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Stand Out, Fit In [BTS!CollegeAU]

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School was hell. Always was, always will be. Even in college. 

People mock you, laugh at you, put you in a box for how you dress or speak or act and it's truly disgusting. It's one of the reasons why Skylar actually overthought going to college. And you would think in college it gets better because everyone gets more mature but, boy, you are wrong. It may not get worse, but it surely stay as annoying as high school. Those who seek attention are always something others speak about, running their mouth over how ugly they are, or how pretty, or what a jerk they are, or who fucked with who.

So, Skylar stayed the way she always has, quiet and undiscovered. In her opinion it's the best you can do when you are in no way interested in getting talked about. Something she clearly did not want. Her private life was something very dear to her, something that she wanted to keep hidden for as long as possible. No one needed to know what kind of shit she pulled when no one was watching, her parents being part of that. They would ground her for life, especially her mother. Her mother was partly the main reason Skylar was so proper, always expecting the best from her, good grades, good behaviour and stuff like that. It was driving her mad at some point, but she couldn't go against her.

"Yo." The raven haired girl looked up from the story she was reading on her phone to be greeted by her best friend, Brooklyn, or simply Brooke, Cole. Her plate was set down next to the one year younger girl before she let herself plop down too, a groan of exhaustion leaving her. "I swear, at some point my math teacher will kill me with his assignments. We have to do three! In three weeks!"

"Well.." The shorter girl chuckled lightly, locking her phone and setting it aside now that Brooke had joined her. "That is kinda normal."

"Nuh-uh! You know, I left Netflix for this. And this is bullshit." He pointed at her math notes with a disgusted face. "I hate math. Why did my mum want me to become a goddamn lawyer. No, why did I want to become a fucking lawyer."

"Maybe because it pays well?" By the gaze that the brunette was shooting her, Skylar knew that was not the thing she wanted to hear right now. "What? It does, tho!"

"Gosh, you are as useless as a fucking rubber dildo." Skylar nearly choked on the piece of apple she wanted to eat, widening her eyes and letting her eyes flee around the huge cafeteria. To her luck no one heard her dumb best friend.

"Brooke." She hissed quietly. "We are at school." Even if Skylar was sure to follow her 'no swearing' rule, Brooke sometimes was not so keen on it, spitting curses and profanities like a volcano. It was stupid, really. Skylar barely swore in school, or outside school, or at home. Actually, she did. In her head, sometimes. But the fact that she grew up like that was kinda making her not utter a curse word once, something she could thank, or maybe not thank, her mother for. 

"Sorry, I just.. It slipped." Skylar didn't really care if Brooke swore, it just caught her off guard. "That was too much, I get it."

"No- I, uh.. It's okay. Jesus." She wanted to bang her head against the table or throw the rest of her apple across the room, or scream. Sometimes being quiet and proper was making her frustrated as hell.

"So, you wanna hang after school?" The brunette watched her with a hopeful gaze, small smile tugging at the corners of her mouth.

"I would love to-" Brooke already nodded happily. "But sadly I can't. My parents have some news for me. I just hope it's not a trip to Dubai again which I won't attend because 'I have school'."

"Awe, that sucks." The girl literally pouted. "Maybe tomorrow?"

"Sure thing, Brooklyn." Hearing the taller groan and facepalm at her rhyme made Skylar laugh loudly, for once not caring if someone was staring.

"No. I hate you, goddammit." 

"No, you love me."








Arriving home was always the same. Throwing her backpack into the hallway near the stairs that led to her room, going into her mother's office to tell her she was home, getting scowled for throwing her backpack such carelessly, then going to the living room to greet her father with a smile and a cuddle. But it seemed like this time her parents actually had important news because as she stepped through the front door to throw her backpack like everyday, her mother already called her from the dining room. Without any rush she made her way into the light room, eyes catching her parents sitting on the huge table in the middle of the room. Yes, Skylar's family wasn't exactly poor. Her mother being a fashion designer helped them greatly with that.

"Hey, sweet cheeks, how were your classes?" The raven haired girl smiled sweetly at her father, crossing the room to lean down and give him a tight hug. Her mother watched wordlessly, eyes sharp and observing.

"They were fine, dad." As she now caught her mother's eyes she dropped her smile immediately. "Hi, mum." It was easy to tell which one of her parents she preferred. Who could blame her, tho? Her mother was cold, only talking to her when she wanted something from her or when she was correcting her. Her dad was the complete opposite, playful, warm-hearted and understanding. She shared more with him because it was obviously easier to talk to him.

"Welcome home, darling." Even with how sweet these word may seem, her mother made them icy. "Sit. We need to talk." So Skylar did just that, sitting down next to her dad, hands on the table and back straight. "Skylar, you turn nineteen in almost a month and we noticed that your love life seem a little bit.. off."

This is what they wanted to talk about? About my literally not existing love life?

"Uhm.. Okay?"

"What I'm trying to say is that we decided it may be a good idea to go into a relationship soon." Skylar wasn't following, she wasn't following at all. "So, we got in contact with Mrs. Millas, Joshua's mother." Joshua, or Josh, Millas. A very gross guy who had a crush on Skylar since middle school, who followed her everywhere like a stalker and send her expensive presents since he turned seventeen. 

"Mum, I-"

"I'm not done." Her tone left no room for arguments, shutting Skylar up quickly. "She told us that Joshua had a little crush on you for years now, cute, right?" Yeah.. Totally cute. "And your dad and I thought that maybe going on a date with him wouldn't be a bad idea. To test the waters."

"What?" Her voice rose noticeably. "No, no, no, no. Mum, I appreciate your concern, but I really don't wanna-"

"It was not a offer. It was a decision."

"Yeah, a decision I did not do. I do not want to go out with Josh." Her gaze fell on her father who looked at her with a pained look. Dad and her's decision my ass, she decided this completely on her own, that little.. The young girl stopped her thought right there, not wanting to insult her mother even in her head, kinda brain washed about it.

"You didn't even give him a chance. The boy is nice, he's kind and he has a bright future." Of course, Josh would provide them money. That's the main reason her mother wanted her to date him since his father owned one of the biggest car factories around here which Josh would take over one day. That was something the brat couldn't stop bragging and talking about.

"Mum.." It was a whine that left her mouth. "Josh is gross, he peed into his bed til he turned sixteen!"

"Skylar!" Her face seemed shocked.

"It's true! I wanna choose my own boyfriend and not being set up with one. I don't even like him. How am I suppose to be in a relationship with someone I can't stand?"

"You may learn to love him eventually." The raven haired girl shivered at the thought. Nah, nuh-uh, definitely not, forget that, mother. "You will go on that date, Skylar. If you want to, or not."

"That's not fair. This is my life, you know! How come I can't even decide who I wanna love?"

"Skylar. Enough. It's settled." A huff left the teenager in frustration. "He will pick you up this Saturday at six p.m. and you better be here and ready."

"Yeah.. Sure." Without another word she left the dining table, grabbing her backpack and leaving the house again. She was sure she heard her mother yell after her but she was too mad to care, something that will surely come bite her into her ass later. But for now, she just took out her phone to dial Brooke's number.


"Meet me at Black Clover in five?"

"Ohhh.. Yeah, seems important. I'll be there in ten, 'kay?"









Skylar was scanning the café shop with a bored gaze, hand holding her chin as she waited for her best friend to finally arrive.

“What made this pretty face frown, huh?” Shocked and surprised she turned her head, eyes catching a guy standing right next to her. The first thing she noticed were his eyes, dark brown and clear. The next where the ink swirling around his neck, patterns and motives littered around his skin.

“I don’t really think that is your business.” She lifted one brow up, giving him a sharp stare. “I don’t really share my thoughts with strangers.”

“Hm, good point.” Skylar thought that this would be the end of their conversation now, but the guy proved her wrong when he took a seat right next to her, eyes still staying fixated on her.

“Can I help you somehow?” She was getting annoyed.

“Am I not allowed to get a coffee?” Yes, you are. But do you have to get a coffee right next to me?

“Of course you are.” The new voice seemed to startle them both, Skylar jumping a few inches in her seat. “Right?”

“Brooklyn..” The raven haired girl sighed. “Please just.. no.”

“Stop scaring him away! He’s cute.” Of course her best friend had no filter, yet again.

“I’m not..” A growl like sound left her. “Brooke, listen. I asked you to come here because I needed to talk to you about something. Something that does not include strangers.”

“I bet he doesn’t mind!” No, he properly does not, but I do, you fucktard!

“That is so not the point right now.” Skylar was actually thinking about pulling out her best friend’s brown strands. “I mean-”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry. I get it. I would properly not like to talk about private stuff infront of someone I just met either. It’s okay.” The black haired male gave them a full on gummy smile, showing his teeth before chuckling deeply. “I’ll leave you to it.”

Thank you.” At least one rational mind around, gosh.

“What’s your name again?” Of course the brunette could not let it go.

“Ah, Yoongi. I’m korean, if you were wondering.” Korean, huh? He speaks english like a goddamn pro. “If it helps, you can call me Suga tho. It’s like a nickname.”

“I’m Brooke, and this is-”

“Mira. I’m Mira.” Brooke gave her a weird look but by the pointing glare she gave the girl she knew she had no room to argue about it.

“Nice to meet you.” He nodded at them, but by the smile he threw in Skylar’s direction she knew he wasn’t fully believing her.

“Same to you!” They bid their farewells, both girls watching him leaving the café before Brooke glared at her.

“What the fuck, Skye?” Anyone who did not know Brooke would think she was furious. Skylar, who has been best friends with her since kindergarten, knew better, obviously. “What was that for?”

“We both know how our parents would react when we chat with a fully tattooed guy. And this store is not completely unknown to them.” Brooke rolled her eyes but soon she was smiling again.

“They won’t know, calm down. And as if you care that much.” Skylar wanted to defend herself, but the brunette was faster. “And did you even see his tattoos? They were so cool and pretty!”

“Cool and pretty are not two words you use in the same sentence.” Brooke gave her a hard stare but the younger girl just shrugged.

“Anyways, what’s the reason I had to leave my series marathon of Wynonna Earp to come here? I was on the last episode of season one and it was getting so dramatic!” It wasn’t even a surprise to her that her best friend would rather spend her time infront of her small and ugly laptop than attend to her afternoon classes so she just sighed.

“You remember Josh?” Brooke looked at her funny before something seemed to have clicked in her head and she nodded, telling her to continue. “My parents, or more like my mum, wants me to date him.”

“Wh.. what?” To say that the brunette was perplexed was easy. “You mean Josh Millas? The guy who was a bed wetter until eighth grade? Who rides a fucking expensive car and doesn’t even know the name of it? That Josh?”

“That Josh.” Skylar should have seen the following laughter coming, should have known that her best friend would find it overly hilarious to a point where she would almost pee her pants. “Brooke.. Help. I don’t wanna date him, he’s gross. And he does drugs now, to seem cool most likely. I hate people like him. All noisy and such, gosh, I really hate them. He’s so loud. He keeps talking about himself and how he will take over his father’s label one day and he doesn’t even care that I don’t care. He just won’t fucHe just won’t shut up.”

“So- sorry. I just had to imagine him in bed and how he would come literally right after his dick even touches you because he’s such a-” And she fell into a fit of laughter again.

“Brooke, ew. No. Stop.” But the way the older girl almost fell from her chair from laughing so hard made her break into a smile, too, a chuckle following right after. “Seriously, Brooke, help. I really don’t know what - stop laughing already - I should do.”

“S-sorry, I’m really sorry, Skylar. I just, huewh, god that was hilarious. And disgusting. But mostly hilarious.” Skylar rolled her eyes, head falling back and a long groan leaving her throat. She was going nuts, for god’s sake. “Okay, okay. Uhm, let me think. I guess just telling them you don’t want to is not an option?”

“You know my mum. She always thinks she does what’s best for me, even if it means choosing my godforsaken boyfriend.” Brooke seemed to understand, nodding more to herself then Skylar.

"Uhm.. Okay, so listen. This may be a really stupid idea.." The shorter girl wasn't even really surprised by that. "But.. what if you gross him out? Or, show him you have a boyfriend?"

"Well.. The idea is not bad. But have you forgotten that I am literally not existing in this college? Not even the nerds know I actually attend their classes. And getting a boyfriend til Saturday, where we apparently go on a  date, is not the easiest thing either."

"It could be.. You know Samuel?" Of course Skylar knew Sam, Brooke has been crushing on that guy since kindergarten. "Don't look at me like that, this is not about me. Okay, maybe a bit, but listen. He is throwing a party on Friday."

"I don't like where this is going.." The other girl glared at her yet again. So many mean stares today.

"All you have to do is get a guy who is willing to pull off  a stunt like 'fake-dating'."

"And how do you imagine me doing that? I have literally no experience what-so-ever in flirting, or dating." Skylar cried in frustration. "I couldn't even turn on a tree if I wanted to."

"Why would you want to turn on a-" Her best friend shot her a weird and concerned glance. "Nevermind, I don't wanna know. I will help you, of course. We will make sure you get a guy that bails you out of this shit."

"I am still not so keen on-"

"No, no. We will do this. No arguments. Come to my house at seven, and dress casually, I will give you some clothes of mine so your parents won't notice."

"Okay, okay. I am thinking of the worst thing that could happen and I'm really scared all of a sudden. What if I get drunk?"

"That's the worst thing that could happen? You've been drunk before.."

"Yeah, when it was us too, in our conservatory, on my eighteenth birthday."

"So? No need to worry!"

Oh, but there was a need to worry. Because things turned out even worse than Skylar thought. 

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To convince her parents to let her sleep over at Brooke's and come home tomorrow afternoon was not the easiest, especially after the whole thing with her storming out like that. After Skylar successfully lied to her mother that she will be in bed before twelve they finally let her go. 

"Took you long enough, it's already 7:15!" Brooke pulled the smaller girl into the apartment quickly. 

"Hello, Skylar." Ms. Cole send her a sweet smile. "How are you?"

"She's fine, mum. We have no time!" And with that she was dragged into Brooke's room. "Okay, here, put this on." Skylar eyed the dark blue top and black jeans weary, her gaze catching Brooke's to which the brunette pulled up her eyebrows. She pointed to the clothes, then the bathroom and ushered Skylar to hurry so she did, slipping into the small room and changing out of her jeans and loose hoodie. The top her best friend chose was loose, too, so Skylar liked that already, but the fact that her shoulder's were completely exposed in it was a con again. The jeans were just her size, maybe a bit too long since Brooke's legs were longer but she solved that by rolling it up around her ankles.

"Is it fine?" She stepped out of the bathroom, insecure and shy, looking down at herself.

"Hell yeah, I'd tap that." 


"Sorry, you look good, you really do." She gave her a thumbs up and a big smile which made her ease down a bit. "Lemme change too and then we're off." The other girl disappeared into the bathroom now, changing into a lacy black top which she hid with a leather jacket and tight dark blue jeans. She looked stunning, then again Brooke, in Skylar's opinion, looked good in literally anything. "Let's go!"

"Alright." Both headed down the hallway, Brooke saying goodbye to her mother, Skylar waving politely and throwing her a small smile which she returned. The walk to Sam's house was not long, not as long as Skylar wanted it to be. The raven haired girl was getting nervous, something Brooke seemed to notice because soon she took her into her's, giving her a reassuring squeeze and a smile. They entered the house slowly, pushing past bodies in the entrance and getting themselves a cup of what seemed like Sprite. God, Skylar really hoped it was just Sprite. 

"And? Found someone you like?" That is surely not the problem. Let's find someone you likes me.

"Well, nah. We just arrived, maybe I will eventually." Brooke nodded, hand reaching for a little cake thingy on the kitchen counter. An hour flew by, Skylar made a trip to the bathroom, face hanging low, not wanting anyone to recognize her. She found the way to the kitchen easily, but her best friend seemed to have made a small trip of herself, not standing where Skylar left her, near the food. Of course. 

"Brooke?" Her voice did nothing against the booming music, eyes frankly searching for the mop of brown hair, but without luck. Just great, just bloody great. "What a good best friend I have." Her feet carried her around the house, search continuing, feeling highly uncomfortable alone.

"Skylar?" That wasn't Brooke. That wasn't her at all. Her eyes caught blue ones, Joshua staring at her in shock, properly just as surprised to find her than she was about finding him. Oooooooh, no way. So, she did what she thought was the best in this situation, she ran. Her breath fell short as she tried to escape the shouting guy being her, Josh pushing past bodies to get closer to her but losing her somewhere along the way which made her relax a bit.

“Well, you seem stressed.” She almost, almost cursed. Almost. Her eyes fixated on the guy leaning against the kitchen counter, eyes amused and lips pulled into a light grin. His arms, his tattooed arms, were crossed over his chest, black shirt adoring his torso and leaving Skylar just enough skin to notice the dragon tattoo on his neck. His eyes held something unclear, somewhat playful yet intense.

“Ah, uh.. What? Why would you think that?” Suddenly Skylar felt even more exposed in her shoulder-free top and tight skinny jeans.

“Dunno. Usually when someone comes into a kitchen, panting, hecticly looking around themselves they just appear.. panicked.” The guy chuckled. “Or that’s just my way of seeing it.”

“Well.. Yeah. You might be right.” Strangely Skylar didn’t feel uncomfortable around this guy, staying a bit longer around and hoping Josh would not find her anytime soon.

“You wanna drink something?” Her eyes were wide, head turning so fast she might heard something crack. “I mean, you don’t have to. I was just offering to get you something.” No drinking. That was one of her rules. Because if she did, her mother would lock her up for weeks. But right now, in this situation, Josh being at the party and the possibility that he might have seen her, she actually thought about it. And then she decided, fuck it.

“Sure.” One cup wouldn’t make her drunk, one cup wouldn’t even make her tipsy. Even without drinking all the time someone could hold their liquor and Skylar was sure she could, too. At least she hoped so. She really did.

