressed with Tweek’s transformation. The once jittering blond had gotten tall and muscular when he presented as an Alpha, and, he had even managed to quit the coffee.


“Or you know, be as lucky as Tweek and Craig are. They’ve been together forever and their parents are totally cool with them being together. I heard Tweek talking to Token about how he was going to fucking propose to Craig… Dude they’re gonna get married and shit right when we graduate high school, they got it all figured out already. I’m just jealous I guess…” He said, sticking his hands in his pockets.


Kyle nodded his head. “I guess I’m pretty jealous too. Stan’s parents are cool, but, maybe they want someone else for him… I just don’t know, Stan hasn’t even told them we’re dating yet.” He said, watching as Tweek stopped and pulled his phone out of his pocket, looking down at it and smiling. He had a feeling he had gotten a text from Craig.


Tweek looked up from his phone and looked over to where Kyle and Kenny were sitting. He smiled and waved, making his way over. “Hey guys, what’s up?” He said, moving to take a seat next to Kyle.


“Hey Tweek, how’s it going?” Kyle asked.


“It’s going pretty good. I took Craig out last night and we saw that new horror movie, it was really good.” Tweek said with a smile, before Kenny interrupted.


“Tweek, is it true you’re gonna ask Craig to marry you?” Kenny decided to ask.


Tweek went a little red and rubbed the back of his head. “Shit…I told Token not to tell anyone.” He said with a sigh. He shrugged a little. “Yeah…I was planning on it, I even bought the ring. I just want it to be a surprise so keep your mouths shut.” He said, before smiling a little. “I mean, I love Craig, I have for years, plus, Craig has been hinting that he wants to get married.” He said with a laugh. “He really wants to settle down and start having kids.”


Kyle’s eyes went wide at that. “Whoa, hold on a sec, Craig Fucking Tucker wants to have kids? What the fuck!?” He said, not believing what he was hearing.


“Oh yeah, Craig really wants kids. He always loved helping his mom take care of Tricia and he just has a nurturing nature to him. I mean, look at all the guinea pigs he’s had.” Tweek said, before wincing a little. “Also…don’t tell anyone I said this. Craig would kill me if he knew I was telling people he was maternal.”


“No worries, your secret is safe with us.” Kenny said with a laugh, looking over at Kyle.


At that moment Kyle couldn’t help but be lost in his own thoughts. He could imagine being married to Stan, getting him pregnant, kissing his swollen stomach and raising children together. It sounded like a dream, and, he really wanted to make it a reality.


Chapter Text

“No school for you today Princess.” Randy said, moving to put up the curtains and help Stan into his bed. “You’re going into Heat, we don’t need you at school or out in public making those Alpha idiots go crazy.” He said, watching as Sharon came in with some water and extra pillows. He knew Stan had to be uncomfortable, this was his first Heat, he had no idea what was going to hit him…


“H-How long is this going to last? How long…till I can go back to school?” Stan asked a frown on his plump lips as he snuggled against the abundance of pillows that were now on his bed. He was dressed in a light blue silky nightgown, he was so hot, he could feel sweat running down his brow and onto his cheeks. He already felt awful and apparently it was just going to get worse!? This fucking sucked! Why did everything bad happen to him!?


“Well, Sweetie, according to the pamphlets they gave us at the Center, it last a few days and you’re gonna be rather…um…eager to do things…” Sharon said, clearing her throat a little. “But, it will be okay, they say the first one is the worst and then they get a little better as you get more and more use to them.”


Stan sighed. “So, I have to be locked in my room until I’m done?”  


“Yes, Sweetie, you’ll have to stay in here, don’t worry, we’ll bring food in and anything you want, we want you to be comfortable. You have your TV and game stations so you won’t get too bored, and if you need anything, just text us and we’ll be right up.” Sharon assured.


“Okay…” Stan said, wiping some sweat from his brow. This whole thing was incredibly uncomfortable and embarrassing. All he wanted right now was to be left alone. He had already heard his phone go off and he knew it was Kyle wondering why he wasn’t at school. He thought back to what he had learned at the Center, the stages of a Heat.


The first was pretty simple, getting super warm, feeling woozy, wanting to be nestled and surrounded by soft things. As the Heat progressed the Omega would start to become extremely aroused, wanting some kind of release of all the tension going on inside of them. Usually it would make them act a little different, some would say, a little slutty, to put it crudely. The last step was exhaustion. After the mental, emotional, and physical strain the Omega felt over the course of their Heat, they would just want to rest and sleep. Heats were apparently supposed to get better as soon as an Omega was bonded. Instead of suffering through the three stages their mate could relieve their pain by…mating.

“You all comfortable, Pumpkin?” Randy asked, looking down at the brunette tucked in his bed. “Tonight, you can have anything you want for dinner, just let your mother know and she’ll get it for you.” He added with a smile.


“I’m fine, and sounds good, I’ll let you know, I’m not really hungry right now.” Stan said, resting his head against the cool pillow. He was only in the first stage and he was barely holding on. How could it get even worse!?


“Try to get some rest Honey, I know it’s not fun, but, you’ll get through it.” Sharon said, leading Randy out of their son’s bedroom. “We love you, Sweetie.” She said, before softly closing the door behind them.


As soon as they were gone Stan took his phone out and glanced down, noticing messages from a worried Kyle. He had to roll his eyes a little, the red head was so damn protective of him it wasn’t even funny. He always wanted to joke about how much Kyle was like his mother in that aspect, but, he knew if he did, his boyfriend would throw a huge fit and they wouldn’t talk for a few days.


Kyle: Babe, where are you? It’s already first period and I haven’t seen you? Are you okay? Text me ASAP.


Stan started to type out his message, letting out a groan as he felt another wave of heat him. He set his phone down and rolled over on his side, just wanting to go back to sleep. He would just text Kyle when he woke up…


~*That Afternoon*~


Stan had never texted him back and Kyle was panicking. As soon as the bell rang he was running to his car in the parking lot so he could go to the Marsh’s house. Something had to be wrong! Stan always texted him back right away! He had called him, he had texted him, and nothing! He quickly got into his car and took off, peeling out of the school parking lot.


He had never driven so fast before, he really hoped he didn’t get pulled over; he had to get to Stan. He was going to get pissy with his boyfriend for not getting back to him; he knew how that made him worry! Stan could be so fucking flighty sometimes! He was starting to get mad as he saw the Marsh house hold in sight. Randy and Sharon’s cars were gone, and Shelly was probably out of the house, that meant Stan was all alone! He quickly parked his car in front of the house and got out, running towards the front door.


“Baby!” He cried out, moving to open the door and finding it was locked. He rang the doorbell and waited for a few moments, frowning when no one answered. “Goddammit Stan!” He growled, making his way towards the large tree that stood outside of Stan’s. “Making me…climb up…a fucking tree! Not answering your goddamn phone! Lucky you’re so hot!” He mumbled under his breath as he managed to shimmy up the large oak tree, seeing the light on in Stan’s bedroom.


He frowned and started to open up his boyfriend’s bedroom window, pushing aside the blue curtains away and managing to get into the brunette’s bedroom he was immediately hit with a strong fragrant smell and the sound of his lover moaning. The smell was intoxicating, it….was the best thing he had ever smelled… It was like…the rarest flower being smelled for the first time, and, the sound of Stan’s soft moans was making it even more erotic.


“B-Babe?” The redhead said, looking at the bed where Stan was laying, his silky nightgown pulled up to his waist, his hands wrapped around a large dildo that he was currently inserting into himself. His head was thrown back and he was moaning, sweat running down his forehead causing a sheen, a pink tinge on his pale cheeks.  At that moment, it hit him like a ton of bricks, his boyfriend; his Omega was in Heat…  He knew he should turn away at that moment but he couldn’t bring himself to. Everything in his body was telling him to go over to that bed and fuck Stan.


It seemed at that moment Stan had noticed his boyfriend and he managed to open his blue eyes and look over to Kyle.


“K-Kyle…” He breathed out, his plump lips bruised as he saw the Alpha standing there.  He was too far gone in his Heat to even think of telling his boyfriend to leave, all he wanted…was Kyle and his dick. He let out a soft moan as he pulled his dildo out and put it on the bedside table. “A-Alpha…” He purred, licking his lips as he managed to get out of bed and slowly make his way over to Kyle. “I need you.” He breathed out, pressing his body against his boyfriend’s. He rested his head on the redhead’s chest and ran his fingers through his beard. “I’m so…fucking…horny…”


“B-Babe…” Kyle said, finding it incredibly hard to contain himself. He wanted this, he had wanted this since they first presented, but, Stan didn’t really know what he was doing. He bit his lower lip as he tried to back away. “Y-You’re…not thinking straight, Stan…”


“Please Kyle… I’m so horny…so hot…all I want…is you. You smell so good…and I know your cock will feel so much better inside me…then a dildo.” Stan breathed out, pressing a hot kiss to his boyfriend’s lips. “Please…please… Alpha…I’ll make you feel so good.” He said in a rather seductive tone.


Kyle couldn’t help himself; his Alpha instincts were going wild. Here was his Omega begging him to make him feel good, to deflower him. He felt a low growl escape his lips as he wrapped his arms around Stan, holding him tightly. “Baby…you look so fucking good…” He purred, a smirk crossing his lips. “You want me to make you feel good? Tell me…I want to hear you say it.” He said in a husky tone, giving into his instincts.


Stan couldn’t help but moan, arching his back as he felt Kyle’s large hands cup his ass and sound so sexy. “Y-Yes Alpha…I want you so badly… Please fuck me…” He begged, looking up at Kyle. “Please…  I need you so bad…”


Kyle smiled a little and moved to nip at the brunette’s neck, holding him close as he managed to get them closer to Stan’s bed. He was now fully under the pheromones influence and he wasn’t thinking straight anymore. “Mmm, you sound so good when you beg.” He purred. “I want to make you mine…” He said, gently pushing Stan onto his bed, his hands going to his belt and quickly undo it. He was so fucking hard, God, he had never been so turned on before!


“Kyle…” Stan breathed out, watching as his lover unzipped his jeans and let them fall to the ground, now only standing in his boxer briefs.


“I know Baby, I’m coming, I’m gonna make you feel so good…” Kyle said with a smirk, tearing off his shirt and pulling his underwear down, revealing a rather large erect cock. Thankfully, during a Heat, Omegas were self lubricating, no matter the gender, so, he didn’t even have to worry about lube. He had never had sex before, but, it was almost like his body was guiding him on what to do. He was quick to get over Stan, letting his hands run over the sexy curvy form and push up that silky nightie. “God…you’re so fucking hot…so perfect… Our bodies fit perfectly together, our scents…smell amazing together…” He breathed out, moving to press kisses to the brunette’s slender neck.


“Kyle…Kyle…” Stan moaned, running his nails down the red head’s back. “I want you so bad…need you…so bad…my sexy…strong…handsome…Alpha.” He purred, giggling a little as Kyle’s beard tickled his neck. “Mngh…you’re so big…I knew you would be.” He cooed. “I…hope you fit…”


“Don’t worry, I’ll fit and I’ll make you moan…come…and scream.” Kyle said confidently, nudging Stan’s legs further apart. “I know…you’re gonna feel amazing…” He said, stroking himself a bit before moving to line himself up with Stan’s entrance. “Are you ready for me, Baby?”


Stan smiled his blue eyes half lidded. “Yes…I want it…so badly…I can’t wait.” He purred, wrapping his arms around his lover’s shoulders as he felt Kyle press himself in. He let out a loud cry as the large cock entered him. God, it felt amazing! It was like fireworks exploding inside of him!


“Fuck! You feel…amazing…perfect!” Kyle growled, starting to slowly move inside of the smaller brunette. “G-Gonna…bond with you… Your mine now Stan…no one else…can ever…have you… Understand? I’ll kill any fucking Alpha that even…gets near you…” He promised, kissing his boyfriend passionately, so hard that he nearly made Stan’s lip bleed. “God…I think…the only thing that would make you more gorgeous would be…you pregnant with my children.” He whispered in the brunette’s ear, starting to pick up the pace, gripping onto Stan’s hips.


“Kyle!” Stan screamed, clenching his eyes shut as he arched his back, allowing the red head to push in and out of him. “Oh…God…yes!” He moaned, wrapping his legs around his boyfriend’s waist, allowing him to continue his rough pumps. The bed was starting to shake as the muscular red head got a bit rougher, grunting and growling with each thrust. It was driving Stan mad. It sounded so animalistic, so dominant, so….sexy!


