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Everything's Gonna Be Alright [Everything's Gonna Be Just Fine]

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               Sousuke was amazed that he had actually been able to find the apartment complex in a reasonable amount of time. He had almost gotten turned around at the train station, turning left instead of right, but he had thankfully thought to look at the map on his phone before actually leaving and so turned the correct direction.

               He had already spoken to Rin extensively about the apartment – the location, the layout and square meters, and of course the people already living there. His friend had been the one to suggest it when he lamented that he still hadn’t been able to find new living arrangements because the current tenants were Rin’s friends, although Sousuke had never met either of them yet. So this would be their first meeting.

               He was almost 100% certain that he’d take it no matter what, though, because he really needed a place to stay that wasn’t Rin’s couch. The redhead had been kind enough to allow him to stay when Sousuke got kicked out of his old place but the house Rin lived in was loud and packed, and Sousuke felt bad for taking up a big chunk of the living room with all of his shit.

               That was probably another reason why Rin had suggested it, because he knew that this living arrangement wasn’t the best for everyone involved. There were already too many people in the house to be legal and adding Sousuke – on the couch – was a bit much. He hadn’t gotten a full night’s sleep in a week and a half.

               So here he was, on the corner of 67th and 123rd, looking up at the apartment complex, still amazed he had found it without having to call Rin for help. He really needed to use his phone more often to find places. The complex looked nice from the outside – neat, clean, with several sakura trees next to the entrance. He shifted his backpack on his shoulder and walked through the open gates.

               Sousuke walked up three flights of stairs, grimacing at the thought of taking that at least twice a day (at least one of those would be down, thank god) and down the walkway. He looked at his phone then at the key Rin had passed onto him to double check that he had the right apartment.

               Number 313. That’s what it said on both the key and the LINE Rin had sent him. He had been told that the two other tenants would be there – Tachibana Makoto and Nanase Haruka if Rin’s message was correct – so he would be able to speak to them about the lease and moving in.

               He really needed to get out of Rin’s house. He hoped this would work out.

               Sousuke put the key into the lock and turned, opening the door slowly and stepping into the foyer. The small space was neat. There was a coat rack to one side and a small line of shoes – male and female, he realized. Had Rin said that Haruka was the girl?

               But as he let the door close behind him a suspiciously familiar sound reached his ears as he stepped a little further into the apartment and the living room came into full view.

               Sousuke’s mouth fell open, eyes widening, as he took in the scene on the large western style couch that butted up against the wall. Three people were occupying it, two men and one woman. The woman was on her hands and knees between the other two, long sheets of raven hair covering her face and hiding what her mouth was doing, but he didn’t need to see it to know what was going on there.

               A second later Sousuke realized he recognized one of the men. The man by the woman’s head, who was brushing her hair back from her face as the other, tall, well-muscled, brunet, worked behind her.

               It was Rin.

               The brunet looked up from where he had been running his hand down the woman’s back, watching how her muscles moved, if Sousuke guessed (because he knew he always liked doing that) and finally spotted him. His green eyes widened in surprise and his mouth opened to say something, hips stilling against the girl, but Sousuke was already turning right around and walking out of the apartment.

               The door made a loud bang as he let it fall shut, trying to erase the image of his best friend in a fucking threesome in the house he was supposed to be moving into. He pushed away the small twinge of arousal that he had felt from seeing that – admittedly very erotic – scene as he walked back towards the stairs.

               The door banged open again. Sousuke couldn’t help it. He glanced over his shoulder to see if it was Rin who was following him, but it wasn’t. It was the tall brunet. He had obviously tugged his pants on hurriedly because he hadn’t even buttoned them, but at least he was wearing something since the hallway was open to the air and everyone’s views. It was also cold.


               Sousuke guessed this was Makoto but it was a little hard to know since both of them had girly names, so really it could go either way. He stopped walking as the other man caught up with him, panting and a little flushed still but he was smiling kindly at him.

               “I’m… so sorry about that!” he said. “We thought you’d be here later this afternoon. We wouldn’t have, ah, done that if we had known.”

               Sousuke let out a slow breath that he hadn’t realized he had been holding. “Are you Tachibana Makoto?” he asked a little tensely. Seeing his best friend like that had been seriously uncomfortable.

               “Ah, yes! You can call me Makoto though,” the brunet said with a bright smile and reached out his hand to shake Sousuke’s. The dark haired male squinted at it suspiciously. “I washed my hands.” As if Makoto had been able to read Sousuke’s mind. Or maybe just his expression. So Sousuke reached out and shook hands. Makoto was telling the truth, his hand was slightly damp.