“Alright then, c’mon.” The guy held out a hand for her to take but she just stared at it dumbfounded before the taller seemed to understand she had no intention to actually grab it, pulling it back and waving her to follow. Which she did, slowly and carefully. Now that he was not staring at her she actually found the will to muster his posture, back muscle constricting which made her blush a bit, something she would never admit to herself. The dragon tattoo on his neck, and properly his back, moved with every body he pushed past, creating a path for Skylar to take and follow easily. For a second the raven haired girl thought about vanishing into the crowd, to bail out of his offer and get lost as quickly as possible but she didn’t. Right now, she was thinking ‘Live a little’ and maybe her head was right for once.

“Here.” She didn’t even notice the red cup that was being handed to her, too cooped up in her own thoughts. “You gonna take it, or what?”

“Ah, yes, sure. Sorry.” She took the cup hastily, hoping to god she didn’t spill anything on the stranger’s hand with how fast she gripped it. “What is it?”

“Take a sip and guess.” He gave her a side glance, as if he was daring her not to or not believing that she did, without actually seeing it. Does he know who I am? Because I certainly do not know him. And I would remember someone like him. Skylar wanted to come clean and tell him that she totally had no idea about alcohol but the gaze he gave her made her feel like this was unspoken challenge for her. So, she raised the cup to her mouth, eyes staring at the dark liquor that soon hit her lips and the back of her throat, a burn starting to form and she was about to pull a face, but she saved herself in the last minute. “And?”

“There is coke in this, too, right?” The boy grinned, before he nodded. “Is it whiskey?”

“Pft, no.” He laughed at her. “It’s Bacardi, but nice try.” Right.

“I’m not drinking that much..” She admitted shyly. “So.. I wouldn’t know.”

“It’s not a bad thing.” Dragon tattoo guy shrugged. “I mean, you don’t have to be shitfaced drunk to have fun, right?” Skylar was baffled, because, wow, someone with a brain. “What?”

“Nothing, just.. wouldn’t have thought something like that would come f-”

“From someone like me, yeah, should have known.” The shorter girl wasn’t sure if she just annoyed him, or pissed him off or even hurt him by that, so she just took another sip, quietly watching people around them dance and make out, something that made her face scrunch up in disgust. Some people should really learn how to not eat each other’s faces. An hour later, a few exchanged words and maybe two, or three, more cups of the same drink, Skylar could feel herself get tipsy. Something, that her body told her wrong, because she was already pretty much drunk and she was blaming dragon tattoo guy all the way, because he kept handing her a new full cup everytime hers started to get empty. It was totally not her fault for accepting everytime, not at all. Nope.

“You okay there?” The guy seemed highly amused by the wavering body of the girl next to him, arm carefully sneaking around her mid to stable her a bit. “You really can’t handle your liquor, huh?”

“It’s your fault! You kept giving me.. new ones!” She was slurring, and she was slurring hard. Goddammit. “Now look what you’ve done! I’m d-drunk! My mum will kill me.”

“Will she?”

“Yes!” She exclaimed. “Of course she will! Drinking is something that she can’t stand at all. And now I’ve done it. As if she doesn’t hate me enough already. All because of that stupid Josh and his stupid obsession to take me on that date, jesus.”

“Oh? You mean that guy that has been searching you for an hour now? The blonde one?” How did he even know that?

“Yes! Please don’t let him see me. He will tell my parents and then I’m dead. Totally dead.” Skylar didn’t even notice that they had switched places, she was leaning against the window sill now, almost sitting on it which she changed in the next second, hopping up on it to let her legs dangle down. “He has been crushing on me since high school or something like that but he is totally gross.”

“Mhhh, why is that?” The guy was invading her personal space, stepping between her parted legs and shielding her body from any gazes.

“He can’t control his bladder.” She giggled, she fucking giggled. And it doomed on her that she just made fun of him, on her own, without Brooke around. Something she usually never does. “He peed into his bed until he turned sixteen. Sixteen, dragon tattoo guy, sixteen!”

“Drag-” Loud laughter fell from his lips, head thrown back and chest heaving. “I’m Jeongguk.”

“Skylar. Or Skye. No, Skylar! Only friends can call me Skye.” Drunk Skylar was a very chaotic Skylar. “Your name is weird.”

“It’s korean.”

“Of course, it is. Do you by chance know a guy named.. Suga? No, what was his name? Uh, Yoongi? Yeah, I think his name was Yoongi.” Jeongguk lifted one of his eyebrows.

“You know hyung?” Hyung? “I mean, Yoongi. You know Yoongi?”

“Yeah, I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t, right?” Sass. So much sass. “We met him at our local café. It was weird, he wouldn’t leave me alone at first. But then he did, thankfully, and Brooke and me could talk about our ‘fake boyfriend’ plan.”

“Your what now?” He chuckled, hands settling in the pockets of his ripped jeans.

“Well, since my mum want me to date that Josh guy and I really don’t want to, Brooke was like ‘You should get a fake boyfriend so he will leave you alone!’ and it didn’t seem like a bad idea, so we both went to this party and now she fuc- she disappeared somewhere so I have to fight on my own to find someone who’d willing to play that role.” Saying it outloud made it sound even more bizarre. “And now I think that plan was actually really stupid, because, hah, who would date me. I’m just Skylar.”

“I thought you were Mira?” Skylar knew that voice, and even in her drunk mind she knew who she told that lie. Black hair soon came into sight and she gulped at seeing these dark brown eyes. “Don’t worry, I knew you were lying.”

“Sorry..” She meant it. “I don’t really trust strangers.”

“You seem pretty cosy right now and I doubt you have met Gguk before.” Skylar took these words in before gazing at their closeness. Now she started to feel kinda uncomfortable and Jeongguk seemed to notice because he took a step back, giving her more space and scratching the back of his neck, tattooed arm flexing. Something Skylar could not help but stare at. Stop being so thirsty, you have no right to be.

“Hey, hyung. Didn’t know you would coming. Have you met up with Tae and Jiminie?” More weird names, properly korean too, Skylar thought. “I lost them two hours ago or so.”

“I found them, yes. Send them home right after because they were laughing at a goddamn plant.” The raven haired couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled up her throat.

“Don’t laugh, that could be you right now.” Jeongguk shot her a knowing smile which shut her up and made her frown. “Don’t frown either, your face is too pretty for that.” What’s with these korean brats and their compliments.

“See, I told you.” Of course Yoongi had to chime in to that. “I’m not the only one who thinks that.”

“Uh, yeah, sure. I should properly go now. Maybe find Brooke.”

“I know where she is.” The black haired boy told her, smiling sweetly. “I can take you to her, if you want to.”

“I.. I think I’ll be fine on my own, thanks.” He lifted his hands in surrender, smile not leaving his face. “Thanks for the d-drinks, Jeongguk. Or not, I dunno.”

“Be careful, get home safe.” He sounded genuine and it kinda made her heart speed up, cheeks blushing yet again but she was sure to not let them see as she turned around with a quiet ‘I will’. Then she made her way through the crowded living room, body pressing against sweaty bodies and hands touch her now and then. She made sure to ignore them, trying to get through the crowd as fast as possible to find her best friend.

“Skylar?” Her eyes pressed shut. Please don’t be Josh, please just don’t be J- “Skylar Wilson?” Her eyes flew open. Josh would never say her last name. “Skylar Wilson is at my party?” Oh.. fuck. “Who would have thought!”

“Shush.” She hissed at Samuel with the best sharp gaze she could muster this drunk. “Keep your voice down, you idiot.”

“What, why? Scared someone will recognize you?” By the look in her eyes it seemed like he started to understand. Samuel may be a sportsman, a player on their hockey team to be precise, but he wasn’t a jerk. A reason why Skylar actually accepted Brooke’s crush on him. “Oh, shit, really? Sorry, I didn’t know.”

“It’s fine.” It was really not. “Just.. don’t tell anyone.” He nodded at her, holding his pinky out for her to link her’s with. Samuel Kylas was giving her a pinky promise to keep it a secret she was at his party. What a strange world. She was hesitating but in the end she linked their fingers, a small smile tugging at her lips with his sparkling eyes. “I gotta go. You didn’t see Brooklyn around by chance?”

“She was in the kitchen last time I saw her.” Skylar thanked him, threw him a smile and disappeared into the kitchen for the second time this evening. And for sure there she was, stuffing her mouth with what these damn little cakes, and dancing to the upbeat song that was playing. Anyone who saw her would think she was drunk, but.. nah. Brooke didn’t need to be drunk to be weird. Neither did Skylar actually.

“Brooke!” Her head whipped up and around before she smiled, cupcakes still in her hands, making her way over to the raven haired girl. “You left me, you little-”

“I’m sorry! I saw food and it made me lose focus.” Of fucking course it did. Skylar glared at her. Stop swearing, Skye.

“For heaven’s sake, Brooke.” The brunette smiled sheepishly at her. “Let’s go home. I’ve had enough for today.”

“But what about our plan?” It was clear that she wanted to stay longer, not only for the plan.

“Fuck the plan.” Both girls fell into a tense silence, Skylar realizing what she just did and Brooke being overly surprised by it. But damn, that felt good. “I just wanna go home..”

“O-Okay.” They made their way towards the front door, Brooke of course taking as many cupcakes with her as she could. “Nothing happened, right?”

“Apart from me getting pretty drunk and fleeing from Josh who was at the party too, apparently, nah..” The brunette gave her a shocked glance. “What? You told me to loosen up, so I drank a bit. I’m not completely drunk, I can still think straight and I still walk in a line.. Properly, let’s not test that, I am not in the mood for humiliation.”

“Nothing else?”

“Nope.” She popped the ‘p’, hoping her best friend would just let it go. “Nothing else.”

“Alright. Nothing else.”

God, I just wanna go to sleep. 

Chapter Text




Isn't it funny how fast and wide they can spread? Like a blazing wildfire on a scorching hot day. And it seemed like in college, it was always a scorching hot day because rumours were spreading every minute, every second. So when Skylar stepped foot into the huge building everyday, the first thing she saw where hushed whispers and sharp gazes, always pointing to another person with a new day. The weekend was like a blessing, giving her a short but nice break from all the chaos. She could sleep in, laze around in bed all day and watch a series or maybe play some games. Something that her mother wasn't really fond of since it was not something a girl does

"Skylar.. Wake up." She groaned into the soft pillow beneath her, her head pounding like crazy and making her frown. "Come on, mum made breakfast."

"What time is it?" With heavy limbs she kneeled in Brooke's bed, before her body fell down again and she pressed her face into the pillow yet again.

"About 11 a.m." The older girl responded, pulling the blanket from Skylar's body and leaving her moaning from the loss of warmth. "Don't make that sound, you may make me gay for you."

"You already are, who are you kidding." Brooke smacked her with a pillow which added to her headache even more. "Ouch, stop. My head is already killing me."

"You need some painkillers?" Oh, hell yeah.

"Yes, please." The other girl ushered her to get up and get dressed, which she did as best as she could with how tired she was. Her mind wandered back to yesterday and she wanted to duck beneath the blankets in embarrassment. Why did you drink, you idiot, she hissed at herself in her head. Not only that she spoke to a complete stranger about her problem and about her goddamn plan, no, Samuel Kylas saw her at his party and even tho Skylar knew he wasn't an asshole or a jerk or a bad person in generell, she was still freaking out. Alot. And that was completely her own fault. 

Slowly her body crept down the hallway, head pounding with every step she took, making her pull a face. Brooklyn was walking around in the kitchen, getting anything necessary for breakfast and helping her mother with the food. With how Brooke was acting most of the time you would say she was a lazy teenager, not caring about her parents and lying around in her bed all day. But.. no. No, not at all. The brunette helped where she could, even working on weekends in a restaurant nearby, where it seemed like she had off today. She and her mother were close, very close. Something Skylar could only dream of with her mother. Brooke's father left them when she turned seven. He didn't leave them, if that is what you were wondering. They made him go. To a place where they would not see him again for some years. Yes. Brooklyn's father went to jail. For beating Brooke and her mother all the time until they knew it was time to stop it. 

"Good morning, sweetheart." Ms. Cole smiled at her fondly, eyeing her hair that was still sticking in all directions. Sometimes Skylar thought that Ms. Cole acted more like her mother than her own did. "Did you sleep well? You sure look like it."

"Yes, I did." She smiled at her kindly. "Thank you for letting me stay over again."

"No worries, Skylar." He passed her some plates without any other spoken word because Skylar knew what she was supposed to do. This wasn't their first morning together. "So.. Your mum phoned me." The raven haired girl could feel her heart fall. "And asked me if you were asleep already." Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. "I told her that you guys watched a series and went to sleep around 11:30." Oh my god, god bless this woman. "You mind me asking.. Did you actually told her that you went to a party?"

"Uhm.. n-no. No, I did not. My mum is-"

"Very complicated in these things, I know. I guess this will stay our little secret then." 

"Thank you so much." Both females hugged, Ms. Cole chuckling at her eagerness. "This was probably the last time this happened anyways."

"Why? You did some crap?" The older woman was smiling amused at her. "You can tell me, I was young once too."

"Muuuum, you still are. Stop talking like you are eighty, jesus." The elder glared at her daughter. "I'm just saying!" Their bickering made Skylar's headache slowly fade on it's own while she was silently laughing at them. And she almost forgot what was dooming on her this evening, almost.








The creaking of the front door may have been the only thing that was heard in the quiet house as Skylar arrived home. And if she didn't see her parent's cars in the front yard she would have thought no one was home.

"I'm home!" Her eyes caught the big clock in the hallway, 3:04 p.m. Okay, so she may be 4 minutes late, but that will hopefully not be that big of a deal. Her feet carried her into her mother's office where she almost fell over a piece of fabric that was lying around on the floor. "Mum?"

"Skylar?" Her mother appeared from her walk-in closet, piece of blue fabric in one hand and measuring tape in the other. "You are late, aren't you?"

"Five minutes, mum." The dark blonde haired woman threw a glance at the clock on her working desk and nodded.

"Alright, then I didn't say anything. I already got you something to wear this evening, it's on your bed." And that was their conversation for now. Skylar and her mum never talked much, short sentences and to-the-point talking. 

"Okay." Without another word she moved on, greeting her dad in his office with a sweet smile and a tiny wave which she also got in return before heading up to her room, backpack flying across the wide space and her body hitting her bed, leaving out the area where her outfit for tonight was lying in a white protection case. It was probably something her mother made, that was why it was in that case. With a bad feeling she slowly opened the zipper, eyes almost falling out of her head when she saw the dark blue fabric. No. No, no, no, no. Nopety, nope, no. Not happening. With slight panic she sprinted down the stairs, fabric tightly clutched in her hands.

"I'm not wearing this!" She exclaimed as she dashed into her mother's office, fabric handing from her outstretched hands. "Take it back!"

"Why?" The stare her mother gave her was dark. "Is it too ugly? Not your color? Does it not fit? I thought I got your size right." None of these. 

"Mum, it's a dress!" The girl cried in frustration. "Do you know the last time I wore a dress? That was on Brooklyn's sixth birthday party. She's twenty now!"

"All the more reason you should wear it." She wasn't getting the point. Of course, she was not. Her mother was as understanding as a goddamn stone. "I really can't see your problem."

"My problem is that I won't feel comfortable in it! You already persuaded me into this date, at least let me choose my own clothing!" 

Let's just say.. Her mother did not let her chose her own clothing, because as the clock striked six she was awkwardly fidgeting in that damn dress while waiting for Josh to appear, anxiously switching from one foot to the other.

"Okay, listen closely, Skylar. Don't make rude comments, don't burp or eat too fast and be careful what you say. Don't scare the poor boy away." That poor boy. Hah, good joke, she hissed in her head but nodded silently on the outside. The raven haired twitched noticeably where she was standing when the door bell rang, her mother hurriedly going to get it. Skylar, of course, was in no rush what-so-ever, taking as much time as she needed to get to the front door. Joshua's blond hair was pushed back nicely, a dress shirt and a blazer hanging on his torso and a dark jeans fitting tightly around his legs, dress shoes almost shining with how clean they were. His outfit looked good, Skylar had to give him that.

"Good evening, Joshua!" Mrs. Wilson greeted him with a small smile, something that looked weird to her daughter. "I hope you are well."

"Oh, I'm very well. A little nervous." Tz, yeah, sure. 

"Skylar is, too." What? No, I'm definitely not. "I hope you two will have a good time."

"I will try to make the evening as pleasant as possible for her." Skylar's father pretty much scared the hell out of her as he laid a hand on her shoulder, giving her a soft squeeze and a reassuring smile.

"If he gets on your nerves, just text me. I'll bail you out." The laugh that was trying to leave her mouth got stuck as soon as her mother turned around, making both of them freeze.

"What are you waiting for! Go have a nice evening." A nice evening would be me being as far away from this twat as possible. 

"I hope you have her back before ten." Another thing she loved her dad for, eyes thanking him silently.

"Don't be like that, Rob. Let them have some fun." Of course she would go against him.

"You better have her back before ten, son." Josh looked slightly intimidated by his gaze which probably was the reason he nodded quickly and then averted his eyes. And with one last rub against her back her dad let her go, even if Skylar knew it was not his intention to do so. Silently she followed Josh to his car, thanking him when he opened the door for her and letting herself fall into the seat with a huff. She tightly clutched her little bag that her mother gave her to her chest, feeling incredible uncomfortable in the lacy dress that sat on her body too tightly.

"You look stunning." If it was someone else she would have blushed, would have smiled shyly and thanked him in a quiet voice. But it was Josh, so she gave him a neutral gaze and a 'thank you' that didn't even sound half as thankful as it should. "I can't believe you actually said yes." I didn't. "I was pretty shocked, if you asked me. And happy. Very happy." Just.. stop talking, please. "My dad told me to take you out for dinner, but I figured that might be too formal for you." Well, you are at least right about that. "So, I thought about an evening coffee? If that is alright for you?"

"Uhm, yeah, sure." She nodded at him, smiling for the sake of staying polite. The rest of the drive stayed silent, thankfully, and Skylar almost choked as she saw where the older boy was about to park his car. The sign of the café was brightly shining, a huge paper on the window saying 'New Opening Times' greeting her with what seemed like sarcasm. Joshua chose Black Clover. Out of all the cafés around, he had chose the one Skylar loved the most because she had only good memories about it. And now he was going to ruin that. 

