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He didn’t understand how this happened; it really wasn’t supposed to happen this way. He couldn’t help but think of it as he lay in bed, waiting for painkillers to kick in. These last few months had been a complete nightmare, scarier than Jason, Freddy, and Mike Myers teaming up in a dream where you were naked at school and forgot your homework. He honestly wasn’t sure what was worse, the physical pain, or, the emotional pain. Either way, it had been hard. He missed his friends, he missed his family, hell, and he even missed his fucking sister. He groaned as he rolled over on his side, looking at the bare white wall. He knew he should be packing, but, he still ached all over. Today was his last day at the Center, the Center for new Omegas. Today, he was finally going home. Today everything was going to be different.


Stan Marsh never thought he would present as an Omega; honestly, the thought never even entered his mind. He was a football player, he loved working out, his Dad had been preparing for his perfect son to come out as a strong Alpha, make him proud as hell, especially since he was just a Beta. Unfortunately, that wasn’t how things went. He still remembered going to the doctor’s office and being told the news, that he, Stan Marsh, was an Omega. He remembered his father’s cold silence, his mother hugging him, the doctor explaining how his body was going to change, his face, his mindset, that he would be able to get pregnant. He remembered crying and he remembered being told he was going to be separated from his family and friends while his body changed and his pheromones developed.


He had been sent off to the Center, along with some others he knew. He was placed in a room that was monitored by doctors and nurses and not allowed contact with anyone for the first week. His body started to change; it had been the most painful fucking thing he had ever experienced. His entire skeletal structure changing shape, his body becoming softer, curvier, and feminine, his muscle he worked so hard for going away. He was fed painkillers like candy and spent most of his first few weeks in bed, not being able to even get up. After that, he still suffered from the pain, but it turned into a finishing school, a constant barrage of information of how to be the perfect Omega. How to dress, how to act, how to smile and look pretty, how your only purpose was finding a good mate, preferably an Alpha, and spitting out their babies.


He had never wanted a fucking joint so bad in his life! What was even worse was, Kenny and Kyle, his best friends, both presented as Alphas… They weren’t even allowed to talk to Stan. He felt so alone… Kenny was bad enough to loose, but Kyle, Kyle, his Super Best Friend who he talked to everyday? That had been soul crushing. He had cried nights just wanting to talk to him, just hear his voice. He cried a lot more then he use too, he felt more then he use too… He wondered what they looked like now. Did they change as much as he did? Would they still want to be his friend? Were they going to only want one thing like all the nurses warned them about? He didn’t know, he was afraid to find out.


He was brought out of his thoughts when his door opened.


“Stan, Sweetie, your parents are here for you.” A nurse said with a kind smile. She went over to the brunette and smiled. “I’m sure they will be ecstatic to see you, you turned into such a beautiful Omega. You’ll be beating those Alphas off with a stick.” She said with a laugh. “Are you all packed?”


Stan let out a small groan of pain as he sat up. “N-No…was just waiting for the painkiller to kick in.” He said, pressing a finger against full plump lips.


“I can see that, well, we can help with that, we can also help you get you ready. You don’t have your face done up, your hair done, you know as an Omega those things are expected of you. I know you’re still in the process of changing, so, you haven’t gotten into the routine yet. One day, you’ll be primping all the time.” The nurse cooed.


“Great…” Stan croaked out, not fighting when the nurse took a brush to his short black locks, and, a lipgloss tube to his lips. It would be nearly a half hour before he was deemed worthy to leave. They had changed him into Omega acceptable clothing, a pair of black leggings that hugged his pert and round ass, and, a cute light blue cashmere sweater. Omegas, no matter male or female, dressed in feminine clothing, while Alphas, no matter the gender, wore masculine clothing, Betas, were allowed to do as they pleased, wearing either, lucky bastards.


“Okay, let’s get going!” The nurse chirped in an overly cheerful tone. The attendants were grabbing his bags and she was putting a head band in his hair, making sure his makeup looked perfect. “Now, remember, things are going to be different, don’t be dismayed if your non Omega friends treat you differently, and, if your family treats you differently.” She said, leading the brunette beauty out of the room.


“Yeah, I figured as much. I mean, most of the time we watched videos on how Alphas will just fucking rape you.” Stan said, rolling his big blue eyes. He noticed since the physical change he even walked differently. He swayed his buxom hips as he walked his steps lighter. He was nervous to see his family again, in fact, he felt like he was going to just fall over in anticipation of seeing them. What were they going to think? Was his dad going to hate him because he didn’t turn out to be the Alpha he always wanted? Would his sister, who was an Alpha, be even worse to him? God, he wanted to puke.