“I love you…” Kyle breathed out; moving to press a kiss to the brunette’s flushed cheek. “I love you…and now…you’re mine…”


“Y-Yes…all yours… All I want to be…is yours…” Stan cooed. “A-Am….I doing a good job? Am I making you…feel good?”


“Baby, you’re doing an amazing job… I’ve never felt so good in my entire life.” Kyle said, thrusting in a bit rougher to drive his point home. “I’m getting close…” He said.


“M-Me too…I…think I’m going to…” Stan wasn’t even able to finish his sentence when he started moaning wildly, bucking his hips as semen ran down his thighs. “Kyle! Alpha!” He cried out, collapsing on the bed when he finished.


Kyle grunted a bit as he started to come himself, filling his lover up with his seed as he felt himself knot inside of the brunette. The deed was done; he had mated with Stan Marsh, his best friend, his true love, his Omega.


As they both lay there waiting for Kyle’s knot to disappear, the red head couldn’t help but smile as he looked down at the spent brunette. Poor Stan, his cheeks were flushed, his hair mused, his breathing ragged. He moved to gently caress his cheek, pressing a sweet soft kiss to his lips. “I love you so much.” He said, in his state still not realizing what he had done.


“I-I…love you too.” Stan breathed out, holding onto the red head for dear life. “Don’t go…”


“Baby, I’m not going anywhere ever again.” Kyle promised, leaning down for another kiss, this time, slipping his tongue into Stan’s warm and welcoming mouth.



Chapter Text

Stan was still coming to terms over what had happened during his Heat. It had been about two weeks now since it happened and he was still a bit shaken over it. He knew it wasn’t really Kyle’s fault, that it wasn’t really his fault, that hormones and instincts had gotten the best of both of them. But, the question now remained, what were there consequences of that night going to be? Stan hadn’t told his parents what had happened, and, he hadn’t been on birth control when they had sex, he couldn’t recall Kyle putting a condom on. What was even bigger than the unprotected sex was the fact they were now mated, bonded, that meant no other Alpha could have Stan, and that meant they were together…forever… Their parents needed to know, but, how were they going to tell them?


Usually Stan ate lunch with Kenny and Kyle, but today, he was busy researching. He hadn’t been feeling very well. It had started yesterday, he was all sweaty and his stomach had been hurting. He was starting to panic, having a really bad feeling as what that could mean. He needed to go see a doctor, but, he needed Kyle, he had to tell him… He took in a deep breath as he found a non-profit pregnancy clinic he could go to under a fake name.


“Shit…” He said to himself, tears welling in his blue eyes. He sniffled a little as he looked down at his lap. If he was pregnant, what was going to happen? Was Kyle going to leave him? Would his parents disown him? Would he be able to fucking graduate high school!? Was everyone going to think he was a slut!? He shook his head, not wanting to break down in the library. He was so scared; he couldn’t believe this was happening. He wanted to talk to someone, get some advice, but, he didn’t even know who to turn to.


He bit his lower lip as he stood up from the table he was sitting at. He had to go talk to Kyle now. The sooner they knew the results of what was going on…the better. He gathered his things and started making his way towards the cafeteria where Kyle would be.


He sighed, at least he looked cute today wearing a pink and white checkered mini dress, maybe that would help ease the blow of what he was about to tell his boyfriend.  He put on another coat of lipgloss and then started his trek towards the cafeteria.




“Baby, there you are, I was worried about you.” Kyle said, standing up from his seat next to Kenny and going over to his lover.


“Kyle…we need to talk…right now…alone…” Stan said, grabbing the red head’s hand and leading him out of the cafeteria, leaving a confused Kenny behind.


“Babe, what’s going on?” Kyle asked, letting Stan lead him to an empty part of the school grounds. “I know you’re still upset about what happened…don’t worry, we’ll tell our parents we’re bonded and it will be okay…” He said, before finding a finger pressed against his lips to silence him.


“Kyle…I…I don’t know…how to tell you this…” Stan said, removing his finger and wrapping his arms around himself. He started to tear up a little.


“Baby…what’s wrong?” The red head asked. “You know I’m always here for you… You’re my mate…my Omega…my love…” He said in an assuring tone.


“Kyle, I think I might be pregnant!” Stan blurted out, putting a hand over his mouth when he realized he had said that a little loud. After his declaration he burst into tears. “I-I’ve been…feeling sick…for a few days…throwing up in the morning…” He said, his body starting to shake as he cried.


Kyle’s green eyes went wide when he heard that. He stepped away from his lover and ran his fingers through his hair. “P-Pregnant?” He said, thinking back about their love making. It had happened so fast and he had let his senses get the best of him, he never put a condom on… Stan wasn’t on birth control… Shit…


“Okay, calm down.” Kyle said, taking in a deep breath. “It might just be a stomach bug or something…” He said, not wanting to panic in front of his boyfriend. He was the Alpha; he was the one who did the comforting!


“I don’t think it’s just a stomach bug!” Stan cried out, his lower lip trembling. “Kyle, I wasn’t on birth control, you weren’t wearing a condom, I was in Heat, you know what this could be! Our parents didn’t even know we were dating, now, we’re bonded and I might be pregnant.” He said, tears running down his cheeks.


Kyle sighed, moving to take his lover in his arms and wipe his tears away. “Shhh…calm down…” He said, racking his brain on what to do. “Let’s ditch last hour and go get you checked out.” He suggested. “We need to know for sure what is going on before we panic.”


“We’re only seventeen Kyle… If I’m pregnant…maybe we should talk about aborting…” Before Stan could even finish his thought Kyle was glaring at him.


“Fuck no! We are not doing that shit!” Kyle snapped. “If you’re pregnant we raise that baby ourselves, no abortion, no adoption, don’t even bring that up again.”


Stan felt his lower lip quiver at his boyfriend’s harsh tone. He started to cry again and shook his head. He didn’t know what to do, he felt so trapped…  “W-What…about school?”


“We’re graduating in six months, you’ll be able to graduate before you give birth if you are pregnant, and, I already have early acceptance to Harvard.” Kyle said, running fingers through his beard in a nervous fashion. “We’ll be fine.”


“It’s easy for you to say all of that! You’re not the one who might be pregnant… My parents are going to kill me… What if they kick me out? What if I’m a shitty mother?” Stan asked, slumping against the large Oak tree they were talking under.


“Stan, just…stop… You know I’ll be able to take care of you and a baby.” Kyle said, sounding frustrated. “Your parents aren’t going to kick you out; it’s going to be okay. Now stop crying. Go get the rest of your stuff, we’re gonna go get this checked out right now. I’m guessing you already found a place we can go to.”


“Y-Yeah…I found a place…” Stan said, reaching up to dry his tears as he accepted Kyle’s help to stand up. He knew they had to go get this checked out, but, he almost didn’t want to know, in some naïve mindset thinking that would just make the problem go away on its own.




Sitting in the waiting room of the pregnancy clinic was intimidating as all hell. All over the white walls were posters of Omega reproductive organs and babies… He was trying to focus on filling out the forms he was given while Kyle sat next to him seeming both aggravated and nervous.  He had spent nearly fifteen minutes just trying to come up with a fake name. He wasn’t sure why that was so important, but, his mind was racing all over the place.


“You almost done with those?” Kyle asked, glancing over at the brunette. “Baby, it doesn’t matter what our fake names are.” He said, noticing not much was filled out besides the name section. “Just…finish up…I’m going to go pay for this.” He said, standing up and walking over to the receptionist.


Stan bit his lower lip as he tried to focus on the forms. A lot of this stuff he didn’t even know, his parents kept track of a lot of it! He didn’t remember the last time he had a flu shot!? He looked around and took in a deep breath, filling out what he could. When he finally finished, he stood up and walked over to hand the nurse his forms.


“The doctor will be with you in just a minute.” The nurse said before handing Stan a cup. “We need a urine sample, so, go right in down to the hall and take a left, that’s where the bathroom is.” She instructed.


“O-Okay…”  Stan said, looking back at Kyle who gave him a small smile. He knew the red head was as worried as he was, but, he was trying to hide it. God, he could only imagine how Sheila was going to react to Kyle telling her he had knocked someone up. There was a high possibility that she would actually murder her son.


“I’ll be here when you’re done.” Kyle assured, moving to put his wallet back in his pocket before taking a seat.




Sitting on the examination table was worse than sitting in the waiting room. The posters had somehow gotten more detailed and there were medical instruments everywhere. The brunette swung his legs a little as he waited for the doctor.


“Kyle?” He said softly, causing his boyfriend to look up.


“What is it Baby?”


“Promise me everything is going to be okay?” Stan said softly biting his lower lip and clutching onto the sides of the table.


Kyle didn’t know what to say at that. He honestly didn’t know what was going to happen and if everything was going to be okay, but, he had to be there for his love, his mate, his Omega. He forced a small smile on his lips. “It’s going to be okay. Just listen to the doctor.” He said, watching as the door opened up and a middle aged woman walked in.


“Hello Mister and Misses Elway.” The woman said, causing Kyle to give Stan an incredulous expression.


Stan blushed a little, he knew it was stupid, but it was all he could think of! He nodded his head and watched as the woman took a seat at her computer.


“So, Stan, how old are you?” She asked.


“Um…seventeen…” The brunette said softly. “I just presented a few months ago…”


“Okay, and, any medical problems, take any medication for anything?” She asked, typing a few things down.


“Just medication for depression, Prozac.” Stan answered, fiddling with his fingers.


“Okay and don’t worry, we’re gonna get you all checked out.” The doctor assured. “So, can you tell me your symptoms and when they started to happen?”


“Yeah…it started about a few days ago. I’ve been really tired and sweaty; I’ve also been throwing up in the mornings…” Stan said.


“When was the last time you had unprotected sex?” The woman asked, causing Kyle to look away in shame.


“Two weeks ago… I was in a Heat…” The brunette answered, looking down at his lap.


“Okay, I got that all down, we are just waiting on your urine sample test results and then we will have our answer of whether you are going to be a mother or not.” The doctor said with a small smile. “Have you two talked to your parents about this?” She asked.


“No…we…um…we just actually mated and…they don’t know about that either.” Stan said, looking at Kyle who sighed looking extremely uncomfortable.


“Well, I would recommend telling your parents about this, it will help you in the long run, trust me.” She said with a small smile, watching as a medical assistant opened the door and handed her a file. She opened it up and marked a few things down. “Well, I have your results right here.” She said, watching as the Alpha stood up and went over to his Omega, taking his hand in his.


“What does it say?” Kyle decided to ask, giving Stan’s hand a squeeze.


“Well, I guess I should say congratulations, Misses Elway you’re pregnant.” The doctor said, looking over at Stan.


Stan felt his entire body break into a cold sweat. His eyes started to tear up again and he tried to just not let out a scream. He could feel Kyle’s grip tighten on his hand. What the fuck were they going to do now!?



Chapter Text

Stan sighed a little as he felt tears run down his cheeks. He was currently sitting at a picnic table at Stark’s Pond as Kyle was reading over some pamphlets the doctor at the clinic had given them. Neither of them really wanted to go home after hearing the news, they had to figure out what they were going to do. They had to tell their parents, they couldn’t just hide it, Stan was sure his parents would get suspicious that he was gaining weight all of the sudden and then randomly having a tiny human around him all the time.


“Kyle…” Stan said, looking up to see the red head hadn’t stopped reading. “Kyle…” He said again, frowning when his boyfriend was still reading. “Kyle! Look at me!” He snapped, sniffling as he tried to dry his eyes.


Kyle looked up, frowning a bit. “Babe, what? I’m trying to figure out how the fuck we are going to deal with this.” He said, running fingers through his hair. “Says here you won’t really start showing until you’re around three months pregnant…” He said. “Gives us a little time to figure out how we’re gonna tell our parents about this.”


“Well, I can tell you exactly what is going to happen. We tell your parents, your mother will murder you and accuse me of being a slut. We tell my parents, my dad will kill you and have one of his famous public meltdowns. It doesn’t matter how we tell them, they are going to be pissed.” Stan said, sniffling as he tried to dry his eyes. “Not to mention, what the fuck are we going to do!? We’re going to have a baby! As soon as I start showing everyone at school is going to think I’m a…fucking slut! We aren’t even married…” He said, trying to calm himself down. He felt like he was going to have a panic attack.