"Ready to go?" Not at all. I wanna go home. Please, lord, just let me go home. But she nodded instead, hand opening the car door and body slowly climbing out of the lowered vehicle. Her bag dangled at her hip as she turned around to wait for the boy. She was really thinking about making a run for it. Because who the fuck goes to a café in a formal dress, for god's sake. She flinched as a bigger hand grabbed her's, eyes wide as she gazed up to the blonde but he just stared ahead and started walking towards the double doors. They soon took a seat on the window side to which Skylar sighed, she hated sitting right at the windows. Anyone could stare at her while passing by. 

"Hello, welcome to Black Clover. What can I get you?" The waiter smiled sweetly, his eyes disappearing. He had to be new because Skylar never saw him here before.

"We both take a vanilla latte." The girl was about to protest but the waiter hurried away again, probably thinking they had spoken about if before. She didn't blame him at all.

"I actually don't really drink-"

"Have you tried it before?" The blonde cut her off with a raised brow. Rude. 

"No, but-"

"Then try it first." No room to argue, that was what he gave. "Oh, by the way. Have I told you about the new car my father is working on? I helped him with the system and-" That was the moment Skylar stopped listening, eyes watching the busy streets outside the café, nodding from time to time to make it seem like she was listening. All of a sudden she was pretty glad they had chosen the window seats. Soon the waiter came with their order, which Skylar thanked him for, giving him a polite smile which seemed to rip Josh out of his talking and thanking him too. Something that made Skylar actually kinda weary without any reason. 

"Take a sip." With hesitation she raised the straw in the glass to her mouth, taking a small gulp and instantly regretting so. She hated the taste of vanilla, unless it was ice cream.

"I don't really like it." 

"Well, I'll pay for it, so make sure to drink at least a bit." What part of 'I don't like it' did you not understand, you brat?  

"If you wouldn't have ordered for me this wouldn't have happened."

"What are you being so rude for? I was trying to-"

"I don't care what you were trying, I won't drink this." Maybe she was overreacting, a bit. But she hated how he was looking and treating her, as if she was nothing more than a doll he could push around. He was literally treating her like her mother did, as if she just a object to use.

"Don't make a scene, Skylar." And what she did next is something she could not help at that point, she laughed. Loud and clear for him to hear and by the frown that was building on his face, he did hear. "What is so funny? You are being really rude right no-"

"I'm being rude? Me? Sorry, Joshua, but I don't think you know how a date works." Without further notice she rose from her seat, striding up to the counter of the café and giving the waiter who brought them 'their' order a apologetic smile. "Sorry, I do not intend to be rude, but I would like to pay for my drink, just one of them. It's not my taste and this fu- this guy brought it without my agreement."

"Do you want to order a different one?"

"Oh no, no. Thank you very much. I just.. want to go." The waiter seemed to caught on to the situation, giving her another smile and letting her pay for it before saying goodbye, his blonde hair kinda shining in the dim café lighting. Skylar returned to Joshua shortly after, glaring at him with newly formed anger. "I am leaving. And just so you know it, I payed for my drink. So don't worry about paying for it."


"Goodbye, Josh." She was running, body pushing past the double doors quickly to make a dash for it, her name being called harshly behind her. Of course, running in shoes she never wore before was not easy and most likely the reason for the fact that the boy caught up with her too quickly. A gasp left her as her upper arm was grabbed roughly, a tug pulling her back and putting her face to face with a panting Josh. He looked beyond furious, chest heaving harshly and eyes wild. "Let me go."

"No." He almost spat the word at her. "No, you are staying."

"You can't tell me what to do. Who do you think you are to command something from me? Let me go right now." The tug that was supposed to free her arm failed greatly as the boy tightened the grip around it, so hard that it started to actually hurt. "Joshua."

"If you leave right now, I will tell your parents you was on Samuel's party on Friday with Brooke." Of course. Of fucking course. Blackmailing, something the boy was apparently very good at.

"You wouldn't dare." She hissed at him, seething from head to toe. 

"So it actually was you. Never would have thought you were a party type." She wasn't. Brooke and her stupid plan. Something the girl couldn't blame the brunette on, at least not alone.

"Cut the small talk and let me go." Another tug, another failure.

"I will tell them, Skylar." No, you fucking won't. "Don't make me do it."

"Let me go!" It happened so fast that Skylar had literally no time to prepare herself for it. In the next few second three things happened, firstly she finally got her arm free from Josh's dead grip, secondly she lost her footing with how hard she ripped herself out of his claws and thirdly, just as she accepted her fate and the bruises that followed something caught her in lighting speed - or rather someone. Her eyes fell on a rose tattoo on the strangers arm and she soon stabled herself to gaze up into dark brown eyes hiding beneath tousled bright red hair. To say she was speechless was a understatement because, wow, okay. A stranger just saved her from getting her mother's dress ripped and torn.

"You okay?" It was like the sound of his voice pushed her out of her trance, sounded way more familiar than it should. Slowly she let her eyes rake over the guy's body, settling on a dangerously familiar dragon tattoo on his neck. Oh dear god, please no. Not now. "Skylar?"

"You know each other?" Joshua gaped at them as Skylar finally found the will to actually stand back on her own feet. "Care to explain?"

"Well, you see-" Her words got caught in her throat as Jeongguk started to smirk, a dangerous glint in his eyes. Oh no. Don't do anything stupid, please for the love of-

"Why would I not know my own girlfriend?" Kill me. Please. Someone.. just.. kill me. "What are you doing, baby? Going out looking so fine? With that twat? Was it the one your mother set you up with?"

"Set you up with- I can't- What? Your mother set you up with me? While you are dating.. that?" He sounded disgusted as he eyed the full tattooed male still standing strangely close behind her. "What kind of bullshit is this? How would they accept him-" His eyes widened in realisation of something that properly wasn't even true. "They don't know.. Don't they?"


"Ooooh, that's perfect. Little Miss Goodie-Two-Shoes is dating a bad boy with alot of tattoos and weird colored hair. That so bloody fucking perfect!"

"That's none of your business!"

"Right, yes. You're right. But it's your parents'. Just wait until I tell them-"

"You won't tell them shit, potato face."


"Because if you do, I will hunt you down. You hear me?"

"I-I'm not scared of you." By his stuttering Skylar was pretty sure he was indeed scared. But she couldn't really blame him with the way Jeongguk looked like and watched him at the moment she would properly be scared too. "It's not your business either!"

"She's my girlfriend, of course it's my business." No, I'm not. But I guess right now I could be, for a few minutes. Because by the face Josh made the girl was sure that he would soon give up. If he was smart for once. "So chose carefully. Either you keep your mouth shut or I will sew it shut for you." Skylar came to the conclusion that mad Jeongguk was a very scary Jeongguk.

"As if I would listen to a goddamn hillybilly.." Skylar almost snorted at that. "Get lost before I call the cops."

"No, Josh. I think you should get lost." He looked at her perplexed, his eyes unreadable.

"Do you know what you are putting on the line for this.. this.." His eyes scanned over Jeongguk's body with disgust yet again. "This bastard."

"Watch your tongue." Mad Skylar was someone you certainly did not want to meet either. And she definitely hated people who insulted her friend.. or fake boyfriend for that matter. Because Jeongguk was alot, a weirdo or a idiot even. At least for pulling this stunt. But was surely not a bastard. "This is still my.. boyfriend you are talking about. And now you better get out of here before I decided to tell your parents a bit about their son. Don't think I don't know you take drugs."

"Wh- what? I don't- I wouldn't- I-"

"Save your breath and just leave, Josh. And don't you even dare to lose a word about this." It seemed like he was about to pull another scene, but Jeongguk's sudden movement behind the girl made him flinch and run for his car. "Jesus Christ, thank god." 

"Well he sure put up a fight." The visibly taller male behind her chuckled. "I thought he would piss his pants any minute."

"He might have, who knows." That earned her a full on laugh. "The only problem I have now is that I don't know how to get home since the last bus left.." A glance at her phone made her groan. "Exactly four minutes ago, great. Well, uhm.. Thanks? I guess, for that. I hope he will leave me alone now."

"He better does before your boyfriend gets pissed. He surely won't want that." The smirk tugging at his lips made her breath get caught in her throat. "So.. You think he will talk? If you are worried about it, I know ways on keeping him silent."

"Does these ways contain violence or blood?" She shouldn't have chuckled about it, totally not. But, well, she did. And it felt good.

"Not.. necessary. It's on him and how he behaves." That made her roll her eyes.

"Thank you, Jeongguk." All she got from that was a honest smile and a hand that pushed his bangs back so she could see his eyes clearly. "You dyed your hair, huh?"

"I was ready for a change. I start school on Monday. Gotta give people things to talk about, right?" Right. As if his tattoos weren't enough already.

"Oh, where are you going?"

"The college here." Skylar's eyes almost left their sockets. "Why?"

"O-oh, just asking." Her smile was small, not reaching her eyes fully. Of course he had to go to my college. To my and Josh's college. I just hope they won't have classes together.  "What do you study, if I may ask?"

"Art." Okay, so.. Skylar really expected alot. But she totally did not expect that. Jeongguk seemed at amaze her all the time. "Photography to be exact."

"That's so cool!" And she meant that. She liked to take pictures on her own, too. It was something that help her think and something that she and her dad had in common.

"You.. You think so?" She nodded with a brighter smile this time, eyes shining. "I could.. show you some pictures some time?" Another excited nod. "Great." 

"Well, I should go now. It's getting late."

"How do you get home? I thought your last bus left?" 

"I guess I have to walk." The raven haired girl looked in the darkening sky. Great. "Well, I see you around, Jeongguk! Get home sa-"

"Let me drive you."

Excuse me.. What?

Chapter Text



Silence fell over the darkening streets around them as a strong wind started to blow and made Skylar shiver in her thin dress. The waiting boy infront of her was staying motionless as time went by, his freshly dyed hair being messed up by the wind but it seemed like he wasn't minding it that much. His offer was still floating between them without an answer from the shorter girl, her breath was stuck in her throat.

"O-oh. Uhm, no. I mean, thank you! For offering. But it's alright. I'll just.. walk." She eyed the boy carefully, studying the way he put his hands in the pockets of his jacket and lowered his gaze to the ground without another word. Skylar wouldn't really have minded him driving her, it's not like she didn't trust him. But she just knows that when another boy drives her home both of her parents will freak out, maybe her mother a little more. So she bid her goodbye, giving him a small smile and a wave before leaving him standing there, on the sidewalk, and going towards home. For a second she actually thought about phoning her dad and ask him to come and pick her up but she was too ashamed to do so which led her to just keep walking. 

"Skylar!" Her head snapped up at the voice, body trembling from the cold that started to spread quickly. Eyes caught sight of no one in particular before the roaring of an engine became louder and louder, black pick up truck pulling up next to her, window down to reveal a unsure Jeongguk. What- "Just get in, it's starting to freeze and you are wear something really thin. You'll get sick."

"Why-" Why do you care so much?, is what she wanted to ask but she caught herself before the words left her mouth. "I don't really think-"

"Then don't think, just do. I'm not gonna kidnap you, promise." That was totally not what she was aiming for. "What kind of boyfriend would I be if I let my girl walk home in the freezing cold?"

"You are not- Don't- I-" Goddamn, stop stuttering. "You better not tell a soul about this plan or I swear I will kill you."

"Jeez, why so aggressive?" She wanted to scream at him, tell him she wasn't being aggressive. Maybe just a bit.. scared. "Just get in.. Please." And who was she to deny such a pleading voice? So slowly, with care and maybe hesitation, she took a seat in the tattooed boy's car, hoping to god she didn't rip her dress on the climb up. 
"Where to?" Right, that's something she completely forgot. If she climbed into his car, she would have to tell him her address. Something she was not really keen on doing. 

"Well, you can drop me off near the mart on the north side?" Strangely, Jeongguk seemed to understand, starting the engine again and starting to drive. 

"Is there a reason for why you won't tell me your address? Do I seem that sketchy?" If Skylar wouldn't have known any better she would say he was kinda annoyed with her, maybe even a bit hurt. 

"We've known each other for what? A day? Do you give your address to people you only know a day?" She lifted a eye brow at him, small grin tugging on her lips.

"Sometimes I give people I only known a few hours my address. But that's mainly when I'm drunk and they're drunk and I have needs to satisfy." Okay, so Skylar may have been sexual inactive and inexperienced. But she surely got the fact that the boy was actually talking about One-Night-Stands, she would bet on it. "Don't pull that face."

"What face?" She said while still pulling that face. And by that face Jeongguk probably meant the huge frown that kept spreading. "I'm not pulling a face."

"Yes, you are. You are frowning again. You are too pretty to frown." Stop that. "By the way, you look stunning in that dress." Same words, different feeling. Because right now, she felt something warm fill out her insides, a giddy feeling overcoming her. Literally everything that didn't happen when Josh gave her the compliment. To her luck she left out the damn blushing, that would have been bad and very hard to explain.

"Thank you.." She thanked him in a quiet yet fond voice. "I don't really like it tho. I don't like dresses in general. They are too formal for me."

"You still rock it."I do? "But let's not sway away from our topic. Why won't you let me drive you home? And by home I mean your house, or apartment or whatever."

"Well.. My mother.. She's not very.. keen on people with tattoos. Or dyed hair. Basically people who even look like you, I don't know. It's hard to explain. Plus, I was on a date with Josh. A date she set up. It would look pretty weird if a different guy drives me home."

"Can't you just tell her what happened?" His head turned to her as they held on a red light, eyes confused and eyebrows pulled together. "I'm sure she would understand."

"No.. No, you don't understand. I can't really blame you for it.." She chuckled to herself but it didn't sound honest, more bitter than anything else. "My mother is stubborn. And controlling. She wouldn't believe me, Jeongguk. I know it sounds stupid, but she just.. I know she won't. She thinks she does what's best for me. All the time. If it's choosing my school, my food, my clothing or my boyfriend. She doesn't care. Because the only thing she actually cares about is herself and her stupid job. Money, money, money. That's all that matters for her."

"I'm sorry." She was about to protest and tell him that he has no need to be but he cut her off. "For butting into your business. I didn't want to pressure you into telling me since I remembered you telling Yoongi hyung you don't really talk with strangers. And you were right, who gives their address a person they met a day ago. That'd be naive."

"I- You didn't.. butt into my business. And you didn't pressured me either. I told you because I wanted to, it's okay." Was it? Was it okay? "It's not like you gonna go tell the whole school that Skylar Wilson who apparently wants to become banker is actually just a girl controlled by her own mother to do that job without actually wanting to."

"Why would I tell my school that?" Silence passed by them once more. "Wait.. No way. You go to the college around here, too?" Darn it. 

"I- Uh.. Yeah. I do, I guess." 


"I guess." The taller seemed to notice the lack of her excitement.

"What's wrong?"

"It's just.. Joshua goes to the same college and I'm kinda afraid he'll let something spill. I know Josh since kindergarten, he always had a crush on me but I was never really interested, you know? I saw him as a friend." Skylar really needed to stop telling him so much. Jeongguk just seemed so.. understanding. He was listening to her, really listening. Almost like Brooke always listened.

"I'll make sure he'll keep his mouth shut, don't worry about it." Oh, but she was worrying about it, alot. "Plus, if your boyfriend is around, I'm sure he won't pull anything."

"That's the other thing.. No one is allowed to know about this. The plan was only to scare off Joshua, not let the whole school know Skylar Wilson is actually not a sheep. I wanna stay undiscovered, okay? It would actually be best if you wouldn't even recognize me and by the different things we study I would say we won't have alot of classes together either. Don't get me wrong! You are very nice and I'm very grateful for what you did but.. I just wanna go through college without attention. And you, well.. You kinda scream danger and trouble, at least with how you look and the way you act and walk and it'd just ruin my uneventful status."

"Okay." He nodded slightly. Okay?

"Okay? That's all you have to say about this? No 'what the hell is wrong with you' or a little anger because I literally just said I want nothing to do with you in school? Nothing?"

"If you think that staying undiscovered is good for you, do so." By the words he chose you would think his voice would sound passive-aggressive, but nah. He seemed calm about this whole thing. "I'm just slightly confused about the 'sheep' thing?"

"I don't swear."


"Never." She nodded. "My mother would flip."

"You never swear? How do you never swear. Swearing is fun! It's fucking great, pardon my language."

"I don't mind if others swear, I just don't swear myself." Out loud. Most of the time. Sometimes it slips, she added in her head.

"You just turned into the most boring person I know, and I know Seokjin hyung." Skylar wanted to be mad, but she couldn't. Instead, she giggled. Yes, giggled. A very girly sound for a not so girly person. "Let's make a bet. I, Jeongguk Jeon, bet that I get you to swear at least three times in the next month."

"I.. Okay, fine. I bet against it." Oh, it's on, Jeongguk Jeon. "So what's the price?"

"I get to take you out for something fun. Do you like laser tag?" Never played it. "Or maybe paint ball?" Never played that either, my friend. "Hm, how about going into a horror house." By the look on her face the male could tell she was totally not fond of that idea. "Or watch a movie? Oh, no, I know now! In October there is gonna be a Halloween festival in town, I've read about that. I'll take you there and we will go into the haunted house there."

"Deal." She grinned, extending her hand for him to shake but he shook his head instead.

"You have to ask for something in return."

"Oh, uhm. How about you have to, uh.. Do what I say for a week?" She wasn't really sure about what exactly she wanted but that seemed to work for now.

"For a week, huh? Okay, deal." Suddenly he shut off the car, turning towards her and giving her his hand to shake, which she did. Skylar had been too occupied in the conversation that she didn't even notice they had arrived at the mart Skylar spoke of. "The bet starts from tomorrow, 6 a.m. and you'll see, I never lose."

"Mhm, sure thing." She was spilling gasoline into the fire, she could tell by the glinting eyes that captured her's. "I have to go now. Thank you for driving me, Jeongguk."