               “Please, come back in? We’re really excited to meet you, Rin’s told us so much about you! I think you’d like living here!” Makoto said earnestly.

               “I won’t go in if they’re still…” Sousuke drifted off. To be honest, he wouldn’t have been quite as uncomfortable if it had just been Makoto and the woman (who he guessed was Nanase Haruka), but with his best friend in there it just added a whole other layer. And to find out your possible new roommates had threesomes. With your best friend.

               “I told them to put their clothes on. I’m sure Rin is decent enough at least,” Makoto said. “I’ll make sure Haru has clothes on.” His eyes were twinkling, as if he could tell exactly what was going on in Sousuke’s brain. It was a little unnerving.

               But what else was he to do? He desperately needed a new living arrangement. One with an actual bed and a kitchen and bathroom not shared with five other men. So he followed Makoto back to the apartment and slid his shoes off in the foyer when the door closed.

               Rin was indeed decent, standing by the couch as he looked at his phone. Sousuke thought he saw a flash of long dark hair disappearing into one of the doors down the hallway as he came into the living room before turning his attention to his best friend.

               The redhead gave him a toothy, somewhat guilty grin. “Hey! Sorry, Sou,” he said. “To be honest, I thought you’d be later… You didn’t get lost on the way here, did you?”

               Sousuke scowled and punched Rin’s arm, maybe a little harder than usual but he didn’t really care. He was angry at Rin. The redhead winced and rubbed his shoulder.

               “Hey it’s a safe assumption, dude!” he said. He was still grinning.

               “Again, I’m so sorry you walked in on that,” Makoto piped up. He had gotten a shirt now, too, which Sousuke was glad for. There had been nail marks down his chest, and it had been a little… distracting.

               “It’s Rin’s fault, I’m sure,” Sousuke said, ignoring Rin’s indignant ‘hey!’ to look at Makoto. The brunet smiled, eyes crinkling.

               “So I’m sure Rin’s shared all the details of the apartment. It isn’t the biggest, but you’ll have your own room and bathroom – Haru and I have the master bed and bath, so you won’t have to share with Haru’s, uh, bathing habits,” Makoto chuckled, to Sousuke’s confusion. Whatever that meant. A moment later the brunet yelped and jumped, rubbing his arm. Nanase Haruka had appeared beside her boyfriend and had given him a sharp pinch.

               Thankfully she was now dressed as well. A loose top with patterns of fish and a long flowing skirt, which made her slender frame look even more slender. She was incredibly beautiful and Sousuke couldn’t help but think of the way her breasts moved as Makoto worked into her. He shook his head to clear it.

               “Don’t make it sound weird,” she said, staring up at Makoto, face impressively blank and composed for someone who had just been spit-roasted five minutes before.

               “Spending an hour in the bath morning and night is weird, Haru,” Rin said and she glared at him as well before walking off, skirts swishing around her ankles, going into the kitchen. “So that’s Nanase Haruka,” Rin continued, “although she prefers to go by Haru.”

               “Would you like to see the apartment?” Makoto offered, smiling at him. They were about the same height, Sousuke maybe a centimeter taller, and just as broad but he figured Makoto wouldn’t be called intimidating like Sousuke often was with his easy smile and bright, kind eyes.

              “Yes,” Sousuke replied, ignoring Rin completely now. The redhead huffed but said nothing else, instead following Haru into the kitchen.

               “So we split all utilities and internet. Rin said you didn’t have a car, so we don’t have to worry about parking. The rent is pretty cheap since it’s three people in a two bedroom apartment,” Makoto said cheerfully. “Living room, obviously. Kitchen is through there,” a jerk to the open counter that looked into the living room – he watched as Haru put the kettle on the stove, “your room will be the first on the right. You have a door directly into the bathroom.”

               Makoto led him down the hall and flicked the light on in the bedroom. It was empty and clean. A door leading to a closet was open at one side, beside another door that obviously led to the hallway bathroom. “It’s not too shabby, right?”

               Sousuke had to admit it was a pretty nice room. He did have his own furniture (well, a bed, dresser, and desk at least) so that wasn’t a problem and having his own bathroom would be incredibly nice. Especially if what Rin said was true and Haru took hour long baths in the morning and in the night. He peaked briefly into the bathroom to see it was pretty standard, a little small but fully equipped with shower and bath.