Kyle sighed and moved to stand up from his spot across from Stan and moved to sit next to him. “It’s gonna be okay Baby… I know you’re scared, and it makes sense, but, we’ll make it work. You know I’m going to marry you, you don’t have to worry about that, we’re already bonded, so of course marriage is the next step.” He assured. “Besides, don’t you think it will be nice to have our own family? I mean, it will be tough at first, but, I know you’ll be happy being a mother.”


Stan pursed his lips a bit. He didn’t know if he was going to be a good mother, or even like being a mother, right now, he felt like he was trapped in a cage with no way out. “What am I suppose to do Kyle? When you’re going to college and getting a job I’m going to be stuck just being a housewife? Just…taking care of a baby all day long?”


“Is that such a bad thing, Stan? You said so yourself you didn’t know what you wanted to do in the future, and now, you have an answer. You can be a mother, and, I know you’ll be a great mother, Babe.” Kyle said, taking Stan’s hands in his. “Can’t you just trust me on this?”


“Kyle, it’s just…you’re not the one who has a baby growing inside of them.” Stan pointed out. “I’m the one who is going to get fat, push out a baby, and go like…crazy from hormones! You’re not the one who is going to be called a slut at school… Kyle…why can’t we just talk about…other options…” He asked, tears welling in his eyes again.


“Stan, we are not going to fucking abort the baby! And we’re not going to give it up! I’m not fucking okay with that! I love you with all my heart and soul, I’m your mate, and you’re mine, we can’t get rid of a part of both of us…something conceived in love.” The red head said. “I’m putting my foot down on this one, I’m your Alpha, you have to do what I say, and…I’m telling you we are keeping the baby. End of discussion.”


That really hurt and Stan felt tears run down his cheeks. Kyle was right, one of the things with bonding was, an Alpha was in charge and an Omega followed. That was why it was such a big thing when people bonded. It was essentially becoming submissive to another human being that was why Omega’s were constantly in danger, bonded with an abusive Alpha and there was no escape…


“Baby, please don’t cry, I know you’re scared, I know this is going to be hard, but, I really believe this is the best thing. I promise I’m going to take care of everything. I’ll figure out a way to tell our families and I promise I’ll take good care of you and the baby, we’ll have a nice house, and we’ll have a nice wedding, I’ll get you an expensive engagement ring…” Kyle said, letting out a sigh. He did feel bad for demanding Stan to keep the baby, but, he just couldn’t imagine giving it up. He always wanted to be a father and have the white picket fence and suburban lifestyle.


Stan dried his eyes and looked at the red head. “I just…I’m still in shock… It feels like this is some kind of dream… That I’m going to wake up in math class or something…” The brunette admitted. “Kyle, what if our parents kick both of us out? What will we do? If I’m going to keep the baby, I want to give birth to a healthy baby, I can’t do that without some kind of support, medical insurance, all that shit. Kyle, I didn’t even know when I got my last flu shot! I need my mom to help me with this!”


“Babe, I really don’t think either of our parents are going to kick us out. My mom is going to be pissed, believe me, I know my life is in danger, but, I know she is going to be happy about having a grandkid, you know how much she loves babies.” Kyle said. “And your mom loves you; I know she will help you through this. Our dads…well…I think my Dad will be willing to help us financially and your dad…well…hopefully he won’t…completely flip out…” He said, sounding less confident about how Randy would react. Randy Marsh was unpredictable to put it mildly. Sometimes he still found it hard the sweet and usually emotionally stable Stan was his son.


“I hope so…because I’m trying really hard not to have a fucking panic attack right now.” Stan said, taking in a deep breath as he rested a hand on his stomach. He still couldn’t believe something was growing in side of him and in a few months his flat stomach was going to be swollen.


“Just take deep breaths.” Kyle said, moving to rest a hand on the brunette’s back. “It’s going to be okay. Do you trust me? Stan, you know I’d do anything for you. We’ve been Super Best Friends since we were five, and now, we’re mates, bonded, our whole lives I’ve always been there for you, and, I don’t plan on stopping now that you’re pregnant.” He said, before smiling a little. “I think you’re going to look adorable pregnant.” He said, moving to gather his lover in his arms. “My beautiful Omega.” He said, leaning down to press a kiss to Stan’s flat stomach.


“Kyle...I’m going to look ugly…. I’ll be all swollen and fat…I’ll get stretch marks.” Stan said, before being silenced by a kiss.


“Shh, don’t be silly, you’ll be gorgeous, you’re always gorgeous and will always be gorgeous. Our baby is going to be perfect because of you.” Kyle said softly. “I hope it has your eyes, you have the most beautiful eyes.” He said, holding the brunette tight. He loved Stan more than anything in this world, and, he would love their child just as much.


“I love you.” Stan said softly, resting his head on Kyle’s chest as the Alpha held him close.


“I love you too, Stan.” Kyle said, tightening his hold. “When do you want to tell our parents?” He asked, deciding to get some input from the Omega. “What do you think would be best in this scenario?”


Stan stayed where he was for a moment and then just looked up at his lover. “I think…as much as it is going to suck…we need to tell them right way. That way, they can’t also be mad at us for hiding it.” He said. “I also think we need to tell my parents first…since I’m the pregnant one.”


Kyle sighed. “I was afraid you were going to say that…but…you’re right.” He said, running fingers through his beard. “Well…let’s get this over with. If your dad murders me, well, at least then my mother can’t do it.” He said.


“I have a feeling your mother would find a way to bring you back to life just to kill you again.” Stan said with a small smile, his cheeks till tearstained, his eyes still red from crying.


Kyle had to laugh a bit at that. “Yeah, that’s probably true.” He said, mentally preparing himself for Randy coming after him with a sawed off shotgun.


~*The Marsh Household*~


“Stanley, there you are, we were wondering where you were, Sweetie, I didn’t want you to miss dinner, we’re having pork chops tonight.” Sharon said, noticing Kyle was behind her son. “Oh, hello Kyle, did you want to join us for dinner?” She asked, seeing nothing weird about her son’s best friend coming home with him.


“Is that my Princess I hear?” Randy said, coming out of the living room, beer in his hand. He smiled when he saw Stan, he just couldn’t help himself, his son was so adorable and innocent! He always wanted to be the father of a sweet feminine Omega, and, he got that with Stan! It wasn’t like that was ever going to happen with Shelly, who, was currently still in the living room drinking and watching the football game with him.


“Yeah, it’s me, sorry I’m home late, Kyle drove me home.” Stan said, looking back at his boyfriend.


“No problem, nice to see you again, big guy.” Randy said, going over to Kyle. “Join us for dinner, we got plenty.” He said, seeming like he was in a pretty good mood. It made sense, at the moment, the Broncos were crushing the Patriots and that made him ecstatic.


Kyle looked back at his lover, wanting him to field this. After all, Stan was the one who wanted to tell his parents now, and tell them first.


“Um…yeah that would be great but…Kyle and I actually wanted to talk to you about something first.” Stan said, watching as Shelly wandered in.


“Hey Slut.” Shelly said simply, burping as she tossed the empty beer can in the trash.


Stan rolled his eyes. “Can we talk to you guys without Shelly?” He asked, shooting a glare to his older sister.


“Ooo, you want me out of the room? I wonder what you did that you don’t want me to know about.” Shelly said with a wicked smirk. “Did you get lip fillers or something without Mom and Dad knowing? Oh! Let me guess, you want to drop out of school and be a stripper!”


“SHELLY! Don’t be so mean to your adorable little brother.” Randy cried out before looking back at Stan.


“We can talk in private if that’s what you want Pumpkin.” Randy added, looking at his wife as she motioned for Kyle and Stan to follow them to the dining room. He knew he couldn’t stop Shelly from listening, but, he could at least make an effort.


The four of them all sat around the dining table. Sharon looked at Kyle and Stan and couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow. Something was going on, she could tell. Call it a mother’s intuition.


“So, what did you two want to talk to us about?” Sharon asked.


Stan honestly didn’t know where to start off, he was about to form the words to tell them he and Kyle were together when he felt a hand rest on his thigh. He blinked a bit and looked over at the red head who just gave him a small smile.


“Um…Mister and Misses Marsh…we have a lot of things we want to talk to you about but first I want to tell you that…Stan and I are together.” Kyle said, looking at the brunette. “I mean…we’re dating.”


Randy felt his eyes flare up at that. “Dating? Well…I guess that’s not…too surprising… You two were always around each other since you were little kids… But…now I’m regretting ever letting you spend the night in the same room as Stanley.”


“Was that all you two wanted to tell us?” Sharon asked, having a feeling there was going to be more.


“No…actually…um…” Kyle started to look a bit nervous. How was he going to tell his mate’s parents they bonded and he had knocked up their Omega son! He wasn’t going to let Stan do it; this was an Alpha’s job after all. “I love Stan.” He blurted out. “I’ve loved him since we were little kids.” He said, looking at the brunette. “I can’t imagine my life without him in it, and, I just…I want you to know that.”


“In love huh? That sounds…pretty serious.” Randy said, straightening up a bit as he narrowed his eyes a bit. “Okay, what’s going on? No one makes a speech like that without some shady shit being behind it.” He accused.


“Randy, calm down, just let them talk.” Sharon said, putting a hand on her husband’s shoulder.


Stan hated seeing Kyle struggle with this by himself so, he decided he would jump in. “Mom…Daddy…Kyle and…we…um…we mated…we’re bonded…” He said softly, looking down at his lap, tears welling in his eyes. “I-I’m sorry… We both…we couldn’t control ourselves… But I love him and I know he loves me… We want to be together…” He said, tears starting to run down his cheeks.


“WHAT!?” Randy cried out, standing up from the table. “BONDED!? YOU’RE SEVENTEEN!” He cried out, before glaring at Kyle. “You! I’m going to…kill you!” He snapped, before Sharon managed to force him to sit down.


“When did this happen?” Sharon asked, not sounding too happy herself.


“W-When…I was in Heat…” Stan said timidly. “Kyle was worried about me so he came to check on me because I wasn’t answering my phone… When he came in…we both just…couldn’t contain ourselves.”


“Jesus Christ…” Randy said, pinching the bridge of his nose. “THE FUCKING WINDOWS! I FORGOT THE FUCKING WINDOWS!”


“Randy…” Sharon said, trying to make everyone remain calm. “Is…that all?” She asked, raising an eyebrow once again.


Kyle and Stan looked at each other before Stan sighed, the tears now streaming down his cheeks as he shook his head. “N-No… I-I…haven’t been feeling good…and…Kyle took me to the doctor…” He said, sniffling as he started to try and panic a bit. “I-I’m so sorry… Please…don’t hate me…don’t hate Kyle…don’t kick me out of the house.” He begged, breaking down into tears. He felt Kyle grab his hand as he softly sobbed. “I-I’m….I’m…pregnant…” He admitted.


At that moment Shelly poked her head in. “I knew it! I knew you were a slut! Now you’re a teen mom! Good job you stupid Bitch!” She cackled, resting her back against the wall, wanting to see how this was going to go down.


“P-Pregnant!?” Sharon said, her eyes going wide. “Sweetie…”


At this point Randy was standing up again looking like he was about to go absolutely berserk. “YOU! YOU LITTLE BASTARD! I’M GOING TO MURDER YOU FOR TOUCHING MY PRINCESS!”He snapped, climbing over the table to try and get his hands on the red headed Alpha. “You think you can just do whatever the fuck you want because you’re an Alpha!? You think you can come into MY HOUSE and defile MY SON!? OH FUCK NO! Sharon! Get my gun! I’m killing this kid!”


“Randy! Get off the table and calm down!” Sharon snapped. “Killing Kyle isn’t going to do anything!” She said, before looking back at her son who was still in tears. “Stanley…are you keeping the baby?”


Stan sniffled and nodded his head. “Y-Yes…Kyle and I want to keep it…” He said, mimicking what Kyle wanted him to say. “I’m so sorry…” He said, shaking his head. “I-I...don’t know what to do…I’m really scared…”


Randy sighed as his rage was quelled a bit by seeing his beloved Omega son in tears and scared. “Pumpkin… It’s going to be okay.” He said, going over to hug the brunette. “No one is kicking you out of the house…you don’t have to do this alone…” He said, before glaring at Kyle. “This little horny bastard is going to be helping A LOT with EVERYTHING you need.” He said, wanting to just pop off on the red head.


“Your father is right we are going to be there for you.” Sharon said. “We don’t want anything happening to you or to that baby. We would never forgive ourselves if something happened to you.” She said.