"Be careful and I hope you don't have to walk far." She shook her head and gave him a smile, telling him that her house was a few streets down from here. "See you, Skylar."

"Yeah, see you!" The car door slammed shut and there she was again, back in the cold nagging air and freezing wind. Her legs felt like they were falling off as she waved the passing Jeongguk before starting to walk towards her house, arriving after a few minutes and ushering inside. The warmth that hit her made her hum, shoes being thrown into the hallway.

"Dad?" Her father's head poked out of his office, in no doubt sitting on his office chair which he had rolled all the way to the door frame.

"You are back later than I thought." Her eyes wandered to the clock, 7:48 p.m. "I thought you would have been back til seven."

"Funny." Her voice dripped with sarcasm. "He was a complete brat, Dad. I swear."

"You know I believe you, always." A smile formed on his lips, hand rubbing her back. "You are so cold! Did you walk here?"

"Well.." And then she started to explain everything, about what happened at Black Clover, about Josh and her's argument and so on. The only thing she left out was Jeongguk, telling her dad that she walked all the way home instead. And by the look on his face, he was furious.

"I'll kick his ass." Skylar feared he will actually do that, right now. That's how livid he seemed. "If he even sets foot into this house I will-"

"Skylar?" The small girl feared what was about to come as her mother appeared in the door frame. "You are back already? It's not even eight."

"Sarah, I do not want our daughter dating that asshole." Her mother seemed as taken back by her fathers word choice as herself. "He was disrespectful and rude, I do not tolerate that."

"What? What none sense are you talking about?" And so, the story began anew, told by her dad this time while she was silently listening, eyes roaming the room and settling on anything but her parents. Her father really sounded beyond pissed and since he sounded beyond pissed it meant that he actually believed her, which was good, in any way.

"That boy was properly just nervous, Rob. I don't think he's a bad guy." Skylar wanted to scream as her eyes snapped up to meet her mother's. She can't be serious right now.

"Nervous? Mum, he bruised up my arm with his grip." To show proof Skylar held out her arm, small yellow spots littering around her skin. "That's not being nervous, that's being possessive or even aggressive."

"At least give him a second chance."

"Sarah." The raven haired girl shuddered at her father's cold tone. "He hurt her. I will not allow her to date that guy even if you want it so much. You know I respect alot of your decisions but you are crossing the line right now."

"I'm crossing the line? Because I want our daughter to date?"

"No, because you are trying to put her into a relationship that may be good for her finances, but not for her health." The young girl really wanted to hug her dad right now. Usually he was very quiet, not butting into his wife's wishes and letting her do what she wanted. But right now Skylar's well being and health was on the line, and he was not having that.

"Okay, okay, okay. I get it. I'm sorry." She didn't sound that apologetic. "But, Skylar. If he apologize, don't be too hard on him. At least accept it, I don't care what you do after that." Oh, but you do. If you would have it your way the marriage would be already planned. "Just.. Try to see it from his perspective. He might feel bad."

"Sure thing, Mum." If he apologizes. Joshua was never someone to feel sorry. "If he does, and he means it, I'll forgive him." With that she left her dad's office, heading up the stairs to let herself fall onto her bed. A long groan left her lips, exhausted from the eventful evening. Soon she changed out of that damn dress, throwing on some jogging pants and a loose grey shirt before sitting down on her desk chair and switching on her computer. A few videos later and the girl almost fell asleep infront for the computer screen so she decided to head to bed early on this Saturday night.

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Has Skylar mentioned before that she, like, really hated college? Everything about it was.. annoying. People were noisy, people just couldn't mind their own business. And that was something that was greatly pissing her off more and more everyday. The raven haired girl was on her way to her math class when she spotted two girls, dressed up to the core, glancing her way. Something that really made her nervous because why would they? Why would they look at someone like her. Someone that never uttered a unnecessary word around school. Soon she realized tho that they were not. Because as she stepped to the right to move into the classroom their eyes stayed straight ahead, something that caused Skylar to look back too. Her breath almost made her choke as her eyes fell on no other than Jeongguk, red hair parting on his forehead, eyes fixated on his phone as he seemed to listen to one of his friends. The gray haired guy next to him threw him a boxy grin, a smile so wide that it made his eyes crinkle. Skylar's eyes soon settled on the rose tattoo on the right side of his neck and she soon scanned over his arms that were littered with even more tattoos that she was able to see thanks to his pulled up sleeves. Her body scrambled to get into the classroom as they came closer, too afraid that Jeongguk may actually greet her by accident, but her path was blocked by a firm chest which she bumped into, knocking her back and flat onto her ass. She cursed at the sting in her wrist that stabled her fall a bit, sitting up more straight and then looking up to scoff immediately. Joshua's green eyes narrowed on her but he was humane enough to offer her a hand. Which she of course, completely ignored. She didn't need his kindness, she was fine on her own. So she started to push herself up, heaving her aching butt off the ground with some difficulty before a hand gripped her upper arm and helped her up the rest of the way. She was about to tell Josh off for touching her, was about to actually curse at him but she soon noticed it wasn't him who helped her. Dark brown eyes starred at her, a kind smile greeting her. 

"Are you okay?" The boy's voice was sending shivers down her spine, almost as deep as the goddamn ocean. His gray hair fell over his eyes for a second but he shook it off quickly. "Not hurt?"

"Ah, uhm, no. Thank you." Her breath hitched in her throat as she looked past the friendly guy, eyes catching Jeongguk's. He nodded at her almost not noticeably, eyes then fleeing over to Joshua and turning to stone. The redhead eyed the blone tensely, making him swallow hard and walk off quickly. 

"I'm Taehyung." Friendly guy offered her a hand to shake which she only starred dumbly at. "Nice to meet you."

"Oh! Ah, yes. Skylar." Something that made Skylar think strongly about was the sly grin that formed on the boy's face before he looked back at Jeongguk with what seemed to be a knowing look. All he got for it was a whack on the back of his head tho. "Thanks for helping me up."

"You're welcome." The sly grin was now directed to her, his eyes studying her face. "Do you have math class here?"

"Uh, yes?" The girl slowly withdrew her hand to let it hang motionless on her side. "Why?"

"A friend of ours has the same class, we are waiting for him." She gave him a short sound of understanding before she excused herself to now really move into the classroom to take a seat. As her eyes scanned her surroundings she noticed that no one, except for Josh of course, was starring at her, thankfully. She tried to calm her mind a bit, preparing for class and scrolling through her phone until their teacher would arrive. 

"See you later, Jiminie!" The rough voice called through the classroom, making Skylar's eyes snap up and search for what she believed was Taehyung. He waved in her direction as she finally found him, but it was clear to see that it wasn't really directed to her, more like to the blue haired male that was standing almost right infront of her. Embarrassed by his friend's behaviour he told him something in what must have been korean, and he said it rather harshly if you'd ask her. All he got was a blown kiss tho before Jeongguk literally had to drag the grey haired male from the door.

"Jesus, that brat." Skylar couldn't help the small little smile that tugged at her lips at his frustrated tone. Her eyes soon fell on the swirling ink on the back of his right hand, the motive showing a feather and an anchor, something Skylar actually found pretty. If she would get a tattoo, in the very far future, it would be a feather too, she was sure of that.








The day dragged along slowly, very slowly. Skylar was about to walk into her biology class when Brooke crashed into her from the side, pulling her shocked body with her to push her against the locker in the next hallway. Wide eyes starred right into the brunette's brown ones as silence overcame them.

"Tell me everything." To say the black haired female was baffled was an understatement. For a moment she didn't even know what the crazy girl infront of her was talking about but it soon sank in.

"Can't it wait 'til school is over?"

"What class do you have right now?"

"Biology, and I will be late if you don-"

"No one needs that anyways, come with me." Her arms was harshly grabbed and soon she was dragged along, whines and protests leaving her mouth as Brooke found the next best room, which had to be the music room that rarely anyone used. Skylar's body was thrown on a bench, Brooke soon following and sitting down next to her. "What happened?"

"Brooke! I never missed any class, I can-"

"What happened, Skylar?" Her tone left no room to protest, Skylar knew that the brunette must know something. So Skylar spilled the truth, telling her about the date night with Josh. Leaving out Jeongguk yet again. "There's more tho, right?"

"I-" She started fiddling with her hands out of nervous habit. "You know that party we went to on Friday? You asked me if something happened. I kinda lied when I told you no.."

"I know." You know? "I saw you with that tattooed fella. Did he do anything to y-"

"What, no! Jeongguk wouldn't- I mean, no. He didn't. He was kinda sweet, I guess?" A groan left her. "On Saturday, when Josh tried to keep me at Black Clover, Jeongguk suddenly appeared. Creepy, right? Well, anyways, he told Joshua off, told him that I was his.. his girl. You know.."

"Wait." Skylar yet again groaned at Brooklyn's excited tone. "Wait, wait, wait. So, what you are saying is that-"

"A fully tattooed guy is my fake-boyfriend, yes." She was kinda expecting the squeal that rang through the room. "Brooke, calm down. It gets better." Skylar almost laughed at how fast the brunette shut up. "You remember that guy we met in Black Clover? With black hair?"

"The hot one?"

"I.. Uh, yeah. I guess. He's friends with Jeongguk."

"No way."

"Yes way." And there went Skylar's ears. "Brooke, stop screaming. For god's sake."

"Sorry. Sorry, I stop. I just.. This is perfect." 

"Or a big mess. There is more."

"What? How much did you keep from me, you asshole!" She threw the brunette a nasty glance to shut her up. "Sorry." She continued to tell how Jeongguk drove her home and how they made this stupid bet and that she met him this morning. "So, he has friends on this school?"

"Yes. I'm scared as heck, Brooke. What if they blow my cover?"

"You asked him not to, right? I think he's a nice guy, despite his appearance. He properly keep your reputation, or the reputation that you do not have, safe." Any other person would have scoffed at Brooke for that, but for Skylar that was exactly what she wanted. No reputation.

"I hope so." The rest of the skipped class was spend with Brooke playing the piano while Skylar hummed to some of the songs she knew. Being with Brooke was always easy, was always comfortable. Singing with Brooke made her fall into pure ease. Skylar was someone who loved to sing and she loved to sing to her best friend playing the piano. Another thing her mother disliked. Singers don't come far. Only the naturally talented ones can get a well paid career, is what she always told her. There it was again, the not believing in her daughter. But Skylar was used to it by now, she didn't know anything else. At least not from her mother.

"You know, stalking someone is very rude." Skylar's whole body twitched at Brooke's booming voice, her eyes soon following the ones of her best friend to stare at no one other then Taehyung that starred right back like a dear caught in headlights. 

"Uhm.. Sorry, I.. I was wondering where the sounds were coming from." Skylar felt the need to hide. "Plus, school has ended half an hour ago. I didn't know you were allowed to stay longer." She felt the need to hide quick. Because it seemed like Taehyung always brought a certain someone with him. And that someone soon poked his head through the door frame, doe eyes confused yet curious. Goddarn it. 

"Oh!" His body now pushed behind the gray haired male that scoffed and narrowed his eyes at the red haired guy that pushed him into the door frame. "Hi. Sorry to interrupt. We'll be leaving now."

"Why don't you come sit down? There must be a reason you came to the music room. We aren't claiming it." You know, there were time where Skylar actually thought about not only to curse at someone but also strangle someone to death. That someone, in most situations, was her best friend. Brooke must have seen Skylar's panicked gaze because all the damn twat did was chuckle and pull one side of her mouth up in a one-sided smirk. She knows what she is doing. 

"Are.. Are you sure?" Jeongguk's eyes found her and she honestly wanted to die. Because Brooke was right. They couldn't claim this room, it was freely to be used anyone. And just because Skylar wanted to avoid Jeongguk and his friends the best she could while being in school, she couldn't stop him or Taehyung from using this room if they pleased to do so. And by the looks of it, Taehyung actually did want to use it.

"Yeah.. Sure." She gave them a small smile and a nod before leaning in close to Brooklyn's ear to whisper. "I'm gonna kill you.. Let's leave them alone."

"Why? You said you didn't want to interact with them, sharing the music room doesn't mean you have to."


"Don't Brooklyn me." She frowned at her. "I wanna try this one piece you told me about. Angel By The Wings?"

"You have to try it now?"  All the black haired girl got, to her dismay, was a smile and a nod. "You will be the death of me."

"I love you, too." A harsh wrack on the back of her head was what she got in response which made her actually laugh. She was such a lunatic. Soon Skylar tried to ease her body tho, letting Brooke's playing consume her and relax her to the bone. The song Angel By The Wings by Sia was one of her favorites so from time to time she actually let a note slip past her sealed lips, too embarrassed to actually sing the whole piece in company of others. 

"I still can't believe you can learn so fast. I'd be wrecking my nerves at this point."

"I still have trouble with the beginning, I think I fuck up the first chords." Skylar looked at her confused, to her it sounded perfect. Then again, she didn't play piano. Maybe Brooke heard something she couldn't understand. "Would you sing the first part for me?"

"Yeah, sure." Totally concentrated she ignored the two boys sitting a few meter away with their guitars, singing the first verse loud and clear for Brooke to improve her missing inch. 

"Oh so, your wounds they show. I know you have never felt so alone. But hold on, head up, be strong. Oh hold on, hold on until you hear them come. Here they come, oh.." With the amount of focus she put into hitting every note she didn't notice the stares the two of them got, Taehyung watching them with an open mouth and Jeongguk listening with closed eyes and a small smile.


They were in for one hell of a trip. 

Chapter Text


Cold, yet refreshing wind rushed around her as Skylar made her way home the same day, headphones playing the steady sound of The Chainsmokers' song 'Hope', her steps fitting the beat. Skylar was humming quietly, eyes fixated on the sidewalk so she didn't really noticed the car pulling up next to her, her body twitching and a shriek leaving her lips as a car honk smashed through her earphones all of a sudden. Wide eyes stared to the side in shock, gazing at no other than Joshua in his goddamn Bentley. A huff left her slightly open lips, eyes turning cold. She pulled one of her hands out of her hoodie to tug a earphone from her right ear.

"What?" Anyone who heard her voice would instantly know that she was beyond done with this situation. Anyone but Josh, who just grinned at her like he just won the lottery.

"You want me to drop you off?" No. No, I do not, what the actual fuck?

"I don't really know if you are simply not used to talk to girls or if you are just plain dumb but no. After what you pulled on Saturday, I do not want you to drop me off. Get lost, Joshua."

"Skylar, listen.. I am sorry. I overreacted. Plus, I didn't know you had a boyfriend." The girl's eyes fled around the area to check if any classmate might be around, but she already walked a great distance from the college so it was fine. "I just.. I don't think he's good for you. I mean, look at him!"

"What do you know?" Her body twitched at the new voice, head snapping to the side to stare at tense doe eyes slightly covered by red hair. How in the hell does he always find her, especially in situations like this? "Dude, I recall to have told you to say away from her."

"Ah, uh.. It's okay, Jeongguk. Joshua was just leaving." She targeted the blonde with stern eyes, nodding at him to go. "Right?"

"Actually, I was n-"

"For god's sake, just go. Leave." Skylar started to feel irritated. And that's never good. Because if the petty female got mad, you'd better run. "Jeongguk will drop me off."

"So, your parents know him already?" She wanted to punch him in the face.

"That's none of your busi-"

"They do. I told them yesterday." She cut Jeongguk off with a lie, properly not a very wise choice. To lie. But what was she supposed to do, he wouldn't leave. "Now go."

"C'mon, baby. Let's go." It took almost everything in her to not shriek about the hand that rounded her waist and pull her along, his fingers actually gripping her flesh at her hips, nothing sharp tho. A gentle squeeze that made her heart race a bit actually. Their sides brushed as Jeongguk walked them to his car he seemed to have parked just a few meters down the road. 

"You can let go now.." Her eyes were trained on the tattooed hand on her side, breath stuttering a bit with the slide it did over her back before it actually disappeared. "Thank you."

"For letting go or for saving you yet again?" The boy send her a short, one-sided smirk, pushing his hair back as they arrived at his car.

"I- Uh- For, well, saving me, I guess. Even tho you didn't have to do that. I was doing just fine." She protested, arms crossing over her chest, a light, natural pout settling on her lips.

"Sure thing, sweetheart."

"Stop with the pet names." And now the pout was growing a bit. His eyes crinkled with the wide smile that spread on his lips, a chuckle soon leaving them. Skylar watched with slightly narrowed eyes, not amused with the way he seemed to find fun in teasing her. Her eyes followed his hand as it gripped the handle of the car door, nodding his head to signaling her to get into the car.

“I can wa-”

“Just get into the goddamm car.”  His gaze left her no room to decline or argue so she ducked her head and slowly climbed into his truck, the leather seat beneath her strangely familiar and comfortable.

“I was kidding, you know. About having told my par-”

“Yes, I know. It's okay, I'll just let you out a few blocks down, okay? Gimme your address.” Skylar only told him in a mumble, still not completely comfortable with telling him her home. But Jeongguk seemed trustworthy, he just did without doing anything special. “I actually didn't think you would actually say it..”

“You godda-” Skylar shut up quickly, mind fleeing back to their bet. She almost cursed right there. I will sue you, Jeongguk. “You not so nice person.”

“Hmmmm, should I count that as a swear?” She glared at him as he started the engine, left eye twitching slightly. “Don't give me that look, you'll make me laugh.”

“You are being a brat, do you know th- Holy fuck!” The raven haired girl clamped her hands above her heart right after someone knocked loudly at her car window, reality dooming on her and what she said. Firstly she looked at a grinning Taehyung that waved at her with no care in the world, then her eyes fled over to Jeongguk. Jeongguk whose lips very tightly pressed together to hide to grin that was trying to break through. “No! No. This does not count. It wasn't you who made me swear!”

“Doesn't matter.” She really wanted to punch him now. “You swore. In my presence.” Gosh, he really is a brat. A groan left her just as the car door to the back seat was pulled open, Taehyung climbing inside without a word and shutting it right behind him.

“How may I help you?” The female watched silently as Jeongguk fixated the grey haired male through the rear mirror, eyebrows pulled up.