“Mister and Misses Marsh? Here is Stanley.” The nurse said with a smile. “You just have to sign some paperwork and we will give you his prescriptions and get you on your way. I’m sure you want him home as much as he wants to be home.”


Stan managed to look up and look at his family. His mother was smiling, looking at him with her usual comforting expression, his sister, looked bored, and like she could break him in half if she wanted, and his father, his father looked like he was going to fall over.


“S-Stan…is that really you?” Randy asked, looking his son up and down. He looked a bit older, his black hair and mustache peppered with grays, and, his beer gut more noticeable.


“Y-Yeah…hi Dad…” Stan said softly, moving to walk over to his family. “It’s nice to see you all again, I missed you guys.” He admitted.


“We missed you too, Sweetie.” Sharon said, moving to quickly pull her son into a hug. “You look wonderful Stanley, look at you, we are going to bring you back to South Park and you’re going to be the most beautiful Omega in the entire town.” She said with a smile.


Randy was still in shock, before he nodded. “Your mother is right, means my job as a father just got that much more serious.” He said, crossing his arms over his chest. “Sharon, I’m gonna buy a shit ton of guns. I’m gonna need them to chase off those Alphas from coming after my Princess here.” He said, his lips forming a smile. “Only the best for you, don’t worry, we’ll get you a good one Stan, one with lots of money and good looks.” He said with a wink.


Stan was shocked at that. Honestly he was expecting his father to be pissed. “Um…okay? Also…did you just call me Princess?”


“You bet your ass I did.” Randy said, letting Sharon sign the papers. “My son, my little beauty queen, you made your father quite proud Stanley, we are gonna clean up! The offers are gonna come in for marriage and we are gonna make out like bandits!”


Shelly rolled her eyes. “Leave it to you to exploit one of your children.” She scoffed, running fingers through her choppy hair. Even before she presented as an Alpha, Shelly had always been masculine.


“I’m not exploiting Shelly; I’m looking out for my little Princess here.” Randy said simply. “Besides, you’re gonna have to help me protect Stan, as the older Alpha sibling, that’s your job.”


“Yeah, I’m not fucking doing that.” Shelly said, before looking over at her little brother. “Just wait until he goes into a Heat and turns into a huge fucking slut.”


“SHELLY!” Randy cried out before being pulled back by his wife.


“Enough of that Randy, let’s get going, Stanley probably wants to go home and relax.” Sharon said, smiling as she led the way out of the Center. “I bet you’re excited to see your friends again.”


“Yeah…I really want to see Kyle…” Stan said, before being cut off by his father.


“And you can, but, no way in hell is he allowed up in your room alone with you, not the McCormick kid either.” Randy warned.


Stan rolled his eyes at that. “Dad, it’s Kyle, I doubt he would do anything, I mean, I can understand Kenny, but Kyle…” He started saying, before he was cut off by his mother.


“Actually Stanley, I agree with your father.” Sharon said softly. “Kyle is an Alpha, I know you two are best friends but, he might look at you a little differently.” She said, before smiling. “But, Sheila did invite us to a party this weekend; Kyle is coming back from Alpha Center. I guess she wants to show him off.”


“Of course she is. We all know that woman is gonna be picking that poor guy’s mate for him, doesn’t even matter that he is an Alpha.” Randy said with a scoff. “Talk about a ballbuster.” He grumbled. “Well, we’ll get you a nice outfit to wear for the party, Princess, a good opportunity to meet some good Alphas there.”


“I don’t really care about other Alphas; I just want to see my friends again.” Stan said, starting to get annoyed. “I just wanna go home and take a nap and be left alone.” He snapped, crossing his arms over his chest, his lips forming into a pout.


Shelly laughed. “Wow, it only took Stan five minutes to go into a hissy fit.” She said, looking at the brunette. “Also, nice zit you have going on there, Fuckface.”


Stan hated how his eyes went wide at that. “Zit!?” He cried out, feeling his soul crushed that he cared about that.


~*The Evening of the Party*~


Stan sighed as his mom helped him get ready. They were finishing up getting ready for the party the Broflovskis were throwing for Kyle, his welcome home party. His father had insisted he dress up to the nines, so, he had bought him a rather expensive looking dress, a sleeveless light blue tulle dress that poofed out above the knee with a Swarovski crystal band around the midsection, showcasing his new figure. His face was all done up, his hair was brushed and looked soft.