“Yes…that’s right…you’re my little princess…” Randy said, before pulling away and looking at Kyle. He stepped towards the young Alpha and grabbed him by the collar. “And YOU, you are going to marry my princess, make an honest Omega out of him! You hear me!? You are going to take responsibility for this!” He said, shaking Kyle a bit.


“Mister Marsh! I plan on it! I’m going to marry Stan and take care of him and the baby!” Kyle snapped, starting to get pissed. “He’s my Omega…I know how to take care of him.” He said. “I’ve already gotten accepted to Harvard and I’ll be able to get a good job when I finish school. I’ll work while I’m in school to make sure Stan and the baby are okay.” He promised. “I meant what I said; I love him…with all my heart.” He said, feeling Randy start to ease up on him.


Randy sighed and finally let Kyle go. “You really fucked up here Kyle…” He said. “Sharon and I aren’t going to do this all alone… You and your family are going to help to. This is your fucking fault, you hear me?” He said. “Besides, your dad makes money, well, here’s where all the money is gonna go!” He said, pointing at Stan’s stomach. “I’m a Geologist! What can I give the baby? Fucking rocks!? WHAT GOOD WOULD THAT DO!? TELL ME THAT KYLE!?” He snapped, grabbing the Alpha and shaking him again. “THE ONLY GOOD A ROCK WOULD DO RIGHT NOW IS BASHING YOUR SKULL IN FOR BEING A HORNY LITTLE PERVERT!”


“Daddy! Stop!” Stan cried out watching as his mother managed to pull Randy off of Kyle and sit him down.


“You two are going to tell Kyle’s parents.” Sharon said. “I know Sheila is going to have a field day with this…” She said with a sigh.


“We’re going to tell my parents…Stan just wanted to tell you first.” Kyle said, straightening his shirt out after Randy mussing it up. “That’s actually our next stop on this tour of fun.”


“Good idea.” Sharon said, before going over to Stan. “Stanley, we need to find you a doctor and get you set up on checkups and preparing for this baby, making sure you and it are healthy.”


“And…! We need to get a wedding planned. An expensive wedding paid by the Broflovski family!” Randy snapped.


“Doesn’t the bride’s family usually pay for the wedding?” Kyle decided to say.


“DON’T EVEN START WITH ME!” Randy said, before going to the fridge and grabbing an entire six pack. “Sharon! I’m going to sit in my chair and drink this entire six pack…” He said, feeling a headache come on.


Stan sighed. He was feeling a little better now that he had told his parents what was going on. He was overjoyed they weren’t going to kick him out that they were going to help. He was thankful Kyle was still alive…for now… He had a feeling his father’s rage was going to be nothing compared to Sheila Broflovski’s.


Chapter Text

It wasn’t usual Alpha behavior to be so nervous about anything. One of the best things about being an Alpha was the amount of confidence that came with it. But, Kyle was close to having a panic attack as he pulled up to Stan’s house to pick him up to meet with his parents. The other day they had told Stan’s parents about his pregnancy and that had been awful, he was screamed at by Randy Marsh for what felt like hours. But, Randy was NOTHING compared to his mother. He feared for his life, he feared for Stan’s life, he feared for all of South Park. He sighed as he leaned against the seat of his car, looking at the Marsh household where his mate was probably finishing getting ready.


It wouldn’t be but a few moments later when he caught sight of his beloved making his way out. He had to smile, Stan was so fucking beautiful, it wasn’t even funny. Today he was dressed in an adorable manner, probably wanting to look all innocent and sweet to meet with his parents. Sporting a white button up blouse with flared out sleeves, a short black pleated skirt with black leggings and a white bow in his black locks. He had to roll his eyes at the gold cross pendant the brunette was wearing around his neck. Stan was anything but a good Catholic Omega. Though, he couldn’t say shit. He wasn’t exactly a good Jewish Alpha.


“Hey Baby.” Kyle said, smiling as he opened the passenger side, watching as his lover slipped into the passenger seat. “You look cute today, but, you look good all the time.” He said, leaning over to press a kiss to Stan’s cheek. “You ready to do this?”


Stan sighed and shook his head. “No, not really, but, it’s not like we have much of a choice.” He said, moving to grab onto the cross. He knew it was stupid to wear it, but really, he felt like he was going to need some kind of divine protection against Sheila Broflovski.


“I know… But, we’ll get through it.” Kyle promised. “So, how was the morning sickness today?” He asked, pulling out of the Marsh’s driveway.


“Not great…” Stan said, looking out the window. “My mom has been helping me with it, but, it sucks… I just feel like shit all the time.” He said with a sigh, sounding exhausted. “My mom said it won’t stop for a few months… I’m half expecting for a Chest Burster from Alien to just explode out of my stomach instead of a baby…”


“C’mon Babe, don’t talk like that about our baby.” Kyle said. “Our baby is gonna be the cutest fucking baby to ever be born. It’s got a handsome father and a hot as hell mother.” He said with a smile. The drive to his house wasn’t exactly far away, so, he didn’t even have long to waste on the drive.


“Yeah…I guess…” Stan said, resting a hand on his cheek as the car stopped in front of the Broflovski family home.


“I know you aren’t feeling well, after this, we can go do whatever you want.” Kyle promised. “Fuck, I’ll even take you shopping.” He said, moving to take Stan’s free hand and give it a comforting squeeze.


“If we’re both still alive after this…” Stan muttered under his breath. He watched his mate get out of the car and go to open his door, helping him out of the car. Why had he worn heels? He felt himself teetering in them a little and grabbed onto Kyle, letting the red head lead him to the front door.


“It’s gonna be okay…” Kyle said, not sounding too sure of himself. He opened the front door and cleared his throat. “Ma? Dad? I’m home.” He said, smelling freshly brewed coffee and hearing the rustling of a newspaper. Well, he knew his father was up.


“Kyle? There you are. Did you eat breakfast before you left this morning? Come sit down, Bubbe, I still have food.” Sheila said, coming into the living room and seeing her son with Stan Marsh. She sighed. Stan Marsh was…an interesting problem. He was a good boy but she despised his father. She always feared Stan would be a bad influence on her son. Things got even more complicated when her son presented as an Alpha and Stanley had presented as an Omega.


“Um….no I’m good. Actually, I wanted to talk to you and Dad about something, if that’s okay?” Kyle said, looking back at Stan.


“Well of course, you know you can always talk to us about anything. Though, what is Stanley doing with you?” She asked, leading the pair into the kitchen where Gerald was sitting and reading the New York Times.


“Well…it kinda has to do with the both of us.” Kyle explained, looking at Stan and pulling a chair out for him to sit on. “


That made Sheila frown as she moved to grab the newspaper from Gerald and pull it down, forcing her husband to pay attention. “Okay, what’s going on here young man?” She asked, sounding suspicious.


“Oh don’t be so hard on him Sheila, maybe it’s a good thing.” Gerald said with a smile. “Right son? It’s a good thing, right…?”


“Well…yeah I guess I would consider it a good thing.” Kyle said, before clearing his throat a bit. “Well…I guess I should start off by telling you that…Stan and I are…more than just friends…” He said, feeling Stan’s hand rest on his knee under the table. “We’re dating.” He said simply.


Sheila groaned. “I had a feeling this was going to happen. I just knew it! Ever since you came home and we threw you that party, I knew something was going on between you. I should have put a stop to it right then and there.” She said, pinching the bridge of her noise.


“It’s just dating, Dear, I’m sure it’s nothing more than that.” Gerald said, taking a sip of his coffee. He always seemed somewhat checked out, and now was no exception.


Sheila narrowed her eyes as she looked at her son and Stan. Kyle was sweating and Stanley was playing with the golden cross pendant around his neck. No, something more was going on than just dating. “Kyle, tell me the whole truth, what is going on here?”  She asked, tapping her acrylic nails on the table. “Your mother knows when you are not telling her the whole truth.”


“Jesus Ma, I’m getting to it.” Kyle snapped, starting to get pissy. His mother always knew how to make his already short temper shorter. He groaned and ran fingers through his beard. Maybe he did it because he knew how much his mother hated his facial hair. God, this was going to be awful. “Ma, Dad, Stan and I…we…um…we…bonded…” He said, watching as his father dropped the paper he was holding and his mother nearly dropped the mug of coffee she was holding.


“W-WHAT!?” Sheila screeched, losing no time in going into a tirade. “KYLE BROFLOVSKI! YOU EXPLAIN TO ME HOW THIS HAPPENED RIGHT NOW!” She cried out, moving to grab her six foot three son by the ear and force him up from his chair. “What the hell were you thinking!? Your father and I were still looking for a proper mate for you! And you went behind our backs and bonded with an Omega we did not approve of on your OWN!?”


Gerald had actually been pulled into the conversation and blinked. “Son…answer your mother…how did this happen?”


Stan looked like he just wanted to disappear, this was beyond horrifying. How were they going to react when Kyle told them he was pregnant!? He bit his lower lip, feeling some gloss come off. He wanted to throw up again. He wasn’t sure if that was the morning sickness or the anxiety that was causing it. He just kept quiet as he looked at Kyle.


Kyle ran fingers through his hair and sighed. “Stan…wasn’t as school a few weeks ago…and…he wasn’t picking up his phone. I was really worried about him so I went to go check on him. The doors were locked when I got there so…I climbed the tree outside of his bedroom window and…” He paused and balled his hands into fists. “I didn’t know he was in Heat. I couldn’t contain myself… But, I don’t regret what I did, I’m in love with Stan, I have been since we were little kids. I want this.” He said, looking over at his Omega with a smile. “And he wants this too, we were meant to be together.”


Sheila was red in the face with how angry she was. “Kyle, how could you do something like that!? If the door was locked and Stanley wasn’t answering his phone you should have called Mister and Misses Marsh if you were so concerned! You acted incredibly irresponsible and now you are bonded to Stanley for the rest of your lives.” She said. “For such a smart boy, you can be so stupid.”


Kyle frowned. “I’m not stupid. I love Stan, this was going to happen sooner or later, whether you wanted it or not. You can’t tell me what to do!” He snapped, slamming his hands on the table.


“Kyle…calm down…” Stan said meekly, placing a hand on his boyfriend’s arm.


The red head frowned and moved to sit back down, seeming to be calmed down a bit thanks to Stan.


“So, you two are bonded. That’s just wonderful. You know Kyle; I always wanted to be related to Randy Marsh somehow.” Sheila said sarcastically. “I know you care about Stanley, and, I have nothing against you Stanley, I just never thought…you were in the same…class for Kyle.” She said. “You two have very different paths. Kyle is going to law school and you are going to… What exactly are you even going to do?”


Stan was rather taken aback by that. He always suspected Sheila never thought he was good enough for Kyle, but, here she was, just saying it out loud. It hurt, and, he wanted to cry. He was so fucking emotional… “I-I…don’t…really know right now…” He said, looking down at his lap. Kyle had made it pretty clear what he wanted him to do. He wanted him to be a mother and a housewife, and, right now…that was his path…that was what his Alpha wanted him to do, and, he would have to do it, whether he wanted to or not.


Kyle frowned. “Ma, don’t fucking say that about Stan, he’s perfect. God, you can be so stuck up! Just because Stan isn’t going to an Ivy League school doesn’t mean shit! We’re bonded anyways now, we’re gonna get married, he’s going to come with me to Boston when I go to Harvard, so just fucking drop it!” He growled.


“That’s another thing Kyle, where are you planning to get married? Stanley isn’t Jewish, is he going to convert? I want you to have your wedding ceremony in a synagogue, just like every person in your family going back for centuries has!” Sheila snapped. “No way are you having a Catholic wedding!”


“Who cares about the wedding! We’ll have a fucking pagan wedding naked in the woods if we want to!” Kyle snapped, standing from his chair. “You know, I didn’t have to tell you anything! We could have eloped!” He said, ignoring the soft sobs that were now coming from Stan and the groans from his father.


“Don’t you talk to me like that! Just because you’re an Alpha and you think you’re all grown up doesn’t mean you don’t respect your mother!” Sheila shot back. “Just because you are bonded doesn’t mean you have to get married! Especially if Stanley isn’t going to convert!”


Kyle was losing his cool quickly, his short temper snapping and his Alpha instincts coming into play. “Ma, Stan is pregnant! You want the baby to be born a bastard!?” He cried out.


Now that actually got both Sheila and Gerald. Gerald spit his coffee out and Sheila looked like she was going to explode.