“I'm too lazy to walk, lemme just sleep back here.” Right after he said that he actually lied down, arms used as a make-shift pillow. A silence fell for a few seconds, both of them just plainly watching the grey haired boy in the backseat of Jeongguk's truck until they gazed at each other. Skylar actually cracked a small smile the moment she saw how done Jeongguk looked with his friend, an over dramatic eye-roll being thrown in her direction.

"Are you kidding me?" The red head huffed.

"Just pretend I'm not here, I won't even make a sound. Continue with what you were doing." Taehyung already sounded like he was half asleep what caused Skylar to huff out a laugh, not believing how fast this guy could shut down.


"It's okay." She nodded at him, smiling softly. "Just drop me off." With one last sharp glare that he threw at his older friend in the back, Jeongguk took off to ride Skylar home. The ride there was partly silent, just a few hums to the music that was playing threw the car speakers then and there.

"So, have you been singing for a long time? Your voice sounds controlled." 

"Controlled?" Yet again Skylar turned her head to watch Jeongguk's side profile, her eyes roaming from his sharp jawline to his cute little nose and then to his doe orbs that were settled on the road.

"I mean, you hit your notes with a pretty perfect pitch. And your voice sounds rich.. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to pry, we just noticed whilst being in the music room." Right. They heard that. All of a sudden Skylar felt the need to hide away, to run and get some distance between the red haired boy and herself. There were only a few things Skylar hated alot. One was the constant nagging of her mother, the other one was being not taken seriously. And one of them also was people knowing about her voice. Maybe that was because her mother always put her down and scolded her for singing.

"Uh, well.. I would say for as long as I can speak and form words?" She wanted quietly as Jeongguk's eyes grew bigger and his eyebrows pulled up, lowering her gaze into her lap and playing with her baggy hoodie.

"Seriously? Have you taken any lessons?" She nodded with a hum. "That's pretty cool. You sound good!"

"Try to tell that my mum, she would kick you in the butt."

"Ah, I see. Another thing your parents aren't fond of." He said it so casually it should make her mad. But he was right.

"Well, my mum. My dad actually plays guitar since he was sixteen and helps me with harmonizing sometimes when there is only us two home." She saw him nod in the corner of her eyes. So understanding yet again. "Ah, you can let me out right here. I'll walk a few minutes and then I'd be home."

"Gotcha." The sound of his blinker filled the space of the car, the vehicle pulling over to side to let her open the door and hop out, a smile greeting her as she looked up from fixing her clothes and backpack. "See ya?"

"Yes, I guess. See you, Jeongguk. Thanks for driving me." She gave him another smile, whole body twitching as Taehyung rose on the backside to also say goodbye and then settled back down. That boy loves to scare the shit outta me. Shutting the car door with a dull bang she turned on her heel to walk home, greeting her dad that was checking something on his car.

"Why did you round that corner there? Don't you usually come the road straight up?" A slight rush of panic overcame her.

"I uh.. I- I saw a stray dog. I mean! I thought I saw a stray dog and tried to catch it, but it seemed like the owner was just down the road and he was hanging behind, so- uhm, yeah. I took that way home."

"O.. kay?" Skylar could see the confusion in his eyes, unsure smile tugging on her lips. "Well, it's nice that you tried to help, I guess."

"You know how I am with dogs."

"I'd rather get five dogs than a child. Yes, I know how you are with dogs." A full blown grin now spread on her lips, laugh slipping past her lips with how her father imitated her. She hated to lie to him, but she just simply didn't want to make him worry.

She'll tell him eventually. She was sure of it. 

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"Are you serious?" Skylar's eyes stayed huge and bewildert as she stared at her mother, mouth turned down in a not pleased curve. She watched the older woman pack her suitcase neatly. "You couldn't have at least asked if I wanted to come with you guys?"

"Skylar, you have classes to attend. How is that supposed to work?" The raven haired girl hated the fact that her mother might be actually right about that. Yet she was still sour about the situation and that her parents didn't ask her first if she wanted to come with them on their flight to Hawaii. Now that Skylar was really thinking about it, she properly would have hated it there. It would have been too hot and she would sweat buckets. Maybe staying home isn't that bad of an idea.

"Fine." With this one final word she turned on her heels to walk out of her parents' bedroom, arms still crossed over her chest and frown on her face.

"Darling, even if we would have asked you, you would have to say no.." Her father rubbed her shoulder soothingly to try to calm her down a bit as she sat down next to him on the beige couch.

"That's not the point. Yes, maybe I would have to say no. It's the not asking I am mad about." She saw him nod understandingly in the corner of her eye, still it stayed always the same. This wasn't the first time they let Skylar stay home alone, no, not at all. The raven haired girl knew her mother did not want her on any of these trips, mostly because she did not always behaved how her mother would like her to. After all, she was not a puppet she could doll up and make her say whatever she liked. Sometimes she really could have her own head, being stubborn helped at some point.

"I know, sweetheart. I'm sorry." Another huff left her lips, cheeks puffed in stubbornness. "Please look after the house while we are gone. I'll phone the house phone around 8 p.m. every evening and I left you money on the kitchen isle, okay?"

"Sure thing, dad. I'll take it out for a walk every morning and evening and give it food everyday." Her dad chuckled lowly at her humor, making her lips twitch into a smile too. "Be careful, yes?"

"Always, sweety." His hand patted her head softly, thumb caressing her cheek gently before taking his and her mother's suitcase to store them in the car. "Take care, Skylar."

"Bye, have a nice trip!" Her blue eyes observed them as they got into the car and reversed out of the driveway to take off with a car honk and a wave. "Don't get stung by a jelly fish or something.." Slowly Skylar let the front door close, a sigh leaving her lips, eyes looking back into the now empty house. Her feet carried her over to the kitchen to grab the money and store it in her jeans pocket, taking her phone out in the progress and dialing Brooklyn's number. The brunette picked up after the fourth ring, greeting Skylar with a loud 'Wazzap?'.

"Guess whose parents just left for two weeks to go on a stupid trip to freaking Hawaii.." There was a long pause on the line before the raven haired girl heard her best friend chuckle dryly and not amused at all. "Yup. That was my reaction, too."

"I can't believe them. I mean, your mum, yeah okay. But why does your dad always tag along like a fucking dog." Because love is stupid. 

"I dunno, Brooke. Ask me something easier." The conversation ended with the question of Brooke coming over, which Skylar kindly declined, stating that she was going to study - or more likely play some games. In the end it only took her five rounds of Overwatch until she was highly triggered; losing about three rounds. So she grabbed a twenty euro note and headed for her bike to drive down to Black Clover. She soon cursed herself in her head for not grabbing a jacket over her hoodie since it was actually pretty cold outside already, the sun barely setting as she arrived at the small, cozy café. The raven haired tried to warm of her hands by blowing some heat on them while pushing through the double doors and heading towards the counter. The familiar blonde guy from a few nights ago greeted her soon with a warm smile and kind eyes, asking her what he could do for her.

"Could you give me a warm chocolate?" 

"Of course, coming right up." Skylar threw him a small smile before he turned his broad back towards her to get her order ready. The short girl almost jumped out of her seat as someone tapped her shoulder lightly, eyes wide and heart beating out of her chest. Black hair greeted her first, dark brown eyes and smile following.

"You scared me to death." The tatted male apologized softly, body settling down next to her and giving Skylar some kind of deja vú. 

"Wasn't my intention. It's nice seeing you again, tho. How have you been? Has Gguk been treating you well?" Yoongi's eyes weren't on her this time, fiddling with his long fingers on the counter of the café. 

"I'm fine.." His head turned to stare at her, not at all subtly. His eyes actually telling her that he wasn't really believing her. "And, uh, Jeongguk has been nice to me."

"He better." Skylar wasn't prepared to hear another voice in this conversation, especially not the one from the blonde café employee. "That brat likes to fuck things up quickly."

"Hyung, don't be so mean. Gguk has been behaving lately." The taller male rolled his eyes dramatically before shrugging and handing Skylar her drink. "This is Skylar, by the way."

"Oh! It's nice to meet you, I'm Seokjin." Another weird name. "You can call me Jin tho." Thank god. 

"You guys know each other?" She gestured between the two males, slowly sipping on the straw of her chocolate drink.

"We live together, I would guess so." The girl pulled up her eyebrows at that statement. "Surprised?"

"I guess a bit, I dunno. It's nice meeting you, too, Jin." He gave her a one sided smile before hurrying over to a couple of girls that asked to pay. 

"Do you have any plans this weekend?" To say that Skylar was surprised was fairly easy with how wide her eyes got. "Chill, I'm not asking you on a date, you are way too young."

"I'm eighteen!" The boy chuckled deeply. 

"So you want to go on a date?"

"Wh- No! That's not what I meant, jesus." She tried to hide her shame behind the pretty big glass as she kept slurping on her drink. Damn you. 

"I'm actually asking because there will be a bonfire around town and Brooke asked if we were going, so I was curious if you would come too?"

"Well, Brooke and I actually planned on go- Wait. Brooke asked you? What? How?" If Skylar was supposed to be honest, she may feel her right eye twitching in disbelive. 

"We switched numbers on that party a few days ago." WHAT. 

"That snitch.." Skylar made sure she only mumbled that under her breath. When was she going to tell me that"Well, we'll be there, yes."

"She didn't tell you she got my number, huh?" All Skylar did was shake her head silently, a annoyed expression taking over her face. "Uh-oh, not good? You wanted it first?"

"You really are annoying, you know that?" All the black haired male did was chuckle once again, rubbing his hand over his face sleepily. "And no, I did not want it first, just for your information. Actually, matter of fact, I do not want it at all."

"Okay, okay, chill. I was just teasing you." Yeah, no shit, Sherlock. "Do you want us to pick you guys up around six p.m.?"

"Uhm.." Skylar hesitated, a bonfire in town meant that there will be people from college, and people from college meant drama. "No.. No, it's okay. We'll wa- I mean! Uhm, a friend will drive us!" And the award to the most awkward girl and worst liar goes to.. Thankfully to relieve her poor heart that was hammering against her chest, the boy just hummed, a small, knowing smile tugging at his lips. A few silent and awkward seconds passed by until Yoongi excused himself, telling her that he had a appointment soon and was only killing time at Black Clover before he had to go. 

"Don't take everything he says too seriously." Her gaze fell on Jin wiping the counter next to her. "Yoongi may seem like an asshole, and he sometimes really can be one, but he's soft inside." 

"Maybe he would get more girls if he would actually show that." Skylar didn't know why she laughed, maybe it was because she actually just said that but maybe, only maybe, it was because of the blonde's laugh that echoed through the small café. He soon noticed, pounting slightly before he explained that 'the guys' - there are even more of them? - had named it 'windshield laugh', something that made Skylar crack up once again. It felt like they talked for hours, from pets they had, Skylar learned that Seokjin owned two sugar gliders back in South Korea that he left in his parents' care and told him about the cat her dad found when she was maybe four whose whiskers she always cut short which died a few years ago sadly, to places they want to go when they are ready enough to travel. The girl also learned that Jin was twenty six years old which shocked her a bit, she thought he was around twenty three, plus minus, a year.

"You should probably go home now, it's already dark outside. And don't you have school tomorrow?" Skylar eyes fled to the clock, eyeballs almost dropping out of their sockets when she noticed that it was already 8:46 p.m. So they actually did talk for hours. 

"Oh shoot, you're right. Uhm, it was nice meeting and talking to you, Jin! We'll probably meet each other more often, see you!" Hurriedly she took off, slapping the 20 euro note on the counter, shouting at Jin to 'note it up and give me back later, the owner will understand'. Swiftly she swung her leg over her bike, switching on the half broken light on the front and taking off. The raven haired almost screeched when she stopped on one spot, almost tumbling over the handle bares. She turned her head back with wide eyes to see also wide eyes staring back at her, slightly covered by grey-ish hair. 

"T- Taehyung?" They are really everywhere.

"So it is you! Hey, Skylar!" Bewildert she watched him come up next to her, boxy grin greeting her. "I saw you leaving hyung's café and wasn't really sure if I saw right. Chim!" Her blue eyes stayed wide, watching as another guy approached who had apparently been waiting at the café doors. "Jimin, this is Skylar."

"Hey, don't I know you from somewhere?"

"Uhm, we have math class together.." Why did she say that?

"Oh right! You are the girl Jeongguk is supposed to avoid at school!" Ouch. When he says it like that, she really sounded like a asshole. "Don't worry, I won't blow your cover either."

"Thank you." ..I guess? She gave him a small, nervous smile to get a fully eye smile back. Gosh, he's cute. 

"Well, I won't hold you off any longer. Have a safe trip." Finally. "Bye."

"I will, thank you! Bye." Taehyung nodded at her, smile still lingering on his lips.

Today Skylar learned that Yoongi was weird, she liked Jin alot, that Taehyung was very spontaneous and would rip you off a bike if he must and that Jimin was hecking cute. 

What a good solution to go home to.

Chapter Text


"And then he just asked for my number, Skylar. I swear! I didn't hit on him or something, we just talked a bit and he seemed pretty nice. I don't think he means any harm." The raven haired girl rolled her eyes at her best friend's voice coming out of her headset, a sigh leaving her lips and slipping through the mic to the brunette. If Skylar had to be honest, she wasn't even mad, more annoyed, that Brooke didn't tell her, but right now she had bigger problems. Like that freaking Genji that kept beating her ass.

"Can someone get that fucking Genji before I actually flip?" Did Skylar mention that she actually swore while playing video games? At least if her parents are not home. "He's being such a annoying little shit, I swear." Overwatch really brought out the worst in her.

"Chill, girl, I'm on it." And what Brooke said, she did. Swiping into action with her Ashe and killing him off easily. Sometimes Skylar wasn't the Brigitte main, because sometimes she actually failed at anything. These were her 'highly triggered' days, they happen once a while.

"Jesus Christ, thank you. He'll be back in a few seconds tho anyways." Brooke chuckled on the other end of the line before both of them went back to concentrating. They actually won that match which probably was one of the reasons why Skylar called it quits after it, not in the mood for another.

"You are still coming to the bonfire, right?" The shorter girl was kinda debating in her head if she wants to. "Please? Everyone will be way too stoned and way too drunk to notice you anyways. Plus, it's not a party. It's a public event."

"I don't know if that makes it better or worse."

"Come oooooon." Skylar smiled slightly at Brooke's whining tone, head dipping back and groan leaving her lips. "Thank you."

"I hate you." Her eyes fled to the clock at the bottom of her computer screen, 9:46 p.m. 

"No, you don't." After all, the girl agreed and told her best friend that she had to go now, bidding her goodbye and leaving the call. She went to shower, quick as always and right as she came out of the bathroom, freshly dressed and ready to watch some series, her doorbell rang. Who the heck comes to my house at almost 10 p.m.? Her brain mapped out the worst scenarios, robbers or people who wanted to kidnap her to get some of her mum's money. So, with a broom as a weapon, she slowly creeped down the staircase to the front door, peeping through the old keyhole, or at least trying to, she only saw what seemed to be their porch light. Frightened, she opened the front door slowly, broom ready to sweep into action if needed but what she saw made her want to use it anyways. Not out of fear, but annoyance.

"Hey.." Joshua's light blonde hair was swirling with the harsh wind that was blowing. "Uhm, I came to talk."

"I don't wanna talk." Skylar reduced the distance of the open door so only a small crack was left open. "Leave."

"Skylar, please. I know what I did was ignorant and rude. I get it now. I just.. I think I'm better for you than him. Look at him. He looks like he beats woman at a daily basis." Surely Skylar grew frustrated, body feeling hot from anger all of a sudden. "He's not good for you. Can't you see? I can't even believe you parents let you date someone li-"

"Joshua. Leave. I'm not saying it a third time." The boy looked taken back by the aggression in her voice, green eyes slightly wider than usual.

"Would you just listen to me once-" She didn't even let him finish the sentence, shutting the door harshly into his face which left him banging on the dark wood, shouting her name. His behaviour started to really scare her, a cold shiver running down her back in fear of him actually trying to break in. Would he? She thought about it at bit. Maybe, I dunno. The thing with Joshua was that you had no idea what was going on inside his brain, his mind was a place of disaster. "Skylar, open this door, right now!"

"Leave, jesus! I don't wanna talk to you, ever!" The sentence was answered with a louder bang on the poor door, making Skylar's body twitch and scramble for the stairs towards her room. She threw close her bedroom door, hurrying to her backpack to pull out her phone, fingers hitting something else instead. Slowly she pulled out the little piece of paper, eight digits greeting her as she turned it around, a small note beneath them. 'If you ever need someone to talk to'. It was noted down in a neat writing, the letters looked like the writer wasn't used to use them tho and Skylar soon understood once she saw Jin's name at the right bottom of the small paper. The girl kept searching for her phone after reading, finding it fairly quickly and searching for Brooke's number, the voice in the back of her head making her hesitate and telling her to call Jin instead but she shoved it aside, clicking on Brooklyn's contact and dialing her number. It rang about six times until the raven haired gave up, looking back to her bedroom door. Skylar decided to check the situation, but as soon as she reached the bottom of the stairs her heart froze in her chest, looking out on the street with her front door wide open. 

"I really just wanna talk, sweetheart." A small shriek left her, body jumping and turning towards the voice that came from the living room. Her body started to actually tremble as Joshua walked towards her slowly before her brain told her one thing; run. And she did. The next thing she knew was that her legs pushed her out of the front door, bare footed and in her sleeping clothes, aka a very short shorts and a loose shirt, and down the main road with Josh screaming behind her, probably following her too. In her panic she took a few random, sharp turns, hiding in a side alley afterwards to pull out her phone again and try to call her best friend once more. Not that she had any better luck this time, hanging up after the ninth ring and pressing her body closer to the brick wall behind her as footsteps approached. Luckily they passed her hideout which made her let out a stressed breath, trembling hands lifting the small piece of paper up to type in the number, soon pressing the green button. Her heart almost leaped out of her chest as she heard the confused "Hello?" coming from the other line.