“Mom…do you think everyone is going to think I look like an idiot? I mean…I haven’t seen any of my friends since I presented…” Stan confessed.


“Stanley, I think your friends will just be happy to see you again, and, I think they will think you are beautiful.” Sharon said with a smile. “Look in that mirror, I see a gorgeous Omega, you’re going to break a lot of hearts.”


“Do you think…Kyle…will still like me?” He asked softly, looking down at his feet and wringing his hands. “I…don’t want to lose him.” He admitted.


At that moment Randy popped his head in. “Look at you! You look amazing Pumpkin!” He cried out. “Look at what Daddy bought you.” He said, moving to hand the brunette a matching Swarovski clutch. “I’m not fashion expert or anything, but, matching is usually good.” He said. “Now let’s get movin’, Gerald always buys the good imported beer and I want to take advantage of that.” He said, ignoring the glare his wife was getting.


Sharon sighed. “Let’s get going, be careful in those heels Stanley.” She said, helping the brunette down the stairs to get to the car that Randy had already started up.


“Remember Stan, if any Alphas get fresh with you, you let your old man know. I’ll take care of them.” Randy said, cracking his knuckles before getting into the driver’s seat.


“You’ll be the first to know, Dad.” Stan said with a sigh, getting into the back seat and feeling his stomach tie in knots. He was so fucking nervous. What was Kyle going to think? What was Kyle going to look like? All his thoughts were just about him…




Stan felt like his feet didn’t want to move as they walked up to the Broflovski’s door. He had been to this house more times than he could ever count, but, this time, it felt so different. He could hear music playing, hear familiar voices coming from inside. All he wanted to do was run away and hide… He didn’t know if he could face this.


The door swung open revealing Sheila Broflovski. She glared at Randy before smiling over at Sharon and Stan. “Well, welcome Marshs, and look at you Stanley, don’t you look nice. Your mother told me you were an Omega.” She said. “Well, Kyle has not stopped talking about you, so, he’ll be happy to see you. You two just make sure you don’t wander off alone.” She said, her eyes narrowing a bit. She stepped aside and allowed the family into her home.


Stan ignored Sheila’s passive aggressive ways, she had always been like that, and, he had a feeling it was going to be worse now that he was an Omega and Kyle an Alpha. They would never be allowed to hang out alone again… He bit his glossy lip as he looked around, noticing some familiar faces that were less familiar now thanks to presenting.


“Well, let me go tell Kyle you’re here, he insisted I inform him when you arrived.” Sheila said, rolling her eyes. “Now if I can just find that boy.” She muttered, walking off in search of him.


“Don’t be nervous, Sweetie, Kyle obviously wants to see you, you’ll be fine. Your father and I are going to get a drink, if you need us, we’ll be talking to Gerald.” Sharon said, wanting to give her son a little breathing room with his best friend.


“Thanks.” Stan said with a smile, watching his mother walk away. He looked around, grabbing his phone just for something to focus on. He could hear Sheila’s voice coming closer, and, a deep male voice talking back to her, sounding rather annoyed. It was Kyle; it had to be him… But he couldn’t look up… He just…couldn’t… He was afraid… The moment he looked up, that meant there was no going back.


Footsteps, the sound of footsteps getting closer and closer… He could hear it, and then suddenly, they stopped. He felt his breath hitch in his throat, feeling a presence in front of him.


“Stan…” A deep voice said. It sounded surprised, but happy, shocked, but pleased.


Stan had to force himself to look up from his phone, nearly letting it slip from his dainty hands when he saw Kyle. God…Kyle… Kyle…. Blue eyes looked into green, and everything just felt so good…smelled so good…everything suddenly smelled like roses. He was so…handsome… He couldn’t believe the man he was looking at, looking up at, was Kyle Broflovski, the same red headed nerd who sucked at PE. This Kyle, he was tall, much taller than him, and, had some muscles on him! His red hair was cut shorter, looking like it was tamed, and, he was sporting facial hair. A well groomed beard that actually looked amazing on him.


“K-Kyle…” He managed to say, finding a large hand grab his smaller one. He felt his face get red, God was he blushing!? He hoped it wasn’t showing!


“Wow…Stan….you look…great…” Kyle said, a small smile crossing his lips. “I missed you.”


“I missed you too.” Stan said.


At that moment, it felt like no one else existed, it was just the two of them, the two of them in a room that smelled like roses.