“What…what…WHAT!?” Shelia cried out. “PREGNANT!?”


“Son…is this true…?” Gerald asked, swallowing hard.


“I-It’s true Mister and Misses Broflovski…” Stan said, deciding to speak up. Tears were running down his cheeks and he sniffled. “W-We…found out yesterday…I’m two weeks pregnant…” He said, trying to wipe some tears from his eyes. “We told my parents about it already…” He said, seeing Kyle was still fuming.


“Are you…keeping it?” Gerald asked.


“OF COURSE THEY ARE KEEPING IT GERALD!” Sheila snapped, crossing her arms over her chest. “For the love of… I can’t believe this! Where did I go wrong as a mother!?” She cried out.


“We’re keeping it, Ma, Stan and I are gonna get married before the baby is born.” Kyle said. “Then we are going to get ready to move to Boston after we graduate from high school. Stan is going to stay home and take care of the house and the baby; I’ll work while I’m in school. I have this all planned out.”


“Kyle, I don’t think it’s going to be as simple as you’re trying to make it sound.” Gerald said. “Having a baby is…a job in itself. Did you think about things like paying for doctor’s appointments? Paying for the delivery? It costs a lot of money, Son.”


“I know that Dad…believe me I do… But I want to start a family with Stan, and, I know it’s going to be rough, but, it will be worth it.” Kyle said, looking at Stan. “Plus…you always wanted grand kids right? Now, you’re going to have one.”


Sheila sighed and shook her head. “Well of course we aren’t going to sit around and let anything bad happen to our grandchild.” She said. “We are going to have to talk to Randy and Sharon on what to do with this. Part of me wants to tell you two that you’re on your own but…I know I can’t do that…” She said. “So, we are going to figure this whole thing out, but, first thing we are going to do is get Stanley a good doctor to look at him. He needs to be on prenatal vitamins and looked at each month.” She said. “I’ll look into contacting Doctor Johnson; she’s the best in Colorado.”


“T-Thank you…Misses Broflovski…” Stan said softly, his body shaking from anxiety.


“It’s not for you, it’s for the baby.” Sheila said simply. “We also need to get a wedding planned and talk about how we are going to get a Jewish Alpha and a Catholic Omega married.” She said, picking up her cell phone. “This is going to be a lot of work. Kyle, I want you to know you really did it this time.”


Kyle just rolled his eyes. “Are we done here? Stan is obviously upset and this can’t be good for the baby.” He said, helping his lover up.


“We are done…for now…but remember who your parents are, young man. We are going to talk to Randy and Sharon and then you two are going to start preparing to get married and be parents.” Sheila said, looking at Gerald who was mumbling about how much money this was going to cost him.



Chapter Text

“It’s going to be okay, Sweetie, this is just your first appointment, and I’m here, Kyle is here…Misses Broflovski is here…” Sharon said, knowing Sheila’s presence wasn’t exactly comforting. It was Stan’s first appointment with the OBGYN and she knew her son was nervous. Things were happening fast, Sheila was pushing things to go as fast as she could. She already started planning the wedding and poor Stan was in the middle of shopping for a wedding gown and getting his first ultrasound.


“I know Mom…” Stan said, watching as Kyle and Sheila were getting them checked in and Sheila was paying for it, which he knew she would make sure he and Kyle never heard the end of. Now that he was actually alone with his mother, he looked over at her, wanting to talk to her before Kyle and Sheila got back.


“Mom…did you…plan on having kids… Like…did you want to have me and Shelly?” The brunette decided to ask, looking over at his mother.


Sharon was a little taken aback by that. “Well, of course I did Honey, your father and I were over the moon when we had you and Shelly. Why are you asking about this?” She asked.


Stan sighed a little. “I’m…just nervous… I…don’t know how to feel about this baby.” He said, putting a hand on his stomach. “Is that bad? Does that make me like…an asshole or something?” He asked. “It’s just…I’m not excited, I…don’t feel like I’m going to be a good mom…” He admitted, starting to tear up a little.  “I guess I’m just really scared… Kyle keeps telling me it’s going to be okay…and it’s gonna be great…but…he’s not the one carrying the baby…” He said, reaching up to wipe a tear away, feeling some of his eyeliner coming off thanks to it. “It’s like…just a few months ago I was normal…I wasn’t an Omega…I wasn’t going to be a mom or a wife right after I graduate high school….”


Sharon felt awful seeing her son in tears. She moved to hug him close and wipe some of his tears away. “Honey, you’re not an asshole, you’re not going to be a bad mother, you’re not going to be a bad wife. It’s natural to be scared; the situation you are in is scary. You and Kyle are both young and I know this all happened rather fast, but, you have your father and I behind you and you know we will support anything you do.”


“I know Mom…I just…I love Kyle and…I just hope this all works out okay… I know it’s going to be a lot harder than Kyle is trying to make it sound.” Stan said. “He already has everything planned out for us…” He said with a small sigh. “Leave it to Kyle to already have it all figured out… Meanwhile, I don’t even know what I’m going to do next week.”


“You and Kyle are very different, but, you love each other, even when times get tough you have always been there for each other, even when you two were little.” Sharon said, smiling a little. “I remember when we moved away for a little, you were so upset you couldn’t see him every day like you use to, it’s almost like you couldn’t function without him. When you told me that you bonded with him, I really wasn’t that surprised, I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. There wasn’t any stopping it, and, you would have been miserable with anyone else.” She said. “I think this baby will be a good learning experience for both of you.”


The brunette moved to nod his head. “Yeah… I just hope this will all work out, that, Kyle and I will be able to make it.” He said, tapping his finger nails on the arm of the chair he was sitting on. “Kyle knows he wants to be a lawyer and he wants me to be home with the baby… I guess that will be nice…” He said, watching as his fiancé and his future mother-in-law came back to them.


“Okay, you’re all checked in. We were able to get you Doctor Johnson, they tried to give us someone else and I told them that was not going to happen.” Sheila said, handing Stan some forms. “Fill these out Stanley, we just need your signature and then the doctor can see you.” She said, before moving to look at Kyle. “You’re gonna go in there with him, that’s what you do as the father.”


“I planned on it Ma.” Kyle said with a sigh. “Why don’t you and Misses Marsh wait out here, I think Stan and I need to do that alone.” He said, looking at his fiancée.


“I…kinda want my mom in there with me…” Stan said softly, looking at his mother.


“Stan, we have to get use to doing this on our own, Baby.” Kyle said, taking Stan’s hands in his. “Sweetheart, it’s gonna be okay, trust me.” He said, helping the brunette up. He leaned to press a kiss to the back of Stan’s hand. “Your mom and my mom will be here when we’re all done.” He said, knowing his mother was going to insist she be in the room.


“Kyle, I think Sharon and I should be in the room, you two don’t know how to handle this yet.” Sheila said, crossing her arms over her chest.


“Ma, we’ll be fine, plus, I just want it to be Stan and I for this first time, okay? He’s already been stressing about this whole thing, I just don’t want to over stimulate him.” Kyle argued. “We’ll be fine; you can both come in for the next appointment, okay?” He said, pressing a kiss to the top of Stan’s head. “Hell, you guys can come in after the ultrasound, just let us do this one part by ourselves, okay?”


Sharon looked over at her son. “Stanley, is that okay with you?” She asked.


Stan did want his mom to come in, but, Kyle seemed hell bent on having some privacy for their first appointment. “It’s okay…you both can come in right after the ultrasound.” He said, moving to hold onto his mate’s arm.


Sheila didn’t look happy about it but sighed. “Fine, but you finish, let us know right away.” She said, not looking too happy about not being allowed in for the first ultrasound.


“We will, Ma.” Kyle promised, helping Stan out of his seat. “C’mon Baby, the doctor is ready to see us.” He said, rubbing his mate’s back as he led him towards the examination room.


“Kyle, why did you want it to be just us so badly?” Stan decided to ask as a nurse led them towards one of the private rooms.


“It’s a personal thing, I just want the first news we get about our baby to be for just the two of us, it’s special.” Kyle said, looking around at the posters in the room. They were all of ultrasounds or cute baby photos. He had to smile, he couldn’t wait to see the first ultrasound, and, he could already picture getting family photos done, it was going to be amazing.


Stan started to try and get up on the examination table but found himself being stopped.


“Let me help you up there, Babe, I don’t want you slipping and hurting yourself.” Kyle said, picking up his boyfriend and placing him gently on the table. “You’re delicate after all.” He said with a smile. “You and our baby are the most important things in the world to me.” He said, pressing a kiss to the Omega’s cheek.


“It still doesn’t feel real to me…like…I still can’t believe that I have a human being growing inside of me…” Stan said softly. “That in less than nine months…I’ll be taking care of a baby…and be a mom…” 


“I know, but, it’s going to be great Baby, you’re gonna make a wonderful mother, I just know it.” Kyle said with a grin, watching as the doctor made her way in.


A woman who was in her late thirties with long blond hair tied back flashed the young couple a smile. “Good afternoon, I’m Doctor Johnson, I’m going to be your OBGYN during your pregnancy.” She said, going over to Stan. “You must be Stanley Marsh.” She said, looking over his file. “Well, I specialize in Omega pregnancy, so, I think we are going to be a perfect match for working with each other.” She said. “Is the father of your child here with you today?” She asked.


Kyle cleared his throat at that. “Yes, I’m the father, Kyle Broflovski.” He said, moving to shake the doctor’s hand. “Thank you for taking Stan as a patient, I wanted to make sure he and our baby will be under the best care in Colorado.” He said, moving to take Stan’s hand and squeeze it in a comforting manner.


“Well, all of us working together, I’m sure we can take good care of Stanley and the baby.” Doctor Johnson said with a smile. “Now, Stanley, how have you been feeling lately?” She asked, moving to take her stethoscope out and press it to the brunette’s flat stomach.


“Um…okay…I guess…” Stan said, feeling the medical device pressed against his stomach. “I’ve just been puking in the morning and I’ve been really tired all the time.” He said. “I’ve also been…really anxious…” He said, biting his lower lip. “And…depressed…” He said in a hushed tone.


“Babe, why didn’t you tell me you’ve been depressed and anxious?” Kyle asked, looking at his mate.


“It just happens, Kyle, you know I have depression and anxiety… This whole thing has been really hard on me mentally.” Stan said, letting out a sigh. “I’m sorry, I can’t help it.”


Doctor Johnson nodded her head. “Well, good news is, according to your chart you’re on medication for it, and, you can keep taking it during your pregnancy. Just remember that stress can take a toll on you physically, so, try to keep your stress levels down. If you feel like you’re having issues controlling it, let me know, we can always work on getting you someone you can talk to.” She said with a comforting smile.


Kyle didn’t look to happy at the suggestion of a therapist but stayed quiet for the moment.


“Thank you…” Stan said. “I’ll try to control it as best as I can, but, I’ll let you know if it gets bad.” He said, watching as the nurse came in and started prepping the ultrasound machine. “Are we…going to be able to see the baby already?”


“No, not yet.” The doctor said. “It won’t be for a few more months, but, we want to make sure everything in your stomach is looking good. Then we are gonna get you set up with some books, vitamins, and other things you’ll need for your pregnancy.” She said, preparing the machine to be put in use. “Now, this isn’t going to hurt, but, it might feel a little cold, so, let’s have you lift up your shirt and we’ll get started.”


Stan nodded and moved to lift up the soft pink cashmere sweater he was wearing up to expose his flat stomach. He lay back on the table and closed his eyes. He knew it wasn’t going to hurt, but, the fact that this was happening made it feel real…


“It’s okay, Baby.” Kyle assured, keeping his tight grip on Stan’s hand.


Soon enough, Stan felt the cold and strange feeling on his stomach and a wand moving around on his skin. He opened his eyes and looked over to see the monitor. Soon enough they would have this done and a baby would be seen in there… How was he going to react when that happened? Would he cry in joy or in fear?


“Okay, everything looks good here.” Doctor Johnson said, having the nurse wipe the goo off of the brunette’s stomach. “So, I’m going to give your mother this list of things you’ll need and we’ll make an appointment for next month.” She said, helping Stan sit up. “Do you have any questions before you leave?”


Stan thought for a moment. “When will I start showing?” He asked. Honestly, that was what he was worried about the most. The minute he started showing everyone was going to find out he was pregnant, and everyone at school was going to think he was a slut…


“You probably won’t show until three months.” The doctor said. “And, I would advise rubbing coco butter on your stomach at that point to help reduce stretch marks.” She said. “Any other questions?”