"Jin! Oh my god, thank you for picking up! Listen, I have a problem. I wouldn't have called this late if I did not but I just found your note. Could you please come and get me? There is this crazy guy that has a crush on me and he just broke into my freaking house! Actually, that doesn't even matter, I can explain once you get me, you are my last hope.." She was rambling, so much and maybe, just maybe, she forgot to breath for a moment. The line went silent soon, Skylar almost thinking that he wasn't even there anymore but soon a heavy sigh rang through the phone.

"That kid is dead." Her breath shuddered, eyes wide open and heart racing even more, if that was even possible. "I promise you, I will snap his mother fucking neck, Skylar."

"Jeo- Jeongguk? Why are you answering Jin's phone?"

"This is my number. Anyways, I'll come and get you, where are you? At your house?"

"No.. I.. I ran. Away from him. I just.. I think I'm a few blocks down?"

"Can you see something that stands out?"

"I'm hiding in a alley and I'm scared to go out.. But, lemme peek around the corner." Skylar heard him hum, then the jiggling of keys in the background and a door closing, her eyes landing on a huge graffiti just across the alley she was in. "There is this wall painting, graffiti, thing. It's a crown with a tiger beneath it?"

"Okay, just stay hidden." She was about to ask how he would know where she was, but the line went dead soon, leaving her alone, in the dark of the night with the chilly wind blowing around her bare skin. This was so absurd, how did this even happen. Why did she run? She should have called the police, this was a break in. So she did exactly that, calling the police and telling them the situation. The officer actually told her to stay away from the house which she answered with "I'll stay with a friend then". After the police officer told her that they'll check the house and call her in the morning the call ended and she was left waiting for the black Pick-Up once again. The moment she heard a car engine turning the corner her shivering body crept towards the beginning of the alley, peering around to see Jeongguk's pissed off face through the windshield of the car, soon starting to sprint towards the car to which the boy jerked it to a sharp stop and leaning over to open her door. Skylar slid in quickly, seeking the warmth and the comfort.

"Thank you so mu-" Her words got caught in her throat as her face was grabbed and turned towards the male, dark doe eyes scanning her face for anything unordinary. 

"Are you hurt? Did he touch you?" Her brain was trying to form words, was trying to come up with a answer but all she could do was shake her head softly in the boy's grip. "I swear, he's dead."

"Don't.. say something like that. I already called the police while I was waiting, they'll take care of it." 

"He broke into your goddamn house, Skylar, and you are telling me to not say something like this? That guy is a fucking creep and needs to get taught a lesson.." The boy ran a frustrated hand through his hair, pushing it back and exposing his forehead before his gaze wandered over to the raven haired girl again, eyes mustering her appearance now. "Did you run out in only that?"

"Well, I wasn't really able to put on some decent clothes in my panic." Maybe her voice sounded a little harsher than intended which she soon felt bad about. "Sorry.. I didn't mean it like that, I-"

"No, you're right. Aren't you cold tho?" Skylar watched silently while the redhead took off his sweat jacket, chest warming as he offered her the warm piece of fabric. "Take it already."

"I don't really need it.. You're gonna be cold, you keep it." The gaze Jeongguk threw her was more than enough to make her softly grip the jacket and put it on, no more arguing about it. Her head turned away from his warm gaze and soft smile to look out of the truck window, eyes settling on no other than Josh walking towards their direction on the sidewalk. And Jeongguk seemed to have noticed too because as she hurried to watch his reaction, the boy was already halfway out of the car.

"Jeongguk, no!" The short girl hectically opened her car door too to run and grab his arm, leaving her whole body weight hanging on it.

"That fucker deserves it!" By the fear in Josh's eyes he totally was not expecting to meet the red haired boy, body tumbling back before taking off in a sprint to run for his life. Skylar felt him try to pull his arm free but she was clinging to him like a koala. 

"I know he does. But I don't want him to make you go behind bars for trying to protect me. Please, just take me somewhere safe." Skylar hated this. Hated how this boy made her heart racing with all the little actions he does. Jeongguk had no reason to be so protective of her, they have been knowing each other for a few days, a week maybe, now. And yet here he is, like freaking superman, coming to save her from the bad guy. He had to stop this or Skylar would be in great trouble.

"Okay.." His tense stance changed, body losing up and giving into her pulling a bit. Skylar almost forgot to breath as the male looked down at her, eyes softening as they met hers. A sigh left him, moving back to the car and opening the girl's door, making Skylar slip in without another word.

"Thank you.." It was merely a whisper that was send his way once he also was seated in the warm car. "I know this must look crazy and absurd.. And it is! But.. You really saved me here."

"You need to go to the police with this. That's stalking, Skylar. He's being a creep, big time." Skylar knew he was right, she knew that what Josh was doing was not acting like a crush anymore, it turned into a very dangerous obsession. And she was not sure how far he would go for it. 

"I called the police to my house already, like I said before.. I just.. I wanna sleep. I'm so tired, can you drop me off at Brooke's?"

"He knows where she lives, too, doesn't he?" After thinking about it, he probably does. "I can tell by your face he does. You'll stay with me, I have a spare room anyways."

"I- I don't think-"

"Skylar, look at me." She slowly peeked over to him, his red hair covering his eyes a bit again to which she wanted to reach out and push it away. "I'll take you to mine. And you'll be safe. Please, just.. Just do that for me. I get that you're probably nervous about staying over, I understand that. But you would make me restless for the rest of the night by not staying near me.. I know I sound crazy, but if something happened to you and I could have prevented it, I won't forgive myself."

"You are way too protective over someone you just met."

"Seems like you're special." You're special. Skylar opened her mouth to fire something back but her words got stuck in her throat. "Let's go?"

"Yeah, okay. Just don't make me regret it.." He looked over at her as he started the engine, a small smirk on his face that made Skylar shift in her seat uncomfortably.

"I surely won't." 


Chapter Text


Silence was all that flooded through the car, Skylar was in huge need to just turn the goddamn radio on. She felt awkward, especially because of the fact that she noticed a few minutes ago that something very important around her chest was missing. How did she not notice until now that her bra was not there? Of course, it wouldn't be, she came fresh from the shower. As unnoticed as she could get, she crossed her arms over her chest slowly, eyes fleeing over the taller boy to her left. Jeongguk was minding the street more than her to her relief, his left arm resting on the car door while he was driving with one hand only, his body almost too relaxed.

"Why are you staring at me with that mean glint in your eyes?" Her body twitched a bit at that, eyes growing comically huge as her mouth stayed agape.

"I- I was?" She cursed herself in her head for her stuttering. Stop it.

"Yep, kinda scary. I'm wondering what you're like when you are angry. Like, really angry." Well, he was not that wrong. Because a mad Skylar is someone that you do not want to meet if her rage is directed towards you. This girl was patient to the bone but once you crossed a very high set line you should run for your life for real.

"Uhm, well.. I'm not the nicest person when I'm mad I guess."

"It's kinda weird to imagine. Since I only know you as this quiet, kind girl. Are there other sides of you?" So many questions on one night. "Ah, I'm doing it again, aren't I?"


"Asking too much."

"Oh, no. It's fine. I guess there are other sides too, yes. In the end, everyone got them." Skylar could see the boy nod in the corner of her eye. After all, he might know what she was talking about. Skylar knew three sides from Jeongguk by now, the 'normal' side, the 'playful' one and the 'scary' one. She liked the first two more than the last but even then, he did not scare her at all. Maybe it was because his anger was never directed towards her before.

"We're here." Her head snapped upwards and to the right to look out the car window. A huge apartment complex greeting her eyes and making her cough because this did not look that cheap. "I can see your gaze, I'm not living alone. Hell, I wouldn't be able to afford even the hallway of this complex if I would live alone."

"Not alone..? As in, a girlfriend?" A girlfriend that is rich maybe? To her surprise, Jeongguk broke out in loud laughter. So, no girlfriend. Okay, marked.

"God no, I live together with Seokjin hyung and Yoongi hyung and a few more friends. We have the biggest dorm in there."

"What exactlty are a few more friends..?"

"You have met Taehyung and Jimin before right?" A small nod was what he got from her. "And then there are Hoseok hyung and Namjoon hyung." She was gonna die for sure. They are seven. With her eight and she was supposed to have a peaceful sleep in here? How?

"Don't be so nervous, it's okay. Seokjin hyung works late anyways, Namjoon hyung is almost never home and Yoongi hyung should be in his room the whole time. He's like a fucking vampire." That made her smile and chuckle. "I dunno if Taehyung and Jimin are home tho and Hobi hyung should be in the dance studio."

"He's a dancer?"

"Mh-mh. Did he spark your interest?" By the sly smile that sneaked up his lips, she must have looked fairly interested. Maybe she was, she loved dance.

"I mean, he sounds nice?" Another laugh from the red haired boy before he left the car to help her out of her side too. Her body moved carefully, still uncomfortable with the fact of wearing no bra. Jeongguk must have noticed somehow, shooting her a weird glance but not saying anything, yet.

"You want to have some sweatpants from me? Yours are a bit.. uhm, short?"

"That's what shorts are supposed to be." He quirked a eyebrow at her and her sassy tone. "Ah, sorry.. My mum use to say the same thing, maybe it just triggers me automatically now."

"Trigger? Isn't that kind gamer-ish?"

"Well, I guess so." Skylar was really trying not to show how cold her feet were as they walked across the parking lot but her clacking teeth blew her cover. And of course the taller noticed.

"Damn, you must be cold, huh? Here, take these." She watched silently, except for her still clacking teeth, how the boy took off his sneakers and waited for her to step into them. Is he for real? "Don't give me that look. Just do it."

"They are way too big for me-"

"Doesn't matter, put them on. It's for your health, not your style. I don't want you to get sick." Skylar hesitated, but she stepped into them eventually. It didn't do that much, yet she could feel her body warming up at least a bit.

"Thank you." He gave her a small smile, leading her over the parking lot to the apartment building and into the lobby's warmth. "Ahhh, this is nice."

"Wait til you get into my dorm. It's even better there." The way he said it was a little bit too suggestive but he did not seem to notice, or he chose not to. Skylar however did notice and another wave of insecurity washed over her, legs halting infront of the elevator. She wasn't afraid of Jeongguk, or the other boys, she was afraid about the fact that this was totally new ground she was stepping on. Due to her mother's way of raising her, Skylar never really.. got in contact with boys. Since kindergarten it was always her and Brooke, something she really cherished the tall brunette for, for staying.

"Are you coming?" Snapped out of her trance her head quirked up, eyes huge and cheeks slowly reddening. "Skylar..?"

"Y-You know what? I think, I'll just touch down in a hotel or something. This was very nice of you to offer, but yeah, I better.. I- I should go. Thanks, bye!" She didn't know what led her to make a break for it, maybe it was the panic of the unknown, of the new. But she surely bailed out of it now, rushing towards the double doors. She sadly she did not get far, because once her hands grabbed the handle, her whole body was lifted up, pressing a squeal and a kick out of her. Jeongguk threw her over his shoulder easily and made her cling to his shirt on his lower back.

"Oh my god! Let me down! Jeongguk, I mean it!" She felt his arm wrap around the back of her thighs to keep her locked onto him as she wrapped her hands around his torso in fear of falling down.

"You're not going anywhere." This was insane, and embarrassing. Very embarrassing. She plead for him to let her down once more, hands fidgeting on his back to push herself up a bit and look at him, hair falling over her face as she did so.

"Uhm.." Through her black hair she tried to find the person the voice belonged to and she soon made out Seokjin who just stepped out of the elevator, looking pretty much bewildert about this whole situation. "Gguk ah, when I said you should go get her I didn't really meant kidnapping the poor girl."

"I'm not, hyung. We just had a few.. disagreements with where she is staying tonight."

"Is she wearing your Nikes?" Skylar wanted to disappear right there. Because with this situation they were in right, even Skylar knew that it looked like they were more than friends. Or maybe it didn't? Did she really know? Don't friends fool around too? Brooke and her always did. Just not.. like this.

"Doesn't matter, if you excuse us." Without another word, or letting her down, he stepped past the confused blonde into the elevator which doors closed slowly. "Did you calm down yet?"

"Yes. Now let me down please." To her surprise, he actually did this time. Bending over to set her on her own feet, his head hooked into Skylar's big shirt for a second, pulling it up and revealing her stomach causing her to gasp and pull it down quickly, huge eyes watching as Jeongguk threw her a apologetic smile.

"I didn't mean to-"

"It's okay. I'm okay, this is okay. Nothing, uhm, happened."

"You don't sound that.. okay." Maybe the tall red haired boy thought that by sorting out the girl's hair he would take the nervousness a bit, but nope, he only made it worse. "I didn't see anything.. Plus.. No one will notice that you're not wearing a-"

"Oh my god!" He looked almost shocked by her outburst. "Stop there! This is so weird, and stupid and embarrassing! Stop! Why would you address that! You make me go insane!"

"Sorry, sorry.. I just.. Sorry, I'm sorry.. Really, I am." The small laughter was clear in his voice tho while Skylar hid in the corner of the elevator, face burning up behind her crossed arms. "I'll just shut up. Come on, let's go."

"Don't wanna." A huff flew over to her. "I'm just gonna sleep here."

"Like heck you are, come on." Not one move came from the black haired girl. "Please? Just pretend I never said anything."

"How the heck am I supposed to do that?" She threw him a mean glare, still trying to calm her irregular heartbeat and red cheeks. He looked genuinely sorry by the look on his face so Skylar cut him some slack and rose up slowly from her corner of shame.

"I'm sorry."

"I kno-"

"I'm really sorry that I made you uncomfortable."

"It's okay, Jeongguk." It really wasn't, she wanted to fall into a hole and never come back out. Slowly she followed his broad back towards the next door and even with a deep breath and a small pinch to her arm, inside it. The apartment he invited her in was spacious and modern furnierend, the main room in a light gray and white.

"Welcome to our decent home!" Decent? This is beautiful! Her eyes fled over the huge living room that greeted her once the dark wooded door closed behind her. The apartment was in a dark grey, at least the walls she was seeing right now. A flat screen hanging from the wall and a few consoles ontop of the furniture beneath the tv.

“This is very.. spacious.” She liked their apartment, it was almost like she would design it. “It's cool.”

“Thanks, I guess.” His body pushed past her to lead her into the apartment more, tugging on her shirt softly to make her follow which she did once she left Jeongguk's Nikes at the door. He led her down a hallway, a few pictures hanging off the wall that made her stop from time to time. “This is back in Korea.”

“You look very young.” It was a pictures of Jeongguk with six other guys, all smiling big and cuddled together infront of a huge fountain. Skylar could spot Seokjin on Jeongguk's left, the guy on his right unknown to her.

“I was sixteen.” So that was why his skin was ink free. “I hid the only tattoo I had under my long sleeves. My father would have beaten me to a pulp if he's knew.”

“You're such a brat.” A chuckle left them both. “Who's this?”

“The one to my right? That's Namjoon hyung. He is the one who gives us all our tattoos.”

“Oh. So you go to him for them?” Skylar could see the red haired nod in the corner of her eye. “Do you have to pay for them?”

“Nah, we don't. But we do anyways because the ink and the needles are very expensive and we don't want hyung to pay for it alone.” That's humble.

“Do you plan on getting more?”

“Probably, yeah.” Now that Skylar thought about it, she never really looked at Jeongguk. Maybe it was because she was scared that someone would notice her stare or that he would notice it. But right now, while they were both gazing at the old picture infront of them, she turned her head carefully to take a look. She of course already noticed the fiery red hair, the doe brown eyes and the very well shaped jaw. But she never took the time to look at his cute nose or his thin, yet round lips.

“How many do you have?”

“You want me to show you?” Her breath stuttered a bit as he turned his gaze at her, head turning with it slowly. They were close, maybe too close for comfort and to Skylar's relief - or maybe disappointment? - Jeongguk noticed, stepping back two steps and smiling at her carefully.

"S-show me? As in, uhm, taking off clothes?" For a second all there was around them was silence. Then Jeongguk let out a snort, hiding his laughing behind his arm as he turned around. "Okay, no taking off clothes. All you had to say was no, jesus, don't make me feel more nervous than I already am."

"Nervous? About what?" He sounded so carefree it actually made Skylar quite mad.

"Well, Jeongguk, not all of us go around and sleep at other's places all the time, especially not at ones from people they have knew for a few days. I don't sleep around or hook up with boys, my mum would kill me and that's not how I roll. So, matter of fact, this is my first time staying over at a boy's place and the fact that I am not wearing a bra, plus super short pants and a loose shirt is NOT HELPING!" She was ranting at the end, almost screaming at his face because how frustrated she was. This is pissing me off. God, this is pissing me off so fucking much

"I had no bad intention by bring you he-"

"I know! Jesus, Jeongguk, I know. I am just so.. so- so mad about this whole situation and I'm letting out my anger on you. Which is not right.. I'm sorry." She felt like she could cry, lips quivering and hands grabbing her shirt tightly in a fist while staring at the ground like it was made of gold.

"Hey.. Don't cry.."

"I'm not!" But maybe, just maybe, that was the second she actually broke for the first time in years, emotionally overwhelmed and scared to death about this whole mess that happened this night. So she didn't even try to hide the sob that left her, body sinking down to bury her head on her tights. She felt like a baby for showing such a miserable side of her but it seemed like Jeongguk didn't mind, at all. Because soon she felt herself being tugged up and lifted up, something she did not fight this time, staying limp in the muscular boy's hold.

"Imma take you to my room, don't panic. It's fine." In all honesty, she didn't even have the energy to panic at this moment, way too tired by her outburst, so she just let him carry her down the hallway to the last room on the right.

"Hey, Gguk ah, did you fight with someo- Skylar?" The raven haired didn't dare to lift her head from Jeongguk's shoulder, embarrassment settling in once more. "Did something happen?"

"Not now, hyung." It was noticeable that Yoongi wanted to say some more but the tall red head didn't give any room for it with the tone of his voice and the gaze he send, something the girl did not see. Jeongguk slipped them into the room now, kicking the door closed behind him with his foot and letting her down softly on a bean bag. His warmth and protective aura left her, only to get smacked in the face with a piece of clothing. She picked up the jogging pants slowly, letting it unfold in her grip to gaze over it swiftly before looking at the boy standing expectantly infront of his closet. A fucking walk-in closet to be exact.