               Makoto then showed him the hallway closet and washer and dryer – they had a washer and dryer! Sousuke hadn’t been expecting that at all, especially for the amount of rent they were asking him to pay. He was used to using shared laundry rooms which tended to be a pain and some would lock after a certain time. So that was exciting.

               They went back into the living room to find Haruka – Haru – had put together some snacks and tea and was sitting on the couch with her own small cup, gazing blankly at Rin as he talked animatedly about… something. He stopped when the other two arrived and grinned.

               “So, Sou? How do you like it?” he asked.

               “It’s pretty good,” Sousuke admitted although he was still a bit peeved at his best friend. Sousuke’s teal gaze flickered to Haru, finding the young woman was staring at him. Was there interest in those large blue eyes? He couldn’t read her expression in the slightest and finally looked away. “I should tell you I’m currently, uh… unemployed. But I do have enough for the next two months while I look for a job.”

               Makoto glanced at Haru, who gave a small nod. “That’s fine, I’m sure you’ll find something. Will you move in?” he asked somewhat excitedly, beaming. “We can figure the lease out easily! The landlady is very nice.”

               “She just likes you because you let her touch your arms,” Haru intoned which caused Rin to laugh and Makoto to splutter. Sousuke found himself grinning in spite of himself. Despite the rough first encounter, the apartment was nice, the rent was cheap, and Makoto and Haru seemed nice enough.

               “Yes, I will.”


               It only took a day to get all of his stuff into his room and another to get settled. Sousuke realized he didn’t really have that much stuff as he was unpacking his various items. He did have some stuff to add to the kitchen, which Makoto said was perfectly fine – he could use whatever space he needed.

               Makoto had also told him that he could use whatever pots, pans, knives, and various other cooking things if ever he needed them and Sousuke was impressed by just how much they had. He found out after a day that Haru cooked often and actually worked as a chef at a rather nice restaurant not too far away.

               Makoto himself taught primary school and coached swimming. Sousuke wondered why they needed a roommate, because they seemed pretty well off job security wise, but that seemed too personal a thing to ask. Maybe once he knew them better.

               Haru was incredibly quiet, Sousuke soon found out, and several times had been startled by her sudden appearance in the kitchen or the living room. She was overall a silent person, moving quietly and speaking softly or not at all. He was slowly getting used to it.




               Four days after he had moved in, as he was settling into bed – oh god it was so wonderful to have his own bed again, he could actually sleep again – he found that Haru wasn’t always quiet. She was, actually, very loud if she wanted to be, with Makoto. Either Makoto was very good at what he did (probable) or Haru was just loud during sex (also probable, so maybe both?) because he was definitely impressed. And maybe a little aroused. He put his headphones on, which effectively drowned them out, as he listened to music.

               Sousuke figured he could deal with roommates having sex. It was nowhere near as crazy as Rin’s house, where everyone was coming and going at all hours of the day and night, or his old apartment which had just been plain toxic. It was definitely for the best that he had been kicked out, he was slowly realizing.

               His headphones did the trick and he drifted off to his music.




               Sousuke was leaning against the counter in the kitchen one morning about a week into his new stay, sipping coffee from his favorite mug as he scrolled through his phone. He had been job searching late into the night and was trying to wake himself up before getting back to it. Maybe he’d take a shower.

               Out of the corner of his eye he saw movement and looked up, opening his mouth to say “good morning” to whoever it was but the words got stuck in his throat as he actually saw the person. It was Haru, looking half asleep, long hair mussed up hectically…

               …and completely naked.

               Sousuke spat out coffee back into his cup as he choked, wheezing and looked away from the woman.

               “You’re not Makoto,” she said blearily, peering at him through her bangs. She rubbed her eyes and yawned widely. “Did he already leave?”

               “I, uh, I don’t know,” Sousuke said, looking anywhere but at the incredibly naked woman in front of him. He could feel his cheeks burning.

               “Oh. Okay,” Haru said and drifted away, back down the hallway towards her and Makoto’s bedroom, leaving Sousuke standing there in shock and arousal. She really was a gorgeous woman. Her skin smooth and pale, breasts just a little bigger than one would expect on someone of her build, and neatly trimmed pubic hair between her legs. She had also been covered in hickeys.

               Sousuke cleared his throat and tried to go back to drinking his coffee, feeling flushed and a little hot under the collar.