Kyle decided to speak up at that. “Will Stan be able to breast feed our child?” He asked.


“Yes, Omega’s lactate, so, he will be able to breast feed the baby. He might swell a little during that that time in the chest while he is holding the milk.”


Stan groaned at that. That sounded an awful like he was going to be sporting breasts of some kind. How could this get any fucking worse!? He just forced a smile on his lips and thanked God when Sharon and Sheila came in.




Stan laid in bed that night in his silky nightie and found himself not being able to fall asleep. His mind kept racing about the baby and everything that was going to happen. Was Kyle going to help take care of the baby when it cried at night? Or…would that sit on his shoulders alone? He had so many fears and so many questions, and, as he started to finally lull off to sleep, he had a feeling he was going to have nightmares.




He wasn’t entirely sure how he got there, but, he was in a house he didn’t recognize. He rubbed his eyes and all of the sudden he heard the sound of a crying baby. He got up from a bed he was apparently lying in and made his way down a long hallway, the sounds of the crying growing louder and louder. Before he knew it, he was opening a door and a nursery was in view.


“Shhh…its okay…” He said softly, looking down in the crib and not seeing one baby, but two. He picked them both up and started to try and comfort them.


“Kyle?” Stan cried out. “Kyle…I need help…” He said, managing to carry both babies in his arms as he set off to look for his mate. He made his way down the stairs, both babies grabbing at his chest, tugging at his nightgown. The babies were still crying and they were just getting louder and louder. “Please…stop…” He begged, feeling like his ears were ringing. Where the fuck was Kyle!?


“Stan! Will you please quiet them down! I am on a business call!” Came a familiar voice.


That sounded like Kyle and when he peaked his head into a rather elaborate office and an older looking red headed Alpha sitting behind a large mahogany desk. He was on the phone, looking perturbed as he spoke about some kind of legal thing he couldn’t really understand.


“I…need your help…I’m so tired…” Stan said, ignoring his lover’s command to quiet them down. “Can’t you just take one of them?”


Kyle frowned and put the phone down. “Stan, I was on a very important call. It’s your job to take care of our kids, why can’t you do that one simple thing?” He asked, green eyes narrowing a bit.


Stan felt tears well in his eyes as he was chastised by his Alpha. “I-I know…I’m sorry…I just…I haven’t gotten any sleep…they won’t stop crying! All they do is cry! It’s driving me crazy!”


“God, you’re a fucking horrible Omega.” Kyle snapped. “Literally your fucking job is to be a wife and a mother, and, you can’t even do that. Stan, you’re such a screw up, our entire lives you’ve been nothing but a fuck up. You can’t even do the simplest of tasks.” He said, coming out from behind his desk, not offering to take one of the babies. “I make the money, which, I obviously do a very good job of, and you, you take care of the house and the kids. That’s how it is, that’s what I expect you to do. So, stop standing there looking all pathetic in tears because you can’t handle your one task.” He snapped.


Stan looked down at the ground and felt tears stream down his cheeks. “I-I’m sorry… I’m scared…”


“It’s called be an adult Stan, it’s time to grow up.” Kyle said, shaking his head as he went back to his desk. “Everyone else has, why can’t you?”


“But…I’m only seventeen…” Stan said, looking down at the babies in his arms who were still wailing.



Stan gasped as he sat up in bed, waking from his nightmare. He brought his knees to his chest and felt tears start to run down his cheeks.


“What am I going to do?” He asked himself, starting to softly sob.


Chapter Text

“What do you think about Jacob if it’s a boy?” Kyle asked, looking up from his calculus homework. He had come over to check on Stan and the baby, also, to help his love with his math homework. Stan was never as good at math as he was, and, he was still in basic algebra. It wasn’t really that big of a deal, Stan was going to be a housewife and a mother, he didn’t need math.


“Huh?” Stan said, looking like he was spacing out.


“Babe, are you even paying attention? You aren’t going to pass this test if you don’t listen to me.” Kyle said. “Also, I was saying, if we have a boy, Jacob might be a good name.”


“Jacob? Then people would call him Jake.” Stan said, not liking the idea of that for some reason. Honestly, he didn’t even know why, he just didn’t even want to think about attaching a name to the thing growing inside of him. He bit his lower lip, the numbers just getting mixed up in his head.


“What’s wrong with Jake?” Kyle asked, looking at Stan’s homework and sighing when he noticed his mate had doodled over his paper instead of actually doing any equations.


“I just…don’t like it is all.” Stan said, looking down at his lap. “Is it such a big deal?” He said, moving to chew on his pen.


“What would you want to name the baby?” Kyle decided to ask, moving to take the pen out of Stan’s mouth. “And don’t do that, it’s a bad habit.”


“Elway.” Stan said simply, answering his mate’s question.


“Pardon? What was that? What about Elway?” Kyle said, raising a brow.


“That’s what I want to name the baby, whether it’s a boy or a girl; Elway.” Stan said simply.


Kyle looked at his lover blankly before adopting a more incredulous expression. “We are not naming our baby, Elway.” He said. “That’s just… How did you even come up with that?” He asked, looking baffled.


“I really like John Elway, he’s like, my hero, I can’t think of a better name to give this thing I’m going to pop out.” Stan said, looking back down at his math homework. None of this shit made any sense… He always felt so fucking stupid when he did math, and sometimes, Kyle didn’t help with that.


“Babe…that’s just…not…you know…a traditional name.” Kyle said with a sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose. He loved Stan more than anything, but, sometimes, he really didn’t understand the brunette.


“Who cares if it’s traditional or not, if it’s a girl, we can call her Ellie for short, if it’s a boy, we could call him Eli for short, I think it’s a nice name. Everything doesn’t always have to be so…in the box, Ky.” Stan said, moving to stand up from his seat on the couch next to his lover. He was starting to get emotional, his damn hormones starting to act up again.


“Fine, if you want to name our baby Elway, go right the fuck ahead.” Kyle said, sounding like he was getting frustrated.


“I think I should get to have a say about the name, I’m the one carrying it.” Stan said, feeling tears welling in his blue eyes.


“Yeah, and I’m the father, and I also get a say in it.” Kyle snapped. “Naming our child Elway is just going to get our kid teased all the fucking time.”


“Fine! Just name the baby whatever the fuck you want! Decorate the nursery however you want, raise it however you want, whatever you want because that is all that matters! Whatever Kyle fucking wants!” Stan said, tears starting to run down his cheeks as he stepped away from his mate.


“Are you really flipping out on me for this? C’mon Stan! You’re being ridiculous right now!” Kyle said, moving to follow his lover out of the living room and to the kitchen.


“I don’t think I’m being ridiculous for wanting to have a say! You’re not the one who is going to get fat, or…have stretch marks…” He said, sniffling as he looked away from the red head. “You’re not the one who feels like they are going fucking crazy because you are either crying, screaming, laughing, or horny! You’re not the one who gets the joy of being called a slut as soon as you start showing!”


Kyle was rather taken aback by Stan having an emotional meltdown. His lover had always been so easy going, but now, it was like he was exploding. “Babe…calm down…you know this isn’t good for the baby…” He said, going over to the brunette.


“I know! I don’t even have control over my own body anymore!” Stan said, shaking his head as tears ran down his cheeks.


Kyle frowned a little. “Stan…the way you’re acting…it’s worrying me. This baby is going to be great for us. We’re going to get married, and, have a child of our own to take care of and love. We will be able have a family, and, after I graduate from Harvard with my law degree, we’ll have a nice, comfortable life.” He said, trying to wrap his arms around Stan, frowning when the brunette refused to be held.


“It’s more complicated than that Kyle! You make it sound like it’s going to be so easy for us! We’re seventeen and having a baby! Not only that, but, I have to push back everything I wanted to do because of it. Now instead of working with the World Wildlife Fund or Greenpeace I have to be a mother and a housewife.” Stan admitted. “It’s like…I’ve been robbed of all possibilities because of this… If I was an Alpha or a Beta, I wouldn’t have to keep sacrificing all the time.” He said, sniffling a little.


Kyle sighed, sounding a little frustrated as he went over to his lover. “Sweetheart, I know this is hard for you, but, I really am thinking about what is in your best interests, our best interests, it’s my job as an Alpha to do that. We’re bonded together for the rest of our lives, Baby.” He said, managing to get a hold of the Omega. “Stan, we’re keeping this baby.” He said, looking into his mate’s big teary blue eyes. “I promise you…it’s going to be okay. I will be there for you during your pregnancy and I will be there to help raise out child. You aren’t going to have to do this alone.”


The brunette took in a deep breath and moved to wipe away some tears. “I-I…just…never pictured myself as a mother…I don’t feel very maternal.”


“That’s not true, Babe, you’re great with kids. Remember, you coached Ike’s peewee hockey team? Or when you attempted to direct the middle school’s play? I think you doubt yourself too much on this.” Kyle said, pressing a kiss to Stan’s temple.


“That’s different than being a mother though…” Stan said with a sigh. “What if I’m bad at it and the baby hates me…or…I don’t like the baby…”


“That’s not going to happen.” Kyle said, moving to hold the Omega close and run his fingers through those beautiful dark locks. “Why don’t we focus on our wedding and graduating for a little bit? You’ve still got some months before the baby even starts showing.”


“I’m going to be fat for our wedding…” Stan said, sniffling as tears ran down his cheeks again. “Not to mention how much it’s going to cost…and where we are going to have it…and what religion…everything is too much for me right now.” He said, pulling out of Kyle’s embrace. “I feel like I’m constantly on the verge of having a panic attack.” He added, before crossing his arms over his chest. “The doctor said that I could go to therapy…maybe that would be a good thing…”


“Therapy? It’s that bad you feel you need that?” Kyle asked. “Well, that’s great, that makes me feel like the shittiest Alpha that’s walked the Earth.”


“Not everything is about you Kyle.” Stan said softly. “Maybe sometimes it’s about me…and what I need.” He said, moving to press a chaste kiss to the redhead’s cheek before making his way upstairs to his bedroom.




“Pregnant? Wow…” Wendy said, sitting next to her ex-boyfriend as they sat down at a picnic table at Stark’s Pond. She always thought it was funny how she had ended up an Alpha and Stan had ended up an Omega. Even when they did date, before everything happened, she had always been the more dominant one in their relationship. It was just so odd sitting next to him looking so feminine and apparently pregnant.


Stan nodded his head and sighed. “I haven’t told anyone yet…well…besides Kyle and our parents.”


“So…how are you taking it? How do you feel about it?” Wendy decided to ask.


“I don’t know… I guess I mostly feel scared…” Stan said, looking down at his lap. “I just…don’t feel ready at all…and I know everyone at school is going to think I’m a whore. I’m sure Craig alone will run down the halls screaming it once he finds out.”


“Well, fuck him and anyone else who says shit like that.” Wendy said. “How is Kyle taking the news? He is going to take care of it, right? I swear to God Stan, if he runs out on you I’ll hunt him down and kill him myself.” She threatened.


“No need to worry about doing that, Kyle is happy as fuck about it. He already has our entire lives planned out, and, we’re going to get married before I even pop so the baby won’t be a bastard…” Stan said. “You can imagine how his mom took the news… Every time I see her she glares at me, and, I just know she is thinking that I corrupted Kyle and I’m some…skank.”


“Well, hasn’t Sheila always kinda hated you? Really, this is nothing new.” Wendy said, trying to comfort the Omega. “But, it sounds like your families are both supporting you.” She said. “If Bebe were to get pregnant, I don’t think her parents would do the same.” She added, speaking of her own Omega.


“Lucky…yeah…I guess so…” He said, before looking at the other brunette. “Wendy, I don’t know if I want this baby…” Stan decided to admit. “But Kyle…he already has his mind made up. He wants me to have this baby and be a stay at home mother and housewife.”


“Do you…want an abortion?” Wendy asked, looking at her friend with a concerned expression.


“I don’t know… I just…I don’t know what to think or feel… I just wish Kyle would be willing to talk to me about it. Every time I try to just bring it up he immediately shuts me down… Because he’s my Alpha…I can’t help but submit to him… I feel…that no matter what I want, what he wants is what is going to happen.” Stan said softly.


“If Kyle really loves you, he will listen to you, even if he has the power to control you.” Wendy said, looking at her friend. “He is in a position where he can do a lot of damage. I know you and Kyle love each other and you have always been best friends, but, you know how I feel about him. Kyle can be a selfish, elitist, asshole, and that hasn’t changed since we were kids.”