"Put it on." Skylar gazed back at the black Puma jogging pants before standing up.

"Uhm, could you leave?" She almost laughed at how he just walked backwards into the closet and shut the door quietly. Quickly she threw off her shorts and pulled up Jeongguk's joggers up her legs to let them sit loosely around her hips. Of course they would be too big. "Uh, I'm done!"

"Okay." The door opened again, revealing the red haired again and making him step out of the closet. "Looking good."

"Thanks.." She let the word trail off unsure, eyeing the boy's room cautiously now. It was rather plain, the walls white with a few pictures on it, a bed under the window at the back on the right side of the room, another tv hanging off the wall and a corner set up with.. Was that computer equipment? 

"What is it?"

"Do you game?" Her eyes grew wide.

"Uh, yes?"

"Please, for the love of god, don't tell me you play Overwatch?" He seemed baffled that the game's name left the girl's mouth. "Oh my god."

"Wait, you're a gamer, too?"

"Yes." Silence. "Who is your main?"

"I play Widow and Genji alot. You?"

"Brigitte and Moira."

"Of course, you are a supporter. Basic girl role."

"Oy, I play Mei too if I'm in rage mode, okay. And don't say that, there are alot girls out there who nail other roles too."

"Okay okay, I was joking, jeez." It seemed like a weight had been lifted off the girl's chest, finally have found a topic they could talk about.

Maybe she could survive this night after all. 



Chapter Text


Skylar may seem quiet and collected on the outside right now but inside.. Oh dear, she was screaming. Her body stayed motionless in the middle of the room, eyes blinking slowly and heart going at the speed of light. Jeongguk may or may not have offered her his bed. And she may or may not be having an meltdown because of it.

"I have some fresh sheets here, I hope- Are you alright?"

"Jeongguk, uhm.. It's really polite for you to offer me your bed but.. I would rather love to sleep on the couch. I, eh, can't sleep in a unknown room on my own." You are such an idiot. If you sleep on the couch it will be a unknown room too. "I won't sleep anyways so, lemme take the couch."

"And you really think I'll let you sleep in the living room? On your own? Without a.. you know." Of course he had to mention it. "With six more man around? You must be mad."

"I am. Just give me the blanket. Please. I'll be fine. You can check on me hourly of you want, I don't care. Just.. I can't sleep in your room, I would go insane."







Let's just say.. She did get her way. Just a little differently. With a unamused gaze she watched as Jeongguk threw down his mattress infront of the couch, body hitting it seconds after with a groan. She was sitting cross-legged on the soft sofa, legs hidden beneath her blanket.

"You just had to get your way, right?" He turned his head slowly, letting it rest on his cheek to gaze up to her. His eyes twinkled with humor, he knew that she was not liking this.

"Yes, of course." A low groan left her, back hitting the couch and hair fanning out around her head. She could hear Jeongguk chuckle from the floor. "You wanna watch a movie?"

"What kind of movie?" I swear to god if he tries to make me watch a horror movie, I will rage.

"Dunno, something funny. I feel like laughing." Thank god. Laughing sounded good. Skylar could really need a good laugh now. So after she agreed with a small smile and a nod, Jeongguk actually had the guts to fall down next to her on the couch, his body bouncing a bit before he relaxed into the back rest. The red logo of Netflix appeared on the screen soon after which earned him another unamused gaze from the female which he probably chose to ignore rather than not to notice.

"Oh, there is this series actually that I would love to watch with you." With you.. He wants to watch something with me? Like, especially with me? "It's called Grace and Frankie. Jin hyung said it was pretty funny, so we might give it a shot?"

"Sure thing, why not." So the boy searched for the said show, started the first episode before he paused it again to get some snacks. This evening felt like one that she would have with Brooklyn, chilling on the couch and watching series or movies all night. Jeongguk made it just a little bit more.. giddy. Because right now, as Skylar watched him disappear into what must be their kitchen and come back out with some snacks, a huge grin on his face before he tripped and almost fell face flat on the ground, she could see them doing this more often. And maybe, just maybe, she was dying from laughter because of his face expression as he slipped. 

"Stop laughing. I saw my life flashing by my eyes, okay?" He plopped down next to her again, setting the snacks he brought down between them. Skylar reached for the potato chips first, taking the whole bag into her laps and opening it as quietly as she could. The TV infront of them soon played the first episode of the series and Skylar actually started to finally relax into the couch, legs crossed beneath her and back resting comfortably against the back of it. She didn't even notice one of the other boys sneaking into the living room and settling down next to Jeongguk, too busy laughing at the humor of the show. 

"Hey." Skylar's eyes searched the room for the voice, soon settling on Taehyung who grinned down at her. "Mind to share some of the chips and maybe let me sit down?"

"Oh, no. Sure." She thanked Jeongguk who picked up the bowl of popcorn which was still resting in between them, putting it into his lap so the girl could scoot over to him a bit more. While doing so she noticed Jimin who sat to the red haired's left, greeting him shyly too and getting a full blown smile back. 

The night ending in her and Jeongguk being squished together due to Yoongi who also decided to join them on the couch and taking the rest of free space they had. How cliché.  After they watched the first six episodes Skylar actually started to feel a bit drowsy, eyes falling shut now and then and head slowly tilting more and more to Taehyung's side until she finally let it rest on his shoulder. The boy didn't seem to care, sneaking a quick glance at her before smiling and continuing to watch the show. It was weird to say, but the girl actually started to feel save in this embrace, cuddling closer to the gray haired male and pressing her face into his hoodie. In her half sleep state she could feel him chuckle, saying something like "She likes me more than you" to the person on his left, Jeongguk. All he got was a scoff and a gentle slap on the back of his head. Soon she felt herself being moved, body coiling into itself to keep the warmth before she could snuggle back into a warm body.

"Someone is jealous, huh?" Taehyung eyed Jeongguk teasingly, only getting a stern gaze back. Like the child that he is, all that Taehyung did was sticking out his tongue. The red haired boy rolled his eyes at the gesture, looking down right after to watch the asleep girl pressed comfortably to his side. Her hands clenched the side of his hoodie tightly, face buried in his biceps and legs swung half way over his own. She was cuddling him without a care in the world, her tired body finally finding some peace. "She's sweet."

"She really is." Jimin nodded from the other side, eyes gentle. "But she seems to be a bit shaken up. Did something happen?"

"Long story short: She has a guy who has had a crush on her since kindergarten who won't leave her alone and today he crossed the line. Like, he really fucked up. If I see him somewhere alone, he'll leave with more than a blue eye." Yoongi gazed over to them weary now, forehead in a frown. "Don't gimme that look, hyung. He went beyond creepy."

"What did he do, Jeongguk ah." 

"He broke into her house this night. To.. talk. Who breaks into a girl's house only to talk. Bullshit, pure and utter bullshit. I swear.. If I find that fucker alone somewhere, he's dead." His body tensed but as soon as Skylar murmured something in her sleep and draped herself over him a bit more, he calmed down again. Not wanting to wake the poor girl.

"So you are telling me she has a stalker? Do we know that guy?"

"I don't think you know him but he goes to our school. So, it will be easy to keep her save there. I hope.."

"Apart from the You can't talk to me because I need to keep my not-reputation it should be fine, yes." Jeongguk send Taehyung a mean glint with his eyes, making him chuckle again and settle back into watching the show. The buzzing of a phone sounded through the room and left the boys to search for it, noticing fairly quick that it belonged to Skylar. Jimin gave the buzzing device to Jeongguk who checked the caller ID before answering.

"Skylar! Oh my god! I'm so sorry for not picking up! Is everything okay? Are you hurt? Did something happen? I swear, I just fell asleep infront of my computer and-"

"Hey, Brooklyn, this is Jeongguk. Skylar is fine. She's with me and will be staying over night."

"Wh-what.. What? What? Are we talking about the same Skylar? Skylar Wilson? A midget with black hair and blue eyes? That Skylar?" A short laugh left the male's lips at the word midget. 

"Uh.. yes? Just know that she is safe, she'll properly tell you everything that happened tomorrow since she is asleep right now." A surprised cough was heard on the other line.

"Asleep? At twelve a.m.? What did you do to her? She usually can't sleep until four a.m.." A short silence fell over the line. "You didn't.. do it, right?"

"What? No! Why would you.. You know what? Goodnight, Brooklyn. I'll tell her to call you in the morning." Jeongguk could hear her protest on the other end but he didn't care, ending the call and putting the phone on silent. "It was Brooke. Her best friend."

"At least someone knows where she is at now. That's good." Yoongi stood up with this sentence, taking Taehyung and Jimin with him to hit the hay, leaving the two youngest alone in the living room. Jeongguk tried to carefully reach the remote, stretching his body only a bit to grab it which lead Skylar to finally crawl almost fully ontop of the poor body, head resting peacefully on his chest now that he has slumped down on his back. At least he got the remote now, shutting off the TV. Slowly he reached for his blanket to throw it over them, not minding the sleeping girl on him at all. Finding it rather relaxing to know that she was here, safe and sound.

And with that thought swirling around in his head, he also drifted off to sleep steadily. 


Chapter Text


The first thing Skylar did as she slowly came back from sleep was groan because of the sunlight that hurt her eyes. The second one was to stretch her body while rolling onto her back, or more like trying to. Because as soon as she rolled over to her right, she had to learn that a couch was not as wide as a bed, sending her tumbling down onto Jeongguk's mattress. The fall made her eyes snap open fairly quickly, mustering her surroundings and the soundly sleeping male that was now next to her. Or, maybe not soundly sleeping. Jeongguk woke with a grumble, eyes blinking open slowly to fixate on her.

"You came to cuddle?" The comment made her cheeks flare up, hiding her burning face behind her hair. "No? Rude."

"Shut up.." She was surprised how rough her voice sounded and as it seemed, so was Jeongguk. His eyes traveled over her, hooking onto her stomach where her shirt had ridden up. She went to pull it down but all she could do was gasp as the red haired was faster, touching her warm skin gently before draping the shirt back over it. It made her stutter out a breath, eyes wide and heart beating hard.

"Mornin' cuddle buddies." Blue eyes caught brown ones before they ran over dark blonde her and the most tattoo covered body she had ever seen by now. "Slept well?"

"Namjoon hyung. You're home early." Oh, so this was the tattoo artist. 

"Early? It's almost eleven. About time you two wake up, we can't sneak around the apartment the whole morning." Skylar sat straight on the mattress now. Eleven? Almost eleven? Fuck!

"Oh holy fu- shi- balls! We missed almost four hours of school! Gguk, I need to go!" Just as she found enough strength to push herself up, she was pulled down again, body hitting the mattress with a  not so girl-like grunt. "Wha-"

"We have a day off, remember? Holiday?" Right. That's why the bonfire was in town in the first place.

"Ah.. yeah.. Right. I knew that! Yup, totally knew that." Bullshit. She rubbed her eyes tiredly. “I feel so dead.”

“You slept first.” The male next to her chuckled, throwing the blanket over her shivering body. “How can you be so tired. You slept like a rock, too.”

“I dunno. Maybe it is the fact that I actually slept so well.” She smiled down at her lap. She really did sleep well. She haven't slept this well for a pretty long time.

“I'm happy to hear that, you really needed it.”

"Yeah.. I did." The boy looked at her curiously, not really understanding her statement. "Oh, uhm.. Well, I have had nightmares for almost ten years now leading to a sleeping disorder. So I usually don't sleep until four or five a.m., even on school days. You eventually get used to it, I guess."

"Maybe Namjoon hyung can help you with that." She tilted her head like a confused dog, almost blushing when Jeongguk chuckled and smiled at the gesture. "He has a sleeping disorder, too."

"Oh. Well, yeah, maybe. It's worth a shot, if he doesn't mind..?" The dark blonde glanced at them with a tiny smile before shaking his head and agreeing to her request. Skylar smiled rather shyly, not fully confident around the man. Namjoon seemed nice enough but she did not know him at all. So she was careful.

"Skylar!" Seokjin threw himself down on the couch next to them, leaving the poor girl staring at him with wide and surprised eyes which made him laugh. "Hey. I hope you are okay."

"You minx." The elder seemed genuinely confused with her low tone and narrowed eyes but soon he seemed to have caught onto the subject. "When did you sneak that number into my backpack? One that isn't even your own!"

"They also call me Jinja!" That's all it took for the girl to slap him on the upper arm, smile on her features. "But seriously, now I'm glad that I did." He was right. If he didn't do that, Skylar could be god-knows where, freezing to death or worst, with Joshua. And yes, that was indeed worst than freezing to death. 

"I'm also glad that he did." Taehyung leaned on the back rest of the couch, looking down on her with messy hair and sleepy eyes.  "Your cuddles are the best." 

"Wha- what?" Her breath stuttered, heart rate picking up in embarrassment. She looked over to Jeongguk for help, for explanation but all the red haired did was giving his friend the best death glare he could muster. "What?"

"You were so cute as you snuggled into my arm and clung to my shirt, I almost didn't want to leave you al-"

"Taehyung." Jeongguk seethed through his teeth, eyes flashing dangerously. Someone is mad. Damn. 

"Taehyung ah, stop teasing the poor girl." Even with that said, Jin couldn't help but chuckle at the girl's helpless expression. "You'll upset Gguk ah, too."

snuggled with Taehyung? With Taehyung? I.. Can I die right here? Please, world, just swallow me whole. Skylar didn't dare to look up from her lap now, cheeks burning aggressively. It's wasn't like she disliked Taehyung or feel ashamed about feeling comfortable around him even if they both haven't been hanging out that much before. All of the boys seem nice and easy to be around. It was the fact that she actually did that and the thought of her pressing herself against him and clinging to his shirt made her nervous. She hoped he didn't feel uncomfortable with it.

"Sorry. It was no big deal, Skylar, really. I didn't mind, you seemed tired as fuck." It felt like a weight was lifted off her heart, he didn't mind. 

"I'll try to stay with myself next time, I promise." Next time..? Skylar, there will be a next time? 

"Oh, don't do. You were warm." Another rush of red for her already burning cheeks.

"Okay, that's enough. Come on, I'll take you home."

"But, we haven't even eaten breakf-" The girl wasn't even allowed to react before the boy pulled her up to her feet, leaving the blanket around her shoulder for a good reason and leading her down the hallway to his room.

"I'm sorry about them.." The boy let himself fall down on the bean bag in the corner of his room Skylar failed to notice before. "They can be so annoying."

"They are sweet, don't worry about it. Annoying but sweet." She could hear the male chuckle while she crept up to his gaming equipment, sitting down on the comfortable gaming chair he had and mustering his keyboard. "Oh my gosh, I have the some one!"

"What, the same keyboard?" The girl nodded eagerly, grinning at him. "Which color do you use?"

"Red mostly. I like it the most, it fits to my computer. You?"

"Blue, because you know, it fits to my chair and my mouse." The girl nodded again, leaning back and noticing how fucking great this chair was.

"Do you fall asleep in this chair?"

"Ehem.. sometimes." Skylar couldn't help the shirt laugh that bubbled up her throat. "I love it."

"It's freaking nice. I have a old one that squeaks with every move you do. I wanted a new one but my mum did not see a need in it."

"How does your mum stand to your gaming?" He leaned next to her on the desk, eyes running over her face.

"She's surprisingly cool with it as long as I keep my loudness to a decent amount."

"Do you swear while gaming?" 

"I play Overwatch most of the time, what do you think?" The male laughed at that, seeming to know the struggle. "But it's mostly only if my parents aren't home."

"God, it must suck to not being able to flame a annoying Genji outloud." She threw him a pointed look, cracking a smile right after tho. They stayed in silence after that, Jeongguk suggesting to take her home after about ten minutes of silence. She agreed, slipping into a pair of shoes that the boy offered her yet again. With a few complains and pouts the boy got her to wear one of his hoodies, a black one to cover her a bit more. It fell to the middle of her thighs, almost looking like a dress. 

"Bye guys. Thanks for letting me stay over." The boys in the kitchen bid their goodbyes with full mouths, Skylar noticing that Jimin and Yoongi seemed to have joined them now. The girl waved shortly, not expecting Taehyung to come around the kitchen island to give her a brief hug. The gray haired must have noticed her weird look, sending her a boxy grin to easy her mind a bit. Jeongguk pulled her out of her trance by taking her wrist and leading her to the hallway and into the elevator. 

"He really is testing my limits." 

"Awe, is someone jealous?" It was purely a joke. Only a little teasing but the look the girl received made her breath get stuck in her throat. The red haired boy's eyes were narrowed, hooded and not amused at all. He definitely did not see this as a joke like her. Whatever he wanted to tell her in this second seemed to be gone instantly as the elevator doors opened with a ring. Skylar followed him silently to his car, pulling the sleeves of the hoodie over her hands to hide from the cold. Quickly she jumped into the car seat after Jeongguk opened her door for her, putting the safety belt on right after. The boy climbed into the driver's seat not much later, also readying up and starting the engine. 

All playfulness she had felt in the apartment was gone now, leaving a tense silence in the car. Was he really mad at what she just said? Even if it was only a joke? Skylar felt the urge to apologize but all the words she tried to form in her mouth died at the back of her throat. It made her almost go mad. Don't be a coward for once. 

"Listen, I-"

"We're here." Skylar's eyes snapped up to look at the boy who  looked at her house already. It made her gaze at it, too and noticing how the front door was closed. She really hoped the hidden key was still under the flower pot on the kitchen window. Without waiting or saying goodbye to the red haired, the girl left the car wordlessly, quickly crossing the road to her house and checking the hiding place. To her luck, the key was still there. With a victorious smile she turned around only to jump back against the house wall. Jeongguk hid his hands in his pockets mutely before humming out a quiet apology. 

"Jesus Christ." With a roll of her eyes she turned around to unlock the door, only to find out that it wasn't locked in the first place. With a loud beating heart she looked over her shoulder, Jeongguk catching her glance instantly and pulling her back behind him to step into her house first. 