               As it turned out, Haru seemed to prefer to be naked when at home. Sousuke could still not get used to it. It was just so un-Japanese and so un-ladylike – not that he believed in all those stereotypes, he liked to think at least – that he was having a hard time wrapping his head around it.

               Most of the time it seemed completely un-sexual. Nude instead of naked. She just didn’t seem to like clothes. That was as much as he could get out of Makoto, at least. Sousuke tried his best to divert his gaze.

               Those two had a very healthy sexual relationship. Almost every single night, from what Sousuke had heard. Sometimes he was out at night and by the time he got back they were both asleep, and sometimes he already had his headphones in, but it seemed that most nights, they fucked.

               Rin hadn’t been over again since Sousuke was there. At least since he was at home. To which Sousuke was incredibly glad, because he didn’t really feel like seeing Rin sneaking out of the apartment at three in the morning as he went to get water.




               Sousuke was typing on his computer one night, headphones on and some random Pandora station playing when a shadow crossed the light spilling in from the hallway. He blinked, starting, and glanced at the clock. It was 23:45. Much later than the other two usually stayed up. At least in the two weeks he’d been here.

               He slid his headphones off and turned to the door and his mouth suddenly went very dry.

               Haruka was standing in the doorway, leaning against the frame, wearing nothing but one of Makoto’s shirts, and it was only buttoned once between her breasts. She and Makoto had obviously just finished having sex, because her hair was messed up and impatiently pulled into a bun and then… He couldn’t help himself, he really couldn’t. He wanted to be a decent guy, who didn’t look at other men’s girlfriends, but she was right there and he just couldn’t stop.

               “U-uh,” he said stupidly. A small smile seemed to curl Haru’s lips and she pushed herself off the door jam and over to Sousuke. Her hips swayed tantalizingly before stopping beside his desk. Resting one of those beautiful hips right there on the wood.

               “Do you want to touch me?” Haru asked, her voice low and a little hoarse. He really had missed all the screaming hadn’t he?

               “What?” he asked, staring at her blankly.

               “I asked if you wanted to touch me,” she repeated slowly. Her tongue flicked out over her soft looking lips. “Because I want you to touch me.”

               “What,” Sousuke said again just as dumbly as before. This just couldn’t be happening. Makoto’s girlfriend was not coming onto him right after they just fucked. With him in the other room, taking a shower, by the sounds of it.

               Haru sighed softly and carefully pushed Sousuke’s things further up the desk and before he could do anything she had settled on the lip, right before him, one foot on either side of his chair. Sousuke closed his mouth, swallowing with difficulty. A wash of conflicting emotions flooded him then as he gazed blankly at the beautiful woman before him.

               “I want you to fuck me,” she said, taking his hand from his lap and setting it right on her breast over the shirt. A low flush crept up Sousuke’s face as he felt her shift under his hand, then she leaned forward and pressed her lips to his.

               He had been right: her lips were incredibly soft, his own mouth going slack and eyes widening, brain stalling out.

               And then suddenly his mind jumped into overdrive, his breath catching in his throat. He knocked her hand away from his and grabbed her shoulders, pushing her back forcefully. Haru let out a yelp as her head hit the wall but Sousuke couldn’t find it in himself that he cared. He had jolted out of his chair, sending it toppling to the ground, and stared at her with wide eyes.

               Makoto came bursting into the room, a towel wrapped around his waist, just as Haru was sitting up, rubbing the back of her head.

               “Ow…” she mumbled, wincing before looking over at Sousuke.

               The dark haired man had backed up until the back of his legs had hit his bed and ended up sitting down.

               “What happened?” Makoto asked, looking back between the two.

               Sousuke mouthed as his heart rate finally slowed. “I… I don’t know.”

               “I just kissed him and he flipped out!” Haru said looking a little upset as she slid off the desk, still rubbing her head.

               Makoto sighed and grabbed her arm. “I’m so sorry, Sousuke,” he said. “Good night.” And he bodily dragged Haru from the room, making her stumble. Leaving Sousuke alone and sitting there in shock.

               He wasn’t quite sure what had just happened. That had never happened to him before. Usually he would have jumped for glee at a hot woman kissing him and begging him to fuck her, but for some reason his brain had just whited out. Sousuke ran his hand over his face and laid back down onto the bed, staring up at the ceiling. Maybe he should go to sleep. He could deal with whatever the fuck had just happened after a reset.

               He thought he vaguely heard his roommates talking in the bedroom, but he couldn’t comprehend the words as he slid his eyes closed.