“He can be, but, he can also be sweet, loving, and wonderful…that’s why I’m in love with him.” Stan said, letting out a sigh. “My doctor recommended a therapist for me… I was thinking of seeing her behind Kyle’s back… I know he’ll be furious with me if he finds out…but…I think it will help me work some things out.”


“I think that is a good idea, if Kyle really gets mad at you for working on yourself, he’s just being a dick. He’s probably afraid you are going to make him sound less than perfect. He always wants to come off as perfect.” Wendy said, rolling her eyes.


“Yeah…that’s Kyle…the perfectionist…” Stan said, resting a hand on his cheek.


Chapter Text

Three Months Pregnant


Stan honestly hated how he looked; he had been avoiding looking in mirrors, not wanting to see the small bump that had taken shape, ruining his once flat stomach. It had been getting harder and harder to even hide, everything was just getting worse. His emotions were all out of control and he was starting to get cravings. The one thing he was actually thankful for was the morning sickness was finally starting to go away.


He still hadn’t revealed to anyone who wasn’t close to him yet what was going on. Now, Kenny knew, Wendy knew, their families knew, but, that was still about it. He was super paranoid about anyone finding out before he told everyone. Honestly, he would just love if he could somehow hide it until he graduated, but, he knew that was going to be impossible.


He knew as soon as others found out his teachers were gonna walk to him, Mister Mackey was going to want to talk to him; it was going to be an awkward embarrassing nightmare.


There was a knock on his bedroom door and soon enough his mother was letting herself in.


“Good morning, how are you feeling?” She asked, watching as Stan put on a pink babydoll top that hid his protruding stomach and a white pleated skirt that ended above the knees.


“I’m okay, it’s been hard not sleeping on my stomach.” Stan said, looking into his vanity mirror as he did his makeup. He wasn’t looking forward to going to school today, he just was in a bad mood or no reason, he was always in some fucking mood for no reason now in days. He hated this whole pregnancy… He felt disgusting and felt like he looked disgusting, it was just going to get worse as the months went on.


“I know, you always liked sleeping on your stomach, even when you were a baby you slept on your stomach.” Sharon mused, smiling a bit. “You were an adorable little baby, I have a feeling your little one is going to be just as cute.”


“Is Kyle picking you up for school?” Sharon asked, watching as Stan finished applying his makeup.


“Yeah, he said he was on his way. He barely lets me do anything on my own since I started showing.” Stan said with a sigh.


“He just cares about you Sweetie; I know he wouldn’t want anything to happen to you and his baby.” Sharon said with a small smile. “Plus, after school, weren’t you going to look for wedding dresses? That sounds like fun.”


Stan sighed. “Yes, I’m looking forward to finding the dress I’m going to look like a whale in.”


“Honey, you are going to look beautiful.” Sharon assured.


“Mom, I look hideous already.” Stan said, moving to look at his stomach one more time in the mirror. “I just…I can’t even imagine how bad I’m going to look in a few months.”


“You will never look hideous, Stanley.” Sharon said. She knew this whole thing had been extremely hard on Stan. He had been crying a lot, and even though he started seeing a therapist, he still wasn’t his usual chipper self.  She was rather worried about her son. Even though Stanley was going to keep the baby, she just hoped he wasn’t going to regret it. Unfortunately, Kyle’s rule was law now for Stan ever since they mated, that was why bonding could be so dangerous, the poor Omega became completely submissive to their Alpha, even if the Alpha was cruel.


Stan sighed, he knew his mother meant well, but, honestly, he didn’t believe her, he just felt so…gross. “Thanks Mom…” He said softly, grabbing his backpack and putting it on his back.


“C’mon, let’s go downstairs and you can have something to eat before Kyle gets here.”  


“I’m not even hungry.” Stan murmured, following his mother down the stairs where his father and sister were already sitting at the kitchen table, eating breakfast.


“Good morning, Princess, how are you feeling?” Randy asked. He had tried to be cool with all of this, but, he was still mad as hell at Kyle! He wanted to kill that fucking kid! He had dreamed about running his ass over or pushing him into a volcano… A man could dream, couldn’t he? It was strange; he really wasn’t even that angry with Stan, he saw him as a victim in this whole thing.


“Crappy.” Stan said with a sigh, sitting down. He watched as his mother put a plate of food in front of him. He just picked up his fork and pushed the eggs around. He was feeling depressed, he just wanted to cry, it was probably another one of those fucking mood swings…


“Sweetie, try to eat something, it isn’t good for you or the baby if you are starving yourself.” Sharon said, looking at her son with a worried expression.


“I know…I just…don’t have much of an appetite today for some reason.” Stan said, moving to grab a piece of toast and nibble on it.


“Are you still…puking?” Randy decided to ask. “Is that why you aren’t hungry? Man, that must have sucked, I heard you hurling at all hours of the night last month.”


Stan just looked at his father dryly. “Daddy, I’m in my second trimester now, that part is over, thank God. I don’t want to eat because I’m just not hungry, and, every time I look in the mirror I just seem to get fatter and fatter.” He said with a pout.


“Princess, you aren’t fat, you are pregnant! You look cute as a button!” Randy said, starting to sweat. It seemed everything he said lately made his poor son cry. When Stan brought up his weight addressing it a very sensitive subject.


Shelly snorted, of course she didn’t give a shit about how Stan felt, she still found it hilarious Stan was pregnant. She had made a new hobby of making Stan cry, not that it was hard anymore. “Dad, what are you talking about, he looks huge! I can’t imagine how big he is going to look at the end of his pregnancy; he probably won’t even be able to fit through the door anymore.” She said, before smirking. “And you’ll probably still be a fat ass when you pop that thing out. Your ass has already doubled in size.”


Randy looked horrified as he snapped his head over to his daughter. “SHELLY! WHY!?” He cried out, looking back at Stan whose lower lip had already started quivering. Before he knew it, the Omega had burst into tears and wails.


“I LOOK LIKE A WHALE!” Stan cried out standing up from the table and running up the stairs crying and screaming, the sound of his bedroom door slamming behind him.


Randy and Sharon both glared at Shelly.


“Shelly, why would you do that?” Sharon asked a frown on her lips.


Shelly just shrugged. “I don’t know it was funny?” She said, moving to grab the eggs off of Stan’s plate.


Sharon just pinched the bridge of her nose, hearing the doorbell go off, it had to be Kyle. That was good; the baby’s father should get a taste of the emotional distress their son was in. She watched as Randy got up, going to answer the door, knowing he still wanted to kill Kyle for what he did.


Randy swung the door open and looked at Kyle. “Good morning Kyle. Just in time, Stan is having a complete meltdown because of YOU. He ran upstairs and locked himself in his bedroom, so, good luck getting him to come out.”


Kyle groaned. Stan had been so emotional lately it had been driving him nuts! He would get calls all times of the night, either his mate crying, screaming at him for something, or, wanting sex. The sex was fine, the other emotions, not so much. “How did that happen?” He asked, his green eyes narrowing and looking right at Shelly.


“I just told the truth and he decided to take it the wrong way and freak out.” Shelly said, not seeming bothered by any of the events that had just happened. “I just informed him he is fat.” She said simply.


“God! What the fuck Shelly!?” Kyle snapped, hating his future sister-in-law more than he already did. She was such a fucking bitch for no reason! He moved to make his way up the stairs to go and try and coax Stan out of his room to go to school.


As the red head got closer to his lover’s room, he could hear the wailing coming from behind closed doors. Well this was just a perfect way to start the day.  He hesitated before knocking on the door, a part of him just wanted to run away, not wanting to deal with this situation, but, this was his mate, his Omega, his love, he needed to do this. He knocked softly on the door, hearing the wailing stop briefly.


“W-Who…is it?” Stan asked from behind the door, sniffling loudly.


“Baby, its Kyle, will you open the door for me? I know you’re upset, but, I can make you feel better.” Kyle said in a soothing tone, hoping that would convince Stan to open the door. “C’mon Sweetheart it’s going to be okay.” He said, hearing footsteps getting closer and closer before the door swung open. Poor Stan looked a mess, his makeup was ruined from crying, his eyes were red and his cheeks were tearstained.


“K-Kyle…” Stan sniffled, moving to wipe some running mascara off of his cheeks. “I-I’m so…FAAAAAAAAAAAT!” He cried out, breaking into another fit of sobs.


Kyle did his best not to make a single noise that could be considered something of frustration. He moved to take his lover into his arms and hold him close. “Shhh, its okay Babydoll.” He said, rubbing the brunette’s back. “Now, you are being silly, you aren’t fat in the least.” He said, giving his love the kindest smile he could muster.


“H-How…can you think that…look at my stomach…” The brunette said, moving to lift up his shirt to show his baby bump.


Kyle couldn’t help but smile. “I think you look gorgeous.” He said, leaning down to press a kiss to Stan’s pregnant stomach. “Don’t listen to Shelly, Baby, she’s just being a bitch, like usual.” He said, moving to gently caress the stomach. He couldn’t believe in six months they would have their child. He knew Stan wasn’t fond of his pregnant body, but, he found it adorable. Maybe it was an Alpha thing; every time he looked at his mate swollen stomach it made him feel damn proud. His might Alpha seed had done that after all.


“It’s getting harder and harder to hide my stomach…I’m afraid someone is going to find out…” Stan said, pulling his shirt back down. “I mean…everyone is going to get suspicious when I stop going to PE and shit…”


“Baby, don’t worry about that, worry about you and your health.” Kyle said with a small smile. “Your mom told me you didn’t eat much today, so, I brought you something.” He said, reaching into his backpack and pulling out a chocolate donut. “I know how much you love these; I thought it might make you feel a little better.”


Stan sniffled a little. “Oh Kyle…that’s so…sweet.” He said his mood shifting as he moved to press a tender kiss to his mate’s lips. “Thank you so much, I’ve been craving chocolate so bad!” He said, taking the donut and wiping away some tears. “I’m gonna go fix my makeup and then we can go.”


“Okay Baby, take your time.” He said, moving to sit on Stan’s bed. He had to admit, he was impressed with himself, he had just put to rest a mood swing freak out! He laid back on the bed, pushing some stuffed animals out of the way as he watched his Omega reapply his mascara and lipgloss. God, he would never get over how fucking hot Stan was, he was the luckiest Alpha in the whole world.  “Baby, you should wear the pink bubblegum flavored lipgloss.” He purred, feeling his oats.


“For you, I suppose I could do that.” The brunette cooed, picking up the pink tube and smearing some on his plump lips.


“Yeah…just like that…” Kyle purred, getting rather turned on by the scene. He loved when Stan got into these horny flirty moods. It was one of the good things about his pregnancy.


“Mngh, Kyle, you can’t seriously think I look sexy like this.” Stan said with a flirty little smile, turning around to look at his Alpha.


“You always look sexy, Stan, don’t even play all coy like that.” Kyle said, moving to sit up from the bed and go over to his lover. He gently wrapped his arms around the brunette’s waist, pulling him close. He leaned in and pressed a kiss to the newly glossed lips, tasting the bubblegum flavor.


“Well, what about me is so sexy?” Stan asked, smiling sweetly as he caressed his lover’s muscular chest. He really needed a self-esteem pick me up after the morning he had been having, not to mention, the anxiety he was having over anyone finding out about his pregnancy.


“Well, your beautiful blue eyes, your luscious lips, your soft skin…” Kyle mused, running his hands down his lover’s form. He let his hands drift downwards, stopping on Stan’s gorgeous ass. “Let’s not forget your big and plump ass.” He purred.


Stan pulled away at that, his blue eyes narrowing. “B-Big?” He said, his voice starting to crack.


Kyle was too caught up in his lust to realize he had just stepped on a landmine. “Mmm, yeah Baby, big is just how I like it, more to play with.” He purred.


Stan frowned and moved to knee the Alpha in the crotch, causing Kyle to let out a cry of pain and fall to the ground.


“I can’t believe you! I knew it! I’m FAAAAAAAAAT!” Stan screamed, running out of his room and into the bathroom, slamming the door closed and locking it.


Chapter Text

It had taken Kyle awhile to get Stan out of the bathroom, but, after nearly a half hour of begging, the pregnant brunette had come out. Now of course, they were going to be late for their first hour class. He glanced over at Stan who was sitting in the passenger seat of his car, looking cute as a button with his hair and face all done up, hiding his adorable pregnant stomach under the pink babydoll shirt. His lover had been rather paranoid lately, afraid someone was going to find out he was pregnant, but honestly, he didn’t get it. People were going to find out sooner or later right? Soon Stan wouldn’t be able to hide his belly from the world.