"Stay behind me." The girl nodded obediently, gripping the back of his jacket in a firm grip. She felt safe behind his large frame, hiding her whole body behind his'. 

"You think he's still here..?" Jeongguk must have noticed the trembling in her voice because the next thing she knew he was enveloping her hand in his, squeezing reassuringly. "Hello!"

"Are you nuts? Skyl-"

"Skylar?" Both of them stilled at the new voice. That was definitely not Joshua. 


Chapter Text



The first instinct that bloomed in Skylar's head was to hide the tatted up boy, quickly and anywhere she could find. But it was too late, the person she did not expect at all rounding the corner of the kitchen to stare at her from the living room. His eyes wandered from Skylar to Jeongguk and back to Skylar before narrowing them.

"Hey.. Dad." She hid her face behind her hair sheepishly, trying to escape his pointing gaze at any cost.

"Skylar. Boy with alot of tattoos." In any other situation Skylar would have laughed at the way her father addressed Jeongguk, but not in this one. She was having a metal breakdown, running over every possibility her father, or more like her mother after her father told her, would punish her. "Care to explain why the police called my cellphone in Hawaii to tell me there had been a break in and telling me that my daughter had abandoned the house instantly without them even knowing where you went?"

"Dad, listen. If you're mad at me for leaving the front door open an-"

"Are you serious? Skylar, that's not the problem here. The problem is that I had no idea where you are, if you're safe or if someone actually kidnapped you!" Her father didn't sound mad or angry, no.. Just plain worried. "I was scared for life.."

"I'm sorry.." She meant that. Of course she did. It was her dad. "I, uhm.. I spend my night with.. Well, with J-"

"With Brooke, sir. I drove her here." Jeongguk's voice sounded rough, deep even and it made her look over her shoulder to fixate her gaze on his face. He didn't look at her at all, mimic dull.

"You stayed with Brooklyn?" All the petty girl could do was nod softly. "And you drove her here, son?"

"I- uh, yes." Skylar couldn't believe her eyes as she watched the red haired. He looked down nervously, fidgeting with his hands and fixing the shirt he wore under his jacket. "I just came to drop her off. Since she didn't have any shoes." Her father glanced down to her feet on that note, frowning as he noticed the big sneaker. "I lend her mine since I had some in the trunk."

"You know how Brooke can be with her shoes." Skylar added an eye roll to strengthen her statement. By the look her dad threw them both he didn't believe them, at all. And it was freaking her out.

"Did you get the clothes from your trunk, too?" Shit. Fuck. Maybe Skylar had forgotten that Jeongguk basically forced her into one of his hoodies and that she was wearing his jogging pants from last night. "And did you let her change in there, too?"

"Dad!" Skylar was surprised that she actually saw the corners of his mouth twitch for a second before putting on his poker face again.

"Can I talk to you real quick? Alone?" The raven haired moved quickly to step next to her father. "In the kitchen, please."

"No need, I was about to leave anywa-"

"You stay right where you are, I'm not finished with you yet, son." The tatted boy tensed noticeable, swallowing hard and mumbling a quiet okay. Her father dragged her into the kitchen at that point. "You wanna tell me something?"

"Well.. Joshua came last night.." Skylar didn't like the way the elder's jaw tensed. "And he asked me to talk. I told him no, he didn't listen and broke in. I tried to defend me with a broom, didn't work out so I.. ran? And I uhm, you know, called Brooke to let me stay over."

"Don't lie to me, you didn't stay with Brooke. If you would have stayed with Brooke you would have looked like a zombie because you both never sleep enough when you have a sleepover. Don't think I don't notice anything." God damn.. I never knew he paid that much attention.

"Will.. you tell mum?"

"So you admit that you stayed at that boy's place?" She hated how awkward this was but she nodded anyways. "Did he do anything to you?"

"What? No! Dad, Jeongguk would never do anything to me! He's sweet!" Right after her outburst the girl blushed hard. "Trust me.. He's a good guy."

"I don't doubt that. Listen, I don't care how the people you hang out with look like. You know that, I just want you to be happy and if you tell me that he's now a friend of yours, he's more than welcome to be around."

"Yeah, you don't." With her arms crossed over her chest she stared at her shoes with a frown. "Please don't tell mum.."

"Excuse me!" A fake dramatic gasp left the man's lips. "I would never! How dare you to accuse me to such bad thing!" His whiny voice made her giggle like a little school girl. She loved her dad so much, he was like a parent and a best friend in one.

"I apologize, good sir." Her dad beamed at her with a full smile now, ruffling her hair and chuckling. They left the kitchen and Skylar almost laughed as she saw Jeongguk standing in the hallway, awkward and looking around slowly. She would have loved to know what he was thinking in this situation.

"Well, boy. My daughter has told me some things about you and now I wanna ask you something." Skylar bit her bottom lip to stop herself from smiling. Because right now, Jeongguk looked like a little boy with his hands locked tightly together and wide eyes, not like his usual 'bad boy' vibe. "What do you want from my daughter?"

"She's.. She's my friend, sir. We're friends. She's a nice person and funny to be around." There was a silence that settled for a few seconds before her dad chuckled yet again, stepping closer and stopped right infront of him, speaking a few hushed words to the nervous boy. Skylar caught his gaze in the middle of it, her eyebrows raised in confusion while his came down in a frown. She could make out a quiet yes, sir before her dad stepped back and patted his shoulder with a, Skylar dared to say, fond smile. The question to know what he just said laid on the tip of her tongue but before she could say anything her dad's cell phone rang, making him excuse himself and walk into his office to take the call.

"Okay, near death experience, check." She expected at least a chuckle from the boy still standing in the hallway but she got nothing. "Jeongguk, are you okay?"

"Huh?" He looked completely out of it if you'd asked her. His eyes seemed far away as he turned his head towards her. "What?"

"I asked if you are alright? You seem.. weird. Did he say something offensive?"

"Ah, no. I just.. had to think about something. Sorry. I'll be going now." Something definitely happened, Skylar was sure of it. But she let it slip for now and opened the front door for the red haired. Silently she watched him cross the road to get into his car, shoulder leaning against the door frame while doing so. Her heart skipped shortly as he looked back to her for a second, quickly averting his eyes tho.

Something was up, to one hundred percent.








"So mum got stung by a jelly fish? Really?" Her dad looked over to her from where he was organizing his books. It took everything inside of her to hold back the laugh that threatened to spill from her mouth.

"You look way too happy about this.." He raised a brow at her.

"No no! It's just.. Before you guys left, I actually said something like 'don't get stung by a jelly fish' so it's just.. funny. Sorry, I'm being rude." Skylar's dad surprised her by laughing himself.

"You didn't.." He shook his head with a grin.

"I did! But anyways, is she fine tho? You left her in Hawaii?"

"Darling, this isn't the first time your mum is aboard without me. She'll be fine."

"I know! I know.. But still. She's in the hospital."

"Yeah, and someone broke into our house. Your mother has people around her she has known for years from her designer career, you were alone.. Or so I thought, doesn't matter tho. You were more important in this situation, and your mum agreed." She did? Sometimes Skylar forgot that she was really her mother, someone who gave birth to her and who raised her to this point. Yes, she could be a annoying and hard to be around person, but she was still her mother. And Skylar loved her, even if it didn't show 95% of the time. So, it would be natural that she would worry about her own daughter, too.

"I guess you are right.." She lazed around her dad's office for a few more minutes, watching him go through some documents before deciding to leave for her room. He stopped her one more time at the door.

"Darling, by the way, I tried to call your phone but you wouldn't pick up? Did you leave it here?"

"No..?" She checked her pockets but soon realized that her cell phone was no-where to be found. "Oh my god, no, no, no."

"Calm down, maybe you forgot it at that boy's place." Hearing her dad say that was weird but he might be right. How am I supposed to get it now? I have no idea where he lives. My orientation is shit. "You want me to drive you?"

"What? Oh, uhm, no. It's okay. He'll just.. give it to me at school."

"You can live two days without your phone?" Skylar threw him a nasty glare that made him chuckle. "Sorry sorry, it was joke, jesus christ."

"Sometimes I really doubt how I could have lived with you for eighteen years."

"You're my daughter, that's how. You had no choice." She gave him a smile and a short laugh at that, muttering a Toucheé and leaving for good now. Once she arrived in her room her bed looked like her best friend for a second but she decided against it and flopped down into her gaming chair instead, turning on her computer and messaging Brooke that she won't be able to be contacted over phone for a few days. The brunette threw a Discord call right into her face so Skylar grabbed her headset and joined.

"YOU SLEPT OVER AT JEONGGUK'S?" Skylar knew why she took off the headset and hovered it over her head the first second she joined the call.

"Hello, Brooke. Yes, I'm fine, a little shaken up but I'll be okay. Thank you for asking."

"I know that you are! Because Jeongguk told me! Yesterday, on the phone, that you didn't answer because you were sleeping! At what? One a.m.? How?"

"Will you chill out?" The raven haired stretched in her chair, a yawn left her lips. She was acting calm right now, but she was just the same when she was still there. "I had to run for my life, okay?"

"What even happened?"

"Joshua happened." Brooke swore on the other line. "He came to my house after the Overwatch game yesterday and asked to talk. I denied, he got mad and broke in. So I just did the first thing that came to my mind, to run. I was literally freezing to death when I tried to call you, but you dipshit had to be sleeping so I called one of Jeongguk's friends, Jin, and asked him to help me. But the number he sneaked into my backpack was actually Jeongguk, so he saved me in the end and I fell asleep watching a series on his couch." Silence swept over them, Skylar fearing that her best friend had died from choking for air or something until she hear her squealing on the opposite line. She leaned back into her chair with the roll of her eyes.

"He's like a superhero."

"Shut up."

"But seriously, sorry for not answering. I really did fall asleep infront of my computer.. I feel like the worst best friend ever now."

"Well, technically you are-"

"You are not helping." The shorter girl could hear Brooke pout through her mic. "I really feel like shit."

"Don't. How were you supposed to know that something like that would happen?"

"That boy has some serious problems."

"Yes.. He does, I guess."

"By the way, are you still home alone now?" Skylar was debating if she should tell Brooke about Jeongguk and her dad. That's a story to tell on a different day.

"Nah, dad came back from Hawaii after the police called him. Mum got stung by a jelly fish, so it's just him who came back for now."

"She got stung by a jelly fish?"

"Yup, I actually had to laugh." The brunette laughed at her confession too before asking if she wanted to play a few Overwatch matches which the raven haired agreed on. They spend the rest of the day like that, Skylar finally feeling herself relaxing again.








It was Saturday afternoon as Skylar found herself humming to a Demi Lovato song in her room, lying on her stomach and reading the third part of Warrior Cats. Yes, Skylar loved the book series, sue her. It was all peace and quiet. Until her best friend came crashing in. Brooke threw herself on top of her on the bed, laughing at her surprised scream.

"What the heck, you fu!- idiot." Brooklyn grinned at her like a Cheshire cat. Something was up. "What now?"

"Did you seriously forget it?" Forget what? "Oh god, yes you did."

"N.. Noooo?" The brunette threw her a dark glare.

"The bonfire, Skye!" Oh. Right. "My god, you are like a old lady already. All you need are the fifty cats."

"Sixty! Sixty cats!"

"Whatever. Put on some nice clothes, we are leaving in an hour."

"It's only four?"

"And, your problem?" Brooke raised both her eyebrows at her.

"Isn't it a bit too early?"

"The bonfire starts at four thirty, so it'd be fine. Now, go!" She was ushered to her wardrobe, Brooke already showing her all the outfits she liked.

"These are all the ones I wore once and never again. My mum bought them. Can't I just wear a nice shirt and some jeans?" The older girl huffed with a pointed gaze. "Pleaseee?"

"You are so boring sometimes."

"I just feel the most confident and comfortable in that!" Brooke gave in, after all, so Skylar dressed in some tight black jeans and a loose black shirt with the words Nevermind in white capital letters on the front. Brooke checked her over before approving and dragging her downstairs. Her dad, who was sitting in the kitchen, looked up from his phone as both girls came down the stairs.

"We'll be leaving, Mr. W!" Skylar's dad eyed them shortly before nodding and asking them to be home by one in the morning. That would be easy. They left the house after that, walking to the bonfire while chatting casually. Once they arrived Brooklyn found the liquor quite quickly and Skylar just watched silently as the brunette sipped on her drink once in a while. The sky got dark slowly, the bonfire starting to be actually noticeable and people started to group. Music started to play somewhere along the way and Skylar couldn't remember at what point she started to sip on a drink herself. She felt giddy, alcohol in her veins once it turned nine p.m.

"Brooke?" Both girls turned around, glancing at Yoongi with blown pupils. "Damn, you really went at it already."

"Yoonnngglz!" The black haired male rolled his eyes at Brooke's slurring. "Finallyyyy!"

"How much did you have?" Brooke answered him with a laugh.

"I think I need to throw up." Yoongi scrunched up his nose in disgust, muttering a okay then and letting her rest into his side. These two where way too close already.

"Imma take her somewhere to rest, you wanna come?" Skylar nodded and followed quietly, pushing past bodies and escaping grabbing hands. She lost the pair at some point, a stranger's hands grabbing her waist tightly and pulling her back against a sweaty chest. A gasp left her, body way too buzzed to break free while the guy behind her breathed down her neck and grinding his crotch into her ass.

"Let me go." Her fingers tried to pry his hands off her but he just clenched her waist a little tighter. Bullshit.

"I think she told you to let her go." A deep voice broke through the loud music, gray hair wavy on top of his head as Taehyung pulled her against himself, arm safely around her back to press their fronts together and shield her from the perverted guy who just scoffed and turned around to find a new victim. "You good?"

"Yes, thank you." It was like they didn't even notice how close together they were standing until they did, breaking apart hurriedly.


"Oh, no no! It's okay, really. You basically saved me there so uhm yeah.. Don't worry about it." Taehyung smiled at her sweetly, leading the girl to the rest of their group. Skylar noticed Jeongguk fairly fast, his red hair helping alot as it shone bright in the bonfire's glimmer.

"Look who I found!" Seokjin and Jimin smiled at her as a greeting before continuing to converse with Namjoon who gave her a quick nod. Yoongi and Brooke had settled down on a bench close to them, the brunette girl sipping on something that Skylar hoped was water. 

"Oh, you must be Skylar!" The girl was startled with the new voice, a man not much older than any then them jumping out from nowhere to smile at her brightly. "I'm Hoseok! But everyone just calls me Hobi."

"Oh, uh, hey." She offered him a small smile herself. So this was the dancer, what a cheerful person. She noticed the tattoo behind his ear almost instantly, a little rose with what seemed to be a date. In her hazed mind Skylar couldn't really make out the numbers from this distance so she left it with that.

"I think someone should go and grab something to eat from the store near by. To sober this idiot here up a bit more and make her not puke on my new shoes. Please?" Yoongi's voice sounded halfway serious, halfway joking and it made Skylar actually chuckle.

"Skye, do you want something, too?" Taehyung bend down to get her eyes on his own level, gray hair falling into his face by doing so and the younger girl had the urge to run her hand through his fringe to get it out of his eyes. But she didn't, she held back.

"Yes, I'm not sure what tho." 

"Then you and Jeongguk will go." Jeongguk? Why him out of all people here? The male seemed to be asking himself and Yoongi the same question with his pointed gaze that was directed to the elder. But he didn't say a word, only nodded mutely and gave her a brief glance. The way he was acting made her heart clench and a feeling of hurt to bloom in her chest. What did I do? 

"Let's go then." And the girl did, she followed silently and with a chaotic mind. It was a wonder that the store was still open at this hour, the clock on her phone almost striking eleven p.m. 

"Jeongguk?" No answer. A huff left her as she walked after him to cross over the road and arrive at the store. The double doors opened automatically for them, greeting them in a welcoming warmth. "Jeongguk, can you please tell me what in the world is wrong?"

“I really don’t wanna talk about it.” The air around them grew tense. Skylar knew that something was definitely up, he was acting so strange around her. She watched him slowly, her drunk mind clearing up by the second. Jeongguk grabbed a water and some chocolate bars, murmuring something and completely ignoring the girl standing just a few meter away in the isle as she asked if she should get something, too.

“Can you stop ignoring me? You don’t wanna talk about it but you can still talk to me. I asked if we needed anything else.” No answer at all. A huff left the girl’s lips yet again, annoyed to the bone. In her still partly drunk mind she did the first thing that came to her head. And that was grabbing the roll of kitchen wipes from the convenience store shelf and tossing it in his direction. To her surprise, and maybe amusement, it hit him exactly into the back of his head and left him stop dead in his tracks, the roll dropping to the ground next to him. Skylar watched silently as the boy turned his head first, then his body slightly too. The gaze he was fixing her on was dark yet Skylar could make out a playful glint in them. She tried to keep herself from letting the corners of her mouth twitch upwards, not wanting to let him see her amusement of the situation. There was a minute of silence between them where they just stared at each other in this godforsaken, dead supermarket before they both took off at the same time, Skylar running for her life and Jeongguk sprinting to catch her. The girl rushed through the empty store, a laugh now bubbling up her throat as she heard Jeongguk curse behind her.

“You brat, come back here.” A slight giggle rang through the air, Skylar hiding behind the cookie shelf and peaking around to check if the older boy was still following. A frown settled on her face, not seeing the red haired anywhere before a scream left her mouth as she was grabbed from behind and pressed against a hard chest.

“Gotcha.” Jeongguk’s closeness brought goosebumps to rise on her arms even beneath the thick jacket she was wearing.

“Stop ignoring me.”

“Ignoring you? I haven’t ignored you.” To Skylar’s surprise he didn’t let go of her, rather slung his arms tighter around her and, if she dared to say, snuggled himself against her back.

“You have been since yesterday.” Jeongguk hummed before denying it again. “Yes, you did! You wouldn’t even look at me at the bonfire.”

“Well, you were having fun with Taehyung. So.. I didn’t interfere.”

“You are jealous! Oh my god!”

“I am.” What?