               “I’m really sorry about last night, Sousuke,” Makoto told him, looking sheepish. It was Saturday afternoon and the brunet had just gotten home from work; Haru still seemed to be at work. Sousuke had slept much later than usual, feeling disoriented and numb as he dragged himself out of bed to make himself coffee, and Makoto had found him drinking it sitting on one of the kitchen stools staring blankly across the room.

               “Huh?” he asked.

               “With Haru, I mean,” Makoto explained. “She shouldn’t have done what she did.”

               “You… aren’t upset that she, uh, was coming onto me?” Sousuke asked, setting his cup down on the counter.

               “That’s not why I’m upset,” he said, shaking his head. “We have an open relationship. That’s not the issue here.”

               It took Sousuke a moment to comprehend what Makoto had just said to him because open relationship? So that meant Makoto was actually okay with Haru wanting to sleep with him?

               “It’s how she went about it. She obviously upset you and I know she won’t really apologize,” he continued, seeming to be unaware of Sousuke’s inner conflict. “She really should have, ah, asked you first.”

               “To be honest,” Sousuke started, chewing on his words carefully. “If…it had been a year ago, I probably wouldn’t have hesitated.” Makoto nodded, showing that he was listening. He stayed quiet, like he could tell that this could be important. Sousuke sighed. “I don’t know if Rin told you but the reason I needed a new place to live was that my ex kicked me out of our house. That’s why I was staying at Rin’s…”

               “I’m sorry to hear that,” Makoto said sympathetically.

               “It’s probably for the best, she was a bitch,” Sousuke said, letting out a humorless laugh. “I think I might have just…freaked out because of her.”

               “Understandable,” Makoto said. “I always tell Haru that we need to discuss before just jumping into things. That’s why we haven’t been able to keep a roommate. She scares them away. Or they get scared of what I might do if I ‘found out’ because she conveniently forgets to tell them that we’re open about these things.” He sighed. “She’s just… really, really bad at talking, if you couldn’t tell before.”

               Sousuke took another sip of his coffee. “What does it mean, that you guys have an open relationship?” he finally asked.

               Makoto came to sit down on the stool beside him, so that Sousuke had to turn to keep looking at him, but was genuinely intrigued, because he had never really heard of that before. Not even from Rin, who could be very, uh, loose about who he dated and slept with.

               “It means we’re free to see and sleep with other people,” the brunet said.

               Sousuke gaped at him.

               “But really it’s just Haru. I’m too busy to see other people aside from the odd date here and there, and she keeps me, uh, satisfied,” Makoto chuckled awkwardly.

               “You… you don’t feel bad that she sleeps with other people? Isn’t that kind of saying that you’re not enough?” Sousuke asked, shocked. He raised his cup to his lips and found he had no more coffee and looked into the cup, a little surprised. When had he finished that?

               “For Haru, if I was ‘enough’, as you said, I wouldn’t have any time to sleep,” Makoto said with a smile. “And no. I mean, sometimes I get jealous, but it’s easy enough to work through. There are plenty of things her other partners can offer her that I can’t, even if it’s just more orgasms. Everyone loves differently.”

               Sousuke chewed on this carefully as he got up, refilling his cup with more coffee. “That’s…”

               Makoto smiled at him, a soft, kind smile. Like he knew what Sousuke was going through. “Different, I know. But it’s becoming more and more popular, especially over in America. There are actually a number of American books that have thankfully been translated into Japanese that are wonderful about open relationships.”

               “Oh,” Sousuke said because he didn’t know what else to say. What was he supposed to say? He had been overwhelmed when Haru came into his room and came onto him. Had kissed him so suddenly, right after fucking Makoto. He really wished he could have had this conversation earlier, even just to save himself the guilt of thinking Makoto’s girlfriend was hot.

               Makoto smiled and got off the stool. “I understand that it might take some time working through that. Feel absolutely no pressure to become one of her partners, of course. I’ll speak to her about it,” he let out a light laugh, “she needs to learn to use her words.” And he left Sousuke sitting at the island, gazing after him. Probably to change out of his ‘teacher clothes’ as Rin called them.

               He stood up suddenly, nearly spilling the rest of his cup of lukewarm coffee as he pushed the stool back. Rin. He needed to talk to Rin. Maybe that would help clear up some of this… this madness. He downed the rest of his coffee, grimacing at the feel of it, and went to take a shower. Before he did so though, he sent a LINE to Rin.


[To: Rin] Let’s get coffee. Usual place.