“You okay Babe? You look upset still.” Kyle said, moving to place a hand on his lover’s knee as he kept the other one on the steering wheel.


“Guess I just have a lot on my mind… I’m going to look at wedding gowns after school and tomorrow we have another doctor’s appointment with Doctor Johnson and she said the baby should show up on the ultrasound…” Stan said, moving to put a hand on his swollen stomach.


“You don’t sound excited about seeing the baby for the first time.” Kyle said with a frown.


“I…don’t know how to feel about it… You know that…” Stan said, knowing Kyle thought he was just going to wake up one day and be over the moon about being a mother. Unfortunately, that just wasn’t how things worked.


“Once you see that baby, you’re gonna fall in love with it, I just know it.” Kyle said with a small smile, pulling into the parking lot of the high school.


Stan just sighed, it didn’t seem to matter how many times he told Kyle how he felt, how uneasy he was, it was always just brushed aside. He grabbed his bag and made sure his baby bump was hidden. Every day was just another charade he had to play to try and keep his secret. He just had to hold on three more months till graduation, just had to hide it till then, that was possible, right? He bit his lower lip and felt Kyle take his hand.


“Let me walk you to class.” Kyle said, knowing the brunette’s first class of the day was the Omega 101 class he had been forced to take. “You look really pretty today.” He said, looking down at his lover with a soft smile. “I can’t get over how gorgeous you are.”


“I don’t feel very beautiful…” Stan admitted, feeling Kyle squeeze his hand as they got closer to the classroom. He raised an eyebrow when he saw a rather large group gathered outside. It wasn’t just Omega’s waiting to get into the classroom, there were some Alphas too, in fact, he saw Kenny standing with Butters.


“What’s going on here?” Kyle decided to ask, looking over at his friend. He had to smile a little at how Butters was cuddled up to him. They had officially started dating last month. Of course they had to keep it from Butters’ parents, but, the couple seemed happy.


“Oh! It’s soooo romantic!” Butters cried out, clapping his hands together.


Kenny laughed a little. “Yeah, fucking Tweek is making us all look bad.” He said, running his fingers through his blond locks.


“What did Tweek do that was so great? Did he finally wise the fuck up and dump Craig?” Stan asked dryly, not in the mood for all of this. For some reason all this was doing was pissing him the fuck off!


“Whoa, calm down there Marsh, someone on their cycle? Don’t get all bitchy.” Clyde said with a laugh, causing Kyle to shoot a glare at him.


“Shut the fuck up, Donovan, I’m in the mood to put your head through a wall if you talk like that to Stan again.” Kyle threatened, causing Clyde to just laugh and hold his hands up in a defensive manner.


“Calm down, Bro, I didn’t mean anything by it.” Clyde said, looking back to where the crowd was still gathered. “To clue you two in, Tweek asked Craig to marry him last night and apparently Craig said yes, so, everyone wanted to see the rock homeboy sprung for.”


“I think it’s so sweet. They’ve been together for so long and now they are going to get married.” Butters cooed. “It’s like a real life romance movie.”


“You know, Kyle and I have been together for a long time too.” Stan interjected, crossing his arms over his chest. He wanted to tell everyone he was going to get married soon too! He just didn’t have a ring yet…and he was always on the verge of having a nervous breakdown…and he was pregnant… Okay, maybe he didn’t want to tell anyone anything!


“C’mon Stan, you and Kyle were playing the whole will they won’t they bullshit until you both presented. Craig and Tweek have been dating on and off since like the fourth grade.” Kenny said with an amused grin. Of course he knew why Stan was so bitchy, but, he wasn’t about to spill that out of risk of being beaten to death by Kyle…and probably by Stan too, hell, he hadn’t even told Butters!


“We just didn’t know how to…express our feelings… Wait a minute…we don’t owe you an explanation, fuck off, Kenny.” Kyle snapped, pinching the bridge of his nose. This was just another reminder of all the shit he had to do before Stan gave birth. He still needed to get his mate an engagement ring; he just wanted to find the perfect one…


“God, you’re both fucking pissy today, well, I guess it’s true what they say, couples tend to act similar the longer they date.” Kenny teased, causing him to get punched in the arm by Kyle.


“Stop it Ken, you’re being so mean.” Butters said, lightly tapping the blond Alpha’s chest.


Kenny couldn’t help but grin as he wrapped an arm around his cute Omega all dolled up in pink. “I’m sorry Buttercup, I just can’t help it sometimes, I’ve been a really bad boy, you can punish me as you see fit later.” He purred.


“Have a little shame, Dude.” Stan said, looking a little grossed out.


“Oh come on, like you and Kyle aren’t all nasty together all the time.” Kenny said, rolling his eyes, moving to press a kiss to the top of Butters head. “I had to sit through years upon years of your Super Best Friend bullshit, you can both deal.” He said, before hearing the bell start to ring. “Well, that’s the bell; I’ll come after class and come get you to walk you to math, okay?” He said, looking down at Buttesr.


“Of course, Ken, I always love when you walk me to class.” Butters cooed, before turning his attention to Stan. “Stan, c’mon, you can see Craig’s engagement ring, it’s so pretty!” He squealed, pressing a kiss to Kenny’s cheek before making his way into the classroom.


Stan just rolled his eyes before looking at Kyle. “See you after class.”


“I love you Baby, if you need anything, just let me know.” Kyle said, leaning down to press a kiss to Stan’s plump lips. “Want to go off campus for lunch? We can get anything you want.” He said, hoping that would help improve Stan’s mood.


“Yeah, might be nice… I’ll see you then, love you.” Stan said, returning the kiss before waving goodbye to his mate, watching as he walked off with the other Alphas. He made his way into the classroom, taking his seat between Butters and Craig.


Looking over, he was actually quite surprised to see an actual smile on Craig Tucker’s dark red painted lips. He looked…happy? Somehow that just did not compute with Stan. He also managed to get a sneak view of the ring. It was nice, nothing too big but obviously something that cost a pretty penny and had a lot of thought put into it. When he looked back up he couldn’t help but groan when he saw he had been caught looking at it.


“Oh, did you want to see Marsh?” Craig asked, his smile turning into a more familiar smirk. He held his hand out to show off the diamond ring. “Isn’t it perfect? Tweek said only the best for me would do.” He cooed, sounding rather proud of himself. “It’s okay to feel jealous, I know Kyle takes forever to do anything. Probably why it took like ten years for him to even tell you he had a crush on you. Some Alphas just aren’t as open and romantic as Tweek is.” He added, running manicured nails through his black locks.


Stan rolled his eyes. “Oh please, just because you have a ring on your finger doesn’t mean anything. It’s not like you guys are bonded.” He added.


“Well, I’ll certainly be bonded before you and Kyle are. Tweek isn’t afraid to commit.” Craig pointed out.


Stan wanted to snap at the other brunette and tell him he was already bonded, that he was physically, emotionally, and mentally committed to Kyle. He dug his pencil into his paper as he tried to keep his cool, feeling a mood swing starting to come his way. “Whatever Tucker, it’s just an engagement, Tweek still has time to wise up and leave your frosty ass.”


Craig’s grey eyes narrowed at that. “Fuck off bitch, you have no idea what Tweek and I have together. You prance around here and act like you and Kyle are like some perfect couple, yeah right; you’ve always thought you were better than everyone else, both of you, now you can be narcissistic assholes together.”


“And you have no idea what Kyle and I have together.” Stan snapped back.


“You’re right; I still can’t figure you two out. Kyle is going to be Valedictorian, and, what are you going to be Stan, I mean besides some faux hippie bimbo that is?” Craig shot back. “Not to mention maybe you should lay off the sweets, you look like you’ve gained some weight.” He said, his lips forming a smirk again. “Don’t even try to deny it; I can see it in your face and your ankles.” He said. “Plus, don’t think everyone hasn’t noticed you are wearing all this baggy shit instead of your usual skank wear.”


Being called fat for the second time in a day was not sitting well with Stan and he felt himself starting to tear up. God, he just wanted to go home! He couldn’t deal with this! Everything was so intense! He was either so angry…or so sad…or so bitchy…


“Are you okay Stan?” Butters asked, looking concerned as he noticed Stan was starting to tear up. He looked down and saw in the process of crying Stan had knocked some water onto himself, spilling it all over the pink babydoll shirt. “Oh, you got your shirt wet, here; I think I have something to help dry it off.” Butters said, reaching over to gently grab Stan’s shirt.


“Butters, no!” Stan cried out, watching in horror as the blond Omega lifted his shirt up to try and dry it off, exposing his swollen, pregnant, stomach.


“Oh…my…God…” Craig said, his eyes going wide when he got a glimpse at what was going on. “You’re…pregnant!” He said, before laughing. “You’re such a fucking slut! Oh my God! Stan Marsh got knocked up!”


Stan felt himself go completely white and break into a cold sweat when Craig said that. Suddenly everyone’s eyes were on him and he felt Butters let go of his shirt, probably from being in a state of shock.


“S-Stan…you…are pregnant…” Butters said, putting a hand over his mouth. “Is it Kyle’s? Did you guys bond!?”


Bebe had heard what was going on and quickly ran over to see for herself. “Oh my God! Wendy mentioned she had a friend that was pregnant, but, I can’t believe it was you!”


“Couldn’t even keep your legs closed until after graduation. No wonder you were so pissy about my engagement to Tweek, your knocked up and your Alpha hasn’t even proposed to you yet! Well, good to know that your plans for after high school are being barefoot and pregnant! Is Kyle the father, or, is it some other Alpha’s? Obviously you have no issue with spreading your legs for an Alpha fast. It’s been like four months since you presented.”


Stan felt tears running down his cheeks at this point feeling absolutely humiliated. He just wanted to disappear and never be seen again. God…this was his worst nightmare come true. “I-I…” He tried to speak but just felt himself tremble, not able to stop shaking, stop panicking, he felt like he was going to have a complete anxiety attack.


“Never thought Stan was gonna be the one to get knocked up in high school.” Bebe muttered to another Omega.


It was then the teacher, Vice Principal Strong Woman, who taught the class, came in. “What is going on in here?” She asked, looking concerned.


“Oh, nothing much, just the fact Stan Marsh is a huge fucking slut!” Craig cried out, laughing as he rested a hand on his cheek.


That was it, Stan stood up from his desk and ran out of the classroom, ignoring Vice Principal Strong Woman’s request for him to come back so they could talk. He was nearly blinded by tears, just glad everyone was in their classes at the moment. He just wanted to get to the bathroom. He opened the door to the Omega bathroom in the hall and locked the door behind him.


Craig knew, that meant everyone was going to know soon! It was going to be all over the school! He shook his head as tears streamed down his face, his breathing growing ragged. He managed to sit down on the ground, his back against the wall. “F-Fuck…” Stan cried out to himself, before looking down at his stomach. He felt his blue eyes narrow. “I-I….hate you!” He screamed. “You…ruined my life!” He added, resting a hand against his wet cheek. His makeup was melting off, he felt like he was coming undone. “W-When you’re born…how can I even love you when you’ve caused me all this fucking pain! You took away my future…my choices…my everything!”


He tried to take in a deep breath as he clenched his eyes shut. “God…I’m a monster…” He choked out. “I just told…my unborn child…I hate them…” He said, breaking into a sob. “What’s wrong with me? What kind of fucked up mother am I going to be!? No baby deserves to have me as a mother…” He said in a sullen tone, his tears hitting the bathroom tile floor. “How…will you ever love me?” Stan added in a whisper, moving to rest a hand on his swollen stomach. “I’m sorry… I’m just scared…”


Letting out a deep breath he tried to force himself to calm down, not wanting to risk having an anxiety attack and hurting the baby. “Everyone is just going to know me as the slut…that’s what I’ll graduate as… My wedding I’ll be pregnant… Craig will look great in his wedding dress and I’ll…I’ll look like a whale…” He said, sniffling as he tried to wipe away his tears. “Things weren’t suppose to be like this… I can’t even talk to Kyle about it because he just doesn’t understand…” He said, putting his hands on his stomach. “I’m sorry…that I will probably be a shitty mother…and a shitty wife…and a shitty Omega…”


At that moment he felt something strange happen, it felt like something kicked his insides. He looked down and moved to place his other hand on his stomach, his blue eyes going wide.